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1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Published on Jun 13, 2015 1,527,914 views

The 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest featured 7 competitors; Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls, Dominique Wilkins of the Atlanta Hawks, Clyde Drexler of the Portland Trailblazers, Otis Smith of the Golden State Warriors, Jerome Kersey of the Portland Trailblazers, Greg Anderson of the San Antonio Spurs, and Spud Webb of the Atlanta Hawks. The 1988 Dunk Competition featured a star studded lineup with a final round of NBA All time greats Dominique Wilkins vs., Michael Jordan. This competition featured a back and forth of memorable dunks from both competitors. This completion will go down as the greatest Slam Dunk Contest of All time. Michael Jordan will take the crown and become the first back to back NBA Slam dunk champion.

First Round – Dunk 1
Otis Smith – Baseline Reverse Clutch Dunk - Score 40
Jerome Kersey – Reverse Clutch Dunk – Score 41
Spud Webb – Two Handed Dunk – Score 34
Greg Anderson – Two Hands off Glass - Score 42
Michael Jordan – One Handed Windmill Dunk – Score 47
Clyde Drexler – One Hand Windmill – Score 44
Dominique Wilkins – Reverse Clutch Dunk – Score 49

First Round – Dunk 2
Otis Smith - Score 47
Jerome Kersey –Score 38
Spud Webb –Score 18
Greg Anderson –Score 42
Michael Jordan –Score 47
Clyde Drexler –Score 44
Dominique Wilkins - Score 47

Second Round – Dunk 1
Michael Jordan – Free throw Line Dunk - Score 50
Otis Smith – One Hand off Glass – Score 45
Clyde Drexler – Free throw line Dunk - 45
Dominique Wilkins – One Handed Windmill Dunk – Score 49

Second Round – Dunk 2
Michael Jordan – Kiss the Rim - Score 48
Otis Smith – Missed Dunk - Score 22
Clyde Drexler – Two Hands off Glass – Score 42
Dominique Wilkins –Two Handed 360 Dunk – Score 47

Second Round – Dunk 3
Michael Jordan – Reverse Clutch Dunk - Score 47
Otis Smith - Score 42
Clyde Drexler – Score 46
Dominique Wilkins – Baseline Reverse Clutch Dunk – Score 47

Final Round – Dunk 1
Dominique Wilkins – One Hand off Glass – Score 50
Michael Jordan – Reverse Clutch Dunk – Score 50

Final Round – Dunk 2
Dominique Wilkins – One Hand Windmill Dunk – Score 50
Michael Jordan – Two Handed Cradle – Score 47

Final Round – Dunk 3
Dominique Wilkins – Two Handed Windmill Dunk – Score 45
Michael Jordan – Free Throw Line Dunk – Score 50

Champion – Michael Jordan

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 4 дня назад I miss the days when the NBA had players named "Otis"
  • Andrew James
    Andrew James 3 дня назад James is great, but the finesse that Jordan had was like ballet on the basketball court.... finely tuned and fun to watch...
  • Tray Riley
    Tray Riley Неделю назад Dominique was robbed
  • Dave Logan
    Dave Logan 3 дня назад Human Hightlight film ...crazy springs for a tall guy..
  • Brimlah Han
    Brimlah Han 6 дней назад 2019 Michael “ King of Basketball “ Jordan
  • christschool
    christschool 4 дня назад Anybody that is 5'7" tall that can dunk should win.
  • Humberto Guillen
    Humberto Guillen 4 дня назад I'm 5-8 and I can't even touch the fucken net
  • Klos1neMN
    Klos1neMN 4 дня назад I think Mugsy Bogues could also dunk, he came a few years after this. Was 5'' 3 or something. Impressive for both of them.
  • Carlos G
    Carlos G 4 дня назад Dominic won that dunk contest. I like jordan however Dominic double handed windmill was sick
  • richie rich
    richie rich 3 дня назад But Mike can fly
  • B 8o8dumas
    B 8o8dumas Год назад (изменено) Wilkins, the master of the windmill. His two handed was definitely a 50, no one did it again.
  • G95impala
    G95impala 3 дня назад Air flying M.J the one and only...
  • Chris Martin Athletic Director
    Chris Martin Athletic Director 3 недели назад Sure,throw it up there Steve, catch it, do a 360 and fire it through...something we used to do all the time right?? Rick Barry is a beauty
  • todd lecher
  • Brighton Chaoneka
    Brighton Chaoneka 2 дня назад Jordan is always in the air
  • Nicholas Reese
    Nicholas Reese Год назад Dominique relied more on his power and Jordan had finesse and grace
  • Gary Collier
    Gary Collier 2 недели назад Unique got robbed.Nique was a much better dunker than Jordan. NIQUE WAS a smooth and powerful dunker. JORDAN was a herky jerky dunker not smooth at all.Also Nique was a much better leaper than Jordan
  • eirond Geronimo
    eirond Geronimo 1 месяц назад until today they say nique was robbed that time...but when you slomo that clips...see how gorgeous mj flying in the air...
  • ktapreswreck d921v
    ktapreswreck d921v 2 недели назад I agree that Jordan put up a better peformance, so he deserves to win. But if you want to get technical about it. Wilkins never missed a dunk, while Jordan missed two. So technically Wilkins won.
  • iamlsusam
    iamlsusam Неделю назад And the Air Jordan’s logo was born!
  • Sound Logic
    Sound Logic Неделю назад Not really.
  • Antonio Rosas
    Antonio Rosas Неделю назад No doubt about it!! Air Jordan
  • James Sailors
    James Sailors 6 дней назад Sho was. The absolute greatest basketball player of all times. I watched him growing up. My team.
  • ScrewedUpTV
    ScrewedUpTV 6 дней назад This wasn't it bro
  • iamlsusam
    iamlsusam Неделю назад The dunking contest of recent years is only a pail imitation of these original glory years. Many of the current top players don’t even bother to complete!
  • Triple Double Gainz
    Triple Double Gainz Неделю назад Nah it’s better now
  • Boipelo Ramotse
    Boipelo Ramotse Неделю назад And they are afraid to lose to lower ranked players
  • Boipelo Ramotse
    Boipelo Ramotse Неделю назад @Triple Double Gainz yeah definitely better much more creative, remember dwight Howard 1st superman dunk?
  • That was interesting.
    That was interesting. Неделю назад "Pail" imitation? Lol. I guess it was a bucket game?
  • Boipelo Ramotse
    Boipelo Ramotse Неделю назад Yeah that was CRAZY. When he came out of the london telephone booth
  • Greenriver Utah
    Greenriver Utah 3 дня назад This was back in the good ole days of basketball, a lot less ego.
  • James Logan
    James Logan 3 дня назад Greenriver Utah Jordan was probably the most egotistical of them all tho smh
  • lvitela24
    lvitela24 2 дня назад Another one of those good ole days people....Zach lavine vs Aaron Gordon was the best dunk contest of all time. Lavine even did a windmill from the free throw line
  • Me G
    Me G 2 дня назад His gambling debt killed his father.
  • Douglas Mawer
    Douglas Mawer 3 месяца назад You gotta love Dominique Wilkins. Guy was an animal and a humble and respectful guy. I loved when the Hawks gave him the statue at Phillips Arena.
  • Jim Vick
    Jim Vick 3 месяца назад 2 handed windmill getting a 45 is criminal.. I still think that is one of the greatest dunks ever...
  • Santiago Poch Huguet
    Santiago Poch Huguet 3 месяца назад It was an scandle. In fact, that 2 handed windmill was clearly better than the 1 handed windmill (2nd Nique's finals dunk), which didn't deserve 50, cause the ball didn't drill the basket ring cleanly. I was for Wilkins.
  • Jim Vick
    Jim Vick 3 месяца назад I've yet to see another dude do that dunk, its fucking disgusting... I could do a 1 handed windmill in my prime, but 2 handed = a dislocated shoulder or something bad...
  • j v
    j v 3 месяца назад That dunk gave birth to Air Jordan shoes.
  • Jonas Arabe
    Jonas Arabe Неделю назад R0bbed
  • cash man
    cash man 3 месяца назад Nique was very very special!!/ I remember he rocked the Brooks shoes.... // made me even buy a pair or 2...  :)
  • needlenosened flanders
    needlenosened flanders 1 месяц назад lots of interesting brands worn back in the day. Drexler wore KangaROO and Avia. Hakeem wore Etonics. Worthy wore New Balance. Spudd Webb wore Pony.