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Best Animal Fails | Funny Fail Compilation

Published on Aug 22, 2017 2,958,780 views

Check out some of the best Animal Fails of 2017! We love animals...and we love we made a ultra huge compilation for you!

Best Animal Fails | Funny Fail Compilation

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  • kelleywazhere
    kelleywazhere Год назад These videos are funny, but when an animal CRIES in distress that's where u put the phone down and help them. Not sit there and laugh. One of the reasons that's so messed up in the world. People don't know when to put down their phone.
  • Arwen Luna
    Arwen Luna 6 месяцев назад (изменено) Exactly. The one with the cat stuck on the shower curtain pole made me very angry. It fell and could have seriously hurt itself on that super hard enamel tub. Wow the one with the can stuck on the head was terrible too. They could suffocate.
  • Gabriel Ndungu
    Gabriel Ndungu 5 месяцев назад (изменено) We didn't adopt wild animals as pets just to treat them as gods. I agree though, they could really have gotten hurt from that. (I have a big white clumsy Golden Retriever dog) Edit: You know what they say, cats always land on two feet...😒 Edit 2: No, they land on 4 feet, idiot me... PS: 4 LEGS!!!!! NOT FREAKIN' FEET! Or was it feet... Maybe it was paws.... Eh, probably feet.
  • the girl in question
    the girl in question 5 месяцев назад @Gabriel Ndungu there's a difference in treating an animal like a god and treating it with respect
  • Mad9977 Productions
    Mad9977 Productions 4 месяца назад yep children have died because moms were busy on their smartphones...
  • Pavan Katepalli
    Pavan Katepalli 4 месяца назад let's put the humans in the same situation as a punishment
  • the girl in question
    the girl in question 4 месяца назад @Mad9977 Productions yes let's blame the women solely :)
  • Mad9977 Productions
    Mad9977 Productions 4 месяца назад @the girl in question no i blame the smart phones, people lose themselves by using them
  • Calvin Bottoms
    Calvin Bottoms 4 месяца назад like when dogs are licking your baby's face, its no longer funny its just gross.
  • CyberDemonEmpress
    CyberDemonEmpress 4 месяца назад Are you going to let a progressive cunt try and lecture you about something they have no clue about?
  • Michael Parashis
    Michael Parashis 4 месяца назад like that cat in the curtains.
  • Kawaii Stuff 4 Life :3
    Kawaii Stuff 4 Life :3 Год назад I got furious when the poor cat in the blinds was STUCK and the owner is just standing there taking a video on it while the cat is CLEARLY MEOWING IN PAIN!!!!!! Other than that I liked all the vids
  • jackietubepro
    jackietubepro 11 месяцев назад Kawaii Stuff 4 Life :3 hey, we don’t know how other things feel
  • jackietubepro
    jackietubepro 11 месяцев назад I mean it would be different if the cord was around the cat neck but it’s not. Cat usually freak out about things too...
  • Leacha’s Channel
    Leacha’s Channel 10 месяцев назад Well it’s try not to laugh. There just trying to make you laugh
  • Nikki White
    Nikki White 8 месяцев назад I agree the poor cat 😞
  • Vishwa nvk
    Vishwa nvk 6 месяцев назад I hate that woman
  • Lake Lassie
    Lake Lassie 6 месяцев назад Or when the cat chased the dog into street in between cars. On our street both would have been rolled over in seconds. Not funny.
  • silver garcia
    silver garcia 5 месяцев назад It only seemed like it was in discomfort at that point. he got himself in that situation so it'll be funny to look back on when their beloved pet passes
  • 1234567 Subs?
    1234567 Subs? 5 месяцев назад Time plz
  • 1234567 Subs?
    1234567 Subs? 5 месяцев назад I want to agree but i can't due to not knowing when it is
  • Jordan Levi
    Jordan Levi 5 месяцев назад Kawaii Stuff 4 Life :3 thank you 🙏🏼😇
  • Shade That Demon Cat
    Shade That Demon Cat 4 месяца назад IKR I WANTED TO CRY THE CAT WAS IN PA I N
  • Shade That Demon Cat
    Shade That Demon Cat 4 месяца назад @jackietubepro dude thats a painful spot for it to be and that sound is a clear sign of pain from a cat. it was also acting aggressively towards the cord.
  • Shade That Demon Cat
    Shade That Demon Cat 4 месяца назад @1234567 Subs? 3:43
  • Kylie & Ella Ghost hunting
    Kylie & Ella Ghost hunting 4 месяца назад I agree with you because if my cat got stuck on video I would help it instead of talking about it.
  • Michael Parashis
    Michael Parashis 4 месяца назад ME TOO!!
  • Hailey Ayre
    Hailey Ayre Год назад I hate the ones where the animal is clearly in distress and needs help like the cat stuck in the blinds or the cat with the can stuck on its head they clearly needs help but instead they decided to pull out their phones and film their pet in distress 😑
  • Animal Lover
    Animal Lover Год назад I know but your have to admit it's kinda funny 😂
  • PreCol - Overwatch
    PreCol - Overwatch Год назад Animal Lover you have fucking animal lover in your name so why tf it funny they can die humans have destroyed the earth
  • Fluffy DoesStuff
    Fluffy DoesStuff Год назад Hailey Ayre yes I agree
  • Fluffy DoesStuff
    Fluffy DoesStuff Год назад Dutch Yoran but you're a human.....
  • Slåy_ Zoē
    Slåy_ Zoē Год назад Hailey Ayre o
  • •L&M21• *****
    •L&M21• ***** Год назад Hailey Ayre yeah!
  • •L&M21• *****
    •L&M21• ***** Год назад Right!
  • MinSugageniusjjangjjangmanboong !
    MinSugageniusjjangjjangmanboong ! Год назад Hailey Ayre right I hate it to
  • Ann B.
    Ann B. Год назад Hailey Ayre u r so right(no sarcasm involved in comment)
  • Ann B.
    Ann B. Год назад Dutch Yoran PRAISE u r right we act so concerned about the earth when we go around making it worse and when animals need our help we go oh its a animal in distress lets grab a camera and video tape their suffering humans r so f up humans r animals to we
  • Gracie Equestrian
    Gracie Equestrian Год назад Yes it would be nice to help them, but they got them self there in the first place so they should get down themselves.
  • KatKartoons
    KatKartoons Год назад The cat with the can Is exactly what happened to my cat except no one was home and when we did get home he was nearly dead.
  • Vinny Nichols
    Vinny Nichols Год назад Hailey Ayre oh stfu animals are smarter than we r
  • Kayleigh Eilish Mendes Dolan
    Kayleigh Eilish Mendes Dolan Год назад Just about to comment the same thing
  • Eonbree
    Eonbree Год назад Hailey Ayre exactly. Someone my mom knew actually died because her neck got tangled in the blinds...
  • kay lee
    kay lee 11 месяцев назад Yeah!!!😡😡😡😡
  • shadow wolf126
    shadow wolf126 11 месяцев назад Hailey Ayre its funny sometimes but its not like any animals was aculy hurt and if you dont like it than just leave
  • Nutmeg
    Nutmeg 11 месяцев назад Aiyana Lewis How do you know none of the animals were actually hurt?
  • James Studebaker
    James Studebaker 10 месяцев назад Hailey Ayre SJW Alert
  • MyOwnPath
    MyOwnPath 10 месяцев назад (изменено) to Gracie Equestrian: Consider the shape of the cat's claws and which way they point when not retracted. Now you know why they can't climb down, their bodies are not created for it. Cats CAN jump down, but obviously not from the greater heights. OF COURSE, if you are only saying this because you hate cats, than no evidence provided will suit you, carry on being your normal cat-hating aclown. But I'll betcha dollars to donuts you would rescue any horse that fell into a hole without waiting for it to rescue itself.
  • FancyFufflyBunny
    FancyFufflyBunny 10 месяцев назад I feel like it's better that the pets make those mistakes in front of humans who can supervise and intervene if things were to go bad. The pet should learn his lesson at that moment so he won't do it when nobody's here to save him. I feel that if they were to rescue them here and now, it may make them more foolhardy when it becomes a real threat.
  • 0 to héro #1
    0 to héro #1 9 месяцев назад Dutch Yoran but...ur human too tho lol
  • jackietubepro
    jackietubepro 9 месяцев назад I say he was ok. It would be 20x worst if it was around its neck
  • MyOwnPath
    MyOwnPath 9 месяцев назад (изменено) to FancyFluffyBuddy: You do realize that there are mistakes that it is not possible to recover from? Then of course we have grown whole crops of humans, (using the term lightly), who choose ignorance above knowledge, and/or are horribly cruel, even sociopathic, and fucking up our world, all because they or their ancestors were saved when they should not have been. Hmmmm... Save the animals, let Darwin sort through the humans.
  • Rainbowconfeticat the Cat
    Rainbowconfeticat the Cat 9 месяцев назад I agree they need to put down their phone and help these animals i love cats so they better put their phones down
  • Daily mind changes
    Daily mind changes 9 месяцев назад Hailey Ayre no
  • TheLastOfUs
    TheLastOfUs 9 месяцев назад Hailey Ayre I KNOW RIGHT READ MY COMMENT
  • TheLastOfUs
    TheLastOfUs 9 месяцев назад Animal Lover it is not tho, you animal abusing bitch!
  • TheLastOfUs
    TheLastOfUs 9 месяцев назад Gracie Equestrian man shut up you bitch ass
  • TheLastOfUs
  • TheLastOfUs
  • TheLastOfUs
    TheLastOfUs 9 месяцев назад James Studebaker stfu
  • TheLastOfUs
    TheLastOfUs 9 месяцев назад FancyFufflyBunny 😒
  • TheLastOfUs
    TheLastOfUs 9 месяцев назад chihuahua CHIHUAHUA daFOOL no it’s not asshole
  • •Milky Tøast•
    •Milky Tøast• 8 месяцев назад Hailey Ayre I agree and the one where the goat it jumping in the dishwasher with the knife sticking straight up by it's throat. It could have landed on that and died!
  • Lilac Lizard
    Lilac Lizard 7 месяцев назад agreed Hailey, but I didn't even get as far as the ones you're talking about, turned off in disgust! Shame because some where accidental & funny, but way too many are cruel!
  • Raon SuriNoel
    Raon SuriNoel 7 месяцев назад It's not like its everyday they laugh at its distress calls of course they love them but its their cats and they cant help but laugh when they get themselves into a stupid situation
  • kkkk
    kkkk 7 месяцев назад
  • ronin playz
    ronin playz 6 месяцев назад Hey guys I’m an a annoying commenter and I like to make stupid comments to annoy people and make them angry have a good day 😁
  • Julia
    Julia 6 месяцев назад @Animal Lover Maybe you should change your name, it doesn`t really fit after that comment. An animal hurting is in no way funny and the narcissistic nature of the c**t that would rather get a video than help out. Sad fuckin losers.
  • Lisa Mccullough
    Lisa Mccullough 6 месяцев назад I was just thinking the same thing. What a cunt.
  • ¡USA! Proud Cuban Patriot Of America ¡USA!
    ¡USA! Proud Cuban Patriot Of America ¡USA! 6 месяцев назад Animals don’t rely on humans to save them. What do y’all think would happen if that cat was by herself? She would get that can of her head regardless. These are not harmless innocent blobs of love. These are animals just like us, they’re smart enough to get themselves out of these situations without human help.
  • TheGuzdar
    TheGuzdar 6 месяцев назад or where the cats get themselves into high areas with no way of getting down but falling like the first one or the cat on top of the door in the corner
  • GodPleaseBring HeavenOnEarth
    GodPleaseBring HeavenOnEarth 6 месяцев назад @Animal Lover U NEED TO CHANGE UR NAME..U DONT DESERVE THAT NAME ANIMAL LOVER ANYMORE
    JUST STUPID 6 месяцев назад Best Video of Cats vs Water
  • Classic Bass
    Classic Bass 6 месяцев назад The cat stuck on the shower curtain pissed me off. The cat is asking for help and she giggled and records.
  • Smitb Smitb
    Smitb Smitb 5 месяцев назад @Animal Lover If you can help. You should HELP! Especially if "in your family"!!
  • David Farmer
    David Farmer 5 месяцев назад the fisrt two looked potentially quite painful for the animal from your comment Hailey there is a lot wrong with the way any view their pets and unfortunately the twisted twat who up loaded these.
  • silver garcia
    silver garcia 5 месяцев назад They were only in discomfort at that point which was enough time to film for a later laugh. If the animals were really in that much distress, the humans would have recognized it.
  • David Farmer
    David Farmer 5 месяцев назад Mr.@silver garcia well i think we wiil all sleep in our beds better for your reassurance on the matter.
  • silver garcia
    silver garcia 5 месяцев назад @David Farmer no need for sarcasm or being butthurt that someone uploaded these videos but incase you didn't notice the majority of these animals are "failing" without human intervention and their fails are through no fault of their own. It's different if humans purposefully put animals in these positions like the dog on the skateboard
  • David Farmer
    David Farmer 5 месяцев назад @silver garcia unfortunately I don't really understand what "butthurt" means and even if I did I think I still wouldn't understand the rest of your post.
  • silver garcia
    silver garcia 5 месяцев назад @David Farmer Somehow I don't doubt that🙄
  • David Farmer
    David Farmer 5 месяцев назад @silver garcia gooood do you feel better now. Saying good bye Mr creepy-verse
  • Australian Leprechaun
    Australian Leprechaun 5 месяцев назад Its healthier for the animal to figure it out for them self you over dramatic fuck
  • Mary L
    Mary L 5 месяцев назад @Gracie Equestrian That shouldn't be an excuse, not to help them. If they're stuck or getting hurt, help them asshole.
  • JB Kuz
    JB Kuz 5 месяцев назад I love dogs so🤷‍♂️
  • Tony Bell
    Tony Bell 5 месяцев назад Hailey Ayre was the time I wanna I
  • Tony Bell
    Tony Bell 5 месяцев назад Hailey Ayre was the time to get ready and
  • Tony Bell
    Tony Bell 5 месяцев назад Reax is my bae was that I wanna was I got cha I was goin in my morning I love ya I love 💕 it all happened
  • Tony Bell
    Tony Bell 5 месяцев назад Reax is a good morningkhnhtynd6829
  • preditorsd
    preditorsd 5 месяцев назад @Animal Lover i didn't find it funny
  • devotae
    devotae 5 месяцев назад @PreCol - Overwatch Yes i agree with you... these people all "think" they are animal lovers because they take the time pull out a phone to film the animal in distress, laugh and post it. They don't feel empathetic pain to little things like we do, only BIG things, like the worst kinda traumatic situations, (and they still film it) if they are not bleeding all over the place, and can still walk, they must be fine! and sometimes i have seen them letting their dog walk about with a limp from a broken bone because they didn't think anything was wrong. so it goes both ways.. Maybe I freak out way to quick because they are soo tiny and more fragile then you think. and i DON'T think its even a little bit funny.... but we also do the same thing with children, rather then freak out at any tiny distress.. we try to "laugh it off" so that they don't cry all the time over nothing and become fearful of taking the next step forward.
  • PreCol - Overwatch
    PreCol - Overwatch 5 месяцев назад carrie hale I know and I wanna die if its to save the earth
  • PreCol - Overwatch
    PreCol - Overwatch 5 месяцев назад Ann B. Ikr
  • PreCol - Overwatch
    PreCol - Overwatch 5 месяцев назад devotae yeah
  • AsarjanDsign
    AsarjanDsign 5 месяцев назад @chihuahua CHIHUAHUA daFOOL and i hope you break your neck and sit in a fuckig wheel chair for the rest of your life because i hate you! It's fine if someone does not like any kind of animal, but to say it's funny to see a cat in pain and danger is a great sign that you're a big asshole, dumbass and a dickhead, all in one!
  • chihuahua CHIHUAHUA daFOOL
    chihuahua CHIHUAHUA daFOOL 5 месяцев назад @AsarjanDsign I know I'm sorry, I'm not like that anymore, I know better and while I was reading what I said I was actually really surprised by how I acted but yes I'm sorry and honestly I don't like seeing animals in pain it hurts me I don't know what was going on in my head but sorry😔✌️Also merry Christmas ✌️😔💙
  • ricardo Dias Teixeira
    ricardo Dias Teixeira 5 месяцев назад @PreCol - Overwatch well cats kill millions of birds in 1 year so idc about this stupid monsters.
  • PreCol - Overwatch
    PreCol - Overwatch 5 месяцев назад ricardo Dias Teixeira but that’s because that is nature
  • ricardo Dias Teixeira
    ricardo Dias Teixeira 5 месяцев назад @PreCol - Overwatch no that's not nature😠😠 because they kill birds for fun and because they are relax in a house they can kill when they want cats are monsters(not every cat thought But most of it).
  • Abigail Shade
    Abigail Shade 4 месяца назад same its sad no one should be doing that to the poor animal it's like if we had a can on our head and someone was filming us and not helping us when we needed help the most
  • Shade That Demon Cat
    Shade That Demon Cat 4 месяца назад yea, especially 3:43
  • Jannette Mendoza
    Jannette Mendoza 4 месяца назад Just for views is why they do it. Natural funny is when an animal is being recorded with love and then something cute or naturally funny happens and the animal doesn't get hurt, that's fine. But to actually see the animal in distress and whip out the phone to get it, that's when they should be ashamed. Like just last night I'd seen a vine where in some of the clips there was a cat that had some how gotten into the shower rod and clearly was scared and needed help getting down but no the owner said to the cat "you got up there so you get down". Like 3 seconds later the cat fell off the road and who knows could've broken a leg falling in between the tub and toilet.
  • Disappointedpistachios
    Disappointedpistachios 4 месяца назад TheLastOfUs look man we get it animals were getting. Hurt but calm the fuck down, your grammar and spelling are horrendous, you dont need to Accentuate it by using all caps
  • Linda Harper
    Linda Harper 4 месяца назад I TOTALLY AGREE!
  • Ron Rombouts
    Ron Rombouts 4 месяца назад 🇹🇬🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇻🇮🇻🇮🇻🇮🇹🇻🇹🇻🇹🇻🇸🇧🇸🇧
  • Pepper Aureli
    Pepper Aureli 4 месяца назад (изменено) @Animal Lover I don't know... I don't really find it funny personally. I mean the cat in the blinds and the cat with the can over its head was honestly incredibly upsetting to me. Its different if its a few seconds of discomfort that they've caused themselves... Like a cat missing a jump from a dresser because of a slippery surface, or a dog running into a couch because he wasn't paying attention where he was going. But when the owner chooses to film the animal in a clear state of distress so much that they are openly vocalizing their distress for help (IE: Crying, yowling) for an extended moment in time... I can't laugh at that. I feel concern and want to help that animal. Not laugh at it... There is absolutely a time and a place where an animal gets themselves into a sticky situation and its funny as hell, but times like the aforementioned are definitely not it imo. Further more the cat with the can on its head is a SERIOUS problem.
  • Daisharae Wesley
    Daisharae Wesley 4 месяца назад 🙄 they have to figure how to do things on their own bc what if the owner leaves and the cat gets used to getting help all the time, so they have to figure out how to get out of situations bc if we spoil them by helping them they will expect us to come to the rescue if they can't get down from a shelf. But sure u could help them sometimes I guess
  • Alex Nuñez
    Alex Nuñez 4 месяца назад Reax shut the fuck you stupid fucking retarded bitch
  • Mike Higgins
    Mike Higgins 4 месяца назад What a bunch of fucking snowflakes you all need extensive intensive counciling its not your fault u have been brainwashed get help now it's not your fault u have been brainwashed get help.....
  • Scott Pool
    Scott Pool 4 месяца назад Hailey Ayre yes I do too if you see anything my cat and such like that it's bad karma to let the dog or cat I don't agree with dad.
  • Allie S
    Allie S 4 месяца назад I agree, they are real A holes.
  • Jeanie Shank
    Jeanie Shank 4 месяца назад Hailey Ayre I agree!
  • That_ One_Fur
    That_ One_Fur 4 месяца назад Uhm okay cats can fall all they want, they walk away just fine, and some animals don’t want you to interfere. So please SHUT YA FUCKIN TRAP,
  • corey mac
    corey mac 3 месяца назад @Gracie Equestrian yes well when you agree to take care of a animal you should take care of the fucking animal. Your responsible for your pet if you didn't know bud. Lets let the cat hang itself because it got caught in the blinds. Are you stupid?
  • corey mac
    corey mac 3 месяца назад @That_ One_Fur I'm pretty sure people are talking about the animals that are crying for help you stupid twat.
  • a mac
    a mac 3 месяца назад (изменено) I agree The more I watch the more I get upset at the folks thinking this is funny. Will they stop laughing when their pet breaks it's neck!!
  • Joanne Nugent
    Joanne Nugent 3 месяца назад I agree,Hailey.That one with the cat on the bathroom shower rail is obviously in distress and don't think it is funny to not help it.
  • ferrygirl100
    ferrygirl100 3 месяца назад Stupid owner laughing her head off! Doesn't deserve to have an animal if she thinks this is funny!
  • love bird
    love bird 3 месяца назад 🙀👍some people's 👩👨🧑👧👵👴👎they need👉 👊to learn
  • Candyheart girl
    Candyheart girl Год назад Why don't these people help the animal instead of laughing and watching??!!
  • Sophist
    Sophist 6 месяцев назад u gotta be an animal owner to understand it.
  • Shaun Pearson
    Shaun Pearson 5 месяцев назад To entertain us assholes.
  • Interfectorem
    Interfectorem 5 месяцев назад @Sophist I have five pets and I don't even like two of them, but I wouldn't sit there and record half of these scenarios.
  • basic broad
    basic broad 4 месяца назад the same reason we're watching this video
  • ferrygirl100
    ferrygirl100 3 месяца назад Too dumb! Want their 5 seconds of fame! Like I said, some people should not have animals if they think this is amusing!!!!
  • Nat34.99
    Nat34.99 5 месяцев назад (изменено) 2:45 poor thing!! 🐿 4:09 who Likes Guinea pigs!! Me yes
  • Shadowirit
    Shadowirit 9 месяцев назад 4:34 hope the little guy wasn't hurt, his chin hit that knife pointed upwards.
  • A Unoriginal and Stale Meme
    A Unoriginal and Stale Meme 4 месяца назад i watched it a bit slower and it seems it didn't really look like he got hit by it, so that boy is fine.
  • diana's fun channel #yay
    diana's fun channel #yay 4 месяца назад omg i didn't even realise that until now thanks for telling me that
  • diana's fun channel #yay
    diana's fun channel #yay 4 месяца назад omg i didn't even realise that until now thanks for telling me that
  • Abigail Thurston
    Abigail Thurston 4 месяца назад 8:01 THE DOG CHASING HIS OWN LEASH WAS PRETTY FUNNY
  • Emma Johnson
    Emma Johnson 7 месяцев назад (изменено) I think when their pet is crying for help they should help them and not just stand there recording them
  • The Unfadeable
    The Unfadeable 3 месяца назад If they stopped recording to help them, we wouldn't get lo laugh on youtube.
  • MICKIE Carreon
    MICKIE Carreon Год назад Help the animals in trouble insted of laughing at them you assh*les!! The poor kitty in the blinds. 😢😠😠
  • Darryl Wright
    Darryl Wright Год назад she put him/her up there....then acted all surprised!!!
  • Tessa Pendleton
    Tessa Pendleton Год назад Mickie carreon yeah I agree with you
  • casey hight
    casey hight Год назад same to me 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
  • BENDY patti
    BENDY patti Год назад MICKIE Carreon your stupid
  • MICKIE Carreon
    MICKIE Carreon Год назад BENDY patti It's You're not your.
  • Cisco Archuleta
    Cisco Archuleta Год назад I know riley poor things😕
  • BENDY patti
    BENDY patti Год назад Cisco Archuleta shut up
  • Cisco Archuleta
    Cisco Archuleta Год назад Make me why don't you
  • Vatikan_tim
    Vatikan_tim Год назад MICKIE Carreon wtf?
  • clixr 2X
    clixr 2X Год назад Your such a baby
  • Katelyn Carson
    Katelyn Carson 3 недели назад Why censor holes when there is a swear word
  • Kaya Elashie
    Kaya Elashie 9 месяцев назад (изменено) 12:51 forever xd
  • resynth1943
    resynth1943 6 месяцев назад (изменено) When an animal trusts you, it is cruel to be disloyal to them. If your pet is in distress, do not use it as a form of entertainment, but instead guide them. 0:30 is painful to watch, let alone wrong in every way. I felt bad, as I can understand why the cat was anxious, because I am also scared of heights. Good luck to you, but as a friendly word of advice, this is not at all "funny".
  • DrakXert
    DrakXert 6 месяцев назад I agree
  • Orlando Permaculture Project
    Orlando Permaculture Project 6 месяцев назад Yeah that's so sad. Clearly that cats owner cares more about impressing people than their pets well-being.
  • spencer hardy
    spencer hardy 6 месяцев назад If they fall off, they learn not to climb the shower curtains. The cat was in no real danger.
  • silver garcia
    silver garcia 5 месяцев назад While it made me cringe too, it's a lesson the cat has to learn
  • Fireghost0412
    Fireghost0412 5 месяцев назад I agree because if that was a human hanging form a pole above a big heigth no one would laugh, let alone when he falls
  • leмon garвage
    leмon garвage 3 месяца назад 3:00 oh my god I couldn’t help it 😂
  • Kaya Richards
    Kaya Richards Год назад 10:15 That deer really needed help
  • Candy Apple Art
    Candy Apple Art 4 месяца назад Kaya Richards in situations like that, you should not interfere
  • Lilac Lizard
    Lilac Lizard 7 месяцев назад Too many of these are horrible! Thumbs down! It's not funny to leave your animal in distress just to get a video for youtube! You shouldn't be sharing & encouraging those videos! If you're cat's got itself onto the top of a shower curtain & is clearly going to fall, lifting it down is not rocket science! Same with half of them to the point I stopped watching! If you're animal is in distress, put the dam camera down & help it!
  • Jenny Betschart
    Jenny Betschart 3 дня назад Best ist slightly overdrived
  • Ella Yauger
    Ella Yauger 4 месяца назад I hope that the animals aren’t hurt cause I hated the ones were those animals clearly needed help I think that if u want a pet u need to be loyal to them and help him/her when they need it
  • Ashlyn Donley
    Ashlyn Donley Год назад Even at 333
    WHITESTRIPE99 6 месяцев назад 1:31 Brother. May I have some... ASSISTANCE?
  • Püppy Läyläy
    Püppy Läyläy Год назад 0:45 looked really painfull😣😟
    STƏAMYDRƏAMS 9 месяцев назад Well, it was in slow motion so it probably look more painful than it actually is.
  • MyOwnPath
    MyOwnPath 10 месяцев назад Be aware, not all of these are funny, there are some in which the animals are clearly in distress.