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Mercedes S-Class Coupe 2019 in-depth review | carwow

Published on Oct 11, 2018 1,592,607 views

This is the all-new Mercedes S-Class Coupe! Both the exterior & interior come with numerous upgrades, from the Panamerica-style grille up front, to the huge infotainment screen that engulfs the dash on the inside. But it doesn’t come cheap! So are the upgrades worthy of the price tag and the prestigious S-Class badge? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!

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  • Ray Bloody Purchase
    Ray Bloody Purchase 6 месяцев назад I can't wait to own this car in 15 years.
  • Nick
    Nick 6 месяцев назад And pay for huge repair bills .. ill pass it's yours.
  • Sleezy Kowalski
    Sleezy Kowalski 5 месяцев назад @Nick so generally at that time, you can't find a brand new model?
  • cover chemical
    cover chemical 4 месяца назад Love your ambition mate
  • achiepalaago
    achiepalaago 4 месяца назад Sorry to inform you but you'll have to wait a very long time.
  • Matas Ramoškevičius
    Matas Ramoškevičius 4 месяца назад Lol u can have it
  • mary jane
    mary jane 4 месяца назад lol
  • David Topchiev
    David Topchiev 3 месяца назад Mercedes Mark Viii
  • Li Feng
    Li Feng 3 месяца назад @Nick Repair bills ? e.g once every 10 years
  • Shankar S
    Shankar S 3 месяца назад In 15 years. It's gonna be worth your shoe. Go for it.
  • Airsoftfrreak96
    Airsoftfrreak96 3 месяца назад Wait ... Until gasoline cars get banned?
  • bighands69
    bighands69 3 месяца назад In 15 years time that will still be a very expensive car. V8 and V12's of today are going to be collectors items because this is probably the last generation of them.
  • Vogue Ham
    Vogue Ham 2 месяца назад @Shankar S what's wrong with living
  • Luigi Barbosu
    Luigi Barbosu 2 месяца назад 😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻
  • Walter Barthelmes
    Walter Barthelmes 2 месяца назад 🤣🤣🤣
  • Aaron Powell
    Aaron Powell 2 месяца назад (изменено) 15 years after its been heavily neglected like most used v12s on the market. Not as DIY repairable like they used to be.
  • Yespeace 2015
    Yespeace 2015 2 месяца назад Me too, but i will have to wait for much more since i live in one of the most poorest countrys in Europe! Maybe for 23 year with 800.000 km 😎
  • mena seven
    mena seven 1 месяц назад lol in 15 years the price will go down to $30,000
  • Shankar S
    Shankar S 1 месяц назад @Vogue Ham wut?
  • benzo80 o.c
    benzo80 o.c 1 месяц назад They won't exist in 15 yrs..everyone will be driving electric shite, because of all this fake climate try and get one asap,.
  • Santarpa
    Santarpa 1 месяц назад Are you rich or something?
  • Çlirim Murati
    Çlirim Murati 1 месяц назад better in 15 than never
  • CodyTheDoggo
    CodyTheDoggo 1 месяц назад Be out of style
    ART CORE 1 месяц назад for $4500 and AS-IS
  • Norrin Radd
    Norrin Radd 1 месяц назад 4 bro
  • hoen2009
    hoen2009 3 недели назад @Shankar S same for BMW and Audi
  • D' Copa al Vino
    D' Copa al Vino 2 недели назад Same here buddy, lookin forward to it, unless I win the lotto in which case I'd buy it right away
  • Shankar S
    Shankar S Неделю назад @hoen2009 amen!
  • Dan Dragoi
    Dan Dragoi 5 месяцев назад Hey Matt, stop closing frameless doors by the window 🤧
  • Stahl_Trabant
    Stahl_Trabant 2 месяца назад Yes, id say so too. (you can crack the glass allthough its very thick but the ugly finerprints you leave..!)
  • Petter I
    Petter I 4 дня назад I allways cringe when i see people do that
  • Ali Reza
    Ali Reza 6 месяцев назад with that car, you can get happy ending anytime you want.
  • Anselmo Softich
    Anselmo Softich 2 недели назад ouyea
  • Saeglopur89
    Saeglopur89 6 месяцев назад (изменено) It's not 'cheap plastic' - it's just a material which will last for years while being used constantly. Believe me you don't want leather/material/etc on buttons or near handles etc. They know how to do this :P
  • invisiblekid99
    invisiblekid99 6 месяцев назад True. It's like the hard plastic you get lower down on the door. Matt always moans about it. But it's the area that easily gets the dirtiest, so having harder material usually makes it easier to clean. As long as the whole door is not like it, I'm fine with some hard plastic on car that I can actually afford. But on luxury cars then yeah it's not good.
  • Alex Landon
    Alex Landon 6 месяцев назад invisiblekid99 He’s a Mercedes Hater, what can you expect. BMW interiors are the worst but he always keep his mouth shut when reviewing them.
  • Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف
    Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف 6 месяцев назад Saeglopur89 Exactly. He triggers me every time he mentions the “cheap” plastic part of the rear air-vents. Like Mercedes Engineers know better man...
  • bensemus x
    bensemus x 6 месяцев назад Metal also serves that purpose while being a higher quality material.
  • Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف
    Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف 6 месяцев назад bensemus x Plastic’s durability is much better. It’s harder to scratch, and has lower stiffness (takes a beating to break).
  • Arm Head
    Arm Head 6 месяцев назад Why have plastic on something so expensive? At least use metal. So yes, the use of cheap plastic should be criticised. Some people just have lower standards and think it's ok, that's all.
  • Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف
    Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف 6 месяцев назад Arm Head Are you an Engineer?! Do you have any certificates in Material Science? Once you learn more about the properties of materials, and once you learn more about the process that these materials go through to be manufactured as market-products, you will understand why luxury brands - like Mercedes - use plastic instead of metal for high-friction surfaces.
  • Arm Head
    Arm Head 6 месяцев назад @Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف No, but I am a biologist. I'm also not a dumbass. Please feel free to debate me on this one. Steel vs composite for door handles. I'm obviously on the side of steel. Even aluminium is a good choice, or if you want, you could go for a different metal or alloy. They have a higher melting point and higher tensile strength than plastics. Furthermore, they don't become brittle when exposed to uv and heat for prolonged periods of time like plastics do. The only drawback is that metals are a bit more expensive. But then again these are luxury cars we're talking about. Ok, your turn Yousef. Why are plastics better for door handles than metals? Site evidence as well. Also explain why Lexus have got it so wrong by having metal door handles.
  • Sk8T3rH4T3F
    Sk8T3rH4T3F 6 месяцев назад Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف kosmk Yousef u are arab u dont know anything about engineering
  • Arm Head
    Arm Head 6 месяцев назад @Sk8T3rH4T3F Sadly, I'd have to agree with you. I didn't want to go there, as I didn't want to sound a bit racist, but yes, Arabs aren't the brightest of people.