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Pentastar V6 Engine Factory (2017)

Published on Jan 28, 2017 991,905 views

Manufacturing of the 3.0, 3.2 and 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engines at Mack Avenue Engine Plant in Detroit.

The Chrysler Pentastar engine family is a series of aluminium dual overhead cam 24-valve V-6 gasoline engines.

For 2016, FCA released an updated version of the 3.6 L engine for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This engine now featured two-stage variable valve lift (VVL), a cooled EGR, a new intake manifold, new fuel injectors, and new coil packs. It also features upgrades to the variable valve timing (VVT) system, an increased compression ratio (11.3:1), lower internal friction and lower weight. The new engine also has MDS like the Hemi and will shut off two of its cylinders while driving and make it a v4 while cruising the freeway. These improvements help to increase power as well as efficiency.

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  • Mr. Monitor
    Mr. Monitor 1 месяц назад Grandma throwing engine blocks around like nothing 😂
  • rcavictor1
    rcavictor1 2 месяца назад I have two Jeeps (Wrangler & Grand Cherokee) with this engine and it is a great performer !
  • ramairgto72
    ramairgto72 Год назад Beware the comment section.
  • Devo Dar
    Devo Dar Год назад I’m driving a rental truck with this motor, wow am I surprised! Great power, excellent torque and almost silent. Also, great mileage, 28 miles per in a half ton. I really think I’m going to buy one, excellent motor.
  • Mr. Monitor
    Mr. Monitor 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Reflected Miles bullshit. You couldn't beat a Tesla if you had everything stripped down to the frame. Obviously they didn't know you were racing them. What a lame ass story Haha 😂 you're a funny guy.
  • Reflected Miles
    Reflected Miles 1 месяц назад @Mike in the drum room A 3.0 Pentastar V6, of course.
  • Mike in the drum room
    Mike in the drum room 1 месяц назад @Reflected Miles you have a what in a Freightliner??????
  • Karl Urban
    Karl Urban 2 месяца назад @Reflected Miles u so crazy
  • Reflected Miles
    Reflected Miles 2 месяца назад @Karl Urban ;-> Some people get a little over-exuberant about their engines, so I just thought I would creatively participate as well.
  • Karl Urban
    Karl Urban 2 месяца назад @Reflected Miles wait, what?
  • leanlifter1
    leanlifter1 3 месяца назад Reflected Miles motors got no balls down low and you gotta rev the shit out of it and OC is an issue they idle rough.
  • Reflected Miles
    Reflected Miles 3 месяца назад (изменено) @leanlifter1 Yes, I replaced the Cummins in my Freightliner with one years ago and have been towing double trailers for over 1.8 million miles trouble-free. The best part is that yuppies pull up next to me at a light in their Tesla Model S sedans, I challenge them to race a few telephone-pole lengths, and I win every time. They always act so surprised and ashamed to be beaten by a loaded semi with an old Pentastar engine in it, so you sure would be cool with it in a minivan.
  • leanlifter1
    leanlifter1 Год назад Devo Dar I was floored that it turned a caravan into a sports car. No joke it have a strong and fun power delivery. Basically better then the old 5.7L 300HP Vortec Chevy's.
  • Tony Karata
    Tony Karata 13 часов назад Great first 50k and then afther that eveythig fas incoudig cylinder heads
  • Clayton Parks
    Clayton Parks 2 года назад The really sad part of all this, is the replacement of the 4L I6 in the jeep. It was bulletproof.
  • Long Islander
    Long Islander Неделю назад Agree. VVT is the death of modern engines.
  • MrCloudseeker
    MrCloudseeker Неделю назад I6 is a good engine, but this is a great engine! I am on my 3rd jeep and first with the Penstar. This engine is a far better upgrade.
  • Geovanni Diaz
    Geovanni Diaz Неделю назад @Kip Amore H.HGH.GGGGMM Uh Ui By city Zaza;! N Szzszsss as! Nm)n
    SOL LUNA Неделю назад I know right 😢
  • Rick Nethery's Firearm Channel
    Rick Nethery's Firearm Channel 2 недели назад @Some guy I am glad you got to hear the rest of the story. LOL
  • Some guy
    Some guy 2 недели назад @Rick Nethery's Firearm Channel Haha, this is very strange. I never check for replys to my comments and I just did and it said that you repied 10 seconds ago. Lol . My ears must have been burning ;)
  • Rick Nethery's Firearm Channel
    Rick Nethery's Firearm Channel 2 недели назад @Some guy Thank You Sir. Infact I was watching this video again, because I just purchased a Dodge Charger with this engine. I really like it. Unfortunately a tree fell on my 2013 Mustang V6 and totalled it, this car is its repacment. I loved the Ford 3.7 Cyclone, but Ford decided to stop making it, so I took my buisness elsewhere. I have a long distance, freeway commute, a six cylinder car, is my favorite, plenty of power and decent fuel economy.
  • Jonathan T
    Jonathan T 3 недели назад These motors are just as bulletproof!! They worked on them and can hold 425 hp without any modifications just supercharging kit
  • Erik Gustafson
    Erik Gustafson 3 недели назад @Patchuchan that thing was a piece of shit
  • Kingy B
    Kingy B 1 месяц назад @Ryan Schultz - Oh now, 18-20 mpg is hardly a gas guzzler.
  • Ryan Schultz
    Ryan Schultz 1 месяц назад It also guzzled gas like crazy.
  • Kingy B
    Kingy B 2 месяца назад And so are the pentastars. I've owned two of them one with 250,000 miles and one with 300,000 when I sold them. A much tighter engine than the I 6..
  • J J
    J J 2 месяца назад The 4.0 was crap. That’s why most were and are doing the conversions of V8 swaps on those Jeeps. This Pentestar is an awesome engine with way more power and better reliability than the crappy 4.0.
  • Tommie duh Swamy
    Tommie duh Swamy 2 месяца назад Bulletproof yeah...but that type of engineering doesn't pay the bills. Where is the "build it to fail in ten years" design? We can't sell 'em if they're not lookin' to buy. Sadly, it's the manufacturers creed. Get used to it.
  • Some guy
    Some guy 3 месяца назад @Rick Nethery's Firearm Channel Rick! congratulations on being the first person able to have a cordial conversation with someone of a differing opinion in a comment section!! Kudos to you!
  • Michael Abbett
    Michael Abbett 3 месяца назад They have just now manufactured over 10 MILLION of these engines and it has made Ward's 10 best half a dozen times, so they must be doing something right.
  • Joe Conley
    Joe Conley 5 месяцев назад Clayton Parks yes very true. I had a jeep that was an 86 and had the in line 6 and it had over 400.000 miles on it and ran like a champ. Those engines were truly bulletproof.
  • Kip Amore
    Kip Amore 5 месяцев назад Johnny Lira I disagree. Since I wrote this, my Promasters now have 425,000 and 431,000 miles. There have been problems, but except for 1 fatal flaw the engines have been bulletproof. 850,000 miles, and no water pumps, no A/c compressors, no belts, no bearings, no cams, no timing chains, no injectors, no oil pumps. There is a recurring problem with valvetrain which seems to crop up either every 140,000 miles, or never crop up at all. But neither engine burns a drop of oil. The current record, so far as I know of, is a guy I met with a 2014 with 630,000 on it.
  • Johnny Lira
    Johnny Lira 5 месяцев назад @Richard Skipper overtime, V8 engines don't last historically.
  • Johnny Lira
    Johnny Lira 5 месяцев назад @Kip Amore incorrect
  • Johnny Lira
    Johnny Lira 5 месяцев назад Blame dumb management before Fiat took over. Rumor is Fiat is bringing the I6 back.
  • RJ Wood
    RJ Wood 5 месяцев назад I've currently got 2 Grand Cherokee's 1993 & 2000, the 4.0 Jeep is an OK motor, not great, I've seen far too many blown head gaskets to ever say in a statement it's bulletproof, my brothers 97' wranglers is still holding up ok, but only just at 100k now, but the 318 5.2 V8 is far better with only 1 less mpg. We have 2 Pentastars since 2012 and they have been great so far, but we'll see as time goes by. The Charger pisses me off that I have to remove the passenger front wheel and inner well just to add power steering fluid to it. But both it and the minivan are still well under 100k, so the verdict is still out yet. Folks crack me up when I read a review of them having a high opinion of something relatively new that hasn't proven itself over decades & 100's K's of mileage, hell it should work without problems, it's new..
  • Arayig1982
    Arayig1982 7 месяцев назад @P Kranz Pentastar is the Chrysler equivalent to the Mercedes M276 engine, which is Mercedes designed and developed, but mercedes is going to ditch the vee 6 for a more proper inline 6 which it is historically known more for.
  • P Kranz
    P Kranz 7 месяцев назад @Arayig1982 this isn't a Mercedes engine. It's 100% Chrysler engineered and built.
  • Tony S
    Tony S 7 месяцев назад Except for that batch of heads that were prone to cracking causing coolant to leak into the engine oil.
  • WeKnowTheTruth2012
    WeKnowTheTruth2012 7 месяцев назад Richard Skipper BMW uses an I6 for their M series and it makes great power considering its a Underpowered stock bmw
  • BLuecoLLarcanuck
    BLuecoLLarcanuck 7 месяцев назад So are the older Cummins turbodiesels, i.e. 1st-&-2nd generation Ram.
  • Bradley Beyer
    Bradley Beyer 7 месяцев назад You must of never had this v6. Hands down a great motor. That’s why so many cars from Chrysler run this and continue to use this motor. I’ve had 2 now. In a jk and a wk2. My 2012 jk had 189k when I got rid of it. Motor ran like a champ. Was very suprised. In fact I’m looking for another jk with that motor again because of how good it was. The Wk2 for my wife we just got rid of for a better Subaru Outback it’s better on gas is the only reason. But that wk2 ran strong.
  • wildbilltexas
    wildbilltexas 11 месяцев назад (изменено) I had a 1995 and a 2001 grand Cherokees that had the 4.0. That engine design dated back to AMC's 1964 Rambler. I'm amazed it stayed in production for 40 years. But what killed the 4.0 was it was a hard engine to clean up for today's emissions. I have a new GC with the Pentistar, and though its fast and fun to drive for a V6, I miss that awesome low end torque the 4.0 had.
  • leanlifter1
    leanlifter1 Год назад Richard Skipper Smooth power delivery though.
  • Patchuchan
    Patchuchan Год назад It's a better engine than the 3.7L power tech V6 it replaces.
  • Paxxxlo
    Paxxxlo Год назад Why "was" I still ride it)
  • BuzzFeedRight
    BuzzFeedRight Год назад That was like 15 years ago 😂😂😂 this isn't even its predecessor.
  • Rick Nethery's Firearm Channel
    Rick Nethery's Firearm Channel Год назад Richard Skipper Yes Sir I agree with You.
  • Rick Nethery's Firearm Channel
    Rick Nethery's Firearm Channel Год назад Richard Skipper The Straight Six that was used in the Jeep Cherokee was a very nice engine. Lots of good low end torque.
  • Old Man Jeeping and Biking
    Old Man Jeeping and Biking Год назад Actually the minivan sourced 3.8L was the replacement for the 4.0L.  This was the replacement for the 3.8L and is a HUGE upgrade from that terrible engine.
  • Rick Nethery's Firearm Channel
    Rick Nethery's Firearm Channel Год назад Yes, its nice to see Americans working. This V6 is a power house, but I agree with You, that inline 6 was a great engine.
  • Arayig1982
    Arayig1982 Год назад From AMC engine to Mercedes engine. Secondly, straight 6 doesn't fit in fwd so it was more than just a Amc straight 6 replacement, it also replaced the Chrysler v6 that was in use for over a decade.
  • Kip Amore
    Kip Amore 2 года назад True, but I have two pentastars and am very happy with them. Both are 2014s, and both have over 250,000 miles on them reliably (we drive a lot!). The same displacement in the old AMC straight six, would have needed a lot by now. But if you value stuff like weight, power, emissions, and cost, the pentastar really is the better engine.
  • Gary Finnstrom
    Gary Finnstrom Год назад that's very quiet place for a factory
  • DanielJaegerFilms
    DanielJaegerFilms 2 года назад Absolutely love videos like this. More please!
  • james moore
    james moore Год назад DanielJaegerFilms I saw a video where they build the motors for camaros. Its not a production line, two techs do the complete motor.
  • Biokou Adrian
    Biokou Adrian Год назад DanielJaegerFilms hi
  • MyEyesBled
    MyEyesBled 2 года назад (изменено) I like how the robots are way gentler with the engine block and other components than the humans are...
  • John Tate
    John Tate Неделю назад @Philip Ernst No, I knew about that tool. I just think they should still take it easy on that one step. Care should always be taken around parts that have to be machined to near perfection. The only actual bearing is oil and the fact it is precision machined.
  • Philip Ernst
    Philip Ernst Неделю назад @John Tate Apparently you were not understanding what that cream colored plastic U shaped tool was for. It is aligning the rod end properly so that the cap stud threads do not mar the bearing surface as you mention. I also clocks the piston correctly.
  • John Tate
    John Tate 2 недели назад I was cringing when they were putting the pistons into the engine so fast and smacking the crank. That is the one thing they should be doing slower and more gentle. 99% of engine wear happens when this is done wrong and at first start up. If they nick a bearing that would suck.
  • DJjosher
    DJjosher 1 месяц назад MyEyesBled I agree.
  • MeatHook
    MeatHook 2 года назад Why is everyone hating on Chrysler, the engine or American auto workers? Yea, each has its own issues, but can y'all not appreciate the good for once?
  • Mike Aubrey
    Mike Aubrey 2 месяца назад @Magnus Atheos I agree with your sentiments. All my lefty friends drive mostly Asian products. They often discount the North American made products out of hand. A Toyota minded friend of mine blew a clutch in 15,000 miles and believed the techs who said it was his fault.
  • duane howard
    duane howard 2 месяца назад They're A SHIT BRAND THAT'S WHY!!!
  • MG7316
    MG7316 4 месяца назад It’s a good piece of shit‼️
  • jak p
    jak p 4 месяца назад The people hatin here are rice drivers. They would hate here no matter what if it’s American. They prefer rice made by poorly paid non union southern temp workers likely on welfare to make ends meet. You should see how poorly the Japanese treat their temp workers in their southern sweatshops, you are a expendable commodity to them. Every engine out of this plant is hot tested and I don’t care about a factory workers wardrobe.
  • Tom Boyte
    Tom Boyte 5 месяцев назад I have owned 3 Chrysler products. 1996 Dodge Caravan, 2005 Dodge Dakota, 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 with diesel engine. ALL had transmission problems that left me stranded and Dodge didn't want to deal with it. I will NEVER own another Chrysler product again.
  • Six Mile
    Six Mile 7 месяцев назад @David Bryant Dont be sorry. I hear those Bull Shitters Anonymous meetings can take up a lot of time.
  • David Bryant
    David Bryant 7 месяцев назад @Six Mile I am sorry...i have a life outside of youtube.
  • Six Mile
    Six Mile 7 месяцев назад @David Bryant Thats what I thought. Silence.
  • Six Mile
    Six Mile 7 месяцев назад @David Bryant Ok David. Quit while you are ahead. Deployments do not last nine years. To state that only proves that you are completely full of shit or some kind of nut job. Combat deployments typically last 12 to 18 months. RASC deployments can last 24 to 30 months but are extremely rare. Stateside deployments can stretch to 24 months but thats rare today with the pressures of present readiness cycles. As I said my daughter is USMC and my son is Navy Ready Force on board the Arleigh Burke. So tell me what branch were you deployed with for nine years? The imaginary army or the made up air force? Finally. Texas. That explains it. Right wing, bull shitting nut job. Again. What branch did you serve with? I retired a captain in the USMC. First of the First. Took shrapnel from a T55 Tank in Kuwait in 91. Had to leave because of of repeated surgeries. So guys like you who make up being in the service are despicable. Go back behind your keyboard coward. RHINO? Sure. Unlike you I earned my political views.
  • David Bryant
    David Bryant 7 месяцев назад @Six Mile you state that you served for 9 years...i have deployments that are well over 9 years. I can say that I served or exposed to the military life. My choice. I still have freedom of speech in Texas. You Michigan RHINOS have a hard time with truth and freedoms.
  • Six Mile
    Six Mile 7 месяцев назад @David Bryant Sure. What ever you say. Just one thing. You were "exposed" to the military? Just proves that you are full of it. Anyone who serves is proud of it would never say they were "exposed" to serving their country. Sounds like weak kneed left wing thing to say. Who is the snowflake?
  • David Bryant
    David Bryant 7 месяцев назад @Six Mile then stop acting like a snowflake.
  • Six Mile
    Six Mile 7 месяцев назад @David Bryant Then we both assume things apparently. I am card carrying Republican and the farthest thing from a snowflake. I have worked dozens of elections for Republican candidates and I am involved right now in a congressional race here in Michigan. All right I'll take the bait. I did nine years usmc. First of the First. Wounded in Kuwait in Desert Storm. In 1991. You? You wont say because its probably just nonsense. Again you keep mixing up opinion with truth. Go ahead and keep telling yourself that your opinions are truth. It will make you feel better. You wont post your profession because it will show just how out of touch you are. I'm done. You are just too much of a coward to post where you are from or what you do for work. Have a good night.
  • David Bryant
    David Bryant 7 месяцев назад @Six Mile you assume a lot, with all being incorrect. I have a vast exposure to the military as well as the blue collar work force. I spent many years deployed. I am sorry that you cannot handle the truth, which are not my opinions, they are factual. My profession and location are of no consequence to this subject. You simply cannot handle the truth. I did not attack you and the only profanity that i used is the word shitty. Again I apologize for harming your snowflake feelings. I can bet you also voted for your blue balls candidate like a good little union, democrat soldier.
  • Six Mile
    Six Mile 7 месяцев назад @David Bryant Didnt hurt my feelings at all. I just have code of behavior when it comes to insulting somebodies children. The only reason I bring up my daughters profession is to reinforce that if she is intelligent enough to graduate from Annapolis with honors she's smart enough. Here is my take. When you call out a keyboard coward they usually do one of two things. They go ballistic and start cursing like children or they back down and say that they were only telling "the truth." My guess is you dont spend a lot of time around ex military or blue collar people. If you do your smart enough to keep your mouth shut. I am very wary of people who say something is the truth while they give you an opinion. It generally is an implicit admission of insecurity. This started out by me asking why you didnt like Chrysler products. It has ended up a pissing match and I am at fault for taking the bait. My last comment is that you never answered where you are from or if you have ever been ever been involved in the auto industry at any level. My guess is you live hundreds of miles from the nearest auto related facility and have never been involved in the business. In other words you are troll. Have a good Sunday night.
  • David Bryant
    David Bryant 7 месяцев назад @Six Mile i have no intention of needling you. Your daughters chosen profession has nothing to do with this discussion. I would surely state the same things in person. The truth does not care about your feelings. Sorry that I hurt your feelings.
  • Six Mile
    Six Mile 7 месяцев назад @David Bryant David. Be careful. My daughter is a usmc combat rescue pilot and a graduate of Annapolis. (Like her old man.) I know you are just trying to needle me and thats fine. But make no mistake. Keyboard cowards are the worst kind of coward. They type stuff from the safety of their keyboards while never having the balls to say the same thing to your face. Pathetic. You fit into that catagory. So go spew your negativity and most people will continue to ignore you.