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Pentastar V6 Engine Factory (2017)

Published on Jan 28, 2017 942,095 views

Manufacturing of the 3.0, 3.2 and 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engines at Mack Avenue Engine Plant in Detroit.

The Chrysler Pentastar engine family is a series of aluminium dual overhead cam 24-valve V-6 gasoline engines.

For 2016, FCA released an updated version of the 3.6 L engine for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This engine now featured two-stage variable valve lift (VVL), a cooled EGR, a new intake manifold, new fuel injectors, and new coil packs. It also features upgrades to the variable valve timing (VVT) system, an increased compression ratio (11.3:1), lower internal friction and lower weight. The new engine also has MDS like the Hemi and will shut off two of its cylinders while driving and make it a v4 while cruising the freeway. These improvements help to increase power as well as efficiency.

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  • Retired Early 53
    Retired Early 53 Год назад I own one of these engines with over 175,000 miles on it ! I have been changing the oil with Mobil One and replacing the filter , every 7,500 miles , no problems yet !!!!!!!!
  • MyEyesBled
    MyEyesBled 2 года назад (изменено) I like how the robots are way gentler with the engine block and other components than the humans are...
  • Clayton Parks
    Clayton Parks 2 года назад The really sad part of all this, is the replacement of the 4L I6 in the jeep. It was bulletproof.
  • Kip Amore
    Kip Amore 2 года назад True, but I have two pentastars and am very happy with them. Both are 2014s, and both have over 250,000 miles on them reliably (we drive a lot!). The same displacement in the old AMC straight six, would have needed a lot by now. But if you value stuff like weight, power, emissions, and cost, the pentastar really is the better engine.
  • Arayig1982
    Arayig1982 Год назад From AMC engine to Mercedes engine. Secondly, straight 6 doesn't fit in fwd so it was more than just a Amc straight 6 replacement, it also replaced the Chrysler v6 that was in use for over a decade.
  • Rick Nethery
    Rick Nethery Год назад Yes, its nice to see Americans working. This V6 is a power house, but I agree with You, that inline 6 was a great engine.
  • Old Man Jeeping and Biking
    Old Man Jeeping and Biking Год назад Actually the minivan sourced 3.8L was the replacement for the 4.0L.  This was the replacement for the 3.8L and is a HUGE upgrade from that terrible engine.
  • Richard Skipper
    Richard Skipper Год назад The strait 6 was ancient and guzzled gas like a v8,and made alot less power.
  • Rick Nethery
    Rick Nethery Год назад Richard Skipper The Straight Six that was used in the Jeep Cherokee was a very nice engine. Lots of good low end torque.
  • Richard Skipper
    Richard Skipper Год назад (изменено) Rick Nethery I know the 4.0 very well,great torque,very dependable,but thats about it.The 3.6 can do it just as well and get better gas mileage all with rpm and gearing.I like my old school stuff to,but to deny the newer tech is just foolish,we must keep moving foward as a society and a race of beings.Just my humble opinion.
  • Rick Nethery
    Rick Nethery Год назад Richard Skipper Yes Sir I agree with You.
  • BuzzFeedRight
    BuzzFeedRight Год назад That was like 15 years ago 😂😂😂 this isn't even its predecessor.
  • Paxxxlo
    Paxxxlo Год назад Why "was" I still ride it)
  • Patchuchan
    Patchuchan 11 месяцев назад It's a better engine than the 3.7L power tech V6 it replaces.
  • leanlifter1
    leanlifter1 11 месяцев назад Richard Skipper Smooth power delivery though.
  • wildbilltexas
    wildbilltexas 9 месяцев назад (изменено) I had a 1995 and a 2001 grand Cherokees that had the 4.0. That engine design dated back to AMC's 1964 Rambler. I'm amazed it stayed in production for 40 years. But what killed the 4.0 was it was a hard engine to clean up for today's emissions. I have a new GC with the Pentistar, and though its fast and fun to drive for a V6, I miss that awesome low end torque the 4.0 had.
  • Bradley Beyer
    Bradley Beyer 5 месяцев назад You must of never had this v6. Hands down a great motor. That’s why so many cars from Chrysler run this and continue to use this motor. I’ve had 2 now. In a jk and a wk2. My 2012 jk had 189k when I got rid of it. Motor ran like a champ. Was very suprised. In fact I’m looking for another jk with that motor again because of how good it was. The Wk2 for my wife we just got rid of for a better Subaru Outback it’s better on gas is the only reason. But that wk2 ran strong.
  • BLuecoLLarcanuck
    BLuecoLLarcanuck 5 месяцев назад So are the older Cummins turbodiesels, i.e. 1st-&-2nd generation Ram.
  • WeKnowTheTruth2012
    WeKnowTheTruth2012 5 месяцев назад Richard Skipper BMW uses an I6 for their M series and it makes great power considering its a Underpowered stock bmw
  • Tony S
    Tony S 5 месяцев назад Except for that batch of heads that were prone to cracking causing coolant to leak into the engine oil.
  • P Kranz
    P Kranz 5 месяцев назад @Arayig1982 this isn't a Mercedes engine. It's 100% Chrysler engineered and built.
  • Arayig1982
    Arayig1982 5 месяцев назад @P Kranz Pentastar is the Chrysler equivalent to the Mercedes M276 engine, which is Mercedes designed and developed, but mercedes is going to ditch the vee 6 for a more proper inline 6 which it is historically known more for.
  • RJ Wood
    RJ Wood 3 месяца назад I've currently got 2 Grand Cherokee's 1993 & 2000, the 4.0 Jeep is an OK motor, not great, I've seen far too many blown head gaskets to ever say in a statement it's bulletproof, my brothers 97' wranglers is still holding up ok, but only just at 100k now, but the 318 5.2 V8 is far better with only 1 less mpg. We have 2 Pentastars since 2012 and they have been great so far, but we'll see as time goes by. The Charger pisses me off that I have to remove the passenger front wheel and inner well just to add power steering fluid to it. But both it and the minivan are still well under 100k, so the verdict is still out yet. Folks crack me up when I read a review of them having a high opinion of something relatively new that hasn't proven itself over decades & 100's K's of mileage, hell it should work without problems, it's new..
  • Johnny Lira
    Johnny Lira 3 месяца назад Blame dumb management before Fiat took over. Rumor is Fiat is bringing the I6 back.
  • Johnny Lira
    Johnny Lira 3 месяца назад @Kip Amore incorrect
  • Johnny Lira
    Johnny Lira 3 месяца назад @Richard Skipper overtime, V8 engines don't last historically.
  • Kip Amore
    Kip Amore 3 месяца назад Johnny Lira I disagree. Since I wrote this, my Promasters now have 425,000 and 431,000 miles. There have been problems, but except for 1 fatal flaw the engines have been bulletproof. 850,000 miles, and no water pumps, no A/c compressors, no belts, no bearings, no cams, no timing chains, no injectors, no oil pumps. There is a recurring problem with valvetrain which seems to crop up either every 140,000 miles, or never crop up at all. But neither engine burns a drop of oil. The current record, so far as I know of, is a guy I met with a 2014 with 630,000 on it.
  • Joe Conley
    Joe Conley 3 месяца назад Clayton Parks yes very true. I had a jeep that was an 86 and had the in line 6 and it had over 400.000 miles on it and ran like a champ. Those engines were truly bulletproof.
  • Michael Abbett
    Michael Abbett 1 месяц назад They have just now manufactured over 10 MILLION of these engines and it has made Ward's 10 best half a dozen times, so they must be doing something right.
  • Some guy
    Some guy 1 месяц назад @Rick Nethery Rick! congratulations on being the first person able to have a cordial conversation with someone of a differing opinion in a comment section!! Kudos to you!
  • Tommie duh Swamy
    Tommie duh Swamy 4 недели назад Bulletproof yeah...but that type of engineering doesn't pay the bills. Where is the "build it to fail in ten years" design? We can't sell 'em if they're not lookin' to buy. Sadly, it's the manufacturers creed. Get used to it.
  • J J
    J J 2 недели назад The 4.0 was crap. That’s why most were and are doing the conversions of V8 swaps on those Jeeps. This Pentestar is an awesome engine with way more power and better reliability than the crappy 4.0.
  • Kingy B
    Kingy B 3 дня назад And so are the pentastars. I've owned two of them one with 250,000 miles and one with 300,000 when I sold them. A much tighter engine than the I 6..
  • ramairgto72
    ramairgto72 Год назад Beware the comment section.
  • MegaJohnhammond
    MegaJohnhammond 7 месяцев назад the guy who drives the catering truck there must rake in a fortune.
  • Gary Finnstrom
    Gary Finnstrom Год назад that's very quiet place for a factory
  • M0N33R
    M0N33R 2 года назад (изменено) Compare the work of the two piston installers: the first guy didn't check how the piston rings are placed, just "threw them in", while the second employee checked the piston rings, before installation. Too bad the Quality Inspectors neglect such mistakes.
  • rayford21
    rayford21 2 года назад Ring orientation would be hard to see once the piston is in the bore.
  • M0N33R
    M0N33R 2 года назад rayford21, watch from 3:05 & pay attention from 3:45 they both were installing pistons & the sleeves. That's the last moment to check the piston rings. The first guy was too quick and didn't check them.
  • john james
    john james 2 года назад They would pick it up on the run in stand at the inspection station...You would be surprised what they can tell about the engine just by turning it over and let the sensors array look at the engine...heck they don't really have to hot start them anymore their run in stands are so advanced....
  • M0N33R
    M0N33R 2 года назад john james, what you wrote is more of a belief, not a fact, otherwise the guy at 3:45 is wasting time? This issue might result as excessive oil consumption, going unnoticed at the test bed, and having the customer to struggle with it.
  • Scott Falkner
    Scott Falkner 2 года назад That was a ring installer worry not his concern.
  • Mr Popeye
    Mr Popeye 2 года назад M0N33R what's to check ? they don't have to be turned a certain way and the rings are pre sized, when on they are on.
  • M0N33R
    M0N33R 2 года назад Mr Popeye, you are wrong my friend, this is an important factor. There is a gap in each piston ring when installed (2 or 3 rings) and these gaps should not be aligned, otherwise excess blowby gasses mix with oil (bad for oil) and oil enters the combustion chamber (bad for efficiency, engine, etc.).
  • sandsifter149
    sandsifter149 2 года назад Exactly...Ring gaps need to be staggered to minimize blow by gasses.... MR POPEYE is an ignorant fool !
  • john james
    john james 2 года назад What are you talking about..he spun the top ring and he is a young man with good eyesight...You do realize that once the engine starts the rings actually spin in their other words their not static...If they didn't spin they would wear out in a few thousand miles...
  • Sany0
    Sany0 Год назад few thousand miles ??? errr....what?
  • john james
    john james Год назад SanyO that's why there is a ring groove clearance spec...the rings have to be able to rotate or they will wear out very quickly...
  • Red Horse
    Red Horse Год назад Exactly M0N33R, I had a 2008 Jeep Wrangler that burned 3 quarts every 5000 miles and these fucking morons are the reason why. Shit for quality control.
  • john james
    john james Год назад (изменено) That's right Michael..State of the art engine for a state of the art plant..I think the 3.6 Pentastar is a fabulous engine..
  • Red Horse
    Red Horse Год назад Same factory Michael. Same crap workers.
  • JbassPlayer28
    JbassPlayer28 Год назад that get's thrown out a lot but in reality it is debateable if it matters. the rings should rotate around during operation anyways, same for valves, you get wear issues if they don't rotate during operation
  • Ray more.
    Ray more. Год назад M0N33R I'm. sure. there. things. they. don't. went. u. to. see
  • Master Chief 00117
    Master Chief 00117 Год назад Rings do not spin in the cylinder bore. It's why you index them before you put them in..As once combustion hits them. They are set for life!
  • Don Berry
    Don Berry 11 месяцев назад M0N33R one thing is the robot does what it told no off days. Employees can do better work but offten not faster. I have personal experience with this.
  • Don Berry
    Don Berry 11 месяцев назад I think to make a statement about procedure you should state some expirence on the matter. Calling pepole names should require a passing grade in kindergarten or psychology, a long those lines. ;-)
  • Ramon A. Pagan Kercado
    Ramon A. Pagan Kercado 11 месяцев назад john james they don't spin
  • Earl Gateman
    Earl Gateman 10 месяцев назад Rings do NOT spin or even slowly rotate, they stay were they oriented during assembly. This can be clearly seen after old engines are disassembled.
  • Pedro Jimenez
    Pedro Jimenez 7 месяцев назад Everyone does his own stuff. this is why is called a process. if that guy is installing the pistons, he has to assume that the rings that came from another part of the process are properly installed. Thanks to Henry Ford we have industrial process these days.
  • Scott H
    Scott H 7 месяцев назад The white did
  • Saeed Ajith
    Saeed Ajith 6 месяцев назад The first guy checked the ring orientation at 3.13, 2nd guy at 3.55.
  • skraf883
    skraf883 6 месяцев назад MON33R, no he didn't just throw them in. Watch again, he rotated the ring. 2:51... rotating the ring.
  • Shawn Libby
    Shawn Libby 6 месяцев назад That Pennstar Motors should outrun the old straight sixes especially when they put the rings on the Piston wrong
  • skraf883
    skraf883 5 месяцев назад @jacques dubois Jesus Fukking Christ. Watch the video. He checked the ring split location. Take your racist azz back to the clan rally.
  • David Hampton
    David Hampton 4 месяца назад he did rotate them.  mon33r your not watching.
  • skraf883
    skraf883 4 месяца назад @M0N33R First guy installed 2 pistons on video. 2:51 checking the rotation of the rings. 3:13 checking the rotation of the rings. You started this whole thread for BS.
  • dj Jordan
    dj Jordan 4 месяца назад Cracks me up how these guys get on here and critique the assemblers trying to make themselves look like geniuses. Do you people really think the manufacturer would really allow an improperly ringed piston to be allowed on public media? Go pretend to be smart elsewhere and learn common sense. LMAO.
  • dj Jordan
    dj Jordan 4 месяца назад Red horse, the sour dipshit
  • godbluffvdgg
    godbluffvdgg 4 месяца назад Yeah, the first one hated working and was a fuckin piece of shit loser...The second guy had pride...They wonder why the fail at everything.
  • GNX157
    GNX157 4 месяца назад They may have both been checking, but the second guy caught a bad one and fixed it. Hard for me to tell but in many instances now, the rings have a colored indexing stripe and it supposed to be lined up with each other in such a away that they'll all be splayed apart as the designers intended.
  • ShadyVlogz
    ShadyVlogz 4 месяца назад He's checking the rings. Go back and look, he's just quick. At fist i thought he was just popping in the pistons.
  • Richard
    Richard 4 месяца назад @Master Chief 00117 aah yes they do. Its only 2 stroke engines that have pinned rings.
  • Master Chief 00117
    Master Chief 00117 4 месяца назад (изменено) @Richard You idiot... No they don't turn. Once the rings seat against the grooves. They move ever so slight. To promote cleaning. As to not stop the oil ring from working. Why that cross hatch is there. It prevents it. And If your rings are spinning in the bore. You're loose and they will rattle and burn oil. As there wore out. As I only seen one car that the ring gaps happen to line up. It was a fluke.. Now shut up. I tore into more engines. Rebuilt more engines. Then you got socks. And were talking about 4 strokes. Not your two stokes in your sister. Then your done. Thank You
  • Dixie Lough
    Dixie Lough 3 месяца назад Hope the boss sees this video
  • Wild Man
    Wild Man 3 месяца назад He may have adjusted the rings on the carb of piston while waiting on the next block. Don't assume ....
  • John Krols
    John Krols 3 месяца назад M0N33R  any ring will turn freely once the engine is working.
  • Kornholeeoo
    Kornholeeoo 3 месяца назад M0N33R Well hopefully the first guy had pre-inspected and properly rotated them.
  • Kevin Grazier
    Kevin Grazier 3 месяца назад Red Horse 😡
  • Justin Altemeier
    Justin Altemeier 3 месяца назад Now I know why my 3.8l uses oil, ASSHAT moron on the assembly line not making sure ring gaps are staggered.
  • Justin Altemeier
    Justin Altemeier 3 месяца назад They also did NOT properly torque the rod bolts, there is NO way that machine can properly torque them that fast.
  • Kevin Grazier
    Kevin Grazier 3 месяца назад Justin Altemeier Of course it can 🇨🇦
  • Hoplite Warlord
    Hoplite Warlord 3 месяца назад (изменено) Same motor, same parts assembled by a sloppy assembler and by a diligent assembler would not be the same engine. (I've worked in car plants for decades, in the days we used to make cars in Aust.) Eg: Lemons are born through sloppy workmanship through all stages of manufacturing, that's just a fact, not a criticism.
  • R Mo
    R Mo 3 месяца назад Ther are ring groove spec due to heat related clearnesses. The don’t spin. The edge of the rings seals against the bore. The tarp requirement required so the don’t close and touch when engine up to temperature. The gaps on tow ring system shove 180 degree apart, on three ring system 120 degree apart.
  • R Mo
    R Mo 3 месяца назад I looked close and I think he was noticing where the ring gap was.
  • R Mo
    R Mo 3 месяца назад @Richard they are not risk pins that hold the connecting rods to the pistons they are compression and oil seal rings.
  • D McNamara
    D McNamara 2 месяца назад Earl Gateman: Many engines , the pistons have a notch (in ring location) for the one of the compression/oil control ring to set and to use as a reference point to stagger the other rings in a 120 degree pattern(for a piston with 3 rings)....human eye and correction prior to aligning the rings/ installing the pistons in a bore/liner are required (robot can't do as of yet). Is it possible for new rings to slightly move once the engine is dry/hot run? Surely....but the move is measured in minor degrees....and it will stay in that same location for hundreds of thousands of trouble-free miles....with great oil-control and compression....bare minimum of blow-by or oil consumption.
  • brainwashing detergent
    brainwashing detergent 2 месяца назад They both checked/spun the rings the first guy did it much faster than the second but they certainly both did in fact check the rings
  • Ranchdude43
    Ranchdude43 1 месяц назад @M0N33R Because he did'not give a shit, plain and simple. 0-Class, or 3rd. class.
  • [BRSH] Oggaly Boogaly
    [BRSH] Oggaly Boogaly 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Red Horse ive got an 03 wrangler with i6 and tossed 7 k miles on it oil still pretty damn clean and its burnt little to none cant even tell if it has burnt any its loss is so minute put the old oil into the oil jugs they came in pretty well exact 🙌😇 i agree penta star is was and has some issues i almost bought a wrangler containing one im glad i waited and found my Tj sport 85 k miles
  • Bob Roberts
    Bob Roberts 1 месяц назад To those that say rings don't rotate in the bores. Piston rings actually very slowly rotate in operation. I've rebuilt countless engines with high miles and ring gap locations are all over the place. I've also read of tests where a radioactive tracer is applied to the ring and sensors used to determine rotation. . . . . . . . . . Have a look at the Wisco piston site for this: The Science Behind Piston Ring Grooves October 12, 2017 / by Mike Magda Paragraph 14 and read this. The main purpose for axial clearance is to allow the ring to spin. The cross-hatch in the cylinder walls induces rotation of the rings.
  • Bob Roberts
    Bob Roberts 1 месяц назад D McNamara No standard standard passenger / light truck engine has pinned rings except for piston port 2 stroke engines. This limits one to 50's SAAB and a few other oddities. The 2 stroke GM industrial diesel has pinned rings due to piston porting as well.
  • Bob Roberts
    Bob Roberts 1 месяц назад Also to add to the " Rings really do spin slowly " If piston rings didn't rotate in the bore over time, there would be a unworn spot in the piston land where the gap is. Given there isn't a unworn spot where the gaps are, this proves that piston rings do rotate as the engine is running. The rotation isn't fast but it is there.
    SJLGG 1 месяц назад All this going on while Enimen is rapping by the food truck
  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 1 месяц назад @john james Of course they don't spin you silly bastard.Get back to flipping burgers now
  • mark p
    mark p Неделю назад @M0N33R It won't go unnoticed the first time they start the engine and it's blowing smoke.
  • Jwad
    Jwad 3 месяца назад I think he's looking for the" forward" notch on the piston. The other guy could have checked previously. My 3.6 works like a clock. Really.
  • Devo Dar
    Devo Dar Год назад I’m driving a rental truck with this motor, wow am I surprised! Great power, excellent torque and almost silent. Also, great mileage, 28 miles per in a half ton. I really think I’m going to buy one, excellent motor.
  • leanlifter1
    leanlifter1 11 месяцев назад Devo Dar I was floored that it turned a caravan into a sports car. No joke it have a strong and fun power delivery. Basically better then the old 5.7L 300HP Vortec Chevy's.
  • Reflected Miles
    Reflected Miles 1 месяц назад (изменено) @leanlifter1 Yes, I replaced the Cummins in my Freightliner with one years ago and have been towing double trailers for over 1.8 million miles trouble-free. The best part is that yuppies pull up next to me at a light in their Tesla Model S sedans, I challenge them to race a few telephone-pole lengths, and I win every time. They always act so surprised and ashamed to be beaten by a loaded semi with an old Pentastar engine in it, so you sure would be cool with it in a minivan.
  • leanlifter1
    leanlifter1 1 месяц назад Reflected Miles motors got no balls down low and you gotta rev the shit out of it and OC is an issue they idle rough.
  • Karl Urban
    Karl Urban 2 недели назад @Reflected Miles wait, what?
  • Reflected Miles
    Reflected Miles 2 недели назад @Karl Urban ;-> Some people get a little over-exuberant about their engines, so I just thought I would creatively participate as well.
  • Karl Urban
    Karl Urban 2 недели назад @Reflected Miles u so crazy
  • johnnyedify
    johnnyedify 2 года назад I have 2 cars with the 3.6 they are very good performing engines.
  • Walter Frederick
    Walter Frederick 4 месяца назад They are horrible to work on with a few problems.Camshaft lobe problems,like to wipe out.Rocker arm and lifter problems including valve seat problems.2011 to 2013 3.6 engines,left side cylinder head gets replaced if a #2 misfire code appears.Was not machined right,Chrysler covers them under warranty up to 125,000 miles
  • Coolbreeze NYC
    Coolbreeze NYC 3 недели назад @Walter Frederick 150,000
  • Mike Vita
    Mike Vita 2 года назад (изменено) Not a huge fan of chyrsler products, but after driving a 3.6 pentastar 300c I was very impressed with the power. The 3.6 pentastar is like a small v8 in torque delivery, no wonder this engine won Ward's best engine many times.
  • Thuggerbae
    Thuggerbae Год назад Glad my engine was made by my American brothers and sisters!
  • cat637d
    cat637d Год назад Amen, brother!
  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh Неделю назад Your brothers put together some shitty ass engines.
  • billy smith
    billy smith 3 минуты назад Toyota rules
  • DanielJaegerFilms
    DanielJaegerFilms 2 года назад Absolutely love videos like this. More please!
  • Biokou Adrian
    Biokou Adrian Год назад DanielJaegerFilms hi
  • james moore
    james moore 10 месяцев назад DanielJaegerFilms I saw a video where they build the motors for camaros. Its not a production line, two techs do the complete motor.
  • Ryan Emery
    Ryan Emery Неделю назад IDK what it is about these engines but I LOVE the exhaust burble they produce, especially on the Grand Caravan and Town and Country
  • rcavictor1
    rcavictor1 2 недели назад I have two Jeeps (Wrangler & Grand Cherokee) with this engine and it is a great performer !
  • David Cogswell
    David Cogswell 1 месяц назад The REAL sad part is, they call this "manufacturing"...smh
  • dannydaw59
    dannydaw59 2 года назад I have this engine in my Grand Cherokee and it's great. It likes to rev and it revs smooth. No problems after 75K miles. The oil filter can be changed from above. Real easy to reach.
  • Jason Carter
    Jason Carter 5 месяцев назад Same. I have a 2015 with 94k on it. Still rips like new loves the paddle shift mode, revs real smooth
  • A Stanton1966
    A Stanton1966 3 месяца назад I don't like the oil filter position on our 2017 Jeep Cherokee V-6 3.2 or the type of oil filter.  If you ever tighten the oil filter housing wrong, it will spill all over the engine.  Plus it would be tough to see if it were leaking.  I prefer the spin on oil filter with an O-ring affixed to it, located at the bottom or side of the engine.
    SHSSH 2 месяца назад (изменено) These are the real jobs we need. Not some fast-food low pay jobs. These high skills jobs creates high standart of living for the people. Stop moving factories from U.S.
  • MeatHook
    MeatHook 2 года назад Why is everyone hating on Chrysler, the engine or American auto workers? Yea, each has its own issues, but can y'all not appreciate the good for once?
  • Oh well
    Oh well 2 года назад I have no idea why, they sell everyone that is made.
  • George Boyd
    George Boyd 2 года назад MeatHook Also, the German, Italian, Japanese, and every other car and heavy duty truck manufacturer, builds engines the same way.
  • Magnus Atheos
    Magnus Atheos 2 года назад (изменено) Because the leftists have hated on all domestic automakers for decades now and have conditioned everyone to automatically hate anything domestic. Chrysler has in fact been one of the most innovative automakers in existence, but you wouldn't know it thanks to leftist bigotry. Ever look up the recall lists for all manufacturers? The leftists would have us believe Toyota has no recalls. They in fact have plenty as does every car manufacturer. The Pentastar engine won awards for a reason.
  • john james
    john james 2 года назад Stop with the leftists can be far right and hate on American made stuff also....moron..
  • Magnus Atheos
    Magnus Atheos 2 года назад +john james name calling, how typical. Act your age....or maybe you are. Obviously you can be right wing and hate on American products and I never stated otherwise. You can deny it all you want, but leftists typically hate on anything domestic and ignore the same issues when related to foreign products.
  • Johnny Jones
    Johnny Jones 2 года назад (изменено) +john james no he's right dipshit, and it's nice to see other get it too. Left-wingers hate domestic products . Oh, wait, let me qualify that for your lefty mind: Not all left-wingers. Right wingers can too. But predominantly left-wingers, aka leftists, aka snowflakes, aka traitors. Want to know why your jobs went elsewhere? Thank your lefty unions. The Japanese manufacturers have just as many issues, they just hide them better with the help of left-wing media. Arsshole.
  • Johnny Kough
    Johnny Kough 2 года назад Johnny Jones
  • Chris England
    Chris England 2 года назад (изменено) John james Yeah I keep reading that stuff.. I'm in the Uk and we have 'right and left' wing views too, but it doesn't get slung around as much as it seems to over there.. I don't get it.. it seems a bit odd to talk about a right wing engine, wtf ?
  • LetsGo Now
    LetsGo Now 2 года назад I wouldnt say leftist concerning your Toyota comment...Its the Sheeple have been conditioned to believe it...
  • Laurie Harper
    Laurie Harper 2 года назад (изменено) Chris England - My thoughts as well. I'm also in the UK and I mourn the loss of our primary manufacturing industries. I think some Americans use "left wing" as a quick, cut price insult. It's a bit of a nonsense. If you are really left wing, you want a healthy domestic manufacturing base so there are plenty of decent jobs.
  • Jon R. Olsen
    Jon R. Olsen 2 года назад what country are you fools from ?
  • Laurie Harper
    Laurie Harper 2 года назад Are you directing that comment at me?
  • Grumpy old fart
    Grumpy old fart 2 года назад MeatHook I think the old guys here like me are just reminiscing about the good old days when you went on a long road trip with your Plymouth-Chevy-Ford- AMC, and carried a tool kit consisting of a crescent wrench, a screwdriver, and a roll of black friction tape. You could fix any problem you had beside the road.
  • Jon R. Olsen
    Jon R. Olsen 2 года назад I agree with you , Laurie. My comment is in reply to atheos and jones who exist, all by themselves, in an altered reality.
  • john james
    john james 2 года назад Now that your done flappin your chops and have no idea which way is up, I just want to say there's a sweet spot on my ass Johnny. and you can go ahead and kiss the best part of it...
  • john james
    john james 2 года назад I'm not left or right anything Mag....why don't you do YouTube a favor and quit flappin your chops bitch...
  • john james
    john james 2 года назад Well you got to remember Chris that there are a lot of Americans that just can't stop flappin their pie hole...A lot of them have been conditioned by the media and the US gov't that we are exceptional and the the Ronald Reagan thing where we are the shining light on the hill...Complete and utter bullshit...ya got the US stomping all over the world and we think we're the cops of the world..People from all over the world come on YouTube and read the rude crude flappin pie holes of moronic Americans...
  • Doug H
    Doug H 2 года назад Mercedes engine assembly videos don't show fat slobs slapping engine parts together without a care whether the engine works or not. Search on google for "pentastar v6 engine problems" and you will get many hits.
  • Magnus Atheos
    Magnus Atheos 2 года назад (изменено) +sdrfz So you're just a bigot towards people who you see as over weight. They weren't "slapping engine parts together" any more than other manufacturers assemblers. Saying they don't care if the engine works or not is an assumption and not at all fact. Bottom line is you are a bigot.
  • Magnus Atheos
    Magnus Atheos 2 года назад +Jon R. Olsen the fact is that the left by default hate anything domestic, the left-wing unions have driven American jobs to Mexico and China, and the left are bringing America very close to a civil war. You will obviously deny it as you are a leftist therefore your comments mean nothing to me. I now only pray for a civil war.
  • Magnus Atheos
    Magnus Atheos 2 года назад +john james "I'm not left or right anything Mag" Bullshit. You leftists never admit it. I hear that garbage a lot. Oh I'm not either left or right blah blah bullshit. You're a leftist traitor to your country. Have the balls to admit it. People like you have everyone hating on your own products when foreign products have the same issues. I know I've owned both. Say what you want. I take comfort in the fact that people are starting to wake up to your shit. The vote for Trump was just a beginning.
  • Jon R. Olsen
    Jon R. Olsen 2 года назад Magnus, What is your background?
  • Magnus Atheos
    Magnus Atheos 2 года назад +Jon R. Olsen Not your concern.
  • Grumpy old fart
    Grumpy old fart 2 года назад john, I'll bet he was an Obama campaign chairman.
  • john james
    john james 2 года назад kiss the best part of my ass piss ant...take your leftist bullshit somewhere else cuck....LMAO
  • Jon R. Olsen
    Jon R. Olsen 2 года назад You're ill-informed. You've drunk the neo-liberal ,dark elixor and spew only venom.
  • bklynp718
    bklynp718 2 года назад Stop with the leftist bashing. You're just wrong about that. I agree with you on most everything else.
  • bklynp718
    bklynp718 2 года назад and the vote for trump was satanic, btw.
  • Magnus Atheos
    Magnus Atheos 2 года назад +john james lol you leftists get so upset and always get insulting when someone calls you out on the damage you've done to the country. So typical.
  • Laurie Harper
    Laurie Harper 2 года назад Magnus Atheos - You're a fine one to complain that people "get insulting". Have a look at some of the stuff you're posted above ("filthy self hating piece of shit", etc). Life must be difficult when your attention span is only about 5 minutes... So you're "praying for a civil war", eh? I expect you're one of these weirdos with a cellar full of assault rifles, who is afraid of his own shadow. Have a nice day, now.
  • Grumpy old fart
    Grumpy old fart 2 года назад You guys are so full of shit trying to be politically correct. Leftists, right wing, Gen X, boomers. It's all bullshit. When are you going to wake up Hillary Is a murdering thief and queer lover, Obama is a muslim faggot, Trump is a spoiled rich kid, a thief and crook of the worst kind. There weren't really any good choices for president. If you want to look at the real problems of this country, it is Muslims, Jews, and the filthy rich, who have manipulated the government to exempt them from tax and even laws. I don't blame the ghetto blacks or the white trailer trash. If you give them a decent paying job, 90% of them would be good productive citizens. I got tired of working for "the man" myself and went out on my own for 10 years, and now I'm comfortably retired. It's time to spread the money out, especially for the graphically poor who are busting their asses just to eat, while the filthy rich have never worked a day in their lives.
  • Magnus Atheos
    Magnus Atheos 2 года назад @Grumpy old fart wasn't necessarily arguing that. My point was that if there is any group that hurt the domestic auto industry, it was the group that identifies primarily with the left.
  • duane howard
  • duane howard
    duane howard 2 года назад Jobs left cause big business likes those big profits. Cheaper labor = higher profits . The other problem is ,the jobs of yesterday have changed and if you want one you have to be retooled to work them .So in that case ,you have only yourself to blame if your not keeping up with those changes.