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Try Not To Laugh Watching Funny Girl Fails Compilation 2018 ! Top Best Funny Best Fails ! #4

Premiered Sep 18, 2018 4,000,884 views

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  • Mike d
    Mike d 3 недели назад I only clicked for the thumbnail
  • Bruce Hutchins
    Bruce Hutchins 3 недели назад (изменено) Ew
  • XXsaul_10 JR10
    XXsaul_10 JR10 3 недели назад Me too I click Ed for the thumbnail
  • يبقه الامل
    يبقه الامل 3 недели назад اغبياء
  • Azam Khan
    Azam Khan 3 недели назад Yes me also
  • me not you
    me not you 3 недели назад did you see her? where?
  • Mike d
    Mike d 3 недели назад @me not you no click bait
  • Charles and Matt The GOATS
    Charles and Matt The GOATS 3 недели назад I mean I think everyone did😬
  • Thuy Nguyen
    Thuy Nguyen 3 недели назад Your Gross
  • Bruce Hutchins
    Bruce Hutchins 3 недели назад @Thuy Nguyen I agree with you that it's gross
  • zinou bicha31
    zinou bicha31 2 недели назад Mike d this IS a Epic rails
  • Julia Kusters
    Julia Kusters 2 недели назад kylie chavez flandriaralie
  • Bruce Hutchins
    Bruce Hutchins 2 недели назад @Julia Kusters ?
  • Crazy rex
    Crazy rex 2 недели назад (изменено) Me too i click only for thumbnail
  • hj Lycans
    hj Lycans 2 недели назад
  • missa Dc2
    missa Dc2 5 дней назад I only clicked for the thumbnail also.
  • Andrew Gee
    Andrew Gee 3 недели назад Should 've called this vid "pool fails" or "diving board fails"...... Only about half of these are girls.
  • 1967davethewave
    1967davethewave 3 недели назад This is 2019, maybe they all identified as girls!!!
  • lee thompson
    lee thompson 3 недели назад Now that was funny!
  • Chip Fisher
    Chip Fisher 6 дней назад But that wouldn't of gotten 3.9M views! They have to lie some way to get any amount of views. Since they can't create an interesting video without lying
  • Liza noway
    Liza noway 3 недели назад THESE ARE NOT ALL GIRLS. The title is a bit sexist....
  • Regreg 2008 Boi
    Regreg 2008 Boi 2 недели назад Liza noway yes
  • Zombie Remover
    Zombie Remover 2 недели назад Clickbait
  • funguy farage
    funguy farage 2 недели назад not sexiat,jeez but fraudelant
  • Jesper Clemmensen
    Jesper Clemmensen 4 дня назад It's just misgendering!
  • No ID
    No ID 3 недели назад Reported, didn't even use the thumbnail.
  • Ross Mitchell
    Ross Mitchell 3 недели назад i turned it off half way through garbage the only thing to say about this
  • Jessica Fitzpatrick
    Jessica Fitzpatrick 3 недели назад 3:20 me when I forget to give my friends pencil back
  • Aiden Shaver
    Aiden Shaver 3 недели назад The title should be: "Try Not To Laugh Watching Funny Fails Compilation 2018!"
  • Renata Gross
    Renata Gross 3 недели назад What an amazing collection of possible lawsuits from those broken sliding pines.
  • William Gannon
    William Gannon 3 недели назад Your staff is on drugs (hopefully).
  • Tatiana Repp
    Tatiana Repp 3 недели назад 1:36 me when school starts
  • Paul Skelton
    Paul Skelton 3 недели назад Wasted my time nothing like the thumnail
  • Pulse_tofu
    Pulse_tofu 2 недели назад 8:31 he like " is it meant to be" then "I got it" lol 😂
  • Cat Keys
    Cat Keys 3 недели назад Lesson: when a diving board design LOOKS so obviously poor, it IS.
  • Gracie Kelly
    Gracie Kelly 3 недели назад 80% arent even girls
  • hello hun
    hello hun 3 недели назад Well , we know what type of board always fails.
  • phasetech
    phasetech 3 недели назад seems you have an issue between boys and girls, girls means girls, not guys fails
  • Jill Heppy
    Jill Heppy 2 недели назад Big boy don't jump they slyed then splach. Some ov the clip r funny.😄👍
  • Manuela Mejia
    Manuela Mejia 2 недели назад Didn't used the thumbnail. Clickbait.
  • Ricardo Cesar
    Ricardo Cesar 3 недели назад kkk... é muito hilário... gostei.... muito legal
  • Norman McClure
    Norman McClure 3 недели назад Should be called diving and diving board fails.