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FORTNITE FAILS & Epic Wins! #51 (Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments)

Published on Mar 8, 2019 4,688,009 views

The best Fortnite Fails, WTF Moments & Epic Moments combined with 15+ hours of high-quality editing in a unique community montage you can’t find anywhere else!

Welcome back to Fortnite Fails & Epic Wins! In this series you can take part in every episode by recording your amazing Fortnite moments which we then edit together for 15+ hours to transform your footage into a unique, original and creative gaming montage! Our goal is not only to create the best videos we can, but also to create a community where you can share your clips and see them transformed in a creative and unique way through high-quality editing. Hope you enjoy this episode and thanks for the amazing support on this series!

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© All the clips are featured with the players permission and transformed by Red Arcade into something new with added creative value through our 15-18 hour editing process. This editing process includes: 3D tracking, motion tracking, rotoscoping, compositing, adding text/subtitles, transitions, sound effects, music, syncing visuals to music, recording cinematics, audio foley, etc. If there are any mistakes with the credits please email us:

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  • Karma_Panther
    Karma_Panther 3 месяца назад (изменено) 1:23 That guy is a legend Omg thanks for all the likes 😄
  • Stephen Baxter
    Stephen Baxter 2 месяца назад I love this trick
  • Baby Leah Davies
    Baby Leah Davies 2 месяца назад prachi Gupta q-
  • ツxd Lin
    ツxd Lin 2 месяца назад Aye
  • Xd Mobile
    Xd Mobile 2 месяца назад Yeah he a god
  • RLX
    RLX 2 месяца назад New private cheat 2019 on fortnite password from archive 1234
  • Hayden Barry
    Hayden Barry 3 месяца назад Légende_ Five lol
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    Self Promo Cop 3 месяца назад xJBPAW.xo ⚠️ STOP ⚠️ You have been arrested for terrorising the comments section with self-promo Delete your comment or be sentenced to life in prison
  • Self Promo Cop
    Self Promo Cop 3 месяца назад ZACH ⚠️ STOP ⚠️ You have been arrested for terrorising the comments section with self-promo Delete your comment or be sentenced to life in prison
  • Sports Seb
    Sports Seb 3 месяца назад 300 likes
  • Yasmine Yasmine
    Yasmine Yasmine 3 месяца назад Les
  • Laura Cosmina Muresan
    Laura Cosmina Muresan 3 месяца назад Yep
    RIGBALL Yt 3 месяца назад Like bcs ur so honest bcs of thanking 4 d likes
  • karrys karry
    karrys karry 3 месяца назад (изменено) I was kinda confused about that time you put in so I couldn't know what happened earlier in the clip Maybe change the time to 1:01 to show the full clip?
  • BVxSmasher
    BVxSmasher 3 месяца назад He is
  • xJBPAW
    xJBPAW 3 месяца назад DaRealTTK _ 🔥🔥Hey people if u have time wanna check out my 100 subscriber special I would appreciate any support 💙✅
  • Erdem KO-OG
    Erdem KO-OG 3 месяца назад Hahahahahahah nice
  • The Donker
    The Donker 3 месяца назад ZACH beggar
  • La Onu Pvto
    La Onu Pvto 3 месяца назад This copy clip
  • prachi Gupta
    prachi Gupta 3 месяца назад Ya sorry there is only one good Coughcoughthorcoughandcoughlokicoughcough
  • Iram Shabnam
    Iram Shabnam 3 месяца назад Fearless the youtuber
  • Minato Skillz
    Minato Skillz 3 месяца назад Best mate ever
  • Légende_ Five
    Légende_ Five 3 месяца назад Is the god
  • prachi Gupta
    prachi Gupta 3 месяца назад Yeah that guy is like god
  • Gurra GTA
    Gurra GTA 3 месяца назад Him are an angel 🕊
  • Chum
    Chum 3 месяца назад DaRealTTK _ Would you say that of me? I mean please rate my last video 💗 2 days work
  • Thanh Bùi
    Thanh Bùi 2 месяца назад If you want a nice way to get them try always works for me?
  • Ellifexx
    Ellifexx 3 месяца назад Which season did you start playing Fortnite? Like= season 0-4 Comment= season 5-8
  • Hafizie Azizi
    Hafizie Azizi 1 месяц назад I played at season 5
  • Hafizie Azizi
    Hafizie Azizi 1 месяц назад Me
  • manlego031
    manlego031 2 месяца назад 5 season
  • Agnieszka Zukowska
    Agnieszka Zukowska 2 месяца назад Seson5
  • faby keninis
    faby keninis 2 месяца назад Yea 4
  • Ellifexx
    Ellifexx 2 месяца назад @die for life squad me too
  • die for life squad
    die for life squad 2 месяца назад Season 1 to 8
  • Chase Videotime
    Chase Videotime 2 месяца назад 7
  • ssniferwolf ruels
    ssniferwolf ruels 2 месяца назад Season 7
  • Carolyn Condon
    Carolyn Condon 3 месяца назад Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm,.
  • Xxxx_ Shadow Xxxx_
    Xxxx_ Shadow Xxxx_ 3 месяца назад 2
  • opinions
    opinions 3 месяца назад I swear to god if i see one more comment like this. Im gonna smack the fortnite out of you
  • someone of this world
    someone of this world 3 месяца назад I started in season 3 on my brothers xbox, got my own in season 5.
  • Sarah Hassan
    Sarah Hassan 3 месяца назад 6
  • Andin Schvaneveldt
    Andin Schvaneveldt 3 месяца назад Season 1
  • KIKINO Games
    KIKINO Games 3 месяца назад Five
  • KIKINO Games
    KIKINO Games 3 месяца назад Hello
  • Creeper 120909
    Creeper 120909 3 месяца назад I started season 4 but wen the thanos mode was there
  • Just about everything
    Just about everything 3 месяца назад 7
  • Kiwi_the _fox
    Kiwi_the _fox 3 месяца назад Ellifexx oh ya
  • Wxsspe
    Wxsspe 3 месяца назад The Last Number Of Likes Is Who You Are 1. Tofu 2. Cringeja 3. Nicky A 31 4. MoonGraal 5. Hammy 6. Dayquan 7. Scissors 8. Clock 9. Nate Mountain 0. Dr Lupin
  • Aaron Browne
    Aaron Browne 2 месяца назад Dayquan
  • 21
    21 2 месяца назад JminZ tofu
  • ッ Cherry. ポピン ッ
    ッ Cherry. ポピン ッ 2 месяца назад i’m toe fungus
  • Some drawing Boi
    Some drawing Boi 2 месяца назад I’m 199
  • paulatim _raider
    paulatim _raider 3 месяца назад Im Tfue
  • chloe timmins
    chloe timmins 3 месяца назад Tofu
  • uLtraGamingYT
    uLtraGamingYT 3 месяца назад Nate mountain?!? Yeah that’s who I am... ok
  • Jorge André Loureiro Magalhães
    Jorge André Loureiro Magalhães 3 месяца назад O MERDE
  • Silvio Smit
    Silvio Smit 3 месяца назад Cloak Tfeu Drlupo
  • YoutubeIsPG
    YoutubeIsPG 3 месяца назад (изменено) Cool and Calm sorry i did the wrong guy
  • YoutubeIsPG
    YoutubeIsPG 3 месяца назад Dank Duck r/woooosh
  • YoutubeIsPG
    YoutubeIsPG 3 месяца назад Cool and Calm r woooosh
  • 卂ᄃЦƧƧΣd ᐯЦЯЦzᐯ
    卂ᄃЦƧƧΣd ᐯЦЯЦzᐯ 3 месяца назад I’m definitely MoonGraal :3
  • Lavafox
    Lavafox 3 месяца назад It's cizzorz and I got lazarbeams most hated ttv streamer
  • Tronius YTP
    Tronius YTP 3 месяца назад Guys song at 6:30?
  • Dank Duck
    Dank Duck 3 месяца назад That makes no sense
  • Ram Amaedi
    Ram Amaedi 3 месяца назад Ooooooo
  • SavageBoy
    SavageBoy 3 месяца назад @Lucxy hamlinz prob
  • YDC Nebula
    YDC Nebula 3 месяца назад JminZ ima clock
  • Laura Cosmina Muresan
    Laura Cosmina Muresan 3 месяца назад @Lucxy hamlinz
  • Laura Cosmina Muresan
    Laura Cosmina Muresan 3 месяца назад Nate mountain
  • Dr - Awesome
    Dr - Awesome 3 месяца назад It's Tfue
  • badass johnny
    badass johnny 3 месяца назад Im cringeja
  • legendary underground
    legendary underground 3 месяца назад Clock
  • ツʍ૯l¡¡¡ทα
    ツʍ૯l¡¡¡ทα 3 месяца назад shitgraal and crinja
  • Savageplayer 597
    Savageplayer 597 3 месяца назад I'm cringe boi
  • Lucxy
    Lucxy 3 месяца назад who tf is hammy
  • Isaac Nuta
    Isaac Nuta 3 месяца назад Mongraal
  • Bryan R
    Bryan R 3 месяца назад Cool and Calm cloak
  • Cool and Calm
    Cool and Calm 3 месяца назад Did you spell on the names as retarded as possible on purpose ?
  • Harold Manson
    Harold Manson 2 месяца назад (изменено) vbuxforya . gq always have and will work <3
  • Riccardo C
    Riccardo C 3 месяца назад this channel deserves much more bro Beautiful video I have no other words to describe it💪😉😉😉😉💪❤
  • Ezecrafting
    Ezecrafting 3 месяца назад I submitted two clips and... nothing. :(
  • Laura Cosmina Muresan
    Laura Cosmina Muresan 3 месяца назад (изменено) 1.the guy that plays for fun 2.the pro 3.Playground warrior/builder god 4.sniper god 5.toxic 6.og 7.squeaker 8. no skin 9.Noob 0.The sweat I play for fun so im going to like my comment first!
  • XxSasori KunxX
    XxSasori KunxX 2 месяца назад Not true, I am the Sniper God. If you see me with my sniper, you will know im not just "|The Pro|"
  • Abu_Mukhlef
    Abu_Mukhlef 3 месяца назад
  • YoutubeIsPG
    YoutubeIsPG 3 месяца назад Laura Cosmina Muresan wait if im 13 th like does that mean im number 3
  • YDC Nebula
    YDC Nebula 3 месяца назад Laura Cosmina Muresan I’m toxic pretty accurate
  • Thegoattamer427
    Thegoattamer427 3 месяца назад I got number 5, but im number 1 really. I play creative with my friends
  • TheNamesFlash
    TheNamesFlash 3 месяца назад omg im sniper pro xD
  • Vexerus
    Vexerus 2 месяца назад Realy good edit bro keep up the good work. There not many Fortnite Clip channels with this funnyness
  • sot vatten
    sot vatten 2 месяца назад Hej fortnite wow hur kan ni jära det där ? Fortnite det är det bästa spelet ❤️😱🇸🇾Fadi taha
  • Mystic JoseCed
    Mystic JoseCed 3 месяца назад 7:27 Le estan pegando a un puerco 😂
  • Clutch Kadaradee
    Clutch Kadaradee 3 месяца назад The last digit of the like count is who you are: 1. Skirmish winner 2. Builder god 3. Edit god 4. Bush camper 5. The tactical one in the squad 6. The funny one in the squad 7. Flexes every skin 8. The noob in the squad 9. Squad filler 0. Pro also im a youtuber trying to hit 1.1k subs so plz sub 2 me and like my newest Fortnite Montage
  • James L. Fletcher
    James L. Fletcher 3 месяца назад honestly, I’ve been playing this game for couple of hours, happy wheels is one of the most addictive ragdoll games I’ve ever played. Great job, I’ve ever played. Great job, happywheelsunblockedd
  • lil Clouds
    lil Clouds 2 месяца назад You know the drill.... LAST DIGIT IS YOU 1- Plays like a default 2- TTV Sweat 3- Great Builder, trash aim 4- Trash Builder, great aim 5- Ninja Skilled 6- Ceeday 7- Bush Camper 8- Best Player in school 9- One pumps people 0- Toxic Player I’m grinding for 300 Sübš. 🔥I drop around 10 kill games🔥. I would appreciate any support. Have a nice day
  • lil Clouds
    lil Clouds 1 месяц назад @OG_KilluaGaming honestly idefk
  • Chillicothe
    Chillicothe 1 месяц назад gay?
  • OG_KilluaGaming
    OG_KilluaGaming 2 месяца назад Im a ceeday? What is that? What does that mean?
  • LolMixerr
    LolMixerr 3 месяца назад Music name 9:25? Or film❤❤
  • Pablo Gonzalvo Alonso
    Pablo Gonzalvo Alonso 3 месяца назад I loved how you mixed the music with the epic kills! Good Job 👍
  • Ryanthesponge BOI
    Ryanthesponge BOI 3 месяца назад 5:51 Is nl 😃😃😄
  • Just Me
    Just Me 3 месяца назад Watchin those headshots just make me feel better
  • Jenna Collazo
    Jenna Collazo 3 месяца назад 3:16 Omg lol I was laughing so hard 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂
  • VirtuasRedem
    VirtuasRedem 3 месяца назад The thumb nail is season 4 so... 👎