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2017 Japanese Grand Prix: Best Onboards

Published on Oct 10, 2017 948,794 views

Incidents, accidents and overtakes - watch some of key moments from this year's race at Suzuka from the best seat in the house.

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  • Diego J.
    Diego J. Год назад 2:43 Ericsson, "when you drive never drink". Hahahahahaha.
  • Player One
    Player One Год назад Seems a suspension failure to me. He steers to right 90 degrees but the car just does not turn.
  • Ghovand Keanie
    Ghovand Keanie Год назад Ahmet Öztürk nope got caught on the greenish lower curb which dips your car in if u catch it and makes you not steer by the time he got on the asphalt he entered with way too much speed cuz it didnt slow down and just got straight on
  • roland van der Vegt
    roland van der Vegt Год назад When your name is Ericsson, never drive
  • SterkeYerke5555
    SterkeYerke5555 Год назад Bernie says: "Drink before you drive."
  • Diego J.
    Diego J. Год назад roland van der Vegt XD
  • jmt_ldn
    jmt_ldn Год назад FridayMonday Wehrlein does his place in f1
  • Lucho Garcia
    Lucho Garcia Год назад hhaah very funny the Ericsson message accident, he had a lack of grip in this turn, the same problem that had Kimi and cost him several positions.
  • hba8103
    hba8103 Год назад Yeah...I think the underbody was damaged. You can hear the same thing when Hulk goes over the same curb going into Degner. Almost like they were both aquaplaning. Maybe they both had the cars set up a little too low - when braking or lifting caused the car to dip too low resulting in a slide across the curb and lack of steering ability.
  • Kristian Koski
    Kristian Koski Год назад You need to brake on the asphalt, otherwise that happens
  • Kristian Koski
    Kristian Koski Год назад You need to brake on the asphalt, otherwise that happens
  • Aaron Pring
    Aaron Pring Год назад Diego J.
  • Starred MediaSoft
    Starred MediaSoft Год назад I can't find any fault commited by Ericsson honestly
  • Sasha R
    Sasha R Год назад )))))))))))))))) never drink )))))))))))
  • 大豆かけ納豆《慘華》
    大豆かけ納豆《慘華》 Год назад u dont even know how difficult that corner is the first part seems to be that u can go quick but next curve, it wont go as planned out. Even massa had mistake there
  • ZzracerzZ
    ZzracerzZ Год назад When your name is Verstappen, always crash in the most ridicoulus manner.
  • Firemarioflower
    Firemarioflower Год назад Flatspot on his tyres since he locked up
  • Celicly
    Celicly 10 месяцев назад Ericsson hit him
  • RoYaL_Kim 115
    RoYaL_Kim 115 2 месяца назад The wall: "I think Ericsson hit us"
  • Aykut
    Aykut Год назад Its a game of inches. Vandoorne makes a slight contact with Kimi & loses 9 places..
  • Sam Van Der Velden
    Sam Van Der Velden Год назад And probably would've had another points finish if that didn't happen. His pace in free air was really decent.
  • Leonardus Noveano
    Leonardus Noveano Год назад Battle for 8th 1. Hul 2. Rai
  • Dal Treno
    Dal Treno Год назад Leonardus Noveano yeah I noticed.
  • J W
    J W Год назад Leonardus Noveano it was the same when Ricciardo and Ocon battled for 3rd
  • Stargazer
    Stargazer Год назад It means that hulkenberg was in front... duh
  • tonywu
    tonywu Год назад 8. HUL 9. RAI would mean the same
  • berlinguas_ br
    berlinguas_ br Год назад Tony-kun xac
  • Griffin Mundell
    Griffin Mundell Год назад (изменено) Leonardus Noveano Same thing between Ocon and Ricciardo
  • Fabian Leiva
    Fabian Leiva Год назад I believe it was a battle for net 8th place. HUL and RAI were among the last to pit and were thus 1st and 2nd at that point in the race. Good attention to detail from F1, not lack of it
  • yoshiboy619
    yoshiboy619 Год назад HULK and RAI fighting for a net 8th place with a ton of other cars around them on lap 1? Wut
  • Fabian Leiva
    Fabian Leiva Год назад yoshiboy619 we are talking about 2:53, where it is lap 8. I think I was mistaken in saying they were 1st and 2nd but from what I remembered RAI and HUL extended their stints and were, at one point, in the lead before their stops
  • Punkie RR
    Punkie RR 3 месяца назад Leonardus Noveano it just signifies their position in the battle for 8th place.. whats confusing about that
  • Adidose
    Adidose Год назад You know you have a bad start when a McLaren-Honda gains on you in the starting straight 0:43
  • Alpha4Sierra
    Alpha4Sierra Год назад These Mclaren-Honda jokes are getting pretty tiresome.
  • Carlos Barzotto Wirti
    Carlos Barzotto Wirti Год назад Soon we will be making jokes about McLaren-Renault AND Toro Rosso-Honda, man, 2018 is going to be awesome to read comments on youtube hahaha
  • Frank gaming
    Frank gaming Год назад well renault is still improving the engine so..
  • Adam Dunn
    Adam Dunn Год назад VTEC must of kicked in
  • Firemarioflower
    Firemarioflower 2 месяца назад This year we will have RedBull-Honda jokes hahaha
  • Mnt14
    Mnt14 2 месяца назад It was Alonso so it's understandable
  • Kacper Ziajka
    Kacper Ziajka 2 месяца назад @Firemarioflower And it turns out the Honda is definitely a huge improvement. Renault's on the other hand...
  • Stephen Taylor
    Stephen Taylor Год назад Poor Stoffel.
  • IceStrikke77
    IceStrikke77 3 месяца назад Ikr
  • Samuel Felix
    Samuel Felix Год назад Engeneer: are you ok? Stroll: yeah hgaftrhjksjdkk
  • Goks The giggly Goks
    Goks The giggly Goks Неделю назад It's just you being fucking deaf
  • DikkiSoosi
    DikkiSoosi Год назад (изменено) Lance sounded like Kimi in 4:27
  • Stephen Taylor
    Stephen Taylor Год назад Yeah very Kimi-like.
  • Sebastian Marzik
    Sebastian Marzik Год назад Mbuaaah.
  • Bradley Casey
    Bradley Casey Год назад yeah his voice very same
  • BisiOMG
    BisiOMG Год назад Yeah i noticed it too!
  • Think to best
    Think to best Год назад HAHAHAHAHA hilarious
  • Phantumix
    Phantumix Год назад (изменено) G O O D B O I !
  • JDB21
    JDB21 Год назад Pretty sure Vandoorne had 3 heart attacks and a stroke on that first lap... Jesus
  • AnimalzyNL
    AnimalzyNL Год назад Its insane how much videos liberty media is putting out. Thanks a lot! Im usually not able to catch the races on sunday, so its great to be able to watch all the highlights on here.
  • luciano casanova
    luciano casanova Год назад Liberty media 😂🤣🤣
  • Ахмед Хаткутов
    Ахмед Хаткутов Год назад Absolutely! Yesterday they even made a live stream in Instagram
  • AnimalzyNL
    AnimalzyNL Год назад luciano casanova whats funny about that? Thats the name of the company that owns f1 now right? Isnt it? Lol
  • Mariel1ãa Saldsña
    Mariel1ãa Saldsña Год назад AnimalzyNL "0gtt
  • Raz
    Raz Год назад (изменено) Battle for 8th: 1st - Hulkenberg 2nd - Raikkonen ...Great. Nice battle for 8th.
  • SirNoob
    SirNoob Год назад (изменено) 2:05 i didn't knew pirelli makes grass tyres
  • Ozan Müyesseroğlu
    Ozan Müyesseroğlu Год назад and that's how a new type of tyre was borned
  • Bilal Khalid
    Bilal Khalid 2 месяца назад They do now
  • krezo
    krezo Год назад rip ferrari
  • james manson
    james manson Год назад FORZA HAMILTON!!!
  • Riccardo Zicolella
    Riccardo Zicolella Год назад james manson Hamilton merda
  • james manson
    james manson Год назад Riccardo Zicolella sort your team out. Best car on the grid without a in since Hungary & a #1 driver who throws tantrums and can't keep it together.
  • Aleksandar Mitrovic
    Aleksandar Mitrovic Год назад Slobo hahaha nema veze vettel je najbolji :D (
  • mabra
    mabra Год назад shut up assolt
  • Sar Tv5
    Sar Tv5 Год назад Riccardo Zicolella so many tears
  • Ray Wei
    Ray Wei Год назад rip F1 viewership
  • Aaron Pring
    Aaron Pring Год назад Slobodan Milošević
  • Alberto Brancè
    Alberto Brancè 9 месяцев назад Riccardo Zicolella ahahah pensavi fosse italiano
  • jimpe
    jimpe Год назад 2:56 See you later
  • bosshunterman
    bosshunterman Год назад See you later upper rear wing flap...
  • Player One
    Player One Год назад Karma!
  • TheGamerTim
    TheGamerTim Год назад Good save by Stroll to be fair, could have gone into the wall or backwards across the track. Good driver.
  • Ender Gamer
    Ender Gamer Год назад Ferrari,Ferrari...I don't wanna say this but after this race i have one thing to say McFerrari-Honda
  • Damon
    Damon Год назад Ender Gamer ah yes 1 engine failure
  • Damon
    Damon Год назад 1 turbo failure, 1 battery failure, and 1 engine failure. where did you see 3 engine failures?
  • Bahamuttiamat
    Bahamuttiamat Год назад
  • Ben Hewitt
    Ben Hewitt Год назад It's a shame Vettel's sparkplug wasn't onboard....
  • Derek Roig
    Derek Roig Год назад ooooo cheeeeckyyyy
  • Rocky712 - Let´s Plays
    Rocky712 - Let´s Plays Год назад Why Ferrari doesn't tell us that they are powered by Honda since Singapur?
  • bloodtv_
    bloodtv_ Год назад 2:11 green tyres DLC
  • SR_OxzeN
    SR_OxzeN Год назад blood You Genius Lmaoooo 😂😂
  • Chris Purolover
    Chris Purolover Год назад I love this channel. Thank you for all the awesome uploads!