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Hyundai Xcient driving impression

Published on Apr 13, 2017 367,026 views

Hyundai Xcient, First drive with the new Hyundai heavy truck in Korea by Iep van der Meer for BIGtruck online magazine.

New edit!

  • Wasim jaan
    Wasim jaan 2 года назад first time i am seeing truck from Hyundai
  • rsmgadiol
    rsmgadiol 3 месяца назад I had an experience with Hyundai trucks at Central America, although old trucks, but powerfull and low maintenance
  • Jaja D3
    Jaja D3 8 месяцев назад Hyundai already made trucks /1980s-today/
  • AutiAuto
    AutiAuto 2 года назад Same.
  • Oğuzhan Badur
    Oğuzhan Badur 2 года назад BIGtruck online magazine - Background Music (Speech Remix)
  • 曾辰辰
    曾辰辰 10 месяцев назад 現代貨車真是強
  • MrPowertorque
    MrPowertorque Год назад Drop the background music please so I can actually hear what is being said.
  • Jamie Pickles
    Jamie Pickles Год назад Great Video Preview of the New Hyundai Xcient
  • Didier Jean-Charles
    Didier Jean-Charles Год назад Background music makes it hard to hear what he is saying
  • Bhavesh Karshan
    Bhavesh Karshan 11 месяцев назад Didier Jean-Charles exactly
  • bidu218
    bidu218 2 года назад design meio parecido da Scania ou vice versa
  • Gheorghe Oltean
    Gheorghe Oltean 2 года назад Nice!!! And I like the space of cabin! Serious concurrent for the competition!👌👌👌
  • Jan van den Bos
    Jan van den Bos 2 года назад Looks very luxury Hyundai and nice, real compatition for other brands 😲😲😲😲😲😲
  • Emilio López Ramírez
    Emilio López Ramírez 2 года назад Hyundai, lo mejor... sin duda
  • Arm Arm
    Arm Arm 2 года назад asian vs europ💪✊
  • Pawel Hadyniak
    Pawel Hadyniak 2 года назад widac ze to Scania, tak samo jak nowy bus hyundai to buda craftera. Co to za współpraca hyundai/volkswagen🤔
  • davis juarez
    davis juarez 2 года назад engine and gear box specs??????
  • Michał Rybnik
    Michał Rybnik 11 месяцев назад European companies are waiting for this car. When will it be sold in Europe ??
  • Diesel Buddys at Geissler Transporte
    Diesel Buddys at Geissler Transporte Год назад .......very nice to see this awsome detailed Truck! It looks like a little bit like the south American VW Trucks?! What kind of engine and trans got them?
  • Michał Rybnik
    Michał Rybnik Год назад will hyundai xcient be sold in Europe? Wird hyundai xcient in Europa verkauft? 將現代Xcient在歐洲銷售?現代の古代はヨーロッパで販売されるのだろうか?현대 고대사가 유럽에서 판매 될 것인가?
  • Michał Rybnik
    Michał Rybnik Год назад we want to have it in europe
  • galacticforce1
    galacticforce1 2 года назад test drive please
  • elvacano231
    elvacano231 Год назад stop hating on this truck
    SHUMANDOG 7 месяцев назад Where can I buy this truck in Europe?