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Regular Car Reviews goes to Cars and Coffee

Published on Jul 4, 2015 449,414 views
  • Roland Ocomen
    Roland Ocomen 3 года назад I go to an art school and I'll present this as my senior thesis. This is art 
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 3 года назад @Roland Ocomen Doo EEET. Give it a real dense name: Competitive Automotive Structuralism to Post-Structuralism though Reader-Response Theory.
  • Roland Ocomen
    Roland Ocomen 3 года назад @RegularCars Give me a couple years, Mr. Regular. I am going for automotive design, so I guess it would be appropriate!
  • MrDJCoulton
    MrDJCoulton 3 года назад @Roland Ocomen Not gonna lie - Mr. Regular sounds like a brand of anti-constipation medication
  • jo hn
    jo hn 3 года назад (изменено) @MrDJCoulton And god could I use some after the protein-packed meat fest I indulged in this weekend. Get some casings and wrap my poop, cause it's basically coming out like it went in. (which is not to say I ate shit all weekend, but so much animal carcass that I'll be shitting a Dominos Meatzza for the next week)
  • Jeffery Antioquia
    Jeffery Antioquia 3 года назад @MrDJCoulton nah the clear eyes guy*
  • rambow70
    rambow70 3 года назад @RegularCars I wish I could maintain what I learn in school, I study and know it for the semester for my exams. However, when next semester rolls around I usually forget the interesting tid bits from those courses. You seem to remember them well.
  • Daughter Of Frankenstein
    Daughter Of Frankenstein 3 года назад @MrDJCoulton I feel like the other shoe dropped. All of the bits in every video about fiber finally came together in one mindscrew after reading this sentence.
  • alexpi101
    alexpi101 3 года назад @MrDJCoulton Well, it clearly doesn't work to well.
  • boomstick900
    boomstick900 3 года назад @joh n Wow, that comment actually made me slightly nauseous. Well done, you deserve more likes, here is mine.
  • Chris Gross
    Chris Gross 3 недели назад UPDATE US!!!! :D
  • wet
  • Rando Viisma
    Rando Viisma 3 года назад @wet That got me thinking. Thinking that RCR must do a review of the E34... :D
  • Grant Marshall
    Grant Marshall 3 года назад @wet I can't stop.
  • Connor Whitby
    Connor Whitby Год назад that E34 was pretty sweet tho
  • Shanon Leffler
    Shanon Leffler Год назад Connor Whitby was it a 525i? Those are rad. I got a '93 one myself.
  • Ryukachoo
    Ryukachoo 3 года назад normally dont laugh at these but.. "subaru's go off road!" "not anymooooooore"
  • Fillipe356
    Fillipe356 3 года назад aftermarket pipes, stock engine. Every freaking time.
  • SpaceMissile
    SpaceMissile 8 месяцев назад really though, what's wrong with that?
  • dlanes
    dlanes 3 месяца назад @SpaceMissile Nothing if your car makes exotic power not sub 200hp.
  • Ivan Vergara
    Ivan Vergara 1 месяц назад @SpaceMissile because It's usually the "legendary" fart can
  • SpaceMissile
    SpaceMissile 1 месяц назад (изменено) did a muffler delete and a cherry bomb on a vibe gt. I wasn't winning any races, but it sounded pretty good. "any car is an enthusiast's car if you're enthusiastic." 😜 and this channel is kind of the embodiment of that sentiment. (Edit: actually, i had an air intake first, so is it really a stock engine then? 🤔
  • Acura TL GTLM
    Acura TL GTLM 2 года назад "nice civic" the best way to get a dudebro Integra owner to rage so hard he has a prolapse.
  • Leelee
    Leelee 3 года назад Nice civic killed me. The title of this video just has me imagining Jerry Seinfeld and Mr.Regular driving around and now I can't purge that thought from my mind.
  • imhellag
    imhellag 3 года назад @Leelee Mr Regular is levels above Seinfeld with his references and vlog style. Seinfeld doesn't give a fuck tho lol with his 500 million dollars
  • Eric M
    Eric M 3 года назад @Leelee as an Integra fan he got me too, couldn't hold it in hahaha.
  • coo2kachoo
    coo2kachoo 3 года назад Damn Leelee I get that too much
  • hip hop boy
    hip hop boy 10 месяцев назад Leelee are you still imagining Jerry and Mr Regular driving around?
  • Joseph Woda
    Joseph Woda 3 года назад "guy in truck; doesn't know what's going on" had me dying of laughter!
  • newb431
    newb431 3 года назад ^^ This 100%
  • Raz Gavrieli
    Raz Gavrieli 3 года назад @Joseph Woda "Subarus go offroad, not anymooorree" had me
  • Chemaphex
    Chemaphex 3 года назад +Joseph Woda for me it was "nice civic" at the integra .
  • FrankTheCat
    FrankTheCat 3 года назад 10/10 bucket hat Mr. Regular, very dad of you.
  • Josh Miller
    Josh Miller 3 года назад I appreciated his new balance running shoes.
  • tarqsharq
    tarqsharq 3 года назад @FrankTheCat I was thinking Hunter S. Thompson
  • digo
    digo 3 года назад R E G U L A R B O Y S 2001
  • Mustafa Ahmedani
    Mustafa Ahmedani 3 года назад @DIGOTRON S A D B O Y S 2002
  • Matt Maran Motoring
    Matt Maran Motoring 3 года назад Haha this is probably the best cars and coffee video ever.
  • Happy Russian
    Happy Russian 3 года назад (изменено) Cars and coffee, Future classic
  • Expired Pancake
    Expired Pancake 3 года назад Academic Probation.
  • Khrrck
    Khrrck 3 года назад @Marcello Penk-Masucci I feel like that will be me soon.
  • Expired Pancake
    Expired Pancake 3 года назад +Khrrck Being on Academic Probation, or owning a Volvo with fake carbon fiber?
  • Expired Pancake
    Expired Pancake 3 года назад @dakotafolfsky that makes much more sense actually. I was referring to the hood. It looks black because of the lighting and most people don't put black hoods on their car other than for the: "Omg It's carbon fiber" look. :P
  • Günter v. G.
    Günter v. G. 3 года назад @No Shit Sherlock Actually riding a future classic. People just don't realize it yet, because everyone's less smarter than me.
  • Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict
    Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict 3 года назад @No Shit Sherlock bimmer bimmer bimmer bimmer
  • Khrrck
    Khrrck 3 года назад @Marcello Penk-Masucci Owning a turbo Volvo. Mine is N/A but when the current POS engine finally goes it'll be getting a turbo motor. ;) I did drop out of college though, so these things may be related.
  • Cason Grover
    Cason Grover 3 года назад I love that part, but the BMW brodudes who show up in late models usually don't know it's not Beeeeemer.
  • Andrew Cathcart
    Andrew Cathcart 3 года назад (изменено) CAR SHOW. Oh, and your dad outfit in the video was on point. DAAAAADDDD
  • Expired Pancake
    Expired Pancake 3 года назад Hey Son, where ya going? Come back, I wrote a song! It goes BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN Ezra Pound.
  • Spencer Medford
    Spencer Medford 3 года назад Holy shit these car meet reviews are amazing
  • tvLAND3458
    tvLAND3458 2 года назад still lose it at "mustache waxiouuurrr"
  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller 3 года назад Never stop making this style video
  • Nathan Rumancik
    Nathan Rumancik 3 года назад Car show
  • Dr. Skillz
    Dr. Skillz 3 года назад @Moe Lester car car car car car car car car show
  • André Valério
    André Valério 3 года назад @Moe Lester The first thing I've remembered!
  • T New
    T New 3 года назад lol "Subarus go offroad, not anymore...."
  • AfterDark3
    AfterDark3 3 года назад That was actually a really great sounding BRZ
  • Somalian Butt-Pirate
    Somalian Butt-Pirate 3 года назад @AfterDark3 only if you are autismatic
  • XenomorphLV426
    XenomorphLV426 3 года назад @AfterDark3 If you like the sound of explosive diarrhea.
  • Chris Carter
    Chris Carter 3 года назад There's no such thing in existence.
  • Doc Prysin
    Doc Prysin 3 года назад @XenomorphLV426 Selling full rune 200k
  • shadowrundas
    shadowrundas 3 года назад @Doc Prysin man that stuffs cheap now i rember having to pay upwords of around 400k for a set without a kite!
  • Fraser Wright
    Fraser Wright 3 года назад @AfterDark3 But all mouth and no trousers isn't it.
  • Kai Plews
    Kai Plews 3 года назад Now we know who owned the BRZ
  • AfterDark3
    AfterDark3 3 года назад @Kai Plews I'm 15.
  • AfterDark3
    AfterDark3 3 года назад @Ali Emre Şen  Oh fuck off, people have preferences. I have mine.
  • TheAlmightyCon
    TheAlmightyCon 3 года назад @AfterDark3 I liked the way the silver mustang sounded, also blacking out your tail lights adds 10hp and then blacking out your headlights adds an extra 15 ponies
  • D r a c h n e m
    D r a c h n e m 3 года назад @TheAlmightyCon Thanks :) I like the way my car sounds too.
  • TheAlmightyCon
    TheAlmightyCon 3 года назад @Thomas Otte sweet car man lol
  • Sama R
    Sama R 3 года назад @Doc Prysin ahh good old runescape, buying rune scimmy 25k, selling rune scimmy 30k
  • Awful Aim
    Awful Aim 3 года назад @AfterDark3 too bad a stock camry could run laps around it
  • BagelBytes
    BagelBytes 3 года назад @Awful Aim No, it wont. A camry wont handle as well and it may have a tiny bit more horsepower, on a track any regular family car would be stomped, Camry, civic, accord, etc...
  • Alfa Asher
    Alfa Asher 3 года назад +BagelBytes a V6 Accord could probably be a great match up for a brz, I think the accord would win though, the straight aways it would fly away and it won't do bad in turns it has a great suspension
  • SeriesBlue Adventures
    SeriesBlue Adventures 2 года назад Alfa Asher Nope.
  • Derikimi
    Derikimi 11 месяцев назад @SeriesBlue Adventure Check out when MotorTrend did a segment where they raced an 200hp 86 vs a 707hp hellcat charger and lost by 10 second. Granted the 86 had Randy Pobst, so that helped.
  • Expired Pancake
    Expired Pancake 3 года назад 1:24 Mr Regular. :)
  • Josh Miller
    Josh Miller 3 года назад I saw a black Honda Fit meander it's way into the parking lot. Silicone dripping from every crevice. A man with new balance shoes and a polo shirt tucked into his pants exits the vehicle. And I new. It was him....
  • Josh Miller
    Josh Miller 3 года назад *knew
  • Expired Pancake
    Expired Pancake 3 года назад @Josh Miller was Roman With him?
  • Josh Miller
    Josh Miller 3 года назад Not sure to be honest. I don't think anybody else made the faithful journey. I could be mistaken though.
  • ricecakeFTW
    ricecakeFTW 3 года назад "soft and chewy"
  • sgfreak96
    sgfreak96 3 года назад "Guy in truck doesn't know what's going on" Every single cars and coffee ever! Literally every single one I've been to someone in a work truck comes and asks what's going on.