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Regular Car Reviews: 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Published on Dec 1, 2014 657,878 views

This is a car for someone who wants a Hummer H2, but who also reads The Huffington Post, and folds the word "sustainability" into every conversation.

  • Bill Knight
    Bill Knight 3 года назад The FJ is for the person who wants a Jeep but doesn't want a vehicle held together by glue and tape
  • Connor
    Connor Неделю назад @codyd jenkins they're like Harley's they're cheap and over priced. Yes it can off road well but outbacks / 4 runners / land cruisers (expensive but you get much more than you do in a Wrangler) do just as well and last much longer. I would totally drive a Wrangler
  • f
    f 2 недели назад @sneakypete187 damn, you must have the smallest dick ever.
  • 1997 Toyota Supra
    1997 Toyota Supra 1 месяц назад You wouldn't be referring to Chinese cars, right?
  • atticuscb
    atticuscb 2 месяца назад the fj door system was stupid and the interior, like current tacos or tundras, is trash. also the desth wobble criticism is invalid...thats like saying a diesel engine is garbage because of its higher maintenance requirements but thats just the nature of the beast. IFS are great for prerunners and light offroaders but if you want a true blue go anywhere then solid axle is the way to go. just look at king of hammers and what happens to the ifs when they reach the rock crawlingnportions. FJ40s are nice but these ones def aint them or reminincent to their og vehicles.
  • pammi bee
    pammi bee 3 месяца назад Had a Jeep... 10 miles to the gallon.  Was great in the snow but it went bye bye after 18 months.
  • pammi bee
    pammi bee 3 месяца назад 12 years   1 repair   TOYOTA.
  • Ian Evitts
    Ian Evitts 3 месяца назад @Grover Watson because it drains your wallet as soon as you buy it!
  • Jacob Nicoletti
    Jacob Nicoletti 3 месяца назад Here they come... Lol
  • Cataclysmic Computers
    Cataclysmic Computers 3 месяца назад @Grover Watson literally any decent set of brakes? That's not really a car thing, thats just putting decent parts on.
  • Luke de Boer
    Luke de Boer 4 месяца назад FJs are fucking ugly
  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson 5 месяцев назад (изменено) Yeah, won't drain your wallet, except for the initial 30 grand you spend on it that you could buy 3 used Jeeps with. New cars are nice, but unless you're spending your monthly payment on repairs every month you're wasting money. I will never spend $500+/month just to be comfortable and in something shiny for the whopping 1 hour daily commute.
  • Zack K
    Zack K 6 месяцев назад sneakypete187 did you get your dick enlargement yet? Let me know if you are starting a go fund me.. you sound like you need help. Thx - guy who bought an FJ over a Wrangler and ram 1500 (gotta pay to play buddy)
    SUB ZERO 7 месяцев назад @sneakypete187 Well to be fair a lot of older models are better than the new ones for any manufacturers in terms of reliability. Just look at the XJ Cherokee and then look at the new one.
  • sneakypete187
    sneakypete187 7 месяцев назад @SUB ZERO Cool story bro, we forgot you could still go buy one of those '71 Land Cruisers at any TOYota dealership to this day..... Meanwhile back in 2018........
    SUB ZERO 7 месяцев назад I like Jeeps and Toyotas. There's a reason why so many Australians still drive those '71 Land Cruisers.
  • sneakypete187
    sneakypete187 8 месяцев назад @silentspring222 You're right, the FJ is nothing like a Jeep because they aren't being produced anymore while Jeeps on the other hand are hahaha. You TOYota fan boys are just as pathetic and beta as those Apple fan boys. Try harder next time.
  • silentspring222
    silentspring222 8 месяцев назад An FJ isn't anything like a jeep. It's got a sixth odometer digit that will likely see use, for example.
  • Mark V.G.
    Mark V.G. 8 месяцев назад sneakypete187 tyrone? little dick? someone is mad because her jeep is at the dealership. 423,000 results for "jeep death wobble", hows that? 423,000 people neglecting wear? 423,000 people with little dick syndrome? if you havent had death wobble in your piece of junk, thats because you drive it like a pussy. Go drive it off-road, mommy.
  • Mark V.G.
    Mark V.G. 8 месяцев назад sneakypete187 I just googled "jeep de..." And my sentence was completed by 100k+ results of "jeep death wobble" and "jeep death wobble fix". Just because you drive it like the soccer mom you are doesnt mean is not a real problem. And no, I dont own this Toyota, I drive real trucks. Drive your piece of FCA shit outside the road, then we talk, mommy.
  • Mike P
    Mike P 8 месяцев назад sneakypete187 got resale? Fj holds BEST resale of any vehicle in its class. Fuck a Jeep... and the losers that drive them.
  • Mark V.G.
    Mark V.G. 8 месяцев назад sneakypete187 "as much fun" = "fixing death wobble 5 times a year" yeah, right, honey.
  • sneakypete187
    sneakypete187 8 месяцев назад (изменено) Yeah that's why they don't make the FJ Loser anymore. FJ stands for "Fake Jeep or Faux Jeep". You Jeep haters are just bitter little loser cucks who are mad because you can't have as much fun in your glorified "Mom" vehicles. Not our fault you bought something without top off/doors off capability and that looks uglier than a burnt skin Indian from Bombay.
  • Grover Watson
    Grover Watson Год назад Really? I spent two hours in my Garage today doing a complete brake job on my FJ, and guess what? I won't have to touch those brakes for two YEARS.... Try that on a jeep.....
  • Frisky Dingo
    Frisky Dingo Год назад So dumb! Worst review ever
  • codyd jenkins
    codyd jenkins Год назад Only valid argument here is the drain your wallet part. Jeeps aren't cheap. Other than that, they are the iconic off-road vehicle of the world for a reason. Just spend your money on what you like and don't let anyone tell you different.
  • Grover Watson
    Grover Watson Год назад It's a jeep that won't drain your wallet.........
  • brandon casey
    brandon casey Год назад Saud Siddiqui are jeeps supposed to be unreliable? Ive had 2 with over 300k miles
  • Steven Stritenberger
    Steven Stritenberger Год назад Agreed, or one that rusts out if it sees rain through the garage window. Love the FJ!!
  • David Grgic
    David Grgic Год назад DYNABIKE1 shut up baby
  • megatronVS
    megatronVS 2 года назад I came here for a car review but I got a course in philosophy instead.
  • Ross Miller
    Ross Miller 2 месяца назад You mean Semiotics
  • DaFordKid Films
    DaFordKid Films 3 месяца назад It's more educational than a college lecture in philosophy . It's realistic in college it's about a fantasy
  • Tomas Bickel
    Tomas Bickel Год назад Toyota FJ Cruiser: The Stand-Alone-Complex of car.
  • DelNiceBeto
    DelNiceBeto Год назад That's an average video here
  • GunsNBudder
    GunsNBudder 2 года назад Welcome to RCR!
  • Roy Batty
    Roy Batty 3 года назад The FJ ironically makes sense in a pothole ridden cities. Potholes so large that even when you hit them sitting inside an FJ, your eyes get big and you say, "whoa," while curiously looking into your rear view mirror you to see how that FR-S behind you is going to deal with it.
  • Iliac2112
    Iliac2112 3 года назад One of my cub scout leaders drove an FJ. It was always out of the back of that thing that we had our deepwood taco lunches. The guy was simultaneously all masculine and cool because, hey, in our eyes as Cubs, he was a big bearded leader who made fires, threw hatchets and brought food spicier than our soccer moms would ever feed us. But on the other hand he always looked kind of afraid of you when you looked at him and talked to him, and sounded like he was apologizing whenever he spoke, which was seldom. Whether this says something about FJ Cruiser drivers or about Canadians, I'm not sure.
  • Maqsimous
    Maqsimous 2 года назад this episode got weirdly deep really fast
  • Tim Simoneaux
    Tim Simoneaux Год назад Have you seen his PT Cruiser review?
  • MrEeeaddict
    MrEeeaddict 2 года назад @signs80 FFS nothing is what it is
  • signs
    signs 2 года назад Maqsimous Damn English majors
  • MrEeeaddict
    MrEeeaddict 2 года назад @Fake Name no, I just think his english major experience is showing
  • Fake Name
    Fake Name 2 года назад you must be new here
  • MrEeeaddict
    MrEeeaddict 2 года назад what's with all the overthinking
  • 808
    808 2 года назад My grandmother drives an fj. My grandma. That's the last person you'd expect to drive an fj, but oddly makes sense.
  • xXMapleVodkaXx
    xXMapleVodkaXx 4 месяца назад I like to imagine you've got one of those outdoorsy Vermont-y sort of grandmas that wear a lot of denim, and in that scenario it makes perfect sense.
  • LT.
    LT. 5 месяцев назад Your grandmother is a simulacra of modern masculinity
  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne 2 года назад EightZeroEight Synthesis its cause your grandma is smarter than most people.
  • Farid Nicolas Wakim
    Farid Nicolas Wakim 2 года назад my female computer teacher drives one. Makes just a bit more sense as she is a bit manly
  • Alec J
    Alec J 3 года назад The saws get me every time. I have to pause it and walk away for a couple seconds.
  • hallmonitor98
    hallmonitor98 2 года назад should have taken it off road, it would make you appreciate it for what it was made for. Staying on paved road the whole time is like using an RV as a daily commuter and criticizing it for being a giant lumbering gas guzzler with a microwave.
  • four27060
    four27060 4 дня назад At least it's being reviewed in its natural habitat. FJs that get seriously wheeled get breaky very fast, especially halfshafts and diffs.
  • Kur Norock
    Kur Norock 7 месяцев назад It's awful offroad. It's ifs, it doesn't flex, and the visibility is shit.
  • Paul Peynado
    Paul Peynado 2 года назад hallmonitor98 LOL great analogy.
  • The_3qualizer_190
    The_3qualizer_190 4 года назад Just found out my drivers ed teacher watches RCR. I found out he had a focus st. We started talking about cars and he told me how his girlfriend didn't realize it was a stick until after he bought it. I said you could have told her st stood for supple trim. He responds with, "see Tanya." Made my day. It made me realize how great the RCR community is.
  • jrea424
    jrea424 11 месяцев назад But did he buy the box?
  • goobon
    goobon 11 месяцев назад SPER smelly taint
  • oran zusman
    oran zusman Год назад Flabbypanda
  • Jon  Thornton
    Jon Thornton Год назад Flabbypanda I
  • TheMilkMan
    TheMilkMan 2 года назад mustve been a cool drivers ed teacher whAat do you guyaa do now
    JAZZ HANDS 2 года назад I feel like "Silly Twat" is more comical
  • 2dfx
    2dfx 3 года назад +SPER Subtract Torque
  • Dennis halim
    Dennis halim 4 года назад @Richard Harrold aww shiz -.- at least give a good farewel :(
  • Richard Harrold
    Richard Harrold 4 года назад @Dennis halim I think that was a joke about the segment they did taking the piss out of 1970s shows like the Avengers, using Jensen Interceptors.
  • Dennis halim
    Dennis halim 4 года назад @Richard Harrold clarckson is good. i think the trio is going to make a show called the interceptors ?
  • Richard Harrold
    Richard Harrold 4 года назад @Dennis halim You've been listening to Clarkson.
  • Dennis halim
    Dennis halim 4 года назад Sanitary towel
  • Richard Harrold
    Richard Harrold 4 года назад @SPER Nah, it's Essex, short for "Shag Tracey", or, alternatively, "Sexually Transmitted"...
  • Turbo Stein
    Turbo Stein 4 года назад @SPER Nah, Super Tits. 
  • Zoto
    Zoto 4 года назад @SPER mannn I thought it was Sport Trim
  • Grant Novak
    Grant Novak 4 года назад @SPER I always assumed it stood for Single Turbo. 
  • zzebra
    zzebra 4 года назад @SPER Sports Technology
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 4 года назад @Flabbypanda WOAH
  • quarawlis stafford
    quarawlis stafford 3 года назад this video made me watch it and take in all the knowledge but at the end of it all i kinda sat back with a understanding and still said to myself like a remedial child with adhd in algebra "Wait what"
  • Eatinbritches
    Eatinbritches 3 года назад I don't know... the FJ is pretty capable off road. It's a good choice if you want something that will take you just about anywhere, but you're not a hobbyist off roader and don't want a project build. Maybe it gives off an air of faux-masculinity, but it does have the nuts to back it up after all.
  • Ultrakillerism
    Ultrakillerism 4 года назад I live in Middle East and this car is god-tier here, shame that they canned production for the NA market due to low sales, the only cars that beat it in dune bashing are the Land Cruiser/LX570 and the H1 Hummer.
  • Agent. K.
    Agent. K. 4 месяца назад johno It’s the same thing. Better or not depends on your needs, number of passengers, etc...
  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson 5 месяцев назад Hummer H1 ftw
  • johno
    johno 4 года назад @Ultrakillerism Thats cool to know. In Australia only the 200 series is called a landcruiser, the 150 is just called a prado. And the prado is only 15% more expensive than the FJ.
  • Ultrakillerism
    Ultrakillerism 4 года назад @mabamabam Prado is a Land Cruiser and price is around 75% higher
  • johno
    johno 4 года назад @Ultrakillerism Better than the Prado? Because its pretty much the same car but the Prado looks less stupid and has more space.
  • Ultrakillerism
    Ultrakillerism 4 года назад @Pete We don't have AA's on pickup trucks where I live, but good point right there.
  • Pete
    Pete 4 года назад @Ultrakillerism its seems like u people only drive toyotas, I've always used that as a reason to like toyotas, My grampy always said If 15 arabs can fit in the bed of that thing with an with an anti aircraft gun and still smash through the desert, than it must be reliable
  • Cliff Harris
    Cliff Harris 4 года назад Nice regional insight, appreciated...
  • Squid Sim
    Squid Sim 2 года назад I actually really like the FJ cruiser idk why but it has always appealed to me
  • Neo Pantoja
    Neo Pantoja Год назад And the value from the 2012 model is at 90% lemmi wait a decade from now 2027 FJ cruiser for sale "FUCK"
  • Ricky Jordan Hall
    Ricky Jordan Hall 2 года назад Based man me too I'd love to have one and plus u don't see this like everything else. yeah Ik wat ya mean
  • Daron Aavis
    Daron Aavis 2 года назад Idk as an offroad vehicle they make sense in Australia, as they are essentially a prado but without being designed for family use
  • Koby Harrison
    Koby Harrison 2 года назад @Commissar0617 Assuming you're serious about getting a vehicle for snowy/icy climates of course.
  • Koby Harrison
    Koby Harrison 2 года назад @Commissar0617 If that's what you want, I would go for a Jeep Wrangler. It looks better, more mods and custimization for it, and because 'Merica. Haven't looked at HP/Torque between the two, but i'd bet money on the Jeep in that area as well.
  • Commissar0617
    Commissar0617 2 года назад i wouldn't mind one. the winters around here are snowy and ice enough, it'd be great to be able to drive myself outta the ditch
  • sleaf6
    sleaf6 2 года назад @bruce wayne sounds pretty... "based" of you lolololollolool
  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne 2 года назад sleaf6 this truck should've been reviewed off road. You guys are stupid.
  • Koby Harrison
    Koby Harrison 2 года назад You're one of them!
  • sleaf6
    sleaf6 2 года назад HEY EVERYBODY!!! WE FOUND ONE!
  • Outside & Stuff
    Outside & Stuff 4 года назад Having been off-road quite a few times in one of these, and having been half way up the door in swamp water in one of these, I feel like you missed out on seeing another side of this car.  Yes, there are tons of bros compensating, and yes it guzzles gas, and yes plastic as f*uck. But give this car another run. But next time, please go off-road and see how far you can work that level before thinking it's going to flip end over end. :)
  • Kur Norock
    Kur Norock 5 месяцев назад @Dave Wilson only good for driving fast on dirt roads and sand dunes. Just as awful as any other ifs when it comes to any technical rock crawling.
  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson 5 месяцев назад @Kur Norock Raptor?
  • Rinku Rajput
    Rinku Rajput 7 месяцев назад Outside & Stuff jff mcc hg
  • Kur Norock
    Kur Norock 7 месяцев назад @Donny McCurdy not wrong. They suck for serious off roading, as do any vehicles with ifs.
  • SBow311
    SBow311 8 месяцев назад The funny thing is at the end of this road there are a ton of roads that he can go off-roading
  • Donny McCurdy
    Donny McCurdy 8 месяцев назад Bartonovich52 wrong.
  • Bartonovich52
    Bartonovich52 8 месяцев назад No... it’s not. If you’re serious about off-roading, you’re not buying one of these. You’re buying a beat up truck to turn into a prerunner or flogging an old [insert light, narrow, body on frame SUV here] around. This is too new, too ponderous, too plasticy, and too complex for serious off-road work.
  • Isaac Rodriguez
    Isaac Rodriguez 10 месяцев назад this vehicle is on point,mountains, dunes, desert offroad and highway 4x4 is great in action. I have to question weather or not you've ever driven one.🙄
  • John Smith
    John Smith Год назад Sorry for the late reply. I'm also drunk. Anyway, I would totally buy one of these if it wasn't so got dang expensive in the used market. I don't want to be a hardcore off roader. I just want to hit trails and go camping. Do some star gazing at night. This truck would be perfect. But damn, Toyota used inflation on top of the fact that these are loved but not in production anymore.
  • KimiDesu
    KimiDesu Год назад Outside & Stuff No.
  • Nick B
    Nick B 2 года назад The plate says "JPNHUMR", I suppose the owner meant "Hummer", but I think "humor" is more appropriate.
  • Terry Thomas
    Terry Thomas 2 года назад Japan Hummer ! but Not ! really wish they wpould make a newish 1975 toyota landcruiser with maybe an airbag or two so we did not die at the thought of a roll over ..... they were pretty narrow !
  • Ibai
    Ibai 2 года назад JaPaNese HUMmeR
  • Alexander Kruszewski
    Alexander Kruszewski 3 года назад If Mr Plinkett did car reviews...
  • nezerac
    nezerac 3 года назад The fj is for someone who wants to offroad but doesn't know anything about offroading.
  • Phil Mante
    Phil Mante 7 месяцев назад Isn't that what explorers are for?
  • Mac Miller's dead LoL
    Mac Miller's dead LoL 8 месяцев назад Same with jeeps
  • jonathan benoliel
    jonathan benoliel Год назад nezerac and you know what's anything besides drive on pavement?
  • Neo Pantoja
    Neo Pantoja Год назад nezerac the Metro has the same drive train from Suzuki
  • Raw and Uncensored
    Raw and Uncensored Год назад nezerac THERE YOU GO, YOU PUT IT IN SIMPLE WORDS. I underststood what he was trying to say, but you really dumbed it down well for everyone who didn't. Lol.
  • All Things Cars
    All Things Cars 3 года назад @nezerac lol
  • nezerac
    nezerac 3 года назад @Focus On the Focus Jesus christ that's so confusing -_-
  • All Things Cars
    All Things Cars 3 года назад @nezerac Yes, I used to own a Festiva. I regret getting rid of it everyday, I now own a Crown Victoria P71. Anyways, (funnily enough) the Festiva is built by Kia, designed by Mazda, and it was Ford's idea. It was basically Kia's first baby, from then and there Kia started to grow large
  • nezerac
    nezerac 3 года назад @Focus On the Focus They're really turning into domestic versions of the UK mini. I'm shocked the Sprint doesn't go for more but I'm thinking it's because it's a swift instead of being it's own car. Do you know if Mazda had a hand in the Festiva by any chance?
  • All Things Cars
    All Things Cars 3 года назад I was searching around for a Festiva as well, and most I've seen are priced around $2k to $5k from what I've been seeing lately and that's a lot of money for an older (w/ high mileage) little car..
  • nezerac
    nezerac 3 года назад @bendsomemetal Ford Idk I was actually looking at them today and they were pretty pricey. Festiva and Capri Xr2 are appreciating a bit. Also it's a 1.6t not a 1.8. My bad.
  • bendsomemetal Ford
    bendsomemetal Ford 3 года назад My friend got one with a new engine for $500 and he drove it across the country with no probs
  • All Things Cars
    All Things Cars 3 года назад @bendsomemetal Ford Not one in good condition. $2k minimum
  • bendsomemetal Ford
    bendsomemetal Ford 3 года назад You can get one for about $500
  • nezerac
    nezerac 3 года назад @bendsomemetal Ford Swap it with a BP 1.8T out of a mercury capri and daily that thing. Lemons means it's destined for the junkyard.
  • nezerac
    nezerac 3 года назад @Nutscrape Navigator Ya but the trophy truck guys are even worse if you ask me. I do know what you mean though. lol
  • bendsomemetal Ford
    bendsomemetal Ford 3 года назад Festiva
  • bendsomemetal Ford
    bendsomemetal Ford 3 года назад I'll race one at 24 hours of lemons
  • nezerac
    nezerac 3 года назад @No username Ya they're great at low speed. I'm looking to create a car that once you get it up to 80mph you rarely have to take it below 60. I'm talking hairpins and gforces that can compete with vettes. You've had to own one of these before. You're well informed. lol
  • nezerac
    nezerac 3 года назад @No username omg that'd be so amazing!! I wonder how those things corner? Leno never really takes his out.
  • bendsomemetal Ford
    bendsomemetal Ford 3 года назад +nezerac XD
  • nezerac
    nezerac 3 года назад @bendsomemetal is back not irish anymore The entire engine bay would have to be a gas tank. LMAO!
  • bendsomemetal Ford
    bendsomemetal Ford 3 года назад +nezerac id put a w16 in it! XD
  • nezerac
    nezerac 3 года назад @No username Ya as long as you're not going too fast (which shouldn't be easy to do) I don't think you can get into too much trouble. But I'm an idiot. I'll swap the motor and trans for something ridiculous. Also loyalty is not exactly my priority so I'll toss a japanese motor in a festiva in a heartbeat. lol.
  • nezerac
    nezerac 3 года назад @bendsomemetal is back not irish anymore Festivas are "teh badass" right? lol
  • bendsomemetal Ford
    bendsomemetal Ford 3 года назад +nezerac lol to own a festiva
  • nezerac
    nezerac 3 года назад @bendsomemetal is back not irish anymore What''re you "me too"in to? lol
  • bendsomemetal Ford
    bendsomemetal Ford 3 года назад +nezerac lol me too
  • nezerac
    nezerac 3 года назад @alexander1485 Metros aren't bad. If I'm honest I'd own either one. I'm not too tall and I don't mind a slow car in town. If I had to choose I'd choose a festiva and if I had a second pick it'd be the Chevy Sprint Turbo.....look that one up :D
  • alexander1485
    alexander1485 3 года назад +nezerac Geo Metro, LSi is better.
  • nezerac
    nezerac 3 года назад @No username "I own a 1992 Ford Festiva," YOU LIE!!! LOL. I want one of those SO FUCKING BAD BRO!! I need to get another Bronco first but festiva is on my top 10 cars to own list.
  • nezerac
    nezerac 3 года назад @No username That depends on what part of what state you live in. San Diego, Ca? GET A FJ! LOL
  • NonsensicalVids
    NonsensicalVids 3 года назад +No username exactly who needs mud and dirt when you have terrible roads
  • jasonsong86
    jasonsong86 3 года назад Lol, I didnt know you actually did a review of the FJ Cruiser because I own one. I think to me the FJ cruiser totally makes sense the way it is designed. It's reliable. Most people buy cars like this type are not hardcore offroaders but they want 4x4 and ground clearance living in a snowy area. They also want to use it daily for many miles. I've seen people with over 400k miles on the car never had any issues. The interior is designed to be functional. All plastic, easy to clean. Big buttons and knobs, easy to use with gloves on. The last thing you want in an SUV is carpeted floor and fancy trim to get damaged and buttons too small to use. Think of it as a shovel, you never cared what kind of material its made out of. The design however is a bit odd mainly because it's retro looking and the other problem is the brand. People buy Toyotas don't really look for unique looks, they want something that blend in and reliable. The FJ is too much look at me kinda retro. Overall, I like my FJ. It's not something you see everywhere on the street.
  • Richie Noxon
    Richie Noxon 9 месяцев назад Too small? I think it's too big
  • Thomas McMichael
    Thomas McMichael 10 месяцев назад Either way, fj is a great all-around car. These “reviews” are opinionated and I can’t remember the last time I met someone who gave a shit about other opinions.
  • Johnny Lim
    Johnny Lim Год назад Everything Goes so many contradictions... people buy Toyotas to blend in... I like my FJ because it’s not something you see every day.. lol
  • Jevon Maddox
    Jevon Maddox 3 года назад My Product Design, Quality processes, and senior design professor drives an FJ Cruiser and uses it as a snowplow in the winter. He bought it to replace his Jeep Grand Cherokee. Here's his review on your review: "Well I don't think they paint a very clear picture of the consumer, but i agree with the rest. I bought mine based almost exclusively on MPG, the guy in the video called the FJ a gas hog. He has a point with the aesthetics, it is styled with the middle aged hipster in mind. My FJ spends as much time on dirt and gravel as it does on asphalt and it is great in the winter. I need the clearance in the winter and the 4 wheel drive works flawlessly. I don't like the traction control bullshit, but i have been very happy with everything else. take care, W"
  • Matt Doyle
    Matt Doyle 2 года назад Lyric Klein he's actually a Toyota fanboy. Which you clearly aren't if your calling a FJ cruiser an "FJ".
  • Lyric Klein
    Lyric Klein 3 года назад +Jevon Maddox He made a great choice. Jeep's are horrible for reliability and the FJ is a great vehicle for everything. This guy making the video obviously must be a Jeep or Hummer fan trying to trash an FJ.
  • Jevon Maddox
    Jevon Maddox 3 года назад correction: he used to have Jeep Commander 5.7L V8 hemi
  • AnarchyBullet
    AnarchyBullet 2 года назад Thanks for the effort on making this video, But to be honest FJ Cruiser is a great off road car :P
  • AnarchyBullet
    AnarchyBullet 2 года назад I got one 2016 ;P with crawl control ;)
  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne 2 года назад AnarchyBullet shit, I'm getting one. Toyota 4 life God dam it.
  • Jack Metzel
    Jack Metzel 2 года назад It's the best.