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Top 10 Biggest Tech Flops

Published on Jun 2, 2016 2,894,808 views

New is not always better and these products are proof of that. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Biggest Tech Flops. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we're looking at gadgets and gizmos that failed to garner consumer attention or demand, and, as a result, became a commodity fail for the brands that designed them.

Special thanks to our user mattwatchmojo for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at

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  • toh ping Tiang
    toh ping Tiang 2 месяца назад Let's create an open air vehicle in a land with bad weather
  • caveman Versace
    caveman Versace 2 месяца назад That has a crappy battery, poor steering and no stereo. It had Jaguar shaking in its boots, lol.
  • spcsh 19
    spcsh 19 2 месяца назад Does the UK produce anything decent anyway...
  • Sammy mc hammy productions
    Sammy mc hammy productions 2 месяца назад yes.
  • caveman Versace
    caveman Versace 2 месяца назад @spcsh 19 Yes! Knife crime.
    NOU GAMES 1 месяц назад but those rain coats tho
  • Rick Smith
    Rick Smith 1 месяц назад Caterham, Ariel,...
  • UndergroundVillage
    UndergroundVillage 2 недели назад Plus no apparent seatbelt and no obvious crash protection, no windshield, and the driver so low to the ground that road traffic might not notice them. It would be like taking a go-kart out on a public road, only with one less wheel.
  • Alan Henderson
    Alan Henderson 2 недели назад I'd rather drive a Peel Trident microcar. Its best selling point is that it looks like Spaceman Spiff's flying saucer with wheels.
  • Wildjesta ᄋོུཉᄌᄋོུཉ
    Wildjesta ᄋོུཉᄌᄋོུཉ 2 недели назад You get a free poncho! :D
  • Hayden
    Hayden 7 месяцев назад am i the only one who wants a sinclair c5 now
  • dragonpup 290
    dragonpup 290 7 месяцев назад Nope! Those look like fun I kind of want one too
  • Chris Parsons
    Chris Parsons 7 месяцев назад I want one! That's why I watched this see the Sinclair C5. I admit it needs a canopy, but other than that it's cool!
  • Eddy Rongen
    Eddy Rongen 7 месяцев назад You're not the only one: Right now those Xiaomi electrical steps are getting more in the city here, but if those Sinclair vehicles have the same speed/distance ratio I would prefer them too for transport.
  • Dennis Clayton
    Dennis Clayton 6 месяцев назад I was thinking the same thing. Maybe it was just ahead of time.
  • charlie joson
    charlie joson 6 месяцев назад Me too...I just noticed that it looked like a Luge except I don't need to lay down
  • Thomas Metcalf
    Thomas Metcalf 6 месяцев назад I Definitely do! To hell with "hoverboards" get me a Sinclair C5!
  • Carlos Rincon
    Carlos Rincon 6 месяцев назад Me too but with a more intuitive steering wheel or motorcycle-like handlebars. And taller too so you are more easily visible to drivers on the road, the low profile of the original design makes it look quite unsafe sharing the road with larger, much more powerful vehicles.
  • letlhogonolo sithole
    letlhogonolo sithole 6 месяцев назад We need C5 grand prix now.
  • CherryCherry Five
    CherryCherry Five 5 месяцев назад People are working on vehicles like this and some are even in use, it just really depends on the road rules in your country and whether qualifies as a vehicle like a car or as a bike, etc. It's due to red tape that we don't see these everywhere. The market is rising for these types of single person conveyances though, especially as attitudes turn towards more eco friendly ideas.
  • 005 AGIMA
    005 AGIMA 5 месяцев назад C5 was truly ahead of it's time. Look at the market now for e-bikes, and those odd bikes with laying down rider positions. the C5 was both of those. I only knew 1 person with one back then. He used to pull us along on our skateboards. Good times.
  • Rabbit0
    Rabbit0 5 месяцев назад Wish I had it myself.
  • FerDeLance06
    FerDeLance06 4 месяца назад I remember the C5.  Certain drivers were delighted when that was released as they no longer felt such prats in their Reliant Robins.
  • Amateur0Visionary
    Amateur0Visionary 4 месяца назад Yes.
  • The Regular Gamers
    The Regular Gamers 4 месяца назад If it came out today they could easily fit a bigger motor , better control scheme and better protection for about the same price
  • cyber crashers
    cyber crashers 4 месяца назад Well, there's a lot of things that would be better now
  • Some Person
    Some Person 3 месяца назад I'd take one.
  • Hans Isbrücker
    Hans Isbrücker 3 месяца назад I once driven one for a few rounds ^^
  • Suraj
    Suraj 3 месяца назад I'm in too, if it has a rain cover, and if comes at a cheaper price.
  • Angelo Maiorana
    Angelo Maiorana 3 месяца назад Suprised someone hasn't replicated it today using Chinese electric bike parts. Would make it cheaper and longer distance vehicle.
  • Chuck Harmer II
    Chuck Harmer II 3 месяца назад @Suraj Rain cover? Didn't you see you could get a big ass poncho to cover yourself and the bike? Looking like a grown-ass man riding a tricycle covered in a full body condom, welcome to the future!
  • Anto RetroGamer
    Anto RetroGamer 3 месяца назад The Sinclair C5 ahead of it's time!?! LOL! Good luck on the motorway with that!
  • WolfkinNorthclaw
    WolfkinNorthclaw 2 месяца назад Nope, I'd get one if it was possible it looks great in all honesty.
  • iamchillydogg
    iamchillydogg 2 месяца назад People build ones now that smoke the tires.
  • chitlika
    chitlika 2 месяца назад Yes you can be eye level with the wheel of the semi thats gonna crush you
  • tatonghudas
    tatonghudas 2 месяца назад it has that kindergarten suburban akira vibe lol I want it !
  • MagicFerret69
    MagicFerret69 2 месяца назад i really want one, since i saw the advert when they came out
  • Carrot And Co.
    Carrot And Co. 1 месяц назад No
  • Tellnor
    Tellnor 1 месяц назад Nope I want one to.
  • inthezone666
    inthezone666 1 месяц назад No thanks I'll stick with my suzuki lol.
  • Nordi Mejia
    Nordi Mejia 1 месяц назад No, you are not, my friend.
  • nexus169
    nexus169 1 месяц назад With a better modern electric drive train and bigger, newer lithium batteries, YES!
  • Motorhawk2
    Motorhawk2 1 месяц назад I have always liked them. When you think about it they were a little bit ahead of their time, look how many manufacturers are turning to electric with their vehicles
  • Asha
    Asha 1 месяц назад The Sinclair C5 would genuinely do very well now. It came along too soon. The technology now would make it a fantastic machine.
  • Rapscallion2009
    Rapscallion2009 1 месяц назад @Asha part of the problem with it was the technology wasn't quite there. It had a lead acid battery and a DC, brushed motor. The lead acid battery is nothing like as efficient as a modern lithium battery, and that motor is never going to provide much performance. Today it would have a NiMh or Li ion battery and brushless motor & would probably be better, but it's never going to be mass market.
  • ProNorden Agrarian-Nationalism
    ProNorden Agrarian-Nationalism 3 недели назад Autistic Bobby, ..Sir Clive #Sinclair's #C5 was actually a great vehicle and deserves re-marketing with a bigger budget. ✌️
  • Christopher Adams
    Christopher Adams 2 недели назад @letlhogonolo sithole just imagine 40 c5s going around a track, it would take 10 minutes to do one lap.
  • Michael Keehan
    Michael Keehan 2 недели назад i want one 2
  • Just Some Guy Ok
    Just Some Guy Ok Неделю назад It literally looks like it's designed to decapitate you.
  • pokeround
    pokeround Неделю назад 2^9 likes. Ain't spoiling that.
  • Elijah Anderson
    Elijah Anderson Неделю назад Nope. and about 7 billion other people should think so too.
  • James Young
    James Young Неделю назад I want one so bad!
  • Terry TwoBears
    Terry TwoBears 3 дня назад i wont one that wouldbe cool to have
  • Joseph Cileo
    Joseph Cileo 3 дня назад I literally paused the video as soon as I saw it and googled it... only found spare parts for sale : /
  • Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson 8 месяцев назад (изменено) How are 3D tv's not on this?
  • Wolfgang Esters
    Wolfgang Esters 7 месяцев назад Why? Because internet is not able to show 3D Films... poor Kevin
  • Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson 7 месяцев назад @Wolfgang Esters no because they were pushing 3D tv's they even had channels like ESPN 3D and then all of a sudden, they were all gone
  • Wolfgang Esters
    Wolfgang Esters 7 месяцев назад (изменено) Ok in America...but i am here in Germany, there were no channels in 3D. Only in cinemas or on 3DBlu-rays.
  • Jimmy Langdon
    Jimmy Langdon 5 месяцев назад I love my 3D tv.
  • TheMeatballMen
    TheMeatballMen 5 месяцев назад @Jimmy Langdon no you don't
  • Mark Hernandez
    Mark Hernandez 5 месяцев назад @Wolfgang Esters did u even read the comment the op wrote
  • Lily Flower
    Lily Flower 5 месяцев назад Good question.
  • Rabbit0
    Rabbit0 5 месяцев назад Wondering that too. Did see them in stores but remember reading that some people can get headaches using it. As someone who gets headaches often it doesn't take a genius to figure out what I'm not going for.
  • The Regular Gamers
    The Regular Gamers 4 месяца назад Theres still lots of 3d in tvs they are just extra features. People realized resolution >features .. however if you get 3d smart hdr etc extra its a plus youncant tirn down
  • Athaariq Ardiansyah
    Athaariq Ardiansyah 4 месяца назад Lol... I even still have 3D plasma TV and xbox one still support it
  • David Lench
    David Lench 4 месяца назад @Kevin Robinson because 3D is shittier than shit
  • Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson 4 месяца назад @David Lench if only some one would make a video about tech flops to put it on
  • David Lench
    David Lench 4 месяца назад @Kevin Robinson in my view and opinion 3D has been an absolute disaster be it a TV or at the cinema
  • Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson 4 месяца назад @David Lench I agree, that's why I was confused that 3D's were not on this list
  • GRBTutorials
    GRBTutorials 3 месяца назад @David Lench I imagine you never bought a 3D TV. Actually, it's pretty good, and I'm sad they no longer make them.
  • For the Record
    For the Record 3 месяца назад Perhaps if they made 3D TV's that would ONLY show in 3D, then I could see it making the list. Otherwise, 3D was just a feature that a small percent of people actually use. It would be like putting Windows 10 on the list because it has "Microsoft Edge" in it.