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VW Golf R vs Audi S3 2018 - find out which is the best | Head-to-Head

Published on May 5, 2018 706,475 views

Looking for the ultimate German hot hatchback comparison? Look no further... The Golf R and Audi S3 are two of the best hatchbacks on the market, but which one stands out more? Check out my latest head to head to find out the result, and let me know which you'd prefer in the comments!

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  • e2k
    e2k Год назад Why don’t you for once just get both in auto? Not really a comparison..
  • TheRealTanSeeker
    TheRealTanSeeker Год назад e2k I know, right? So many car vids are doing manuals vs auto... Absolute waste of time for a serious comparison. Probably a deliberate tactic to prevent any real criticisms...
  • Peter Piper
    Peter Piper 8 месяцев назад @TheRealTanSeeker Because that's how they come as standard. It's not like the conclusion would be any different. The Golf would be slightly faster in a drag race, but slightly less fun and involving to drive, so he'd still choose the Audi.
  • Junky Boost
    Junky Boost 5 месяцев назад the s3 doesn’t come in manuel, he said it in the video
  • ImperialGoldfish
    ImperialGoldfish 4 месяца назад @TheRealTanSeeker No. It's actually pretty obvious, if you've watched the video. The main advantage of the Golf is its more engaging drive, which is provided by its manual gearbox. The main advantage of the S3 is its smoother, more comfortable everyday experience. Therefore, it makes sense to compare the two cars at their best, since this is how he recommends that they should be bought. The automatic Golf R is not good value, since it compromises the main strength of the vehicle without providing the luxury of the Audi.
  • Matt H
    Matt H 1 месяц назад @Junky Boost But the Golf R does come in automatic which is why e2k stated "...get both in AUTO"
  • alexdelby
    alexdelby 3 недели назад Because I can't buy both 😂
  • Rob Kliskey
    Rob Kliskey Год назад I'm having a case of deja vu.... Is this a reupload?
  • Elliot 1234
    Elliot 1234 Год назад Rob Kliskey same here!!!!!!
  • Zeruel82Mk2
    Zeruel82Mk2 Год назад The drag race part is taken from another video, but the rest of the video is new.
  • Yumeitoアルジュン
    Yumeitoアルジュン Год назад eurobeat intensifies
  • TheHolydruid
    TheHolydruid Год назад I was like: deja vu I've been in this place before
  • Lox Lover
    Lox Lover Год назад I literally just posted the same statement, pretty much with those same exact words.
  • Ravensclawed
    Ravensclawed Год назад Deja vu is common with Audi's and Golfs as they always look the same
  • Ben Potgieter
    Ben Potgieter Год назад We’ve seen this... Conjunction of the spheres?
  • Randi Eriko
    Randi Eriko Год назад I think so, im experiencing deja vu too.
  • Thomas Lörinczi
    Thomas Lörinczi Год назад (изменено) the drag race (uploaded earlier) and a comparison between the standard versions of the golf and a3:
  • Mikkel Svartveit
    Mikkel Svartveit Год назад Same, I feel like I have watched that drag race before!
  • M Law
    M Law Год назад Audi S3 is literally my dream next car
  • Luis González
    Luis González 1 день назад Bro, +30k for a ugly, little hatchback...
  • Monzy
    Monzy Год назад Can you review the M140i?
  • Adam02M
    Adam02M Год назад MahirTheCarGuy agreed!
  • Minom Pnom
    Minom Pnom Год назад Review:- nice engine, great to drive but there is no uglier car
  • Lukas Gröndahl
    Lukas Gröndahl Год назад Minom Pnom ugly? Lol what
  • Minom Pnom
    Minom Pnom Год назад an improvement over the 135i but still a terrible-looking car. There is no saving that basic shape that they started with and incremental changes to s fundamentally ugly shape are doomed.
  • Milind Dixit
    Milind Dixit Год назад Agreed. Though I think he'll say amazing engine but bad practicality, and it's sporty looks are even more subtle than the R. Personally I think the 1 series needs a refresh anyways, design and interior feels dated. However I have an R but would've definitely got a 140i shadow edition with Xdrive, but for some reason BMW don't sell the Xdrive version in the UK :(
  • Minom Pnom
    Minom Pnom Год назад afaik after the 140i all 1-series will be front-wheel drive only.
  • Milind Dixit
    Milind Dixit Год назад Thats a shame. I guess practicality is taking more priority for them. But then if they have an Xdrive system that's heavily rear biased, that could work for the future 140i.
  • Peanus Benis
    Peanus Benis Год назад Milind Dixit The X-drive transfer box is sat right where the steering column is in the right-hand drive BMWs. They didn’t think it would be worth it to spend the money engineering a completely new engine layout to get Xdrive to fit in their cars. The next one is going 4-cyl 4WD.
  • Matt Stirk
    Matt Stirk Год назад I have an M140i myself, its just not close between it and the golf/S3. Yes, in the real world the latter are going to be faster given their AWD systems, they put the power down much more easily. But you just can't beat the playfulness of a RWD car, and when you compare the 4 pots in the Golf and S3 to the straight 6 in the M140i, there's only one winner. The M140i is also cheaper to buy. I know its looks are like marmite but personally I think it looks great. The next 1 series (coming out later this year/early next year I believe) is rumoured to be FWD/X Drive only, and the new M140i is rumoured to only have a 4 pot like its competitors. Accessible RWD cars with a 6cyl engine are dying out and its such a shame.
  • Minom Pnom
    Minom Pnom Год назад the 1 series does indeed have to be given props for the 6 cylinder and yes it's a shame that the hot hatch segment will be devoid of 6cyl from now on.
  • TeacherToolkitDemo
    TeacherToolkitDemo Год назад Matt Stirk They are not faster at all unless its raining. In dry weather the M140i is a ckmpletely different animal. Mid range power is a different league. Way better in the corners as well the Audi S3 has awful, horrible understeer.
  • Lukestersim :3
    Lukestersim :3 Год назад Minom Pnom going to be front wheel drive for the standard 1 series but the Mlites will be fromt with electrical assist at the rear
  • Matt Stirk
    Matt Stirk Год назад Nah, in anything other than a straight line in dry conditions, the R and S3 will likely beat an M140i. I'd still rather have my M140i though because its far more fun.
  • TeacherToolkitDemo
    TeacherToolkitDemo Год назад Matt Stirk Well every comparison on track the M140i beats the S3 by a massive margin. Even the old M135i is much quicker than an S3. The S3 is only fast in a straight line when launch control is engaged. And who does that in day to day driving.
  • ItzD3fW1sH
    ItzD3fW1sH Год назад Matt Stirk nope. The M140i is miles quicker than the golf and Audi.
  • TubeLadin
    TubeLadin Год назад I went for the M140i over the 2 above, will arrive next month! You just get more for your money and neither the R or S3 can beat that 6 cylinder.
  • TeacherToolkitDemo
    TeacherToolkitDemo Год назад TubeLadin Had my M135i lci for over 2 years now its still epic. Vbox gave me consistent 0-60mph below 5 seconds and could hit 4.5 seconds. Its a beast. M140i even better.
  • Insert Witty Name
    Insert Witty Name Год назад Golf R, DSG, Adaptive Dampers, Performance Pack
  • Ripinda1911
    Ripinda1911 8 месяцев назад The manual is way more fun.
  • Temppa-Setä
    Temppa-Setä 7 месяцев назад @Ripinda1911 Agreed, i hate autos on small cars
  • eri oladapo
    eri oladapo Год назад Vw vs expensive vw
  • CMO Vlogs
    CMO Vlogs Год назад 😂😂
  • [ZINO]
    [ZINO] Год назад Vw< expensive vw (Audi) < more expensive vw (Porsche) < more expensive vw (Bentley) < even more expensive vw (Lamborghini) < more expensive vw (Bugatti)
    KING TDI Год назад ZotteZino so vw wins right?
  • eri oladapo
    eri oladapo Год назад ZotteZino bro you went stupid far for what?
  • eri oladapo
    eri oladapo Год назад Marko G no I don't
  • Canvastigate
    Canvastigate Год назад VWCeption
  • sos Haroldston
    sos Haroldston 9 месяцев назад hhhh daaaamn right
  • Keyboardwarrior00
    Keyboardwarrior00 8 месяцев назад @[ZINO] cheap VW = Seat
  • KrusssH
    KrusssH 5 месяцев назад thats why I would choose Leon Cupra
  • Victor Rykowski
    Victor Rykowski 4 месяца назад eri oladapo lol
  • Angel Valdovinos
    Angel Valdovinos 1 месяц назад @[ZINO] youre smart no one cares, every body knows that lmao
  • [ZINO]
    [ZINO] 1 месяц назад Angel Valdovinos I mean... you don’t have to take the time to comment about it, if you don’t care
  • Yaya 169
    Yaya 169 Неделю назад eri oladapo not exactly
  • Peanus Benis
    Peanus Benis Год назад In my opinion the Golf is specced better standard, but the S3 has much better tech on the options spec sheet. The Golf did feel slightly better to drive to me also. The Audi sounded nicer, though. Horses for courses! I went for the Golf but can totally see why the S3 would appeal over it. Both are lovely cars.
  • david charles
    david charles Год назад Peanus Benis - this comment is far too sensible for YouTube, please stop it.
  • Max
    Max 2 недели назад Peanus Benis actually it’s not better specced standard. You have to pay for driving modes and progressive steering.... (standard on S3)
  • SkyPilot
    SkyPilot 3 месяца назад Your reviews are awesome. Keep coming back for mare. Cheers from Down Under!!!
  • Mr. Wonderful
    Mr. Wonderful Год назад Golf R all day long.
  • News
    News 2 месяца назад No thx every one got it its' like my mom have it to
  • Nuhan Hidayat
    Nuhan Hidayat Год назад Put your glasses back Mat, that's mandatory!
  • Harambe
    Harambe Год назад i read your name as "A true Parrot-head"
  • Nuhan Hidayat
    Nuhan Hidayat Год назад Stop liking your own comment 🤦🏻‍♂
  • D lostboii: Utd All the Way
    D lostboii: Utd All the Way Год назад A true petrol-head your nasty
  • David Robinson
    David Robinson Год назад A true petrol-head lmao just because you're bi doesn't mean everyone else is
  • Harambe
    Harambe Год назад A true petrol-head my father kissed me on the lips, i'm bi
  • Harambe
    Harambe Год назад R lostboii cool down boi, Let's not threaten someone.
  • D lostboii: Utd All the Way
    D lostboii: Utd All the Way Год назад Harambe listen I’m having no one saying I’m gay I no what the fuck I am you guys are so sick you think everyone else acts and thinks like your nasty mind
  • Ahmed Ayaz
    Ahmed Ayaz Год назад no one want see your gay shit
  • Ben
    Ben Год назад A true petrol-head I wanna see that video of you and your gay friend 😂
  • dlite1972
    dlite1972 Год назад Are we ever going to to get an auto v auto review ? Every time the golf is reviewed it’s in manual 🙄
    YANG ZHI Год назад They always review golf r in manual and drag race with auto Audi rs3 or s3.
  • Gaz Packer
    Gaz Packer Год назад I think these cars are the same pair on each review recorded at the same time. I guess the point is that neither would lose. They’re identical mechanically.
  • freibier
    freibier Год назад (изменено) Still, in every review of the Golf R, it has the manual gearbox, loses the dragrace and it is "if you want better performance and more comfort while cruising, get this other car with the automatic gearbox". What I'd really like to see is Golf R auto vs Audi S3 auto and if the cars have different performance due to one of them weighing more, having different suspension or a different tune (according to VW themselves, the DSG version is 0.5s faster 0-100 km/h than the manual version). And who knows, maybe the verdict then could have been "both are nice for cruising with their auto gearboxes, the S3 has a bit nicer interior, but with similar options the Audi costs much more and it's not really worth it". But it seems we will never know because apparently the only Golf R which is ever available for reviews is this one with the manual gearbox...
  • Zuhdi
    Zuhdi Год назад freibier i have an s3 and i have raced 3 different golf rs’ on the road and we were stuck next to each other from 0 till 170kmph every single time.
  • Ben Potgieter
    Ben Potgieter Год назад Porsche Z must’ve been dsg Golfs then
  • Zuhdi
    Zuhdi Год назад Ben Potgieter definitely, no one buys manuals where I live
  • Rain Revere
    Rain Revere Год назад Exactly, for once I'd just like to see an auto vs auto drag race. Everyone knows the DSG is faster than the manual so its a waste of time racing them.
  • Mock z
    Mock z Год назад Agreed
  • Sava
    Sava 6 месяцев назад YANG ZHI 😂😂😂
  • World Traveler东北
    World Traveler东北 1 месяц назад @YANG ZHI ikr
  • hama king
    hama king Год назад I will choose the audi !
  • Canvastigate
    Canvastigate Год назад hama king So you are choosing the Volkswagen .. if you know what I mean ^^
  • hama king
    hama king Год назад bodega147 what u mean
  • Canvastigate
    Canvastigate Год назад (изменено) VW owns Audi...
  • Fateh
    Fateh Год назад bodega147 hahahaha
  • lad 1312
    lad 1312 Год назад Haha Bodega King!
  • Ahmed Ayaz
    Ahmed Ayaz Год назад aUdI iS JuSt AnOtHer vW dar hur
  • johnny g
    johnny g 8 месяцев назад I will choose your mum
  • Riki Alex
    Riki Alex Год назад It is surprising for a golf to be a fun car??? Golf was always fun, since mk1 GTI 💁🏼‍♂️
  • TheBazzzer
    TheBazzzer Год назад Just take a Seat Leon ST 300 4Drive. More space, better looks, same tech, slightly less interior quality (still good) and save 6-10k
  • AB
    AB Год назад (изменено) New S class vs New Audi A8 vs BMW 7 series comparison review plzz plzz plzz reply carwow🙏🙏
  • GSC-LOL-islem
    GSC-LOL-islem Год назад Golf R with DSG any day
  • Constantin Habsburg-Lothringen
    Constantin Habsburg-Lothringen 4 месяца назад Hahahaha i love you! Best car reviews by far
  • Gary Taylor
    Gary Taylor Год назад What's the big deal about leather seats. I'd much prefer cloth seats. I think leather being seen as the must have luxury for car upholstery is a bit Emperor's New Clothes. I do think the interior of a Golf GTI looks better than the Golf R.
  • squala
    squala Год назад Gary Taylor, the GTI looks better overall, unmistakable for a normal Golf unlike the R.
  • Georgi Ivanov
    Georgi Ivanov Год назад Leather is simply the superior material. Wears better, lasts longer, smells better and is way easier to clean. It also looks more expensive and [subjectively] nicer. But if a manufacturer gives you leather as standard, they should give you the option for cloth seats for no extra cost.
  • Lox Lover
    Lox Lover Год назад Personally I'm not a fan of the black bits they added to the MK7.5. And black wheels are very "meh", regular 19" Pretorias look far more elegant. Also the R looks really nice inside at night, with the blue LED accents everywhere.
  • Mark Stefanac
    Mark Stefanac Год назад It also makes your nutsack cold in winter and glues the said nutsack during the summer. And don't start with the "ventilators and heat warmers" because that's an extra $$$, and a hefty extra $$$. Leather's mostly for pretensious ppl who haven't heard of anything else. Nice try, Georgi
  • Georgi Ivanov
    Georgi Ivanov Год назад Mark Stefanac I haven't said anything bad. Leather is objectively a better and more durable material than cloth. It also costs more. Heated seats come as standard on $20 000 vehicles these days. Leather interior may cost $5000, heated seats don't.
  • acid
    acid Год назад I've got a Golf R (2014 model) and it came with heated seats as standard. It's down to preference and I think it's better to have a choice. I will always choose leather because it's easier to maintain, especially if you have kids. Pretentiousness isn't relevant. Leather is a practical material and it's also natural and comfortable. One way you could protect your nutsack is by wearing clothes. ;-)
  • Georgi Ivanov
    Georgi Ivanov 11 месяцев назад Kaiten Sohal "Depends how you look after them". Real leather lasts literally forever if you moisturize it. With no cracks and tear unless you stab it with something sharp. Alcantara is leather lol...It is good, right?
  • David H
    David H 11 месяцев назад I LOVE leather seats. I won't but a car without them. Some part of it is obviously the posh look, but mostly it's because they're just so much nicer to sit in. They don't grab your pants when you get in, they're much easier to slide in and out, and they don't feel as claustrophobic as cloth seats tend to. Sure, they're cold in winter, but a) big deal, they don't stay cold long and b) that's what heated seats are for. As for summer heat... Not much you can do about they other than park in the shade :P It's a price I'm willing to pay.
  • Chad Nickerson
    Chad Nickerson 10 месяцев назад This plaid seats in my gti are so nice
  • Andy Bish
    Andy Bish 6 месяцев назад I'd probably have leather if I had an r but the standard tartan seats on my mark 7 git are iconic with the git name so no need to have leather
  • ashlie higgins
    ashlie higgins Год назад why not just get the golf with the DSG box.
  • Oliver Simpson
    Oliver Simpson 11 месяцев назад ashlie higgins your right
  • tyrone wellington
    tyrone wellington 8 месяцев назад 1800 for the auto in the golf. 1800 for leather. I agree test both with auto.
  • Sergiu Puscasu
    Sergiu Puscasu 6 месяцев назад The manual is more fun to drive, and it’s superior to any auto (making the Audi feel like the less-fun-to-drive car).
  • Ernie Flannel
    Ernie Flannel 6 месяцев назад Manual for drivers who can drive. Will last longer than DSG which might eat itself.
  • Niko Moin
    Niko Moin 3 месяца назад Why would u ever buy a manual in a car like a golf r
  • Sergiu Puscasu
    Sergiu Puscasu 3 месяца назад (изменено) @Niko Moin maybe you want to keep your car for a longer time. Obviously the DSG will fail at some point, and will require an expensive replacement. With the manual, it'll last forever. Plus manual trannies are associated with enthusiasts who like to drive. Automatics are associated with lazy people who can't drive manual, or average people who don't care about cars. Sure the DSG is faster, but it's not as fun as the manual.
  • Niko Moin
    Niko Moin 3 месяца назад Sergiu Puscasu im sorry i meant the other way around. Why would u ever buy a automatic“ ^^ my bad. I love manuals and it should be the only choice in a car like this
  • Sergiu Puscasu
    Sergiu Puscasu 3 месяца назад @Niko Moin no problem dude. The automatics on small cara are usually unreliable and rough. The Volkswagen auto transmission is nice to drive, but lots of people don't know how to maintain them, so they break.
  • k12rmy
    k12rmy 3 месяца назад @Sergiu Puscasu as long as u service the dsg it will never fall
  • Sergiu Puscasu
    Sergiu Puscasu 3 месяца назад @k12rmy yeah but the servicing costs way more than on a manual, or on other automatic transmissions from other car brands.
  • k12rmy
    k12rmy 3 месяца назад @Sergiu Puscasu dsg oil change doesn't cost much in the UK (£150) maybe.. And it's done every 60000 miles. Cost isn't even an issue.
  • Sergiu Puscasu
    Sergiu Puscasu 3 месяца назад (изменено) @k12rmy yeah, well not everyone lives in the UK. I certainly don't. Plus, if we're talking globally, DSG transmissions are still more expensive to maintain than other automatics. Because it's a dual-clitch tranny, it has the same cost of ownership as an expensive sports/super car, which is not ok in a cheap car like a volkswagen or a Skoda.
  • k12rmy
    k12rmy 3 месяца назад @Sergiu Puscasu vw are not cheap my friend. OK they are not on the level of merc BMW but they are not cheap!
  • Sergiu Puscasu
    Sergiu Puscasu 3 месяца назад @k12rmy of course they're not. But I mean cheap as in mainstream brand, and not luxury brand. But they are the most expensive non-luxury brand out there.
  • k12rmy
    k12rmy 3 месяца назад @Sergiu Puscasu which non luxury brand do you prefer? Audi?
  • Sergiu Puscasu
    Sergiu Puscasu 3 месяца назад @k12rmy Toyota, Honda, Kia or Hyundai.