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Regular Car Reviews: 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Published on Sep 11, 2013 447,779 views

We're going to visit Daddy today! His apartment building is nice. There are little sculpted bushes outside. I put my Hot Wheels on a fun ride though a little box before I go though the second door of his apartment building. Then we go to his living room. All his friends dress the same. They are so funny. Dad says he is coming home soon. He talks about his four friends who will give him a ride home. They are all named Goldberg! Sometimes one of the Goldbergs is there. He wears a tie and carries a business case.

Then, Daddy has to go to gym class. He said it is for grown-ups. Mom tells us it is time go and we get back into our Jeep and bounce home. She says Daddy will be able to play again soon. Mom says when Dad is done with grown-up-sleep-away school, we're all going to Dorny Park and Wildwater Kingdom! YAY

Big thanks to ZeroVersionTwo for supplying this Jeep Grand Cherokee for us to review. Check out his YouTube page here:

  • Wolfgang Kovac
    Wolfgang Kovac 5 лет назад Funny, the best Chrysler wasn't even designed by Chrysler.
  • Moet Chandon
    Moet Chandon 3 недели назад @elsydeon666 the charger and challenger are on Mercedes platforms. The intrepid is an AMC design.
  • Federal Reserve Funded Nazi Germany
    Federal Reserve Funded Nazi Germany 3 месяца назад elsydeon666 the federal reserve and bank of england funed the nazis so who are the real nazis?
  • elsydeon666
    elsydeon666 Год назад Also not designed by Chrysler - Dodge Intrepid, Charger, Challenger (The Demon and Hellcat are pimped out Eagle Premiers), Dodge Neon (AMC boys did that), WK2 Grand Cherokee (it's Mercedes Benz, WTF!? Jeeps kill Nazis, not get designed by them)
  • Colton Tweed
    Colton Tweed Год назад Yeah, the best Chrysler, and it still absolutely sucked
  • Wolfgang Kovac
    Wolfgang Kovac 4 года назад Yes, most definitely. 
  • eMAN
    eMAN 4 года назад This...the best Chrysler?
  • TeenageReloader7.62
    TeenageReloader7.62 2 года назад It actually is pretty jeepy. Despite it being unibody it does have a solid front and came with the 4.0L. That's just as much of a jeep as an XJ.
  • Wes Troop
    Wes Troop 2 месяца назад True that
  • Moby Green
    Moby Green 3 года назад A little disappointed by the picture you painted about the ZJ. It's a great vehicle, and with the I6. pretty much indestructible.
  • TheJacobShapiro
    TheJacobShapiro 2 месяца назад It’s not bad in a vacuum but compare it to a 4Runner from the same era and it falls apart.
  • Peacock Jive
    Peacock Jive 4 месяца назад Solid front axel too. He really doesn't know shit about suvs or pickups
  • Drew B
    Drew B 5 месяцев назад It's reliable but it's not a great vehicle. What you want to do is take that straight six and put it in a land rover, then you would have something capable off road and it will work. Best of both worlds. The ZJ is a glorified lifted car with 4WD and a solid front axle.
  • Gunnar Greene
    Gunnar Greene 9 месяцев назад Moby Green exactly, this guy doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about
  • worlddomin623
    worlddomin623 4 года назад Despite being a unibody vehicle, this Jeep still excels offroad, especially when it's built right.
  • Diet Coke
    Diet Coke 2 года назад But solid front axle doe
  • Arch Onix
    Arch Onix 3 года назад Odd watching these older videos and seeing how far RCR has come since.
  • GorillaMunchIsGood
    GorillaMunchIsGood 4 года назад THEY'RE MAKING SURGE AGAIN!! Now you can totally drink five Surges and decide your backyard is now Ivan's Offroad and bump into a young tree at 30 mph.
  • N A750
    N A750 6 месяцев назад Ive actually done that and the tree was fucked but minor scratches on the ol jeep
  • GorillaMunchIsGood
    GorillaMunchIsGood 4 года назад @twotailedavenger You have to get it through There is a special for Amazon Prime members- as I write this, it's $14 for twelve 16 oz cans.
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger 4 года назад seriously? who's making it?
  • tyler rentz
    tyler rentz 5 лет назад Don't call it a CAR
  • dunebasher1971
    dunebasher1971 2 месяца назад If it doesn't have an open flatbed in the rear that's totally separate from the passenger cab, it's not a truck.
  • Billaxle
    Billaxle Год назад Behold! The "Jeepmonculus"!
  • i am not the letter E
    i am not the letter E 3 года назад This is a unibody beast on wheels
  • CACressida
    CACressida 5 лет назад Jeep GC is a 4wd car just like the Nissan Pursefinder 2nd and 4th generations. Nothing more than a station wagon with a transfercase.
  • opmike343
    opmike343 5 лет назад There's nothing "truck" about this turd. It's a tall car.
  • Jack Cone
    Jack Cone 5 лет назад i love my 98 grand Cherokee, almost 200,000 miles and still going strong
  • Dale Cmaylo
    Dale Cmaylo 3 года назад I am about 75 reviews in and that "do anything" it had me laughing unlike anything I've seen this far. I'm going to watch all of your reviews, I hope you're getting paid decently for this amazing content.
  • QuadroNVS
    QuadroNVS 3 года назад I had the same feeling when I discovered this channel, I watch these videos everyday.
  • Richard Harrold
    Richard Harrold 5 лет назад Still quite a few of these around here in the UK. That AMC 4.0 litre straight six is one of the best sounding engines ever and it seems pretty much indestructible.
  • Chris Warren
    Chris Warren Год назад Just went with a mate and he bought on my advice (!) a 1997 UK 4.0 Orvis ZJ. It's wonderful. No rust, awesome engine, great equipment and we're gonna tow a big German Hobby 26' long caravan to Greece with it! Fantastic cars
  • Nighthunter47
    Nighthunter47 3 года назад To each their own I guess lol :p
  • Richard Harrold
    Richard Harrold 3 года назад @LastGeicoCaveman Meh, another pushrod crossplane V8... heard enough of those to last me a lifetime.
  • Nighthunter47
    Nighthunter47 3 года назад Nothing sounds breathtaking as the 5.9L that they put into these cars though ;)
  • aramchek
    aramchek 3 года назад +Richard Harrold It really is, I love when I have a chance to pass someone and just unleash that beautiful roar upon unsuspecting car drivers..and the little backfire it always gives off when you let back off just adds to it. It sounds like an angry god getting ready for war.
  • CamaroAmx
    CamaroAmx 5 лет назад I agree, exspecialy since I drive a 95 Jeep Cherokee SE, powered by the AMC 4.0l inline 6 and it currently has 207,000 miles on it.
  • tmf344
    tmf344 5 лет назад Gotta agree with you about that 4.0 engine sound man, my uncle and aunt used to own one of these and it always sounded just so beastly.
  • Nazareno Fernandez
    Nazareno Fernandez 2 года назад Love my '98 5.9 limited, i have it for 8 years. I did off-roading, road trips, everything, not a single problem.
  • jump oricakle
    jump oricakle 4 года назад I still see these on the road all time and from what I've read they are really reliable cars
  • Brononamous98
    Brononamous98 Год назад My friend has a 98 grand cherokee. Still won't die, but requires a lot of maintenance....ALOT!
  • Mc Earl
    Mc Earl 2 года назад I have a 96, it was my grandmothers that I had to buy for KBB off of my aunts and dad (I didn't expect it for free but a good deal woulda been nice). It's been a good vehicle, it has needed some normal parts but they are all dirt cheap and easily done by myself, it's never left me stranded and in snow it's pretty much a tank. I don't do hardcore off roading but some getting to remote areas. It's never not gotten me to where I wanna go. It's not fast at all and gets shit gas mileage but I like it. I'll probably end up passing it on to my son in a few years when he turns 16. It has 120k on it and has always been garaged so it's in really good condition other than a few scratches from exiting a garage with the door being still down...twice.
  • Zack Salter
    Zack Salter 3 года назад @Anthony Pomes I never said they weren't. lol. 
  • Anthony Pomes
    Anthony Pomes 3 года назад +Zack Salter The regular Cherokee XJ is the same unibody and one of the most off road capable vehicle's ever made.
  • fibelow
    fibelow 3 года назад +Jacob Dye They didn't make a V6 ZJ
  • Jacob Dye
    Jacob Dye 3 года назад @jump oricakle Yeah my parents almost got a used 03 grand cherokee V8 and the previous owners had no problems with it. My aunts was a V6 so that could be the difference. Or they improved their reliability a lot in 5 years. 
  • jump oricakle
    jump oricakle 3 года назад @Jacob Dye hit or miss I guess. if I were in the market for a cheap SUV I would look around for one though and have the gas tank issue fixed.  
  • Jacob Dye
    Jacob Dye 3 года назад +jump oricakle My aunt had tons of problems with her 98 grand cherokee. She now owns a Prius.
  • Zack Salter
    Zack Salter 3 года назад +jump oricakle He's not saying they're unrealiable. He's saying they weren't SUVs in the same sense as the Explorer or s10/k5 blazer was. It was unibody, which was something only found on cars back then. An SUV was a body on frame truck with an enclosed bed. This was just different and unorthodox.
  • Jparadis87
    Jparadis87 4 года назад @jump oricakle Not really...
  • jump oricakle
    jump oricakle 4 года назад @Warning, Danger To Manifold ! that's to be expected on a 20+ year old car.  
  • Jparadis87
    Jparadis87 4 года назад @jump oricakle I see them for sale all the time and they all require one of everything
  • Jonathan Garneau-Reid
    Jonathan Garneau-Reid 4 года назад Trust me, I'd rather have my ZJ than a brand new car. Things may not have broken at good times, but at least I'm not paying $500+ for a similarly equipped Jeep or other brand. I have the original window sticker, MSRP was $32k back then, $49k adjusted for inflation. I only paid $1900 for it on eBay. Plus, I can do most of the work myself(former pep boys mechanic of 3 years, currently a lube tech at a truck stop).
  • jump oricakle
    jump oricakle 4 года назад @Jonathan Garneau-Reid being a jeep they do require some maintenance but it's the engine that counts on reliability. sure they're gas guzzlers but I know a lot of people who would rather pay more for gas on a reliable old car than pay a 4 digit car payment+insurance on a new car with high MPG.
  • Jonathan Garneau-Reid
    Jonathan Garneau-Reid 4 года назад @jump oricakle I can kinda attest to that. I own a 96 with the 5.2 V8, and it's not too bad. 231k miles on it, original trans, but had to replace the governor and governor sensor(there's an old TSB on it), water pump(was original), front driveshaft(twice), alternator, and starter. Over 200k on everything that was replaced. It's a gas guzzler, but it IS a 5.2L V8 with Quadra-Trac full time 4x4, just like the one in the video(see 1:50. has 4 all time, neutral, and 4Lo, Lo is a central lock). Fun truck. A Cherrybomb Turbo muffler gives an extra 7hp and tq.
  • Stuff stuff and More stuff
    Stuff stuff and More stuff 2 года назад Btw the 5.9l made 245hp not 230 but t made 345ft lbs of torque which made it the fastest SUV in the world in 1998
  • Kiddomike
    Kiddomike 3 года назад LOL'd at bootleg Acoustic Alchemy tapes.
  • Anthony Pomes
    Anthony Pomes 3 года назад You realize that the regular Cherokee of that vintage ( XJ ) is also a unibody right? The Grand Cherokee you reviewed here has a solid front axle and a bullet proof 4.0. It is a fantastic off road capable vehicle
  • Gabe Tabor
    Gabe Tabor Год назад He doesn't know what he's talking about but he does it in a funny voice.
  • Javontae Eaddy
    Javontae Eaddy Год назад SaturnValleyGamer BAAAAHAAAHHAAAA
  • Have Drone Will Travel
    Have Drone Will Travel Год назад You also suspected the XJ was not unibody. So we see your track record with your automotive prowess. The ZJ has a stiffer structure than the XJ according to Jeep.
  • Dilly Dally
    Dilly Dally 2 года назад I have a 95 XJ. It is most certainly unibody. The frame is spot welded to the floor pans from front to back. The suspension has nothing to do with whether it is unibody or not, either.
  • Sparx Xraps
    Sparx Xraps 2 года назад it absolutly is unibody
  • Nick Sorrell
    Nick Sorrell 3 года назад +Rick James hut yuu ok
  • Nick Sorrell
    Nick Sorrell 3 года назад +Rick James hut yuu ok
  • Nick Sorrell
    Nick Sorrell 3 года назад +Rick James hut yuu ok
  • Sean M
    Sean M 3 года назад I think you'll find the body is stronger in the ZJ. They are heavier and support a V8 after all. XJ has its benefits though (lighter, AW4, less electronics).
  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith 3 года назад @Anthony Pomes Ok. Yes, technically the XJ is a unibody construction (I was wrong), but it's sort of a hybrid, since there is a subframe that is welded into the body and supports leaf springs for the rear suspension. This is different from the ZJ, which has coils on all four wheels. I suspect the frame is softer on the ZJ, too.
  • Anthony Pomes
    Anthony Pomes 3 года назад +Nathan Smith it absolutely is. I've owned them. You're wrong
  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith 3 года назад The XJ is not unibody.
  • thelonelyfry
    thelonelyfry 3 года назад +SaturnValleyGamer RIP
  • SaturnValleyGamer
    SaturnValleyGamer 3 года назад +EqualsThreeable I heard that too, it wasn't true on my trip to Chicago though..
  • Drum Solo From In the Air Tonight
    Drum Solo From In the Air Tonight 3 года назад +EqualsThreeable cough cough Jay Leno cough
  • EqualsThreeable
    EqualsThreeable 3 года назад +Anthony Pomes bulletproof, yeah, ive heard that before
  • adam s
    adam s 1 день назад Wasn't the 5.9 a one year one model engine only ???
  • Interceptor810
    Interceptor810 4 года назад I clicked on this vid because I thought it was an actual review but what I saw was so much better
  • Nicholas Spring
    Nicholas Spring Год назад Welcome to RCR
  • pioneerz450
    pioneerz450 2 года назад This one is a classic :) "Suck More Gas"
  • crayonfish2
    crayonfish2 2 года назад Interceptor810 ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.
  • pioneerz450
    pioneerz450 4 года назад you have seen the light!
  • Brandon diesel
    Brandon diesel 3 года назад I love my ZJ it has its issues but what vehicle don't. I've out wheeled plenty of other jeeps and yotas in mine
  • Car Geeks Anonymous
    Car Geeks Anonymous 5 лет назад The Eagle has landed.