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Published on Apr 1, 2017 9,579,719 views

This is a try not to laugh challenge and I'm pretty sure most of you will fail! Funny animals are the best! Just look how all these dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, goats, parrots, horses,... behave, play, fail, make funny sounds, react to different things, feel guilty... So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favourite clip? :) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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"Monkeys Spinning Monkeys" Kevin MacLeod (
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  • Blue Bottle
    Blue Bottle Год назад The animals were funny but the humans were stupid.
  • Rhea Parmar
    Rhea Parmar Год назад Dark Matter This comment made me laugh...👌👌actually
  • F. Robin
    F. Robin Год назад Rhea Parmar uhvgv
  • Dan Daneii
    Dan Daneii Год назад So your saying we're stupid? #EXPOSED
  • KijwDupie
    KijwDupie Год назад Maybe you are bitch, animals are more stupid than the stupidest human on the earth, even you.
  • Jazz Z
    Jazz Z Год назад KijwDupie animals r more loyal nd honest then u
  • FunCompilations
    FunCompilations Год назад humans are always stupid
  • seheadhunter50
    NAILAHDAILY LIFE Год назад The Phantom go subscribe to my channel and watch what I uploaded
  • Yogender Tanwar
    Yogender Tanwar 1 месяц назад Humans are stupid and evil dude
  • Elizabeth Meraz
    Elizabeth Meraz Неделю назад @Yogender Tanwar are u saying u are stupid and evil too?? EXPOSED
  • Yogender Tanwar
    Yogender Tanwar Неделю назад @Elizabeth Meraz are you not human😭 Alien spotted👽👽
  • Animals Daily Life styles
    Animals Daily Life styles 5 дней назад So imagination🤔
  • Evil Mofo
    Evil Mofo 2 дня назад Blue Bottle that’s normal
  • Chi Ni Mon
    Chi Ni Mon 1 день назад Tony baker should voice over this 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
  • George
  • njide chukwumezie
    njide chukwumezie Неделю назад 5:51: The point in a child's life when bugs become disgusting...
  • Linda Burton
    Linda Burton 22 часа назад Nope, didn't laugh at all. Downright mean.
  • Tourmaline The Drawing Noob
    Tourmaline The Drawing Noob Год назад 9:36 the kitten was eating its mother's butt. Why?
  • bopha
    bopha Год назад the smell is interesting for it. they like to smell awful things for a long time
  • molly fraser
    molly fraser Год назад That is a little disturbing
  • Jordan Tupou
    Jordan Tupou Год назад ZeroPoint Black wtf 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Oriette Mesika
    Oriette Mesika Год назад Autumn Tourmaline I saw
    SETSUNA Год назад Because 'you gotta eat the booty like grocery's'
  • Roy Veldboom
    Roy Veldboom Год назад got hooked up to the wrong system
  • Joel Middleton
    Joel Middleton Год назад Dogs sniff each other's butts. But for a cat to being doing that is kind of wierd
    The BORKINATOR Год назад Joel M My parents current cat must be weird then. She's all about that butt sniffing when it comes to my dog and my parents previous cat when she was still with us lol. Even stands still for my dog to let her sniff her freaking butt!
  • michelle oneill
    michelle oneill Год назад pictures of paranormal to scare you
  • FML Foxtrot
    FML Foxtrot Год назад the food isnt totally digested and sometimes animals eat the poo for a second go at getting the nutrients 🤢
  • Im_A_Mistake I'm a girl lel
    Im_A_Mistake I'm a girl lel Год назад SETSUNA oh wow. noice!!
  • Nyctohylophiliac
    Nyctohylophiliac Год назад There's no way I'd trust a pit bull that snaps like that around a cat.
  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin Год назад Cuz u gotta eat ass like grocerys
  • Em Z
    Em Z Год назад dont assume its a pitbull and please stop hating the breed it is a sweet breed and did it touch the cat it gave warnings and the cat didnt listen
  • Nyctohylophiliac
    Nyctohylophiliac Год назад I don't hate the breed, but some breeds are more prone to violence than others, that's just reality. A dog snapping is a bad sign full stop, never mind with a breed like a pit bull and especially when the cat wasn't really doing anything.
    MAGIC CONCH Год назад (изменено) You do realize that dogs and cats that live with each other snap at one another on a regular basis. I have a both a cat and a boxer and they go at it all the time. The dog just wanted the cat to leave the squirrel alone. And don't just assume the cat wasn't doing anything previously before the video was made. For all we know, the cat tries to harass that squirrel all the time. Don't get your panties in a bunch over such a little thing as that.
  • Nyctohylophiliac
    Nyctohylophiliac Год назад You must have some form of reading comprehension issues (or autism) if you think I'm the one getting my "panties in a bunch".
    MAGIC CONCH Год назад Obviously you did if you felt the need to comment on the dogs behavior. And for you to resort to insulting me instead of further proving your point over mine, then I suppose that just confirms that you have your panties in a bunch sir.
  • O-mega Supreme
    O-mega Supreme Год назад Autumn Tourmaline She bout 2 shit this out...... he said he gna eat 1 way or ANOTHA.
    NAILAHDAILY LIFE Год назад Tourmaline The Drawing Noob go subscribe to my channel and watch what I uploaded
  • Louise Jones
    Louise Jones Год назад Its ass milk
  • UnholyUndies
    UnholyUndies Год назад kind of messed up begging for subscribers on other people's channels.
  • Bhatt Hole
    Bhatt Hole Год назад Shut it, pansy.
  • grover rambo
    grover rambo 11 месяцев назад Tourmaline- It's one of those liberal incest things!
  • Declan Joseph
    Declan Joseph 8 месяцев назад She might be both uploading and downloading data
  • Séamus Meally
    Séamus Meally 6 месяцев назад every one likes pussy hahahaha
  • AnneARcTiCa
    AnneARcTiCa 4 месяца назад They clean each other, that's why.
  • Aashika Sharma
    Aashika Sharma 4 месяца назад Becausebwhatvtye mother ate it would come out if her ass so the kitty decides to eat it from there........ hey I mean dont judge but you gotta do whach ya gotta do
  • sppencer
    sppencer 3 месяца назад (изменено) cause it feels good
  • Lori
    Lori 2 месяца назад @Nyctohylophiliac It wasn't a pitbull.
  • Dark Wonders
    Dark Wonders 2 месяца назад bopha, and it was a male.
  • TaintedMojo
    TaintedMojo Неделю назад He’s from West Virginia
  • Chi Ni Mon
    Chi Ni Mon 1 день назад He taught a fish was in their
  • Beautiful Life
    Beautiful Life 1 месяц назад (изменено) 6:10 <3 my favourite part :D this monkey was so amazed I just love the reaction! :D
  • Mary Ann Yadao
    Mary Ann Yadao 3 дня назад 4:55 hhahahahahahahahahah!!!! 🤣🤣😂😂
  • Kristaria Bixon
    Kristaria Bixon 2 месяца назад I remember a praying mantis scared the shit out of me when I was 10 on a swing, sitting still then sudden jump to my face, like the boy, on 6:02
  • MichaelAnthony Saenz
    MichaelAnthony Saenz Неделю назад (6:27) Made me laugh so hard... I dont know why, but it did haha
  • Josh C
    Josh C Год назад That bulldog made a small waterfall
  • molly fraser
    molly fraser Год назад Ranger Josh omg i thought i was the only one who noticed that
  • Roy Veldboom
    Roy Veldboom Год назад Now that smartass dog owner can clean up all the slobber in his car
  • pang yunt fung
    pang yunt fung Год назад Ranger Josh he was purposely making the dog wanted to eat the burger!!!
  • David Blaze
    David Blaze Год назад But why thats so fucking disgusting he probably doesnt even clean it up because oh hes such an animal lover gtfo
  • Aiden Bumgarner
    Aiden Bumgarner Год назад David Blaze you stop talking like that unless you have somtin good to say
  • David Blaze
    David Blaze Год назад keep it low lil bumgarner
  • Raj Jagtiani
    Raj Jagtiani Год назад David Blaze jjh6i
  • MAKAB36
    MAKAB36 Год назад he should be reported to the spca.
  • ChaosStar
    ChaosStar Год назад Ranger Josh fosho lol nasty
  • Bryant Roscoe
    Bryant Roscoe Год назад Ranger Josh disgusting
  • Yoko Mcgowan
    Yoko Mcgowan Год назад Ranger Josh ll
  • Tim Farley
    Tim Farley 6 месяцев назад Lol. I agree.
  • Andrea Sophie Thøfner Angel
    Andrea Sophie Thøfner Angel 5 месяцев назад Josh C yes its so ugly
  • B and M
    B and M 5 месяцев назад Josh C gross!
  • Chandra Nath
    Chandra Nath 4 месяца назад L Xxx. pom
  • Sean Duddy
    Sean Duddy 3 месяца назад Lol
  • Darsey Straub
    Darsey Straub 2 месяца назад Nasty
  • Hanan Nimri
    Hanan Nimri 8 месяцев назад The seagull didn’t pay for the chips.
  • K Swanson
    K Swanson 2 недели назад Hanan Nimri but he told the cashier to charge it to his account
  • SuliemanTheGreat
    SuliemanTheGreat 3 дня назад The seagull told the cashier to just put it on his ....BILL!!!!
  • Robert Schwegler
    Robert Schwegler 2 дня назад Word is,it got caught by their own Cops and it has been sentenced for 2 Weeks no flying.😜
  • Allen Jesse
    Allen Jesse Год назад The Guy with the snake got me...Damn It...i was 5 minutes away frok not laughing...LOL
  • Francy
    Francy 3 недели назад 8:19 girls when they get their period
  • hongjoong addict
    hongjoong addict 2 недели назад is dat hongjoong?
  • Thomas Klaue
    Thomas Klaue 2 дня назад 6:08 stop crying douchbag
  • ThresholdShift Productions
    ThresholdShift Productions Год назад 3:06-3:22 proceeds to casually walk in, obviously steal a bag of chips, walk out without paying, and not get arrested for shoplifting/theft
  • Maria Marie
    Maria Marie Год назад TC Music that seagull just walked in like he owned the place 😹😹😹
  • Artecue Studios
    Artecue Studios Год назад TC Music Wish I could do that lol
  • John Tristan
    John Tristan Год назад #ThuglifeSeagull
  • xWolfiix
    xWolfiix Год назад TC Music hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahababahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  • Hailey Golland
    Hailey Golland Год назад oh ya
  • Hailey Golland
    Hailey Golland Год назад that was funny
  • Cassidy Kannenberg
    Cassidy Kannenberg Год назад Hailey Golland ikr it kinda made me laugh
  • Nightx974
    Nightx974 Год назад (изменено) is it because he was a white
  • Mala Družina igrica
    Mala Družina igrica Год назад TC Music i
  • ThresholdShift Productions
    ThresholdShift Productions Год назад Nightx974 Let's not bring race into this
  • O P
    O P Год назад TC Music
  • Welther47
    Welther47 Год назад You did notice that is wasn't a human, right?
  • F. Tillotson
    F. Tillotson Год назад no lol
  • RXdash78
    RXdash78 Год назад Tht's the difference between a theif and an artist. A thief steals from you when your back is turned. An artists takes what he wants while you are looking right at him.
  • - SwanCake -
    - SwanCake - Год назад TC Music shop lifting seagull XD
  • Eisendrache2
    Eisendrache2 Год назад All I could hear was: "Mine, mine,mine..." and when he was about to leave the building: ".....mine."
  • leo valdez
    leo valdez Год назад TC Music gta 5 seagull mod
  • Fred Chappell
    Fred Chappell Год назад He made sure it was Cheetos lol
  • Pam Stinson
    Pam Stinson Год назад Fred Chappell 0l m llo lp lp p00? 0
  • RyanDuzThings
    RyanDuzThings Год назад I thought humans were savaged but now animals are becoming young thugs? danm.
  • seheadhunter50
  • Maria da Conceição Borges
    Maria da Conceição Borges Год назад TC Music gshvdj xkwopnxjxks
  • Zenthr [ZombsRoyale]
    Zenthr [ZombsRoyale] Год назад seheadhunter50 lol
  • Ahmet Eskimo
    Ahmet Eskimo Год назад TC Music ö
    ᏴᏞᎪΖΞΚᎥΝᏀ Год назад TC Music if I was there I would’ve been like Bitch...are you gonna pay for that walks out Sigh...
  • RyanDuzThings
    RyanDuzThings Год назад Legend has it he never opened the bag.
  • shafi K A
    shafi K A Год назад Ambatty
  • Patricia Hawsey
    Patricia Hawsey Год назад TC Music is 0oo
  • Hải Vũ
    Hải Vũ Год назад 😉 monkey baby funny
  • Blake
    Blake Год назад Like a Boss!
  • megan ,
    megan , Год назад TC Music room
  • MrTerror923
    MrTerror923 11 месяцев назад he had the gall to shoplift in plain day,
  • Maaike Halman
    Maaike Halman 11 месяцев назад Hoe schrijf je mens-erger-je-nieten
  • Nasiem Ashruf
    Nasiem Ashruf 10 месяцев назад Put it on my tab boi
  • Just a simple YouTube account.
    Just a simple YouTube account. 7 месяцев назад TC Music he’s vip.
  • Ahmed Moawad
    Ahmed Moawad 3 месяца назад TC Music جج
  • Roslina Baharudin
    Roslina Baharudin 2 месяца назад hai i love you
  • Lynn Hirn
    Lynn Hirn 2 месяца назад @Maria Marie à mp
  • Why is this a thing
    Why is this a thing 1 месяц назад Call the police on that bird
    WWE ARABIC 3 дня назад (изменено) 3:05 thug life
  • outlawstars100
    outlawstars100 Неделю назад 8.07 sounds like a human soul trapped in a dog's body after she pissed off a witch
  • Lori Dupee
    Lori Dupee 1 месяц назад Omg good try not to laugh but I laught at the tube one with the dog that it's two back lags were draging on the snow
  • Vijay diwaakar
    Vijay diwaakar Год назад I failed at 0:45, when the dog hits his balls for slapping.