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2017 Italian Grand Prix: Best Onboards

Published on Sep 5, 2017 1,051,542 views

From a storming start by Max Verstappen to a last lap battle between Williams' drivers Lance Stroll and Felipe Massa, Monza served up its fair share of high-speed thrills this year.

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  • v10 f1
    v10 f1 Год назад "He cut the chicken!" ~Fernando Alonso
  • michel Molekela
    michel Molekela 4 месяца назад Lol
  • Tommy the master
    Tommy the master 3 месяца назад Chicken head
  • michel Molekela
    michel Molekela 3 месяца назад Wow
  • michel Molekela
    michel Molekela 3 месяца назад @Tommy the master to be fair your profile looks like one
  • astroandyborgloh
    astroandyborgloh 2 месяца назад So Fernando can use him to work in his restaurant?
  • Nobite Vissariónovich Cheeseburger
    Nobite Vissariónovich Cheeseburger Год назад Like 'em vunerable
  • Thomas Fulton
    Thomas Fulton Год назад 1:34 mercedes op straight line speed
  • Plop plop
    Plop plop Год назад 1:42 Kimi shit on the brakes
  • Nick Bainbridge
    Nick Bainbridge 9 месяцев назад (изменено) Christopher Everson When a driver pulls in front you lose all front wing downforce and you have to brake early. Vettel didn't do that at the French GP this year and smacked into a mercedes because of it
  • Harry Verolme
    Harry Verolme Год назад If you watch the battle between Stroll, Massa and Perez like this, it seems that Massa was covering Stroll so he could maintain his position and keep Checo behind. He could have gone past after the chicane, but he held his spot and took no risks so both drivers could finish as they were. Nicely done guys!
  • Wandi Marjono
    Wandi Marjono Год назад Harry Verolme well, that because they are not Force India thou..
  • Mauricio Landos
    Mauricio Landos Год назад Harry Verolme he realised stroll wasnt thinking of giving his position, so his experience told him to step back otherwise an accident could happen. I also think massa was a good guy and knew holding his position will boost stroll confidence which is good for the team
  • Felipe Massa
    Felipe Massa Год назад Mauricio Landos ye mate that's me I'm a nice guy
  • VR Slipstream
    VR Slipstream Год назад Felipe Massa Fernando is faster than you. :P
  • TvLOverdose
    TvLOverdose Год назад Mauricio I dont think Massa thinks about boosting Strolls confidence in the heat of the moment like that in the last lap. Afterwards he may say otherwise but i dont really think someone could think about that in such a hectic sitiuation
  • Dan
    Dan Год назад VR Slipstream but at least Massa has a working engine
  • Dan
    Dan Год назад TvLOverdose Massa is a smart guy, his mind was probably telling him that a 7-8 finish was better then Perez between them, so he used himself as a barrier.
  • Salad Fingers
    Salad Fingers Год назад Force India should take notes, lol.
  • schplafff
    schplafff Год назад Yup ! He's experienced enough to know you don't banzaï your own team mate on the last lap to (maybe) move up to 7th place.
  • Mauricio Landos
    Mauricio Landos Год назад (изменено) SaladFingers yep, perez lools likes the guy who wants to show who's boss cause he has more experience than his teammate, while massa looks the guys who would put his proud aside if he knows is better for the team. Just my opinion
  • Eusford PT
    Eusford PT Год назад I hate Perez's pride more than our most hated driver on this season!
  • listen to my mixtape its fire
    listen to my mixtape its fire Год назад Just shows the difference between a veteran's mind vs. the younger drivers!
  • yelistener
    yelistener Год назад (изменено) Massa knows it's important to not piss off Stroll's check paying dad. He wouldnt pass Stroll unless it was an obvious easy go. Massa isn't really aiming at any high ground at this point of his career. He knows he's racing this season for paychecks, and being a co-operative driver with the team is critical if he wants to be offered a contract for 2018. It's business.
  • inflatable2
    inflatable2 Год назад Perez stil has a lot to drive for in F1 and needs to show what he can do to maybe get into a better team and car.. Massa is possibly in his last season of F1 and has nothing to prove anymore.. You cannot compare the two at all, they are in completely different situations of their F1 career..
  • Hermann26
    Hermann26 Год назад Well, I don't think so. MAS had a better exit but there was no space or his reactions were too slow. MAS is not a driver to stick behind anymore. He would go side by side if he realized his advantage. But nice that you mentioned it, didn't see it like that before.
  • Dom
    Dom Год назад I thought it was good racecraft from Stroll to keep Massa behind. He pretty much parked it on the apex to stop Massa getting good corner exit, then showed him the outside line keeping the inside, then parked on the curb again. Hamilton did similar to Vettel in Spa. Good stuff!
  • 87037244
    87037244 Год назад yep, it's pretty clear that Massa didn't want to do something stupid to slow down both Williams and give an opportunity to the FI behind.
  • Roberson Cassol
    Roberson Cassol Год назад Massa have a lot of xp, he don't force more because Stroll is your team mate and no take any risk for your team.
  • jarso
    jarso Год назад Verstappen tripla: pushin off the track, turn into another driver, move under braking. All this in one GP, nice one.
  • Ronaldo Nunes
    Ronaldo Nunes Год назад Harry Verolme
  • Jejking
    Jejking Год назад I don't think he ever had a shot of going through, through there. He wasn't close enough Harry. Good result nonetheless!
  • Firemarioflower
    Firemarioflower Год назад Massa did have a damaged front wing thx to Crash-Happen so his car was a bit on the back foot compared to Stroll
  • Tristan Cassel
    Tristan Cassel Год назад You know who impresses me every week? Ricardo - outstanding wheel to wheel driver, smart yet aggressive when he can afford to be.
  • Akshat Singh
    Akshat Singh Год назад Alonso and Palmer Better love story than Twilight
  • Nick Kapetanias
    Nick Kapetanias Год назад Amrita Singh KARMA
  • Udit Vaish
    Udit Vaish Год назад Amrita Singh Literally the third Indian person I've met that watches formula 1 O.O
  • Akshat Singh
    Akshat Singh Год назад Udit Vaish why?
  • Noora Kadiri
    Noora Kadiri Год назад Udit Vaish hey same here
  • Avaruusrangeri
    Avaruusrangeri Год назад Battle of the Finns was the best
  • Magri
    Magri Год назад I actually believe it's Alonso who pushes Palmer off-track. Alonso dives from way back and barely makes the corner, so Palmer had to go off-track to avoid him. I believe Alonso deserved a penalty there as well.
  • Krabbenwulst
    Krabbenwulst Год назад If Palmer did what he was supposed to do in that case he wouldnt have gottan a penalty. Even if u think alonso broke a rule you cant punish it by breaking a rule too
  • Hergen
    Hergen Год назад totally agree
  • Mazok
    Mazok Год назад MarcG1995 Alonso was in front after the breaks you blind. Pause the video on 2:28 at the part before palmer cut the chicane. How is in front???
  • Magri
    Magri Год назад Lol I love how some people these days don't have any respect anymore... "you blind..." Well if that's the way you treat people, here ya go: Look stupid fuck, Palmer was ahead when they got to the braking zone. If you can't see that, then you're blind yourself. Alonso braked way too late and barely made the corner, thus pushing Palmer off-track. If you can't see that, then you're either a stupid fanboy, or you're just a dumb fuck.
  • omar khan
    omar khan Год назад Lol ITs a JOKEEEE JOKEEEEEEEE ! ALonso has officially lost it i think thanks to HOnda.
  • 13Xerro
    13Xerro Год назад I agree, originally I thought Palmer had been silly, but looking at the onboard, it's clear Alonso brakes too late, deviates off his line, and forces Palmer off the circuit. Palmer had won the right to some of the road, Alonso gave none. If Palmer had taken the corner they would have crashed the only option he was left with was to leave the track, and apparently the FIA views that as fine, but Palmer continuing their battle down the next straight after being forced off track is wrong. :/
  • Magri
    Magri Год назад Yes I do agree Palmers penalty was rightfully given, though Alonso should've got one too for forcing him off. And not just here, in Spa he should've got one too.
  • fixfix09
    fixfix09 Год назад (изменено) MarcG1995 There's only space to one car on that chicane. If there are two, the inside one is most likely going to squeeze the outside one off the track, althought the opposite can happen too.
  • Magri
    Magri Год назад That still doesn't justify Alonso braking too late and thus pushing Palmer off-track.
  • fixfix09
    fixfix09 Год назад (изменено) And for example, Massa was already in front of Stroll, but then he almost "gave him back" the position because Stroll was on the inside, and there's just no space.
  • Magri
    Magri Год назад Yeah well, he didn't do that with Verstappen, did he? XD
  • fixfix09
    fixfix09 Год назад (изменено) MarcG1995 Yes that's correct, but I think in that chicane there's more space though, and it's Massa that approaches it on the inside.
  • Hermann26
    Hermann26 Год назад Do u see the gap before and after that 'incident'? No advantage for PAL as he rejoined the track SIDE BY SIDE to ALO. God damn it, FIA. There had the same order before.
  • Ben Thrussell
    Ben Thrussell Год назад If you look, Palmer moves across Alonso while he is still alongside, forcing Alonso to take a tight line in. That's why he ran wide in the first place
  • Matt Bolt
    Matt Bolt Год назад MarcG1995 but palmer cut into the inside racing line when he should have seen alonso coming and took the outside one. Watch it again, palmer started to turn in too sharply and was head for the apex and a hence a crash with alonso. When he realises his mistake he corrects quickly but by the time thats happened hes going in a straight line again and hence off track.