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Stupid People Fail ep 2 (RANDOM 25MINUTES)

Published on Jul 14, 2013 5,555,571 views

  • Mr S. T. Range
    Mr S. T. Range 3 года назад if you skateboard wear a NUT GUARD
  • S.S Toor
    S.S Toor 3 года назад lol
  • Cheesy Toast
    Cheesy Toast 3 года назад If you skateboard wear an everything guard.
    SPARTAN085B 3 года назад If you're a skateboarder, DIE.
  • Joshplays16
    Joshplays16 2 года назад ok
  • Liseth Lopez
    Liseth Lopez 3 года назад 5:52 lmao ay si.all badass bodybuilder then he breaks his fish tank...and calls out for mamah! Lmao
  • nathan bullimore
    nathan bullimore 5 лет назад We need new stuff 
  • Garret Johnson
    Garret Johnson 5 лет назад Sorry, my computer isn't working. Every time I go to upload a video it says stupid stuff. Usually, it says that it takes 2,368 minutes to upload. I will try to fix it.
  • nathan bullimore
    nathan bullimore 5 лет назад is probably youtube
  • Blade Cioppi
    Blade Cioppi 3 года назад +Garret Johnson its not fixed yet Its a Corrupted File Trust me
  • Mint Brisk
    Mint Brisk 3 года назад +nathan bullimore Okay line up the idiots !!
  • Suzanne David
    Suzanne David 3 года назад sog
  • isaac the horse
    isaac the horse 3 года назад At 5:17 The lady who falls surfboarding that's on a hotel where I live it's called Jay Peak it's in Vermont
  • offshorerider
    offshorerider 3 года назад Cool
  • dede9806
    dede9806 3 года назад +nathan bullimore yeah !....c'mon people ! stupid again...
  • BeastmodeForce 5 - gaming and more
    BeastmodeForce 5 - gaming and more 2 года назад the problem is nobody wants to fail so they don't do dumb things
  • dede9806
    dede9806 2 года назад @BeastmodeForce 5 - gaming and more Then we'll have to force them... BEER, lots of it !
  • Mackan Bodén
    Mackan Bodén 2 года назад BeastmodeForce 5 - gaming and more
  • shadwo xii
    shadwo xii 2 года назад nathan bullimore word stuff looks like stfu 🐱
  • Rok Likovic
    Rok Likovic 2 года назад ppl please brak yourself more!!! we need to laugh again!!!
  • Zanele Mdindela
    Zanele Mdindela 2 года назад Rok Likovic
  • William Birt
    William Birt 2 года назад nathan bullimore
  • Willie Thomas
    Willie Thomas 2 года назад Butt hole
  • Ramiro Castillo
    Ramiro Castillo 2 года назад nathan bullimore 9
  • Nicholas Miller
    Nicholas Miller 3 года назад 9:48 first one that really got me
  • Country Cruiser
    Country Cruiser 4 года назад 20:10 just about killed his buddy
  • Jennifer Eastep
    Jennifer Eastep 3 года назад Play stupid games, Win stupid prizes! :-D
  • Sasha Tremblay
    Sasha Tremblay 3 года назад Your a genius
  • Dino Benelli
    Dino Benelli 3 года назад +Sasha Tremblay you're*
  • Sasha Tremblay
    Sasha Tremblay 3 года назад Your a genius too
  • Jaylen Mcgill
    Jaylen Mcgill 3 года назад it was not funny😂😂👊👍
  • Chapo Guzman
    Chapo Guzman 3 года назад +Sasha Tremb lay
  • 기우GiuliMaster
    기우GiuliMaster 4 года назад Hahahahaha, the cow 20:40 XDDDDDDDDDDD
  • Debbie Chanik
    Debbie Chanik 3 года назад 20:16 is basically attempted murder
  • Accalia Murray Music
    Accalia Murray Music 2 года назад 0:05 Just stare at his crotch and wait for impact...
  • Brett Symons
    Brett Symons 3 года назад 21:00 Imagine the insurance claim. 'So you are saying the house drove into you?'
  • KlunkerRider
    KlunkerRider 4 года назад (изменено) The reason there are so many of these videos today is that there are no more sabertooth tigers to thin out the flock.
  • pinky1900's
    pinky1900's 2 года назад For every funny video, there are 5 stupid ones.
  • adretube
    adretube 2 года назад (изменено) 7:58 i always laugh this :)))
  • Syrynx's Let's Play
    Syrynx's Let's Play 3 года назад What kind of a normal people do that? 20:11
  • East Coast Amy
    East Coast Amy 2 года назад Oh.My.Gosh. That guy skateboarding gut those wires so hard it knocked his shoe off!! 😨😵
  • William Walls
    William Walls 3 года назад at 3:22 this is why i never took up skateboarding unlike the other idiots in the world bxm-ing is much better unless u like screaming like that
  • L as in L
    L as in L 3 года назад 0:20 "Look at me, I'm Peter Pan!!" Seriously though, they should just give that guy the gold.
  • NØVA
    NØVA 4 года назад To believe that we as HUMANS are the dominant species on this planet is just proof that nature has a great sense of humor!!
  • NØVA
    NØVA 3 года назад @Kyle Bro haha xD
  • Buddhafollower
    Buddhafollower 3 года назад @mr anonymous humanity is the dominant species but it is mostly retarded
  • imthefrogman1
    imthefrogman1 3 года назад @buddhafollower and we start at the white house
  • Moishe McShekelberg 9000
    Moishe McShekelberg 9000 3 года назад @buddhafollower In comparison to what?
  • RobNorthampton
    RobNorthampton 4 года назад Natural Selection at work.
  • philip snyman
    philip snyman 4 года назад Exactly
  • The Vlogger From Minnesota's Old Account
    The Vlogger From Minnesota's Old Account 4 года назад Yes, but does it blend?
  • Brother Jake's Konservative Evolution
    Brother Jake's Konservative Evolution 3 года назад (изменено) @RobNorthampton Ha! But it works that way only by shutting them out of the gene pool.
  • D Dub
    D Dub 3 года назад everytime i see that dude on  the bike hit the sign, i laugh so hard