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Fail Olympics || "FAIL-YMPICS" by FailArmy 2016

Published on Aug 9, 2016 10,462,843 views

We've been waiting for this moment for the last four years!!! There's no better way to prepare for the olympics than watching a bunch of olympic sport fails. Who knew running around a track, jumping onto sand or swinging a ping pong paddle could get so dangerous. Let us know what you think in the comment section below and don't forget to submit your own fail at

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Original Links:
Cyclocross Racer Trips and Flies Head over Heels
Gymnastics Girl Slips and Falls off Balance Beam
Pole Vaulter Breaks Pole
Kayaker Faceplants from Cliff to Water
Girl's Track Hurdle Steeplechase Fail
Skier Flails Uncontrollably after Jump
Javelin Thrower Falls
Two Cyclists mess during Indoor Race
Guy Smashes Nuts on Hurdle
Guy Attempts Double Flip off High Dive
Two Girls Attempt Diving Board Flips
Girl in Bikini Swims into Pool Wall
Bald Guy Tries to Jump from Trampoline to Pool
Weightlifter Falls while Deadlifting
Guy Breaks Two Hammer Throw Weights
Gymnastics Multiple Backflip Fail
Football Practice Freestyling Fail
Guy Fails Jumping off Trash Can into Pool
Playground Soccer Ball Ricochets into Guy's Face
Volleyball Spike head fail
Kid Backflips into Wood Railing
Jumping Horse Stops Suddenly and Rider Flies Off
Man Hits Girlfriend with Ping Pong Ball
Little Boy Takes Soccer Ball to Face
Awesome Pommel Horse Fail
Weightlifting Vomit Incident
Double Flip off Diving Board Ends in Belly Flop
Girl Falls While Trying To Climb On Horse
Ping Pong Ball Meets Face
Guy Tries to Show off High Bar Tricks
Tennis Lesson Ends in Nutshot
Ping Pong Match Gets Intense
Hammer Throw Fail
Skier Fails to Get Air on Aerial Water Ramp
Equestrian Horse Hesitates and Sends Rider to Ground
Girl Can't Tumble
Soccer Kick Ricochet Hits Goalie In Face
Runner Smashes Nuts into Pole

  • MuddyCatfish
    MuddyCatfish 2 года назад I mean really it's just sports fails but putting Olympic in the title will surely bring in some views
  • luv jotwani
    luv jotwani 2 года назад Otherwise, copyright
  • MrM0j018
    MrM0j018 2 года назад They didn't put Olympics in the title
  • DrMakak
    DrMakak 2 года назад No, there are almost only olympic sports in this compilation. So take a chill pill and go jerk off in front of a preschool.
  • TriceriCops
    TriceriCops 2 года назад +MrM0j018 can you read?
  • overTIMe
    overTIMe 2 года назад (изменено) Lol. can't you read? What's the second word of the title?
  • TriceriCops
    TriceriCops 2 года назад +overTIMe I don't know what the fuck your looking at but for me it says OLYMPICS
  • overTIMe
    overTIMe 2 года назад @TriceriCops I wasn't talking to you. I must have misclicked since my comment was a response to @MrM0j018 who said that "they didn't put Olympics in the title".
  • BradTheDudeGuy
    BradTheDudeGuy 2 года назад +overTIMe Idiot it says fail Olympics as in lot of fails.and fails relayed to sport now stfu.
  • Leo DiPaolo
    Leo DiPaolo 2 года назад +MrM0j018 yeah they did, lmao it's click bait
  • Mi Mi
    Mi Mi 2 года назад i thought they will bring olympic Fails, not Sport fails
  • Shampackin
    Shampackin 2 года назад yes they did...
  • Craig D
    Craig D 2 года назад Yes it's called being clever, try it.
  • Alain Durkae
    Alain Durkae 2 года назад nah Olympians in training.
  • cadenhsbabeiciekk nsnsn
    cadenhsbabeiciekk nsnsn 2 года назад Ikr!
  • uCraZyBroHD
    uCraZyBroHD 2 года назад +DrMakak common, it's clearly obvious that they are doing it for views, if they had put, sports fails, they wouldn't have as much views. I don't have a problem with that personally, but why are you defending it, it's obvious.
  • That Guy
    That Guy 2 года назад +Craig D It's called clickbait, its annoying
  • xs3tsunax
    xs3tsunax 2 года назад its should be titled "Olympics sports" but i see your point
  • TriceriCops
    TriceriCops 2 года назад +overTIMe oh my bad.
  • JukaDominator
    JukaDominator 2 года назад If you want Olympic fails just watch the real thing.
  • Ajayus Spiritus
    Ajayus Spiritus 2 года назад this is marketing, exactly the same with prank videos
  • Adibuzz08
    Adibuzz08 2 года назад +JukaDominator or just watch britain's team
  • Steezz
    Steezz 2 года назад It doesn't say Olympics fails but it still is a clitbait ass title, I thought I was going to see rio Olympics fails lmao
  • Alex Magallon
    Alex Magallon 2 года назад I don't give a fuck about the olympics
  • Ivan Pereira
    Ivan Pereira 2 года назад Most if not all of the sports being played are in the olympics.
  • justforcomment1
    justforcomment1 2 года назад People want to see an Olympic fail, go Google the French gymnast who broke his leg. That break was pretty epic for someone I would have thought had stronger bones then that. LOL
  • ramtintey
    ramtintey 2 года назад Yes miss title issue. Common though
  • baileyboy125
    baileyboy125 2 года назад It says 'Fail Olympics' not 'Olympic Fails'. I see the confusion but they mean two entirely different things.
  • Luis Lainez
    Luis Lainez 2 года назад Smh at this comment and the replies. It's fail Olympics, not Olympic fails. In other words it's like the best fails, the Olympic games of fails, not fails of the real Olympics.
  • Craig D
    Craig D 2 года назад @That Guy welcome to capitalism
  • Sunshine
    Sunshine 2 года назад of CoWrSe
  • Larry
    Larry 2 года назад so true
  • Miner 2049er
    Miner 2049er 2 года назад The Olympic games are just sports wins but they put Olympics in the title and then everyone will watch for weeks.
  • JohnACorp782
    JohnACorp782 2 года назад Then you will fit it well. ;)
  • JohnACorp782
    JohnACorp782 2 года назад It's Fail-lympics..Nothing to do with This years Olympics. ;)
  • Skabor
    Skabor 2 года назад The title is "Fail Olympics" wich means something like the olympics of fails, but of course people like you are too dumb to understand that :)
  • Jr B
    Jr B 2 года назад +Skabor why do you assume he's dumb?it's his opinion from another perspective
  • Skabor
    Skabor 2 года назад @Jr B because the title is Fail Olympics and not Olympic Fails...
    SPORTS GUY 2 года назад check out sjtv gaming and sub while you there he deserves more
  • M Kin
    M Kin 2 года назад they said "fail olympics" not "olympic fails"
  • eT Forty Miner
    eT Forty Miner 2 года назад It's called click bait!
  • Bek Gorgulu
    Bek Gorgulu 2 года назад dude your so right on so many levels!! xD
  • Caden Leder
    Caden Leder 2 года назад It's their way of supporting the olympics and it's supposed to be a sports fail video
  • Caden Leder
    Caden Leder 2 года назад Dick
  • Chilton
    Chilton 2 года назад +Neon23z How the fuck does this "support the Olympics" you're fucking deluded kid
  • Jr B
    Jr B 2 года назад @Xander Webb're triggered man...
  • Nstoa 24816
    Nstoa 24816 Год назад MuddyCatfish Stop Hating cuz your channel is wack...
  • FallenTerrarian
    FallenTerrarian Год назад MuddyCatfish most of them were probably try outs
  • Wendy Ojeda
    Wendy Ojeda Год назад MuddyCatfish y
  • Swagitron Ate my dildo
    Swagitron Ate my dildo Год назад MuddyCatfish I
  • Gotcha
    Gotcha Год назад MuddyCatfish it help
  • bbq seitan
    bbq seitan 1 месяц назад These are all specifically sports that take place and have thier legitimacy in The Olympics, performed by amateurs for our entertainment.
  • Con2Cool
    Con2Cool 1 месяц назад They didn’t mean Olympics fails, they meant the Olympics of fails
  • Kira Griffin
    Kira Griffin 2 года назад lol I clicked on it thinking that it was fails from the olympics, but then I read the title properly
  • Jen Wheeler
    Jen Wheeler 2 года назад this is the Olympics without the drugs
  • Kira Griffin
    Kira Griffin 2 года назад +Toenail Crud yeah lol steroid free
  • Finley Castello
    Finley Castello 2 года назад SAME
  • Sparkles Productions
    Sparkles Productions 2 года назад same
  • Sc00t17
    Sc00t17 2 года назад Right
  • Julia Rem
    Julia Rem 2 года назад (изменено) me too😁
  • Kira Griffin
    Kira Griffin 2 года назад +Kyla Vlogs what
  • Kira Griffin
    Kira Griffin 2 года назад +Music Is Food For The Soul yeah I know lol I'm just thick😂😂
  • Shawna Littrell
    Shawna Littrell 2 года назад Me too
  • daniel-Smokes-Kush TEXAS420
    daniel-Smokes-Kush TEXAS420 2 года назад lol I read your comment before the video started and that's what I thought too , lol
  • Lewis Holmes
    Lewis Holmes Год назад Kira Griffin same here
  • Two awesome unicorn twins Flagg
    Two awesome unicorn twins Flagg Неделю назад Kira Griffin omg same
  • Splat
    Splat 2 года назад I can deal with ads I can deal with buffer But when ads buffer I suffer
  • InkyCricket
    InkyCricket 2 года назад The solution is simple It's not a big dimple Just get an ad blocker So good it's a shocker
  • Sara Iris
    Sara Iris 2 года назад lol wtf
  • SeshiTheGamer
    SeshiTheGamer 2 года назад You can get a disconnect , and you won't see any side effect. Or pull your cable , ads won't be able.
  • KJris DeWitt
    KJris DeWitt 2 года назад nananananana... batman! nananananana
  • CrapCreations
    CrapCreations 2 года назад Contratz u just won the most originak utube domment ever
  • Father Gascoigne
    Father Gascoigne 2 года назад Nice Pepe
  • John Higgs
    John Higgs 2 года назад Overused joke
  • Banth Kaur
    Banth Kaur Год назад iidijs🏤
  • Vanessa Mamo
    Vanessa Mamo Год назад (изменено) Roses are red, Violets are blue, This comment's so stupid, Yet SO FUCKING TRUE!
  • Jay Kister
    Jay Kister 3 недели назад Lol
  • Collin Dang
    Collin Dang 2 года назад 6:00 who thought that was a good idea?
  • Lüną
    Lüną 2 года назад Idk but ouch D:
  • Joshua Jackson
    Joshua Jackson 2 года назад That was my favorite one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Daniel Adams
    Daniel Adams 2 года назад Do you mean the outfit or the jump?
  • Collin Dang
    Collin Dang 2 года назад +Daniel Adams come to think of it, neither were a good idea
  • ZHarry16
    ZHarry16 2 года назад Bro, thats the best video ever ahah
  • Hatty86
    Hatty86 2 года назад Ikr
  • Ale Landa
    Ale Landa 2 года назад I repeated that part for like 10 times, so funny! 😆
  • Here, take this W
    Here, take this W 2 года назад Me
  • Elicorn
    Elicorn 3 месяца назад Collin Dang Those 6 people laying on the ground did
  • Ryan Mackenzie
    Ryan Mackenzie 3 месяца назад Was he wearing spikes??!!
  • Nathaniel riesterer
    Nathaniel riesterer 1 месяц назад @Ryan Mackenzie good chance they were spikes,they make some people feel more athletic.
  • Deep Sekhon
    Deep Sekhon Год назад 5:53 anyone know where he go...😟😟😟
  • thomas
    thomas 2 года назад 1991541459999999921599721991519999934567881234599812345998123449999999986 2990000250029978034199009905689987654413266519948993468990146657485689987 29945678000199687o0199099080019999536001467009977994678998781161266199670 2990004560079924005699999323459999012615302769999994653993667012229912863 2994567801009960080299996780239999456725634569974326782994308243992365736 2994567801009980718299099867029936785745315319931253312994578019923477850 2999999349999999988399009901039999991232012479934673280999999649999999915 Step1: Highlight the numbers Step2: Ctrl and F Step3: Put 9 in Step4: Enjoy
  • Iain Murray
    Iain Murray 2 года назад Nah, seems like too much effort.
  • Tom Jackson
    Tom Jackson 2 года назад +Iain Murray it reads 'LIKE PLZ'
  • Piazza Delivery
    Piazza Delivery 2 года назад It does a virus
  • Haylee Pickard
    Haylee Pickard 2 года назад +Piazza Delivery no it doesnt
  • Fletcher Lambert
    Fletcher Lambert 2 года назад I've seen so many of these in teh last week
  • Afia Siddiqui
    Afia Siddiqui 2 года назад what will happen if we do this reply fast
  • SirNomster
    SirNomster 2 года назад +Afia Siddiqui nothing
  • 03 Grievous
    03 Grievous 2 года назад ... HOW ABOUT NO
  • MixTV
    MixTV 2 года назад 1. Press CTRL + F 2. Write 9 3. Enjoy 4. PLZZ Hungarian :DD
  • CaptainKuzzi
    CaptainKuzzi 2 года назад +Afia Siddiqui it gives a virus
  • Holzer
    Holzer 2 года назад +Afia Siddiqui you are fucking dumb
  • ichor
    ichor 2 года назад uninstall
  • LPSPaperNPen
    LPSPaperNPen 2 года назад I know right?!
  • LPSPaperNPen
    LPSPaperNPen 2 года назад No it doesn't.....
  • Giedrius
    Giedrius 2 года назад Surprised me . Thought that it's same like everywhere
  • Daniel Meneses
    Daniel Meneses 2 года назад wtf
  • Donna Bingelman
    Donna Bingelman 2 года назад Can someone link it to me I can't see it because I'm on mobile
  • Cftfjyccycyfcjy
    Cftfjyccycyfcjy 2 года назад Fuck you.
  • guppi
    guppi 2 года назад YES YES YES WE NEED MORE PPL LIKE U
  • Demon Potato
    Demon Potato 2 года назад The amount of times I've seen this. Some people are so original.
  • Wind2048
    Wind2048 2 года назад (изменено) +Diablo070707 You failed.
  • Aztecian Drumset
    Aztecian Drumset 2 года назад Phone user :(
  • guppi
  • Henry Chan
    Henry Chan 2 года назад No.
  • Paul Polarbear
    Paul Polarbear 2 года назад Fuck you m8
  • lukunil
    lukunil 2 года назад I dont get it
    CAMARO_KYLE 2 года назад +__Vita__ your cow icon is fucking hilarious to me. idk why.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    CAMARO_KYLE 2 года назад @Joey Zuraski ☝.............oh wait......thats not the middle finger
  • Juliette Majeske
    Juliette Majeske 2 года назад +Marthalamule Mcleish You mean 🖕
  • Danny DeCastro
    Danny DeCastro 2 года назад is it binary? i dont understand. should i put it in a notepad or something?
  • Matt Molnar
    Matt Molnar 2 года назад 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999NO99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999highlight numbersctrl fput 9inenjoy :)
  • Jj
    Jj 2 года назад HA I'M ON MY PHONE!!!
  • TheWolf Prod.
    TheWolf Prod. 2 года назад 11911191111111911 119111911111191911 1199999111119999911 11911191111911111911 119111911191111111911
  • Mursu
    Mursu 2 недели назад @Donna Bingelman it's a virus
  • Bern The Bass
    Bern The Bass 2 года назад 0:22 nice catch!
  • Zark Oner
    Zark Oner 2 года назад thought the same
  • Aníbal Palacios
    Aníbal Palacios 2 года назад +Zark Oner x3
  • Jillian Dewar
    Jillian Dewar 2 года назад +Anibal Palacios what do you mean????!!!!!😬😬😬😬😬
  • Ginger Princess
    Ginger Princess 2 года назад That was a win for sure! Forget what the kid did!
  • SiegeSquirrel 42
    SiegeSquirrel 42 2 года назад In the pole vaulting fail at 0:19, we need to applaud not the bad luck of the vaulter but the referee's amazing one handed catch in the bottom right corner.
  • mcclanehallenbeck
    mcclanehallenbeck 2 года назад yeah that was badass.
  • MrAjscott03
    MrAjscott03 2 года назад Like a boss
  • SoldierSZ
    SoldierSZ 2 года назад 1:03 - Did he say allahu akhbar ? XDDD
  • Phirlophanz
    Phirlophanz 2 года назад more like blarlararalablara
  • Marco Schmiedtchen
    Marco Schmiedtchen 2 года назад now I can't unhear it 😂
  • HabeDenLängstenNamenDeutschlands
    HabeDenLängstenNamenDeutschlands 2 года назад no Thats German she said : wenigstens haben wir es auf video! im German btw
  • EwwItsColin - MC, RBLX and more
    EwwItsColin - MC, RBLX and more 2 года назад LOL
  • Berneken
    Berneken 2 года назад XD
  • Daniel Carter
    Daniel Carter 2 года назад +DAT BOI He's talking about the next clip.
  • RobinsonCrouse24
    RobinsonCrouse24 2 года назад I was surprised to hear my mothertongue in this vid! It's bavarian/ austrian and she said: "Unless we've got it on video!"
  • Emman Key
    Emman Key 2 года назад I'm dying. 😂💀
  • G. Knb
    G. Knb 2 года назад nicht unless sondern atleast ^^
  • RobinsonCrouse24
    RobinsonCrouse24 2 года назад @Jey Key Oh... sorry. Atleast i'm writing english, though. :P
  • drift king
    drift king Год назад no he said no nooo
  • Soldier Skully
    Soldier Skully 2 месяца назад SoldierSZ llllloll 😂 😂 😂
  • Kristoffer Olsen
    Kristoffer Olsen 2 года назад 2:40 i think there's a second or two missing. nothing happened?
  • Patricia Parodi
    Patricia Parodi 2 года назад yeah i saw that too
  • Lolp821
    Lolp821 2 года назад 04:18 as well
  • Mongis Lort
    Mongis Lort 2 года назад Are you blind?
  • Shook Shrimp
    Shook Shrimp 2 года назад +Mongis Lort whaa happened??..
    FAISHAL PRO 2 года назад I think failarmy cut that
  • Mongis Lort
    Mongis Lort 2 года назад @burning elephant she got the ball in her face
  • Lolp821
    Lolp821 2 года назад @libsy bum Same, think it's just some browsers though. I use Palemoon/Firefox and it is present in both, but Opera plays it back smoothly as intended.
  • Patricia Parodi
    Patricia Parodi 2 года назад @libsy bum yeah that happens to me but im on androir youtube app
  • Lolp821
    Lolp821 2 года назад @Martin Cazenave  Desktop here
  • Ben Colliar
    Ben Colliar 2 года назад It smacks one of em in the face far left
  • YT.copper_face_24_7
    YT.copper_face_24_7 2 года назад Kristoffer Olsen k
  • Phoenix Caii
    Phoenix Caii Год назад 5:31 really killed me!!......That's a true athlete right there. When times get quit!!! whahahahahaha
  • no Hit Sounds
    no Hit Sounds 2 года назад 0:21 - DAT CATCH!!! Shoutout to the man in the green t-shirt xD
  • Lethal_Mackan04- -
    Lethal_Mackan04- - Год назад 6:00 They are saying " 5 idk. Okey. Ahaaagahha. Are you god. Yes.
  • Marcelo Solaris
    Marcelo Solaris 2 года назад 5:18 the moment when you discover your sexuality, very confy...
  • Yeaoweh
    Yeaoweh Неделю назад I don't get it...
  • Ball is LIfe
    Ball is LIfe 2 года назад 05:49 This guy found the way to Narnia!
  • Ftw Kingboy
    Ftw Kingboy 2 года назад lmao!
  • Indru Maiorescu
    Indru Maiorescu 2 года назад Best fail of the bunch!
  • Judi Smith
    Judi Smith 2 года назад hahaa
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    Alexiz001 2 года назад lol i know right?
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    Jack Evans 2 года назад Some say he never returned
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    Elis Cazacu 2 года назад hahahaha
  • Mr Lawry
    Mr Lawry 2 года назад you nade my day
  • niane.
    niane. 2 года назад what did the guy at the end expect? that pool is like 3 inches deep.
  • mcclanehallenbeck
    mcclanehallenbeck 2 года назад There was a chick present so yeah that's all the motivation he needed.
  • GoldTNT Gaming
    GoldTNT Gaming 2 года назад Really tho
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    AssassinModerPL 2 года назад Oh no, cyclist just crashed! Better go pick up bariers xD
  • Bawncyx
    Bawncyx 2 года назад that "¿qué te pasó?" at 4:25 kek
  • Wolfy Wild
    Wolfy Wild 2 года назад 3:25 That sign is PERFECT.
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    Elisa G 2 года назад lol
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    Trap Boss 2 года назад For the 1% that reads this: Have a wonderful day!
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    TikTok cringe videos 2 года назад OOOH yeah I'm 99% cause I OBVIOUSLY didn't read this
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    Sid The Sloth 2 года назад +Taran Tula You guys know he's just low-key advertising his channel, right?
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    s m 2 года назад thanks
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    Felix Strathausen 2 года назад Thanks too bro ;)
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    Harris Lipa 2 года назад Thanks!
  • Bigboe
    Bigboe 2 года назад Honestly the best comment ive ever seen. This made my day tbh.
  • Anton Lundmark
    Anton Lundmark 2 года назад fuck off, again
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    JP_L 2 года назад you too
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    levin grimm 2 года назад thx u 2
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    BesideTheBrave 2 года назад just lost $200 but seeing that made me slightly less pissed
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    Marie Silver 2 года назад Thx u 2😊
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    Miklós Tamás 2 года назад have a good day ✌
  • Miklós Tamás
    Miklós Tamás 2 года назад have a good day ✌
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    MostAmazingTop10 2 года назад You 2 m8
  • CeleBait
    CeleBait 2 года назад Ugh, fucking hate this comments, make my day that tad bit worse, Go fuck yourself happy person
  • Mubarak 7
    Mubarak 7 2 года назад +CeleBait just fuck off bitch
  • Jarno Datema
    Jarno Datema 2 года назад I will! its my birthday!
  • CeleBait
    CeleBait 2 года назад @Jarno Datema it was probably 100million other peoples birthdays as well today, so go fuck yourself too , ;-)
  • Jarno Datema
    Jarno Datema 2 года назад Why are you starting insulting?
  • Riku Pakarinen
    Riku Pakarinen 2 года назад +CeleBait u must have sad life
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    Kathos Prime 2 года назад You too Mista Trap :)
    WOLF ZRT 2 года назад :)
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    D- Ark 2 года назад +CeleBait you don't have a life then
  • Alain Durkae
    Alain Durkae 2 года назад Thank you sir. You're a scholar and a gentleman.
  • Lucino Shelley
    Lucino Shelley 2 года назад Wow it's pretty sad how many people are replying to this comment saying "aww thanks" or "you too!" He/she doesn't care about your day it's just for getting likes and getting people to look at their channel Jesus Christ
    WOLF ZRT 2 года назад +Lucino Shelley fu ;)
  • Burden Boy
    Burden Boy 2 года назад Who are you working for
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    Arctotos 2 года назад +CeleBait End your life please, you should because you must have a bad one.
  • Countess' Slave
    Countess' Slave 2 года назад Saying that surely bring you and your channel some attention
  • Arctotos
    Arctotos 2 года назад @Countess' Slave who are you talking to?
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    Paul Polarbear 2 года назад Guys f**k off it's a trap!!!
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    Tinie Damen 2 года назад +Paul Polarbear ur foking mum is a trap
  • Paul Polarbear
    Paul Polarbear 2 года назад @THE NL VLOGER LOl sad your eyes are blind
  • Spitzkopp Larry
    Spitzkopp Larry 2 года назад thanks
    JUST PICTURES 2 года назад you too mate
  • Liam Brazel
    Liam Brazel 2 года назад the people that liked it is much less than 1%
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    KevinGeorge 2 года назад What if im reading this at night
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    agge blue 2 года назад Great message! you too
  • Lotantio
    Lotantio 2 года назад We are the 1%! We are the 1%! We are the 1%!
  • Cameron
    Cameron 2 года назад What about the other 99% that reads this? Have a shitty day?
  • Rush 2112
    Rush 2112 2 года назад +fflip8 the other 99% will not read this message
  • pcbrown212
    pcbrown212 2 года назад Nice sentiment, but I think 1% is wildly optimistic. Just sayin'...
  • Paul Polarbear
    Paul Polarbear 2 года назад Legend says demons will hunt the one who like this comment
  • Jessica Tenenblatt
    Jessica Tenenblatt 2 года назад The only problem is that they are failing
  • Jonathan Grant
    Jonathan Grant Год назад you too
    BEN JAMMIN Год назад Fuck you!
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