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1974 Triumph TR6: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Jul 8, 2019 147,063 views

We review and drive one of British Leyland's best exports: The TR6



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  • Armouredfalcon
    Armouredfalcon 2 недели назад "we think you drive around in these and classic minis like you think we drive around in mustangs and silverados" SO. ACCURATE. "But really its just hondas for both of us" Also 100% accurate
  • osp80
    osp80 3 дня назад @SoberKennedy surfer dude and the rich texan from the simpsons are the only american accents brits can do.
  • lawnmowerdude
    lawnmowerdude 3 дня назад I don’t know. I see a lot of Silverados.
  • paul austin
    paul austin 6 дней назад Nope.. I'm a Brit and. I drive a Chrysler Crossfire...Which I Love! Used to have a TR6...Yeah, it wasn't great! Very unreliable. The injection system was absolutely abhorrent! If the Lucas pump wasn't overheating the injectors were sticking! The overdrive wasn't great either! Corrosion was the biggest problem!I swear if you got it wet could actually hear it rusting!
  • Henrique Souza
    Henrique Souza Неделю назад Not British, but I also thought like it, also that every American car needs to use some V engine, either 6 or 8...
  • logan86123
    logan86123 Неделю назад I'm from England, I drive a mk1 Jaguar XK8. Surrounded by all the Nissan Qashqais, I sometimes wonder if I'm the only English person here. The sad truth is that most people don't care about their cultural heritage at all, certainly not enough to keep that heritage on the road unless it's absolutely the most convenient thing, can be financed for £100 per month, has a warranty and bluetooth.
  • Seth Butler
    Seth Butler Неделю назад I read this right as he was saying it.
  • DavinSR5
    DavinSR5 2 недели назад They sucked, and always will. Don't act like they didn't. Nothing like adjusting valve lash the the engine running with oil splashing everywhere.
  • suceptible
    suceptible 2 недели назад Honda and Toyota's market share feels so depleted in the UK that I'm honestly very surprised that statistics still put them above Mazda and Suzuki. Even Mazdas and Suzukis feel a lot more common than Hondas and Toyotas. Nissan's enormous success is probably to do with how fucking French they've become.
  • Buggs
    Buggs 2 недели назад But we've got Peugeots as well. Loads of Peugeots and they've been shit for the last 20 years.. Like most things eh Mr Regular?
  • SoberKennedy
    SoberKennedy 2 недели назад When I was a wee yank living in Cambridgeshire between the ages of 9 and 14, I got a lot of "Hey--I'm an American! I drive a FORD PICKUP TRUCK! I listen to COUNTRY AND WESTERN MUSIC! Texas cowboy surfer dude!!" Seriously--if you've never heard a British pre-teen imitate an American, it's fucking hilarious.
  • signfang
    signfang 2 недели назад In reality, Honda is WAY behind the UK sales by brands. In 2018, they're at #17. That's behind MB, BMW, Audi, even Kia.
  • J T
    J T 2 недели назад @Jordan Bell Honda's are common in the states.
  • unregistredhypercam
    unregistredhypercam 2 недели назад @Jordan Bell and the endless, endless army of BMW 3 series forever in the right hand lane of the motorway network driving exactly the length of the owners penis from the car in front at 90.
  • UmmYeahOk
    UmmYeahOk 2 недели назад Armouredfalcon I dunno. In TX, this is pretty accurate. If not a Silverado, then one of the billions of F series pick ups. Love my mustang though. Wouldn't ever sell it. Starting to see a rising trend on Jeep owners though.
  • russell zauner
    russell zauner 2 недели назад Unless Portland, Oregon. Then it's EVERYONE WHO MOVES HERE BUYS LIKE THREE FUCKING SUBARUS
  • TheOnlyKreator1
    TheOnlyKreator1 2 недели назад Where I'm from, it seems to be a 45-45 split between US and Japanese makes, with the remaining 10% being all other companies
  • Corvus Remalius
    Corvus Remalius 2 недели назад Chevy's and Ford's everywhere in the south, me being a mustang owner sooooo ya, very accurate lol
  • Joshua Thiel
    Joshua Thiel 2 недели назад On a clear day you can see the sheer mass of Nissan Qashqais in the UK from space.
  • Capn Autismo
    Capn Autismo 2 недели назад @Jordan Bell don't forget your financed or company car Audis, Beemers and Mercs.
  • 2bit MarketAnarchist
    2bit MarketAnarchist 2 недели назад At least around here classic mustangs and c10s are pretty common
  • Jordan Bell
    Jordan Bell 2 недели назад I'm British, and while Honda's are fairly common, they're not as common as in the US. Its all Ford Fiesta's and Focus's, VW's, Skoda's (budget VW's), and Vauxhalls (rebadged Opel's).
  • Retro Lad
    Retro Lad 2 недели назад (изменено) Lmao yeah I'm british and can confirm this Edit: although Fiestas are probably the most common small car. You'll see around 20 on just a short drive
  • krohn
    krohn 2 недели назад In my small Midwest town there is some form of Chevy truck at nearly every house and then there is something that actually has milage like a honda or toyota
  • HachiZenki
    HachiZenki 2 недели назад Why aren't there any British PC manufacturers? Because they've yet to figure out how to make one leak oil and not boot when it rains.
  • HachiZenki
    HachiZenki Неделю назад @Ian Edmonds Still waiting for my 3L V6 that revs to 12,000. Oh wait, that's Honda not the Brits.... =)
  • Ian Edmonds
    Ian Edmonds Неделю назад All to busy building cutting edge F1 cars. Don't worry our tech will trickle down. Luv and Peace.
  • mtb416
    mtb416 Неделю назад Paul Le Mars Design and innovation has never been much of an issue for GB, but as the OP states, the keeping the chip from leaking motor oil was outsourced to a third party who understood how to properly build the GB designed part.
  • HachiZenki
    HachiZenki Неделю назад @McFlip1313 What's old is new again.
  • McFlip1313
    McFlip1313 Неделю назад Careful with that joke—it’s an antique
  • Naughty internet person
    Naughty internet person 2 недели назад @Paul Le Mars I believe it was recently acquired by someone else though. Still correct of course.
  • Naughty internet person
    Naughty internet person 2 недели назад @Matthew Creigh Actually before Sargon got in UKIP was a very electable party, it was doing very well by all accounts and the latest leader, other than the whole Sargon thing, has been great. They'd absolutely have won if Farage had stayed in the shadows, and without Sargon they'd probably have won a quite decent number of seats.
  • Manga max
    Manga max 2 недели назад @Matthew Creigh ARM is owned by a Japanese company now.
  • Deltic
    Deltic 2 недели назад @Angel Gutierrez And us Brits make a lot of racing games too. Codemasters are British and they make the DiRT and F1 games, then there's Playground who make Forza Horizon, Slightly Mad Studios who make Project Cars and Bizarre Creations who made Project Gotham Racing.
  • BatXDude
    BatXDude 2 недели назад Alan Turing?
  • Paul Le Mars
    Paul Le Mars 2 недели назад If you consider that your Smartphone is now your Personal Computer (PC) I would say that we've done pretty well. The Qualcomm Snapdragon, Mediatech and Kirin processors are all licenced ARM processors, and ARM is a British company.
  • Bro how mad are you LOL
    Bro how mad are you LOL 2 недели назад @Angel Gutierrez the US had way more respected developers last decade than we have now because EA swallowed so many of them.
  • mtb416
    mtb416 2 недели назад Because they strike and aggressively unionize before they finish the training part of their job.
  • aussiebloke609
    aussiebloke609 2 недели назад @HachiZenki Well, the did invent the computer during WWII...but as best I recall, it was unfortunately sealed under the Secrets Act, so no one was permitted to use or spread that knowledge for about 50 years afterwards. By then it was too late - the US had a commanding lead in the global market. Also, if they'd tried...there would have been a strike halfway through production, and they'd come off the assembly line with no motherboard, half the screws missing or still loose, and the trim missing all down one side. :-D
  • Zippy Skippy
    Zippy Skippy 2 недели назад The non-electrical portions of the pc would be beautiful though.
  • -
    - 2 недели назад @HachiZenki Novatech have you under surveillance.
  • Cardboard Sliver
    Cardboard Sliver 2 недели назад laughs in ZX Spectrum
  • Bryan Lettow
    Bryan Lettow 2 недели назад My dad owned an MG he can confirm this 😂
  • Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict
    Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict 2 недели назад BBC Micro has entered the chat.
  • Matthew Creigh
    Matthew Creigh 2 недели назад @HachiZenki dumbass somehow made the UKIP party even less electable 😂
  • Angel Gutierrez
    Angel Gutierrez 2 недели назад mvb41790 Yes but isn’t Rockstar North their main HQ for GTA series? And aren’t they based in the U.K.?
  • mvb41790
    mvb41790 2 недели назад @Angel Gutierrez Rockstar is from New York. However, they were established as a successor to BMG interactive, a British video game publisher. From Wikipedia: In May 1998, Take-Two Interactive acquired the assets of dormant British video game publisher BMG Interactive from its parent, BMG Entertainment (in turn a Bertelsmann subsidiary), in exchange for 1.85 million shares, around 16% of the company's common stock.[3][4] Through the acquisition, Take-Two Interactive gained rights to BMG Interactive-owned intellectual properties, including Grand Theft Auto and the upcoming Space Station Silicon Valley.[5] BMG Interactive executives Sam Houser, Dan Houser and Jamie King, as well as Terry Donovan of BMG Entertainment-owned record label Arista Records, subsequently moved to New York City to work for Take-Two Interactive.[5] In December 1998, the Houser brothers, Donovan and King established Rockstar Games as a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, acting as the company's high-end publishing label.[5][6][7][8] The formation was formally announced on January 22, 1999.[9]
  • Matthew Creigh
    Matthew Creigh 2 недели назад ARM wants to know your location
  • Plazmatron
    Plazmatron 2 недели назад @HachiZenki You poor grooming victim.
  • Angel Gutierrez
    Angel Gutierrez 2 недели назад Meh atleast the Brits make good games. Rockstar games is from the U.K. I believe.
  • HachiZenki
    HachiZenki 2 недели назад @mat2000100 None other
  • mat2000100
    mat2000100 2 недели назад @HachiZenki Sargon of Akkad?
  • S
    S 2 недели назад Collossus enters chat.
  • HachiZenki
    HachiZenki 2 недели назад So long as it's not a short, pudgy, Applebee's waiter in an ill fitting suit from Swindon. He might use his big brain and Gamergate 2.0 me.
  • ecampbell1987
    ecampbell1987 2 недели назад Alan Sugar has joined the chat.
  • Kyle Soler
    Kyle Soler 2 недели назад 'Clive Sinclair wants to know your location'
  • voltagemaxx
    voltagemaxx 2 недели назад Q: Why do the British drink warm beer? A: Our refrigerators are made by Lucas
  • Colin Johnston
    Colin Johnston Неделю назад @dcanmore no seat big lad. Twat.
  • dcanmore
    dcanmore Неделю назад @Colin Johnston 37 years living in Scotland, 12 years living England. There is no culture of 'warm beer' in Scotland.
  • Colin Johnston
    Colin Johnston Неделю назад @dcanmore what utter shlt. Have you been to England? I can assure you the bars are all exactly the same throughout the UK.
  • dcanmore
    dcanmore Неделю назад English drink warm beer, try sell that muck in Scotland and you'll get lynched
  • John Cahill
    John Cahill Неделю назад If you have problems with Lucas electrics either you don't know what dielectric paste is...or you didn't know that British fuses are rated different than American car fuses.
  • Colin Johnston
    Colin Johnston Неделю назад Oh bore off you numlty.
  • Eli Nelson
    Eli Nelson 2 недели назад @Mr.H I thought it was a pretty good joke, but you're right that our "beer" does not deserve to be called as such. I was quite fond of Innis & Gunn during my time in the UK.
  • DinsdalePiranha67
    DinsdalePiranha67 2 недели назад @Mr.H Yup. Mass-market American lagers are best served cold because low temperature represses all the flavor compounds. As they should be when you're drinking, say, Miller Lite.
  • Nigel Charlton-Wright
    Nigel Charlton-Wright 2 недели назад @Mr.H Amen to that.
  • Moon
    Moon 2 недели назад @Mr.H Color. Left-hand drive. FAHRENHEIT > CELSIUS Not sure what my point is, but I know it's better than yours 🤷‍♂️
  • Jason Irwin
    Jason Irwin 2 недели назад @Mr.H woooosh
  • Mr.H
    Mr.H 2 недели назад Different types of beer have different serving temperatures. UK beer usually have better quality and taste, therefore that beer i served at warmer temperature than US piss they call "beer". US beer might as well be served totaly frozen like ice cream.
  • Mack Daddy
    Mack Daddy 2 недели назад voltagemaxx ROFLMAO...SPOT ON!
  • Alien Spaceship
    Alien Spaceship 2 недели назад that under inflated tire is running me into the wall
  • Schmidt54
    Schmidt54 Неделю назад @Daniel Jennerman B..but Spitfire best plane of its time (laughs in IL-2)
  • Daniel Jennerman
    Daniel Jennerman Неделю назад @Schmidt54If by "guard the channel" you really mean "sit on jack stands for the past two years with the engine removed taking up the entire garage" then yes. That is exactly what it does.
  • Crazyloki Gaming
    Crazyloki Gaming Неделю назад CAN'T BE UNSEEN...
  • Schmidt54
    Schmidt54 Неделю назад @Daniel Jennerman Does your spitfire still guard the canal to fend off Luftwaffe bombers?
  • Cam Martin
    Cam Martin Неделю назад @CJRhoades they do sort of look like period-correct tires
  • Deltic
    Deltic 2 недели назад @Daniel Jennerman British don't like to solve problems, just create other problems which counter the previous problem.
  • Dustin Hern
    Dustin Hern 2 недели назад 'TIS THE BRITISH WAY
  • Daniel Jennerman
    Daniel Jennerman 2 недели назад The car might even call for staggered tire pressure. I know my Spitfire does to alleviate some of the handling issues caused by the rear swing axle.
  • CrazyIvan1337
    CrazyIvan1337 2 недели назад They definitely look like bias-ply tires.
  • CJRhoades
    CJRhoades 2 недели назад ​@Prototheria If they are bias ply it'd explain why Mr Regular felt like the tires were skipping across the pavement in hard cornering. They probably were.
  • Prototheria
    Prototheria 2 недели назад It might be a bias ply and if so, they do tend to look underinflated even at the proper pressure.
  • doug dimmadome
    doug dimmadome 2 недели назад literally
  • Toby Wood
    Toby Wood 2 недели назад There’s an E Type in that garage under a wrap, I hope you managed to wrangle a drive in that thing as well.
  • Toby Weber
    Toby Weber 2 недели назад Boi
  • GBooth
    GBooth 2 недели назад @DespaMosquito The "middle-aged Elvis" of E-Types.
  • V8 Power
    V8 Power 2 недели назад This and the Staaag
  • Toby Wood
    Toby Wood 2 недели назад Adam Mendoza I get around the place
  • Adam Mendoza
    Adam Mendoza 2 недели назад I didn't know Toby liked RCR, I used to see you on Phly Daily's videos
  • nomadben
    nomadben 2 недели назад @DespaMosquito hoo boy
  • DespaMosquito
    DespaMosquito 2 недели назад My uncle owns one with a v12
  • Sancho El Fantastico
    Sancho El Fantastico 2 недели назад Your profile picture made that twice as intense as what I think you were aiming for.
  • Marshal Dunnik
    Marshal Dunnik 2 недели назад So many Lucas jokes: This vehicle has the three position Lucas switch - Dim, Flicker and Off.
  • John Pearson
    John Pearson Неделю назад As much as the jokes are funny, I have to agree, I've never had an electrical problem with my Austin Healey Sprite. It's a rather reliable car.
  • mescko
    mescko 2 недели назад Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've never had electrical issues with any of the 6 British cars I've owned, other than bad grounds which are common to all older cars.
  • Andy Nixon
    Andy Nixon 2 недели назад Yep , joe lucas the prince of darkness .
  • Ivan Quaglia
    Ivan Quaglia 2 недели назад @DinsdalePiranha67 LOL!!!
  • DinsdalePiranha67
    DinsdalePiranha67 2 недели назад Lucas once manufactured a vacuum cleaner. It was their only product that didn't suck.
  • Mike G
    Mike G 2 недели назад (изменено) 3:03 When someone asks me why I tilt to one side when preparing a fart.
  • pfleeger2010
    pfleeger2010 Неделю назад That, good sir, was a quality fart joke.
  • Nick Slouka
    Nick Slouka 2 недели назад If I ever see you in public doing that you know damn well you'll be staring at the back of my head as it gets smaller and smaller fast!
  • jouna lehtiö
    jouna lehtiö 2 недели назад 0:00 Me every morning
  • GeorgeIsGettingUpset
    GeorgeIsGettingUpset 2 недели назад @Raiden Snake It doesn't. All these no fap porn addict weirdos are gonna get prostate cancer in 10-20 years. You should bust a nut at least once a week
  • Raiden Snake
    Raiden Snake 2 недели назад @Floda Brin how does that affect health
  • Bern on Cars
    Bern on Cars 2 недели назад You’ll go blind!
  • mcspikesky
    mcspikesky 2 недели назад Inflatable mattress?
  • Bryan Lettow
    Bryan Lettow 2 недели назад Fellow bretherin
  • Lady in Red
    Lady in Red 2 недели назад Same
  • Floda Brin
    Floda Brin 2 недели назад You need to quit. It's for your health.
  • Acuridge 38
    Acuridge 38 2 недели назад Tr6 was always called Tr6 in both UK and US. Tr5 of UK was equipped with Lucas fuel injection on 2.5 inline 6. Tr250 was US only version of Tr5, equipped with twin stromberg carbs with emission control device. You are confusing Tr5 and Tr6.
  • herranton1979
    herranton1979 Неделю назад @John Cahill Next you're going to tell me that The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe isnt really about Jesus sacrificing himself to save humanity... Sometimes you need to read between the lines.
  • John Cahill
    John Cahill Неделю назад @herranton1979 Of course he's being given a pass...and you're making lame excuses for him: " This channel isn't even really about cars...Bitching about the inaccuracies of the car facts is like complaining about physics in the star wars movies. You're missing the point." If that's the "point", then retitle this nonsense so people don't think it's really about cars. Title: " 1974 Triumph TR6: Regular Car Reviews"
  • herranton1979
    herranton1979 2 недели назад @FlashDriveFilms He isn't being given a pass. Being hyper accurate with respect to car facts isn't what this channel is about. This channel isn't even really about cars. It is about people, and with that, he usually nails it. The cars are secondary. Bitching about the inaccuracies of the car facts is like complaining about physics in the star wars movies. You're missing the point.
  • Takafumi Arisawa
    Takafumi Arisawa 2 недели назад @herranton1979 Get over it? I really like Kutztown but he's the kind of guy to re-upload a video when he cheeses a vital part of information about a car and won't acknowledge said incident directly like an actual man would. No, the few of us who actually care won't "get over it" just like that only because he got into cars as an adult, that's no excuse.
  • herranton1979
    herranton1979 2 недели назад @FlashDriveFilms Youve got to get over it. Mr. Regular became a car guy as an adult. He didn't grow up eating and breathing it. Sometimes he makes mistakes about the details. BUT to be clear, his commentary about the cars is second to his commentary about the people and the culture. It really doesn't matter if he gets the cars wrong because that isn't the important part of the video. The only thing that bugs me about his videos is sometimes he drinks the koolaid just a bit too much. Sometimes he does a good job of seeing through the bs, but sometimes he rags on subaru drivers for being vaping douchebags (which simply isn't true, at least not anymore than any other brand).
  • KevlosENT
    KevlosENT 2 недели назад who cares
  • Jo Mo
    Jo Mo 2 недели назад youd think hed get these things right when he went to a place like this to review it
  • Tony Iallonardo
    Tony Iallonardo 2 недели назад truth
  • Speed Channel
    Speed Channel 2 недели назад FlashDriveFilms I will never forgive him for the AE88 incident.
  • Robert Read
    Robert Read 2 недели назад This is correct.
  • Hillridge
    Hillridge 2 недели назад Came to post this! TR250 was pretty much a TR4 body with a TR6 engine. I think UK had both a PI and carbed version of the TR6 available, US was only carbed.
  • Gareth Noble
    Gareth Noble 2 недели назад I love this car but the Alfa outside at 11:40 is like having that hot girl you knew from school walk past on the street as you hold your wife hand. Yep I got caught looking and now I can go out the house any more!
  • pfleeger2010
    pfleeger2010 Неделю назад My wife decided that we should go eat at Hooters while we were in The Mall of America. That goes beyond feeling like you're walking into a trap, I knew I was walking into a trap.
  • FallSoftly
    FallSoftly 2 недели назад @TheHandleSticks66 probably fucks the neighborhood when you're at home too huh?
  • TheHandleSticks66
    TheHandleSticks66 2 недели назад Your wife sucks. My wife and I both like checking out hot chicks lol.
  • kiwirider&carnut
    kiwirider&carnut 2 недели назад "Nope. It's Hondas for the both of us" hahahahahaha I laughed way too hard at that 😂
  • oldsklteg
    oldsklteg 2 недели назад 😂😂
  • Rentta
    Rentta 2 недели назад In James May's words. The only roadster bloke can drive and still keep his manhood.
  • Jody Owen
    Jody Owen Неделю назад @mtb416 Maybe. But May drove the TR6 for the segment, and made all sorts of 'manly car' comments about it. At a guess it's what the commenter is thinking about. I only remember because the TR6 and GT6 are the only Triumph products I sort of like. I kept my Spitfire 2 years too long because it's a great looking car- much better than the too square TR6 or the TR3- but it was uncomfortable, underpowered, handled like a tractor stuck in mud and even by Brit standards was laughably unreliable.
  • ronindebeatrice
    ronindebeatrice 2 недели назад @Kainoa You're a genius, son.
  • mtb416
    mtb416 2 недели назад ShroomWalrus Yes, it was Hammond. These f’n amateurs disgust me.
  • D Carbs
    D Carbs 2 недели назад @Jimbo Mills Kit cars don't count!
  • Kainoa
    Kainoa 2 недели назад miatas are manly. you know how hard my car pulls even with all the scissors and hairdryers in the trunk?
  • ShroomWalrus
    ShroomWalrus 2 недели назад @NoisyNeighbour Wasn't that Hammond?
  • Jimbo Mills
    Jimbo Mills 2 недели назад All TVR’s exempt from this comment 😉
  • andrew pappas
    andrew pappas 2 недели назад @Louis Subearth I'm sure he had at least a dozen over that bar. Clarkson just burned so bright he drew all the attention. And is it not socially progressive to take the temperature of current society?
  • NoisyNeighbour
    NoisyNeighbour 2 недели назад ​@Louis Subearth I dont know. he did piss off the whole of Mexico
  • Louis Subearth
    Louis Subearth 2 недели назад That's probably the least socially progressive quote James May is probably associated to.
  • ClumsyGarage
    ClumsyGarage 2 недели назад TR250 just sounds like a motorcycle
  • syxepop
    syxepop Неделю назад 2006 Impreza, even though it may have been the same owner at a certain point, there have been no Triumph cars for quite a while, meanwhile the Triumph motorcycle brand still exists (in Puerto Rico it is imported by the same people who import everything w/the Honda brand, from cars and trucks, power equipment, ATV's...).
  • 2006 Impreza
    2006 Impreza Неделю назад syxepop I didn't realize there's was a difference between the motorcycle and car brands
  • syxepop
    syxepop 2 недели назад ClumsyGarage...there's still a Triumph brand in UK (another owner) making motorcycles.
  • Panpaletka Lg
    Panpaletka Lg 2 недели назад my grandad had a Triumph, but it was NOT A CAR
  • Killing Time
    Killing Time Неделю назад Jody Owen sure, why not?
  • Jody Owen
    Jody Owen Неделю назад Of the will?
  • Killing Time
    Killing Time 2 недели назад It was a great victory.
  • DSHPerotecH
    DSHPerotecH 2 недели назад Triumph Motorcycle?
  • Mark McMarkface
    Mark McMarkface 2 недели назад Was it a bra?
  • IgnoramusMare
    IgnoramusMare 2 недели назад Is your grandpa Scotty Kilmer?
  • Kim Jones
    Kim Jones 2 недели назад the c7 doesnt have a 7 speed it has a 3 speed with a granny low and a triple overdrive
  • Alien Spaceship
    Alien Spaceship Неделю назад @Robert a joke has been missed here.
  • Robert
    Robert 2 недели назад No, still a seven speed. Overdrives don't need to be stated anymore because they're standard.
  • thedog556
    thedog556 2 недели назад Sounds like the gt500
  • ShoJ Tihgrw
    ShoJ Tihgrw 2 недели назад 5am in the Midwest damn.. used to be between 3 and 4 month from now it'll be breakfast with rcr
  • myMotoring
    myMotoring 2 недели назад 5:38 that's a really nice big rig. pls review that.
  • Reinaldo Ortiz
    Reinaldo Ortiz 2 недели назад Yessir, we need more Regular Rig Reviews :(
  • Aaron Hainan
    Aaron Hainan 2 недели назад myMotoring Kenworth W900 Beautiful trucks
  • Clark Bayles
    Clark Bayles 1 день назад I accidentally upset a guy at work by telling him he didn't have a real TR6 then showed him this. He now has the car for sale lmao. its in British Racing Green too!
  • Daniel Pearson
    Daniel Pearson 2 недели назад "Nope... it's Hondas for both of us". Honest world traveller Mr. Regular right there :-)
  • Mike L.
    Mike L. 1 день назад I generally choose extra high over plain high when given the option.