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Best Electric Cars 2019 (and the ones to avoid) – Top 10s | What Car?

Published on Feb 14, 2019 337,193 views

The electric revolution is here! The latest electric cars offer outstanding performance, usable ranges and reasonable list prices. But if you want to go green, which ones should be on your shortlist? And which ones should you avoid?

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  • suavilica
    suavilica 4 недели назад Ammmmmm Tesla Model 3?????? I think KIA made this
  • Clive Sinclair
    Clive Sinclair 2 недели назад suavilica I’t a UK channel aimed at UK customers. The Model 3 is not yet available in the UK.
  • Sushi Jam
    Sushi Jam Неделю назад @Clive Sinclair They have Teslas in Hong Kong. UK is that strict hhuh
  • Joseph McCooey
    Joseph McCooey 2 месяца назад I think its amazing that we have a top ten EV list
  • DrScoob
    DrScoob 2 месяца назад And a bottom 2 list with no statistical information provided. These are 'paid for' promotions.
  • Silviu
    Silviu 1 месяц назад (изменено) The most stupid top that i've seen
  • Phil Sr
    Phil Sr 1 месяц назад Joseph McCooey I agree! I'm so sick of stinky diesel.
  • Ti Nicole Official
    Ti Nicole Official 1 месяц назад Joseph McCooey same
  • Shobhit Saxena
    Shobhit Saxena 4 недели назад (изменено) Not a Tesla fan... But no model 3? Also Tesla should be in top with superchargers network.
  • JayBee
    JayBee 3 недели назад This video is aimed at the UK market in which the Model 3 is not yet available.
  • Stace Karussos
    Stace Karussos Неделю назад @JayBee It's taking longer than other countries because they drive on the wrong side of the road. :)
  • JayBee
    JayBee Неделю назад @Stace Karussos We have the steering wheel on the RIGHT side of the car. You are in the pockets of the French.
  • tubetop123
    tubetop123 Неделю назад Media loves to trash Tesla
  • Chilukar
    Chilukar Неделю назад @Stace Karussos yes they drive on the wrong side. These other countries ay? When will they learn.😛
  • Akmal Mansurov
    Akmal Mansurov 4 недели назад i-pace's range not even close to 300km.. are you making review upon car's booklets and catalogs? Make review in real conditions..
  • Victor Seal
    Victor Seal 1 месяц назад If you lived here in Canada any vehicle below a 200 mile range would not have an adequate scope. I have just returned from a test drive in a Kona EV and I’m ordering one. My preference would be a T Model Y, but I need a new car now. Where is the Model 3 in the list !?
  • C —
    C — 6 дней назад Victor Seal model 3 isn't available in the UK(?)
  • Victor Seal
    Victor Seal 6 дней назад C — Of course, my mistake.
  • Elliot Hamilton
    Elliot Hamilton 3 недели назад What a poor review What Car... So much factual inaccuracy and omission. I'm waiting for the Tesla Model 3 to arrive in the UK so I bought a Hyundai Ioniq in the meanwhile. Top range Premium SE spec, brand new, 19 plate, for actually 20% less than the 30k the review claims. Talking of real world inaccuracy...I've just done a 300 mile trip up the country, achieving over 130 miles at motorway speeds and achieving much more in local driving. Where the hell did they get their 113 mile range figure from? Wrong again. And as for their conclusions on other cars...ludicrous. Nissan Leaf without battery cooling can't fast charge for long range in the real world and how could they omit to mention Tesla Supercharger network, over-the-air updates, safety ratings and the app (not to mention loads of other things). To conclude a Kia (which I've driven) is better than a Tesla (which I've also driven) is a joke bordering on misrepresentation. What Car should get their facts straight before they start producing videos claiming knowledge of this emerging, world-changing market. Sorry What the Smart ForTwo EQ and VW E-Up...your reviews are to be avoided!
  • Shaun Powell
    Shaun Powell 2 месяца назад i Pace is a good luxury EV, but I wouldn't give it number 2. It'll score highly on performance and utility, but reliability and efficiency has much to be desired.
  • Jean Paul Fenech
    Jean Paul Fenech 2 месяца назад True
  • Andrew Norris
    Andrew Norris 2 месяца назад Actually, electric cars are much easier to make reliable. And additionally, Jag came much higher than Tesla in the which consumer reliably report for 2018. So expect the Jag to be considerably more reliable than Tesla. Plus the motors and batteries are made by large industry-leading companies with plenty of experience.
  • mravecsk1
    mravecsk1 2 месяца назад (изменено) I-pace is good car but terrible EV. Funy that this guy says that it has better range than Tesla :D It is famous about stupidly low range. What did he compared it with? :D Def not num 2. Crazy consumption, very low range for 90kwh batt pack, again low performance for 90kwh pack,actualy the same like model S 75D (75kwh bat. pack), bad infotaiment..better EVs are Kona or Niro, not talking about model 3, which is actualy closer..not model X like Jag is forcing us to think. It doesnt mean that Jag make a car and it is automaticaly perfect, also quality issues with jag if you check. It not like puting battery and e-motor and we have perfect EV... Now is Jag sorting out demand issues exactly because of these things. Right now Bjorn Nyland is doing some testing with i-pace. For Leaf..still doesnt have active cooling, so good luck with long will rapid gate very quickly...Leaf is gone.
  • kevinmsft
    kevinmsft 2 месяца назад This is a British channel... so they do get orgasmic about Jaguar.
  • Hywel Hosking
    Hywel Hosking 1 месяц назад (изменено) I like how they base it on "range" and clearly dont take charging infrastructure into account. Drove to disney paris in my S with 0 issues charging or otherwise, like to see an ipace do a 1000 mile round trip across borders with the same level of ease.. Good luck getting the required auth cards for french chargers or a space for that matter. What car = Bad consumer advice.
  • Anthony Tromp
    Anthony Tromp 1 месяц назад What happened to your I-pace
  • v0lterra
    v0lterra 1 месяц назад How do you know anything about reliability?
  • David Beaulieu
    David Beaulieu 1 месяц назад @Andrew Norris Tesla has the ability to build their batteries in house now I think that's going to be a killer for the other ones as far as price point goes I am disappointed they didn't mention the bolt considering plenty of these stupid cars aren't even available in my country what the hell is a Zoe anyway
  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith 6 дней назад @David Beaulieu UK channel and Bolt is not available here so not mentioned.
  • W G
    W G Неделю назад what!??? Either this review needs to be updated or someone doesn't have their facts together.
  • Chilukar
    Chilukar Неделю назад I agree. Recommending leasing battery? Yeah, let's take all the advantages of cheap running and get rid of them spending all you would have saved and more on rental batteries that will lower the resale value. Oh and limit your mileage to boot. Battery rental was a thing when people thought they would only last 5 years before being replaced. It makes no sense now we know most EVs will last at least 10 years with 10-15% degradation.
  • Bruno Lazaro
    Bruno Lazaro 2 дня назад @Chilukar yeap, pay 10p per mile on battery rental to save 6p per mile on running costs. Pointless.
  • John Hutchins
    John Hutchins 1 месяц назад Sorry, but this was a horrible review. iPace practical and longer range than Tesla? Check your fact buddy.
  • Hans Juergensen
    Hans Juergensen 4 недели назад So the best selling model 3 isn’t on your list. Hmmmmm Hans Juergensen
  • Quiet Corner
    Quiet Corner 2 недели назад (изменено) It's not available RHD. Therefore it's not ready for the UK yet.
  • Eric Tell
    Eric Tell 2 недели назад @Quiet Corner Nor is the i3 that got #9. He even says that it's so new they haven't been able to test it yet.
  • pirouz behjat
    pirouz behjat 4 недели назад first look was disappointing , not to consider so many different aspects. charge time , battery life , charge station availability , car safety rating, production quality , autonomous driving and many more . so it means this video made for marketing competition in a dirty way . it means other companies are looking forward to compete . that is good because it will create more force for ev transition .
  • Richard Allan
    Richard Allan 3 недели назад Sounds more like a promo than an actual review
  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith 6 дней назад (изменено) it's a top 10. Which car exactly is it a promo for? By definition they will have more good things to say as they get to their number 1.
  • Eric Tell
    Eric Tell 1 месяц назад (изменено) Ok, so I'm a little confused about the test results because every single publication I've read has dogged the iPace for it's low efficiency, several have directly compared it to the heavier Model X and found that the Model X is significantly more efficient. Yet, here, the iPace is said to have a longer real-world range, and the Model X's range is said to be only 233 miles. The model S' range, though not listed, is said to be less than the ipace's listed 253 miles, which is kind of ridiculous. So I looked up the testing procedures and can only conclude that the Teslas listed must have inefficient heating compared to some of these other cars. The procedures say that the cars are tested at 10-15C (about 50-60F) and the temperature is set to 21C (about 70F). That's the only possible explanation, but even that explanation doesn't add up when you consider that Bjorn is driving around Norway and said that the Model X was more efficient in the snow than the iPace. That aside, any top ten list of EVs that don't include either the Model 3 or the Chevy Bolt/AmperaE is severely lacking.
  • MrGonzonator
    MrGonzonator 1 месяц назад (изменено) Bjorn did a much more extensive test with the X, eTron and iPace and found that the iPace was a bit more efficient going uphill and at low speed (because physics) but the X kicked its ass on the motorway due to better aerodynamics. I can only imagine that the What Car private test track is more twisty and hilly than the norm.
  • Richard Burnett
    Richard Burnett 4 недели назад I was also confused as to why the bolt and 3 were not on the list, being on a comparable price to the new leaf but with longer range. Still, at least it's its good to have a list and know that electric is more and more viable every day.
  • Ian Thomas
    Ian Thomas 2 недели назад What car is a UK European car magazine so they must have lood at what is available at the moment
  • Richard Burnett
    Richard Burnett 2 недели назад @Ian Thomas well that makes sense. Lol.
  • Eric Tell
    Eric Tell 2 недели назад @Ian Thomas that would add up except that they mention the new version of the i3 that they haven't been able to test yet because it's so new.
  • Lavkesh Arora
    Lavkesh Arora 4 недели назад (изменено) Appalling choices to be honest. No mention of specialist supercharging stations, no mention of the technology, no mention of the actual efficiency vis a vis battery capacity. After all this, Kia as the best electric car in the world.
  • C —
    C — 6 дней назад 'so I was going to get a Model X but ended up going for the superior and cheaper Kia, phew...' said no one ever
  • bob jones
    bob jones 1 месяц назад Nissan Leaf?! No active thermal management. Wtf?
  • R
    R 1 месяц назад A video about EVs brought to you by Doug ReVOLTa. I see what you did there...... 😁
  • onlineo
    onlineo 1 месяц назад The what car test showed that the ipace got a better range than the x100 and the s75... However it did this by charging up the cars then leaving them. The Teslas phantom drain so had less than 100% when the range test started. I also think that they did not do it at high speeds because if they had it would have been a different story as the ipace suffers. Personally I have met ipace drivers who have failed to drive from Devon to Sheffield due to faulty chargers on a service station and having to back track 70 miles, I have met Tesla owners who have driven the whole country. The ipace handles better and is more robust for light offroading... But the Teslas are better at absolutely everything else
  • Timothy Hughbanks
    Timothy Hughbanks 7 часов назад The omission of the Tesla Model 3 puts this video in ... ummm ... ludicrous mode.
  • Chilukar
    Chilukar Неделю назад I pace goes further than a Tesla? I'm not a huge fan of Tesla but basic facts, all the test cycles and every other reviewer on earth disagrees. I'd personally go for a Kona ... if you can get your hands on one.