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TRY NOT TO LAUGH or GRIN: Funny Animals Vines Compilation 2017 - Stupid Animals Doing Stupid Things

Published on Jun 6, 2017 1,231,293 views

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    Aiman Yusuf Год назад Life Awesome
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    Nguyen Phong Год назад Life Awesome d
  • Caleb Ricker
    Caleb Ricker Год назад savage
  • Abbey Tricker
    Abbey Tricker Год назад Life Awesome no offence but ur video was evil
  • Thee Amanda :P
    Thee Amanda :P Год назад Abbey Tricker I agree
  • Drowsy Mexico
    Drowsy Mexico Год назад Abbey Tricker how?
    JESSE GLASS Год назад u wot m8
  • Gianna Maggio
    Gianna Maggio Год назад YouTube tutorial on piano
  • SvarkZ PlayS
    SvarkZ PlayS Год назад Life Awesome when you have 1 million subscribers and have 2 likes on your comment....
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    pying:oftenwar 123123123 Год назад س9بمؤ8ثطءعة
  • Shey Chumley
    Shey Chumley Год назад PinkLife Awesome
  • Carlos Sacan
    Carlos Sacan Год назад Vamos a mi casa
  • Revss11
    Revss11 Год назад Life Awesome ⌚️yd
  • Nicole Martin
    Nicole Martin Год назад Hi everyone
  • lolkasse
    lolkasse 11 месяцев назад Life Awesome.
  • Kittycat _9000
    Kittycat _9000 11 месяцев назад Life Awesome /
  • Julio Castellon
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  • Julio Castellon
    Julio Castellon 11 месяцев назад Arjana Shehu qqq
  • Julio Castellon
    Julio Castellon 11 месяцев назад Arjana Shehu and I love you so much for the next two days ago when the
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    Trinh Đỗ Tú 11 месяцев назад Life Awesome @
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    Tony Walker 9 месяцев назад Life Awesome C. C.
  • Stavros Repanas
    Stavros Repanas 9 месяцев назад Life Awesome ☺☺
  • Faerlyson Pinho
    Faerlyson Pinho 9 месяцев назад Life Awesome uu de de
  • Lily Alana
    Lily Alana Год назад some of these videos were abusive
  • Kenneth Busler
    Kenneth Busler Год назад should be called "people that shouldn't have animals".
  • ruby gacha!
    ruby gacha! 1 месяц назад 3:04 why is that such a problem
  • Random Tv
    Random Tv Год назад 5:50 that's how u know when the dog like the owner so much he/she doesn't want their owner to leave adorable
  • Jose Trinidad
    Jose Trinidad Год назад your letting animals suffer and get hurt
  • Lego Land
    Lego Land Год назад More try not to say animal abuse
  • Ashley Miller
    Ashley Miller Год назад I didn't laugh nor grin
  • Robin 927
    Robin 927 Год назад The owners that save their pets are legends and not idiots like the owners that just laugh at their pets being injured or almost drowning!
  • Jakey99
    Jakey99 Год назад SAME
  • Laurel Love
    Laurel Love 8 месяцев назад Its a joke. Its made for purposes of try not to laugh. After they take their video, they help them. Just consider that for one hot second.
  • Yeeta Yeet wizord
    Yeeta Yeet wizord Год назад Why are you putting that poor bearded dragon in the sink like that?!! 😤😤 he oveosly dosent like it!! He is a desert animal for god sake!!!!!!!!!
  • Tangle Dreemurr
    Tangle Dreemurr 8 месяцев назад Animals need baths. Hes not just going to clean himself. (This comment is in no way trying to be rude.)
  • and ?
    and ? 2 месяца назад @Tangle Dreemurr An animal that has evolved to live in a desert needs a BATH? The only time he would see that much water is during a flash flood, when he is in danger of drowning. Hence his panicked response.
  • Tangle Dreemurr
    Tangle Dreemurr 2 месяца назад @and ? This is true but they still need to be washed off like us for instance we can go a bit with out washing because our body has a autoclean but only works for a small time and to an extent so it important to wash up just like this lizard does. Cant let it get dirty and stay that way.
  • foxy rocket
    foxy rocket Год назад the little gray kitten looks so adorable looking in the mirror
  • John Carper
    John Carper Год назад when the girl pulled the cat in that wasn't funny it was cruel the cat needs better owners
  • Christy Black
    Christy Black Год назад John the architech Yes
  • Hayden MistStream
    Hayden MistStream Год назад John the architech Ikr
  • Nevaeh Hartz
    Nevaeh Hartz Год назад they don't need a better owner its not there ides to make them fall in
  • foxy rocket
    foxy rocket Год назад that poor little white dog it fell in that was the saddest one that I saw
  • River_monster Playz
    River_monster Playz Год назад (изменено) at 8:50, that dog is in the first stage of rabies.
  • Sara chapman
    Sara chapman 4 месяца назад 8:08 dog: I was caught. well... LEAVE NO WITNESSES
  • Whitemerewolf
    Whitemerewolf Год назад Yes okay, some of these clips are quite humorous but a lot of them are just cruel or they can't control their animal(s) and shows that people aren't good pet owners. A good example is the lizard trying to get out of the water. Yes it may funny but the lizard is in so much distress because it hates the water so much. Another example is when the cat is on top of the fish tank. As soon as it is on top of there, the owner should have stopped the cat. yes okay cats do like to climb about and they are nimble and light but there still should be some small rules or restrictions mainly to keep the pet safe. I did enjoy the video at some parts and found it a bit funny but I do think pet owners should be just letting the pet do what it wants.
  • kawaii.mp4
    kawaii.mp4 Год назад Whitemerewolf calm down geez we know some are hurt-ful but the dogs didn't die now calm your shit
  • Whitemerewolf
    Whitemerewolf Год назад Did I shout? No. Did say no positive points? No. I still toomboth sides and I said it all calmly and in the most humane way I could. Where as going around saying 'Calm you shit', ain't so good. Like I said, the video had some funny parts and I'm not having a go at Life Awesome, they just pick random, stupid, funny videos and may not know that some of them are abusive to the animals. I am trying to make a point not an argument or debate.
  • Whitemerewolf
    Whitemerewolf Год назад toombooth - took both
  • kawaii.mp4
    kawaii.mp4 Год назад Whitemerewolf I didn't ask for you to reply to me did I?
  • CSG125
    CSG125 Год назад that doesnt mean anything.
  • Sarah Melas
    Sarah Melas Год назад Whitemerewolf I agree with you especially in the one with the lizard it the water it cam freeze to death in cold water and also drown
  • Evelien van het Kaar
    Evelien van het Kaar Год назад if you don't like it just don't watch it -.-
  • Emily Hamilton
    Emily Hamilton Год назад Oh so you would like it if giants were forcing you to do random stupid stuff for the pleasure of others? Just as long as you don't die? Yeah, abuse dogs, just a long as they don't die.
  • aidan holler
    aidan holler Год назад Whitemerewolf shut up it's comedy
  • Tara S
    Tara S Год назад I absolutely agree with you. It is not funny to see sheer cruelty. I found these distressing and if I could rescue them I would. As you would methinks.
  • Its Katz
    Its Katz Год назад Whitemerewolf yes I know it is mostly funny and sad
  • Its Katz
    Its Katz Год назад ღKawaiipaiღ u just hate animals
  • wugav
    wugav Год назад hippi
  • Yeeta Yeet wizord
    Yeeta Yeet wizord Год назад ღKawaiipaiღ. Calm down. Your just incuraging the abuse! That lizard could have drowned even though it was shallow!
  • Its Katz
    Its Katz Год назад wugav ok so I will abuse you as if you were a dog and nothing will happen
  • Chloe Bell
    Chloe Bell 11 месяцев назад I agree
  • Helena Garcia
    Helena Garcia 11 месяцев назад (изменено) Whitwmerewolf I completely agree with you!! The lizard could have died and others are abuse. And Kawaiipai shut up. You just hate animals if you dont think abuse is a problem. If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all. Everybody that agrees with Kawaiipai is a bitch (i am not trying to be mean or create conflict but whoever supports animal abuse, rape, abuse (in general) or anything like that I hate and consider a bitch and a loser and a poser :)) I love animals and they dont deserve to be hunted, poached, abused, or used for fighting (like dog fighting) They are innocent beautiful creatures. If they act mean, they are doing it in defence or it is because humans have trained it to be like that. Whitemerewolf has a great point and i like the message you are conveying in the comment you posted. It would be amazing if i could change everybody's oppinion on abuse, rape, etc. but i cant. I dont mean to create conflict but im just speaking my opinion. We have the right to do so. have a nice day!!! 😁😇 PS and aiden holler I dont really care about this being comedy, its still abuse :)
  • Tim Spillane
    Tim Spillane 11 месяцев назад Stfu
  • Brandy nelson
    Brandy nelson 10 месяцев назад Whitemerewolf peorlekkdelr,klffklf9f Lrlrlkrkrp
  • IHasCriplingDepwession IWantToKermitSuicide
    IHasCriplingDepwession IWantToKermitSuicide 10 месяцев назад ღKawaiipaiღ dude u need to calm down u are not so cool and u seem like a jerk and I'm guessing u are saying a bad word.jeez.
  • IHasCriplingDepwession IWantToKermitSuicide
    IHasCriplingDepwession IWantToKermitSuicide 10 месяцев назад aidan holler u shut up they care about the animals
  • J R
    J R 10 месяцев назад Attention people who do not own a bearded dragon: The lizard is not at any real risk of dying. They are not only great swimmers, he's also not in deep enough water to be an issue. Bathing a beardie is weekly or bi-weekly duty, and my bearded sometimes flails about and just isnt in the mood for a bath. It's something that has to be done to keep them clean (relatively speaking) and just because he was freaking out doesnt necessarily make it animal abuse, beardies can simply be very temperamental at times. The water is also likely Luke warm which allows their body temperature to not 'freeze' them to death.
  • J R
    J R 10 месяцев назад Replied in depth, But again, Lizard not in danger of dying, they pretty well - He just didn't want to be in the bath, My Bearded does the same thing when he is done 'resting' in his bath water
  • Shanese Jackson
    Shanese Jackson 9 месяцев назад Whitemerewolf stop hateing
  • Camdyn Reddick
    Camdyn Reddick 6 месяцев назад If the human wasn't there, the animals would do it anyway. Like that cat video you mentioned. If the owner had been out, it still would have happened, it just wouldn't have been on film. As for the lizard, domestic animals need baths. They can't just magically become clean, so even if they don't like water, they have to use it to get clean.
  • skinny penis
    skinny penis 1 месяц назад lmfao sis
  • skinny penis
    skinny penis 1 месяц назад Tara S then don’t watch it?
  • Schanader Alexis
    Schanader Alexis Год назад sad for the dogs
  • PS Flog
    PS Flog Год назад I hate what happens at 0:43
  • PS Flog
    PS Flog Год назад I hate what happens at 0:43
  • Amber Barber
    Amber Barber Год назад most of these videos aren't funny. I feel sorry for some of these animals.
  • Panda Corns
    Panda Corns Год назад Dang that dog that can swim at 7:35