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1999 Nissan Maxima A32: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Jul 11, 2016 367,791 views

We review a Nissan Maxima with a manual transmission. This was one of the most memorable cars I drove this year. It's fast and fun and the Double-Cam V-6 loves being revved. It's like that Roadmaster with the 6-speed stick. Suddenly the motor is set free! And now you're about to go on Craigslist and search for Nissan Maximas with 5-speeds!

  • Mathew Viggiani
    Mathew Viggiani 2 года назад A $30,000 car in 1999, adjusted for Inflation, would be worth $43,259.78 today. ... I cared.
  • dannyry
    dannyry 8 месяцев назад no one bothers to look stuff up anymore
  • deasttn
    deasttn 8 месяцев назад @Lou D a 99 might cost you $1,900 if it's in great shape. Otherwise it's a $1,200 car (depending on how old the tires are and whether the a)c works
  • MyTruckinLife ACE
    MyTruckinLife ACE Год назад Lou D minus inflation? Negative 30,000.
  • Lou D
    Lou D Год назад How much is it worth today ?
  • W Hannon
    W Hannon Год назад About the cost of a new fully loaded maxi
  • skbuoy
    skbuoy Год назад gedaman I would get the Infiniti Q50 3.0T
  • steaker1705
    steaker1705 Год назад Not that surprising. My Murano's sticker price was a little over $40,000 with options in 2004, and it was basically an suv maxima (same platform, and at the time same engine).
  • Nate Avery
    Nate Avery Год назад Lmao not worth either.
  • fonsobeaSt
    fonsobeaSt Год назад i paid 800$ jeje
  • Rücklicht
    Rücklicht 2 года назад Oh c´mon! You are a cat! I mean how...why...ugh!
  • Trades46
    Trades46 2 года назад Interestingly the current 2017 Maxima cost about that price today. Too bad in the sea of now similarly priced sport sedans from luxury brands it no longer stands out as much.
  • Giovanni
    Giovanni 2 года назад +gedaman the Ford focus RS has a 6-spd manual awd and a bigger boot/trunk
  • Rubber
    Rubber 2 года назад this car MSRPd for only 23,500
  • gedaman
    gedaman 2 года назад Oh yeah, a 2017 Ford Fusion V6 Sport would be a much better choice than a Nissan Maxima. The Ford even comes with AWD and 325 horsepower!
  • Brad Hazard
    Brad Hazard 2 года назад Or a Fusion Sport for that matter...the baby SHO
  • gedaman
    gedaman 2 года назад 43,000 is about what a nicely trimmed ugly new Nissan Maxima costs today. I'm not so sure I would buy a new Nissan Maxima instead of a Ford Taurus SHO.
  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 2 года назад +TJ Alexander no one cares.
  • TJ Alexander
    TJ Alexander 2 года назад You didn't care you saw the comment I made 2 days prior to your comment and copied it... I cared and I did the research..
  • Brad Hazard
    Brad Hazard 2 года назад And it still didn't have an independent rear suspension
  • Sadian
    Sadian 2 года назад Top this...
  • linglingjr
    linglingjr 2 года назад This is a regular car.
  • Michael Collado
    Michael Collado Год назад This statement is false
  • Dr.B097
    Dr.B097 Год назад This is my reply Owww my taint
  • Mike utubesux
    Mike utubesux Год назад Just the kind of juvenile, grade school response I expected from a maxima driver. Thanks for proving my point, little boy.
  • GT Number1
    GT Number1 Год назад (изменено) @Mike utubesux<----Watzamatter Mikey?...Lemme guess..Your POS domestic got absolutely walked by a Maxima, and you're sore about it...Awww..Lol
  • Mike utubesux
    Mike utubesux Год назад How could he not mention that Maxima drivers are the biggest scumbags on the road?
  • GT Number1
    GT Number1 Год назад (изменено) @linglingjr..A "regular" car that would eat up and shit out most cars out there. I know that because I own one (99 five speed).
  • Bradley Richards
    Bradley Richards 2 года назад linglingjr I
  • Nerd Square 12
    Nerd Square 12 2 года назад linglingjr &,
  • Daniel Drago
    Daniel Drago 2 года назад Regular car reviews
  • rasvial
    rasvial 2 года назад this is an accurate comment
  • Harrison W
    Harrison W 2 года назад +diamandis That's Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber to you
  • The Big G
    The Big G 2 года назад This is my penis. <===3
  • R. Kayn
    R. Kayn 2 года назад its in the channel's tittle m8
  • Fabrizio Julian Caldara
    Fabrizio Julian Caldara 2 года назад Is it the 1000000 mille comment?
  • i am not the letter E
    i am not the letter E 2 года назад +datsteve my reply is best reply because unoriginal
  • realbibob
    realbibob 2 года назад yo dawg
  • CobobS12
    CobobS12 2 года назад @Joey Herrmann My reply is best reply, because I am the best, and I want the best. I deserve the best. BABY PHOTOS, BABY PHOTOS, LOTS OF BABY PHOTOS. MY HEART GOES OUT TO THE VICTIMS OF AS HHHDHDHSLDKJFHSHS
  • Ronald Horvath
    Ronald Horvath 2 года назад this is my reply to your reply to the comment where 2 other guys made a reply just like you did where i than made this reply to your reply the same way +CobobS12 made a reply to the "this is my comment" comment of +linglingjr which he than replied by himself saying "this is my reply" please dont reply
  • saucyp
    saucyp 2 года назад +RegularCars my reply is best reply!
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 2 года назад +linglingjr this is my reply.
  • CobobS12
    CobobS12 2 года назад +CobobS12 this is my reply
  • CobobS12
    CobobS12 2 года назад +linglingjr that is your comment.
  • linglingjr
    linglingjr 2 года назад This is my comment.
  • Mr. Johnson
    Mr. Johnson 2 года назад This review is accurate. I have a 1999 Maxima 5 speed. It is one of the best cars I have ever owned; ..."Why" you ask? That silky smooth engine, super reliability, quick and fast. How fast? You had better use cruise control because there is no engine or wind noise at high speed. Don't floor it in 1st gear or 2nd gear or you'll just burn up your tires. Passing slower cars? No drama, no loud engine noise; it just pulls like silk. With synthetic oil; I'm afraid this car will last forever. This review is accurate.
  • hulkhatepunybanner
    hulkhatepunybanner 3 месяца назад I didn't ask "Why?"
  • Evan Ganske
    Evan Ganske 4 месяца назад I have an 04 with 242K. It's an awesome car.
  • YoshiIsDead
    YoshiIsDead 8 месяцев назад I doubted the 6.6 second 0-60 but... Is it really that good?!?
  • headcas620
    headcas620 9 месяцев назад Antoine Zogbi no they didn't. I was replying to one of the previous comments
  • Tony
    Tony 9 месяцев назад @headcas620 wait, did maximas have cvts back then? I thought early cvts....especially Nissan cvts, were could this Nissan be reliable and have a cvt? Plus this is stick shift, so no cvt
  • Karma Nv
    Karma Nv 9 месяцев назад Back to the 90's again!
  • MDefinitely
    MDefinitely Год назад mine 97 at 326 xxx
  • Marley P
    Marley P 2 года назад ive owned 3..... 98 triple black 130k...... 95 green. 171k....and now a 97 neptune blue 181k( under construction) ..... all of them had manual transmissions
  • Jake Gimbel
    Jake Gimbel 2 года назад Mines still going at 266,000. Everybody is astonished when I tell them my car has a quarter of a million miles on it.
  • amidee edwards
    amidee edwards 2 года назад i actually still have this exact max same color and all except for the manual. the 99 se had an lsd for the auto trans aslo came stock with tokico coils/shocks for those who don't know. really the only downfall these cars have is rust....fucking at 240k and forever a max fan.
  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson 2 года назад Nearly two decades of Minnesota winters claimed a total of 3 A32's and 1 A33 between me and two friends. Great cars that handled years of high school shenanigans including hard driving, racing and neglect, and still start up and get you wherever you needed to go.
  • Papa Exquisite
    Papa Exquisite 2 года назад Jude Pierre I just bought one in the Bronx for 980, talked him down from 1200.
  • Kent
    Kent 2 года назад @Jude Pierre You should be able to get a decent one for about $2,000. Maybe even less.
  • Jude Pierre
    Jude Pierre 2 года назад i need one in my life all the ones that i doo see are automatic i need this car im wondering about the prices for it
  • 0778drz110
    0778drz110 2 года назад I liked my '99 SE 5spd too. I like the look of the later 4th gen maximas. If it didn't have so much rust and got more than 20mpg with 91 octane, I would have kept it. If you factor in the extra cost of 91, it's like getting 15mpg with regular 87. I sold it and bought an SUV that gets better gas mileage lol
  • Alex Woho
    Alex Woho 2 года назад I have a 2005 250km maxima that refuses to die even if it's being driven in a ... spirited manner
  • Kent
    Kent 2 года назад @destructo I regularly see Maximas and i30s in the junkyard with over 350k on them.
  • mbs306
    mbs306 2 года назад mine is currently at 195k and my mpg is a golden 22 miles, i dont ever want to give up my I30
  • destructo
    destructo 2 года назад My 96 is still going at 330,000...just hit it. Your nightmare is true. It will last forever. I love this car. Any I see at junkyards are 250kish and usually there from a wreck.
  • D. Jones
    D. Jones 2 года назад My niece has a 98 GXE with almost 250k on it. It's kind of a hooptie now and it doesn't pull as hard as I think it should (has the 4spd so that's probably why along with old age etc). BUT through all the crap it's been still gets her where it needs to go lol. They are reliable. That's a fact. I might even mess around and buy one myself.
  • Kent
    Kent 2 года назад I've had two 4th gen maximas and they were so reliable. I miss them terribly. I had to get rid of them because it got to the point that they had more rust every time I looked at them. Had it not been for the rust I would probably still be driving them. These cars rot out before they mechanically fail.
  • John Appleseed
    John Appleseed 2 года назад My parents had a 1999 Nissan Maxima with an automatic transmission. Hands down the most fun car I have ever driven (even more fun than the Mazda6). Like you said, it had the silkiest engine EVER ...... my gosh, I wish Nissan could make a Maxima like this again.
  • Captain Falcon
    Captain Falcon 2 года назад +rock "No drama, no loud engine noise" How depressing lmao
  • No
    No 2 года назад +headcas620 Damn change! Even though every gas engine will have a cvt in the future. Once it's as reliable it's better in every way than a auto.
  • headcas620
    headcas620 2 года назад @XenomorphLV426 Nope. The car is better because it has good power but the cvt is garbage no matter what,
  • XenomorphLV426
    XenomorphLV426 2 года назад @headcas620 CVT on the Maxima is decent, much better than the lower end ones, like the Versa.
  • headcas620
    headcas620 2 года назад But it has a garbage cvt.
  • Fernde09
    Fernde09 2 года назад holy shit dudes i do not envy your commutes I drive like 15-20k a year
  • Fernde09
    Fernde09 2 года назад Got an 03 SE 3.5 with the slushbox, 171k and still burns tires in 1st and pulls hard
  • 576356
    576356 2 года назад 01 with 270k miles
  • Dre2383
    Dre2383 2 года назад +XenomorphLV426 yes. All original. Mostly highway miles.
  • XenomorphLV426
    XenomorphLV426 2 года назад +Dre2383 With a original CVT?
  • Charlie Wilson
    Charlie Wilson 2 года назад Had an 02 it was great. Only had 160k.
  • Mr. Johnson
    Mr. Johnson 2 года назад @rock ikr
  • rock
    rock 2 года назад Wow that's almost sad to read...
  • Dre2383
    Dre2383 2 года назад I have a 2010 maxima and 213k miles! Super reliable
  • Ian Mcbride
    Ian Mcbride 2 года назад mine is going strong at 216K
  • YouTube Comment Guy
    YouTube Comment Guy Год назад Nissan Maxima, the official car for the Mexican-Mario-lookin Street Legend
  • Nolan Evans
    Nolan Evans 2 месяца назад I always think of that car. I wish someone had a parts guide
  • J.C Meza
    J.C Meza 2 года назад So regular... So.... Normal...
  • Ricky Jordan Hall
    Ricky Jordan Hall 2 года назад J.C Meza it's seriously like if I was talking to my long time friend about cars we even make voice overs for people like one time way before I knew about this channel we was making fun of the Kia exact words was oh look at me I'm a Kia i got gasoline direct injection I'm so much better than any other car because my injectors are buried beneath the soul and I just snob anyone with air intake injectors I'm so cool lol and then I found this channel and I'm loving this.
  • n_y_p_e
    n_y_p_e 2 года назад much of sedan! great affordable.
  • The Real DudzFryd
    The Real DudzFryd 2 года назад The ANTI-hype machine
  • C230k Dude
    C230k Dude 2 года назад Very car review...
  • E246ixer
    E246ixer 2 года назад Much....
  • Xtwonine
    Xtwonine 2 года назад
  • Levvy
    Levvy 2 года назад the intro song was based on power rangers dino thunder theme song im laughing so hard
  • Omega Lee
    Omega Lee 2 года назад One of the best put together cars ever imo. Shit is timeless
  • Emitz
    Emitz 2 года назад bought one of these for $1200. 5 speed, 120k miles. absolutely no regrets.
  • Michael Strom
    Michael Strom 11 месяцев назад Same lol. I loved that car
  • Ismael Mora
    Ismael Mora Год назад Emitz same! I have a 98 that i got 2 yrs ago had 100k on it i put 70k on it... and she still runs smooth as ever
  • tytotheler92
    tytotheler92 2 года назад This is a true regular car. I've seen these totally beat up and still going, with rotted fenders and quarter panels so bad that thoughts of how the bumpers are still attached make me pass them quickly. But boy have they endured.
  • Milos Mitrovic
    Milos Mitrovic 2 года назад This was Vince's car in the original The Fast & The Furious
  • katie_incredible
    katie_incredible 2 года назад "I'm gonna park this car in Trenton!" LMAO
  • Corkoth55
    Corkoth55 8 месяцев назад @Brooks Van Pelt you know that's not the same person right?
  • Brooks Van Pelt
    Brooks Van Pelt 10 месяцев назад Sean Taylor you know you can edit comments instead of making another comment right?
  • Sean Taylor
    Sean Taylor 2 года назад *pee-hole
  • Fienda
    Fienda 2 года назад "This is the mountains b-hole"
  • TheTarrMan
    TheTarrMan 2 года назад Does she know that pipe is the overflow from a septic tank. Believe me it's true, I'm from the internet.
  • potatorampage
    potatorampage 2 года назад so is this the skyline for honor roll students?
  • David F
    David F 2 года назад I feel like he gave us a spoiler to the next video
  • RegularAudioReviews King
    RegularAudioReviews King 2 года назад GT500 sometime in the future ;)
  • SeanTheCajun
    SeanTheCajun 2 года назад "AND THAT'S HOW I KNOW IT'S CLEAN" ... And that's how I know that this is an episode of Regular Car Reviews.
  • Abbreviated Reviews
    Abbreviated Reviews 2 года назад A bubbling bottle of Mountain Aids.
  • DJAZAlwayz
    DJAZAlwayz 2 года назад still got the 99 maxima es . been in the family for it's entire 17 years . not a single flake of rust . engine still runs around everything on the road . love this car
  • Bender Fender
    Bender Fender 5 месяцев назад MIne turned into a flintstone car. The engine still ran when I junked it at 235,000 miles though.
  • Ian Holmquist
    Ian Holmquist 5 месяцев назад Engine runs around everything on the road... have you ever even seen a car man?
  • nathaniel newman
    nathaniel newman 2 года назад lmao, only Japan and only Nissan race prep Japan Japan race prep for the Japan GTR in Japan
  • dennis morgan
    dennis morgan 2 года назад much sedan so regular much boring so sleeper
  • Apostle
    Apostle 2 года назад You forgot to say "Nissan Maxima, the official car of the African American New Yorker"
  • Absolute MadLad
    Absolute MadLad 2 месяца назад I can confirm my Jamaican father had a riced maxima in the 2000s
  • Michael S.
    Michael S. 3 месяца назад This is a fact!! Hell I have a 5th gen myself. Pulls nicely, sits on bc coilovers & rides rough as fuck on these nyc streets. But she looks really sexy, like stifflers mom.
  • Brandon Stafford
    Brandon Stafford 4 месяца назад @RM76 not just mass and ri, add CT to the list too
  • Trevon Smith
    Trevon Smith 7 месяцев назад Cant even disagree,pretty much explained me
  • Stuart Little is now called lil Stuart
    Stuart Little is now called lil Stuart 7 месяцев назад So true
  • Adam Chase
    Adam Chase 8 месяцев назад Black guy from Brooklyn here....with a 2003 Maxima 6 speed manual
  • Joel Feggins
    Joel Feggins Год назад (изменено) being a part of this stereotype suprisely at least in the philly area their common and cheap because they deprecate well and are good A to B cars with good trunk space and reliability i think
  • Ismael Mora
    Ismael Mora Год назад I love my 98 maxima she is my baby
  • Axel Axelrod
    Axel Axelrod Год назад In California Maximas are mostly driven by Mexicans. The 5th generation ones are always super beat up too. Makes me sad because I really like those that generation...sooo 2000s
  • Jnguyen93
    Jnguyen93 Год назад This is so trueeeeee. The entire Maxima community are huge in the east coast and happen to all be majority Black.
  • Mr. Blonde
    Mr. Blonde Год назад "Blaxima"
  • Melanated Dweeb
    Melanated Dweeb Год назад Lmao at all you guys...but you are both right
  • lokisgodhi
    lokisgodhi 2 года назад Nah, the official car is the Chrysler 300C, also known as a Ghetto Bentley. Usually with oversized rims so as the destroy any of the ride quality that Chrysler engineered into it's suspension.
  • Rocket Grunt
    Rocket Grunt 2 года назад dude where I live (Brooklyn NY) black people abuse the shit out of this car even my aunt had the gen before this lol. same thing with the new ones too you are totally correct
  • Gerardo Charles
    Gerardo Charles 2 года назад they value space... big tall guys those black people
  • RM76
    RM76 2 года назад Official car of the Dominican or Puerto Rican heroin trafficker, at least in Mass & RI
  • Apostle
    Apostle 2 года назад +Dodge 318 Cummins it's a strong, dependable, powerful and good looking car. I understand it. My brother had one a generation newer than this one the a33 with the vq30 and a Manuel. Think it made like 200-230 I'm not sure but it pulled real strong.
  • Dodge 318 Cummins
    Dodge 318 Cummins 2 года назад +Apostle why does every black person have a maxima? Old POS ones or newer ones with rims I'll never figure it out.
  • Apostle
    Apostle 2 года назад +diamandis Nooooope that's the star of New York not the African American youth