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2007 Ford Ranger V6: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Jan 2, 2017 615,470 views

Hey Maaaaaaannnn, you still have your truck right? Can you help me move? We review a 2007 Ford Ranger pickup truck.

  • Amesie's Automotive Corner
    Amesie's Automotive Corner 2 года назад The oil filter placement on the 3.0 is awesome, It's directly above the exposed live wires for the starter in a spot a hand can barley fit. If the filter slips out of your hand and jams against the starter it will arc the terminals and crank the motor over uncontrollably with no oil then catch fire from the spraying lube.. Saab Sonett Broh!
  • Computers & Cars
    Computers & Cars Неделю назад That is THE BIGGEST lie I've ever heard. First of all, if you arc the terminals together yeah it might engage briefly but it will not turn on. There is no power to the fuel pump or distributor, because the key wouldn't be in the run position, unless you're a dumbass. If you arc the starter it will crank briefly but that's it. It won't start.
  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian Hernandez Неделю назад Jesus christ I used to work at a quick lube shop and I hated changing oil on these. You cant get it from the top, you HAVE to do everything under the damn thing. Like who IN THE FUCK at Ford thought that was a wonderful idea?
  • Izz Kei
    Izz Kei 1 месяц назад This is absolutely correct! I changed the oil on my ranger exactly once and discovered this, and never tried again.
  • Anthony Hales
    Anthony Hales 1 месяц назад Of***
  • Anthony Hales
    Anthony Hales 1 месяц назад Completely false lol what are you on dude? Musta had a ranger you didn't take care od
  • Mobes
    Mobes 3 месяца назад @Kevin 4real 80's engine design, 80's chassis
    ANDREW STRICKLE 4 месяца назад 4.0 aint any better. Its crammed under the engine and takes forever to just get off.
  • Andrew Gonzales
    Andrew Gonzales 4 месяца назад What worked like a charm for me is go through the driver side wheel well oil filter is a arm stretch away. 98 ranger 3.0 still kicking strong
  • Kevin 4real
    Kevin 4real 4 месяца назад @Mel Laknanurak that truck is an 07
  • Kevin 4real
    Kevin 4real 4 месяца назад Ford says disconnect the battery
  • playerDJFL
    playerDJFL 5 месяцев назад Ah sweet memories
  • 72Disco1998
    72Disco1998 6 месяцев назад @BAM HAMMER I owned a 4.0 98 Explorer 2wd, I happened to have driven in an unseen flood. It conked out, but the reason I'm a Ford owner is I let it sit for a day. I cranked to start that engine. Even after ingesting water it actually ran better.
  • 72Disco1998
    72Disco1998 6 месяцев назад @BAM HAMMER No dispute sir.
    BAM HAMMER 6 месяцев назад @72Disco1998 what recall I've own my ranger getting ready to start my 7th year I've never got one recall on mine for a oil filter. Now i have got a recall for my airbags but thats it.
  • Yard Sale Dale
    Yard Sale Dale 8 месяцев назад Amesie's Automotive Corner remote oil filter mount. Summit racing
  • Collin Howlett
    Collin Howlett 8 месяцев назад @Zach M yeah cause you actually have a brain, there's plenty of room from the top.
  • John Cayer
    John Cayer 9 месяцев назад Over 30 oil changes later and I still have yet to encounter this problem 😂
  • Tomas Valdez
    Tomas Valdez 10 месяцев назад Amesie's Automotive Corner this post triggered my PTSD
  • Jordan Michael
    Jordan Michael 11 месяцев назад Amesie's Automotive Corner mine has a funnel I’ve had 3 rangers never had a problem changing oil or filters all of em with really high mileage nothing wrong with the 3.0 Vulcan that’s known for 300k the guy making this video isn’t worthy of driving a ranger
  • Adrian B
    Adrian B Год назад Amesie's Automotive Corner Hujhuuuuu
  • baraka flaka
    baraka flaka Год назад Uhhh i own a 3.0 and the filter placement is incredibly easy to get to. I can do it by hand if I need to but use a filter wrench with no issues at all. Even has a drip slide to put a pan under so all the oil from the filter doesnt drip all over the engine. You sir have no clue what your talking about. Maybe I can walk you through it sometime. Maybe tie your shoes and wipe your lip drool too.
  • Justin Stearns
    Justin Stearns Год назад Who the fuck is going to unhook the battery to do an oil change? That’s about as asinine as draining the coolant to change a CV axle.
  • Canadian Colin
    Canadian Colin Год назад Also I saw a red Saab station wagon with European plates in Andover NH last week
  • Canadian Colin
    Canadian Colin Год назад I'm pretty sure I saw you driving on route 11 passing the town of New London NH last fall
  • GunsOfThePhoenix
    GunsOfThePhoenix Год назад Holy fuck thats a bad design.
  • air horn
    air horn Год назад Mr. Regular's angry/horny voice "But I prefer it that way"
  • Jay Man
    Jay Man Год назад Not as bad as the Chevrolet Traverse. When changing the oil. It makes a big mess and you will burn your arm trying to get the oil filter off.
  • Raven James
    Raven James Год назад the old 4.0L V6 was better
  • Electronics For Fun
    Electronics For Fun Год назад Terry Hesticles+ bullshit, the day a 12v battery shocks somebody is the day the sky falls. here is why it is impossible for a car battery to shock you, #1 you have probably have shoes on which completely isolates you from DC so the only was for you to get shocked would be if you made a circuit between yourself and the battery and even still that won't work because wet human skin is between 1-5K‎Ω and you would need at least 50v DC to over come that kind of resistance and even still the amount of current being pushed through you wouldn't even be equivalent to a static shock from fuzzy slippers on shag carpet, you wouldn't even feel it. and it would be even more so with dry hands, so you would need like 20 car batteries wired in series to get a painful shock. so you cannot be shocked by a car battery unless you are putting in a massive effort to be shocked.
  • Electronics For Fun
    Electronics For Fun Год назад yeah or you could just not be a dumbass and unhook your battery before you do any work on your car.
  • Tom Parry
    Tom Parry Год назад TheeJoeyLee Yes sir. I had one in my '93 Explorer Sport 5-speed and it was just under 500K when sold and it used zero oil and still had full power. Only complaint was that I lost 5th gear in that manual Mazda transmission. But smoothest manual I ever owned. Great Clutch. VERY torquey engine.
  • Tom Parry
    Tom Parry Год назад gattis45 You are correct. There are a lot of dumbass's, most of them GM fanboys. My dad used to have a 3.0L in a Taurus and it went half a million kms and still didn't burn a drop of oil. Very good engine.
  • Jjames763
    Jjames763 Год назад It raises the question of which engine is worse: the wheezy, temperamental, horrendously designed Vulcan, or the terminally slow but positively bulletproof Iron Duke?
  • Jo Mo
    Jo Mo Год назад 1994 it had to compete with the hardbody and that tacoma it was hungry
  • Eddie Guerrero
    Eddie Guerrero 2 года назад Chin Fang s
  • billy heaton
    billy heaton 2 года назад LMFAO not any worse then a fucking North Star V8 those cars are pure shit
  • Chin Fang
    Chin Fang 2 года назад Austin Lucas i
  • Austin Lucas
    Austin Lucas 2 года назад (изменено) Look at an aftermarket oil filter relocation kit then if it'll work, I can't recommend one but there are a few crucial requirements of how you route the hoses so they don't mess up.
  • TheeJoeyLee
    TheeJoeyLee 2 года назад I have the 4.0 OHV .all tourque. low reving. its a 93 and starts dead of winter better than my 65k mile honda does, with less noise also. Its only got 465,xxxmi or 565,xxx miles, lost track
  • Pat Day
    Pat Day 2 года назад Amesie's Automotive Corner unless you have the igntion on it should just produce sparks when you touch metal to it
  • 72Disco1998
    72Disco1998 2 года назад Justin P. that was fixed with a recall. The 4.0 is a very robust engine.
  • Justin P
    Justin P 2 года назад Amesie's Automotive Corner I'd rather have the 3.0 than the SOHC 4.0, they have lots of timing chain issues
  • thegoof529
    thegoof529 2 года назад Al Lewis or do what I'm doing and buy a V8 ranger 👍🏼
  • Al Lewis
    Al Lewis 2 года назад That's why you get a 4.0. Oil filter is on the bottom and easy to get to right next to the oil pan.
  • thegoof529
    thegoof529 2 года назад I love leaking oil all over my starter when I replace my oil filter 😂
  • beeeraddd
    beeeraddd 2 года назад Not to mention if you have 4wd the front diff is directly in the way
  • Terry Hesticles
    Terry Hesticles 2 года назад Every time I do an oil change on one, I somehow manage to smack the starter with the butt-end of the wrench 🔧, which either shocks the piss out of me, or just creates a fireworks show. :-/
  • Thomas Dumville
    Thomas Dumville 2 года назад you forgot you have to wedge your hand past the exhaust too
  • Wookie AutomoTV
    Wookie AutomoTV 2 года назад @pilotsebastian I managed to do the same on the that shop truck we had. Definitely an attention getter lol.
  • pilotsebastian
    pilotsebastian 2 года назад In the defense of the Ranger, the Vulcan engine was made for a FWD car. And in my case dropping the oil filter wrench only began to short circuit the engine. That was fun.
  • InvictvsNox
    InvictvsNox 2 года назад This comment is the winner. lmao
  • Amesie's Automotive Corner
    Amesie's Automotive Corner 2 года назад gattis45 every new guy at the Mazda dealer I worked at fumbled it once. you must be working in the ground..
  • Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus
    Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus 2 года назад Ancient V4 Ford powered Saab crapwagon. Born from jets. Really shitty jets.
  • gattis45
    gattis45 2 года назад This is absolutely not true, I've changed the oil on mine countless times and never had a problem. The oil filter placement is a pain in the ass, but for anything to go awry the way you've described... You'd have to be a complete dumbass, and basically do this on purpose.
  • Goot
    Goot 2 года назад Saab for life :D
  • Dieselrök
    Dieselrök 2 года назад nah, Saab Turbo bro! :D
  • Wookie AutomoTV
    Wookie AutomoTV 2 года назад Amesie's Automotive Corner yeah I don't miss working on the Ranger we had with that motor. Although spark plugs on an Ecotec S-10 are just as fun.
  • crashandburnbirner
    crashandburnbirner 2 года назад Amesie's Automotive Corner no that's great because oil always gets on the starter and kills it.
  • Mel Laknanurak
    Mel Laknanurak 2 года назад That's 80s American engineering for you. Haha 😂
  • Nick Crane
    Nick Crane 2 года назад before doing all this, I would disconnect the battery first
  • Silly Reviews
    Silly Reviews 2 года назад I loved the shot of him throwing the repair book.
  • Kodiak Express
    Kodiak Express 7 месяцев назад i love how he thinks he can maintain a truck but can't even maintain the manual
  • expandd0ng
    expandd0ng 2 года назад Let me Borrow that Truck, surely a homage to the 2006 Let me Borrow that Top?
  • Gage Garofalo
    Gage Garofalo 2 года назад I couldn't disagree more with this video
  • Matthew Terry
    Matthew Terry 3 недели назад What a terrible argument!
  • J. James
    J. James 10 месяцев назад Mine has the 4.0 - 4. 10 gearing 4x4 with limited slip differential. I think your friend shouldn't have gotten the lowest trim level possible. That model is used as a fleet vehicle.
  • Hazztech
    Hazztech 7 месяцев назад "tarriffs are bad for the consumer" WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED
  • kirbyswarp
    kirbyswarp 2 года назад You're wrong. yes the courier was a Mazda, but after that it was all Ford. Mazda rebadged the Ranger, not the other way around...
  • Bradley Selk
    Bradley Selk Год назад I had a 98 ranger sport and you couldn't kill that damn thing. I drove the wheels off it then went to Walmart and bought a new set.
  • mom2huskies
    mom2huskies 2 года назад I disagree with most of this video.I own a 2004 and it is still going strong.
  • Jason Bay
    Jason Bay 2 недели назад @American Idle I still have my 99' ranger 3.0 5 speed. Still runs great.
  • Doxx Holiday
    Doxx Holiday 4 недели назад mrnovacan true!
  • mrnovacan
    mrnovacan 1 месяц назад @Doxx Holiday I have a 2008 2.3 inline 4 has a 134000km , does not use drop a oil ,,those engines with reg oil changes ae good for 400,000km anyone with any auto sense knows that,, :)
  • J3rEmY17
    J3rEmY17 1 месяц назад @tjcoons450 Ford Courier was based on a Mazda chasis. Ranger was designed by Ford with Ford engines but Mazda transmissions. Mazda slapped their badge on a Ford designed truck.
  • American Idle
    American Idle 1 месяц назад @tjcoons450 No they weren't. Do your research
  • tjcoons450
    tjcoons450 1 месяц назад @American Idle Ford rangers we're built off of the Mazda b2000 chassis...
  • Sam
    Sam 1 месяц назад 04' 3.0 V6 and barley any repairs. It'll probably kill me in an accident but other than that no complaints
  • Copper-Brass
    Copper-Brass 2 месяца назад Doxx Holiday even the 3.0 wasn’t too bad when it was in production
  • Rusty Shackelford
    Rusty Shackelford 4 месяца назад yea they last forever
  • Adam Myford
    Adam Myford 6 месяцев назад My dad had a 2000 Ford Ranger with the very stout 2.3 litre four cylinder that l believe was a Mazda engineered design. Anyway, great truck. Never broke down. Only replaced tires, brake pads, oil, filters, and the battery in owning it for 9 years. He sold it with 140,000+ miles on it. I still see it driving around on occasion the next town over. It was a little, happy puppy dog kind of truck
  • American Idle
    American Idle 6 месяцев назад (изменено) This guy has no clue. Ford Rangers are not a Mazda. They are 100% Ford. And my 99 3.0 5 speed manual has been extremely reliable
  • Doxx Holiday
    Doxx Holiday 7 месяцев назад This guy is lazy and apparently doesn’t research much. The 4.0 and 4 cylinder are reliable and affordable to maintain.
  • adan flores
    adan flores 8 месяцев назад Same
  • dave96_118
    dave96_118 2 года назад People can rag on a Ranger all they want. I have a 1991 that I just rolled over 300 thousand miles and drive it daily with no issues
  • TheSpazModic
    TheSpazModic 3 месяца назад They were common in 70s and 80s medium duty trucks , buses. The 345 also in scouts and pickups @Okie Rider
  • Okie Rider
    Okie Rider 3 месяца назад @Goldmarble Last year, I saw a guy driving through my city in a red four door Ranger. He told me that he bought from a dealer in Texas and that dealer got it in Mexico. It has a 4cyl turbocharged diesel engine in it. I was like...whaaattt? 🤯 Why can't we have gotten that version here in North America?
  • Okie Rider
    Okie Rider 3 месяца назад @TheSpazModic I've never heard of those engine sizes. Give years of production for each one.
  • slowstang88
    slowstang88 Год назад My 1995 2.3 5 speed just passed 230,000 and I beat the living fuck out of it on a daily basis since I bought it with 189,000 from a guy that spoke no English. I've had more weight in it than most 3/4-1 ton bro truckers and it won't die
  • sam Goodyear
    sam Goodyear Год назад ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ Same here may not be a 3.0 but the 4.0 is strong
  • Vulcan Taurus Performance
    Vulcan Taurus Performance Год назад I have a 2007 Taurus with the Vulcan. 230,000+ miles and run great. You can get power out of them with the right parts. Unfortunately only one performance shop in Canada sell them. Mine make 230hp to the wheels. Unfortunately I killed two transmissions already. What is the point of having power when the trans can't take it? 😑
  • ap2pat
    ap2pat Год назад (изменено) But how does Honda do both with the K and F series??? Wizardry that's how. 2 liter motors making 240 HP and revving to 9 grand that run like clocks. They only go wrong when idiots like me start fucking around with shit.
  • 71 Plymouth.
    71 Plymouth. Год назад Old_Ford_Trucks-FF#147 Luck...
  • das 1988
    das 1988 Год назад John Nichols totally agree.
  • John Nichols
    John Nichols Год назад My ranger is a 95 with the 4.0 just rolled over 129,000 and I couldn't ask for a better truck to own
  • lyianx
    lyianx 2 года назад Hes not wrong, they are a pain in the ass to work on. My dad had one that took 2-different-size-sparkplugs. WTF ford?!
  • Old Chevys On The Foothills
    Old Chevys On The Foothills 2 года назад I have a ranger with 220,000 miles on it.
  • armymatt83
    armymatt83 2 года назад no they weren't both v6's were all ford.