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I Bought a TOTALED Audi R8 from a Salvage Auction & I'm going to Rebuild It!

Published on Nov 1, 2018 6,309,268 views

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Likely the Cheapest Audi R8 in the world. Let's see how this unfolds... Wrecked!

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Mail: Samcrac
PO Box 713
Odessa, FL 33556

This video is sponsored by Copart. I am not a Copart employee, so this advice is based on my own experience. You should contact Copart before making any purchase if you have any questions.

  • Uncle Remus
    Uncle Remus 2 недели назад How are we supposed to take this video serious when the auction company is sponsoring it? Seems real fishy.
  • Toshka strokes
    Toshka strokes 2 недели назад Ive bought several cars from copart. Prices have been going up more and more from people finding out about it from videos. Before it was a russian Secret lol
  • Lee Stewart
    Lee Stewart Неделю назад He's re-edited it. Originally it wasn't 'sponsored' - but it totally was. #sponsored #notsponsored
  • Steven C
    Steven C Неделю назад It isn't real, like 99% of the crap out here. Go look at the website, these deals don't exist
  • Ola Akinruli
    Ola Akinruli 3 дня назад
  • Sunny Bill
    Sunny Bill 2 месяца назад I'm going to Rebuild It!   He drives to the carwash ,,done
  • luis navarro
    luis navarro 2 недели назад lol not even a carwash, just his parking lot
  • Andy Hamilton
    Andy Hamilton Неделю назад 😂😂😂
  • Andrew Read
    Andrew Read 4 месяца назад This guy needs to learn how to edit so we aren't watching every second of the delivery. . .
  • Lawrence Hoffman
    Lawrence Hoffman 4 месяца назад The video has almost no content, gotta fill it somehow lol
  • Chad
    Chad 4 месяца назад Agreed. THis thing should have been about 4 minutes, tops.
  • Fariza Shafiyah
    Fariza Shafiyah 3 месяца назад Ahaaaaa... someone noticed the same thing :)
  • The Religion Defender
    The Religion Defender 3 месяца назад If you dont like watching tbe whole process then dont watch it and just fk off and dont leave a comment your just a waste of space in the human race you young millenial.
  • UCEBuster
    UCEBuster 3 месяца назад @The Religion Defender If you don't like a comment then don't read it, just fuck off and don't leave a reply. You're just a waste of space in the human race, you decrepit believer of ridiculous fiction. Also, stop trying to steal Jim Broadbent's identity. He happens to be an atheist, BTW.
  • Chad
    Chad 3 месяца назад @The Religion Defender My feelings are hurt. Hahahahahahahahahahaha
  • Andrew Read
    Andrew Read 3 месяца назад @The Religion Defender Did we offend you, grandpa?
  • Cod Mott
    Cod Mott 3 месяца назад that was actually part of the fun. Some videos are meant to be immersive, others informative. I liked it.
  • sealand000
    sealand000 3 месяца назад That was the only part I found interesting. LOL
  • ImRockyRockford
    ImRockyRockford 3 месяца назад Do you think its possible he uploaded this just to document a special memory and not just to merely entertain you?
  • OneTime 38
    OneTime 38 3 месяца назад My thoughts exactly. Horrible channel.
  • Jad Fadel
    Jad Fadel 2 месяца назад Andrew Read 😂
  • jesse perez
    jesse perez 2 месяца назад 😂
  • Techmatt167
    Techmatt167 2 недели назад Andrew Read but that’s the fun part
  • jhax78
    jhax78 3 месяца назад and after the video stopped they put it back in the trailer to take it with them as the ad is finished
  • Mahmoud Nadi
    Mahmoud Nadi 4 месяца назад i was scared that it was going to roll off the trailer
  • MannyFresh1x
    MannyFresh1x 4 месяца назад This isnt familycrusin
  • ramivalencia
    ramivalencia 4 месяца назад Yes. Especially when both guys were pushing the car and the guy steering could very well have tripped and goodbye R8.
  • Nick Georgiakakis
    Nick Georgiakakis 4 месяца назад Would have been a very entertaining video if it did.
  • pj deltoro
    pj deltoro 4 месяца назад Mahmoud Nadi me 2
  • abbtech
    abbtech 4 месяца назад I was thinking the same thing. I was expecting some frantic pulling on the front bumper followed by a crash. Glad it worked out.
  • H Wingerrr
    H Wingerrr 4 месяца назад I saw the panic when it went over the hump and started rolling out, video edited at that point- went from push mode to frantic pull mode. ;)
  • B Haddock
    B Haddock 4 месяца назад Had issues with more than a few "runaway" cars I've pushed. He should have checked oil and other stuff before starting.
  • Moorgoth67
    Moorgoth67 4 месяца назад I was hoping it would roll off the trailer :D
  • pendle
    pendle 4 месяца назад well in that case, he'd have really totaled it!
  • Bert Demeule
    Bert Demeule 2 месяца назад Mahmoud Nadi €
  • impetiousdoom
    impetiousdoom 3 месяца назад (изменено) Confused why anyone would want to start and drive a totaled vehicle without even checking the fluids and integrity of the motor, suspension.
  • Hefty~Puffer
    Hefty~Puffer 3 месяца назад Agreed
  • obezana
    obezana 3 месяца назад You're very ignorant...
  • Steve Prince
    Steve Prince 3 месяца назад Because the moment before it was totalled everything was probably fine. The real cost will come in things you haven't even considered. Same with this loser.
  • colognelover87
    colognelover87 2 месяца назад its a reflection of he average IQ of most americans oh sorry dumericans
  • Kevin Huff
    Kevin Huff 2 месяца назад Because it is staged!
  • Perfect gaming
    Perfect gaming 2 месяца назад He did it because he wanted to and so he could kinda check if anything was wrong
  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts 2 месяца назад @Perfect gaming No shit! But if the car doesnt have any oil or radiator fluid than he shouldnt be driving it! Wheres your brain????
  • Tony Parry
    Tony Parry 2 месяца назад Why would someone sensible drive a car with reported under car or chassis damage without safety checks, absolute madness and highly unreal mes amis! Perhaps it is just a stunt! Insurance companies have skilled "loss adjusters" that would never let a road worthy expensive vehicle like this go as an insurance "right off"!
  • Crazddog 420
    Crazddog 420 2 месяца назад Tony Parry or staged video for YouTube to get subs . Totaled car that’s immaculate??
  • KING Z
    KING Z 2 месяца назад @colognelover87 hahah says the ignoramus categorizing and speaking on the human race by their location on a globe 😂😂
  • Lord Wise
    Lord Wise 2 месяца назад @colognelover87 Dumb Americans? You must has a low IQ or your just ignorant about Americans! If we are so dumb, why do we run the world your inbred ass lives in....Huh? When you want to insult an entire country, especially the greatest country in the world, maybe you should do some research into what you are trying to insult. That way you wouldn't look so stupid to everyone? Just saying.....!
  • residualman
    residualman 2 месяца назад No less an audi.
  • Lord Wise
    Lord Wise 2 месяца назад (изменено) I get what your saying, but it did say undercarriage damage. Most people would assume the engine is fine. And with a few simple checks, a knowledgable mechanic can tell how things are with the car. Cars are not some great mystery as they seem to be to so many people. And you are assuming he didn't already check those things, he could have looked off camera?
  • j p
    j p 1 месяц назад Click Bait!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • That Guys Camper
    That Guys Camper 2 недели назад Yeah, very strange.
  • MUG3N HC
    MUG3N HC 4 месяца назад (изменено) A car is considered totaled when the cost to fix the car exceeds the value of the car.
  • Dirceu M
    Dirceu M 3 месяца назад in this case it was a battery and some skirts... About 600 dollars I'd say. Cheap R8 don't you think?
  • Wing Lao
    Wing Lao 3 месяца назад @Captain FALKEN No, his definition is generally the industry standard definition. There might be women in the adjusting department, but their gender has pretty little to do with their ability to do simple math. This video is just a guy who bought what was likely a theft-recovery R8; battery died from sitting. The original owner probably left the FOB in their car (or they dropped it in a parking lot), someone stole it, went for a joyride, then abandoned it where it wasn't found for a long time.
  • Read more
    Read more 3 месяца назад MUG3N HC based on my previous experience in insurance companies, you’re 100% right!
  • jhfl1881
    jhfl1881 3 месяца назад @wwg1 wga Often insurance will build in the price of salvage to the overall write off. If it is a $75,000 car and they are sure that they can get $35,000 for it, then they will build that into the write off. They will buy it back if no one is bidding and not let it go at some low ball.
  • wwg1 wga
    wwg1 wga 3 месяца назад @jhfl1881 so?
  • jhfl1881
    jhfl1881 3 месяца назад @wwg1 wga with the salvage price figured in in some cases the repair might be considerably less than the value of the car and still be written off.
  • M
    M 3 месяца назад Kick a hole in a Kia; totaled
  • wwg1 wga
    wwg1 wga 3 месяца назад (изменено) @jhfl1881 i wast disputing anything. Just the clown running his mouth.
  • Lonely Ranger
    Lonely Ranger 3 месяца назад @Wing Lao Women are usually bad at math. And if you cite a physicist I'll cite Katie Perry.
  • Wing Lao
    Wing Lao 3 месяца назад @Lonely Ranger That is an unfounded stereotype, especially given my qualification of "simple math". While at the upper-echelons of mathematics, there is an underrepresentation of women, but from a functional math perspective (which would be an adjustors realm), women are overrepresented (think data entry, secretaries, etc). And it's spelled Katy.
  • Lonely Ranger
    Lonely Ranger 3 месяца назад Wing Lao Women are underrepresented because they don't like math. It's not stereotypical.... it's fact. That fact that it is Katy and not Katie is redundant. You knew who I was referring to.