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2019 Honda Civic Review - Skoda Octavia Better? | MotorBeam

Published on Feb 15, 2019 197,689 views

The Honda Civic is finally back on Indian soil. The 2019 Civic gets massive changes over the previous car that was sold here and most importantly it gets a diesel engine now! The 2019 Honda Civic is also loaded with more tech and features. Honda is offering the sedan with 2 engine options - 1.8-litre i-VTEC and 1.6-litre i-DTEC. While the petrol comes only with a CVT, the diesel gets a 6-speed MT. In this video, we find out whether the new Civic is as driver-friendly as the older one.

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  • Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan 1 месяц назад Do you think the Honda Civic will sell well #MotorBeamers?
  • nidhish bhat
    nidhish bhat 1 месяц назад (изменено) Yes sir of course...because it's one of themost awaited cars
  • Mr Aryan
    Mr Aryan 1 месяц назад Faisal Khan no I don’t think so
  • shubham pansare
    shubham pansare 1 месяц назад Nooooo
    NIKHIL ENDAIT 1 месяц назад Yes
  • Mohit baid
    Mohit baid 1 месяц назад Nope .
  • Malik Muhammed
    Malik Muhammed 1 месяц назад Noo..disappointing
  • ARSHIL Raj
    ARSHIL Raj 1 месяц назад I think yes but if price tag is between 19 to 23 lakh
  • Niranjan Waghmare
    Niranjan Waghmare 1 месяц назад Offcourse sell
  • Hamza Shaikh
    Hamza Shaikh 1 месяц назад Faisal Khan not at all
  • Mohamed Shahbaz S
    Mohamed Shahbaz S 1 месяц назад Not much... If there was more power on diesel or a manual petrol then it would surely outsell others in the segment.
  • Rananjay Singh Chauhan
    Rananjay Singh Chauhan 1 месяц назад Maybe, nobody knows! If priced well (below 21 lakhs), it'll sell.
  • GS Gautam sidharth offical
    GS Gautam sidharth offical 1 месяц назад Depend upon price
  • shyam bhanushalli
    shyam bhanushalli 1 месяц назад Yes, i own one in the US and its Awesome !! Have the Ex version with 2.0 engine
  • Devansh M
    Devansh M 1 месяц назад Faisal Khan so which one is better diesel or petrol?
  • Chandan Kumar Akash
    Chandan Kumar Akash 1 месяц назад It Should Sell Well But Becoz It Doesn't Offer Much Features Compared To It's Rival.. And Slightly Overpriced It Sales Will Affect. Apne Kalecje Pr Patthar Rakkh Kar Bol Raha Hoon. I Love It's Front And Back Look.
  • arjun varma
    arjun varma 1 месяц назад What a disappointment. No turbo petrol. Ridiculous pricing and pathetic engines for this class of vehicle. What a shame honda, what a shame.
  • nishant dubey
    nishant dubey 1 месяц назад Hell yeah.... Because it is HONDAAAA
  • Vlog kk
    Vlog kk 1 месяц назад Yes
  • Mahesh KN
    Mahesh KN 1 месяц назад It will end up same fate as the old civic. Why those engines!!
  • Mahesh KN
    Mahesh KN 1 месяц назад It will end up same fate as the old civic. Why those engines!!
  • Mahesh KN
    Mahesh KN 1 месяц назад It will end up with the fate of the old civic. Reason those dud engines.
    GURNOOR SINGH 1 месяц назад i dont think so octavia is much better and the corporate edition of the superb costs jusf around 28 lacs on road spending few lacs more you get a much better car
  • Jayant Nag
    Jayant Nag 1 месяц назад No
  • Dhanush Reddy
    Dhanush Reddy 1 месяц назад Nope
  • Midhun Jayanandan
    Midhun Jayanandan 1 месяц назад Yes..absolutely
  • shashank emani
    shashank emani 1 месяц назад (изменено) Not really a great car as expected! :( But I really liked the sport back like design ❤️
  • kshitij Agarwal
    kshitij Agarwal 1 месяц назад (изменено) Another dead on arrival car after crv from Honda. Indian market is screaming H-RV and the clowns at honda are rolling this practicality lacking car at the assembly.
  • Aftab J
    Aftab J 1 месяц назад Of course
  • Sayantan Dutta
    Sayantan Dutta 1 месяц назад Disappointing
  • Vaibhav Joshi
    Vaibhav Joshi 1 месяц назад (изменено) Waiting for your review on your vlog faisal 😁
  • desi rossi
    desi rossi 1 месяц назад Hmm front looks a bit odd too much chrome
  • Ayush Kaushik
    Ayush Kaushik 1 месяц назад Its highly likely that This bad car will sell well
  • kiran dhatrak
    kiran dhatrak 1 месяц назад Depend upon the use of person luxury+power(medium)=civic Power+semi luxury=octiva
  • great
    great 1 месяц назад if its priced with elantra then yesss. but if it enter's in competion with 2.0 octavia then its typical honda overconfidence and will have accord like situation. yes engine size still matter's
  • Karma gasam
    Karma gasam 1 месяц назад Na
  • Prathamesh Khule
    Prathamesh Khule 1 месяц назад Yeah..
  • Amol Gole
    Amol Gole 1 месяц назад (изменено) Noo for sure honda will overprice civic 🙄
  • ram will
    ram will 1 месяц назад Nope when the likes of skodas are there
  • Galaxy Pro
    Galaxy Pro 1 месяц назад Civic has many fan followers
  • Ankit Mashru
    Ankit Mashru 1 месяц назад (изменено) The best review currently on youtube ! Absolutely unbiased and straight from the heart !! It wont be a very successful model ! Having owned the previous gen civic i was hoping the new one will have better low / mid range torque + manual petrol + ventilated seats !
    TRENDING TOPICS WITH NAITIK 1 месяц назад Yesss❤
  • G r
    G r 1 месяц назад No. Like WRV and CRV the value proposition will be poor. Honda will definitely overprice the civic
  • Ethan Fernandes
    Ethan Fernandes 1 месяц назад Faisal wanted to know something about you, have u done an automobile engineering course??
  • Prasanna
    Prasanna 1 месяц назад Other than the design and alloys nothing felt impressive
  • G r
    G r 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Ethan Fernandes no. He has studied business administration (MBA)
  • rishabh goyal
    rishabh goyal 1 месяц назад No it won't sell Simply because of diesel engine which is a must for this segment
  • sohail lshaikh
    sohail lshaikh 1 месяц назад This one looks more like civic type R so this one will be a steal deal with honda's solid reliability💟
  • Ishaan Mahesh
    Ishaan Mahesh 1 месяц назад No the front looks awful
  • Ishaan Mahesh
    Ishaan Mahesh 1 месяц назад The previous model looked awesome
  • Srini Vasan
    Srini Vasan 1 месяц назад No
  • rishabh singh
    rishabh singh 1 месяц назад Dont know about civic...but the best handling car is Jetta with those independent rear suspension❤️
    PINTO WW 1 месяц назад Can't Say..
  • Ethan Fernandes
    Ethan Fernandes 1 месяц назад @G r Thanks nice to know, surprising to know he has a lot of car info
  • Vaibhav Satam
    Vaibhav Satam 1 месяц назад No
  • Sandeep Padmanabhan
    Sandeep Padmanabhan 1 месяц назад NO NO NO. They are going to price it ridiculously..
    RAVINDER KUMAR 1 месяц назад no, with a price tag of 21-24 lakhs and only 120-140 hp . Its rivals offer very good performance.
  • dhruv jain
    dhruv jain 1 месяц назад No
  • Abhishek Thomas
    Abhishek Thomas 1 месяц назад Yes definitely it will. Since the refinement of the engine is way better than the last generation and moreover Honda is catering this model both gasoline as well as diesel engines. Though the diesel engine could ve been more punchy with a torque figure approx 350Nm.
  • Athar Sheikh
    Athar Sheikh 1 месяц назад Only if priced sensibly unlike honda city (16lacs otr is just pathetic)
  • piush shankar
    piush shankar 1 месяц назад No
  • K K
    K K 1 месяц назад It will sell well in the urban niche segment rest of India is SUV hungry because of our bad roads and sheer road presence. It will take a while for sedans to be the preferred lot for rest of India. We will need to wait till roads become super smooth like the ones in North America.
  • Arun Adithyan.G.R
    Arun Adithyan.G.R 1 месяц назад Nope not like corrola for sure
  • Dilmeet Singh
    Dilmeet Singh 1 месяц назад May sell due to Honda Badge and Civic brand but overall, disappointing!
    VIGNESH r 1 месяц назад No it missed the old aggressive look
  • Viv Rajvansh
    Viv Rajvansh 1 месяц назад Which one is better Elantra or Civic ...?
  • Aehraz Faruqui
    Aehraz Faruqui 1 месяц назад Design wise looks ugly
  • Santhosh Kumar
    Santhosh Kumar 1 месяц назад No.
  • babi raj
    babi raj 1 месяц назад If it's priced nearly to Corolla means 50k more also it sales well, initial goes around 500 monthly then it settle between 200- 300. The thing is without so much features and engine options Coralla is the segment leader at sales in india. Once they dominated in sales,will launch manual petrol and also turbo 1.5 in future.This will continue until Toyota bring their next generation Corolla in late 2020.So Civic has the opportunity.
  • Sandeep Padmanabhan
    Sandeep Padmanabhan 1 месяц назад considering the SUV demand Honda should have brought in the Vezel instead
  • Sandeep Padmanabhan
    Sandeep Padmanabhan 1 месяц назад @RAVINDER KUMAR yes. but the octavia land k TSI costs 29 L OTR. Hope civic ll be priced close to 26 L OTR for the top end CVT
  • rb shamal
    rb shamal 1 месяц назад Considering the global trend of consumers leaning towards compact SUVs ,chances are meager even though the brand is dong quiet well in India the brand value is gone for obvious reasons
  • jagadeesh n
    jagadeesh n 1 месяц назад Corolla sells more than civic
  • rb shamal
    rb shamal 1 месяц назад @jagadeesh n corolla is the highest selling automobile in the world
  • jagadeesh n
    jagadeesh n 1 месяц назад @rb shamal working on Hybrid for early 2020
  • Varuna Janardanan
    Varuna Janardanan 1 месяц назад Probably not. Octavia is a much better value.
  • meghanath sai
    meghanath sai 1 месяц назад No. I Dnt think so
    VIVAN RANJAN NANDI 1 месяц назад What spark what combustion!? Ultimately both petrol n diesel will be ignited in the cylinder. No logic in what you said.
    VIVAN RANJAN NANDI 1 месяц назад The logic is ... petrol can be started remotely because of its CVT gearbox. And the whole control is with the car that is to put into neutral or gear. Where as in manual if you stop the car in gear and try to crank the engine from your remote,, think !!!!
  • Irshad Chavakkad
    Irshad Chavakkad 1 месяц назад Nope
  • Rajveer Singh Lotay
    Rajveer Singh Lotay 1 месяц назад just because of the name....yes!
  • GARRY MH11
    GARRY MH11 1 месяц назад Honda will beat all its opponents
  • Antz Jude
    Antz Jude 1 месяц назад Nope. Maybe the diesel could have done good numbers but folks are spooked about buying diesels nowadays. It will sell some initially. Post that, silence.
  • Gilles Thibault
    Gilles Thibault 2 недели назад Driving a Canadian-Spec Sport Touring Hatch (1.5L Turbo) w/6MT. Love Love Love.
  • Tech Talks Suman
    Tech Talks Suman Неделю назад yes....
  • Rakesh Goyal
    Rakesh Goyal Неделю назад Checked out one at showroom today and mark my's a stunner. It will outsell Corolla IMO.
  • jak dax
    jak dax 5 дней назад No overpriced with less than half the features of octavia
  • Manish Kharwal
    Manish Kharwal 4 дня назад Faisal bro I booked ecosports s petrol ecoboost... Did I make a good choice?
  • Offbeat Peers
    Offbeat Peers 1 месяц назад What a beautiful car... Sadly won't do well in India coz people just want SUVs, with most of them not used for off-roading at all...
  • Offbeat Peers
    Offbeat Peers 1 месяц назад I still feel that the Octavia RS is a better car overall, German engineering ya know ;)
  • Himanshu Chaudhry
    Himanshu Chaudhry 1 месяц назад So true, this is a dying segment in india
  • Kinjal Das
    Kinjal Das 1 месяц назад There is lot of reasons for people buying suv's..
  • darshan joshi
    darshan joshi 1 месяц назад As daily drive in India is off-roading
  • Jatin Uppal
    Jatin Uppal 1 месяц назад Offbeat Peers octavia rs is priced crazily but tbh forever crush <3
  • Offbeat Peers
    Offbeat Peers 1 месяц назад @Jatin Uppal Yep...
  • Sudhanshu Paygude
    Sudhanshu Paygude 1 месяц назад I feel bad for the sedans because of the SUVs
  • frying PAN
    frying PAN 1 месяц назад Because of the indian road conditions... Pseudo suv are better suited..
  • Jash Modi
    Jash Modi 1 месяц назад Offbeat Peers Škoda has sold all its units of Octavia vRS so you can’t buy it now. It’s too late
  • Jash Modi
    Jash Modi 1 месяц назад Just hope that the new model would come to india
  • Zoner Roamer
    Zoner Roamer 1 месяц назад Driving on the roads in India is as good as offroading lol.
  • Abhirup Bera
    Abhirup Bera 1 месяц назад Only because every road in India is an off road track😅😅
  • sunandh k s
    sunandh k s 1 месяц назад Forget Octavia, why shouldn't Elantra? How's this car better than a Hyundai Elantra?😏
  • Mehul Parashar
    Mehul Parashar 1 месяц назад @Offbeat Peers Skoda isn't German.Its Czech
  • rb shamal
    rb shamal 1 месяц назад yeah, its like a persontaking gym membership who has not even seen a dumbbell in his life
  • Divvay Tomar
    Divvay Tomar 1 месяц назад india= want more(suv) but price less(compact suv)
  • Sunil Datla
    Sunil Datla 1 месяц назад Any time Japanese reliability beats European technology.. 2nd thing is that sedan market is dying around the world not just India..high fuel efficient crossover suv market is overtaking sedan market again.. people always prefer suv market because of commanding driving position, safety and higher ground clearance. Because of low fuel economy of old SUVs people started buying sedans. Now SUVs are very fuel efficient and the market is picking up again..And Indian roads are off- roads.. no need to leave road to get off roading experience.
  • Mayank Chauhan
    Mayank Chauhan 1 месяц назад Bro looking at the terrible roads around we do not need to go off road. I have driven the previous civic and it always scrapped the bottom on speedbreakers. SUV are more practical indeed.
  • The Guru Gamer
    The Guru Gamer 1 месяц назад @Kinjal Das bad roads and status appeal
  • Abhishek Pawar
    Abhishek Pawar 1 месяц назад SUV aren't meant just for offroading
  • Ramakrishna Grandhi
    Ramakrishna Grandhi 3 недели назад Mostly because our roads suck and all hatchbacks, sedans get damaged under body because of lots of potholes.
  • karthi karfire
    karthi karfire 1 месяц назад Skoda Octavia is the king 🤘🏻😎
  • Abhigyan Pandey
    Abhigyan Pandey 1 месяц назад Corolla is the king
  • nikhil natesan
    nikhil natesan 1 месяц назад Yes true Skoda Octavia is a much better car however the service for Skoda sucks and very heavy on ur pocket when maintenance is concerned.
  • Shubham Sood
    Shubham Sood 1 месяц назад @Abhigyan Pandey pagal ho Gaya hai kya?
  • Abhigyan Pandey
    Abhigyan Pandey 1 месяц назад (изменено) Corolla ka resale Octavia se achcha hai aur corolla bahut hi reliable hai Octavia se
  • Shubham Sood
    Shubham Sood 1 месяц назад @Abhigyan Pandey bhaiya drive quality me zameen asman Ka farak hai ,resale Skoda ke zero hai , service sucks but still ride quality is far superior than corolla
  • Archu Sharma
    Archu Sharma 1 месяц назад Abhigyan Pandey Japanese cars can never beat German cars ever remember this first car was built in Germany only
  • Offbeat Peers
    Offbeat Peers 1 месяц назад @Archu Sharma IKR... German and Italian cars have the best performance and the best ride and handling balance. These factors outweigh after sales service greatly. And, if you buy a German or an Italian car, you're definitely not gonna sell the car until the car's life is over, as these are proper driver's vehicles, so resale value doesn't matter at all.
  • karthi karfire
    karthi karfire 1 месяц назад @Offbeat Peers 100%true
  • naxjang netr
    naxjang netr 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Abhigyan Pandey Lol, no way. Even the Verna, which costs half as much, is way more powerful. It does look good, but the diesel engine is a disappointment. Actually I cannot recommend that engine even for the budget hatchback segment, as even those come with 95+ HP. When you consider resale value, the Elantra also has good resale value and Hyundai's dealer network and service experience is stellar.
  • rohan prajapati
    rohan prajapati Неделю назад @Shubham Sood uske pass corrola hogi.
  • travis /
    travis / 1 месяц назад The tail and headlights are great...but the front grill sucks
  • Harshal Patil
    Harshal Patil 1 месяц назад Exactly the chrome is too thick I don't like it Same with city nd amaze
  • sreyus meera
    sreyus meera Неделю назад @Harshal Patil but I Love the grill
  • apoorv tripathi
    apoorv tripathi 6 дней назад Yeah man....amaze and Civic look kinda alike 👎
  • Harshal Patil
    Harshal Patil 6 дней назад @apoorv tripathi 👍
  • Vinay Kapoor
    Vinay Kapoor 1 месяц назад Too little too late... was Really looking forward to this car but at this expected price...😞
  • Cyril Matthew
    Cyril Matthew 1 месяц назад haai
  • Shaleen D
    Shaleen D 1 месяц назад Wait and watch ,they might do well with the pricing 😌
  • Finny Jacob
    Finny Jacob 1 месяц назад Hey vinay..... how's your customisation going on?? I'm your subscriber..
  • Vinay Kapoor
    Vinay Kapoor 1 месяц назад @Finny Jacob thanks man appreciate, it's coming along in good shape 👍
  • KeH My
    KeH My 1 месяц назад Wasn't the expected price 15 on sites
  • Ramkumar P
    Ramkumar P 2 недели назад Don't get disappointed, Honda won't compromise in price. They are always high!
  • Top 5 Channel
    Top 5 Channel 1 месяц назад Was watching the car on autocar, was a bit boring. The suggestions brought me here, and damn this was not boring at all....
  • MotorBeam
    MotorBeam 1 месяц назад Thank you 😊
  • speed freak
    speed freak 1 месяц назад Ya bro even I feel autocar is not having the punch that motor beam has
  • Joswil Rakshith Dsouza
    Joswil Rakshith Dsouza 1 месяц назад Faisal won't let you bore....! That is power our Faisal... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • Anan Singha Gautam
    Anan Singha Gautam 1 месяц назад fuck autocar ! motorbeam is the best
  • WZ
    WZ 1 месяц назад Autocar is matured, Powerdrift is youthful and MotorBeam is a healthy mixture of both.
  • Lakshya Sharma
    Lakshya Sharma 1 месяц назад Bro I need this vlog on Faisal Khan channel, beans bro, this is good boy's channel I want this on bad boy's channel
  • Mr. Phenom
    Mr. Phenom 1 месяц назад 14:29 Jeep Compass Grill On Vitara Brezza 😜
  • Joswil Rakshith Dsouza
    Joswil Rakshith Dsouza 1 месяц назад Even i confused at first in my area...!
  • Mr. Phenom
    Mr. Phenom 1 месяц назад @Joswil Rakshith Dsouza ya
  • Offbeat Peers
    Offbeat Peers 1 месяц назад Here, in Bengaluru it's become a very common sight. It's almost as if Maruti are selling the Brezza with the trademark Jeep grill, it's that common here.
  • Mr. Phenom
    Mr. Phenom 1 месяц назад @Offbeat Peers oh 😂
  • Shivansh Gupta
    Shivansh Gupta 1 месяц назад @Offbeat Peers what the...?😂. Man that would be so weird.
  • Abhishek Pawar
    Abhishek Pawar 1 месяц назад I recently saw a land rover grille on Maruti Brezza , looks dumb af
  • Abhirup Bera
    Abhirup Bera 1 месяц назад Now its time for Honda to launch the Type R
  • Devashree Ghorpade
    Devashree Ghorpade 1 месяц назад Abhirup Bera at least first they should have offered the 1.5 turbo engine
  • Vishnu Mohan
    Vishnu Mohan 1 месяц назад Never gonna happen
  • Epicjack
    Epicjack 1 месяц назад If you rich you can import it and pay 100% Customs
  • Antz Jude
    Antz Jude 1 месяц назад Never gonna happen. Honda apparently doesn't think India to be worthy of the finer things in life, obviously.
  • Devashree Ghorpade
    Devashree Ghorpade 1 месяц назад Antz Jude which is why they didn’t even offer the 1.5 turbo ey
  • Devashree Ghorpade
    Devashree Ghorpade 1 месяц назад Antz Jude *engine
  • Harsh Vardhan
    Harsh Vardhan 1 месяц назад The name is enough to sell well.... Can't even express how much emotions and feelings are connected with this car...😍
  • soumya jyoti
    soumya jyoti 1 месяц назад Under 20lakhs elantra is segment best of best.
  • arun babu
    arun babu 1 месяц назад compared to civic, elantra is shit
  • soumya jyoti
    soumya jyoti 1 месяц назад @arun babu coz ur mind is full of shit thats why
  • arun babu
    arun babu 1 месяц назад (изменено) @soumya jyoti ya.. thats why the civic type R holds the nurburgring record for the fastest front wheel drive car on the planet, poor hyundai fan boy...
  • soumya jyoti
    soumya jyoti 1 месяц назад @arun babu so how many type R you see in indian streets .. Hondaguy
  • arun babu
    arun babu 1 месяц назад @soumya jyoti picture abhi bi baaki hai bhaai.. coming soon ..wait and see..
  • soumya jyoti
    soumya jyoti 1 месяц назад @arun babu honda's arrogance simply known by every motorhead in india. Honda india simply ruin their products either by pricing or ignorance of features... Honda is only for engine...
  • soumya jyoti
    soumya jyoti 1 месяц назад (изменено) @arun babu wait karo wait karo kabhi nahi aane wali india me. Honda agar india me itnaa achaa car layegi toh uski gurdey chhil jaaeygi. Honda dont want to see indian so much happy. That is why they r launching 2016 civic in india in 2019 in the name of facelift of very minor things. 😂😂😂 aur international market mein new civic aayegi toh honda use 2026 ko sayad launch karegi india me
  • arun babu
    arun babu 3 недели назад You are talking about management problems of Honda India.. but unlike the masters of technology copycat "Hyundai".., Honda always develop there on futuristic technology, thats why they have robotics, air crafts, jet engine and even make powerful cars like the Honda NSX that could even beat a nissan gtr easily... cant even compare hyundai with honda .. its way beyond...
    AKAL KA DUSHMAN 1 месяц назад 1:18 real thug life 😂 Brezza with Compass grill 😂
  • Jash Modi
    Jash Modi 1 месяц назад You can also get one for creta for ₹750
  • DeepaK Singh JAT
    DeepaK Singh JAT 1 месяц назад Vtec is nothing without a Manual gearbox..😒
  • Siddharth Subandh
    Siddharth Subandh 1 месяц назад 💯 right
  • Aditya Chaudhary
    Aditya Chaudhary 1 месяц назад Should've given the petrol a manual gearbox. It was an enthusiast's car cause of the petrol motor and the lovely gearbox. Dissapointed greatly as a potential buyer... 😐
  • Dhanush Reddy
    Dhanush Reddy 1 месяц назад This car is incomplete without a manual petrol....No VTEC kicked in yo
  • Siddharth Narayan
    Siddharth Narayan 1 месяц назад Jatin Uppal paddle?
  • Soorya Malli
    Soorya Malli 1 месяц назад Paddle isn't really manual in cvt.
  • vipin singh
    vipin singh 1 месяц назад seriously.. without manual petrol.. there is no vtec kicked in feeling..
  • Ronit Joshi
    Ronit Joshi 1 месяц назад DHANIL WOULD BE SO PROUD..............
  • FB Kensar HD
    FB Kensar HD 1 месяц назад .. Diesel - Octavia any day. Petrol - Civic anyday. That TSI shit is just too unreliable to be fitted on my favourite car. (The Octavia)
  • Shaleen D
    Shaleen D 1 месяц назад That's a fact bro ..I wish Honda launches a diesel automatic and petrol manual as well
  • Antz Jude
    Antz Jude 1 месяц назад True about the TSi shit but the anemic Hondas being dished out these days in India is plain frustrating too. The "Keep calm and hit i-vtec" days are done as far as India is concerned, I guess.
  • G r
    G r 1 месяц назад Japanese can never offer the same plushnes as their German counterparts 👌🔥
  • Shaleen D
    Shaleen D 1 месяц назад At least they don't have dsg failures😅,long term reliability is important
  • dEBA Maisnam
    dEBA Maisnam 1 месяц назад Mazda does
    ARUN GEORGE 1 месяц назад First learn about accura nsx from honda
  • G r
    G r 1 месяц назад @ARUN GEORGE First learn about the meaning of counterpart
    ARUN GEORGE 1 месяц назад @G r Sorry english teacher😂
    ARUN GEORGE 1 месяц назад @G r honda city petrol is best in its class, no german cars as good as honda city in reliability, maintaince and performance.
  • Sunil Datla
    Sunil Datla 1 месяц назад Lol..there is a reason people around world choose Japanese reliable brands over European counterparts
  • A N
    A N 1 месяц назад (изменено) Bang on Faisal...This car if priced attractively will get a lot of buyers....I'm myself a 8 year old City owner and desperately wanting to upgrade now, was waiting for the civic to Launch for a while now, but if the pricing is irrational and Honda puts a premium that it generally does on its car for no reason, then certainly I'll be saying BYE BYE CIVIC.....HELLO HARRIER ! What Tata is offering is a great proposition, have seen the car in flesh and it's simply striking, well put together and a HUGE temptation and moreso a SUV that is BIG N BRAWNY...The only reason I have held back my buying decision is because of the fingers crossed, if they price it from where the city's price ends than they surely have a buyer in me and many others like me, otherwise it's TATA from a Honda Loyalist of nearly a decade (Pun Intended 😉)
  • Harsh Singh
    Harsh Singh 1 месяц назад Then u Know Of How good Honda's After Sales Service Is. Harrier is good and TATA's new platform Cars are Good but one thing that still stops me from buying a Tata is Their Lousy Service which Is far good from Toyota,Honda or even Maruti Suzuki and is still kind of a Gamble.
  • A N
    A N 3 недели назад Harsh I second you on the service standards of Tata Motors...But considering the way Tata is spending on R&D and belting out some amazing cars one after another, their service standards are bound to improve...I know all this is wishful thinking as of now, but I'm sure that Tata is working on their after sales for sure, have got some positive thumbs from a couple of my friends who are already using the new gen Tata product and also the big fact that they are making supremely well built and safe cars might just help sway customers in their favour (Nexon getting a Global NCAP of 5 stars) When its heart over head, I'm still a Honda lover but all that changes if the car isn't priced well as affordability is a big factor too. Moreover right pricing can truly spice up and liven this sleeping executive car segment....hence fingers crossed still 🤞
  • Harsh Singh
    Harsh Singh 3 недели назад @A N See like u are a Honda Owner My Father was a Tata then a Mahindra Owner. A.S.S were never their Strongest Subject and both have a long way to go still. Personally I Love and respect their Products and such Value for money but Specially Tata's Service is still a gamble. They don't have proper ways to do certain things and they just rush thing like they don't care.Plus u seem like a nice guy to me and you know better about Cars too. About Tata Nexon I this their is a Manufacturing Flaw in it, Hands down the safest car in India today but much of them have Toppled among high speed turns. Now I know it sits high and Due to Higher Centre of gravity its becomes Unstable but still they could have gone for some stabilising equipment.
  • Stan bitch
    Stan bitch 1 месяц назад Isn't Harrier better in this price point? Also, people who want a powerful car can go for polo GTI too...
  • jeevanshu salwan
    jeevanshu salwan 1 месяц назад So true I was thinking the same civic top model would be nearly 25-27lakhs on road not less than that , and boring interiors compare to exterior . Harrier is far far better than this acc. To the price
  • Atharva Pawar
    Atharva Pawar 1 месяц назад Skoda octavia is the best.
  • The Sky
    The Sky 1 месяц назад The problem In polo gti is space...
  • Shaleen D
    Shaleen D 1 месяц назад @jeevanshu salwan you don't even know the pricing yet,wait and watch what they do
  • Stan bitch
    Stan bitch 1 месяц назад @The Sky want space? JOIN NASA.
  • Imperial791
    Imperial791 1 месяц назад If i want to buy a sedan why wud i get a suv??
  • Stan bitch
    Stan bitch 1 месяц назад @Imperial791 Skoda Octavia is a better pick in that case :')
  • Imperial791
    Imperial791 1 месяц назад @Stan bitch well its my choice and my money whichever i want to buy