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Smart fortwo Production

Published on Oct 20, 2014 578,088 views
  • Thomas Lee Mullins
    Thomas Lee Mullins 4 года назад I really think that is cool. I like my 2008 Smart Fortwo Pure. I think this newer one is even cooler. 
  • Deepak Bajaj
    Deepak Bajaj 2 года назад Can I purchase it in India ? or you people can arrange to deliver it here..?
  • Andres Sautto
    Andres Sautto 2 года назад new level of cuteness.
  • superade1000
    superade1000 3 года назад I love watching someone's new car being assembled. knowing how happy they are gonna be with it too :) fantastic stuff !!
  • Thomas Lee Mullins
    Thomas Lee Mullins 3 года назад I think this is way cool. I am glad they are using four bolts instead of the previous three. Perhaps this would open it up to more rim options?
  • Timo Witte
    Timo Witte 2 года назад Does anyone know if you are still able to remove the complete engine with subframe on the 453 like it was possible on the 451? This feature was really nice, as you could just lower the engine with a jack and some screws and service it at home.. A shame they do no build the 453 with a CDI engine.. :(
  • Dave Tom
    Dave Tom Год назад No value... Better cars that are bigger, similar fuel economy and same price.
  • Авторазборка Литва
    Авторазборка Литва 3 месяца назад My previous car was toyota aygo. Perfect vehicle for a town
  • iHD
    iHD 4 года назад 👍
  • Hammer
    Hammer 2 года назад unfortunately we do not get the diesel powered ones
  • altamiro de araujo
    altamiro de araujo 3 года назад que pena aqui no Brasil smart chega com preço muito alto💰😬
  • SteelCity1981
    SteelCity1981 3 года назад and this is what happens when you show up late for work at a Mercedes plant you have to assemble smart fortwo cars as your punishment. lol
  • Maximilian Dummnichtswürdigkerl
    Maximilian Dummnichtswürdigkerl 2 года назад You do realize people dp it for the income right:
  • David Ericson
    David Ericson 4 года назад Why can I not get one of those? :)
  • Candy’s Cafe
    Candy’s Cafe 2 года назад Me to I feel bad for you
  • Pacorritas RC
    Pacorritas RC 3 года назад Nice Car, and very cool drive
  • Giuseppe Mecca
    Giuseppe Mecca 3 года назад 12km/l :-O
  • Filip Criel
    Filip Criel 2 года назад I have one and I love it :-)
  • Jaquale Rice
    Jaquale Rice Год назад Is it expensive to maintain?
  • Yassine Aymane
    Yassine Aymane 22 часа назад Super smart
  • luciano76464
    luciano76464 4 года назад La mascherina anteriore bianca non si può guardare !!
  • nails_n_nature
    nails_n_nature 4 года назад Very nice! I wish I could have one :)
    I AM DEE DEE CRAFTS 2 года назад after watching this video makes me want to buy this even more..I will buy it this year
  • C:\ampbell
    C:\ampbell 2 года назад I bought one last week, love it.
    I AM DEE DEE CRAFTS 2 года назад cool that's great..... how do you like it... I really like old better,    but still buying it
  • C:\ampbell
    C:\ampbell 2 года назад Drives great and all of the bells and whistles. I had one of the 04 plate ones.
    I AM DEE DEE CRAFTS 2 года назад thanks for replying can't wait to get one..
  • Nikola Martinis
    Nikola Martinis Год назад I have one of those! Awesome car, you'll love it!
  • Nethan Abiy
    Nethan Abiy 5 месяцев назад Jhh
  • Noseefood
    Noseefood Год назад smart should really be getting 50+ mpg.
  • Wolfreespirit Rebel
    Wolfreespirit Rebel Год назад Noseefood I get over 60 mpg in my smart car, so you must have a leak lol