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Dodge Demon vs Lamborghini Aventador | Top Gear: Series 25

Published on Feb 5, 2019 3,971,902 views

Matt LeBlanc takes the Dodge Demon for a spin, but the Demon was made to do one thing, tear up a drag strip. How will it perform in a drag race against a Lamborghini Aventador? Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

Full boxsets of Series 24 & 25 available on iPlayer (UK):

Taken from Top Gear: Series 25, Episode 4

Matt LeBlanc:
Series 25:
Chris Harris Drives:

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  • GhettoPharmacist
    GhettoPharmacist 1 месяц назад That Lamborghini had the worst take off Ive ever seen.
  • I Raca
    I Raca 1 месяц назад I kinda think, they put that "stock" Lambo, probably with no spec launch control turned on for racing, not speced for drag racing at all, obviously cold tires for normal city driving, and a guy who was half asleep with no coffee.
  • Don QuIxoTe ?
    Don QuIxoTe ? 1 месяц назад @Mason Gann i think the reality is somewhere in the middle . the lambo had lc iam sure . but the start did look slow for one of those. and the demon was not totally stock. aftermarket ecu , airfilter . smaller front tires . most of wich makes them not street legal . they have to do a non box demon with a labo. but i think the result might not be much diff .
  • Vitor Almeida
    Vitor Almeida 1 месяц назад 😂 true
  • Mason Gann
    Mason Gann 1 месяц назад @Don QuIxoTe ? the demon is one of the fastest stock cars you can buy and by removing the stock stuff you could make it slower
  • Parker Fields
    Parker Fields 1 месяц назад I Raca Between the V12 and AWD system, spooling up takes a second.. plus the Lambos 0-60 is clocked at 10.6.. that’s one second slower. And in drag racing, that’s huge.
  • Paige Wells
    Paige Wells 1 месяц назад Don QuIxoTe ? If it came with the car it’s stock bro even with the skinnies
  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas 1 месяц назад Wouldnt have mattered how good of a start the lambo got...let me say this for everyone who doesn't seem to be able to understand. THE DEMON IS THE FASTEST QUARTERMILE CAR EVER BUILT!! that means that no matter what production car that's ever been built is gonna beat it if everything goes right for both cars.
  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas 1 месяц назад @Don QuIxoTe ? the demon was completely stock because the crate that is an option for the demon is completely stock. Look at it like this...consider that crate to just be a performance package for the demon. Just like many other cars have different performance options and levels the crate is the demons top notch performance option. Everything that comes in it is covered under the factory warranty
  • Lactrix
    Lactrix 1 месяц назад @Scott Thomas Still the most boring useless car ever made. Now take it to a track and race the aventador, or drive it for a day in a city see wich one you want to throw away. This was a retarded test. Like putting a Rally car vs a limo on a dirt track to see wich is fastest around the track.
    LALOMAN MC 1 месяц назад Tesla Roaster = Hold my bear!
  • Kyler Luo
    Kyler Luo 1 месяц назад Hey we still got the angel coming soon And it's got a lot More horse power
  • TallGuyTy
    TallGuyTy 1 месяц назад Wouldn’t of mattered
  • TallGuyTy
    TallGuyTy 1 месяц назад I Raca or it’s not as fabulous as video games and movies make it out to be. Yes they did a proper race, stock vs stock, even chance, and that’s what happened. Guarantee you the launch was fast in the Lamborghini, but it’s not demon quick off the line
  • TallGuyTy
    TallGuyTy 1 месяц назад Kyler Luo it’s just a theory
  • Dajokerboy101
    Dajokerboy101 1 месяц назад It looked like he was a couple of feet in front of the lambo before launch too
  • Typical Layten
    Typical Layten 1 месяц назад Yeah am I right
  • Typical Layten
    Typical Layten 1 месяц назад @Scott Thomas the cobra jet beat it's time by a whole second that's fast
  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas 1 месяц назад @Typical Layten I agree that is super fast...however the cobra jet is not a street legal factory production car. I would love to have one tho cause they are super cool
  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas 1 месяц назад @Lactrix tell me exactly how a car that seats 5 people and you can take to get groceries or take your kids to a ball game in and still be faster than anything else ever produced is useless?
  • Robert Brody
    Robert Brody 1 месяц назад @Lactrix I recently sold my Hellcat Charger and now have a sweet AMG, but you couldn't be more wrong. The AMG is obviously more fun on the mountain LA roads, but on the open highways heading for Vegas, the Hellcat is very special. I'll likely buy another.
  • Lactrix
    Lactrix 1 месяц назад @Robert Brody Id just spend my bucks on the new M5 instead.
  • Robert Brody
    Robert Brody 1 месяц назад @Lactrix I owned an M5 back in 2012 and have driven the new one. It's a very different experience and honestly less exciting than the Hellcat. But the M5 is a far more rounded car to be sure. It just doesn't carry the attitude of a Demon or Hellcat. My AMG would easily run circles around my Hellcat on a road coarse, but the big silly Hellcat was monstrous fun in its own way and had more character. These are all great cars in different ways.
  • waikin Cheng
    waikin Cheng 1 месяц назад @Mason Gann  Removing stock stuff is not necessarily making it go slower! If you are removing the stock bumpers and all interior goodies that are not related to driving... Then we are having a deal and make it faster >U<
  • James7851
    James7851 1 месяц назад Here come the excuses... 😂
  • Mason Gann
    Mason Gann 1 месяц назад (изменено) @waikin Cheng actually the demon comes with a pack that lets you pay $1 more to get smaller front tires,bumpers,spoilers. etc so get a fact check bud. and that is technically stock since anybody would buy that
  • Mason Gann
    Mason Gann 1 месяц назад @waikin Cheng if you were to watch the video you may have saw this or had any knowledge period
  • Mr360cuda
    Mr360cuda 1 месяц назад Argue all you like. Fact is, you cannot dismiss an 84k daily driver. And defend a 300k 2 seater, and say . “The Lamborghini is a much better car “
  • xd_ocean
    xd_ocean 1 месяц назад Scott Thomas ya but they raced it against a car that isn’t built for drag smh
  • erickwalker11
    erickwalker11 1 месяц назад Didn't look like it really mattered anyway
  • Ben Long Legs
    Ben Long Legs 1 месяц назад Scott Thomas wrong Bugatti
  • ZommerGames
    ZommerGames 1 месяц назад @Don QuIxoTe ? All of that can be purchases through Dodge view the spec sheets, therefore it is not aftermarket. The Demon was stock
  • CeeStyleDj
    CeeStyleDj 1 месяц назад @Don QuIxoTe ? that is stock. It literally comes with the car for $1
  • CeeStyleDj
    CeeStyleDj 1 месяц назад It also couldn't catch up. I'm just saying.....
  • The Subconscious Mind
    The Subconscious Mind 1 месяц назад How was this a fair race? One car 808 hp vs the other car 700 hp. This was a set up to promote the dodge demon.
    WEATHERS CRUZ 1 месяц назад Lactrix I’d say from experience that daily driving a exotic car isn’t practical, my cousin has everything from Porsche’s to Ferrari’s offered on his rental car fleet. His current daily drivers are the new Raptor and a Hell cat Charger. Maybe you should rent one for a day and see what would be more practical for a daily car. Diplomats car rental in Las Vegas😉
  • david jeffery
    david jeffery 4 недели назад I Raca Bahahaha you don’t buy a stock lambo!! Yep 👍
  • Rafael Carbajal
    Rafael Carbajal 4 недели назад GhettoPharmacist ikr the driver doesn’t know how to use it
  • Victor Ramirez
    Victor Ramirez 4 недели назад Lactrix which one is useless?
  • Victor Ramirez
    Victor Ramirez 4 недели назад The Subconscious Mind one is also like 2k pounds heavier.
  • John
    John 4 недели назад @Don QuIxoTe ? After market means made by an out side company after the original manufacture stops producing. This is performance parts from the manufacture.
    ALL DAY 3 недели назад GhettoPharmacist Maybe the demon is to fast
  • Jeremy Shostak
    Jeremy Shostak 3 недели назад @Don QuIxoTe ? "Non box".... But.... Dodge gives you all those parts when you buy the demon... How is it not from the box?
  • Eric Solis
    Eric Solis 3 недели назад @LALOMAN MC beer*
  • darius rogers
    darius rogers 3 недели назад @Don QuIxoTe ? it want make a difference lol 1.even without box we still talking almost 100hp difference 2 awd was the only advantage if it were a regular surface. A good sticky prepped drag strip pretty much evens the playing field when it comes to drivetrain especially with fat meaty tires
  • Gods Child 2
    Gods Child 2 3 недели назад I rebuke it in the name of JESUS, its demonic! It doesn't beat my Lamborghini like that and get away with it. Best 2 out of 3 and switch drivers 😎
  • AddzSapphire
    AddzSapphire 3 недели назад @Mr360cuda 84k daily driver that only has a driver seat.... unless you buy the optional passenger seat for $1. I mean I'm still on the Demon's side but cant be arguing against the Aventador for only having 2 seats.
  • Cesar Zavala
    Cesar Zavala 3 недели назад Lactrix the car is meant for drag racing
  • TreeroyJ
    TreeroyJ 3 недели назад @Don QuIxoTe ? those extras are not aftermarket, they are extras fitted to the car from the factory. They are perfectly road legal too (not that that's relevant in the context of drag racing). Even the skinny tyres, they are not drag slicks, they are road tyres.
  • Peter Hammer
    Peter Hammer 2 недели назад @Scott Thomas At least Caterham and Königsegg have faster quartermile times recorded.
  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas 2 недели назад @Peter Hammer I'm afraid you're misinformed...their may be other cars out there that are built by a manufacturer that are a little faster but they are not factory street legal production cars.
  • Peter Hammer
    Peter Hammer 2 недели назад @Scott Thomas dont think so. Königsegg f.ex is a totally street legal car, no problem there. They are handbuilt but still street legal
  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas 2 недели назад @Peter Hammer show me some proof of a factory street legal production car that's faster in the quartermile...I'll wait.
  • Peter Hammer
    Peter Hammer 2 недели назад @Scott Thomas your dear Dodge dont even make top10. Dodge is also limited edition, so dont come back to me with excuses about these being limited.
  • Jordan Broly
    Jordan Broly 2 недели назад @Lactrix You just aren't into the quarter mile gang, now go over yonder to your beloved track and leave the 1/4 mile warriors to our do
  • Old Evolution
    Old Evolution 2 недели назад @Lactrix lambo fan lol
  • Lactrix
    Lactrix 2 недели назад @Old Evolution over pos dodge? Yes. I hold Lamborghini tenfolds above yank junk.
  • Old Evolution
    Old Evolution 2 недели назад @Lactrix ya junk? Its cheaper and more fun, you do know your comparing a Muscle Car to Sport Car. A lambo that u can't mod cause u spent alot on ur cuck
  • xd_ocean
    xd_ocean 2 недели назад Ben Long Legs no koeniggseg is the fastest land speed production car. You know nothing about cars little fortnite fanboy smh
  • Akecheta Lahpay
    Akecheta Lahpay 2 недели назад The only car that comes close to the Demon in speed is a Tesla as funny as that sounds.
  • Derek Ellingboe
    Derek Ellingboe Неделю назад Stock vs stock
  • Kingmoe _0.o
    Kingmoe _0.o Неделю назад @Don QuIxoTe ? it is considerd stock if it came from the factory ??
  • Epsilon -007
    Epsilon -007 Неделю назад A Lambo wouldn't be able to beat a Dodge demon in a quarter mile if they where going off of manufacture only parts. Lambo's have always been known for their slow starts.
  • guy
    guy 4 дня назад They should have put something like a bugatti chiron or a sesto elemento instead of an Aventador.
  • Cheesy Gamer 64
    Cheesy Gamer 64 4 дня назад The Demon would win either way.
  • Mary Sy
    Mary Sy 2 дня назад Dodge demon sucks
  • Laviolette Racing
    Laviolette Racing 1 день назад @I Raca it only lools that way because the demon is so much faster males the lambo look like it missed the start.. lambo aventador 0-60 is rated at 3.0sec and the demon 2.3... thats a huuuge difference especiallyat those speeds!
  • Laviolette Racing
    Laviolette Racing 1 день назад @Don QuIxoTe ? demon was stock. That box comes from the dealership buddy!
  • Laviolette Racing
    Laviolette Racing 1 день назад @Lactrix butthurt cause lambo lost?!! Hahaha get over it!!
  • James Ng'ang'a
    James Ng'ang'a Неделю назад I absolutely LOVE that supercharger whine!
  • Some cringe Youtuber with content
    Some cringe Youtuber with content 5 дней назад James Ng'ang'a have you seen midnight purple it’s gorgeous
  • James Ng'ang'a
    James Ng'ang'a 5 дней назад @Some cringe Youtuber with content yea, I've seen's gorgeous
  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee 1 день назад superchargers dont whine. whining is something you do. a supercharger has tumbling and rolling parts. thus it whirs. mechanical parts cant "whine". ya gay homo
  • Jason Strom
    Jason Strom Неделю назад So this is what Joey's been up to. I was always wondering 🤔
  • FCB 10
    FCB 10 4 дня назад Haha this comments underrated
  • Gavin Vasquez
    Gavin Vasquez 1 месяц назад you dont need a 200k-400k car, just save up 80k and your good
  • Axel Torrez
    Axel Torrez 1 месяц назад Facts why pay 100k to see demons tail lights
  • The kids in Africa
    The kids in Africa 1 месяц назад Axel Torrez cause you won’t have a dodge with tons of problems
  • Axel Torrez
    Axel Torrez 1 месяц назад @The kids in Africa never seen dodges car have problems plus its cheap to pay not like other cars have to pay thousands of dollars just to fix it
  • The Subconscious Mind
    The Subconscious Mind 1 месяц назад @Axel Torrez I've seen plenty of them with problems. Most end up getting sold for half the value price.
  • Axel Torrez
    Axel Torrez 1 месяц назад @The Subconscious Mind old ones never seen new ones
  • The Subconscious Mind
    The Subconscious Mind 1 месяц назад @Axel Torrez That car is only a year old. Regardless, everything has flaws.
  • Cornelius Martin
    Cornelius Martin 4 недели назад You're
  • Barry Hays
    Barry Hays 3 недели назад Not any lambro can kick this demons ass
  • 911 991.2 TURBO S
    911 991.2 TURBO S 2 недели назад You little kid trolls have no idea wtf your talking about. As the Hellcat and Demon have hit the scrap yard as they were being bet by cars with 2-3 hundred less hp. Dodge thinks they fixed the issues with the red eye hellcat but the reputation has been too damaged to recover sales are far below expected sales projects.
  • 911 991.2 TURBO S
    911 991.2 TURBO S 2 недели назад Axel Torrez Axel my car has 1/2 the size of engine of a Demon, a 3.8 ltr and only 580 hp and just embarrass the HELLCAT , DEMON AND RED EYE HELLCAT. It’s actually a bit funny when they roll up on me they just hang there heads and back off, I look at them and indicate let’s go but just waved off.
  • MrZillas
    MrZillas 2 недели назад You dont need to save 80k. Just save 10k - 15k, give it the dealer and do a leasing. After 3 or 4 years you decide to take the car or not. Meanwhile you go with 800 bucks per month.
  • Your Reverence
    Your Reverence 2 недели назад @911 991.2 TURBO S you have a Porsche turbo s?
  • Christopher Bell
    Christopher Bell Неделю назад MrZillas or u can get a Tesla
  • Jordanistic
    Jordanistic Неделю назад @Axel Torrez because you don't buy a Lambo to drag race it. Take it around a track and the Demon won't even get to see the Lambo's tail lights. And the driver in the Lambo gets premium materials, not plastic like the Demon
  • Nicholas Q.
    Nicholas Q. Неделю назад @911 991.2 TURBO S If your talking about a real race, it doesn't matter two shits that you beat a demon on a track. The demon is meant to be a drag strip racer, not an F-1. Your comparing apples to oranges.
  • Chad III
    Chad III Неделю назад Tripzz and you won’t have to spend a lot of money on maintenance for it too
  • steve rugerguy
    steve rugerguy Неделю назад lol
  • AstronomyToday
    AstronomyToday 4 дня назад all yall talking like that 225.00$ monthly payment on your hella used 2003 honda isn't already breaking you in half.
  • HellsReaper 6606
    HellsReaper 6606 4 дня назад Well at least for drag racing yea
  • Laviolette Racing
    Laviolette Racing 1 день назад @The Subconscious Minddude the demon is being sold used at over asking price!! Loll
  • Laviolette Racing
    Laviolette Racing 1 день назад @911 991.2 TURBO S so your car must run 8sec!?
  • Adrian Bustos
    Adrian Bustos 5 часов назад Gavin Vasquez right
  • Straight Zeke
    Straight Zeke 5 часов назад Axel Torrez demons resale for 100k rn
  • Sean Higgins
    Sean Higgins 1 месяц назад What if Chandler had been the one who pulled up in the Aventador 🤣
  • granto ,
    granto , 1 месяц назад Or ross
  • Regis Dabney
    Regis Dabney 1 месяц назад kmsl or he and Ross lol
  • MrMus TangMan
    MrMus TangMan 1 месяц назад @granto , Ross couldn't handle the Aventador.... He would be crying for his mommy......
  • Kanha Sahu
    Kanha Sahu 1 месяц назад Sean Higgins that would have been epic
  • ahmed nzar Sabr
    ahmed nzar Sabr 1 месяц назад It makes sense . Because remember? Chandler CANT DO ANYTHING!
  • 222222e
    222222e 2 недели назад They would become friends that's what would happen.
  • Zero-G
    Zero-G 2 недели назад Yeah. Opportunity missed BBC.
  • MadMatt8880
    MadMatt8880 Неделю назад Chandler would be pulling up in a sissy ass Smart Car
  • Adam Shebel
    Adam Shebel Неделю назад Sean Higgins it woulda been Ross in the Lambo lol
  • Frank Grimey Grimes
    Frank Grimey Grimes 2 месяца назад What the hell's Joey doing on top gear?
  • Mike Morrison
    Mike Morrison 2 месяца назад (изменено) Seriously! Where the hell is Jeremy! Never the same without the three.
  • Cyd Nigel Gumapac
    Cyd Nigel Gumapac 2 месяца назад Hahahah! Joey
  • Werli
    Werli 2 месяца назад @Mike Morrison jeremy's on the grand tour lmao
  • M I 6
    M I 6 2 месяца назад Joey made new friends and got a Demon.
  • maxar ______
    maxar ______ 2 месяца назад Fake it till u make it
  • Mike LaBelle
    Mike LaBelle 1 месяц назад He couldn't get a job anywhere else.
  • Jason  Davis
    Jason Davis 1 месяц назад He finally got that acting job
  • Jimmy Swanson Jr.
    Jimmy Swanson Jr. 1 месяц назад Frank Grimey Grimes,same thing I wondering??!!!!
    OZZY ZIG 1 месяц назад His voice is fucked up too, it sounds like hes speaking into a bass box, on Friends he had a higher pitched voice, i guess the BBC were trying to make him sound like a New York Bronx version of Jezza HAHA
  • DeutscheTech
    DeutscheTech 1 месяц назад you living under a rock man?
  • Frank Grimey Grimes
    Frank Grimey Grimes 1 месяц назад @DeutscheTech No, but I haven't seen the guy on anything other than friends and episodes. I figured most people would recognize him as Joey instead of the other character. You know, because episodes sucked.
  • Walter Banci
    Walter Banci 1 месяц назад He is looking for RAchel
  • Major woody
    Major woody 1 месяц назад Why he's driving a Demon man.
  • riikerman
    riikerman 1 месяц назад "What the hell's Joey doing on top gear?"---Frank Grimey Grimes Hey, kid, you've spelled Adam wrong.
  • Roland Hatta
    Roland Hatta 1 месяц назад Did you just wake up boy?
  • ธวัช กลิ่นมาหอม
    ธวัช กลิ่นมาหอม 1 месяц назад Sattaya​JaJar​SwiftKey​Fuck You
  • Austin Thieme
    Austin Thieme 4 недели назад Why do people always point out it doesn’t turn well. It wasn’t meant to be a track car, it’s a drag car
  • Skull kings -
    Skull kings - 4 недели назад Austin Thieme exactly
  • derpswagwaffels
    derpswagwaffels 4 недели назад I just think people are jealous
    TEXASKEMP PZC 4 недели назад I’m almost positive that was the entire point of the video...
    MVRDA MONXY 3 недели назад He showed it can't turn great but it does amazing on a straight that was the point of the video it shows off the launch control and what not.
  • Cameron4life
    Cameron4life 3 недели назад Only on a drag strip car, not street drag car.... anyone can go fast when you have 95-100% traction on a drag strip
  • Guillermo Lopez
    Guillermo Lopez 3 недели назад Super cars do it all well though...
  • Jacob H
    Jacob H 3 недели назад (изменено) dodge viper track acr has entered the chat
  • Kevin Lin
    Kevin Lin 2 недели назад GT2 RS has entered the chat
  • jijin am
    jijin am Неделю назад Then stop comparing it with track cars
  • matty busch
    matty busch Неделю назад jijin am the thing is is a Lamborghini aventador would still best this in a drag race lol all wheel drive would destroy
  • Lil Chu
    Lil Chu Неделю назад Just to let non-car people understand what the demon can and cannot do
  • Just a random guy wanting to study filmmaking
    Just a random guy wanting to study filmmaking 5 дней назад @derpswagwaffels No, it is because the truth is that Lamborghini wins a race, but looses a drag, just what happens here
  • Rahul Gahlawat
    Rahul Gahlawat 5 дней назад Exactly. Its like saying sprinters cant run a marathon
  • Nebb
    Nebb 3 недели назад Tesla Roadster: Hold my electricity.
  • Allen  Mcmillian
    Allen Mcmillian 3 недели назад How about a race between the Tesla and the demon from Chicago to Los Angeles? Follow route 66 from start to finish. Old tech vs new tech on the road that started America's love affair with cars. I'd definitely take the demon.
  • Colby V
    Colby V 3 недели назад @Allen Mcmillian Obviously you know that the tesla has a charging time instead of just refueling, all you did was give super bias restrictions to the roadster on your super opinionated "competition". How about take it as face value that the roadster has better specs, including range.
  • Allen  Mcmillian
    Allen Mcmillian 3 недели назад How about the fact that the roadster costs twice as much as the demon. What's the life expectancy from the batteries? How much do they cost to replace? In 20 years, the demon will still be driving around whereas the tesla will be plagued with electrical gremlins. Before you say no, find a 20 year old car that doesn't have brittle wires in it. Personally, I'll stick to internal combustion until it becomes obsolete. The only thing my comment ment was that the technology is there, but our infrastructure can not support it yet. The tesla is a great car if you live in the city and don't plan on driving any real distance. I know that they have a range of around 600 miles, but if you stop somewhere that doesn't have the tesla charger, it would take almost 5 days to get a full charge from a standard wall socket.
  • Colby V
    Colby V 3 недели назад @Allen Mcmillian How can say that about the demon driving around in "20 years" but the bring up every "20 year old" car has brittle wires? Wont the demon have brittle wires then to? that also depends on the way the vehicle is stored. Teslas only lose about 10% after 160k miles which is pretty fair. And as far as replacing a battery goes I think the price wouldn't be so bad.
  • Paprika
    Paprika 3 недели назад @Allen Mcmillian well, than I'd take the Lambo. American cars are trash imo (not Tesla, Tesla is amazing but the rest are trash)... japanese or german cars are better. This isn't a normal video about a dodge, that's just publicity.
  • multiverse specimen
    multiverse specimen 2 недели назад Nebb 😂🤣
  • fzbwarlust
    fzbwarlust Неделю назад Yeah after 1 or 2 races, the Tesla has to recharge for 40 min while the Demon keeps going. Next.
  • Dirt DD
    Dirt DD Неделю назад Telsa aint got nutn for a mopar
  • Elderly_tadpole
    Elderly_tadpole Неделю назад “Hold my cable”
  • Adir Mundhoss
    Adir Mundhoss Неделю назад The roadster would destroy the demon the roadsters 0-100 1.9 seconds
  • Adir Mundhoss
    Adir Mundhoss Неделю назад @Paprika what about Hennessy 😢
  • datingsas
    datingsas Неделю назад @Paprika I don't know man. I was looking at getting a honda crv glad I didn't there is a huge recall on them because they rust out in the back where the car is unsafe. Honda has to buy them back. Every car manufacturer has good and bad years.
  • datingsas
    datingsas Неделю назад @fzbwarlust And the demon can do 5000 drags without issue non-stop. Tesla would need major repairs for sure.
  • fzbwarlust
    fzbwarlust Неделю назад @datingsas And a new $12k battery pack 😂
  • Sean McGowan
    Sean McGowan 2 дня назад Dont even compare a toaster to a muscle car! and twice as much money than a Demon, hellcat, Redeye,Track Hawk etc etc....ya Ill take something that feels and looks better anyday!
  • Eli Christopherson
    Eli Christopherson 2 дня назад fzbwarlust Tesla has 600 mile range dumbass
  • Eli Christopherson
    Eli Christopherson 2 дня назад Adir Mundhoss it does 0-60 in 1.9. Nothing can do 0-100 in 1.9
  • Eli Christopherson
    Eli Christopherson 2 дня назад Adir Mundhoss unless ur talking kilometers
  • Sean McGowan
    Sean McGowan 2 дня назад @Adir Mundhoss lmao. lol, lmao, lol, lmao, lol, lmao, lol...oh wait wait i cant! LMAO! dumbass
  • MrEpic01
    MrEpic01 5 дней назад Of course the demon is going to win no matter what, but all things aside, the lambo's launch was pretty bad.
  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 1 месяц назад Anyone else waiting for joey to say "how you doing?" 👀
  • 456 546465
    456 546465 Неделю назад 😂😂 yess
  • ImaGiraffe
    ImaGiraffe 2 месяца назад Doug, the type of guy who reads owner's manual to his children as night time stories
  • Sarbur Gideg
    Sarbur Gideg 2 месяца назад Wrong video buddy
  • E K
    E K 2 месяца назад 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Peppa Pig The Killer
    Peppa Pig The Killer 2 месяца назад ;-; ASMR wrong channel.
  • Doit Forthememes
    Doit Forthememes 2 месяца назад Lmao
  • Chris Molyneaux
    Chris Molyneaux 2 месяца назад THHHHIS is a Top Gear video.
  • Alex Bailey
    Alex Bailey 2 месяца назад Dude that is the funniest comment ever 😂
  • mikixP
    mikixP 2 месяца назад ;-; ASMR get a life brother just get a life .
  • MangoTail680
    MangoTail680 2 месяца назад Thing is, I watched Doug review it like a few minutes ago xD
  • Gold Prime
    Gold Prime 2 месяца назад I shall give this comment a Doug score
  • ImaGiraffe
    ImaGiraffe 2 месяца назад @Gold PrimeI hope its a good one :D
  • Gold Prime
    Gold Prime 2 месяца назад @ImaGiraffe I give a doug out of 10
  • ImaGiraffe
    ImaGiraffe 2 месяца назад Perfect@Gold Prime
  • Miami Made-me
    Miami Made-me 2 месяца назад Sarbur Gideg L
  • Lako za pamćenje
    Lako za pamćenje 1 месяц назад And now when we saw all the Demon's quirks and features, let's see how it duh-rives.
  • Andres Sosa
    Andres Sosa 1 месяц назад I love the “JEEESUS CHRIIIIIIST part !!! 😂😂😂😂😉😉
  • Joyson Wildhart
    Joyson Wildhart 4 недели назад top 10 cars to run from the cops in
  • Daniel Heywood
    Daniel Heywood 3 недели назад In a strait line
  • ItKiD ace
    ItKiD ace 3 недели назад Daniel Heywood staight “
  • Colby V
    Colby V 3 недели назад Yeah because neither one of those stand out at all right?
  • shazam679
    shazam679 3 недели назад At the top of that list is the ‘67 Shelby gt500
  • Fabian Fabian
    Fabian Fabian Неделю назад S63 coupe 😂
  • Russell Tapley
    Russell Tapley Неделю назад Cant outrun a helicopter though
  • Freddy Moreno
    Freddy Moreno Неделю назад @Russell Tapley yes it can Look for the video where Houston PD was in pursuit of a Hell Cat and lost it the copper could not keep up.
  • Sweetie Belle
    Sweetie Belle 3 дня назад The Dodge Challengers from 1970-1973 growl. But the Dodge Challenger SRT8 Demon ROARS LIKE A BEAST!!!
  • Christopher Bayne
    Christopher Bayne 3 недели назад I have engine envy. My 2017 Chevy Cruze sounds like a pissed off forklift.
  • RH SE
    RH SE 3 недели назад LMAO 🤣😂
  • Goldi3 Lux
    Goldi3 Lux 3 недели назад LOL!!!!
  • Bootney Lee Farnsworth
    Bootney Lee Farnsworth 3 недели назад Ctfu
  • Christopher Bayne
    Christopher Bayne 3 недели назад Bootney Lee Farnsworth ?
  • I SelfMade I
    I SelfMade I 2 месяца назад They shoulda let vin diesel do this video😂
  • Tee
    Tee 2 месяца назад 840 horses of Detroit muscle
  • Haks Hustle
    Haks Hustle 2 месяца назад Lool I kept picturing him during this video driving this car
  • rien smeets
    rien smeets 2 месяца назад Doesnt he drive a charger in fast and furious?
  • adam forbes
    adam forbes 2 месяца назад Ya why not a Guest appearance? Easily possible.
  • Bazzyg
    Bazzyg 2 месяца назад Naaaa, he'd be randomly slurring stuff about "familia"
  • adam forbes
    adam forbes 2 месяца назад We're all family here. Hahaha
  • مؤيد الزهراني
    مؤيد الزهراني 2 месяца назад :It's all about family:
  • AR
    AR 2 месяца назад MSO Shawn - It’s an auto transmission. They didn’t have 450 gears for him to shift every 2 seconds 😂
  • Lily Adams
    Lily Adams 2 месяца назад Sorry to say it but that would have made The Toretto family look slow. Hate to admit it, like have his facts were totally wrong. Car just feels slow overall.
  • Elza Kay
    Elza Kay 2 месяца назад They could not afford him.Lol!
  • Khairuddin
    Khairuddin 2 месяца назад yeah. with lifting that front tyres
  • Vijay Jayapalan
    Vijay Jayapalan 2 месяца назад He would use 24 gears to win
  • mm 2018
    mm 2018 2 месяца назад @Vijay Jayapalan and nitrous
  • Sippy
    Sippy 2 недели назад or paul walker
  • Black Jack
    Black Jack 2 дня назад (изменено) How you doin? 😂 Vin diesel : you say quarter mile at a time? Hold my corona! 🍺
  • David Nabholz
    David Nabholz 1 месяц назад $85,000 for an American made muscle car. Or $418,000 for a sports car made in Italy that got out performed by a $85,000 muscle car
  • All about Vlogs
    All about Vlogs 1 месяц назад Frnd its handling where u dnt even think of comparing the lambo cause it would tear up the demon, and by the way you could also listen to a sweet v12
  • Kyle Adam
    Kyle Adam 1 месяц назад (изменено) @All about Vlogs The demon is built for drag,if dodge wanted to build a car with great cornering,then they can.Oh and you also get to listen to a sweet v8.Lamborgini is great for cornering while the demon is great at dusting cars that are stock in the dragway. (As long as it isnt the McLaren 720)
  • James Claytor
    James Claytor 1 месяц назад need a better driver
  • RyanJL337
    RyanJL337 1 месяц назад There's more driving than drag racing and burning up tires. Real car enthusiasts appreciate handling which is why the Mazda Miata is the pound for pound king of sports cars. Life isn't a video game. HP isn't the only thing that matters.
  • l MoJo l
    l MoJo l 1 месяц назад All about Vlogs just saying... v8’s sound WAYYYY better than v12’s. There’s literally nothing better than the sound of a v8. Yes, I’ve heard a v12, it was a Lamborghini too.
  • Origins686720
    Origins686720 1 месяц назад @Kyle Adam or a Tesla!
  • Origins686720
    Origins686720 1 месяц назад Until a corner appears! LOL! WHATS THE POINT!? Bored after the first drag race!
  • Origins686720
    Origins686720 1 месяц назад @Kyle Adam Why didn't they?
  • Origins686720
    Origins686720 1 месяц назад @l MoJo l The sound is not getting you handling on corners though!? LOL!
  • l MoJo l
    l MoJo l 1 месяц назад Origins686720 I don’t remember saying anything about handling 😂
  • Origins686720
    Origins686720 1 месяц назад @l MoJo l I know, because you cant with this P.O.S. American embarrassment. LOL!🤣👍
  • Tristan Emberson
    Tristan Emberson 1 месяц назад V8 over v12 any day but lambo would own the demon on a track unfortunately
  • Kyle Adam
    Kyle Adam 1 месяц назад @Origins686720 Idk,maybe they just wanted to set a world record for the fastest stock car to ever run on a dragway.
  • mijo mcgyver
    mijo mcgyver 1 месяц назад (изменено) There's a huge difference between "out-performed" and "outran". The Demon would get owned on a road course by (literally) a hundred or so other cars (and more than a few SUVs and crossovers, as well).
  • David Nabholz
    David Nabholz 1 месяц назад @mijo mcgyver agreed. I meant outrun. Just sayin' Id still take a demon over a Lambo anyday. Partly because I will NEVER be able to afford a $400,000 car. Partly because I just think the demon is a classy looking car. Also if I were to partake in street racing, I highly doubt I will run into any lambos in my state.
  • l MoJo l
    l MoJo l 1 месяц назад Origins686720 correct me if I’m wrong but a 9.65 quarter mile is not embarrassing. This car was built for drag racing nothing more really. If Dodge wanted to make something that handles better, they would and are capable of doing so as seen in their record for making great race cars in the past.
  • l MoJo l
    l MoJo l 1 месяц назад Also as a $85k car, it’s a little more affordable for the everyday middle class citizen the get and still have tons of power behind the wheel and look cool at the same time. And for average people like me, we like to find nice long strips of road where there’s no cops to just go. To me that’s more than enough fun lol
  • Go D
    Go D 1 месяц назад @All about Vlogs Are you serious? The Nissan GTR, a car renowned for its hyper-engineered handling, got it's ass handed to it around a track by a Camaro.
  • Gelo Fabia
    Gelo Fabia 1 месяц назад $35k Tesla will take both 😂😂
  • ArkieBassMan
    ArkieBassMan 1 месяц назад Good luck finding one for $85,000. Might get a used one with a few thousand (likely hard) miles for $100K. A new one with no miles will be $110K-$175K. All that I can find, anyway.
  • All about Vlogs
    All about Vlogs 1 месяц назад @l MoJo l i said that the lambos v12 sounds better..corrections
  • Janne Laitinen
    Janne Laitinen 1 месяц назад @l MoJo l Even 250 GTO sounds better than that overweight shopping cart.
  • Chloe Hennessy
    Chloe Hennessy 1 месяц назад Origins686720 They did. And it’s got better track times at Nurburgring than the Lamborghini.
  • Savage viper 111
    Savage viper 111 1 месяц назад @Kyle Adam yeah they dont have the resources to do that because no one would buy it idiot lamborghini has been building sport cars for years dodge has not even thought of it
  • alex gibbs
    alex gibbs 3 недели назад @RyanJL337 LMAO Miata p4p road King, you sir are hilarious
  • alex gibbs
    alex gibbs 3 недели назад @Origins686720 you've obviously never drag or track raced. You never get bored of either. Drag race is all about traction and gearing ratios. There are so many little things in your take off that can improve or get worse with every launch. Track car racing is more about the skill of knowing how to take a corner than actually driving as fast as you want. More like drive as fast as you can without making a mistake. Both have so many fun parts about the action, personally I can't pick between the two.
  • Cliff Roberts
    Cliff Roberts 3 недели назад @RyanJL337 or the Fiero
  • Origins686720
    Origins686720 3 недели назад @alex gibbs WOW, how to make everything about going straight, that sounds like Train racing!? What's the point of the steering wheel!? 🤣LOL! Hay! Why not fit a Train track instead? That way you wont have to worry about the steering wheel?
  • Origins686720
    Origins686720 3 недели назад @alex gibbs Driving in general usually involves corners, true fast driving involves skillfull CORNERING at speed, SUCCESSFULLY!! On real racing tracks, it's not all about the power alone DOOFY! Even with great powerfull engines, a REAL Racing track will always even out the big engines power with the lighter engine power, guess where!!? IN THE CORNERS! Dumbass!
  • alex gibbs
    alex gibbs 3 недели назад @Origins686720 I never said big horsepower is key. I said drag racing is mostly about traction and gear ratios, lots of computing nowadays with the turbo programs and all that non sense. Track racing is very much so NOT about big horsepower because if you run 2,000 horse power triple turbo cars on a track, they're basically going to slide right off unless they are being driven by very skilled and aware drivers. Don't call me doofy after you essentially agreed with me and i agreed with you. No need for juvenile one ups man ship and name calling. I love drag racing and track racing(which is why i hate Nascar), both have their fun points. My whole point was the fact if someone drag races and track races, you'll never get bored of doing either one
  • Origins686720
    Origins686720 3 недели назад @alex gibbs Drag racing isnt what a car is for now is it, Drag racing is hardly furthering logical car progression now is its!? See my point? Your point is as futile as these Drag so called Cars, ya see my point? Or are you still lost in Drag world?
  • Wnka
    Wnka 3 недели назад @ArkieBassMan you're right. I called dodge and they said the demon has a marked up price. So it's like 100k +
  • Origins686720
    Origins686720 2 недели назад @Wnka Whata waste of Money, LOL! you could get a desent German whip, for half this price, take it to a drag race and love corners on the way home!
  • Origins686720
    Origins686720 2 недели назад @alex gibbs "Lots of Computing" Lol! HAAAAA! Just to go straight for like 10 seconds!?! Bwaahaaa!🤣😆😂
  • alex gibbs
    alex gibbs 2 недели назад @Origins686720 you even know how complicated a cam stroke program is? It gives you the options to tell each cylinder and piston how far to stroke and at what rpm. Or how about a induction / turbo program if your car is turboed or supercharged? You must have a computer to drag race for real nowadays. You're trolling if you think differently.
  • Origins686720
    Origins686720 2 недели назад @alex gibbs Nah ya dont! Not just to go straight. Way too much tech and engineering, maybe for American engineering thickos, yes, defo! Do you even know where all that Tech came from!!? GERMAN and JAPANESE WHIPS!! at a time when Americans were mocking these whips, They where MASTERS, Yall are just catching up way too late, and still can only do Straight!?! WTF!?! haaa! PATHETIC. LOL!😆🤣😂 Cmon! Know something!