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Dodge Demon vs Lamborghini Aventador | Top Gear: Series 25

Published on Feb 5, 2019 5,531,523 views

Matt LeBlanc takes the Dodge Demon for a spin, but the Demon was made to do one thing, tear up a drag strip. How will it perform in a drag race against a Lamborghini Aventador? Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

Full boxsets of Series 24 & 25 available on iPlayer (UK):

Taken from Top Gear: Series 25, Episode 4

Matt LeBlanc:
Series 25:
Chris Harris Drives:

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  • Frank Grimey Grimes
    Frank Grimey Grimes 4 месяца назад What the hell's Joey doing on top gear?
  • RezentRex
    RezentRex 6 дней назад Frank Grimey Grimes he doesn’t know shit, about cars.
  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson Неделю назад He needed a job
  • Brandon Baez
    Brandon Baez Неделю назад Fuck. I was just thinking the same thing OP
  • Michael G
    Michael G Неделю назад Been on for a couple of seasons or more. Call yourself a fan and you didn’t know that? Fuck outta here with your fake outrage.
  • Breneser
    Breneser Неделю назад @Dennis McKeown yeah and it succeeded worldwide cause brits didnt have a clue, pf stupid comment
  • Steve Coan
    Steve Coan Неделю назад @M I 6 i bet he got to keep the car :)
  • Brandon Ebaugh
    Brandon Ebaugh Неделю назад I JUST SAID, "WTF IS THAT JOEY?!"
  • lazar lazarov
    lazar lazarov Неделю назад Ohhh Myyy God🤣
  • Cryptidian
    Cryptidian Неделю назад You must be new to the internet.
  • Jared Petersen
    Jared Petersen Неделю назад maxar ____ exactly my thoughts lol ;) glad I’m not the only one who thinks that about this man ;) just like every other major celebrity fake it till u make it. ;)
  • Ryan Forbes
    Ryan Forbes 2 недели назад Ruining it!!!
  • cole TFox
    cole TFox 2 недели назад @Walter Banci ross has Rachel
  • cole TFox
    cole TFox 2 недели назад @Mike LaBelle his agent is smoking to much
  • blue03r6
    blue03r6 2 недели назад he has always been an avid motorcyclist and car guy from what I've heard. he has showed up to many of the motogp races at laguna seca when it was raced there.
  • Dennis McKeown
    Dennis McKeown 2 недели назад Showing the Brits how it's done.
  • JimBob McDougal
    JimBob McDougal 2 недели назад Yeah wtf I’m actually confused I haven’t watched top gear in years
  • Jorge Dominguez
    Jorge Dominguez 2 недели назад I was like wtf😂
    DARIUS MARK 2 недели назад Jeremy is on the grand tour now
  • M I 6
    M I 6 2 недели назад @Gift Account thank you for that enlightenment.
  • Gift Account
    Gift Account 2 недели назад @M I 6 and an aventador, in spanish aventar means, to throw.
  • Ferry Kurnia
    Ferry Kurnia 2 недели назад How you doin?
  • Conan Cronan
    Conan Cronan 2 недели назад Hosting 3 yrs. now
  • Don Duke
    Don Duke 2 недели назад Weird hey. Joey couldn't even change a lightbulb by himself.
  • skooly nugenator
    skooly nugenator 3 недели назад He did great!
  • Carlos Blandino
    Carlos Blandino 4 недели назад Great handle grimey
  • Swapnil Diganta
    Swapnil Diganta 4 недели назад Think he started supercar review after one with joey's porchca
  • GeoValyy
    GeoValyy 4 недели назад He is doing a pretty good job in my opinion.
  • Patrick Martin
    Patrick Martin 4 недели назад His car collection speaks for itself he knows cars bikes too...😁😁😁
  • Amardeep s pradeep
    Amardeep s pradeep 4 недели назад Matt le blanc
  • JRod
    JRod 4 недели назад @Ady 2015 Correction, Jezza was fired, Richard and James quit in solidarity.
  • tin slade
    tin slade 4 недели назад Why is joey always lying the demon is third in 0-60 in the world
  • Gingers For life
    Gingers For life 1 месяц назад Frank Grimey Grimes lmao that’s what I’m asking
  • Wilson Calil
    Wilson Calil 1 месяц назад @Mike Morrison Matt is great, don't cry
  • Wilson Calil
    Wilson Calil 1 месяц назад he loves cars
  • gouahh
    gouahh 1 месяц назад Maybe Joey should drive a Porsch-AH
  • Tee pom
    Tee pom 1 месяц назад Rught wtf he know bout cars lol.he dont get that the demon is a factory drag car
  • MrGreenelight
    MrGreenelight 1 месяц назад True that, Its like having JJ Evans from the 70's TV show "Good Times" reviewing cars. Absurd......
  • Ady 2015
    Ady 2015 1 месяц назад Top Gear died when Jezza, Dick and Jim were fired. Beyond that...………..who cares.
  • TunedRAMS
    TunedRAMS 1 месяц назад Frank Grimey Grimes you stole my line!!!
  • The Dark Skull
    The Dark Skull 1 месяц назад @Mike Morrison watch the grand tour
  • triggamanful
    triggamanful 1 месяц назад @Jason Davis 😂😂😂
  • kyle Dove
    kyle Dove 1 месяц назад Frank Grimey Grimes he’s still waiting for his Porsche
  • Thanos -
    Thanos - 1 месяц назад The bbc
  • Ultimate Gamer211
    Ultimate Gamer211 1 месяц назад Yeah!!!!!!!
  • AJ N
    AJ N 1 месяц назад Ytjruf
  • Amadeo Mir Gastón
    Amadeo Mir Gastón 1 месяц назад Perfecto
  • D K
    D K 1 месяц назад He's been a serious car guy for a long time.
  • Amaxilty
    Amaxilty 1 месяц назад Idk
  • ธวัช กลิ่นมาหอม
    ธวัช กลิ่นมาหอม 3 месяца назад Sattaya​JaJar​SwiftKey​Fuck You
  • Roland Hatta
    Roland Hatta 3 месяца назад Did you just wake up boy?
  • riikerman
    riikerman 3 месяца назад "What the hell's Joey doing on top gear?"---Frank Grimey Grimes Hey, kid, you've spelled Adam wrong.
  • Major woody
    Major woody 3 месяца назад Why he's driving a Demon man.
  • Walter Banci
    Walter Banci 3 месяца назад He is looking for RAchel
  • Frank Grimey Grimes
    Frank Grimey Grimes 3 месяца назад @DeutscheTech No, but I haven't seen the guy on anything other than friends and episodes. I figured most people would recognize him as Joey instead of the other character. You know, because episodes sucked.
  • DeutscheTech
    DeutscheTech 3 месяца назад you living under a rock man?
  • Christophe Ayres
    Christophe Ayres 3 месяца назад His voice is fucked up too, it sounds like hes speaking into a bass box, on Friends he had a higher pitched voice, i guess the BBC were trying to make him sound like a New York Bronx version of Jezza HAHA
  • Jimmy Swanson Jr.
    Jimmy Swanson Jr. 3 месяца назад Frank Grimey Grimes,same thing I wondering??!!!!
  • Jason  Davis
    Jason Davis 3 месяца назад He finally got that acting job
  • Mike LaBelle
    Mike LaBelle 3 месяца назад He couldn't get a job anywhere else.
  • maxar ______
    maxar ______ 3 месяца назад Fake it till u make it
  • M I 6
    M I 6 3 месяца назад Joey made new friends and got a Demon.
  • Werli
    Werli 4 месяца назад @Mike Morrison jeremy's on the grand tour lmao
  • Cyd Nigel Gumapac
    Cyd Nigel Gumapac 4 месяца назад Hahahah! Joey
  • Mike Morrison
    Mike Morrison 4 месяца назад (изменено) Seriously! Where the hell is Jeremy! Never the same without the three.
  • Siddharth Yadav
    Siddharth Yadav 3 недели назад McLaren has left the chat. Bugatti has left the chat. Ferrari has left the chat. Tesla has joined the chat. Ford Performance is typing. Chevrolet is typing. Hennessey wants to know your location.
  • I Am The Northerner
    I Am The Northerner 4 часа назад 3.35 billion vaginas entered the chat
  • Don Guapo
    Don Guapo 11 часов назад 😂😂😂
    JUAN ROMAN 1 день назад Siddharth Yadav and you are a corny motherfucker
  • MDDeGrande1994
    MDDeGrande1994 2 дня назад Koenigsegg has entered the chat Game. Over.
  • madkabal
    madkabal 5 дней назад Why do you guys do this stupid comparison over and over again the Hennessey Exorcist is a COSTOMED TUNED CAR THAT YOU ARE TRYING AND FAILING TO COMPARE TO A STOCK CAR!
  • Benjamin Counter
    Benjamin Counter 5 дней назад Deacon Gowan look up demonology vs cobra jet, it still can't beat ford performance
  • Benjamin Counter
    Benjamin Counter 5 дней назад Deacon Gowan hahaha until the GT rolled up and assraped it out of production
  • Deacon Gowan
    Deacon Gowan 5 дней назад Eclipse Gaming Viper owns the track
  • Deacon Gowan
    Deacon Gowan 5 дней назад James O'Brien get destroyed like everything else to race a demon
  • Benjamin Counter
    Benjamin Counter 5 дней назад Colonel Gayfur both the high performance cars at Chevy and ford have a v8 and the GT smokes the viper with a v6 AND a v8 (the old one) dodge sucks this is their only achievement ever, try winning Le Mans. Twice and beating Ferrari when they are talking shit.
  • Rigelstar Centauri
    Rigelstar Centauri 5 дней назад Another Hypersport has joined the chat Lykan Hypersport: Hello
  • Rigelstar Centauri
    Rigelstar Centauri 5 дней назад Pagani has joined the chat.
  • Rigelstar Centauri
    Rigelstar Centauri 5 дней назад Lamborghini Terzo: Wait till I come.
  • Colonel Gayfur
    Colonel Gayfur 5 дней назад @Benjamin Counter they are the only car that still categorize as muscle car. Im proud owner of a challenger, the one and only car today that still sweat virility. You cant tell what is being a real man if you dont own a challenger V8
  • Pink and Black Girl
    Pink and Black Girl 6 дней назад love. love. love
  • Hannu Koistinen
    Hannu Koistinen 6 дней назад Indian talking about cars?!?! You apes can't drive even bicycles!!
  • 1 6
    1 6 6 дней назад @Michael Keegan oh how you would be wrong. The Ford Barra laughs at you uneducated Americans
  • Benjamin Counter
    Benjamin Counter Неделю назад @UserNotImportant until the gt rolled around. game over car discontinued
  • Benjamin Counter
    Benjamin Counter Неделю назад @Michael Keegan try a 2018 cobra jet they run mid 8s and the ford gt, looks like dodge is the only ones tuning their same chassis from 12 years ago. maybe quit that brick look as well, bricks arent very aerodynamic
  • Benjamin Counter
    Benjamin Counter Неделю назад ford cobra jet has joined the chat, ford gt has joined the chat
  • bonsai treehouse
    bonsai treehouse Неделю назад Don't insult the world by mention Tesla. Teslas are a piece of shit.
  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Неделю назад Wait,.Venom kills Demons, right?
  • Theedd9991
    Theedd9991 Неделю назад Mclaren has entered the chat* lol Dragtimes’ 720s has roasted multiple of those overrated demons while his 720s is STOCK, he’s beat all of them from digs on drag strips and has beat demonology multiple times, that’s not a fluke, the demon was overrated by dodge and even with the demon crate can’t brake 9s lol
  • Paulie V
    Paulie V Неделю назад Great comment!
  • Andre Manning
    Andre Manning Неделю назад 720s already put this car to shame....McLaren did not leave the chat.
  • Nightmare Man
    Nightmare Man Неделю назад @Flori Micani Yes , then we'll see...... the Mercedes get bitch slapped.
  • Christian Lv
    Christian Lv Неделю назад Stop talking about this trash (Nissan) If u wanna tuned gtr then tune lambo or tesla with quattro and buggati chiron's engine.. compare cars when they're all stock
  • Harris Naseem
    Harris Naseem 2 недели назад TESLA LEFT CHAT.
  • Big Stick
    Big Stick 2 недели назад @colin myers the GTR nismo is stock because you can buy the nismo version straight from the dealerships, therefor its still a bone stock top of the line model. if you consider the NISMO treatment as a mod then you should also consider this Demon variant as a modded too cause they both has their base ver.
  • DJ Moses
    DJ Moses 2 недели назад @Eclipse Gaming albeit at a losing one
  • Erick Ramirez
    Erick Ramirez 2 недели назад Ford can type when they actually build their own
  • Flori Micani
    Flori Micani 2 недели назад Siddharth Yadav try with mercedes E Brabus , then we ll see
  • Erik Lehnsherr
    Erik Lehnsherr 2 недели назад Dodge.exe. has crashed.
  • Natureboy 2424
    Natureboy 2424 2 недели назад Deleted
  • hellaflush49
    hellaflush49 2 недели назад 720 would leave this jawn
  • Joel Marquez
    Joel Marquez 2 недели назад @James O'Brien you can't compare an electric car with this beast
  • Joel Marquez
    Joel Marquez 2 недели назад @محمد حفيظ that must be a joke
  • UserNotImportant
    UserNotImportant 2 недели назад Eclipse Gaming The demon isn’t a track car it’s specifically made for drag racing. If you want to compare a dodge track car with other track cars look at the viper it has set countless records for track. Dodge has made the fastest production car ever made and made one hell of a track car. Dodge knows what they are doing and man are they doing a good damm job at it.
  • ALamechannel
    ALamechannel 2 недели назад Lmao
  • Gabriel Messam
    Gabriel Messam 2 недели назад @James O'Brien And just like a drag queen the Tesla is UGLEEEEE
  • King Brothers Auto Sales
    King Brothers Auto Sales 2 недели назад Siddharth Yadav ah this is epic
  • colin myers
    colin myers 2 недели назад Michael Keegan not stock though
  • Uinsean Obriain
    Uinsean Obriain 2 недели назад Michael Keegan apples to oranges seems abit retarded
  • Michael Keegan
    Michael Keegan 2 недели назад @Uinsean Obriain You do know who Godzilla is, right? And I ain't talkin' bout the giant guy in the suit trampling miniature Tokyo... Nissan GT-R Nismo... You know, what used to be called the Nissan Skyline...
  • Alana Wolf
    Alana Wolf 2 недели назад 😂😂😂 dies . . . Accurate or no, we have a winner for this year's Best YouTube Comment. Everyone else on stage: you may join the other girls.
  • player 1
    player 1 2 недели назад Toyota Avanza joined the chat
  • octoslut
    octoslut 3 недели назад @Uinsean Obriain super modded nissan with mods worth over 200k ...
  • PacoVL46
    PacoVL46 3 недели назад Uinsean Obriain exactly!
  • Uinsean Obriain
    Uinsean Obriain 3 недели назад Michael Keegan which nissan beat dodge? Thats stock btw im just curious
  • Michael Keegan
    Michael Keegan 3 недели назад Hennessey showed up with their Exorcist, it couldn't hook up and the Demon blew it off the track. Ford has NOTHING in their inventory that wouldn't need to be tuner'ed to death first. But Godzilla had already beaten the Demon AND the P100D... Nissan... IN DA HOUS!!!
  • Eclipse Gaming
    Eclipse Gaming 3 недели назад Siddharth Yadav throw the cars on a race track and McLaren Bugatti and ferrari all gonna put up a fight
  • James O'Brien
    James O'Brien 3 недели назад Tesla may be entering chat once the Roadster becomes a drag queen. We shall see what it can really do against a Demon.
  • محمد حفيظ
    محمد حفيظ 3 недели назад KIA Stinger is coming 😉
  • choudhry ali
    choudhry ali 3 недели назад vagina has entered the chat
  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez 3 недели назад 🤡
  • Black Jack
    Black Jack 1 месяц назад (изменено) How you doin? 😂 Vin diesel : you say quarter mile at a time? Hold my corona! 🍺
  • Sandy Bhatt
    Sandy Bhatt 6 дней назад With a socket wrench
  • natas0733
    natas0733 2 недели назад Whooa
  • rahimi sahak
    rahimi sahak 3 недели назад Hahaha
  • exequiel parra
    exequiel parra 3 недели назад One cold beer for this man please!!! And hurry Up!
  • Micheal Reeves
    Micheal Reeves 3 недели назад My kind of ride
  • Julian Banuelos
    Julian Banuelos 1 месяц назад Black Jack lmao
  • Lurtz Uruk
    Lurtz Uruk 1 месяц назад It's not practical. It's not refined. But, damn, I want one...
  • Daniel Bräuter
    Daniel Bräuter 4 часа назад I would prefer a fast car on a racetrack and not this drag queen which do you have to prepare for a race. The Dodge Demon wouldn't probably win against a station wagon with more than 500 PS from Audi, BMW or Mercedes (for similair money) on a racetrack.
  • Brian
    Brian 1 день назад @BigRed DaMan then don't easy as that. if you don't like it don't buy it, no ones gonna beg you or force you to buy it.
  • Ted James
    Ted James 1 день назад Lurtz Uruk practical: of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas. This car is very much practical for the drag strip. If one buys it one isn’t looking to take the family on a 1,000 mile road trip to Disneyland.
  • BigRed DaMan
    BigRed DaMan 2 дня назад I'll never own something that weighs more than 3600 pounds let alone 4400 pounds
  • Robin Chatham
    Robin Chatham 2 дня назад B A N G for the buck !
  • Wesley Dickhaut
    Wesley Dickhaut 4 дня назад @Walker Pattrrson they should make an aerowagon demon. for science.
  • Brian
    Brian Неделю назад Kebert Xela dude this is basically the same room as a regular challenger and i can tell you they have tons of room compared to mustangs or camaros.
  • Robert Brody
    Robert Brody Неделю назад @V8AmericanMuscleCar Not true. I'm 6'3 and fit easily in my Charger Hellcat. The Challenger is even better for a tall driver because of the seat position. Few cars with this type of power have this level of comfort. You can use it as a daily driver, which you can't do with supercars unless you want monster maintenance costs.
  • Jeff Elder
    Jeff Elder Неделю назад @Joe no not really drag radials are way different than slicks,drag radials are fine for the streets they actually have tread
  • tommaso frisone
    tommaso frisone 2 недели назад Sorry nobody got the quote
  • Nic Com
    Nic Com 2 недели назад (изменено) The Demon—It’s a beauty for 85Grand
  • Joe no
    Joe no 2 недели назад These things are kind of death traps though lol. They ship with basically drag tires
  • eeehmm what
    eeehmm what 2 недели назад Its more practical than every other stock 800HP car out there
  • coldcoldrain13
    coldcoldrain13 3 недели назад More practical than the Lambo.
  • V8AmericanMuscleCar
    V8AmericanMuscleCar 3 недели назад Kebert Xela it’s like you can’t decide between the Demon or a minivan?! 😉
  • Kebert Xela
    Kebert Xela 3 недели назад Walker Pattrrson For the size of the entire car, the interior is actually pretty small and non roomy. It’s very bulky and a waste of space to be honest. It LOOKS great and fast as hell in a straight line, but that’s about it. It’s not a comfortable or easy ride.
  • Walker Pattrrson
    Walker Pattrrson 3 недели назад Lurtz Uruk It’s fairly practical...interior is large and comfortable. Decent truck space as well.
  • Samuel Gaytan
    Samuel Gaytan 2 недели назад Europe : lets make a aerodynamic all wheel drive car and make it look cool Murica : shove a big V8 in it make it sound cool and do killer burnouts
  • colledge9627
    colledge9627 10 часов назад madkabal Ah , ok I stand corrected. Thank you 🙏
  • madkabal
    madkabal 13 часов назад @colledge9627 the demon's tires are not slicks. The meet the minimum requirements.
  • colledge9627
    colledge9627 15 часов назад madkabal I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about , if you’re allowed to run drag slicks on the roads in your country then I stand corrected sir . Who mentioned space rockets and shit , we all know murica won the space race , BUT no one else was racing so it’s not a race lol . Viper ... Fiat ( European) Corvette ... Australian chassis , British electronics, British suspension. Ford got ... Canadian , lotus chassis , British electronics. Shall I keep going Your all conquering venom hennessey thing . Claiming murican this and that . ITS A MODIFIED FUCKING LOTUS
  • madkabal
    madkabal 1 день назад @colledge9627 the demon is street legal. So you are wrong there, also Vipers, Corvettes, the Ford GT, Teslas run circles around several euro "supercars". all made in America. You don't know what you're talking about. We built the SR-71 Space Shuttle, Saturn V rockets and the Apollo spacecraft. Cars are just cars to us. It's fun for us get GET DOWN to your level and play in it, but really, we are on a different level than you Europeans.
  • colledge9627
    colledge9627 1 день назад Let me get this straight. In order to beat a European vehicle , “ murica “ has to modify a street legal vehicle thus turning it illegal for the road in order to beat the European vehicle with road tyres. Now that’s progress murica.
  • More Adrenalin
    More Adrenalin 1 день назад Gaytan haha what a American name
  • madkabal
    madkabal 2 дня назад @simon hinojosa it will go around the circuit.
  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid 2 дня назад Neg Ative hissssssssssss Lexus 🤢🤮
  • rolandhazard1
    rolandhazard1 2 дня назад @simon hinojosa that's what the Corvette is for buddy
  • Neg Ative
    Neg Ative 3 дня назад Samuel Gaytan So in this video you think the LC sounds better than the LFA?
  • Samuel Gaytan
    Samuel Gaytan 3 дня назад In my personal opinion i think a V8 roar sounds better than a V10
  • Neg Ative
    Neg Ative 3 дня назад Benjamin Counter You think a V8 sounds better than a Yamaha tuned V10? That’s the shit that’s laughable.
  • Benjamin Counter
    Benjamin Counter 3 дня назад @Neg Ative dont make everyone in the comments section laugh
  • Neg Ative
    Neg Ative 3 дня назад Frank Magana Lexus LFA sounds way better than all of this nonsense.
  • Benjamin Counter
    Benjamin Counter 5 дней назад Cool Kid ford GT has countless videos of it SCORCHING the Viper
  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid 5 дней назад Destroying OREOS yeah worst of the 3
  • Benjamin Counter
    Benjamin Counter 5 дней назад Cool Kid right except for viper viper is so fucking garbage
  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid Неделю назад Ford gt, corvette, viper...
  • Frank Magana
    Frank Magana Неделю назад Rapha94 im a big v8 guy, love them. But the aventdor is the best sounding car of all time. Especially when thrust mode kicks in
  • Rapha94
    Rapha94 Неделю назад @gbr528 2h couldn't disagree more
  • gbr528 2h
    gbr528 2h Неделю назад Aventador sounds 100 times better
  • Jorge Ibanez
    Jorge Ibanez 2 недели назад simon hinojosa put a 3 series on the drag strip and what’s gonna happen🤔
  • TeExtrañotanto Roberto Carlos
    TeExtrañotanto Roberto Carlos 2 недели назад Mamii qe tetass ♡
  • simon hinojosa
    simon hinojosa 2 недели назад (изменено) put the demon in a circuit and whats gonna happen??
  • Marion Morrison
    Marion Morrison 2 недели назад Big American balls baby!
  • Kokashii
    Kokashii 1 месяц назад I love their way of cinematic shots, but it feels weird when it’s not Jeremy clarksons voice commentary 😂
  • ghapping's main
    ghapping's main 2 недели назад The demon is a brick with rockets attached
  • MoeMoe TV
    MoeMoe TV 1 день назад i mean all yall are saying its a heavy piece of crap its a mf muscle car my nigga its gonna be happy
  • Lee Cisneros
    Lee Cisneros 4 дня назад ghapping's main 😂
  • Benjamin Counter
    Benjamin Counter 5 дней назад Deacon Gowan except for the cj lol
  • Deacon Gowan
    Deacon Gowan 5 дней назад That annihilates anything it races
  • Benjamin Counter
    Benjamin Counter 5 дней назад 2002SoCal looks more like a ford GT, which chopped this car
  • Morgan Newby
    Morgan Newby Неделю назад Stab n' steer and feel the fear
  • Creator245
    Creator245 Неделю назад my favorite comment of all time
  • Harris Naseem
    Harris Naseem Неделю назад @2002SoCal and the F15
    LIFE OF KING LVT 2 недели назад Lmfaooo
  • 2002SoCal
    2002SoCal 2 недели назад So was the F-4 Phantom
  • Don Guapo
    Don Guapo 11 часов назад "Just roasted that lambo" 😂😂😂
  • SpartanMatt117
    SpartanMatt117 13 часов назад 0:41 Find a cool angle to film the car Camera Man: Ooh a banana peel 😂
  • GhettoPharmacist
    GhettoPharmacist 3 месяца назад That Lamborghini had the worst take off Ive ever seen.
  • Nicht genannt
    Nicht genannt 2 дня назад No Launchcontroll...
  • Colonel Gayfur
    Colonel Gayfur 3 дня назад @nelsondln isnt that avantador thing the one that get obliterate in the video just here?
  • nelsondln
    nelsondln 4 дня назад @RandomStuff mostlystupidstuff yea i know it just set a new world record for a production car at the Nring but i guess your name says it all.
  • nelsondln
    nelsondln 4 дня назад @dboy 225 FYI roadandtrack and motortrend couldn't get the demon faster than 10.7 and 11 for the 1/4 mile. Both magazines were able to get a 10.4 from the stock aventador. This isn't a legitimate race, where the lambo driver totally failed his launch. The same way you would claim the independents tests for the demon aren't exact either, people have gone faster with their demons with race gas and drag radials. Ultimately with both cars on normal gas and street tires, the AWD launch control system is going to be much more effective and reliable.
  • Lee Cisneros
    Lee Cisneros 4 дня назад I Raca because unlike the demon it doesn’t have all of that
  • Colonel Gayfur
    Colonel Gayfur 5 дней назад LaloMan does it come with a vagina? Pretty sure you meant « hold my sex on da beach wooooo💁 “
  • Colonel Gayfur
    Colonel Gayfur 5 дней назад Homosexuals are not the best drive, sure doesn’t help that he is in a homosexual car
  • Aaron Watts
    Aaron Watts 5 дней назад That lambo could’ve had a head start and still would’ve got smoked
  • Yilmaz Sahinkaya
    Yilmaz Sahinkaya Неделю назад Dang that lambo got owned
  • RandomStuff mostlystupidstuff
    RandomStuff mostlystupidstuff Неделю назад No the Aventador just sucks at everything
  • AddzSapphire
    AddzSapphire Неделю назад @dboy 225 seriously just search dodge demon passenger seat and the whole first page of Google is about how the dodge demon is a single seater as standard and that the passenger seat is an option. So show me where it's the other way around.
  • dboy 225
    dboy 225 Неделю назад @Don QuIxoTe ? yeah maybe... maybe not... but it is an OPTIONAL upgrade from the MANUFACTURE. meaning it is still stock parts. that is like saying a mclaren sierra is no longer stock, because you bought the OPTIONAL 5000 dollar upgrade that puts in a water bottle that you can use while you race. that optional water bottle thing is a stock part and is simply an option you pay extra for. almost all cars have extra options of some kind that you can add in from the manufacture, but adding in those options does not make it fall off the production or stock grid. it seems like a lot of people on here are trying to make it seem so all of a sudden just because their lambo fanboy balls got crushed.
  • dboy 225
    dboy 225 Неделю назад @Epsilon -007 exactly. lambo's are sluggish in the acceleration department all the way around... not just against the demon, but almost any other super car out there. so yes... when its going up against a car that is built around raw acceleration and horsepower, it is bound to lose. the problem here seems to be most people believe you have to spend half a million or a million dollars to have a fast car and that is simply not true.
  • dboy 225
    dboy 225 Неделю назад @AddzSapphire and you are also forgetting it has a full fledged backseat... which further shows how uninformed you were before spewing random shit out of your mouth.
  • dboy 225
    dboy 225 Неделю назад @AddzSapphire lmao shows how little research you did before spewing random bs out of the mouth. having the passenger seat removed is an option.... its the not the other way around genius.
  • dboy 225
  • nelsondln
    nelsondln Неделю назад ​@Darnell Currie go here and tell me if that that list is dominated by foreign cars or not. Also worth mentioning is that roadandtrack and motortrend magazine couldn't get the stock demon faster than the aventador. And foreign cars put much more technology into handling which this demon has zero of, this car on the nurburgring wouldn't stand a chance.
  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas Неделю назад @Ben Long Legs the hell you talkin about?
  • Darnell Currie
    Darnell Currie Неделю назад Most of the foreign cars that cost close to millions of dollars usually are slow on take off..we just don't realize that all we're paying for is the name in the middle that they put on the outside not the technology and muscle on the inside
  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas 2 недели назад (изменено) @nelsondln and since then owners of demons have beaten those times easily without any modifications. It's a car that takes time to learn.have I been clear nelson... do you understand?
  • nelsondln
    nelsondln 2 недели назад @Scott Thomas "Pre-production, prepared dragstrip, 100-octane fuel. Time factory driven one year before production start. Dodge didn't allow independent magazine testers to use their own measuring equipment or turn on dragstrip timers, the best Road & Track could get was 2.6 seconds to 60 mph and 10.7 for the quarter-mile, Motor Trend got 11.0 as best time self-reported from the car" Which is slower than the Aventador tested by the same magazines. Its called propaganda, don't believe everything you hear. They purposely botched the lambo launch here for commercial purposes. Have i been clear scott, do you understand?
    USSOCOM 2 недели назад (изменено) @Lactrix Except it was never intended for the track, it was built for drag racing. Sorry cupcake.
  • Lactrix
    Lactrix 2 недели назад @LC M Well the lambo could driver could not drive. Since 1, the demon is only 0.3 sec faster to 60. And is about 0.8 faster on the quarter mile. And that is with the best factory spec and driver doing 1/4. 99/100 owners of the demon can't go under 10 sec.
  • LC M
    LC M 2 недели назад Lamborghini fanboys are defending of course
  • Lactrix
    Lactrix 2 недели назад @RandomActsOfFreedom Fanboy no, i don't like american pos cars. The Made in China of the auto world.
  • Jack Long
    Jack Long 2 недели назад I Raca its a half a million dollar car anyway douchebag.... eurotrash.
  • Jack Long
    Jack Long 2 недели назад GhettoPharmacist even if it had its best launch possible, it still would’ve lost. Euroscum.
  • s60polestar fan
    s60polestar fan 2 недели назад Um no it probably because that demon was little too fast for that lambo
  • Spot AbeeR
    Spot AbeeR 2 недели назад @Parker Fields 0-60 in 10.6. It's the same as a 2003 honda civic dx! So fast.
  • Randy
    Randy 3 недели назад I would like to have seen a Huracan LP640 AWD go up against it. I really like Lambo as well as Dodge but never was real impressed with Aventador launches.
  • Evan Bozajian
    Evan Bozajian 3 недели назад @I Raca The race ecu and drag radials can come with the car. From the manufacturer/dealership. So it is stock whether you use the 800 hp ecu or the 840hp ecu or the high performance summer tires or the drag radials. It's not aftermarket. Aftermarket mods are mods you buy...AFTER you buy the car. Hence the after in aftermarket lol.
  • RandomActsOfFreedom
    RandomActsOfFreedom 4 недели назад Lactrix such a fanboy lol
  • Lathanos Leroy Jordan
    Lathanos Leroy Jordan 4 недели назад Because it’s that slow
  • DeMarcus Jones
    DeMarcus Jones 4 недели назад They didn't have the Lamborghini stock or prepared which is unfair because it looked like he started hella late and had just got off work lol
  • CoopsCreek
    CoopsCreek 1 месяц назад GhettoPharmacist I think it’s just that the lambo sucks the the demon whooped its ass 😂
  • Eastsidegeorgiaboy
    Eastsidegeorgiaboy 1 месяц назад @The Subconscious Mind AWD and the fact the Demon weighs 4,000 lbs was supposed to be the equalizer. But it failed. I do think the Lamborghini had a bad launch, but I also know it wouldn't have mattered. The race should have looked more like a Demon vs Hellcat race, or slightly better.
  • Eastsidegeorgiaboy
    Eastsidegeorgiaboy 1 месяц назад @Don QuIxoTe ? were you not listening? All of that stuff came from the factory. He literally says if you give Dodge $1.00 more they give you all of that stuff, and its not aftermarket. Its all in-house SRT products. Where are your comprehension skills at?
  • John G
    John G 1 месяц назад You meant to say that the Demon's launch control is working superbly.... right? ....
  • TorrentialGaming
    TorrentialGaming 1 месяц назад @Don QuIxoTe ? none of that is aftermarket sherlock.... that all literally comes from dodge, and it would not matter anyway, that lambo cannot do 0-60 in 2.3 seconds, there are very, very few cars that can.
  • SlidingBolt223
    SlidingBolt223 1 месяц назад Still would have lost
  • Makieff660
    Makieff660 1 месяц назад @The Subconscious Mind the episode of Top Gear came out way after the release of the Demon, it didn't need promoting at all. If it isn't the GTR fanboys, it's the Italians bitching
  • Laviolette Racing
    Laviolette Racing 1 месяц назад @Don QuIxoTe ? its 100% stock!! and the fastest 1/4 mile production car in the world!! For only 100k loll we are talking 1/4 mile times here not fit and finish lmfao
  • Don QuIxoTe ?
    Don QuIxoTe ? 1 месяц назад @Laviolette Racing it dosent matter to me either way . american cars are horrible , whether its N/A hp per liter ratio. mileage , interior fit and finish . handling . and iam american . and the box comes at a cost . one dollar or ten thousand it does not matter . it was an option . and an aftermarket ecu and such is not street legal ?? so how does that work for being stock . its like saying HRC has parts for their motorcycles but once you put them on it is not stock .dosent matter it is from honda . same applies here . like i said ., i dont get worked up, iam a crotch rocket guy . but the car does not come off the lot with that stuff installed .
  • Epsilon -007
    Epsilon -007 1 месяц назад @guy Any of those vehicles have slow starts because they are vehicles intended for speed in the long run. A demon could not beat any of those vehicles in a mile drag race although.
  • Andries
    Andries 1 месяц назад @Lactrix I'd throw away the lambo
  • Mrstubbsthezombie
    Mrstubbsthezombie 1 месяц назад What you nuggets don’t realize is that any 4wd or awd car can’t launch that hard without shattering its drivetrain. That’s just a reality. If a rwd car can get the traction it needs it will munch any awd car.
  • Laviolette Racing
    Laviolette Racing 1 месяц назад @Lactrix butthurt cause lambo lost?!! Hahaha get over it!!
  • Laviolette Racing
    Laviolette Racing 1 месяц назад @Don QuIxoTe ? demon was stock. That box comes from the dealership buddy!
  • Laviolette Racing
    Laviolette Racing 1 месяц назад @I Raca it only lools that way because the demon is so much faster males the lambo look like it missed the start.. lambo aventador 0-60 is rated at 3.0sec and the demon 2.3... thats a huuuge difference especiallyat those speeds!
  • Mary Sy
    Mary Sy 1 месяц назад Dodge demon sucks
  • Cheesy Gamer 64
    Cheesy Gamer 64 2 месяца назад The Demon would win either way.
  • guy
    guy 2 месяца назад They should have put something like a bugatti chiron or a sesto elemento instead of an Aventador.
  • Epsilon -007
    Epsilon -007 2 месяца назад A Lambo wouldn't be able to beat a Dodge demon in a quarter mile if they where going off of manufacture only parts. Lambo's have always been known for their slow starts.
  • Kingmoe _0.o
    Kingmoe _0.o 2 месяца назад @Don QuIxoTe ? it is considerd stock if it came from the factory ??
  • Derek Ellingboe
    Derek Ellingboe 2 месяца назад Stock vs stock
  • Akecheta Lahpay
    Akecheta Lahpay 2 месяца назад The only car that comes close to the Demon in speed is a Tesla as funny as that sounds.
  • Ech0_Nullify
    Ech0_Nullify 2 месяца назад Ben Long Legs no koeniggseg is the fastest land speed production car. You know nothing about cars little fortnite fanboy smh
  • Lactrix
    Lactrix 2 месяца назад @Old Evolution over pos dodge? Yes. I hold Lamborghini tenfolds above yank junk.
  • Old Evolution
    Old Evolution 2 месяца назад @Lactrix lambo fan lol
  • Jordan Broly
    Jordan Broly 2 месяца назад @Lactrix You just aren't into the quarter mile gang, now go over yonder to your beloved track and leave the 1/4 mile warriors to our do
  • Peter Hammer
    Peter Hammer 2 месяца назад @Scott Thomas your dear Dodge dont even make top10. Dodge is also limited edition, so dont come back to me with excuses about these being limited.
  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas 2 месяца назад @Peter Hammer show me some proof of a factory street legal production car that's faster in the quartermile...I'll wait.
  • Peter Hammer
    Peter Hammer 2 месяца назад @Scott Thomas dont think so. Königsegg f.ex is a totally street legal car, no problem there. They are handbuilt but still street legal
  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas 2 месяца назад @Peter Hammer I'm afraid you're misinformed...their may be other cars out there that are built by a manufacturer that are a little faster but they are not factory street legal production cars.
  • Peter Hammer
    Peter Hammer 2 месяца назад @Scott Thomas At least Caterham and Königsegg have faster quartermile times recorded.
  • TreeroyJ
    TreeroyJ 2 месяца назад @Don QuIxoTe ? those extras are not aftermarket, they are extras fitted to the car from the factory. They are perfectly road legal too (not that that's relevant in the context of drag racing). Even the skinny tyres, they are not drag slicks, they are road tyres.
  • Cesar Zavala
    Cesar Zavala 2 месяца назад Lactrix the car is meant for drag racing
  • AddzSapphire
    AddzSapphire 2 месяца назад @Mr360cuda 84k daily driver that only has a driver seat.... unless you buy the optional passenger seat for $1. I mean I'm still on the Demon's side but cant be arguing against the Aventador for only having 2 seats.
  • Gods Child 2
    Gods Child 2 2 месяца назад I rebuke it in the name of JESUS, its demonic! It doesn't beat my Lamborghini like that and get away with it. Best 2 out of 3 and switch drivers 😎
  • darius rogers
    darius rogers 2 месяца назад @Don QuIxoTe ? it want make a difference lol 1.even without box we still talking almost 100hp difference 2 awd was the only advantage if it were a regular surface. A good sticky prepped drag strip pretty much evens the playing field when it comes to drivetrain especially with fat meaty tires
  • Eric Solis
    Eric Solis 2 месяца назад @LaloMan beer*
  • Jeremy Shostak
    Jeremy Shostak 2 месяца назад @Don QuIxoTe ? "Non box".... But.... Dodge gives you all those parts when you buy the demon... How is it not from the box?
    ALL DAY 2 месяца назад GhettoPharmacist Maybe the demon is to fast
  • John
    John 2 месяца назад @Don QuIxoTe ? After market means made by an out side company after the original manufacture stops producing. This is performance parts from the manufacture.
  • Victor Ramirez
    Victor Ramirez 2 месяца назад The Subconscious Mind one is also like 2k pounds heavier.
  • Victor Ramirez
    Victor Ramirez 2 месяца назад Lactrix which one is useless?
    AVENTADOR LP700 2 месяца назад GhettoPharmacist ikr the driver doesn’t know how to use it
  • david jeffery
    david jeffery 2 месяца назад I Raca Bahahaha you don’t buy a stock lambo!! Yep 👍
    WEATHERS CRUZ 2 месяца назад Lactrix I’d say from experience that daily driving a exotic car isn’t practical, my cousin has everything from Porsche’s to Ferrari’s offered on his rental car fleet. His current daily drivers are the new Raptor and a Hell cat Charger. Maybe you should rent one for a day and see what would be more practical for a daily car. Diplomats car rental in Las Vegas😉
  • The Subconscious Mind
    The Subconscious Mind 2 месяца назад How was this a fair race? One car 808 hp vs the other car 700 hp. This was a set up to promote the dodge demon.
  • CeeStyleDj
    CeeStyleDj 2 месяца назад It also couldn't catch up. I'm just saying.....
  • CeeStyleDj
    CeeStyleDj 2 месяца назад @Don QuIxoTe ? that is stock. It literally comes with the car for $1
  • ZommerGames
    ZommerGames 2 месяца назад @Don QuIxoTe ? All of that can be purchases through Dodge view the spec sheets, therefore it is not aftermarket. The Demon was stock
  • Ben Long Legs
    Ben Long Legs 2 месяца назад Scott Thomas wrong Bugatti
  • erickwalker11
    erickwalker11 3 месяца назад Didn't look like it really mattered anyway
  • Ech0_Nullify
    Ech0_Nullify 3 месяца назад Scott Thomas ya but they raced it against a car that isn’t built for drag smh
  • Mr360cuda
    Mr360cuda 3 месяца назад Argue all you like. Fact is, you cannot dismiss an 84k daily driver. And defend a 300k 2 seater, and say . “The Lamborghini is a much better car “
  • Mason Gann
    Mason Gann 3 месяца назад @waikin Cheng if you were to watch the video you may have saw this or had any knowledge period
  • Mason Gann
    Mason Gann 3 месяца назад (изменено) @waikin Cheng actually the demon comes with a pack that lets you pay $1 more to get smaller front tires,bumpers,spoilers. etc so get a fact check bud. and that is technically stock since anybody would buy that
  • James7851
    James7851 3 месяца назад Here come the excuses... 😂
  • waikin Cheng
    waikin Cheng 3 месяца назад @Mason Gann  Removing stock stuff is not necessarily making it go slower! If you are removing the stock bumpers and all interior goodies that are not related to driving... Then we are having a deal and make it faster >U<
  • Robert Brody
    Robert Brody 3 месяца назад @Lactrix I owned an M5 back in 2012 and have driven the new one. It's a very different experience and honestly less exciting than the Hellcat. But the M5 is a far more rounded car to be sure. It just doesn't carry the attitude of a Demon or Hellcat. My AMG would easily run circles around my Hellcat on a road coarse, but the big silly Hellcat was monstrous fun in its own way and had more character. These are all great cars in different ways.
  • Lactrix
    Lactrix 3 месяца назад @Robert Brody Id just spend my bucks on the new M5 instead.
  • Robert Brody
    Robert Brody 3 месяца назад @Lactrix I recently sold my Hellcat Charger and now have a sweet AMG, but you couldn't be more wrong. The AMG is obviously more fun on the mountain LA roads, but on the open highways heading for Vegas, the Hellcat is very special. I'll likely buy another.
  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas 3 месяца назад @Lactrix tell me exactly how a car that seats 5 people and you can take to get groceries or take your kids to a ball game in and still be faster than anything else ever produced is useless?
  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas 3 месяца назад @Typical Layten I agree that is super fast...however the cobra jet is not a street legal factory production car. I would love to have one tho cause they are super cool
  • Typical Layten
    Typical Layten 3 месяца назад @Scott Thomas the cobra jet beat it's time by a whole second that's fast
  • Typical Layten
    Typical Layten 3 месяца назад Yeah am I right
  • Dajokerboy101
    Dajokerboy101 3 месяца назад It looked like he was a couple of feet in front of the lambo before launch too
  • TallGuyTy
    TallGuyTy 3 месяца назад Kyler Luo it’s just a theory
  • TallGuyTy
    TallGuyTy 3 месяца назад I Raca or it’s not as fabulous as video games and movies make it out to be. Yes they did a proper race, stock vs stock, even chance, and that’s what happened. Guarantee you the launch was fast in the Lamborghini, but it’s not demon quick off the line
  • TallGuyTy
    TallGuyTy 3 месяца назад Wouldn’t of mattered
  • Kyler Luo
    Kyler Luo 3 месяца назад Hey we still got the angel coming soon And it's got a lot More horse power
  • LaloMan
    LaloMan 3 месяца назад Tesla Roaster = Hold my bear!
  • Lactrix
    Lactrix 3 месяца назад @Scott Thomas Still the most boring useless car ever made. Now take it to a track and race the aventador, or drive it for a day in a city see wich one you want to throw away. This was a retarded test. Like putting a Rally car vs a limo on a dirt track to see wich is fastest around the track.
  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas 3 месяца назад @Don QuIxoTe ? the demon was completely stock because the crate that is an option for the demon is completely stock. Look at it like this...consider that crate to just be a performance package for the demon. Just like many other cars have different performance options and levels the crate is the demons top notch performance option. Everything that comes in it is covered under the factory warranty
  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas 3 месяца назад Wouldnt have mattered how good of a start the lambo got...let me say this for everyone who doesn't seem to be able to understand. THE DEMON IS THE FASTEST QUARTERMILE CAR EVER BUILT!! that means that no matter what production car that's ever been built is gonna beat it if everything goes right for both cars.
  • Paige Wells
    Paige Wells 3 месяца назад Don QuIxoTe ? If it came with the car it’s stock bro even with the skinnies
  • Parker Fields
    Parker Fields 3 месяца назад I Raca Between the V12 and AWD system, spooling up takes a second.. plus the Lambos 0-60 is clocked at 10.6.. that’s one second slower. And in drag racing, that’s huge.
  • Mason Gann
    Mason Gann 3 месяца назад @Don QuIxoTe ? the demon is one of the fastest stock cars you can buy and by removing the stock stuff you could make it slower
  • Vitor Almeida
    Vitor Almeida 3 месяца назад 😂 true
  • Don QuIxoTe ?
    Don QuIxoTe ? 3 месяца назад @Mason Gann i think the reality is somewhere in the middle . the lambo had lc iam sure . but the start did look slow for one of those. and the demon was not totally stock. aftermarket ecu , airfilter . smaller front tires . most of wich makes them not street legal . they have to do a non box demon with a labo. but i think the result might not be much diff .
  • I Raca
    I Raca 3 месяца назад I kinda think, they put that "stock" Lambo, probably with no spec launch control turned on for racing, not speced for drag racing at all, obviously cold tires for normal city driving, and a guy who was half asleep with no coffee.
  • Ritschye
    Ritschye 1 день назад Best car ever! Simple car with big engine = fast muscle car for MEN!!
  • Pavel Ivanoff
    Pavel Ivanoff 3 недели назад This car makes my eyes water. Oustanding stuff!!!
  • Ryan BV
    Ryan BV 3 недели назад I dont think Joey is driving the dodge demon on the drag strip.
  • Noofy
    Noofy 1 месяц назад How you doin 😂😂😂😂 I love a pizza😂😭😭😭
  • James Ng'ang'a
    James Ng'ang'a 2 месяца назад I absolutely LOVE that supercharger whine!
  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee 4 дня назад @swagonamillion boye the supercharger whirred. whir equals motion, motion equals verb. see? verb, bitch ass
  • swagonamillion boye
    swagonamillion boye 4 дня назад (изменено) @Jeff Lee it is a verb lmao heres it used in a sentence u spelling bee tard. "The supercharger WHINED" See? Verb smh
  • Lee Cisneros
    Lee Cisneros 4 дня назад James Ng'ang'aREEEEEE EEEEE
  • Andrew Krikorian
    Andrew Krikorian Неделю назад @Vonte Chandler man the way you put those emojis while being wrong makes me cringe lol
  • Gavin Bond
    Gavin Bond 2 недели назад so true
  • xSmokey
    xSmokey 2 недели назад @Vonte Chandler wrong bud turbos whistle
  • Mr. C
    Mr. C 2 недели назад James Ng'ang'a Yeah that supercharger whine sounds good until a turbocharged car passes it.
  • Mike G.
    Mike G. 2 недели назад Sounds like creature from hell in an eternal pit of fire
  • Petrík
    Petrík 3 недели назад @Brian Hawkins well said
  • Joe Soprano
    Joe Soprano 3 недели назад Proof that Lamborghini sucks!
  • Crazy Funny Cats
    Crazy Funny Cats 3 недели назад James Ng'ang'a 🍷🏎
  • Anonymous Wombat
    Anonymous Wombat 3 недели назад Mmmm. We cobra owners have enjoyed that from the factory since 2003. Dodge was 14 years too late 😁
  • CRF FilmZ
    CRF FilmZ 3 недели назад It's a beautiful thing
  • Florida PieLady
    Florida PieLady 3 недели назад Then you will LOVE this video of the 1200 HP Hennessy model Demon That whine is INSANE!
  • Random Hoerse
    Random Hoerse 4 недели назад Sounds like a guinea pig on steroids
  • Nico D’Agosta
    Nico D’Agosta 1 месяц назад (изменено) Some cringe Youtuber with content there beautiful i also love the maroon
  • Kyle Scrudato
    Kyle Scrudato 1 месяц назад Jeff Lee whine can also be a noun idiot
  • Clout Gang
    Clout Gang 1 месяц назад Same
  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee 1 месяц назад @Brian Hawkins im not the weirdo, youre the one that refuses to acknowledge that "whine" is a verb. and stop trying to immulate jr. high girls with your "pedantic" parabola
  • Brian Hawkins
    Brian Hawkins 1 месяц назад @Jeff Lee Most people would call such a high-frequency mechanical sound a whine so therefore it IS a whine. Language is democratic. Don't be a pedantic weirdo.
  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee 1 месяц назад @Noah Newcomb-Cabuno no, as i explained the sound you hear is the tumbling and rolling parts along with the straight cut gears. the sound they make per definition is "whir". whine is a verb darlin, a verb is not a sound. a sound is a noun
  • Noah Newcomb-Cabuno
    Noah Newcomb-Cabuno 1 месяц назад @Jeff Lee no, superchargers definitely whine. Not sure why your mind went there...
  • Noah Newcomb-Cabuno
    Noah Newcomb-Cabuno 1 месяц назад @Vonte Chandler no, it's a supercharger bud
  • Warjinn TV
    Warjinn TV 1 месяц назад It sounds like a sound that Bobby Boucher made during the movie The waterboy.
  • Phillip Todorovic
    Phillip Todorovic 1 месяц назад I personally love turbos but superchargers are cool too
  • Justin Louden
  • 4 MrMK345
    4 MrMK345 1 месяц назад Jeff Lee you stfu to idiot
  • SuperHeroSwmr
    SuperHeroSwmr 1 месяц назад The creaks of hells door letting the demon out
  • Brendan Laven
    Brendan Laven 1 месяц назад @Vonte Chandler Turbos whistle and go sutututu, superchargers do indeed whine. Do you even know anything about cars?
  • Jeffrey Moyer
    Jeffrey Moyer 1 месяц назад Vonte Chandler wrong bud
  • James Ng'ang'a
    James Ng'ang'a 1 месяц назад @Vonte Chandler Yea it does. Google before trying to correct someone on YouTube
  • Vonte Chandler
    Vonte Chandler 1 месяц назад That’s turbo 😂😂 supercharger don’t whine 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee 1 месяц назад superchargers dont whine. whining is something you do. a supercharger has tumbling and rolling parts. thus it whirs. mechanical parts cant "whine". ya gay homo
  • James Ng'ang'a
    James Ng'ang'a 2 месяца назад @Some cringe Youtuber with content yea, I've seen's gorgeous
  • Some cringe Youtuber with content
    Some cringe Youtuber with content 2 месяца назад James Ng'ang'a have you seen midnight purple it’s gorgeous
  • Harrison 4Ever
    Harrison 4Ever 3 недели назад 🤣”You couldn’t fall off a cliff faster than that!”🤦🏼‍♂️🤣
  • John Rankin
    John Rankin 2 недели назад Now that's hilarious....😂😂😂🤣🤣
  • Arka Guha
    Arka Guha Неделю назад Car: Joey:how u doing ?demon!
  • Kristian Bubanov
    Kristian Bubanov 2 дня назад 5:01 is the 1/4 drag race
  • jhon hall
    jhon hall 3 недели назад When I'm having my lottery winner dream I will be in this car.
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