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Ultimate Fails Compilation 2014 || FailArmy Best Fails of the Year

Published on Dec 26, 2014 38,192,421 views

Are you ready for the ultimate fails compilation of 2014? Get ready to enjoy the best faceplants, wipeouts, and funny epic fails 2014 had to offer!
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  • Barry
    Barry 4 года назад "it's okay! Daddy got that all on camera, it's okay." - Failarmy Best Quotes of the Year
  • FailArmy
    FailArmy 4 года назад @Bartacus95 We need to put together a best quotes list. Any other good ones from this year?
  • Wulthan
    Wulthan 4 года назад @FailArmy "Oooohh", "Aaaahhh" , "Hahahah" in 80% of them 
  • Vittorio Mantovani
    Vittorio Mantovani 4 года назад @FailArmy 2:24 i think is gonna make it...oh he didn't oh oh oh and that very hurt and that really did hurt 
  • Moonman is coming to town
    Moonman is coming to town 4 года назад @FailArmy ''The ice cream- splat''
  • Captain America
    Captain America 4 года назад When that kid ran into a tree and his mom was like "James?"
  • Barry
    Barry 4 года назад "Hahahaaahahaha uhuhuuuhuhu ohohooh hahaha... Are you alright?"
  • Bryan Nowell
    Bryan Nowell 4 года назад lol the parent of the year
  • Toni Tolić
    Toni Tolić 4 года назад "Right into the vagine."
  • Dennis G
    Dennis G 4 года назад @Toni Tolić 😂😂😂
  • ragtime
    ragtime 4 года назад @FailArmy "with a beautiful shirt on!"
  • Broken Gamepad
    Broken Gamepad 4 года назад that was an incredible moment
  • FilipEnergy
    FilipEnergy 4 года назад That was literally only moment I stopped the video just to look if I'm not only who thought that was hilarious :D guess I'm not
  • TheBHopExperience
    TheBHopExperience 4 года назад @ragtime Definitely that one!
  • Jhg Ventiuno
    Jhg Ventiuno 4 года назад @FailArmy "I fucking shit my pants!"
  • iNepTunee
    iNepTunee 4 года назад @FailArmy 13:01 "I was only going 20" ahah
  • Mighty Morphin Flower Arranger
    Mighty Morphin Flower Arranger 4 года назад "Oh dad, they're gonna get hurt!" "Shh, be quiet ginger."
  • Yeah I'm Nick_
    Yeah I'm Nick_ 4 года назад  "It's okay! Daddy got that all on camera, it's okay." Shall, from now on, be the unofficial Fail Army quote of the year in my book.  
  • MaJe1998
    MaJe1998 4 года назад 24:13 the guy who shoits "Yeeeeeeees!" :D
  • LikeBeat10
    LikeBeat10 4 года назад @FailArmy  24:48 "I said don't microwave it, dont screw around. What did you do with a beatiful shirt on?"
  • N -
    N - 4 года назад 'i said dont microwave it dont screw around' 24:43
  • HilbertGB
    HilbertGB 4 года назад (изменено) @FailArmy Ah Ah Ah Ah Aaaaah 24:33
    McLOVIN 4 года назад 12:29 "oh watch out watch out"
  • lazi4areason
    lazi4areason 4 года назад @FailArmy theres one when the dude is coming down a hill on a mtn bike eats dirt and his homie is like "wtf!? Get your shit together!" Another classic
  • Tim Speare
    Tim Speare 4 года назад Hands down best quote of the year
  • AlwaysHarmony
    AlwaysHarmony 4 года назад @Tim Speare wow. What an idiot
  • PenguinsFan96
    PenguinsFan96 4 года назад @FailArmy "The Ice Cream"
  • B.O.G ™
    B.O.G ™ 4 года назад That was funny
  • ok
    ok 4 года назад ''oh oh hes going down the heal! Oh is he going to make it.. Oh oh oh that look like it hurt really bad. Oh.
  • ok
    ok 4 года назад Also  ''DAD!!!!'' Correction in the recent post *Heel
  • ok
    ok 4 года назад ''Ender .. What?!''
  • Medihack Cano
    Medihack Cano 3 года назад
  • The Roblox gamers
    The Roblox gamers 3 года назад @Bartacus95 archer profile pic :D
  • Sharkboy 954
    Sharkboy 954 3 года назад What's the time stamp?
  • James
    James 3 года назад 19:20
  • Marissol Romaris
    Marissol Romaris 3 года назад @FailArmyOOOhhh a bannana!!!
  • TheDarkman21
    TheDarkman21 3 года назад @Bartacus95 14/5/2015 time (local time ) 12:16 am , you got 666 likes .. the devil it self likes you !
  • Ricky Ly
    Ricky Ly 3 года назад yea I here it a lot
  • balloonhacker9
    balloonhacker9 Неделю назад best caring of the year idiot that dad did nothing but say that
  • Spiritwolf Gardian
    Spiritwolf Gardian 1 день назад 19:20
  • Jess❤
    Jess❤ 6 месяцев назад at 1:48 when the girl falls off the skateboard but her boyfriend quickyl runs and sees if she's ok thats really sweet
  • Experiment 53
    Experiment 53 5 месяцев назад Jess❤ yes sweaty very much so
  • Paddy_PaT
    Paddy_PaT 5 месяцев назад NOT!
  • Experiment 53
    Experiment 53 5 месяцев назад Paddy_PaT absolutely
  • Nummy Dummy
    Nummy Dummy 5 месяцев назад I think more like a sister?
  • cheese gromit
    cheese gromit 5 месяцев назад he is so dumb for letting her do that
  • MCD
    MCD 5 месяцев назад ikr but i dont have a gf :(
  • Lucia Lord
    Lucia Lord 5 месяцев назад i love u
  • Laura Chia
    Laura Chia 5 месяцев назад Jess❤ I think that’s her brother
  • Tinodaishe Kamutero
    Tinodaishe Kamutero 5 месяцев назад yeah but deep down the dude was laughing
  • Vasco Tank
    Vasco Tank 5 месяцев назад He said "are you ok baby?". I don't think they are siblings. Definitely a girlfriend and boyfriend.
  • PlayeK PG AN.
    PlayeK PG AN. 4 месяца назад Nope
  • atti so random
    atti so random 4 месяца назад I agree I wish there where more guys like that
  • happy weeb Keto
    happy weeb Keto 4 месяца назад Turn up the Volume. He asks: Are you ok BABY?
  • Jose Amador
    Jose Amador 4 месяца назад It was his idea and pressured her into doing it. What a d°ck.
  • pcgaming today
    pcgaming today 3 месяца назад No helmets or any safety gear on either of them. Not a very intelligent pair.
  • happy weeb Keto
    happy weeb Keto 3 месяца назад Its a curve and and the road goes down the hill. Very difficult for people who arent very good. If I see correctly, the road isnt even too. You can be completely fine driving everywere else without falling and this road can still get you. Safety gear looks dump and often people dont want to look dump in front of other people. Especially when they are young and the spectator is his/her lover/crush. As sad as this sounds, very few young people use safety gear, even when it can prevent harm.😕
  • Outland
    Outland 3 месяца назад That was sweet... Also @Nummy Dummy... Who calls their sister 'baby' ?
  • Da Name
    Da Name 3 месяца назад Sweet? She smacked her head like a coconut. I'd call it life support.
  • Fnaf fan boy 13
    Fnaf fan boy 13 3 месяца назад Jess❤ ikr
  • T Rex
    T Rex 3 месяца назад Make sure she's wearing a helmet and wrist guards, that's love. And don't get her to come skateboarding on hills with you when she doesn't know about speed wobbles or how to carve - that's love.
  • Shane Smith
    Shane Smith 3 месяца назад Laura Chia he said baby
  • T Rex
    T Rex 2 месяца назад If her vagina didn't break it can't be that serious.
  • T. J.
    T. J. 2 месяца назад It was but I'm so awful I was GLAD she fell when I saw it was a girl hahahah!!!
  • Cammerden
    Cammerden 2 месяца назад @MCD same... Rip
  • Scaryogz
    Scaryogz 2 месяца назад Jess❤ I agree
  • Vidy
    Vidy 2 месяца назад (изменено) if thats my gf... then we sket on same sketboard..
  • owen lee
    owen lee 2 месяца назад And funny too
  • fifloCzek
    fifloCzek 2 месяца назад Uuuu i'll be puking...
  • Adrian Arce
    Adrian Arce 2 месяца назад #couplegoals
  • Yến Đinh
    Yến Đinh 1 месяц назад OR not😈😈😈
  • Steak Czar
    Steak Czar 1 месяц назад (изменено) atti so random almost all guys are like that, especially when they deeply care for the person who gets hurt, because we are all loving and caring on the inside :)
  • The Little Gremlin
    The Little Gremlin 2 недели назад Jose Amador and what gives you that idea?
  • Solo Studio
    Solo Studio 2 дня назад Are you okay baby.. Do i looked okay you f*cking boyfriend.. Shit..
  • fifloCzek
    fifloCzek 2 месяца назад 21:08 this smells like teen spirit
  • Larents Ty and Josh
    Larents Ty and Josh 2 месяца назад 3:05 the way he's touching his head is so sweet
  • Ramazriel
    Ramazriel 1 месяц назад Don't feel too bad. The guy with the broken teeth was trying to get away with stealing the other's phone. 😂 Karma, baby!
  • BagelBramble
    BagelBramble 3 дня назад @Ramazriel it was a skit
  • Satan mit den geilen Barthaaren
    Satan mit den geilen Barthaaren 3 дня назад @BagelBramble wooosh
  • BagelBramble
    BagelBramble 3 дня назад I suggest doing it like r/woosh not like wooooosh dumb fuck
  • spychecker
    spychecker 6 месяцев назад (изменено) 14:33 North Korean nuclear missile test.
  • straight white male
    straight white male 4 месяца назад they can reach US now, don't worry.
  • Gagale Games
    Gagale Games 2 месяца назад Mister Hans, I hope you mean can’t
  • Nigel Kronkberry
    Nigel Kronkberry 4 года назад 19:20 "It's okay, daddy got all that on camera, it's okay". Best parenting award goes to...
  • IlmariCSTV
    IlmariCSTV 4 года назад The camera "dad".
  • Zarabi Mohamed Fares
    Zarabi Mohamed Fares 4 года назад u took that words out of my mouth LOL
  • No Name
    No Name 4 года назад Lol
  • James Munro
    James Munro 4 года назад Ya
  • Fenrir The Wolf
    Fenrir The Wolf 4 года назад @Nutella Gaming Hello Kaneki :D Excited for Season 2? 
  • Leuel48Fan
    Leuel48Fan 4 года назад Love that one! haha
  • Ya Dogg
    Ya Dogg 4 года назад (изменено) He sounds like Randy Marsh from South Park.
  • Fook Seng Yip
    Fook Seng Yip 4 года назад @Jacob Durham
  • Wolf
    Wolf 4 года назад I cracked up at that, seriously.
  • dnl machine
    dnl machine 4 года назад Best parenting award goes to the dads that failed to keep they daughter off the pole and out of clear heels.  Stay gold.
  • Patryk Chromy
    Patryk Chromy 4 года назад POLAND ! 
  • Liverpool Biker
    Liverpool Biker 4 года назад @Patryk Chromy wat
  • Vyseal
    Vyseal 4 года назад @Liverpool Biker POLAND!
  • Aaliyah Kverh
    Aaliyah Kverh 4 года назад Ikr xD 😂
  • Liverpool Biker
    Liverpool Biker 4 года назад @Antek12345m ale tam nie ma nic Polskiego lol
  • TheShaunken
    TheShaunken 4 года назад The award for the best profile picture goes to...    Sspitfire. Honestly that is the funniest/scariest picture I've seen in a while.
  • Aaliyah Kverh
    Aaliyah Kverh 4 года назад @TheShaunken OMG FUCK YEA XD
  • Marcelo Marcelo
    Marcelo Marcelo 4 года назад Hahahah The award for the best profile picture goes to Sspitfire
  • Aaliyah Kverh
    Aaliyah Kverh 4 года назад (изменено) @Marcelo Marcelo​ u just said the same as @TheShaunken​ ... 
  • Liverpool Biker
    Liverpool Biker 4 года назад @Aaliyah Kverh lol I was thinking the same thing
  • Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers
    Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers 4 года назад People complaining about this joke are obviously not fathers.
  • Sam Krahn
    Sam Krahn 4 года назад It doesn't take an idiot to know that the kid didn't get hurt, but then again this is youtube.
  • Darren Z
    Darren Z 4 года назад @Bloodbath and Beyond I'm a father, and I still think the guy is an idiot.
  • Magdalena H
    Magdalena H 4 года назад @Liverpool Biker Jest polskie - 19:25 :v
  • Me!Me!Me!
    Me!Me!Me! 4 года назад @Darren Z and i think, you're and idiot. You don't understand a little joke...
  • Duneedon
    Duneedon 4 года назад The guy who said that sounded exactly like that assclown comedian, Dane Cook. Coincidence? I think not.
  • BuGGyBoBerl
    BuGGyBoBerl 4 года назад @werknemerful i guess he was just joking :)  thus he really seem to be a cool dad
  • werknemerful
    werknemerful 4 года назад @BuGGyBoBerl  Yeah, but he knew that was gonna happen, thats why
  • iHappythoughts
    iHappythoughts 4 года назад @BuGGyBoBerl
  • BuGGyBoBerl
    BuGGyBoBerl 4 года назад @iHappythoughts i agree
  • TheTriggyGames
    TheTriggyGames 4 года назад What happened to the kid
  • Official_Rcane
    Official_Rcane 4 года назад BEST MOMENT ! Hahaha I laught so much :p
  • Me!Me!Me!
    Me!Me!Me! 4 года назад @Darren Z That's good for you. I don't want children's, so i don't have one :)
  • KevTheMedic
    KevTheMedic 4 года назад I was about to say that, just came bc of that to the comments...what a great dad
  • Real.Piece.Of.Work
    Real.Piece.Of.Work 3 года назад @Sspitfire OMG! its just a joke, its not as if the kid got hurt, what would you have him do? drop every thing and run over to the kid like the world was just about to end?
  • werknemerful
    werknemerful 3 года назад @BuGGyBoBerl You are right, 
  • coochieflaps aremydoing
    coochieflaps aremydoing 2 года назад Nigel Kronkberry he passed out 3 times in a row xD
  • Christian Cervantes
    Christian Cervantes 2 года назад Nigel Kronkberry im everywhere bitch
  • Erik Desantiago
    Erik Desantiago Год назад Nigel Kronkberry ffgffcc. Yhhhuyl
  • Sh cg
    Sh cg Год назад Nigel Kronkberry I was thinking the same lol
  • Christopher Dotson
    Christopher Dotson Год назад Nigel Kronkberry the mother
  • L e n d r a
    L e n d r a Год назад Nigel Kronkberry not that dad 😂
  • n/a
    n/a Год назад Nigel Kronkberry I
  • It's Ling Ling
    It's Ling Ling Год назад Nigel Kronkberry I was just about to say..
  • Karol Zuniga
    Karol Zuniga Год назад Nigel Kronkberry I
  • jaylene nguyen
    jaylene nguyen Год назад Ballin Lobster that ain't the point that father is a douche bag and only cares bout taking a video and you say it don't hurt bad that kid got that handle right at his neck
  • BOND 0707
    BOND 0707 Год назад Jaylene ikr I feel so bad for the kids the parents are just like "I got that on camera its not like ur about to die or something >:)"
  • HeyitzRandomness
    HeyitzRandomness Год назад after he said that he was like... oh you need to go to the hospital? jeeezzzzzz uh. I got it on camera it's fine!
  • It's Ling Ling
    It's Ling Ling Год назад ...
  • Debz Skinner
    Debz Skinner Год назад Nigel Kronkberry that has gotta hurt
  • Awesome Star240
    Awesome Star240 Год назад Nigel Kronkberry I
  • Destiny Hezelbean
    Destiny Hezelbean Год назад ikr xD
  • Quintin the Mintin
    Quintin the Mintin Год назад Nigel Kronkberry 😀😀😀😀
  • AaronTheSuperFox
    AaronTheSuperFox Год назад Nigel Kronkberry XD
  • Oscar Llorente ruiz
    Oscar Llorente ruiz Год назад Nigel Kronkberry vx
  • Prod.Xander Vaporwave
    Prod.Xander Vaporwave Год назад OMG THAT IS THE BEST PARENT
  • J45Ghost
    J45Ghost Год назад Nigel Kronkberry when u realize ur dad is a youtuber
  • lowGareth Gareth
    lowGareth Gareth Год назад Nigel Kronkberry
  • Killer JP
    Killer JP Год назад At 7.10 is gay
  • Jmendez
    Jmendez Год назад Nigel Kronkberry I
  • Etienne Groleau
    Etienne Groleau Год назад Nigel Kronkberry ii
  • Derp Duck
    Derp Duck Год назад Nigel Kronkberry I
  • Stickmasterluke 828
    Stickmasterluke 828 Год назад Nigel Ono
  • kamil chwastek
    kamil chwastek Год назад yer
  • Gogeta Blue
    Gogeta Blue Год назад Nigel Kronkberry great parenting skillz
  • Monotone Muffin
    Monotone Muffin Год назад Nigel Kronkberry not him
  • Sharpshotz Gaming
    Sharpshotz Gaming Год назад Nigel Kronkberry You would have gotten more likes if you quoted him correctly.
  • eclipse
    eclipse 8 месяцев назад Its ok to get hurt as a kid lol, toughen the fuck up Ive seen my 2 kids get hurt tons of time, i only come running if i know it could be something very painful, bleeding, or broken. Otherwise walk it off and try again. Running to them for every little thing raises pussies.
  • Mike K
    Mike K 7 месяцев назад Nigel Kronkberry dad of the year
  • Suresh Birajdar
    Suresh Birajdar 5 месяцев назад Fannuy
    ERIC MARTINEZ 4 месяца назад I thought your picture was Pocahontas 😂
  • CodyORB
    CodyORB 1 день назад 2:27 Suprisingly little damage to that Land Rover
  • Einarplays
    Einarplays 3 месяца назад 7:31 is he flipping him off😂😂
  • Anthony DeFilippo
    Anthony DeFilippo 3 месяца назад The guy grabbing him took off his shoe.
  • Niels The g.o.a.t
    Niels The g.o.a.t 6 месяцев назад 7:12 - 7:17 🤣🤣
  • TI TI
    TI TI 6 дней назад whats thename>?
  • Uma Garota Ae
    Uma Garota Ae 4 дня назад Brasil
  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 2 месяца назад (изменено) #icebucket challenge 22:24
  • AnnicellaMe
    AnnicellaMe 3 года назад how the hell are we the most intelligent species.. :D
  • Lauren W
    Lauren W 3 года назад lol we're not where near the most intelligent
  • Evan Ray
    Evan Ray 3 года назад +AnnicellaMe Dolphins be waaaaay smart fam. I think Elephants are pretty intelligent too though.
  • E. Augusto
    E. Augusto 3 года назад +E.W.R Man Last time I checked dolphins didn't had any robots on Mars. Fuck this shit. We > rest of the animals.
  • Evan Ray
    Evan Ray 3 года назад @E. Augusto We're talking about statistics. The fact that dolphins haven't are due to the fact that they do not have arms or fingers and are limited to aquatic movement. Studies have shown that if we had the mental capacity of dolphins that we would be way more technologically advanced than we are now. Hell we would have had men on wars maybe 20 years ago if we were as intelligent as dolphins. They simply don't have the ability to communicate like us or move on land and in water like us. Humans are considered to be the most evolutionary advanced species but dolphins and whales are considered to be much smarter. They are physically set back from us so they just can't do the same things as we can which when you think about it is kinda sad. All that possible knowledge lost due to the cruelty of evolution.    
  • E. Augusto
    E. Augusto 3 года назад @E.W.R Man Sources please.
  • Psycho Zebra
    Psycho Zebra 3 года назад +AnnicellaMe Because we're the only species that can arbitrarily and curiously try things like this.
  • Vana Ri
    Vana Ri 3 года назад +E.W.R Man ...dolphins are not smarter than humans, honey.
  • Evan Ray
    Evan Ray 3 года назад @Nabiya Ri wwwooooo. You just know how to fucking push my buttons. I swear to fucking god if you called me honey face to face I would have clocked you right in the fucking Temple. But yeah after doing more research into the matter, I was actually proven wrong. I found out that my later used sources were substantially out-dated. Though dolphins are very intelligent mammals. They aren't nearly as smart as I had previously though. That was a bad on me for not doing a more thorough digging for information. I was unaware of the more recent studies into this matter and I apologize to anyone who may have been inconvenienced by my comments. 
  • Vana Ri
    Vana Ri 3 года назад @E.W.R Man haha using "honey" on youtube pushes everyone's button ;D sry, I like using it cause I know I'll get a  reply if I do^^ And even though I respect and love animals, I kinda get annoyed pretty easily when someone says things like "animals are more intelligent" or "humans are the most cruel creatures on earth" etc. - that's what ticks ME off^^  
  • Psycho Zebra
    Psycho Zebra 3 года назад @E.W.R Man Actually all you said was that they were "waaaaay smart" not way smarter.
  • Evan Ray
    Evan Ray 3 года назад @Psycho Zebra True but in a later statement I did imply that they were more intelligent than humans. A fact that I later found to be false. 
  • Arkbot bfg
    Arkbot bfg 3 года назад (изменено) +E.W.R Man and possible been either put in the electric chair, gotten lethal injection, been put in prison for life, hung from the gallows, been shot, or <INSERT APPROPRIATE PUNISHMENT>\ That is if you succeeded in homicide :) ┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐┌∩┐
  • Evan Ray
    Evan Ray 3 года назад @Arkbot bfg Dafuq are you talking about?
  • Sára Lenavá
    Sára Lenavá 3 года назад +AnnicellaMe eem we used to be? xD
  • kshitij thapa
    kshitij thapa 3 года назад +AnnicellaMe maybe coz we could record all such stuffs.
  • Selma Suicmez
    Selma Suicmez 3 года назад x
  • Arkbot bfg
    Arkbot bfg 3 года назад (изменено) @Selma Suicmez ooo                             oxx                             oxx I win
  • Maya Khatib
    Maya Khatib 3 года назад no were not intelligent the people who actually made stuff like a phone those people r genius
  • Dj fandrus
    Dj fandrus 3 года назад +AnnicellaMe we arent
  • Arkbot bfg
    Arkbot bfg 3 года назад @Dj fandrus Evidence please
  • Dj fandrus
    Dj fandrus 3 года назад @Arkbot bfg this video
  • Arkbot bfg
    Arkbot bfg 3 года назад @Dj fandrus ljfkgljdfkslkdjfsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssslkfgflksjgj;lkdsl;kdj
  • Alfie Smith
    Alfie Smith 3 года назад I know
  • Alvin Deng
    Alvin Deng 3 года назад +AnnicellaMe assumed, but you know monkeys got a better score on two unit maths in the HSC, than humans
  • Jack Tizzard
    Jack Tizzard 3 года назад +AnnicellaMe The last one... I think the parrot was more intelligent
  • You know where I like it...
    You know where I like it... 3 года назад +AnnicellaMe Only on Earth ;) Which is nothing compared to the expanse of the Universe.
  • Zombiffix
    Zombiffix 3 года назад Because SCIENCE!
  • You know where I like it...
    You know where I like it... 3 года назад (изменено) +E.W.R Man Bajaja, you're kidding me? Purely on a cognitive level, we know they're not as advanced as us. We fight wars because our species is tribal by nature. See Chimps, Gorillas & other apes, we're very similar to our close blood relatives in our behaviours. It's just that our intelligence has expanded beyond theirs & we tend to think of ourselves as separate from animal instinct. But at a semi-conscious level to some & a sub-conscious level to others, those instincts are still very much prevalent in the background & for some more than others. I do think we will eventually evolve away fully from our ape instincts though & reach a peaceful, spiritual level of existence. Talking millions, maybe billions, possibly trillions of years here.
  • Radar Gaming
    Radar Gaming 3 года назад Humanity is Latin for dumbass
  • Arkbot bfg
    Arkbot bfg 3 года назад @Radar Gaming That is the worst joke i have ever seen, but atleast it does qualify as a joke.
  • This Channel, has been abandoned.
    This Channel, has been abandoned. 3 года назад +AnnicellaMe Every apple tree has a few pears.... I guess... not really an apple tree then is it
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    Alex Sung 3 года назад +Lauren V Cept for gifted ones
    AKSHAY KARTHIK 3 года назад +AnnicellaMe who told we are!
  • LesPaul2006
    LesPaul2006 3 года назад +AnnicellaMe Most animals don't have a tendency to engage in self destructive behavior for fun... like us.
  • LesPaul2006
    LesPaul2006 3 года назад +E.W.R Man Dolphins eat their babies...
  • nice
    nice 3 года назад 21:43 We're the only species with half a brain.
  • Alex Sung
    Alex Sung 3 года назад Good.
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    xloggerx 3 года назад +Axysion haha. good1
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    Lukas Sniaukas 3 года назад good question
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    I Need Coffee •_• 3 года назад I know right smh
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    Jamie Byrne 2 года назад No we're not dolphin are
    XO TWOD 2 года назад +jamie byrne so true
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    Spidermanfan1979 2 года назад +AnnicellaMe What's the "we" stuff?
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    MadkittenzK 2 года назад Not much competition tbh
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    Jay 45 2 года назад you cute
  • Cybercore45
    Cybercore45 2 года назад +AnnicellaMe Our species intelligence is declining. soon we'll have less intelligence than a potato.
  • Some Balance
    Some Balance 2 года назад +Nabiya Ri I wouldn't mind you callin me honey bb
  • Some Balance
    Some Balance 2 года назад +You know where I like it... in some way but the funny thing is our genetic makeup more closely resembles hogs were a clusterfuck of other animals
  • Jay 45
    Jay 45 2 года назад @The Aqua Marine God shaking my head
  • KC Baking
    KC Baking 2 года назад no clue
  • Bryan Zhao
    Bryan Zhao 2 года назад +LesPaul2006 Dolphins can communicate through the medium of water naturally over hundreds of miles.
  • Shannon Azzif
    Shannon Azzif 2 года назад Only because the majority of us are not these people
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    BitetheBullet117 2 года назад Dead xD
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    Grayhoof 2 года назад It's because we come up with the most interesting ways to fail.
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    R B Ashraf 2 года назад we were
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    Retarded Rocket ship 2 года назад IKR
  • Lost Soul
    Lost Soul 2 года назад Being more intelligent allows us to be more stupid
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    luke 2 года назад +Lickniss The Bickniss best comment 10/10
  • Oviraptorus
    Oviraptorus 2 года назад we are as a species not as individuals .
  • Jane Hyslop
    Jane Hyslop 2 года назад good question
  • Retired
    Retired 2 года назад Even though we're the most intelligent, we still make dumb mistakes.
  • Conex Xenon
    Conex Xenon 2 года назад Some of us are, most arent.
  • blaziken burns
    blaziken burns 2 года назад we're not because we won't let natural selection do its thing
  • Rik Karsten
    Rik Karsten 2 года назад +Conex Xenon all of us
  • Eagle speed is a fag
    Eagle speed is a fag 2 года назад AnnicellaMe because we work together
  • blaziken burns
    blaziken burns Год назад @Mary Geee yeah and then we have to wait for them and their kids and their kids kids because they go slower then the ones trying trying to survive get put in danger survival of the fitist
  • DJALEM99
    DJALEM99 11 месяцев назад AnnicellaMe I can tell we are not cause of what u just said
  • DJALEM99
    DJALEM99 11 месяцев назад E. Augusto ru dumb animals are smarter then us
  • DJALEM99
    DJALEM99 11 месяцев назад EWR Man the Augusto did just made the worlds most stupid point
  • DJALEM99
    DJALEM99 11 месяцев назад Nabiya Ri yes they are honey
  • Zhakus
    Zhakus 4 месяца назад @Vana Ri actually human is indeed a cruel creature base on my personal perception of course.
  • Antony Marjeram
    Antony Marjeram 2 месяца назад We're not other species watch us on intergalactic version of YouTube laughing at us as we do shit like this and believing we are the smartest things that exsist 😢😢😢
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    Spiritwolf Gardian 1 день назад (изменено) 3:30 I'm on the cat's side, that was awful And 19:20 if something hits your neck like that, you cant breathe I hate this dad
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    Oswald Batiancila 3 месяца назад (изменено) 2:12 how to parkour 😂😂
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    서찬욱 4 месяца назад 14:11 that dude is drinking fire or something?
  • 荔枝人
    荔枝人 4 месяца назад he was drinking a wine on fire
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    DovahGoat 4 месяца назад He was drinking my mixtape.
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    Vidy 2 месяца назад he wes drinking my sperm..😂
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    어머니 2 месяца назад 찬욱이 하이~
  • Sami Gutter
    Sami Gutter 1 день назад At 1:44 I love what her boyfriend did
  • Ponk
    Ponk 3 года назад (изменено) 12:53  helps woman up "Are you alright?" "Could you go any faster?" "Yes, yes i could. So how about next time you decide to cross the road off the pedestrian crossing, have at least the common sense of looking to both sides before doing it?"
  • Fillyshy Pie
    Fillyshy Pie 3 года назад (изменено) @Pinkie Pie Welcome to England, here's a blindfold. You use it to cross the street.
  • King
    King 3 года назад @Fillyshy Pie true
  • King
    King 3 года назад @Pinkie Pie love the brony power
  • MrGeorocks
    MrGeorocks 3 года назад Typical English accident Look just go stand over there
  • Gregory Kitchens
    Gregory Kitchens 3 года назад @Pinkie Pie agreed. both are at fault, though, he was lane splitting unsafely (and possibly illegally) and she was crossing illegally.
  • Luke Kerry
    Luke Kerry 3 года назад @Gregory Kitchens Crossing illegally? How?
  • Gregory Kitchens
    Gregory Kitchens 3 года назад @Luke Kerry well, IDK where you are from, but most places around here it is illegal to cross the street other than at a designated crosswalk or at street lights. You can be fined for it.
  • Luke Kerry
    Luke Kerry 3 года назад Where I live in England, I've never heard of anyone getting arrested for crossing the street when there's no crossing. It's pretty common to see it actually.
  • Gregory Kitchens
    Gregory Kitchens 3 года назад I doubt anyone would be arrested for Jaywalking here either, but it some places it is considered breaking the law.
  • Ponk
    Ponk 3 года назад @Luke Kerry but they're taught to look at both sides before crossing the road since childhood aren't they? 
  • Luke Kerry
    Luke Kerry 3 года назад @Pinkie Pie Yeah i know. I'm not defending the woman, I'm just saying it's not illegal to "jaywalk" in England.
  • red98783
    red98783 3 года назад @Fillyshy Pie i never been to England but i heard good things about drivers and pedestrians. Untrue?
  • Gregory Kitchens
    Gregory Kitchens 3 года назад I've never been either but I head the exact opposite.
  • Gregorius da Silva
    Gregorius da Silva 3 года назад In Indonesia, you just need a pair of hand to legalize the "jaywalking"
  • wolf
    wolf 3 года назад @Max Offensive  depends where u are its mostly ok but there are a fue idiots
  • Owen Seldon
    Owen Seldon 3 года назад Your all dumb as fuck. She shouldn't have crossed without looking but he shouldn't have been driving in the middle of all the cars like that, they are both wrong.
  • Sexy Bamboo
    Sexy Bamboo 3 года назад @Owen Seldon You are the dumb fuck! Don't go pushing your rules down on other countries. From his accent he shouldn't be american which means lane splitting isn't illegal! The fucking lady was the one that is wrong PERIOD.
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    Geofanny Lius 3 года назад
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    Burning Ice 3 года назад HI PINKIE PIE!!!!
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    Ponk 3 года назад @John Hamilton hallo~
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    Tom Danks 3 года назад PONY HATER INCOMING fuck you pinkie pie :D
  • Koen Slinkman
    Koen Slinkman 3 года назад @GamerSaith !! True, lane splitting is legal in europe that means it's the lady's fault.
  • Transformers News
    Transformers News 3 года назад Yeah but how the fuck did he not see her and the way she says "couldn't you go any faster?" Me:*facepalm "if he could you'd be dead you dumb fucktard!"
  • Transformers News
    Transformers News 3 года назад +Gregory Kitchens I'm from England and I'd just like to say it's legal to do that as EVERYONE in the goddamn country DOES it for Jesus sake!
  • Transformers News
    Transformers News 3 года назад Yeah she RAN across the street as if she were in a hurry aswell
  • PigSos
    PigSos 3 года назад +Gregory Kitchens completely legal completely safe
  • Sailor Sedna
    Sailor Sedna 3 года назад +BoomStick No one cares.
  • olonehill
    olonehill 3 года назад +ClaryFray Redhead no one commented on this video with that name xD who are you forwarding that too?
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    Nick Rizzio 3 года назад +Pinkie Pie hey pinkie? hows rainbow? <3 :P :3
  • Ponk
    Ponk 3 года назад @Nick Rizzio she looks like a gay flag!
  • ginaa ayee
    ginaa ayee 3 года назад @olonehill it was the ultimate gamer guy he just changed his name
    WHEEZE Год назад Pinkie Pie Brony
  • Anime Box
    Anime Box 7 месяцев назад Gregory Kitchens Yes, but It is illegal to drive at middle of road like that too, he was driving illegally too
  • Chrome Fusion
    Chrome Fusion 4 месяца назад @Gregory Kitchens before making assumptions please look at the countries laws. The women was 100% at fault. Here in the UK it is perfectly legal to lane split and there is not speed it has to be done at aslong as it's within the speed limit. Which it was
  • Gregory Kitchens
    Gregory Kitchens 4 месяца назад Chrome Fusion please learn to read before responding to my comments. you’re as dumb as everyone else on this thread. I said it was possibly illegal. I also said the lane splitting was possibly illegal.
  • Chrome Fusion
    Chrome Fusion 4 месяца назад @Gregory Kitchens how about do your research before jumping on a comments section and giving your uneducated opinion on something you know nothing about
  • Gregory Kitchens
    Gregory Kitchens 4 месяца назад Chrome Fusion I stand by my previous comment. I’m far more educated than you.
  • Chrome Fusion
    Chrome Fusion 4 месяца назад @Gregory Kitchens someone's got their head way to far up their ass
  • Gregory Kitchens
    Gregory Kitchens 3 месяца назад @Chrome Fusion clearly. I made it pretty clear from the get go that I don't know the laws all over the world but that if this situation had occurred in my local area, it would have been illegal. The fact that people lack basic reading skills, yet know how to type, that blows my mind.
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    Maria Mclaughlin 4 дня назад @7:00 I laughed so hard , I peed my pants 😂🤣🤣😂😅
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    User 92 7 месяцев назад 19:20 omg 😂 what kind of dad says that 😂
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    Mark C 3 месяца назад The funniest dad ever!
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    ky carter 2 месяца назад My dad😂😂
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    Jennifer Vandenheuvel 1 месяц назад A millennial dad
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    lavendermeatball 1 месяц назад User 92 A good dad would.
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    LewJay Crad Неделю назад A real dad
  • Milburn Madness 2.0
    Milburn Madness 2.0 6 месяцев назад 21:13 and some say the man is still sliding to this day
  • Dark Megumin
    Dark Megumin 2 месяца назад 21:09 now start the remix!