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Ultimate Fails Compilation 2016: Part 1 (December 2016) || FailArmy

Published on Dec 16, 2016 38,787,761 views

Let us know your favorites in the comments and meet us back here next Friday for Part 2! And send us your funny fail videos at, we want to see them all!

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Ultimate Fails Compilation 2016: Part 1 (December 2016) || FailArmy

  • HugoH
    HugoH 2 года назад 1:40 you can see it's the zookeeper who told the sea lion to slap her.
  • Vineet Bachani
    Vineet Bachani 2 года назад u mean spank
  • JT Hampson
    JT Hampson 2 года назад THATS AWESOME i never noticed that
  • BikeLifezx10rT
    BikeLifezx10rT 2 года назад Ahuratchek nah he wanted to tap dat ass if you know what i mean
  • TheNotorious14
    TheNotorious14 2 года назад yeh haha, i just saw that
  • Sonya Blade
    Sonya Blade 2 года назад lol rly xD
  • I am Angkong
    I am Angkong 2 года назад the girl probably thought he ment "stand up" but it was sign language for the sea lion to spank her
  • Pavel K.
    Pavel K. 2 года назад Shit, you're right, that's cool.
  • Luke Embling
    Luke Embling 2 года назад Good eye xD
  • HugoH
    HugoH 2 года назад I wonder if he taught this move to the sea lion just to do this every time there's a lady in the group
  • Msxxlgirl
    Msxxlgirl 2 года назад still a fail, he's a fckng asshole.
  • Kyle Maritz
    Kyle Maritz 2 года назад Msxxlgirl why? is the sea lion violating your rights by slapping your ass?
  • Hinrich Roll - Naumann
    Hinrich Roll - Naumann 2 года назад it's some harmless fun. don't get your knickers in a bunch
  • HugoH
    HugoH 2 года назад @Kyle Maritz well technically the sea lion is just doing his job but the zookeeper is for sure a little kinky.
  • Deer Lord
    Deer Lord 2 года назад +Hinrich Roll - Naumann I'm gonna say that next time I spank some bitches ass and they get triggered. :]
  • brез
    brез 2 года назад (изменено) +deer Lord Are you a sea lion?
  • HugoH
    HugoH 2 года назад @Deer Lord are you a zookeeper ? anyway, you'd have to bring a sea lion to the pub or wherever you're at
  • Ambrož Jilek
    Ambrož Jilek 2 года назад Ahuratchek He's like: you took a picture with me now get the hell outta here
  • lauryn
    lauryn 2 года назад Ahuratchek I'm the 280!
  • JDevilGAmer DRjuciyfruit
    JDevilGAmer DRjuciyfruit 2 года назад Ahuratchek savage
  • SK4L3 _
    SK4L3 _ 2 года назад Ahuratchek
  • CaLLUM
    CaLLUM 2 года назад wtf ahah i dont think "a sea lion did it" will go down well in court bro
  • Kyle Maritz
    Kyle Maritz 2 года назад The sea lion raped her omg females can't even go to the zoo nowadays omg so upset kill me
  • HugoH
    HugoH 2 года назад A meme might be born : "well it wasn't me, it was the sea lion !"
  • HugoH
    HugoH 2 года назад (изменено) @Graham Baxter It's way to small to be a walrus. A walrus is like 15 ft long.
  • CaLLUM
    CaLLUM 2 года назад (изменено) more like 10ft, 15ft is a bit of a reach it is a walrus though, walruses dont have ear flaps
  • HugoH
    HugoH 2 года назад @Callum Oh yeah now that you said it it does look exactly like a walrus !
  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 года назад why does this get 333 likes?!
  • Mohammed Baker Ezzeddine
    Mohammed Baker Ezzeddine 2 года назад HugoH e
  • Victor Vallejos
    Victor Vallejos 2 года назад HugoH
  • Nazenin Şara Akyürekli
    Nazenin Şara Akyürekli 2 года назад HugoH yeah you ar right XD
  • Mike Saunders
    Mike Saunders 2 года назад Hug
  • christopherscottb
    christopherscottb 2 года назад @Graham Baxter: It's a walrus. A young one.
  • Random Zen
    Random Zen 2 года назад I was just about to say that :'D
  • Ricelover ಠ_ಠ
    Ricelover ಠ_ಠ 2 года назад Angèle PandyKaody 0:03 When somebody reminds your teacher to give homework
  • Osamie
    Osamie 2 года назад HugoH i
  • Shini Shinra
    Shini Shinra 2 года назад Good vibe 1
  • heidi renate lande
    heidi renate lande 2 года назад Hugo
  • Ricelover ಠ_ಠ
    Ricelover ಠ_ಠ 2 года назад Good vibe what?
  • Emily M. Waight
    Emily M. Waight 2 года назад HugoH no shit 💩Sherlock
  • Mathieu 1
    Mathieu 1 2 года назад HugoH fail 360 sur la chaine
  • Chris
    Chris 2 года назад duhhhhhhh
  • Sébastien Kingsbury
    Sébastien Kingsbury 2 года назад HugoH i love it too 😂😂😂
    EVIRD 2 года назад ha ha like video
  • Igotscammedonfortnite 23
    Igotscammedonfortnite 23 2 года назад HugoH 😭😭😭
  • Leilani Aguilar
    Leilani Aguilar 2 года назад HugoH yes
  • Sema Celic
    Sema Celic 2 года назад BennyButters2 sds
  • Shweta Patuwar
    Shweta Patuwar 2 года назад When that zookeeper guy can't slap those asses, he does it with the help of his animals
  • ________
    ________ 2 года назад HugoH i bet the sea lion doesnt spank ugly and fat ladies
  • Sponge Bob
    Sponge Bob Год назад HugoH I
  • BlazeyFire 404
    BlazeyFire 404 Год назад Dank Frog h
  • Danny Z
    Danny Z 9 месяцев назад ABSOLUTE MAD LAD
  • My Animations
    My Animations 6 месяцев назад No
  • Julien S
  • GameJester
    GameJester 2 недели назад @Msxxlgirl lol the sea lion is his wingman. It's okay because it's an animal.
  • Celina Martin
    Celina Martin 2 недели назад HAHAHAHA
  • Celina Martin
    Celina Martin 2 недели назад I am Angkong IKRRRR 😂
  • Celina Martin
    Celina Martin 2 недели назад Msxxlgirl wtf.
  • panjabi Rajput
    panjabi Rajput 2 недели назад @Vineet Bachani m
  • Megan Gottshall
    Megan Gottshall 1 месяц назад 5:44 nice attack stance, but I don't think the picture meant any harm
  • Humans R Ants
    Humans R Ants 1 день назад He must of been though London.
  • Marcello MARANGON
    Marcello MARANGON 3 месяца назад 10:08 WAIT!! did she go under the rocks?!
  • Robin And Snowbell
    Robin And Snowbell 2 месяца назад It's likely that it was just the camera angle but.. I'm not sure ^^'
  • The Creator
    The Creator 2 месяца назад She dead
  • Sheepy Fifi
    Sheepy Fifi 2 месяца назад I think that river went under the rocks and she went with the river 😂
  • MrAntischalker04
    MrAntischalker04 2 месяца назад @Robin And Snowbell she is death, i cant find the source, but i remember, that she was found after 3 hours, death under the rocks
  • Jeffzzzz
    Jeffzzzz 2 месяца назад (изменено) @MrAntischalker04 Doubt that If that was the case, this was not aloud on youtube
  • MrAntischalker04
    MrAntischalker04 2 месяца назад (изменено) ​@Jeffzzzz how yt should know, that shes death?
  • Debatable
    Debatable 2 месяца назад @MrAntischalker04 Heyo, just out of curiosity :), is English not your first language? I dont mean anything rude by it! Just curious! My apologies if it isnt my place.
  • Marian Ikim
    Marian Ikim 1 месяц назад @Sheepy Fifi I can't see what do you find funny about this incident?
  • Dieter Kotwürfel
    Dieter Kotwürfel 1 час назад @Marian Ikim Cuz she felt in like a fish. Natural selection at its finest ;)
  • Kɪɴɢ
    Kɪɴɢ 6 месяцев назад 5:01 and thats why you dont sing and drive kids (life facts)
  • Gacha Paws
    Gacha Paws 1 месяц назад What hit his car at that part
  • The Federation
    The Federation 1 месяц назад And now my life........... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUH
  • Abbsninja.hater.account
    Abbsninja.hater.account 1 месяц назад Not really funny since he could have been badly injured
  • hans lund
    hans lund 2 недели назад yeah, i dont get why these vids where people die or gets very injured are supposed to be funny. They are always in these complication vids, makes me wonder who these uploaders are.
  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 2 дня назад @Gacha Paws He accidentally hit the shoulder on the street and fell into a small ditch, that's what I heard from the original video.
  • Dieter Kotwürfel
    Dieter Kotwürfel 1 час назад And thats why you wear seatbelts kids. Not like your fathers that drives without on the highway.
  • killer nicholas tube
    killer nicholas tube 2 месяца назад (изменено) 0:55 when you try to be a professional pornstar... riding...
  • Win TV
    Win TV Неделю назад Please, visit my chenal: I done sub your chanel.
  • Tulia V
    Tulia V 2 года назад Who else felt bad for the elephant?
  • Tulia V
    Tulia V 2 года назад And the lamb?
  • Tuffy
    Tuffy 2 года назад LuLu Love: I feel bad for ALL animals used to entertain people.
  • Shy D
    Shy D 2 года назад LuLu Love the lamb got stuck, he hadn't meant to drop it.
  • Samalami -
    Samalami - Год назад Tulia DIY I did
    V2PLAYZ Год назад Tulia DIY they are way stronger than u think
  • Santosh Gopalan
    Santosh Gopalan Год назад where is the elephants
  • MrLamigra1337
    MrLamigra1337 Год назад Tulia DIY I feel bad for you
  • Brandon Dunn
    Brandon Dunn Год назад Tulia DIY animal lovers are the worst
  • Mea
    Mea Год назад I doubt that he felt it
  • tibz-444
    tibz-444 Год назад Brandon Dunn Why ?
  • Chelsea Peterson
    Chelsea Peterson Год назад (изменено) Tulia DIY the ground felt that more than the elephant....
  • Leon P
    Leon P 9 месяцев назад The elephant wasn't hurt. It's the elephants life in captivity that is sad. Anybody who can't empathise with an animal is clearly not a fully functional human being. And I'd wager their interactions with people rely on learnt mannerisms and visual cues rather than real understanding.
  • Livio Ferrami
    Livio Ferrami 9 месяцев назад Gee, sista, what about the guy diving from the cliff into his certain death?
  • Ally Cat
    Ally Cat 7 месяцев назад @Livio Ferrami eh who cares about people. All we do is come in and fuck shit up
  • Fast
    Fast 6 месяцев назад @Livio Ferrami Actually he's alive.
  • Deksam101
    Deksam101 1 месяц назад I do feel bad for the elephant man... But that's a whole other video.
  • Catphone 53
    Catphone 53 1 месяц назад Tulia V no one
  • Be cool
    Be cool 4 месяца назад Who is watching that in 2019 ??
  • Julie Leong
    Julie Leong 4 месяца назад Me
    IV REPLAYZ 4 месяца назад Me too
  • Ethan Spaulding
    Ethan Spaulding 4 месяца назад watching in 2016
  • Jovan The Husky
    Jovan The Husky 4 месяца назад Be cool me
  • Хмурый
    Хмурый 4 месяца назад я)
  • Jayden Aguilar
    Jayden Aguilar 4 месяца назад Me
  • Jayden Aguilar
    Jayden Aguilar 4 месяца назад Ethan Spaulding on top it says 1 week ago
  • The Russian
    The Russian 3 месяца назад Me in 3654
  • Ioana Neață
    Ioana Neață 3 месяца назад Not me im just a boi from 2017,ok? JUST STFU YOUR FUCKING MOUTH?WHO'S TALKING IN 2019?
  • Bogdan Vojnovic
    Bogdan Vojnovic 3 месяца назад Half of these are uber funny, the other half isn't funny at all, it's an accident
  • Raven The Murderer
    Raven The Murderer 3 месяца назад Be cool me
  • pineapple queen
    pineapple queen 3 месяца назад Me
  • fidget toy fan 1234567890
    fidget toy fan 1234567890 3 месяца назад MEEEEEEEE😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
  • SuperCalaMan01
    SuperCalaMan01 2 месяца назад Me but I'm not gonna like because let's e honest... Who cares what year you're watching in?
  • Ihaveausernametoo
    Ihaveausernametoo 2 месяца назад Why do ppl always ask that? Solely for confirmation? I feel it's about 100% irrelevant.
  • Max Strayle
    Max Strayle 4 недели назад It's so nice
  • gabriel Lyas
    gabriel Lyas 3 недели назад Me bro 0:56 got me so hard
  • Øʑ々 Neelu
    Øʑ々 Neelu 3 недели назад Your mother
  • Can I get to 52k subs with 43 vids and 9k views xP
    Can I get to 52k subs with 43 vids and 9k views xP 5 месяцев назад a guy is sitting at home when he hears a knock at the door. he opens the door and sees a snail on the porch. he picks up the snail and throws it as far as he can. three years later, there’s a knock on the door. he opens the door and sees the same snail. the snail says: "What the heck was that all about?"
  • Remi Kremii
    Remi Kremii 4 месяца назад 27 subscribers and 4800 views lol
  • Can I get to 52k subs with 43 vids and 9k views xP
    Can I get to 52k subs with 43 vids and 9k views xP 4 месяца назад @Remi Kremii x)
  • Keonta Willingham
    Keonta Willingham 4 месяца назад 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Can I get to 52k subs with 43 vids and 9k views xP
    Can I get to 52k subs with 43 vids and 9k views xP 4 месяца назад @Keonta Willingham 😂😁
  • Raven The Murderer
    Raven The Murderer 3 месяца назад 27 subscribers and 4800 views poor snail..
  • Raven The Murderer
    Raven The Murderer 3 месяца назад 27 subscribers and 4800 views I love snailys :3 🐌
  • Dayton Y
    Dayton Y 2 месяца назад What the heck was all that about
  • Can I get to 52k subs with 43 vids and 9k views xP
    Can I get to 52k subs with 43 vids and 9k views xP 1 месяц назад @Dayton Y Making people laugh :)
  • Steve Nugent
    Steve Nugent 3 недели назад i've seen training day too...
  • Katherine Bitto One
    Katherine Bitto One 5 месяцев назад 13:58 "You fall, we all fall down"💃🙌👏
  • kpopxchiara
    kpopxchiara 20 часов назад 11:55 "DAS GEHT NICHT!!" hey from germany xD
  • Rick
    Rick 2 года назад (изменено) 15:22 my heart started beating ( i almost died)
  • OpplezRagez
    OpplezRagez 2 года назад JayNex omg did you die?
  • Rick
    Rick 2 года назад k&w video's i almost did
  • OpplezRagez
    OpplezRagez 2 года назад @JayNex dont tell me i have to explain that whole thing to you
  • Rick
    Rick 2 года назад k&w video's :( please
  • Gumby
    Gumby 2 года назад Your heart is always beating. Otherwise you'd be dead.
  • OpplezRagez
    OpplezRagez 2 года назад @MR PERIWINKLE what do you know, someone here has a brain
  • Gumby
    Gumby 2 года назад Yeah, I managed to nab the last one on Black Friday.
  • OpplezRagez
    OpplezRagez 2 года назад props to you then
  • Konosch
    Konosch 2 года назад better it goes its usual way so no beating
  • sketchy sam
    sketchy sam 2 года назад Your heart started beating, mmmm...
  • Keziah Richey
    Keziah Richey 2 года назад Sam Atkins hahaha so basically he's dead if his heart only started beating😂😂
  • Angelis Fpv
    Angelis Fpv 2 года назад JayNex holy I got the biggest heart drop
  • WOBBLES 27
    WOBBLES 27 2 года назад JayNex I KNOW I WAS LIKE FFFFFFF
  • bbuildingmarch
    bbuildingmarch 2 года назад JayNex ur heart started beating? dang son, a bit late
  • Conrad BrookesXD Gaming/Plush Adventures Series
    Conrad BrookesXD Gaming/Plush Adventures Series 2 года назад JayNex, your heart was always beating, hun.
  • Sumaya Sulaiman
    Sumaya Sulaiman 2 года назад JayNex I
  • John Lennon
    John Lennon 2 года назад it wasn't beating before?
  • Akardiou _
    Akardiou _ Год назад Ok lol o
  • Brooke Richardson
    Brooke Richardson Год назад Oh my gosshhhhhh is he ok
  • Hoyin Huang
    Hoyin Huang Год назад If there's a vr like this...
  • Beth Cutshall
    Beth Cutshall Год назад Brooke Richardson niggfffgg
  • Miles C. Jourdain Productions
    Miles C. Jourdain Productions Год назад Same, I thought I was going to see someone die.
  • G_G
    G_G Год назад He clearly couldn't possibly be able to make the jump...
  • Th ta
    Th ta Год назад That is so stupid! Its clearly jumping into death... Damn Fucker
  • ALa AbsoluteGamerWhoCaress
    ALa AbsoluteGamerWhoCaress Год назад I know right! He could die too
  • Aileen Müller
    Aileen Müller Год назад Ok lol w
  • NAGRich2347 .
    NAGRich2347 . Год назад Ok lol my heart literally did stop
  • Ashvinderan Sivananthan
    Ashvinderan Sivananthan Год назад Ok lol 😁
  • Creative Gamer
    Creative Gamer Год назад Yeah no shit your heart always beast until you die obviously
    6PLAYINGAMES Год назад His ass is gone
  • Jaden Hang
    Jaden Hang Год назад 6PLAYINGAMES haha
  • zekerockz
    zekerockz Год назад U mean stopped
    LOOBED Год назад Ok lol why did it stop
  • Ahki Samaniego
    Ahki Samaniego Год назад Your heart start beating? ARE YOU STUPID OFCOURSE YOURE ALIVE STUPID
  • Ali maka
    Ali maka 9 месяцев назад why
  • Thomas Cholowsky
    Thomas Cholowsky 9 месяцев назад +Ahki Samaniego Your grammar is horrendous, I don't think you're in any position to be calling someone stupid.
  • Strive-2-Survive
    Strive-2-Survive 8 месяцев назад XXXJAY That was your clock starting up. now you better start earning some time..
  • ToXxic Hydra
    ToXxic Hydra 5 месяцев назад 5:41 he was ready to fight 😂😂
  • Pizza World
    Pizza World 3 месяца назад its pussy scared from ramdom smash...pussys fast jump litlel pussy bitch dumb american
  • The500k
    The500k 3 месяца назад @Pizza World wtf.. lol
  • James A Lafayette
    James A Lafayette 3 месяца назад He would’ve gotten his ass beat
  • Guido Lo Cicero
    Guido Lo Cicero 3 месяца назад Aaaaaa
  • sour
    sour 3 месяца назад Casper apologized so he didn’t have to throw them hands
  • apathyvfx
    apathyvfx 3 месяца назад @Pizza World i had a fucking stroke trying to read that, mate
  • Anthony Tonev
    Anthony Tonev 3 месяца назад this guy is one vase breaking away from becoming the punisher.... of house furniture.
  • Gary Dorsey
    Gary Dorsey 1 месяц назад @Pizza World English
  • Crystalnebs Danub
    Crystalnebs Danub 1 месяц назад The video after that guy is 😱
  • ritch l
    ritch l 2 недели назад Was very cringy.
  • peterskallarp
    peterskallarp 2 дня назад I love the guy playing piano and is ready to fight in a split second when the painting falls !
  • Chara Dreemurr
    Chara Dreemurr 5 месяцев назад 10:09 Me: UMMMM WTF JUST HAPPENED DID SHE DIE
  • Bobbie💞
    Bobbie💞 5 месяцев назад Chara Dreemurr she was absorbed by the water gods
  • LemonRedstone Gaming
    LemonRedstone Gaming 4 месяца назад If u see properly then u can notice she put her feet of the water then died and we know water is fishes life means she was a MERMAID 🙀....... 😅 LoL
  • Juchuma
    Juchuma 1 месяц назад Well some times the River's go underground i tink That was... but is Her allright??? IDK i ask for it too
  • Blobfish 102
    Blobfish 102 1 месяц назад From what I have read yes she did. Very sad.
  • Marian Ikim
    Marian Ikim 1 месяц назад @LemonRedstone Gaming you need a visit to a doctor!
  • Snor Lagz
    Snor Lagz Неделю назад Blobfish 102 where dis u read it from?
  • Blobfish 102
    Blobfish 102 Неделю назад @Snor Lagz news.
  • Alexx Hamilton
    Alexx Hamilton 2 дня назад @Blobfish 102 Linkable source?
  • Literally Razor
    Literally Razor 5 месяцев назад 0:04 when fish fly....
  • ༺ TiffySky ༻
    ༺ TiffySky ༻ 4 месяца назад I thought it was a squirrel at first XD
  • Sabian T.lawson
    Sabian T.lawson 1 месяц назад Fish slap!
  • cobydrei
    cobydrei 2 года назад I remembered one time when i was at the supermarket i saw a kid crying and throwing tantrums because his mom doesn't want to buy his favorite chocolate for him, so what i did was i bought the chocolate and ate it in front of that kid.
  • Kevin Leon
    Kevin Leon 2 года назад cobydrei you just want to watch the world burn 🌎 😂
  • WH1T3 L1GHT
    WH1T3 L1GHT 2 года назад cobydrei calm down satan
  • Boaty Gunnaa
  • the random squad
    the random squad 2 года назад boaty Beast I know your pain I'm in ireland
  • sissypants55
    sissypants55 2 года назад I live in ireland too ;-;
  • Eimear Monaghan
    Eimear Monaghan 2 года назад Same 💞💞💞
  • Dgrporter WTF
    Dgrporter WTF 2 года назад cobydrei 😂😂
  • Adrian Mitrousis
    Adrian Mitrousis 2 года назад Amazing. So many people have done this....
  • asdf 678
    asdf 678 2 года назад cobydrei lol
  • Lucas Liw
    Lucas Liw 2 года назад Legend
  • brown sugar
    brown sugar 2 года назад cobydrei you're a real hero😂
  • aiden fox
    aiden fox 2 года назад a
  • LifeAsNiki
    LifeAsNiki 2 года назад cobydrei lol. Savage AF 😂 but what did the little kid do?!?
  • Amirul Asyraf
    Amirul Asyraf 2 года назад Damn that was cruel I also did almost something similar except back then, tht one kid looks like he having fever eating a cup of yougurt at supermarket, I'm also eating same yougurt lol guess what?? I was pretending like I was bout to puke n the kid really puke infront of fortunately the kids parent didn't saw that.lolol
  • Ryonz
    Ryonz 2 года назад cobydrei pure evilness at its finest
  • xikiax
    xikiax Год назад cobydrei I thought you were going to say you gave it to him...
  • Lelele :D
    Lelele :D Год назад Some men aren't looking for anything logical, some men... Just wanna watch the world burn...
  • Austin Bryand
    Austin Bryand 11 месяцев назад cobydrei savage
  • Logan L
    Logan L 10 месяцев назад I love you lmaooo
  • Cringy as I'll ever be
    Cringy as I'll ever be 10 месяцев назад Savage ......
  • Kawaii TIME!!!!
    Kawaii TIME!!!! 10 месяцев назад Savegary 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 when u want to 👀 the 🗺 🔥
  • Marna Cutler
    Marna Cutler 10 месяцев назад Noice👌
  • Qwazplop _
    Qwazplop _ 9 месяцев назад cobydrei 👌
  • _xxx_angiee .sns_xxx_
    _xxx_angiee .sns_xxx_ 8 месяцев назад U a savage 😂😂
  • C Boysen
    C Boysen 8 месяцев назад Thats soooo mean 😡
  • GLITCHED cma
    GLITCHED cma 8 месяцев назад Well ok then......
  • R Verro
    R Verro 8 месяцев назад Regrettably....I would've done the same BUT, I would've add some facial expressions of satisfaction because, I'm a proud dick !
  • Lana Tran
    Lana Tran 8 месяцев назад HAHAHAHHA LMAOOO I DID THAT TO MY SISTER
  • Big Bad Dragon
    Big Bad Dragon 8 месяцев назад Id to the same ! XD
  • Peep Army Vlogs
    Peep Army Vlogs 7 месяцев назад cobydrei hahaha
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    MissMiia 4 месяца назад I did the same thing except it was a street kid that stole our drinks and insulted us, so I ate my food really slowly while telling my friends how nice it is to be in school and have a mom that cares. Yeah it's harsh and from the kid's mutterings of 'moms suck anyways' while getting teary eyed, that it was obvious from my perspective that he has an opportunity to go to school but chose not to. (He looked really clean and well-groomed) It was petty but we did sit through his taunts for 30 minutes while we tried to tell the workers of the small eatery to have the kid removed because he was stealing our food. I never have much patience for kids, much less kids with bad attitudes.
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