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Half Woman Prank😱 -Julien Magic

Published on Jun 15, 2018 5,119,485 views

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This video is about Half woman Prank

  • Syed M Tayyab
    Syed M Tayyab 1 месяц назад Is This Beach From GTA San Andreas ??
  • John Cena
    John Cena 1 месяц назад Los Santos
  • MoTaKez
    MoTaKez 1 месяц назад santa monica pier
  • Sausage Gaming
    Sausage Gaming 1 месяц назад Los Santos I poured oil behind the exhausts of a sports car there in gta and revved the engine and blew up the car😂
  • AnnLynnxX
    AnnLynnxX 1 месяц назад The city los santos is based off of is actually called Los Angeles. The beach is called santa monica :)
  • ksweett
    ksweett 1 месяц назад Syed M Tayyab gta 5😭
  • Naruto Black
    Naruto Black 1 месяц назад Omg it is
  • Bishal Sarkar
    Bishal Sarkar 1 месяц назад If i was born in a foreign country..😟😟
  • Htoo Zaw Win
    Htoo Zaw Win 3 недели назад La
  • Ella's Pretty Msp
    Ella's Pretty Msp 3 недели назад Omg
  • ralph benson
    ralph benson 2 недели назад gta 5 los santos aka la beach
  • Osmara vlogs
    Osmara vlogs 2 недели назад Syed M Tayyab Los santos
    『BLACK』SHAH PUBG MOBILE 2 недели назад Noo it is in gta 5
    PRO GAMER Неделю назад (изменено) No vice city
  • maxamed cabdullahi
    maxamed cabdullahi Неделю назад You picked the wrong beach as fool
  • Vijender Yadav
    Vijender Yadav 3 дня назад @『BLACK』SHAH PUBG MOBILE it's gta San Andreas 😛
  • Eyez-wide Vids
    Eyez-wide Vids 4 месяца назад This was funny and it’s great how she doesn’t let her condition stop her from having a laugh
  • grimgrudge
    grimgrudge 4 недели назад What disability? Wasn't she standing on her legs in the beginning of the video?
  • TUE TV
    TUE TV Неделю назад 2.49
  • King JBeast
    King JBeast 4 дня назад @grimgrudge uhmm those weren't her legs.
  • Saya Aya
    Saya Aya 3 дня назад a
  • Baby Ruthie
    Baby Ruthie 1 месяц назад (изменено) 2:49 the guy in the scooter was shooked 🤣 3:40 💀
  • Martez Chandler
    Martez Chandler 1 месяц назад God Bless Her Heart ❤️ She’s Beautiful Inside & Out She Have Full Confidence Of Her Disability #ILoveIt.
  • Bhojpuri New Video Official
    Bhojpuri New Video Official 1 месяц назад
  • Nikola Lestain
    Nikola Lestain 1 месяц назад Wow beautiful comment 🌹💓💓
  • Haley Dees
    Haley Dees 1 месяц назад I would date her
  • Wolverine
    Wolverine 1 месяц назад Yeah
  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh 1 месяц назад @Haley Dees those are just words
  • DripzOfficial
    DripzOfficial 1 месяц назад Haley Dees lmao
  • DripzOfficial
    DripzOfficial 1 месяц назад Aditya Singh exactly 😂😂😂
  • Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar 1 месяц назад I
  • Connie Oglayon
    Connie Oglayon 3 недели назад DAFUQ IS DIS COMMENT?! IT'S A JOKE XDD
  • Otaku ONCE
    Otaku ONCE 1 месяц назад Good thing the people there didn't had a heart attack
  • gaming with pem
    gaming with pem 3 недели назад @Joshua Knelsen what was wrong
  • Jayson Philip Velayo
    Jayson Philip Velayo 2 недели назад @gaming with pem the joke
  • DampotPiso _
    DampotPiso _ 2 недели назад Even scared...
  • shubham
    shubham 2 недели назад Have*
  • The Next Big Thing
    The Next Big Thing Неделю назад PTSD
  • Shanae Mckoy
    Shanae Mckoy 3 недели назад (изменено) No one is safe in this prank not even the people who pass by them That man who fell had me dyeing
  • edelson mark tuscano
    edelson mark tuscano 9 месяцев назад #RESPECT FOR HER
  • Sanjeew Kumar
    Sanjeew Kumar 2 недели назад (изменено) Hats off to this girl. She is an amazing skateboarder! People with legs even can't skateboard. She is confident and happy. She is a gift from God. This shows if we want to do anything, excuses can't come in our way. They are only for the weak.
  • chad w
    chad w 2 недели назад (изменено) so good parts, just no legs? id still date her.... more fun with her cause she wont ask you to go hiking or bowling i bet at least one guy afterwords asked for her number
  • paris mcginnis
    paris mcginnis 2 недели назад It's a prank! Me: so why I'm I still freaked out
  • Vikri Buntok General
    Vikri Buntok General 5 дней назад lol
  • Alisa Klonnãl
    Alisa Klonnãl 1 месяц назад I like how she makes the run for it😂
  • Rodrigo Santos
    Rodrigo Santos 1 месяц назад Legal,gostei muito. Um dia vou para os USA.
  • kuroko chanak
    kuroko chanak 1 месяц назад Ohh the girl with disability has more confidence than me -a normal people getting bullied because of my pimples
  • Qumru Quluyeva
    Qumru Quluyeva 3 месяца назад Salam. Bunu necə edirsiniz ki? Çox maraqlıdır...Şokdayam.
  • gingerdog5aj !
    gingerdog5aj ! 2 недели назад This scared the crap out of me 🤣🤣
  • Viquers Vikers
    Viquers Vikers 1 месяц назад 6 years old me in 2006.. It's a demon!!! It's a demon!
  • Minas Tirith
    Minas Tirith 1 месяц назад Viquers Vikers yeah yeah
  • Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams 1 месяц назад That was so funny when the woman pulled her legs off and started running😂😂😂
  • Jeremy Marin
    Jeremy Marin 3 месяца назад Always keep positive Gurl!!
  • Denzel Gutierez
    Denzel Gutierez 3 дня назад 😂 man bro this funny you could totally creep out people by that disability that's the good thing 🙂 god bless you:)
  • Cual Name
    Cual Name 1 месяц назад (изменено) 2:47 Stop distracting that poor driver, he is just 100% concentrated on the road.
  • cracker jinks
    cracker jinks 1 месяц назад Hahaha so funny, lesson learned, keep your eyes on the road, not on somebody
  • smellmyclock
    smellmyclock 1 месяц назад Cual Name it’s literally the law to not rubberneck, he shouldn’t be looking elsewhere
  • yOMaMA 291
    yOMaMA 291 1 месяц назад 1 thats not a driver 2 hes not on the road he’s on the sidewalk
  • Cual Name
    Cual Name 1 месяц назад @yOMaMA 291 ok.