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Published on Jul 9, 2019 289,201 views

They are taking my brand new McLaren 570s Spider away from and here's why! Comment below and let me know what y'all think is going to be customized on my McLaren G Squad..

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  • Adrian Marcello
    Adrian Marcello Неделю назад Mr organic always dressed like a gta character
  • Blazerz TV
    Blazerz TV Неделю назад lmao to funny follow my channel
  • kellhitemup _95
    kellhitemup _95 Неделю назад One weird pure slasher
  • Joe G.
    Joe G. Неделю назад Edgar H252 gta5 u moron
  • C M
    C M Неделю назад Lol! That was funny 😆
  • Isaiah Mitchell
    Isaiah Mitchell Неделю назад Mr. Organik is one weird motherfuker
  • Azim Qureshi
    Azim Qureshi Неделю назад Adrian Marcello gta characters don’t have puffy beards so stay on gta
  • Dajuan Dugger
    Dajuan Dugger Неделю назад On god 😭
  • Modfather 3
    Modfather 3 Неделю назад Adrian Marcello 😂😂😂
  • Shon Royale
    Shon Royale Неделю назад 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Garrett Rekdahl
    Garrett Rekdahl Неделю назад It's because he is a character.
  • Claw Perez
    Claw Perez Неделю назад Adrian Marcello lmao 🍿
  • TBE LJ
    TBE LJ Неделю назад 😂😂😂😂
  • Boss Hot
    Boss Hot Неделю назад Adrian Marcello lookin like a playmaker
  • iEatWifii
    iEatWifii Неделю назад Looks more like a 2k Character
  • Kevon Chandler
    Kevon Chandler Неделю назад He looks like a 2k avatar
  • GatzMaximus
    GatzMaximus Неделю назад @Edgar H252 San Andreas! Best GTA ever!
  • Edgar H252
    Edgar H252 Неделю назад Nucky Thompson Lmao what GTA is you talking about
  • Nucky Thompson
    Nucky Thompson Неделю назад Like when you try to spend everything you have because you have cheat codes for more money. 😂
  • Primitive 100
    Primitive 100 Неделю назад Adrian Marcello 😂😂😂😂
  • Rayz Graphixs
    Rayz Graphixs 2 недели назад You ever thought of hiring a editor for your videos , I’ve been watching your videos for years i see how you like to edit them and want them to be put out there i could do it for you i have experience and I’m ready not only could this save u so much time but also it will also come with better edits and much more❗️❗️💯 THUMBS THIS UP FOR ME PLEASE 🙏🏾
  • Zander
    Zander Неделю назад Send him an email of your work I believe he keeps his email in the description (keep grinding )
  • soccerkidb123
    soccerkidb123 Неделю назад Keep doing your thing man. Try and keep it formal and professional when selling your service. All the best
  • Rayz Graphixs
    Rayz Graphixs Неделю назад Dlt215 yea I’m hip i message him on all social media lol
  • Dlt215
    Dlt215 Неделю назад If you've been watching,you will also notice he don't respond to comment's.
  • Rayz Graphixs
    Rayz Graphixs Неделю назад Speedyspeed appreciate it I’ve been commenting for like a week or 2 lol i know it can take time
  • Speedyspeed
    Speedyspeed Неделю назад Yull get your opportunity if not today tommorow dont give up nothing’s easy
  • Rayz Graphixs
    Rayz Graphixs Неделю назад Nomoremublerap your right thanks ❗️
  • Nomoremublerap
    Nomoremublerap 2 недели назад just a tip when selling keep the word "I" out of it people want to know what they can get out of it humans are self centered tell him what you can do for him and how you can help him and if its done right he'll come to you without you having to ask
  • Mr_Organik
    Mr_Organik 2 недели назад Big movie status!!! HELLCAT HOOLIGANS 🦍🦖
  • Ryan L
    Ryan L Неделю назад Nice 4 door grandpa!!
  • Patro Chism
    Patro Chism Неделю назад Y'all have a good time at Lane tall guy car reviews you boys when you doing a big-time Mister gani on tall guy car reviews I shaved my head to man little big massage ain't nothing wrong with their homeboy I love that TV man for real for real that's doing the bed for 2019 85 inch flat screen TV that big Sony I got to find me one like the only got a 39in element flat screen TV smart TV 2019 element flat screen tv top of the art 39 in and then I got me a while mount with a swing on file ants fit up to 23 in to 65 inch I paid $65 plus tax 670 so I'll probably almost out of $70.
  • 9th gate dim
    9th gate dim Неделю назад U need slim to thrive make sure u stay 100 with that guy
  • Jaycruise 47
    Jaycruise 47 Неделю назад Mr_Organik ayee💯love to see yall on yall grind 24/7 man its really inspirational
  • Dee 23
    Dee 23 Неделю назад Mr_Organik U Need To Uo There..😭
  • Chriz Sea.
    Chriz Sea. Неделю назад Yooo! Mr. Organik you from Daygo?! That Taco Shop is on the 4 corners of death. Big facts!
  • Primo Gaming
    Primo Gaming Неделю назад I didn’t know you was from daygo!?! Big respect
  • Ishe Mhandu
    Ishe Mhandu Неделю назад @Kyle Markham man the car reviews were better when they were together. They were hilarious.
  • Og C
    Og C Неделю назад Feels like 2017 again
  • Kyle Markham
    Kyle Markham Неделю назад Mr_Organik you need to move to LA and move into the same build as TGCR and have your whips parked across from each other.
  • Ishe Mhandu
    Ishe Mhandu Неделю назад You have to move to LA gee. You and Slim make one hell of a partnership
  • Marq The trucker
    Marq The trucker 2 недели назад Mr_Organik You moving to L.A. ?
  • HABESHA Post
    HABESHA Post 2 недели назад Nobody: Not a single soul: Tall guy: You wanna shoutout your Instagram
  • iamDecim
    iamDecim 4 дня назад thats a good look though...".use my platform to get bigger too".
  • Syrus Lang
    Syrus Lang Неделю назад he been doing that for a while..nothing wrong with that
  • RED_10R
    RED_10R Неделю назад @WillPowr yea i luv the picture one,,haha you wanna take a pic with me ?
  • Kanye East
    Kanye East Неделю назад WillPowr Fr🤣 Niggas don’t even be worried about a damn picture
  • Mr Scowl Face
    Mr Scowl Face Неделю назад @WillPowr what is this? San andreas
  • Gabriel Olagov
    Gabriel Olagov Неделю назад 😂😂😂😂
  • JSH757King
    JSH757King Неделю назад Yeah he definitely show love to people man and you never know that shoutout may help someone
  • WillPowr
    WillPowr Неделю назад "you wanna get a picture with me champ?"
  • Jets fool
    Jets fool Неделю назад @Ness Rosenbrad that's what u call showing love after all if u came across tall guy he would ask u the same too
  • FamilyFirstJ
    FamilyFirstJ Неделю назад Respect for him doing that
  • Ness Rosenbrad
    Ness Rosenbrad Неделю назад Lol nobody be following those dudes he be demanding to shot out their social medias.
  • Get Dis Work
    Get Dis Work 2 недели назад Lil man flashing that cash thooo. That was not a smart move.
  • RealOne1
    RealOne1 4 дня назад INGLEWOOD LA PABLO ESCOBAR you don’t know SD lmao
  • nakeil mccloud
    nakeil mccloud 6 дней назад @Paid Tay El Jefe Tell me what's the definition of hating! 😑.. and we can go from there
  • Jalontae
    Jalontae Неделю назад Time stamp please
  • Chris Giroux
    Chris Giroux Неделю назад @WestsideDJ I've never understood this. Every rich person in the world trusts banks, but people who's life savings fit under a mattress dont.. your money is insured by the FDIC. You're much more likely to lose your money to robbery, fire, natural disaster than by putting it in a bank
  • Ruben Scott
    Ruben Scott Неделю назад That how the rapper in the bmw was killed
  • Paid Tay El Jefe
    Paid Tay El Jefe Неделю назад @nakeil mccloud I mean how dats retarded why yall hating we have like a hunnid times that money tf thats nothing thats my lil area not like im in another city with mfs I dont know
  • Paid Tay El Jefe
    Paid Tay El Jefe Неделю назад follow some young goons on instagram bigdrop223 n yfnlarry
  • BlvckFire EDM iTrap iTrance iClub iChill
    BlvckFire EDM iTrap iTrance iClub iChill Неделю назад He's young, he'll learn one day
    INGLEWOOD LA PABLO ESCOBAR Неделю назад @This Guy 🤣 "the ghetto" 💀
  • Rectro Gt
    Rectro Gt Неделю назад I know who im robbing now :)
  • nakeil mccloud
    nakeil mccloud Неделю назад @Lucifire now THAT.. I agree
  • Joe Donkey
    Joe Donkey Неделю назад @nakeil mccloud riiiight.
  • Ness Rosenbrad
    Ness Rosenbrad Неделю назад He got too excited. Definitely not a smart move for the moment.
  • Fn123 Ja
    Fn123 Ja Неделю назад A Thom probably drug money
  • Lil Izzy -
    Lil Izzy - Неделю назад if u hustle u will be just lik dat💯
  • Chris Young
    Chris Young Неделю назад @nakeil mccloud yup. I dont trust banks either
  • Ray Gonzalez
    Ray Gonzalez Неделю назад Ryan Blah SD
  • WestsideDJ
    WestsideDJ Неделю назад This Guy you clearly not from the hood😭
  • Lucifire
    Lucifire Неделю назад @nakeil mccloud means they are retarded for sure though.
  • nakeil mccloud
    nakeil mccloud Неделю назад @This Guy 😒..that was a stereotypical statement.. I know a few YOUNG DUDES who work 9-5 and walk around with they lifesaving all because of how the WANT to be portrayed or don't believe in banks! Just because someone walks around with cash doesn't always ran they sell drugs..
  • A Thom
    A Thom Неделю назад Homeboy ain't sending anyone to Inception with those hands either. He's fucked now if he ain't carryin
  • Jack Beauregard
    Jack Beauregard Неделю назад My guy was looking around for the popos if there any of them around ahahaha
  • ugutierrez55
    ugutierrez55 Неделю назад He'll be on the evening news..
  • P Tourne
    P Tourne Неделю назад Little thugs.....
  • alex rivas
    alex rivas Неделю назад Ryan Blah Encanto, San Diego Ca
  • phantom2k10
    phantom2k10 Неделю назад Hosea 4:6
  • Ryan Blah
    Ryan Blah Неделю назад Where is this?
  • Justin Dir
    Justin Dir Неделю назад Get Dis Work at all
  • This Guy
    This Guy Неделю назад for sure sells drugs. No one with the right mind would carry that much around the ghetto
  • G.G. Scoota
    G.G. Scoota Неделю назад That wasn’t his first time I’m sure
  • A Thom
    A Thom 2 недели назад Just reached around his back and painted his own target
  • dezeazy60
    dezeazy60 Неделю назад Mr Organik makes me want to hit the gym just to never have a shirt on. 😂💪🏾
  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones Неделю назад dezeazy60 same 😂😂😂💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
  • Toodyman Vlogs
    Toodyman Vlogs Неделю назад Rose are red Velvet are blue This video start On 26:00
  • Tstaten4
    Tstaten4 2 недели назад People who didn’t watch the video gonna be like “he got it repoed” or “couldn’t pay the bills” 😂😂😂😂
  • Myke Johnson
    Myke Johnson Неделю назад @Miles B Damn lol
  • Myke Johnson
    Myke Johnson Неделю назад @Marsh Mello aha haha ha
  • Garrett Rekdahl
    Garrett Rekdahl Неделю назад 1000% CLICKBAIT
  • Dobald Roberts
    Dobald Roberts Неделю назад Factss
  • David Biviano
    David Biviano Неделю назад How is it click bait ? They took the mclaren but they took it for modification
  • Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson Неделю назад It hasn’t even been a month yet for the car note which he probably have like 2 months before first payment
  • Murph
    Murph Неделю назад @Brendan Obrien lol perfect
  • Brendan Obrien
    Brendan Obrien Неделю назад Mike, TheAnimated it’s not really clickbait because he says “here’s why”
  • Don Von
    Don Von Неделю назад I mean that’s what everyone would think when u see his car gettin hooked up to a tow truck 😂and then the title duhhh fam don’t try to and make us look like we hatin it’s called logic🤷🏾‍♂️
  • rah kajaj
    rah kajaj Неделю назад My thoughts exactly 😂
  • Dlt215
    Dlt215 Неделю назад Niggas believe in anything 🙄
  • Jay Silva
    Jay Silva Неделю назад Ik😂😂but he set for life
  • BenefitMe1000
    BenefitMe1000 Неделю назад Marsh Mello must’ve had your feelings hurt. Tf outta here.
  • john martin
    john martin Неделю назад he got 38 commercials on his vid, hes payin his bills
  • Miles B
    Miles B Неделю назад so what happened i’m not gonna listen to him talk for 40 minutes
  • I'm Zoid
    I'm Zoid Неделю назад @Mike, TheAnimated "kinda" It's mad clickbait.
  • Modified-
    Modified- Неделю назад Tstaten4 Check out the YouTube channel for some sick car content. 🏎💨
  • Marsh Mello
    Marsh Mello Неделю назад He clickbaits , lies and talks like if he is a radio station host
  • A Thom
    A Thom 2 недели назад 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭
  • Sarita Darlington Winey
    Sarita Darlington Winey 2 недели назад Mike, TheAnimated it’s mad clickbait..
  • Mike, TheAnimated
    Mike, TheAnimated 2 недели назад So this is kinda clickbait, then?
  • MemeDealer
    MemeDealer 2 недели назад You know you are real G squad when the highest Resolution is 360p 😂
    FORTNITE DUDE Неделю назад MemeDealer mine is on 720p
  • Jason Bussell
    Jason Bussell Неделю назад Axv Mad true dat. Can’t do the notifications... too much drama with the ladies 🤣
  • Axv Mad
    Axv Mad Неделю назад @Jason Bussell it's because you dont have notifications on🤦🤧
  • Kenneth Hudson
    Kenneth Hudson 2 недели назад Big Facts!!
  • Jason Bussell
    Jason Bussell 2 недели назад MemeDealer ??? In this video? Mine is in 1080p 🤔
    COLBY'S VLOGS 2 недели назад @91LI
    WEST COAST MUSIC UPLOAD 2 недели назад 💯
  • Ace Baby
    Ace Baby 2 недели назад I couldn’t even realize 😭
  • Dirty Sprite
    Dirty Sprite 2 недели назад Rs 😂😂😂💯💯
  • Fox 2 Times
    Fox 2 Times Неделю назад “I thought I was doing a good job” -3 of em Y’all mfs funny asl ghee
  • Teli97
    Teli97 Неделю назад "To go from the hood to somebody screaming your name in another hood where you ain't even from". FACTS Tall Guy, G Squad Stand Up!!!!
  • Brandon Isaac
    Brandon Isaac 2 недели назад Who else remembers the Aventador guy who went off on valet for joy riding?!
  • Donda Nana
    Donda Nana Неделю назад @Brandon Isaac thanks found it !
  • Brandon Isaac
    Brandon Isaac Неделю назад @Donda Nana search 'aventador valet joyride' should be the top results
  • Donda Nana
    Donda Nana Неделю назад @Brandon Isaac No i mean like is there a video of it happening?
  • Brandon Isaac
    Brandon Isaac Неделю назад @Donda Nana 36:50 when it's first mentioned
  • Animosity
    Animosity Неделю назад apparently he was buggin for no reason the manager had to take it around the block cause it was too low to go downstairs and he couldnt bust a U turn
  • Donda Nana
    Donda Nana Неделю назад where'd this happen at lmao
  • JETmadeIT
    JETmadeIT Неделю назад fax 🤣🤣
  • brandon oneal
    brandon oneal Неделю назад Homie went off
  • marcoarsenal22
    marcoarsenal22 2 недели назад Hahaha yea bro, that’s white guy is actually the manager of the valet. That mother fucker still working there 😂😂
  • LilCoolKid
    LilCoolKid 2 недели назад make this blue if you love Tall Guy ⤵️ (if you’re reading this, please have a nice day because you deserve it)
  • The Lantos Family
    The Lantos Family Неделю назад I subbed sub back
  • TwistA Matikk
    TwistA Matikk Неделю назад LilCoolKid Respect 💯
  • Mano A Mano
    Mano A Mano Неделю назад Have yourself a nice day as well brotha! You deserve it for certain! And everyone that likes your comment feels the same! #100
    CUUDUR Неделю назад nice mesaage and all, but kinda douchey always askin for likes dont u think?
  • Mr Six19
    Mr Six19 1 день назад Damn tall guys!! Y’all was right down the street from the pad. That taco shop is legendary. Shout out to Mr organik coming from the south east.
  • BMWOutlaww De La Rosa
    BMWOutlaww De La Rosa 6 дней назад Damn.. With the heavy lifting me n my boy do, I needs that in my life. I never heard of that!
  • station4hiphop
    station4hiphop 1 день назад Damn you and Mr Organik inspire me like a mug
  • WREz E.
    WREz E. 2 недели назад 3 minutes posted and all these comments already? Damn. I thought I was early
  • Subscribe To Me For No Reason
    Subscribe To Me For No Reason Неделю назад A3 VLOGS Why are you so butthurt middle schooler, go hit a vape kid
  • A3 VLOGS
    A3 VLOGS Неделю назад Not funny u pu**y stfu
  • George Powell
    George Powell 2 недели назад Y’all hilarious. Gotta hit you up next time I come to LA.
  • Mike Gonzalez
    Mike Gonzalez Неделю назад (изменено) 5:41 Fact: Never show your money because that means you poor
  • Richard Searfoss
    Richard Searfoss 6 дней назад So true imagine someone with $800 Mil flashing their money it’d take up whole rooms lol
  • Don.P King
    Don.P King Неделю назад Young bruhs just wanna show off but, me personally would've edited that out for his own safety ya know? Too much traffic coming here and if you can get killed for $20 well, you see where I'm coming from...
  • Kras 4
    Kras 4 Неделю назад That hellcat sounds like it swallowed two Tigers. Ferocious sounding machine.