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Bengal Kitten Introduction to adult cats - Part 1

Published on Jun 30, 2012 5,334,248 views

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Chatzi is a 6month old Bengal boy. This is part one of a series of feline cat behaviour films looking in detail into his introduction to a house with another Bengal cat called Freya and a Mixed Breed Moggy called Teego

The music is Brightly Fancy ISRC: USUAN1100883
and Batty McFaddin ISRC: USUAN1200003
by the fantastic

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    Animal Bonanza 6 месяцев назад Keeping Up With the Catdashians
  • Eugenia Lassaque
    Eugenia Lassaque 5 месяцев назад Finally a good comment
  • 5thGen
    5thGen 5 месяцев назад What's the difference??
  • Sean FLG
    Sean FLG 4 месяца назад (изменено) Cat have shits smarter than that at whole satanic family
  • Una's Gaming Channel
    Una's Gaming Channel 4 месяца назад Why more interesting
  • Sieren Tokiio
    Sieren Tokiio 4 месяца назад @Una's Gaming Channel the cats of caurse....although i wouldn't go as far as to say "satanic family"
  • Una's Gaming Channel
    Una's Gaming Channel 4 месяца назад @Sieren Tokiio meant to say way. I was drunk typin 😂
  • Giovanni Sanseviero
    Giovanni Sanseviero 4 месяца назад This is an insult to the cats :(
  • Invisible Crown
    Invisible Crown 4 месяца назад
  • Brian Preston
    Brian Preston 3 месяца назад (изменено) Are these cats sluts?
  • knight Tyler
    knight Tyler 3 месяца назад @Brian Preston CARS lightening McQueen!
  • Michael Kavanagh
    Michael Kavanagh 3 месяца назад Yep. Skinny prissy kitties. 🙃
  • invidinvasion
    invidinvasion 3 месяца назад I come here to get away from shit like Kardashians, and you have to put that out there! You suck Catdashian balls!
  • Ryan Pearsall
  • Laya
    Laya 3 месяца назад Except cat social lives are much more interesting
  • Dexter Munster
    Dexter Munster 3 месяца назад Just Me! Cool! ☺👍
  • Official_TLoZ Master Stacey
    Official_TLoZ Master Stacey 3 месяца назад @Sean FLG U mean "catanic?" Sorry not sorry... Reeses
  • Noble Nemesis
    Noble Nemesis 3 месяца назад Lmfaaaaaaao
  • Left Hand Path -Ignite your knowledge
    Left Hand Path -Ignite your knowledge 3 месяца назад @Sean FLG whats the satanic has to do with smartness or this pets ?? have u been drinking or just playing dumb
  • LtWellDone
    LtWellDone 3 месяца назад That pun just made my day!
  • Roberto Pallas
    Roberto Pallas 3 месяца назад hey hey, good one : )
  • Hendry Global
    Hendry Global 3 месяца назад Sean FLG that’s an insult to saitan
  • Doctor Tophat
    Doctor Tophat 2 месяца назад I fucking spit out my drink
  • cynthia Nobara
    cynthia Nobara 2 месяца назад Lol
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    James West 1 месяц назад Pussy Galore here
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    James West Неделю назад Wobbles and Bean Next week Bengal Jenner gets spayed
  • 594727910
    594727910 Неделю назад @5thGen the cats are actually interesting and intelligent. While Kardashian aren't
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    Homeya 3 месяца назад Bengal Boi
  • Roberto Pallas
    Roberto Pallas 3 месяца назад You like Hypno
  • Dan Copsen
    Dan Copsen 2 месяца назад Literally the first thing that came to my mind when I started the video
  • Carden
    Carden 2 месяца назад He's not a bad boi
  • dan tan
    dan tan 2 месяца назад 1 spicey cat boi
  • DassRoc
    DassRoc 2 месяца назад not a bad boi~~
  • BagellPower23
    BagellPower23 2 месяца назад she looks like a miniature stegosaurus
  • Jessie
    Jessie 2 месяца назад Breeding Queen
  • _aso_qro_
    _aso_qro_ 2 месяца назад @BagellPower23 Roar
  • Dalek Metaphorical accuracy not needed
    Dalek Metaphorical accuracy not needed 2 месяца назад He’s not a bad boi
  • Dey knight
    Dey knight 1 месяц назад Yaaaaawwn
  • Paws Not Claws
    Paws Not Claws 3 недели назад Homeya I love it 😁😆
  • Pixelchu
    Pixelchu 3 месяца назад “Chatzi is a 6-month old Bengal boi
  • Urbanwae
    Urbanwae 2 месяца назад maybe a vaccum round is in place
  • midinerd
    midinerd 2 месяца назад Maybe it isn't in place. JERK
  • Urbanwae
    Urbanwae 2 месяца назад midinerd yes what a jerk Iam -.-
  • Athena Baucum
    Athena Baucum 1 месяц назад it's impossible to not have litter everywhere when you have an inside cat. It also seems like this is the "cat room" area.
  • Urbanwae
    Urbanwae 1 месяц назад Athena Baucum i have a 2 cats and a dog, vaccum everyday is a must if you are a clean person, maybe switch litterbox ? I se only lazyness! And if you make a Movie for the world to see you can spend 5 min ;)
  • Terrance Gillard
    Terrance Gillard 1 месяц назад @Urbanwae I have 2 cats and rarely have to clean kitty litter off the floor. I have a deep kitty litter pan. I also have a large tray for boots that I place the kitty litter pan on. They are freaking amazing. That room needs more than a vacuum imo....
  • beefortebrea
    beefortebrea 1 месяц назад @Athena Baucum if your litter box looks like that, that's pretty gross. You're neglecting their area.
  • Urbanwae
    Urbanwae 1 месяц назад THANK YOU SIR !@Terrance Gillard
  • Big E
    Big E 1 месяц назад the place does look pretty goddamn dumpy
  • Elias Crooker
    Elias Crooker 1 месяц назад @Urbanwae So rude
  • Gregg Hernandez
    Gregg Hernandez 1 месяц назад This is why I use the Pine Litter pellets. It doesn't make such a mess, although I keep my cat's litter trays in the laundry room which they don't seem to mind. They are cleaned twice a day every day. Also a good idea to place a couple of those pads you use for standing on when you have to stand for long periods of time underneath the litter boxes. Here in the USA they can be bought at place called Harbor Freight. Not sure if you have those stores in the UK, but if so, they are pretty cheap, and well worth it, easy to clean.
  • Aw Ete
    Aw Ete 3 недели назад Maybe plastic surgery is in place 💀
  • Shendi Sackett
    Shendi Sackett Неделю назад I use a hooded litter tray with a special silicone mat in front of it. The mat is sort of coiled so it traps the litter on the cat's feet as they leave the litter box. It's amazing for stopping litter spreading around. You can get them on amazon and I've seen them in pet stores now in the UK. To clean the mat you just tip off any on the surface and then shake it hard outside to dislodge the litter that is under the coils.
  • Urbanwae
    Urbanwae 5 дней назад Aw Ete just a bad comeback... i know i look good ;)
  • Puppana
    Puppana 2 месяца назад Goddamn that litterbox is creating a mess. Love the look of Teego and his slow-mo moves.
  • Johnny Cruise
    Johnny Cruise 2 месяца назад damn your place is a mess..
  • Hexa Dex
    Hexa Dex 1 месяц назад I bet they've made a room specifically only for cats. That's why its messy.
  • TheDodicat
    TheDodicat 1 месяц назад It's a cat room dummy
  • beefortebrea
    beefortebrea 1 месяц назад @Hexa Dex It's a cat room, but it's still part of your house. Vacuum for Pete's sakes.
    MAUR ICE 1 месяц назад @Hexa Dex damn that cat has a big clothes ey
  • Vert
    Vert 3 недели назад beefortebrea ok Susan. Judge away.
  • beefortebrea
    beefortebrea 3 недели назад @Vert bet. Dirty ass cat piss smelling ass "what's that in the corner?" ass house
  • Nihilst Coraline
    Nihilst Coraline 3 недели назад @beefortebrea dont assume things, odds are the cat had just recently caused a mess and it was cleaned after the video.
  • beefortebrea
    beefortebrea 3 недели назад @Nihilst Coraline you know most of their videos are like this right?
  • OneTouch Gamerz
    OneTouch Gamerz Неделю назад Haha dummy
  • Johnny Cruise
    Johnny Cruise Неделю назад TheDodicat the whole hose looks like a dump. 🤣
  • Daniel M
    Daniel M 1 месяц назад Your videos are well made, dude clean your room!!!!
  • eLsain
    eLsain 1 месяц назад its a battleground
  • Bart De Bock
    Bart De Bock 1 месяц назад i especially don't like the fact the litter box is just open like that, litter going everywhere. get a top fo rthat damn thing, reduces spillage by at least 95%
  • Dilly Dally
    Dilly Dally 3 недели назад @Bart De Bock and near the door!
  • Nasim Aghdam
    Nasim Aghdam 2 недели назад He is a cat lady!
  • GMan5090
    GMan5090 2 недели назад @Nasim Aghdam 😂😂😂i'm dead
  • OneTouch Gamerz
    OneTouch Gamerz Неделю назад Its cats room
  • R.J. MacReady
    R.J. MacReady 2 месяца назад (изменено) GET USED TO HIS SMELL THROUGH THE DOOR... Hey buddy, you got a dead cat in there or what?
  • ScourgeDX2
  • Alex 10,000
    Alex 10,000 2 месяца назад this house is messier than the crack house I overdosed in
  • Ragnarok
    Ragnarok 2 месяца назад You need to work on your snippy remark game. It's not only weak af but you turned it against yourself halfway through.
  • Darksorrow
    Darksorrow 2 месяца назад @Ragnarok Honestly I thought it was fucking hilarious.
  • Phil Giglio
    Phil Giglio 1 месяц назад Cats are proof the world is not flat...if it was they would have pushed everything off the edge. Put something on a table and the cat will, sooner or later, push it off...they can't help themselves: everything is a toy to them.
  • Delirium Dabbles
    Delirium Dabbles 1 месяц назад @Ragnarok That post has 35 likes. Yours has zero...
  • Mac Loud
    Mac Loud 1 месяц назад Delirium Dabbles lol
  • walter delmolonlul
    walter delmolonlul 1 месяц назад @Ragnarok that was the point, not to be "witty" but dark humor.
  • The Controller
    The Controller 1 месяц назад @Ragnarok that was humor / self irony... You have to work on your joke understanding game 😂
  • TheDodicat
    TheDodicat 1 месяц назад To admit you use crack is something only idiots like yourself would admit to.
  • Melanwater
    Melanwater 1 месяц назад @TheDodicat It's called a joke, dipshit. If I said I killed your nan you'd probably call the police crying.
  • LucasChicken
    LucasChicken 1 месяц назад Its a cat room
  • Paul Masonik
    Paul Masonik 3 недели назад Thats the way baby
  • Kenneth Gross
    Kenneth Gross 3 недели назад @Delirium Dabbles lol I gave Rag a thumbs down for being a hater. I chuckled, good joke to me.
  • Shendi Sackett
    Shendi Sackett Неделю назад @Phil Giglio I love that, has anybody told the flat earthers?
  • Big Salmon
    Big Salmon Неделю назад That's a clean crack house.
  • Bernard Moore
    Bernard Moore Неделю назад @Ragnarok lighten up
  • Chris Turnbull
    Chris Turnbull Неделю назад @Melanwater ill shank ur nan
  • lmao boy
    lmao boy Неделю назад @Ragnarok je moet gewoon je kk smoel houden rotjoch
  • Louie le King
    Louie le King 6 дней назад Hah
  • Prachetas Nayse
    Prachetas Nayse 6 дней назад Nice one. Did you Google that? xD
  • Dreamingbig
    Dreamingbig 6 дней назад 😂😂😂
  • 24DracoAmericanus
    24DracoAmericanus 2 года назад My cat's been looking over my shoulder watching these videos with me. She's so fascinated by them. It must be like a drama for her. lol
  • Lord Turles97
    Lord Turles97 Год назад 24DracoAmericanus Well you've gotta buy her the box set now....
  • Kib Jib
    Kib Jib 9 месяцев назад Catdashians
  • thatpoeticthug
    thatpoeticthug 7 месяцев назад Omg 2 much 😂😂😂
  • Chardae Rader
    Chardae Rader 6 месяцев назад 😂😂😂
  • Animal Bonanza
    Animal Bonanza 6 месяцев назад It's the Catdashians
  • Jhania Smith
    Jhania Smith 5 месяцев назад Meanwhile my cat’s just smacking the screen with her paw.
  • trainrover
    trainrover 3 месяца назад Were it not for the advent of flat screen or plasma TV sets, no cat paid a n y heed to whatever played on your omnipresent vacuum-tube TVs for all those decades.
  • Martin Combes
    Martin Combes 3 дня назад trainrover I had a cat who one time when I played a cat video on TV started to look behind it and paw at the screen.
  • Emperor Ambrose O’Leary
    Emperor Ambrose O’Leary 2 дня назад Me: okay, time for homework Also me:
  • Heidi Kleindienst
    Heidi Kleindienst 1 месяц назад Narration by: SARGON OF ACAT
  • Barking Shark
    Barking Shark 2 дня назад That room needs an introduction to a vacuum cleaner. I can only imagine the smell....Pee Yew!
  • Arizakawa Miyamoto
    Arizakawa Miyamoto 2 месяца назад He attack he defend but mostly he cute
  • Henry Lansky
    Henry Lansky 2 недели назад God- look at the distance he throws the litter. That means he is a BONAFIDE LITTLE PRICK.
  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja 2 месяца назад Such a spectacular level of understanding regarding cat behaviour!
  • Phil Giglio
    Phil Giglio 1 месяц назад Live with cats for 35 years as I have and you learn their ways fairly well. He knows/understands cat body language.
  • Sarah Fernandez
    Sarah Fernandez 2 месяца назад I love your devotion to your cats. It's heartwarming. But I have to take you to task for the cat litter all over your floor. Get a larger litter box or one with a cover. That is very unsanitary.
  • trucker V
    trucker V 2 месяца назад Lol how is it unsanitary? Do you see shit all over the place? Is there shit all over the floor? Um no it's litter. We have 5 cats and 3 of them fling litter all over the place. Doesn't mean it's unsanitary. It's amazing all the "experts" here saying how dirty and unsanitary it is because of some damn litter on the floor smh
  • XakashinaX Schilz
    XakashinaX Schilz 2 месяца назад trucker V I mean it’s litter coming out of a box that has been pissed and crapped in. So yeah it is unsanitary lol I have cats too even I get grossed out by litter everywhere
  • OneManShow
    OneManShow 1 месяц назад LMAO at people like this Trucker fellow... "Eh? why's it unsanitary then? Is just CAT LITTER strewn all over the floor, and a room stuffed with a bare mattress and random junk... I'd eat off those floors!!" ...Ok then, mate. Guess we know what your house looks like.
  • B To The T To The S To The BTS
    B To The T To The S To The BTS 1 месяц назад @trucker V It's cat litter.. which is used by cats to shit in... how is that not unsanitary....?
  • trucker V
    trucker V 1 месяц назад @OneManShow oh wow, you are a smart guy aren't you? You nailed it right on the head. My house is just an unsanitary place and live like a pig because I don't think some litter on the floor is unsanitary. The litter that gets flung out on my floor is clean litter. Would I fucking eat off it? No but you fucking people are acting like it's the end of the world because there is some cat litter on the damn floor. They way you morons are acting is like this is some hazmat spill. Making an assumption that you know what my place looks like would be the same as me saying that you have brown fucked up teeth because you are a British piece of shit.
  • The Cat Behaviour Channel
    The Cat Behaviour Channel 1 месяц назад @trucker V Thanks, if they'd even read the info on one of the videos, they'd know that the litter had recently been flung out, you can't start a hoover with nervous cats, and it's a room dedicated to the cats that have just arrived to acclimatise them! Glad you liked the videos! :-)
  • TheA1God25
    TheA1God25 Неделю назад (изменено) trucker V Your name is trucker V. Probably some stink ass redneck who lives in a filthy home.
  • Brian Wilson
    Brian Wilson Неделю назад trucker V dude the fact you go by the name trucker tells ne your opinion should be disregarded.
  • Alicat Gtz
    Alicat Gtz 1 день назад Larger litter box = no mess? LOL Do you cat?
  • Adelbert Hartwell
    Adelbert Hartwell 2 месяца назад This isn't just cat entertainment. The narrator does a great job of defining key feline behaviors when with one another. Bravo! Saved.
  • Eddie Hansen
    Eddie Hansen 1 месяц назад I don't agree that the lowering of the cats head is a sign a submissiveness. My older cat kicks my younger cats ass by doing this. The younger goes for the neck, while my older ones goes for underneath and grabs hold and kicks the crap out of the younger one with hind legs. My younger cat is a bully and attacks the older one who is passive but will win. He proved it one day when he had finally enough of the attacks, I heard the fight start and then it went quiet. I looked and the younger one is laying on his back and the older one has him across the throat. Neither one was moving a muscle, no tail wags, just enlarged pupils and a blank stare. It didn't teach the younger one anything. He continues to bully the older one.
  • Caitlin Swiencki
    Caitlin Swiencki Неделю назад Plus the tail swishing and having their tails low to the ground means they're unconfident tail swishing is also means that they're agitated and feeling anxious or upset this guy really doesn't know what he's talking about
  • willy102073
    willy102073 2 дня назад @Eddie Hansen sounds like the younger one been hittin that catnip too hard 😅
  • The main cause of warps in all of reality
    The main cause of warps in all of reality 2 месяца назад This video's uncomfortably well narrated 🤔
  • roamerw1972
    roamerw1972 1 месяц назад Wonder if they have sex with the cats. Some people do with dogs. Richard Christie from the Howard Stern show used to jack off a male dog when he was 14 years old. Oh, yeah he is from Kansas....
  • q s1
    q s1 3 недели назад @roamerw1972 keep that to yourself man you sound like a fuckin weirdo
  • Gwen Fierce
    Gwen Fierce 2 месяца назад I love the commentary. I never really knew what their mannerisms meant. This helped, and was interesting to watch, thank you. :)