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Bengal Kitten Introduction to adult cats - Part 1

Published on Jun 30, 2012 4,969,870 views

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Chatzi is a 6month old Bengal boy. This is part one of a series of feline cat behaviour films looking in detail into his introduction to a house with another Bengal cat called Freya and a Mixed Breed Moggy called Teego

The music is Brightly Fancy ISRC: USUAN1100883
and Batty McFaddin ISRC: USUAN1200003
by the fantastic

  • speedydemon=cool dude
    speedydemon=cool dude 1 месяц назад Like you, i dont know how i got here
  • Juan Gama
    Juan Gama 1 месяц назад It's called "The Internet"...
  • Thomas Thiger
    Thomas Thiger 1 месяц назад Came from listen to Tangerine dream.
  • speedydemon=cool dude
    speedydemon=cool dude 1 месяц назад @Thomas Thiger i was trying to watch peanuts turn into a paste like in penut butter
  • Pysslis
    Pysslis 1 месяц назад speedydemon=cool dude I was watching idol/ talent cringe compilations.
  • Cat MeNot
    Cat MeNot 1 месяц назад (изменено) Lmao
  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey 1 месяц назад The infamous "YouTube Loop"
  • Code Khalil
    Code Khalil 1 месяц назад I don't even know where I am in LIFE!
  • NoMore Oxygen
    NoMore Oxygen 1 месяц назад I actually watched this video years ago on a completely different YouTube account. It suddenly popped up out of nowhere again. Maybe the algorithm is throwing it a bone.
  • Rico Rodriguez
    Rico Rodriguez 1 месяц назад OH YEAH YEAH
  • ratgreen
    ratgreen 1 месяц назад Youtube recently made changes to their suggestions algorithm. I'm seeing all kinds of weird shit.
  • Umbles
    Umbles 1 месяц назад I was watching how to make a scotch egg.. and somehow this was the next video in line lol
  • RJP142
    RJP142 1 месяц назад I ended up here after a Kingdom Hearts video lmao
  • lolsoar
    lolsoar 1 месяц назад I got here from head cha la. what about yall?
  • tranquilmischief
    tranquilmischief 1 месяц назад It was in my recommendations while I was listening to the soundtrack for Kingdom Hearts 3.
  • aaroniouse
    aaroniouse 1 месяц назад (изменено) The thought police brought us here, didn't they? the chamaeleon video before this one was much better, with less feces.
  • Tramp Trade
    Tramp Trade 1 месяц назад I was watching a Van Halen video.
  • gogo saby
    gogo saby 1 месяц назад speedy - dude, maybe you should look for human fight videos...
  • Fixed Face
    Fixed Face 1 месяц назад i clicked on the link
  • Kiran Dahlmanns
    Kiran Dahlmanns 1 месяц назад Zurüvk in den Keller!
  • InVi_Carlos
    InVi_Carlos 1 месяц назад I was watching a drone review video.
  • Nicholas Jegen
    Nicholas Jegen 1 месяц назад I came from Pursuit of Happyness clip to this and was thinking the same thing but I COULDN'T click away.
  • Lord Solaire
    Lord Solaire 1 месяц назад Just before, I was watching pacific main theme XD
    ALPHAWOLFIE VI 1 месяц назад I don't like cats the mess they create and the assholes they can be and im allergic but I realized half way that it was the commentary and technique of the training and understanding of animals that kept me here its a good animal dad
  • LazyScorp
    LazyScorp 1 месяц назад I somehow went from politics, to history documentaries, to fish, then hummer H2, then this....
    ALPHAWOLFIE VI 1 месяц назад LazyScorp that’s quite the rabbit hole lol the YouTube recommendations is gonna have a hard time guessing what you wanna see
  • Lawrence Lightner
    Lawrence Lightner 1 месяц назад speedydemon=cool dude I don’t know why this remark cracked me up! Can’t stop chuckling!
  • endrizo
    endrizo 1 месяц назад J.c. denton is everywhere.
  • EternalDensity
    EternalDensity 1 месяц назад random youtube recommend on something unrelated to this or anything else anyone's mentioned
  • RazerBandit
    RazerBandit 1 месяц назад I was watching Gogeta vs Broly and this was somehow in my recommended.
  • Hakeristss
    Hakeristss 1 месяц назад same
  • Platinum_Panzer
    Platinum_Panzer 1 месяц назад I got here from a Gooseworx video. Recommendations, you're drunk.
  • Simon Klein
    Simon Klein 1 месяц назад i was listening to elevator music
  • goblin king
    goblin king 1 месяц назад Your a follower judging from you pic so that's maybe how js
  • waxier_lemon
    waxier_lemon 1 месяц назад True
  • waxier_lemon
    waxier_lemon 1 месяц назад OH YEAH YEAH
  • goblin king
    goblin king 1 месяц назад @waxier_lemon baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa😂😂😂😂😂
  • Bunzai
    Bunzai 1 месяц назад It's just a fact that no matter where you go, you will eventually find out that Touhou is inside everything. Even those cats. I'm not surprised that I ended up here. Touhou is the Youtube Algorithm. Touhou is Adolf Eichmann's arrest. Touhou is all.
  • Mark Webber
    Mark Webber 1 месяц назад I was looking up how to make shredded duck pancakes...... I guess I should start with one of these cats ?
  • Phylippe Zimmermann Paquin
    Phylippe Zimmermann Paquin 1 месяц назад is it me or are you everywhere
  • Sadie Blackwell
    Sadie Blackwell 1 месяц назад YouTube recommendations are wild
  • Aria Wiyanto
    Aria Wiyanto 1 месяц назад Youtube really know what we need. Sometimes youtube give me a loli anime recommendation
  • AmericanMetalhead100
    AmericanMetalhead100 1 месяц назад I just found it in my home feed...
  • The Monarch
  • ザカリー
    ザカリー 1 месяц назад I literally came here from a clip of Goku Black turning into Super Saiyan Rosè.
  • Rob Pal
    Rob Pal 1 месяц назад 紫猫
  • Niko the Alaskan Malamute
    Niko the Alaskan Malamute 1 месяц назад i got fuckin lost chasing cats
    GOOSEAF 1 месяц назад Yeah I'm like you all, I was looking for some archived information from the first Harry Potter movie and this popped up and I wound up watching 11 episodes. All very well done by the way, and very entertaining. Thanks. Of course I forgot to hit like on the first eight so now I have to go back and at least hit the like button on those.
  • T0XR
    T0XR 1 месяц назад goddamnit, youtubes sendin me places
  • Samuel Mugo
    Samuel Mugo 1 месяц назад geez just what i was thinking......i was watching Doug reviewing a h2 hummer
  • Geneycea Brooks
    Geneycea Brooks 3 недели назад I was listening to music from the spiderverse movie
  • voicetube
    voicetube 3 недели назад LOL!
  • Shane Evans
    Shane Evans 3 недели назад From coco to some guy playing the piano at a mall to this at this point I just accepted it.
  • Sharigloo
    Sharigloo 3 недели назад speedydemon=cool dude I was playing monkey sounds to mimic my brothers girlfriend and annoy her and then I saw this. Perfect sequel
  • Bomb Twenty
    Bomb Twenty 3 недели назад I know, I see cats and I click
  • Andrew Buchan
    Andrew Buchan 3 недели назад Hahahahahaha
  • Bigus Dicus
    Bigus Dicus 3 недели назад I was listening to The Seahorses (band) which was better TBH, although it was still interesting to see this even though I haven't got a cat
  • Ruth Butler
    Ruth Butler 3 недели назад I was listening to the sound of two black holes... then this.
  • ckeilah
    ckeilah 3 недели назад I thought it was going to be a video about a Bengal TIGER kitten being introduced to house cats. Click baited! 🎶Never gonna give you up…
  • Tangible_Zadren
    Tangible_Zadren 3 недели назад I landed here from watching a video on flying Tomcat fighters....and I have a cat...🤷‍♂️
  • Yrqy.
    Yrqy. 3 недели назад Fax James Charles is in my recommended soo
  • Ulmo
    Ulmo 2 недели назад hahah yeah...
  • Ben
    Ben 2 недели назад I got here from a guy (TheDooo) playing a song backwards on his guitar
  • Eagle_Eye
    Eagle_Eye 2 недели назад @ratgreen not only you :D
  • climb higher
    climb higher 2 недели назад @Rico Rodriguez Was listening to stereo music to test my speakers. oh yea yeaaaaaa
  • Apple Aya
    Apple Aya 2 недели назад But did you ever ask for this?
  • Matt Hibbard
    Matt Hibbard Неделю назад Yep lol
  • Sarah B.
    Sarah B. Неделю назад hahahahaha - so true :)
  • Lawrence Morris
    Lawrence Morris Неделю назад I was watching 10 hours of duck sounds... I'm not joking.
  • EvoX.Racing
    EvoX.Racing Неделю назад Me too. Last video was @kylelandry Zelda piano cover and then suddenly bengal kittens lol
  • Traveller Gaming
    Traveller Gaming Неделю назад What are we doing
  • RemizZ
    RemizZ 5 дней назад I was listening to a steel drum version of a Sonic song... Thanks YouTube algorithm :D
  • Melkhiordarkblade
    Melkhiordarkblade 14 часов назад I was watching lord of the rings memes.
  • BigWilki123321
    BigWilki123321 38 минут назад Fantastic comment.
  • ScreamingBeast
    ScreamingBeast 1 месяц назад This is an absurdly well narrated cat video.
  • Rob Pal
    Rob Pal 1 месяц назад I agree with you. Plus, I love cats
  • P4Stalot
    P4Stalot 3 недели назад I highly appreciate it
  • meinHeld
    meinHeld 3 недели назад You call this well-narrated? It's boring and it's produced.
  • brage johansen
    brage johansen 3 недели назад @meinHeld what are you on about? Ofc it's produced and maybe you just find it boring watching a narrated cat video? Just because you find it boring doesn't change the fact that it is well-narrated.
  • Laurence Robinson
    Laurence Robinson 2 недели назад Seriously upbeat music too
  • Nostalgia For Infinity
    Nostalgia For Infinity 2 недели назад @meinHeld Have you ever watched a documentary?
  • Cuzzer55
    Cuzzer55 2 недели назад Like Nat geo wild
  • Wasabi Person
    Wasabi Person 2 недели назад The music ruined it for me, frankly.
  • Didn DiDo
    Didn DiDo 2 недели назад @Wasabi Person Yeah, the music is awfull.
  • Divinity Dark Matters
    Divinity Dark Matters Неделю назад Lmao .
  • J Clar
    J Clar Неделю назад I need this guy to come to my house and interpret what my cats are doing!
  • Nicolas Broszky
    Nicolas Broszky 2 дня назад (изменено) @meinHeld I note that you have not produced even one video of your own but you randomly like and dislike videos based on what seems random moods. You were obviously sent to bed without dinner when you wrote this comment. "it was produced" Yeah you dumb fuck, they actually directed the cats through speaking cat language.... EDITED is the word and of fucking course it is, every video you have liked on your channel is an edited video, that is how this shit works, you don't make a 72 hour video of cats mostly sleeping, you film the actual moments. Perhaps medication would help? Or perhaps you need someone to tell you to shut the fuck up you autistic piece of shit?
  • Happuff
    Happuff 1 месяц назад I don't know how I got here, but I've never been so intense on watching two cats meet in my life.
  • KingLich
    KingLich 1 месяц назад exactly, hahahaha
  • Howard Walters
    Howard Walters 1 месяц назад I be that room smells glorious
  • Catherine Hamel
    Catherine Hamel 1 месяц назад Same with me! I'm intentionally viewing a post about a potential pet sitter and when that's over THIS video begins to play. Totally delighted to have been dropped here!
  • Bad Cornflakes
    Bad Cornflakes 1 месяц назад @Howard Walters Troll go back under your bridge
  • Howard Walters
    Howard Walters 1 месяц назад Bad Cornflakes Your troll powers don’t work on me
  • The Rockall Times
    The Rockall Times 1 месяц назад He put the Bengal in with his cat on purpose so they would antagonise each other for the viewer's pleasure. This isn't how you introduce cats. Also, that room is a health hazard.
  • nkotb 82
    nkotb 82 1 месяц назад LOL same! My mind really spun this into a little soap opera.
  • Rob Pal
    Rob Pal 1 месяц назад I agree, it's the wild in the convenience of your own home.
  • PhiliChez
    PhiliChez 1 месяц назад I KNOW!
  • Bri
    Bri 1 месяц назад *Intent. Not intense.
  • Evelyne Robinson
    Evelyne Robinson 3 недели назад Happuff me too I got here by coincidence but I am glad I did
  • Shalom Njenga
    Shalom Njenga 3 недели назад Me I just make them meet day 1..they either fight or like each other.. Most of the time the like each other
  • Matias Merlo
    Matias Merlo 2 недели назад Oh, I know how I got here. There was this professional pianist playing on a mall piano super cool and shit and then the next recommended video was this one...
  • andytheboss
    andytheboss Неделю назад i was sweating over here
  • Homeya
    Homeya 1 месяц назад Bengal Boi
  • Rob Pal
    Rob Pal 1 месяц назад You like Hypno
  • Dan Copsen
    Dan Copsen 3 недели назад Literally the first thing that came to my mind when I started the video
  • Carden
    Carden 3 недели назад He's not a bad boi
  • dan tan
    dan tan 3 недели назад 1 spicey cat boi
  • DassRoc
    DassRoc 3 недели назад not a bad boi~~
  • BagellPower23
    BagellPower23 3 недели назад she looks like a miniature stegosaurus
  • Jessie
    Jessie 2 недели назад Breeding Queen
  • _aso_qro_
    _aso_qro_ Неделю назад @BagellPower23 Roar
  • Dalek Metaphorical accuracy not needed
    Dalek Metaphorical accuracy not needed Неделю назад He’s not a bad boi
  • NPC 13001
    NPC 13001 Неделю назад Bangali bachha
  • Heli-Crew HGS
    Heli-Crew HGS 1 месяц назад (изменено) I think it would help both cats to stay calm, if the pianist would play more softly (pianissimo,) rather than up-tempo. Some Schubert perhaps?
  • Reflected Miles
    Reflected Miles 1 месяц назад Yes, along with wrapping the cats head to tail in duct tape. With their legs and tails pinned to their bodies, they are very calm indeed except at the mouth. Plus they can then just be rolled around the room as desired.
  • Dank Mheems
    Dank Mheems 1 месяц назад I caught the grand piano in a glimpse, it was behind the mattress the dude was sitting on.
  • Say what
    Say what 1 месяц назад Raging Delinquent Nah it was pretty funny
  • Uncle Timo
    Uncle Timo 1 месяц назад @Reflected Miles hahahhahah, so, so true
  • Bad Cornflakes
    Bad Cornflakes 1 месяц назад @Say what two potential serial killers, nice. Usually I find one but here I found two
  • LOOΠΔ/Kay
    LOOΠΔ/Kay 1 месяц назад If you are being serious, I hope you realise the music, just like the voice over was added later in editing.
  • lost& found
    lost& found 1 месяц назад my thoughts exactly lol ps they should have just thrown them all in together like they do in prison they will sort the pecking order out in seconds lol
  • Epä Järjestys
    Epä Järjestys 1 месяц назад @Raging Delinquent Actually that was very funny.
  • atp Soldat
    atp Soldat 1 месяц назад Heli-Crew HGS nein Use Hungarian dance no.3
  • Rob Pal
    Rob Pal 1 месяц назад Good idea!
  • Simone M Mueller
    Simone M Mueller 1 месяц назад Heli-Crew HGS 😂
  • Yo Shi
    Yo Shi 3 недели назад penissimo
  • Jamie Holt
    Jamie Holt 2 недели назад @Reflected Miles This actually made laugh. It was the thought of multiple cat sausages rolling around that got me
  • ꧁Free tacos꧂
    ꧁Free tacos꧂ 1 месяц назад i always get miniature stegosaurus and cats confused too
  • Poodleinacan
    Poodleinacan 1 месяц назад Ikr! I always think I've discovered a living fossils, but then I get disappointed because I find out it was a cat all along.
  • J H
    J H 1 месяц назад I´m not sure if you´ve ever seen a Stegosaurus :-D
  • Gaijilla himself
    Gaijilla himself 1 месяц назад @J H I thought I did but it was just a kitty
  • J H
    J H 1 месяц назад My Problem is that a Stegosaurus got plates. But this here is more like a shield of a Spinosaurus.
  • Ahzek Ahriman
    Ahzek Ahriman 1 месяц назад The local museum no longer takes my calls. I keep telling them I discover living dinosaurs but they don't believe me.
  • David Grant
    David Grant 1 месяц назад He's missing the Thagomizer.
  • DeepSeaLugia
    DeepSeaLugia 1 месяц назад (изменено) 3:56 ニャアー!
  • Rob Pal
    Rob Pal 1 месяц назад They both エxcエpチオナl . Tim
  • bearfully
    bearfully 3 недели назад Lol
  • Puppana
    Puppana 3 недели назад Goddamn that litterbox is creating a mess. Love the look of Teego and his slow-mo moves.
  • Ryan Snider
    Ryan Snider 1 месяц назад (изменено) TEEGO IS SO CUTE. Such big, round, adorable, eyes.
  • catothewiser
    catothewiser 1 месяц назад Yes. I like cats like that. I don't much like the look of Siamese or long hair cats. Just the general American short hair type.
  • Eric VandenAvond
    Eric VandenAvond 1 месяц назад Remember when Teego was a kitten?
  • William Sleight
    William Sleight Неделю назад Look for videos when he was a kitten!
  • Crystal Mir
    Crystal Mir 2 года назад (изменено) I like to hiss when I meet other guys to assert dominance too.
  • #butter #pig
    #butter #pig 2 года назад lol
  • Lionel Hutz
    Lionel Hutz 2 года назад That's a-meow-zing lol
  • Texmex89
    Texmex89 2 года назад I killed a cat like this blew it up with tannerite lol
  • Keith Foester
    Keith Foester 2 года назад same
  • Majin Buu
    Majin Buu Год назад worldishis Was that an attempt at communicating?
  • worldishis
    worldishis Год назад Was that an attempt to jump in a conversation you had noting to do with seemingly no other goal than to be little bitch? Really though, mind your own fucking business or at least say something worthwhile for fuck sake. I wouldnt even mind talking shit
  • Renegade
    Renegade Год назад worldishis lol
  • Pointy Fork
    Pointy Fork Год назад I too like to slow motion walk to de-escalate situations
  • Huri
    Huri Год назад That is called mating call.
  • Michelle Ahier
    Michelle Ahier Год назад worldishis I am killing myself am I that bad
  • greentails
    greentails Год назад When I was in grade 6, we have teenagers that have a class beside ares and when they wait to come in I'd hiss that them, lol
  • Being Random
    Being Random Год назад Sub to me if you think these guys are weirdos
  • Valery Lytle
    Valery Lytle Год назад Crystal Mir Ha Ha! I have to remember that!
  • Troy Addict
    Troy Addict Год назад Hissss your in my part of YouTube be on your way homie hisssss
  • Xeph Xen
    Xeph Xen Год назад worldishis Triggered
  • Adrian Klinc
    Adrian Klinc Год назад Texmex89 your a monster
  • greentails
    greentails Год назад Jared white actually girls do, if ur saying girls do have dominance then your saying boys own and rule everything, which that isn't true, girls and boys have dominance
  • greentails
    greentails Год назад Jared white hah! Lmao your like what, in your 20's? And a 12 year old knows more about dominance then a adults, lmaooo
  • Nihilistic pancakeface
    Nihilistic pancakeface Год назад *Hiss
  • Michelle Gonzales
    Michelle Gonzales Год назад Hdgfohdhup
  • Michelle Gonzales
    Michelle Gonzales Год назад My. Dog. Has. Pups
  • I like Guns
    I like Guns Год назад worldishis Jesus how can you see to type with your head that far up your ass
  • Claudia Banks
    Claudia Banks Год назад I do not like it do a good vide
  • wow amaze
    wow amaze Год назад How come worldishis is calling out Texmex for apparently killing a cat but everyone starts dragging worldishis for his bad grammar and aggressiveness??
  • Wilfred The Cat
    Wilfred The Cat Год назад Crystal Mir 800th like
  • Aliza Soyster
    Aliza Soyster Год назад Texmex89 I know you're trying to be funny but it is not it is just sickening
  • Aliza Soyster
    Aliza Soyster Год назад worldiship you Texans got to chill
  • Just Lazy
    Just Lazy Год назад What are the chances, that high pitched sound the cat made, same sound I make at climax. 👉👌
  • shane Echuveria
    shane Echuveria Год назад greentails ares?
  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Год назад Crystal Mir you never met me
  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Год назад Texmex89 you blew yourself up
  • Michael Nonya
    Michael Nonya Год назад I like when girls cry. I used to throw stones at the girls that i liked. 😀
  • Susan FRISWELL
    Susan FRISWELL Год назад I hiss when my brother tickles me Once when I was younger I bit him too
  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Год назад Susan FRISWELL ah women
  • Joe Berger
    Joe Berger Год назад Crystal Mir doesn’t everybody
  • Lilith Sahl
    Lilith Sahl Год назад worldishis Hold on guys....I think it's trying to speak English
  • ReckerAGR
    ReckerAGR 11 месяцев назад How did it go?
  • Faux Manchu
    Faux Manchu 10 месяцев назад Crystal Mir 🐈😜😆😝😅😂😹😸🙀😻
  • carbonated cats
    carbonated cats 8 месяцев назад +worldishis /r/iamverybadass
  • Adam Qvisten
    Adam Qvisten 8 месяцев назад LOL
  • Soldier for Christ
    Soldier for Christ 7 месяцев назад Crystal Mir which is why when men marry women like u they wanna die sooner. 😂😂
  • Kaleb Kilfillen
    Kaleb Kilfillen 7 месяцев назад Your house is disgusting
  • Free De la Hoya
    Free De la Hoya 7 месяцев назад Lol wat
  • live by die by
    live by die by 6 месяцев назад Also sprays when another woman comes around
  • R2Wolfy
    R2Wolfy 6 месяцев назад greentails well looks like you are going to grow up to be a cancerous feminist
  • Buddy Holly
    Buddy Holly 6 месяцев назад Well you do have a pussy cat between your legs. Unless you’re one of those trannies and I’m not talking about the kind that makes your car go 😂 😂 😂
  • Tomáš KaBoŠ
    Tomáš KaBoŠ 6 месяцев назад Crystal Mir but then you double down and bend over!
  • JoNNy_CoD Philo
    JoNNy_CoD Philo 6 месяцев назад i did the same to your parents
  • JoNNy_CoD Philo
    JoNNy_CoD Philo 6 месяцев назад and that fancy tower in new york
  • Mr. Yakubi
    Mr. Yakubi 6 месяцев назад T-pose while you're at it
  • Nia Baber
    Nia Baber 5 месяцев назад Same I do that sometimes
  • Bryce Hoodie
    Bryce Hoodie 5 месяцев назад @Mr. Yakubi O --|-- / \
  • Chase Buster
    Chase Buster 5 месяцев назад +Adrian Klinc sss
  • Seto Kaiba
    Seto Kaiba 5 месяцев назад I like to burp to assert dominance
  • Nativefall
    Nativefall 5 месяцев назад @Texmex89 huh
  • Nativefall
    Nativefall 5 месяцев назад @Texmex89 dude nice bait
  • Cryptonomy Royale 2.5
    Cryptonomy Royale 2.5 5 месяцев назад @Seto Kaiba Usually I go tarantula mode only if threatened by a woman in defence I stand in threat posture, if they are aggressive I attack lol
  • Cryptonomy Royale 2.5
    Cryptonomy Royale 2.5 5 месяцев назад @Mr. Yakubi Lmao I stand in threat posture mode like a tarantula looking v mean and menacing towards any female predator
  • Seto Kaiba
    Seto Kaiba 5 месяцев назад I also like to urinate with one leg up on car rims to assert dominance
  • Mary Williams
    Mary Williams 5 месяцев назад @Buddy Holly Try to be a gentleman. Good manners are so important.
  • shinchiwarrior
    shinchiwarrior 4 месяца назад Peeing in the corner works too
  • Frank's world
    Frank's world 4 месяца назад @worldishis wow did a bee fly in your bonnet princess? It's a public conversation.
  • Rob Hawthorne
    Rob Hawthorne 4 месяца назад it wont work on me, darling
  • Chi
    Chi 4 месяца назад Lmao
  • anal reaper
    anal reaper 4 месяца назад T-poses work too.
  • Bonez0r
    Bonez0r 4 месяца назад You mean like this? XD
  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 4 месяца назад Crystal Mir I like to hiss at anybody.
  • Boojyman
    Boojyman 4 месяца назад women crave dominance because in reality they have none lol
  • Mortus Evil
    Mortus Evil 4 месяца назад I prefer to T-pose then swordfight.
  • Laura Mendoza
    Laura Mendoza 4 месяца назад Crystal Mir 8laoslslpqwertu🤢🤮
  • Serite Ross
    Serite Ross 4 месяца назад Perfect XD
  • black irre
    black irre 3 месяца назад i thought it said „kiss”
  • mcaddicts
    mcaddicts 3 месяца назад I just try to get with their mate to assert dominance.
  • Golden Apple
    Golden Apple 3 месяца назад Probably why your a lonely old scroat watching cat videos
  • депрессивный студент
    депрессивный студент 2 месяца назад T-Pose to assert human dominance.
  • Engletina Knickerbocker
    Engletina Knickerbocker 1 месяц назад @Texmex89 People in my town that are cruel to cats get jail time and community service. Just sayin'; if you can't clean up your psychopathic act around cats, then you have to learn the hard way to stay away from the little darlings. I'm sure that cats don't like you anymore than you seem to show disregard for them.
  • philosyche
    philosyche 1 месяц назад you should see cnotrapoints's tabby.
  • jasper
    jasper 1 месяц назад I like to piss against a pole to mark my territory.
  • Dank Mheems
    Dank Mheems 1 месяц назад I"m single
  • joseph cunha
    joseph cunha 1 месяц назад Lol u all are fucked up xD
  • TheTrueAAndy - Andy Long
    TheTrueAAndy - Andy Long 1 месяц назад FURFAG
  • Dalek Metaphorical accuracy not needed
    Dalek Metaphorical accuracy not needed 1 месяц назад I T pose
  • Sanaz Hunter
    Sanaz Hunter 1 месяц назад t pose to show you're superior
  • András Ziegenham
    András Ziegenham 1 месяц назад @wow amaze Thanks for explaining why they trash him, he deleted his original comment, so I had no idea what he said.
  • Joshua Ciardelli
    Joshua Ciardelli 1 месяц назад @worldishis you are the definition of psychopath.
  • Official_TLoZ Master Stacey
    Official_TLoZ Master Stacey 1 месяц назад @Texmex89 BIG OOF
  • Official_TLoZ Master Stacey
    Official_TLoZ Master Stacey 1 месяц назад I assert my dominance with low snarls, the wolf's way is better! #therian #wolfgang
  • Official_TLoZ Master Stacey
    Official_TLoZ Master Stacey 1 месяц назад @Just Lazy Lmao
  • Official_TLoZ Master Stacey
    Official_TLoZ Master Stacey 1 месяц назад @Michael Nonya You belong in a cage with the monkeys
  • Official_TLoZ Master Stacey
    Official_TLoZ Master Stacey 1 месяц назад @Susan FRISWELL My sister once tried to bite me when I took her toy that she pretended was attacking me so I ripped the toys head off and bit her with more grip and strength than any human would see. Her arm started to bleed so I brought napkins upstairs to clean her bite snd even mine and vowed not to tell my ma. My father accepts the fact that I am a werewolf/therian but I feel that my ma will thinking I'm joking and am some psycho...
  • Official_TLoZ Master Stacey
    Official_TLoZ Master Stacey 1 месяц назад @Seto Kaiba lol
  • Official_TLoZ Master Stacey
    Official_TLoZ Master Stacey 1 месяц назад @Seto Kaiba Nooooice😂
  • Platinum_Panzer
    Platinum_Panzer 1 месяц назад I T pose whilst yelling like a seal. Very effective.
    GUSTAVO FELIPE SÁ BRITO 1 месяц назад T-posing also works. Can confirm
  • Eric VandenAvond
    Eric VandenAvond 1 месяц назад Nah I t pose.
  • Legend of Nibbaheem
    Legend of Nibbaheem 1 месяц назад Hiss
  • Generic Horse
    Generic Horse 1 месяц назад Crystal Mir I like to t pose to assert my dominance
  • Rob Pal
    Rob Pal 1 месяц назад I don't judge you, I'm a Libra. It's a coin toss
  • Dalgus Maximus
    Dalgus Maximus 3 недели назад Did you piss on them to mark your territory? That's important too.
  • The Duke
    The Duke 3 недели назад (изменено) white folk: leave wild animals alone, stop riding shit, go to SeaWorld.
  • I’m unknown
    I’m unknown 2 недели назад Crystal Mir that won’t scare anyone
  • Mat Saint
    Mat Saint 2 недели назад I found it helps
  • eacorion
    eacorion 1 месяц назад Man that home must smell
  • Rusty James
    Rusty James 3 недели назад Smells like toxoplasmosis in here
  • MariahWhitneyCelineJanetMadonna
    MariahWhitneyCelineJanetMadonna 3 недели назад Rusty James gross
  • rob b
    rob b 3 недели назад @Rusty James trainspotting fan ?
  • Rusty James
    Rusty James 3 недели назад @rob b rip tommy
  • watchman 039
    watchman 039 2 недели назад Ya, the litter in the carpet.... NASTY. Bathrooms hard floor it sweeps right up...
  • Ragnarok
    Ragnarok Неделю назад Smells like stupid people leaving dumb comments.
  • trucker V
    trucker V Неделю назад Eacorion that's pretty ignorant to say. Why would it smell? We have 5 huge maine coons and our house doesn't smell at all. I didn't see any shit in the litter box or on the floor. It looks like they keep it clean. Some cats (3 of our 5) aren't very good at flushing and fling litter out onto the floor. Doesn't mean our house stinks. Maybe you should know what you are talking about before you open your mouth. Maybe your house smells like shit every time you open your mouth?
  • jeff globalski
    jeff globalski Неделю назад Cats are very clean animals. I have three and they actually smell really good! Like if you were on a plane for 16 hours and you're stepping out of the plane again and smell the fresh air. That's how healthy cats smell like. Don't know if OP is letting them outside, so the cat toilet (don't know the English word) may smell for a bit but only in that room and I asume there are many solutions for that.
  • I am Cobalt
    I am Cobalt Неделю назад @Ragnarok you farted? not cool bro.
  • I am Cobalt
    I am Cobalt Неделю назад @Ragnarok you're making this chain stink bro...gross. Nasty ass.
  • Marcos Soto
    Marcos Soto 3 дня назад House looks a mess
  • Sarah Fernandez
    Sarah Fernandez 3 недели назад I love your devotion to your cats. It's heartwarming. But I have to take you to task for the cat litter all over your floor. Get a larger litter box or one with a cover. That is very unsanitary.
  • trucker V
    trucker V Неделю назад Lol how is it unsanitary? Do you see shit all over the place? Is there shit all over the floor? Um no it's litter. We have 5 cats and 3 of them fling litter all over the place. Doesn't mean it's unsanitary. It's amazing all the "experts" here saying how dirty and unsanitary it is because of some damn litter on the floor smh
  • XakashinaX Schilz
    XakashinaX Schilz Неделю назад trucker V I mean it’s litter coming out of a box that has been pissed and crapped in. So yeah it is unsanitary lol I have cats too even I get grossed out by litter everywhere
  • Urbanwae
    Urbanwae 2 недели назад maybe a vaccum round is in place
  • midinerd
    midinerd Неделю назад Maybe it isn't in place. JERK
  • Urbanwae
    Urbanwae Неделю назад midinerd yes what a jerk Iam -.-
  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja Неделю назад Such a spectacular level of understanding regarding cat behaviour!
  • MDRstudi0s
    MDRstudi0s Неделю назад You sleep on an unsheeted matress; on the floor with no frame. Wow crazy cat people do exist
  • Pixelchu
    Pixelchu 1 месяц назад “Chatzi is a 6-month old Bengal boi “
  • Kevin Eaddy
    Kevin Eaddy Неделю назад I bet you that house smells lovely
  • Mr Spectacals
    Mr Spectacals 3 дня назад I hate to admit it, but this whole video was intriguing.
  • The Romanian Fox
    The Romanian Fox 1 день назад 03:11 omg the look on the bengal kitten is hilarious =))
  • Carol Napolitano
    Carol Napolitano 1 месяц назад (изменено) I tried that pose lying on my back, people thought I was nuts.
  • Zavisa Lopez
    Zavisa Lopez 15 часов назад Lovely voice, lovely video, horrible music, Try some more unique royalty free music and not the generic, otherwise I love it. ;'v