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Broccoli Reviews: Cars the Video Game

Published on Jun 17, 2015 35,851 views


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  • Alex Soetekouw Productions
    Alex Soetekouw Productions Год назад Like if this game was your childhood
  • y2k890
    y2k890 3 года назад Ugh. I could never get all the postcards. They were hidden too damn well.
  • reindeer games
    reindeer games 2 года назад y2k890 i gave up on my 3rd one
  • Pianonian
    Pianonian 2 года назад I got them all
  • Idaho
    Idaho Год назад Same. I started this game so often I knew only like the first ones just right of the office. The rest. Only found by coincidence
  • the finisher
    the finisher Год назад y2k890 wasn’t there a postcard literally on top of Willy’s butte?
  • ClayPot
    ClayPot 3 года назад This video is nice 10/10
  • Cody Devenay
    Cody Devenay 3 месяца назад Same thing for me 10/10
  • Yoshiman716
    Yoshiman716 2 года назад When I was younger, I liked to just drive around the HUB world and crash into things for no reason other than to see Lightning suffer... I'm truly sick in the head, aren't I?
  • Idaho
    Idaho Год назад I loved to crash into the traffic cars. Mostly in the Desert where you had to jump for the mails. I loved it.
  • Nowhere is somewhere
    Nowhere is somewhere Год назад Yoshiman716 I just rammed into other cars off the road so I am the road hazard
  • Funnypenguin18
    Funnypenguin18 Год назад I thought I was the only one lol
  • Johann Orozco
    Johann Orozco Год назад I do it for fun! I always laughed everytime I crash or hear crashing sounds. Good old memories...
  • Pferd Schild
    Pferd Schild 9 месяцев назад I used to do this to. I'd go up a ramp and try to kamikaze the other cars to see both MacQueen and the victim car flip around due to the physics. Much epic wins and lols were had.
  • Tentacle
    Tentacle 3 года назад I was pleasantly surprised by this video. I typically do not have much faith in licenced movie tie ins and I didn’t have much faith in the Cars franchise. You are a bit too sporadic in what you say and never let any information settle in. Got to give breathing room, allows the viewer to digest all the information provided. Aside from that, it was an enjoyable watch. Keep up the good work.
  • BobbyBroccoli
    BobbyBroccoli 3 года назад @Tentacle Touchy Thanks for the feedback! I've asked differently people, and they are really split on if I'm going too fast or it's a perfectly good speed for them. I'll certainly try out some different speeds for my next video.
  • podojun
    podojun 3 года назад I always thought it was amazing how you could go to those two other areas. XD
  • Reese Bagshaw
    Reese Bagshaw 3 года назад I love this game. While BFBB is my favorite GameCube game, this is up there surprisingly. Also, playing this makes me realize Cars 2 didn't need to exist.
  • Reese Bagshaw
    Reese Bagshaw 2 года назад Also, that awesome soundtrack. Got me into both The All-American Rejects and Autopilot Off.
  • Blake D.
    Blake D. 3 года назад somebody please make this channel more popular, this guy deserves it.
  • Blade Mountain
    Blade Mountain 2 года назад (изменено) I grew up with Mater-National on 360... but I don't have one anymore. Is this worth getting on the GameCube seeing as I grew up with the sequel?
  • substerthemememan
    substerthemememan 2 года назад this game is on xbox 360 to
  • substerthemememan
    substerthemememan 2 года назад its kinda rare but you. can buy it on the market place
  • Blade Mountain
    Blade Mountain 2 года назад My 360 just broke. That's why I asked haha
  • substerthemememan
    substerthemememan 2 года назад well its worth buying gamecube but also other games spongebob mario pac man also gamecubes are dirt cheap now but getting rare soon
  • Skott
    Skott 2 года назад CaptainSepticPiss! I still have my childhood GameCube (since I was 12, now I'm almost 19) anyways I have the game on GameCube and only really messed around in the game not really getting anything done (me playing gta) it's fun cartoon graphics are nice and high quality
  • Blade Mountain
    Blade Mountain 2 года назад Me playing GTA as well hahaha I could care less about the story.
  • monsterjambrony
    monsterjambrony 2 года назад All of the Disney Pixar Cars games have awesome soundtracks.
  • SuperPawsitive
    SuperPawsitive 3 года назад Great video man! I've always seen this game on store shelves, but I never actually picked it up. I'm not sure if it was because it was a movie licensed video game, or if it was simply because I thought cars was alright as a movie. I wasn't really enthralled by it.  Though, now that I think about it. I should have picked it up. I mean, it's a racing game. How horribly can they do? 0:
  • BobbyBroccoli
    BobbyBroccoli 3 года назад @SuperPawsitive I used to rent of lot of games, so I've been buying a lot of old games I remember playing off ebay. It's interesting to see how many good memories are based off nostalgia or legitimate quality.
  • SuperPawsitive
    SuperPawsitive 3 года назад @BobbyBroccoli Ah, yeah. I know how that can be. I feel like whenever I revisit a game I used to love in my childhood, it's an adventure. Cause it's either nostalgia and the game isn't all that great. Or, it was quality and the game still holds up.  I feel that way with Spyro. 
  • Depression Kong
    Depression Kong 2 года назад (изменено) This game was my shit back when I was a kid, which may or may not have to do with the fact that it was my first. Fantastic analysis. I'd love to see you do a review on the sequels ("Mater-National Championship" and "Race-o-Rama") at some point.
  • Ben Packham
    Ben Packham 2 года назад Well said at the end. Totally agree. .......Btw never got that flashing joke at the beginning of the movie!! 😂😂 Jesus!
  • ThatWhiteGuyAndrew
    ThatWhiteGuyAndrew 3 года назад recently subscribed and love your videos bro your cool as hell and I wish you had more subscribers and views you deserve a lot of the games you reviewed I've played in my childhood also so its great to see others have actually played and enjoyed them as much as I did wish I still had em
  • Jose Salinas
    Jose Salinas 6 месяцев назад I View This Game As The "REAL" Cars 2.
  • Kyle S.
    Kyle S. Год назад I grew up with the Wii version. ...Motion controls. That's all I'm gonna say. Also, everybody, enter IF900HP in the cheat code menu, it unlocks everything.
  • fenton 567
    fenton 567 2 года назад oh my God the GameCube version looks terrible
  • BobbyBroccoli
    BobbyBroccoli 2 года назад What version did you play it on?
  • Mario and Woody
    Mario and Woody 2 года назад (изменено) you should earn 100,000 subscribers
  • Anthestudios
    Anthestudios 2 года назад PC. I bet if you fired it up today it would still look decent because how well PC games age when done right.
  • SGNRyan
    SGNRyan 11 месяцев назад PC version uses the same graphics to my knowledge. The Xbox 360 version has the best graphics.
  • Not Pronouncable
    Not Pronouncable 10 месяцев назад SGNRyan Hahaha, first of all: the PC version looks like the gamecube version and second of all: the character models in the xbox 360 version look like utter shit most of the time.
  • SGNRyan
    SGNRyan 10 месяцев назад Not Pronouncable A. I was replying to the person who said that the PC version looks better than the GC version. B. From a purely technical standpoint, the X360 models/ textures are better, but you can hate them if you want
  • Not Pronouncable
    Not Pronouncable 10 месяцев назад SGNRyan :/ I'm sorry 'bout the pc comparison and stuff and I know to each their own, but the xbox 360's animations are just fucked up (just play as the king, drive backwards and jump and you'll see what I mean) and the models are shaped differently that makes some cars look different than the movie (like mcqueen) to the point that it makes me a bit annoyed now. I love the texture work and lighting effect, but I just don't like the models and their animations (as if they rushed those aspects)
  • JustinsWorld4U
    JustinsWorld4U 2 года назад I remember having got this game back I 2007 when I was 6, I remember playing it every day, I still do this day when I'm almost 13 xD! The radiator springs theme song in this game is so nostalgic I cry everytime I hear It! It has such a great story and great graphics for a 2006 game, mater national however was in my opinion a big stretched version of this game, not a good story what so ever, but this one however is the best and will always forever be!
  • Simen Alfer
    Simen Alfer Год назад LOL, just found your comment
  • Pianonian
    Pianonian 2 года назад 4:03 OH YEAH THIS IS MY SONG!!!!!!!
  • Blu_Wraith
    Blu_Wraith 2 года назад hears the racing equivalent to teabagging :< ̄`ヽ、       / ̄>  ゝ、  \ /⌒ヽ,ノ  /´    ゝ、 `( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /      >     ,ノ      ∠_,,,/´”