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Best Fails of the Week 1 June 2015 || FailArmy

Published on Jun 5, 2015 8,923,434 views

Hey Buddy, your dirtbike is on fire! This week we have some hilarious fails including ruining a corvette, a chocolate fountain eruption and a dog gives its own version of a bridal "shower". Let us know your thoughts down below, and as always, Salute!
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Roller-Skater Bails on Ramp and Slams His Head on Asphalt
Golfer Fails at Happy Gilmore Shot
BMXer Crashes onto His Head without a Helmet
Set Piece Falls onto Actor's Face during Performance
Puppy Makes Out with Passed Out Owner
What A C*** (Walk The Plank) - Funny Kid Fail
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#FailArmy #FailsoftheWeek

  • CMike44
    CMike44 3 года назад "Hey this motorcycle is on fire" "Meh half a cup of beer oughtta put it out "
  • FailArmy
    FailArmy 3 года назад @CMike44 Hahaha
  • Panpuszka
    Panpuszka 3 года назад @Vedran Stancic A zajebać ci leszczu?
  • Killkor
    Killkor 3 года назад @CMike44 One word - Poland :)
  • TheGhost
    TheGhost 3 года назад @CMike44 And that guy... He was blowing the motorcycle fire... He is so dumb lol
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 3 года назад @CMike44 "What's that? the beer didn't work? Guess I'll try blowing on it then"
  • Chris Minors
    Chris Minors 3 года назад @CMike44 "What's that? the beer didn't work? Guess I'll try blowing on it then"
  • FailArmy
    FailArmy 3 года назад @CMike44 Science.
  • Dordoom Show
    Dordoom Show 3 года назад If half a cup of beer, blowing on it, throw soil on it, or cover it with your jacket aren't working, I don't know what will o_O
  • Asj
    Asj 3 года назад @CMike44 polish people are a smart people.
  • CMike44
    CMike44 3 года назад @TheGhost I was seriously hoping someone would come over and see him burning his vest and try to stop him. They take those vests seriously
  • f0cus
    f0cus 3 года назад @CMike44 #justpolishthings
  • BarshGaming
    BarshGaming 3 года назад @CMike44 They deserved it :P
  • master muffin123
    master muffin123 3 года назад @CMike44 69th like :D
  • Bartłomiej Góra
    Bartłomiej Góra 3 года назад @Vedran Stancic lets count how many fails came from Poland. Just one :(
  • - DnCiak
    - DnCiak 3 года назад @Bartłomiej Góra Well, and the quad/cross fails? Everyone with 'kurwa'. :D
  • w0jt3kk
    w0jt3kk 3 года назад @Vedran Stancic zatvori zajebati hrvatski kopile
  • Nani Sore ღ
    Nani Sore ღ 3 года назад I loved when he just casually put his jacket over the fire like ''Ah, that should do it, fabric will beat a raging fire'' xD
  • Sherlock Combs
    Sherlock Combs 3 года назад Read that sentence in an Australian accent and it's even funnier XD
  • mozzie morris
    mozzie morris 3 года назад @CMike44 LOL motorcycle on fire meh a quick blow on it should do the trick.
  • cwyni
    cwyni 3 года назад @CMike44 some of them were saying not to use the water, and in the beginning they were looking for a fire extinguisher.
  • Padfoot
    Padfoot 3 года назад @CMike44 Exactly what I was thinking, some people are so dumb!
  • sven Künzel
    sven Künzel 3 года назад @CMike44 thats poland dude
  • enzopo
    enzopo 3 года назад @CMike44 kurwa
  • Brandon
    Brandon 3 года назад @CMike44 Or they could pee on it
  • Bigby Wolf
    Bigby Wolf 3 года назад @Damian Komperda how many polacks does it take to put a fire out on a bike?
  • Kamil Gawełczyk
    Kamil Gawełczyk 3 года назад (изменено) @CMike44 Everything is worth to try if theres no other solution. Blowing wasnt but still it was funny. btw you shouldnt call polish people dumb when there are as many dumbs in other countries as in Poland
    STARY BUNKIER 3 года назад @mr DnCiak ''Kurwa'' is international :P
  • OoOo9LivesoOoO
    OoOo9LivesoOoO 3 года назад @CMike44 Honestly sounds like something my family would do >.<
  • bushpilot223
    bushpilot223 3 года назад @Damian Komperda You're really just a half bred German polak with little man syndrome. Chill the fuck out and get back on your meds; you're no genius.
  • bushpilot223
    bushpilot223 3 года назад (изменено) @• Fridjerention inc. VioQluS a.r.r • Fire extinguisher. With all those bikes around it's crazy that at least one person didn't have a small extinguisher handy... lmao sucks for dipshit tho. Guess he should've thought about that before redlining his bike for 20 seconds. It's too bad the fire didn't burn off his ridiculous looking ponytail.
  • Dordoom Show
    Dordoom Show 3 года назад @bushpilot223 Didn't he see the fire comes out of his engine?  
  • Radosław Narloch
    Radosław Narloch 3 года назад @CMike44 It was a water in a can of beer probably, because one guy said: nie wodą kurwa, what means not water kurwa.
  • Carball Tunnel
    Carball Tunnel 3 года назад @CMike44 Hey you got to give them props, they were trying everything they could to put out the fire
  • Naima Ramiréz
    Naima Ramiréz 3 года назад Just blow on it.
    OJCEO 3 года назад @Vedran Stancic Fuck off trash xD
  • Nick Perry
    Nick Perry 3 года назад Haha literally everyone there was a dumbass
  • IjonTichy
    IjonTichy 3 года назад @CMike44 it was water u dumbass. im polish and i no wot they said. i just wonder how u no wot liquid they used if u dont even no one single word that came out of their mouth. they say: "move back. move back" and then: "use sand, not da fuken water" (he meant da cup of water da guy kept in his hand).
  • CMike44
    CMike44 3 года назад @IjonTichy call mea dumbass then use "da" instead of "the" . Cool.
  • IjonTichy
    IjonTichy 3 года назад dont tell me wot i have to do lad
  • MrDrakula
    MrDrakula 3 года назад @CMike44 Most of the fails are from USA, so ha you dumb Americans :P
  • CMike44
    CMike44 3 года назад @MrDrakula WHEN THE FUCK DID I MAKE FUN OF POLAND?!?! Did I miss this? I'm half Polish
  • MrDrakula
    MrDrakula 3 года назад @CMike44 I'm talking about the other people commenting,
  • XXveny
    XXveny 3 года назад @CMike44 Lets grill some jacket :D
  • Lily Ana
    Lily Ana 3 года назад @CMike44
  • radeee87
    radeee87 3 года назад No one knows why it is stupid to try to put that fire out with beer? That was an oilfire or gasolinefire and it will only spread if you pour beer or water on it. It should be put out with powder or blanket what that guy tried to do with his jacket and mud..
  • ben green
    ben green 3 года назад They should have just pissed on it
  • Mk XCII
    Mk XCII 3 года назад My mentality: Finish my beer and watch the fucker burn
  • Mario
    Mario 3 года назад @CMike44 How would you handle that situation I seriously want to know
  • CMike44
    CMike44 3 года назад @MajesticWhale I probably wouldn't be doing a burnout on a motorcycle against a tree.
  • Mario
    Mario 3 года назад @CMike44 >avoids question ok
  • CMike44
    CMike44 3 года назад @MajesticWhale Haha I don't know. I'd probably move away and be like this kid is an idiot. But that's not relevant to my comment.
  • uh wot
    uh wot 3 года назад @CMike44 meh
  • vdubb20
    vdubb20 3 года назад Not to mention the dude on the bike tried to blow it out. 😭😭 Lmfao!
  • KonradVid
    KonradVid 3 года назад @CMike44 haha, guy on the bike was grade A retard, voices in the background were bit smarter with their advice, but looks like they didn't have fire extinguisher handy anyway. Should have moved back and leave it then, bike not worth losing life or massive injury. You need to pay for your retardation unfortunately :)
  • Rinat Ibragimov
    Rinat Ibragimov 3 года назад @CMike44 Beer does not catch fire like pure alcohol... You can put out a fire with beer. Putting a jacket over a fire was to try and prevent ventilation in hopes of suffocating the fire. Fucking cesspool of idiots, sucking each other off in this reply thread.
  • Piotr Piskorski
    Piotr Piskorski 3 года назад @CMike44 My country, so beautiful :')
  • Jordan Clements
    Jordan Clements 3 года назад @Rinat Ibragimov Someone clearly missed the point^... It was not the fact that it was beer, it was the fact that it was half a cup. Half a cup of anything ain't gonna do shit to that burning bike. Glad we cleared that up :)
  • Mario
    Mario 3 года назад @Jordan Clements No, most of the people in this thread seem to think it's about the substance being beer.  If we're talking about OP's original remark, then all I have to say is don't diss people for trying.
  • Nihill'vo
    Nihill'vo 3 года назад @Vedran Stancic W Polsce mało jest głupich wypadków. W waszej Angli czy Ameryce o wiele wiele więcej, debile! ;)))
  • jay
    jay 2 месяца назад it wasn't as bad as blowing on it 😂😂
  • Thomas Fisher
    Thomas Fisher 3 дня назад 1:16 <Power Overload> <Spin> s.speed = 100000000000000 s.time = 5s </spin> </Power Overload>
  • Dark Dubbs
    Dark Dubbs 2 года назад 02:15 that's the problem with people today - don't care what going on around them unless it's on their phone.
  • Jarret Rucker
    Jarret Rucker 5 месяцев назад He was filming trains btw.
  • name
    name 2 месяца назад Dark Dubbs They deserve the Darwin award.
  • xrayban2
    xrayban2 1 месяц назад If you look carefully at where he stands I don't think he would have been hit.
  • Teresa Rice
    Teresa Rice 1 месяц назад Yep end times Jesus is returning soon be prepared
  • Bob McBobberson
    Bob McBobberson 4 дня назад If a train can blow it's horn right behind you and you do not move then that is flat out natural selection.
  • Jaisen Randolph
    Jaisen Randolph 1 день назад Dark Dubbs Like You 🙃
  • vanleer69
    vanleer69 3 года назад 4:13 that moment u realize your head has just been smashed like a grape. The show must go on! 
  • Rob Shingles
    Rob Shingles 3 года назад that puppy licking out that dude's mouth, made me feel sick!
  • Dave Hornak
    Dave Hornak 5 месяцев назад I sure hope that puppy wasn't 'cleaning' itself before kissing the guy...
  • Joshua Prasad
    Joshua Prasad 4 месяца назад Ok, why did you have to say that?!
  • Val Cronin
    Val Cronin 3 месяца назад Dogs mouths are clean af. Cleaner than humans'.
  • Alex Green
    Alex Green 3 месяца назад Hahaha, do people still believe that?
  • Briar Cockrell
    Briar Cockrell 2 месяца назад @Val Cronin they actually aren't
  • ZalthorAndNoggin
    ZalthorAndNoggin 1 месяц назад Especially as it had just licked it's arse clean....yuk...
  • Drummachine
    Drummachine 2 недели назад Its fine bro, dog mouths are "cleaner" 😣
  • TBN567
    TBN567 3 года назад 3:03 HAHAHAHAH did he honestly think that blowing on it would work 😂😂
  • BART the KART
    BART the KART 3 года назад @Dboy12k lol
  • Jake Stonebraker
    Jake Stonebraker 3 года назад @Dboy12k I like how they pour fucking beer on it. Fucking Phenomenal.
  • Carl Corner
    Carl Corner 3 года назад @Dboy12k he looks like hes thinking it works lol
  • Intar Al'hallal
    Intar Al'hallal 3 года назад @Dboy12k Poland <3
  • Gustav Von Gnom
    Gustav Von Gnom 3 года назад It was the best clip...💨💨💨
  • Xankeem
    Xankeem 3 года назад @Dboy12k "Poland" my friend :D
  • Khogn TM
    Khogn TM 3 года назад @Dboy12k Take a good look at him.
  • Johnny Gat
    Johnny Gat 3 года назад @Dboy12k Hello fellow polishmen.
  • kubiszok
    kubiszok 3 года назад @Dboy12k And what would you do? :P He was panicking, it is shure
  • Dogmachine
    Dogmachine 3 года назад Should have just blasted it with piss.
  • Free Max B Owww
    Free Max B Owww 3 года назад LOOOL i died
  • justGoron
    justGoron 3 года назад @Dboy12k They all focus on the bike, which is broken without a doubt, noone tries to put out the fire by the tree, fucking idiots.
  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers 3 года назад Hey, it works in the cartoons!
  • Steven Lankford
    Steven Lankford 3 года назад Blowing on it was funny.
  • marar69
    marar69 3 года назад Hilarious! When he threw dirt on the fire it started working a bit but then they'd pour beer and the flame would get big again lol
  • Daniela Nessek
    Daniela Nessek 3 года назад @Dboy12k Press B to Blow.
  • Mateusz Ciotucha
    Mateusz Ciotucha 3 года назад @Dboy12k thats just Poland :D
  • 77fryca
    77fryca 3 года назад Rasist
  • Mateusz Ciotucha
    Mateusz Ciotucha 3 года назад Not rasist, that`s my lovely country :)
  • kubiszok
    kubiszok 3 года назад @Mateusz Ciotucha not, it is stupidness... Po chuj nam robisz obciach za granicą i piszesz, że w Polsce jest tak źle? Przedstawiasz Polskę tak jakby tu sami debile mieszkali..
  • Mateusz Ciotucha
    Mateusz Ciotucha 3 года назад Nie piszę że jest źle. Po prostu zauważ że my mamy dzięki swojej brawurze ogólnoświatową sławę. A znając #murice  to się zastanawiają co za idioci, skąd i od kiedy istnieją. I dlaczego dopiero się o nich dowiadują. Ja uwielbiam swój kraj, i tu zostanę, a dla wrażeń kieruję innych do nas :)
  • kubiszok
    kubiszok 3 года назад @clycoo5276 nah, they aren't...everyone has retards in their country, russian people has aggresive brainless idiots, polish people has brain damaged hobos and dumbs, british people has idiots who can throw something in the middle of the street because ``I won't take that trash with me mate, someone else, probably cleaner will take it, I won't bother myself with that``... You see only white and black :p
  • Host Mine
    Host Mine 3 года назад @Jake Stonebraker I Think they were drunk I don't know :P 😕🍺
  • ALV productions
    ALV productions 3 года назад @Dboy12k jajajaja dude i didnt note it lol jajajaja
  • GrejsaPL
    GrejsaPL 3 года назад (изменено) @clycoo5276 And where our master comes from? It's funny that everyone is writing: dumb polacks (can't even write correctly) when Polish fails here are maybe hmmmm.... 0.5 %? Most of dumb and impossibly stupid fails comes from america... but who cares, it's easier to write something about a country which you don't even know and you don't even know that this country have beaches and sea...
  • Jan Grzybek
    Jan Grzybek 3 года назад @GrejsaPL Ale nie płacz
  • GrejsaPL
    GrejsaPL 3 года назад @Jan Grzybek I oto właśnie logika Polaków: ktoś obcy będzie jechał po całym narodzie, chociaż to jego głupota jest tutaj uwieczniana najczęściej, to nie! Będę cisnął po kimś, kto pisze, jak jest i przy tym broni reszty, której obrywa się, że są idiotami i pustakami, bo są z Polski. Brawo, gratuluję ci inteligencji, tak trzymać a później płakać, że jest jak jest. Żałosne...
  • matthew0275
    matthew0275 3 года назад @Dboy12k How many beers does it take to put out a motorcycle?
  • Marni Abea
    Marni Abea 3 года назад Beer doesn't put out a fire
  • r.allen_
    r.allen_ 3 года назад +Dboy12k a bit pised
  • Sammy Van Dankstein
    Sammy Van Dankstein 3 года назад +Dboy12k I know. It looked like something off a comedy skit. wtf.
  • Johann Lo
    Johann Lo 3 года назад +Dboy12k That's why kids, you don't simply take fire drill exercises lightly. Using beer to put out a fire. ayyy. I give up. smh
  • NeuzFX
    NeuzFX 7 месяцев назад Did he honestly thinkt that revving the bike for minutes isn't bad for it? lol
  • Spades♠️
    Spades♠️ 4 месяца назад About to comment that
  • TurboHD
    TurboHD 3 года назад 3:30 nie wodą tylko piachem xD
  • Marie Carie
    Marie Carie 3 года назад 0:43 is it weird I want to be this guy's friend?
  • Madi Deland
    Madi Deland 5 месяцев назад Yes but no
  • Juan Alejandro Granada Fernandez
    Juan Alejandro Granada Fernandez 2 месяца назад K
  • Juan Alejandro Granada Fernandez
    Juan Alejandro Granada Fernandez 2 месяца назад Kkk
  • Knayder
    Knayder 3 года назад Pozdro dla Polaków którzy próbowali gasić motor alkoholem xDD
  • Kakashi
    Kakashi 3 года назад To była woda cymbale jeden mówił nie wodą
  • Knayder
    Knayder 3 года назад @Khorn Pl Woda w puszkach :P
  • Hurtoaxt
    Hurtoaxt 3 года назад @Knayder no kurka polacy w failarny wrescie
  • Knayder
    Knayder 3 года назад @Prolek5 Często byli, słychać szczególnie po charakterystycznym " Kurwa Mać! "
  • Hurtoaxt
    Hurtoaxt 3 года назад @Knayder na pewno byli ale jeszcze oglądałem :) 
  • Luca Bernardi
    Luca Bernardi 3 года назад @Knayder Różnicy poza lepkością jeśli chodzi o gaszenie to nie ma pomiędzy piwem a wodą. Gasili piwem a nie wódką, piwo sie nie pali.
  • Vasik Jenista
    Vasik Jenista 3 года назад @Prolek5 jo čech
  • Hurtoaxt
    Hurtoaxt 3 года назад @Vasik Jenista cicho frajer czehu 
  • Filip Herian
    Filip Herian 3 года назад Hahaha chyba nicego innego nie miali xD
  • Иван Гремитских
    Иван Гремитских 3 года назад Lol I'm Russian and I understand every word in that sentence))
  • Knayder
    Knayder 3 года назад @Иван Гремитских To fajnie :D
  • Filip Herian
    Filip Herian 3 года назад @Иван Гремитских szacun 
  • [ Mike4Life ]
    [ Mike4Life ] 3 года назад Don't mind me, just a casual English comment passing through....
  • Filip Herian
    Filip Herian 3 года назад Ook
  • Hurtoaxt
    Hurtoaxt 3 года назад @Flassbuster FSB ' They also think that others are obliged to understand what they say... ' no we are not so thinking
  • Stefan Grzegrzółka
    Stefan Grzegrzółka 3 года назад +Knayder ja tesz jestem z polski
  • Knayder
    Knayder 3 года назад @Flassbuster FSB It's true, but I wrote this as message for guys from my country... Usually I writing in English under not polish films. :P I wrote it in Polish because in one of films was from poland :P (Sorry for my bad english)
  • Knayder
    Knayder 3 года назад @Flassbuster FSB It's not racist it's true, sad but true :p
  • Disrespeect
    Disrespeect 2 месяца назад Knayder Jebeni polak
  • Laurette Nijman
    Laurette Nijman 1 день назад 5:23 “sounds like minecraft”
  • Edzter
    Edzter 3 года назад 2:20 what could possibly be so interesting to absolutely ignore the train right behind you?
  • Apple Juice
    Apple Juice 3 года назад Watch asdfmovie
  • Aldrin Iglésias
    Aldrin Iglésias 3 года назад @Edzter It makes no sense to the accidents happen because the trains are slow? But accidents do happen.
  • dediver
    dediver 3 года назад @Edzter Another train :D
  • Clean Living
    Clean Living 3 года назад @Edzter Asian tourists easily excited, shoulda just let her get hit
  • Johnny Gat
    Johnny Gat 3 года назад @Edzter that determination though
  • Ctwo Chapman
    Ctwo Chapman 3 года назад @Edzter Booty
  • AceCustomz
    AceCustomz 3 года назад @Edzter the horn wasn't in her 1st language, so she didnt understand it
  • Chux Diaz
    Chux Diaz 3 года назад Unicorn bitch
  • BierBrille
    BierBrille 3 года назад @Edzter Nearly Darwin-Awards worthy...
  • Caseh Baltehmoe
    Caseh Baltehmoe 3 года назад (изменено) Just so nobody says it before me..., deez nuts
  • chris
    chris 3 года назад Clash of clans
  • Caseh Baltehmoe
    Caseh Baltehmoe 3 года назад @Electric Ninja huh?
  • Chux Diaz
    Chux Diaz 3 года назад @Caseh Baltehmoe why'd you edit your comment? 
  • uh wot
    uh wot 3 года назад @Edzter LMFAO @ LITERALLY PICKING UP THAT PERSON AND MOVING THEM that literally owes him his life or her whoever the fuck tht is
  • Daniel Kuso
    Daniel Kuso 3 года назад @Edzter There are was a movie filming.So they are filming movie filming :)Here it goes.
  • Sancriswolffox
    Sancriswolffox 3 года назад @Edzter Getting views on a YouTube video :3
  • Fuck,Suck,Dick Lick, Man we nasty!
    Fuck,Suck,Dick Lick, Man we nasty! 5 месяцев назад Maybe she was deaf...?
  • Jarret Rucker
    Jarret Rucker 5 месяцев назад He was filming trains btw.
  • Dylan Joe
    Dylan Joe 3 месяца назад Yo mama
  • EraseMeWhole
    EraseMeWhole 2 года назад When gentle horseplay turns into murder haha lol
  • EraseMeWhole
    EraseMeWhole 2 года назад Thats what i was thinking #sorelateable
  • ThingsWithTheBois
    ThingsWithTheBois 5 месяцев назад what...
  • Izzy Marler
    Izzy Marler 4 месяца назад EraseMeWhole hi
  • Tony Mckinnon
    Tony Mckinnon 3 года назад How did that Zildjian taste?
  • Philipp Grimm
    Philipp Grimm 3 года назад 1:55 chui is it u ?
  • Zachary Stout
    Zachary Stout 2 недели назад 2:41 weird flex but ok.
  • Techtastisch | Experimente und Lifehacks
    Techtastisch | Experimente und Lifehacks 3 года назад 0:47 Physics saved his balls :D
  • Frederick
    Frederick 3 года назад @Techtastisch | Life Hacks und Heimexperimente Wahoo for conservation of energy! (:
  • Adam Hassan
    Adam Hassan 3 года назад @Techtastisch | Life Hacks und Heimexperimente lol
  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 года назад @Techtastisch | Life Hacks und Heimexperimentee Wirklich super Channel! :D Dass du hier kommentierst, wundert mich! :D
  • Lepe
    Lepe 3 года назад (изменено) @Techtastisch | Life Hacks und Heimexperimente If you wanna call the length of the ride and the thickness of his pelvis "physics", then sure.
  • Harry Aaron
    Harry Aaron 3 года назад @Herp Derp No , that was not what he mean't. He released the ride from his crotch. The conservation of energy requires it to not come back to the same place or go beyond , for if it came back , it would have crushed his testicles , rendering +Techtastisch | Life Hacks und Heimexperimente 's comment , and I quote ,"Physics saved his balls :D" meaningful and accurate.
  • Lepe
    Lepe 3 года назад @Harry Aaron Released it from his crotch? No he didn't. He was sitting on it, meaning the back side of the ride was WAY past his crotch. Stop trying to be a fucking smartass.
  • Harry Aaron
    Harry Aaron 3 года назад @Herp Derp I'am deeply offended ,and highly uncomfortable with that kind of language.  I wasn't referring to the back of the ride , I was,in fact, referring to the upper end of its dorsal nerve cord.  You, sir, need to take a second look at the video. He was clearly keeping a firm grip on that ride when he was on the ground , with the neck of the ride touching his crotch. And to think that one is trying to be a "fucking smartass" when one simply cites a well known fact from classical mechanics is ridicule on a high level , if not absolute.   
  • Lepe
    Lepe 3 года назад (изменено) @Harry Aaron Oh, you're trolling. Decent effort.
  • SecretPanda
    SecretPanda 3 года назад Tja die deutschen
  • Harry Aaron
    Harry Aaron 3 года назад @Herp Derp Oh this is maddening. I am going to stop replying to your comments from now on. Have a good day,sir.
  • Lepe
    Lepe 3 года назад @Harry Aaron Yawn.
  • erukai
    erukai 3 года назад Alles gute zu den 50.000 !!!
  • Czarinov
    Czarinov 3 года назад @Herp Derp get the fuck outta here. @Harry Aaron hehe, I thought the exact same thing.
  • Ha Quang
    Ha Quang 3 года назад @Harry Aaron dude, you've already lost when you try arguing with an idiot
  • Harry Aaron
    Harry Aaron 3 года назад @Ha Quang Perhaps you are right.
  • Lepe
    Lepe 3 года назад @Ha Quang You two are a perfect representation of the Dunning-Kruger effect.
  • Oozywolf
    Oozywolf 3 года назад @Techtastisch | Life Hacks und Heimexperimente Newton Balls
  • Miguel Cant-Meraz
    Miguel Cant-Meraz 3 года назад @Harry Aaron dude your right, these are just kids that dont know shit about physics
  • Ha Quang
    Ha Quang 3 года назад @Miguel Cant-Merez you*re I'm really sorry
  • Miguel Cant-Meraz
    Miguel Cant-Meraz 3 года назад @Ha Quang it's fine
  • Humpfinger
    Humpfinger 3 года назад @Harry Aaron are you by any chance a citizen of Great Britain my kinds sir?
  • Lips
    Lips 3 года назад @Herp Derp its newtons law bloody idiot. Are you just trying te be a fucking idiot?
  • Lepe
    Lepe 3 года назад @TheDiabolocraft You obviously don't know what Newton's law is. Getting angry won't change facts my uneducated friend.
  • Lips
    Lips 3 года назад @Herp Derp you are fucking stupid. you are probably 12 and just had your first physics lesson. Physics did save his balls, The law of Energy preservation is displayed very nicely here. and that is in fact, newton's law. He has many more, like the law of action - reaction, and an object where the sum of all forces = 0 => object has a constant speed. I am sorry for my not-so-well English, but unlike you I am not retarded.
  • Miguel Cant-Meraz
    Miguel Cant-Meraz 3 года назад @TheDiabolocraft finally, someone with some sense. Thank you!
  • Lepe
    Lepe 3 года назад @TheDiabolocraft That will only work if the starting position of the ride was not touching his balls. The backside of the ride was way past his balls and his ass, meaning that if the spring was efficient enough it would have hit his balls. Your anger and lack of manners will not make your logical fallacies any more valid.
  • Lips
    Lips 3 года назад @Herp Derp Do you even know there is air friction and 9,81N/kg of power holding you to the ground?
  • Lepe
    Lepe 3 года назад @TheDiabolocraft Well, you've just proven that you don't know anything about mechanics. I suggest you read about the Dunning–Kruger effect and learn something new about yourself.
  • MegaDan
    MegaDan 3 года назад You guys are arguing with someone who's channel is based on physics 😂😂 xD
  • Harry Aaron
    Harry Aaron 3 года назад @Humpfinger I'am very much in love with Great Britain but, regrettably ,haven't had the privilege of visiting her. Thank you.   "The world is my country, to promote science is my rite" - Christiaan Huygens. 
  • Lepe
    Lepe 3 года назад @TheDiabolocraft Seeing as your last message is completely off topic and is pure ad hominem, I do believe that makes me the victor. 1-0 me.
  • Lepe
    Lepe 3 года назад @TheDiabolocraft Delicious tears.
  • Lips
    Lips 3 года назад @Herp Derp You are trolling now, no point in argueing. Good luck with your pathetic miserable life.
  • Lepe
    Lepe 3 года назад @TheDiabolocraft 1-0 me.
  • Faranku
    Faranku 3 года назад @Herp Derp Retard
  • God's child
    God's child 3 года назад +TheDiabolocraft You.. do know you were arguing with a troll...? ...An ironic one, additionally.
  • Lepe
    Lepe 3 года назад @TheDiabolocraft Can't deal with facts so start sucking each other's dick. Interesting tactic, but no.
  • Faranku
    Faranku 3 года назад @Herp Derp lol
  • Greg Alman
    Greg Alman 3 года назад @Herp Derp Retard.
  • Lepe
    Lepe 3 года назад @Serendra Hardu You certainly are.
  • Greg Alman
    Greg Alman 3 года назад Ever hear of the Herbert-Douching effect? You are a textbook case.
  • Faranku
    Faranku 3 года назад @Herp Derp Begone troll! 
  • God's child
    God's child 3 года назад Ya know what? Next time some pathetic display of an idiot goes wrong, I'll just blame him, not the Internet.
  • zekk vot
    zekk vot 3 года назад The dirty little duck obviously wanted it right up his shitpipe.
  • Marnige
    Marnige 3 года назад @Techtastisch | Life Hacks und Heimexperimente hahahahaha true, very true XD
  • Fayde
    Fayde 5 месяцев назад Seit 3 Jahren existiert dieser Kommentar, jetzt wird die erste deutsche Reaktion geschreiben.
  • Jack Stanley
    Jack Stanley 4 месяца назад Techtastisch | Experimente und Lif
  • Johnny Utah
    Johnny Utah 3 года назад @ 4:20....Memories of My First Kiss.
  • H.E.C.U Soldier
  • Tangobaboon
    Tangobaboon Неделю назад They were pouring beer on the fire 🤦‍♂️
  • Austin
    Austin 3 года назад 2:53 with a haircut like that all you do is make mistakes
  • sesshomaru sama
    sesshomaru sama 1 месяц назад Lol that made me mad when he did that to the motorcycle
  • Zitronette 97
    Zitronette 97 3 года назад 2:38 best! :DDD