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Toyota Supra 2020 in-depth review - tested on road, sideways on track and over the 1/4 mile sprint!

Published on May 14, 2019 1,788,784 views

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Here it is, the review you’ve all been waiting for… the all-new Toyota Supra! It’s been 17 years since the Mk4 went out of production, so has it been worth the wait? And more importantly, would you still choose the Supra over the competition given it arrives with the same BMW engine as found in the new Z4? Join Mat for his latest review, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • carwow
    carwow 1 месяц назад (изменено) So... Who wants to see a Supra vs Z4 drag race? 😏
  • Vandana Bhatia
    Vandana Bhatia Неделю назад When you do a Supra vs Z4, do bring the M2 and the Cayman GTS.
  • Oh Luke
    Oh Luke 2 недели назад Savage
  • Pouya Sharifian
    Pouya Sharifian 2 недели назад @LIHTEBULB z4 will win ? what logic u using? the supra has a faster 0 to 60 and it is lighter so the z4 has no chance
  • Jesper Solvold
    Jesper Solvold 2 недели назад yes yes yesy yeyeysyssyyseyseysye
  • Adam Hunter
    Adam Hunter 4 недели назад No one... Who wants to see an M5 Comp go head to head with my Audi S8+ and the new Mercedes GT63S? Now that's an exciting race!! 🤗
  • Eugene Grant
    Eugene Grant 4 недели назад Plz do, validate how Toyota failed to innovate, put updated interior/exterior parts, a few updated functions, put new "old" infotainment tech into a borrowed whole vehicle. That would be a great video, definitely better than this shameless this is a great vehicle, "buy it" video...
  • Joyy
    Joyy 1 месяц назад Oh hell yea
  • George Lambrianides
    George Lambrianides 1 месяц назад I opened the video for this reason 😂
  • William Arrington
    William Arrington 1 месяц назад Since the dyno is in I will take the supra in this race. 339hp and 427trq. car ran a 3.8 0 to 60 and a 12.3 quarter
  • Kleanovo Dust-Bin
    Kleanovo Dust-Bin 1 месяц назад Red colour is faster. Hmm, i wonder why #RedIsRacing
  • Kouki Miwa
    Kouki Miwa 1 месяц назад carwow yes!!!!
  • Jason Young
    Jason Young 1 месяц назад An updated ECU flash is already available for the Supra to match the power of the Z4. Apparently the M58 can easily approach about 450 hp with a tune. Not bad. Straight 6, closed might not be the second coming of the 2JZ, but so far it looks promising.
  • 100 subs with 0 vids. Pls sub
    100 subs with 0 vids. Pls sub 1 месяц назад Same cars
  • Salim Sossie
    Salim Sossie 1 месяц назад A full comparison would be great (including the drag race)
  • TopSecretVid
    TopSecretVid 1 месяц назад Boring...
  • Momir Grozdanic
    Momir Grozdanic 1 месяц назад We want to watch Z4 vs Supra on race track... Who give a fuck about 0-60mph ...
  • Majed Canadian
    Majed Canadian 1 месяц назад Would love to see that mat please do it
  • swarup kale
    swarup kale 1 месяц назад New supra vs svj
  • BesiBuruk Official
    BesiBuruk Official 1 месяц назад freaking good idea
  • VG
    VG 1 месяц назад Drag race maybe, but on a track is a must!
  • last name first name
    last name first name 1 месяц назад yes please great idea Tom Holland ❤️❤️❤️
  • Tatem
    Tatem 1 месяц назад Me
  • mr. Shifty
    mr. Shifty 1 месяц назад Supra 👌
  • Kevin Campos
    Kevin Campos 1 месяц назад Best video by far. Well done.
  • Thomas Tegtmeier
    Thomas Tegtmeier 1 месяц назад @Santi Ferrer Zupra...thats cool. :-)
  • Indra NiL
    Indra NiL 1 месяц назад Yesss! pleaseee!
  • Jonathan C
    Jonathan C 1 месяц назад carwow if possible find any other car within the same price range !! SS, corvette, or Porsche
  • Grosse H.
    Grosse H. 1 месяц назад How about lap track? Z4 would win a Drag race..
  • yuvraj _1
    yuvraj _1 1 месяц назад Question is, who does not? Great review as always btw👍
  • Kaylin Govender
    Kaylin Govender 1 месяц назад dew it
  • Bryan Mok
    Bryan Mok 1 месяц назад Yes pls
  • R C
    R C 1 месяц назад What's the point?
  • Moodymize
    Moodymize 1 месяц назад Yes yes yes
  • mynameisray
    mynameisray 1 месяц назад Why? The Supra is just a less powerful Z4. I want to see a Mk4 vs a Z4
  • Bogdan 12
    Bogdan 12 1 месяц назад Noting about the aftermarket tuning potential?
  • Mahone
    Mahone 1 месяц назад z4 M coupe version pls
  • Craig Schelin
    Craig Schelin 1 месяц назад carwow PLEASE DOOOO !!
  • deyoviC
    deyoviC 1 месяц назад Mat, don't forget that you should test the W211 E55 vs E60 M5.
  • niki123489
    niki123489 1 месяц назад also Nissan GTR vs Toyota Supra vs BMW Z4
  • Petru-George M.
    Petru-George M. 1 месяц назад Well I reckon you should just go right ahead and do it!
  • Mathias Wouters
    Mathias Wouters 1 месяц назад Was this filmed in Belgium?
  • Quintus du Preez
    Quintus du Preez 1 месяц назад Yes Please!!
  • Benjamin Burkhardt
    Benjamin Burkhardt 1 месяц назад The Supra is 700 pounds less than the fat Z4.
  • Muhammed Ahmed
    Muhammed Ahmed 1 месяц назад How about a race around a track which has the most bends?
  • mert göktaş
    mert göktaş 1 месяц назад Please do it with warm tires
    ITZ ME NIK 1 месяц назад Yessss, please🙇‍♂️
  • Nova Ape 億載
    Nova Ape 億載 1 месяц назад Mee
  • Nova Ape 億載
    Nova Ape 億載 1 месяц назад Me
  • H H
    H H 1 месяц назад Z4 has more power than the Supra...not a fair drag race.
  • abu Abu saeed
    abu Abu saeed 1 месяц назад Me...
  • Mohammad Usman
    Mohammad Usman 1 месяц назад MEE but z4 will win lol
  • Bango Me
    Bango Me 1 месяц назад Bring in the NSX too lol
  • Oluwaseun Onipede
    Oluwaseun Onipede 1 месяц назад carwow go for it pls...
  • tadex472
    tadex472 1 месяц назад Me pls
  • Mg Ribera
    Mg Ribera 1 месяц назад Love it! Looks smaller than in photography, the yellow one is fantastic
  • J W
    J W 1 месяц назад @Hennie Le Roux TTRS would smoke them
  • Artem Levin
    Artem Levin 1 месяц назад Z4 wins it got 60 more horses and more torque,
  • twincammike83 16v
    twincammike83 16v 1 месяц назад You mean Z4 vs
  • N Chaud
    N Chaud 1 месяц назад Wanted it when you reviewed the Z4 lol
  • Antonio Pérez Ruiz
    Antonio Pérez Ruiz 1 месяц назад Vamos perro hazloo
  • Jamie Barlow
    Jamie Barlow 1 месяц назад Me and also you are the best mat
  • Joseph
    Joseph 1 месяц назад Supra Wins!!!
  • Joseph
    Joseph 1 месяц назад Supra wins!
  • Doge_milk2 Doge
    Doge_milk2 Doge 1 месяц назад Yes pls Matt
  • Omar Monelle
    Omar Monelle 1 месяц назад Let's see who's faster....the BMW coupe or the roadster
  • in da house
    in da house 1 месяц назад Bruh... I'd prefer a 1967 Toyota 2000GT anyday - a much better design - but they're a bit more expensive... Great Review of the 2020 Toyota Supra, Mat - many thanks.
  • Streets and Peaks
    Streets and Peaks 1 месяц назад Who wants to see an M Series with a manual and a handbrake?
  • Ali Bhatti
    Ali Bhatti 1 месяц назад carwow #Me2
  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance Hondrade 1 месяц назад The Supra will win, period.
  • vulc
    vulc 1 месяц назад meee!
    MICHAEL BURGER 1 месяц назад @Erdem Önay Orhan yeah that one as well
  • World Is Awesome
    World Is Awesome 1 месяц назад @Benjamin Danz yep
  • Syanda Twala
    Syanda Twala 1 месяц назад please do it Mat
  • Erdem Önay Orhan
    Erdem Önay Orhan 1 месяц назад And put porsche boxter too
  • Matěj Kincl
    Matěj Kincl 1 месяц назад I just wanted to write that...😂
  • Benjamin Danz
    Benjamin Danz 1 месяц назад @World Is Awesome DITO!
  • Benjamin Danz
    Benjamin Danz 1 месяц назад There is no Winner, same car🤯
  • Master A TechConvo
    Master A TechConvo 1 месяц назад Yes please !!!!
  • Lexus •
    Lexus • 1 месяц назад Yep
  • Taha Saeed
    Taha Saeed 1 месяц назад Meeeeeeeeeee
  • Scott Sophia
    Scott Sophia 1 месяц назад Let’s see them both race round the track.
  • Milkman69ner
    Milkman69ner 1 месяц назад You mean Z4 hardtop vs convertible?
  • Yassin Ahmed
    Yassin Ahmed 1 месяц назад I want to see the cla coupe 2020 Matt
  • TheTrenya
    TheTrenya 1 месяц назад This is
  • Penguin from hell
    Penguin from hell 1 месяц назад Mee
  • Jaikishan Jaikumar
    Jaikishan Jaikumar 1 месяц назад Yeah
  • Omar M Khalil
    Omar M Khalil 1 месяц назад You can buy a BMW M140i with the same engine and gearbox. I think you should add that to the drag race Matt
  • Moamen Waleed
    Moamen Waleed 1 месяц назад Yesss
  • C_Dragon0911
    C_Dragon0911 1 месяц назад Reminds me of Mercedes SLK and Chrysler Crossfire..! 😂🤣😂
  • Ray Wei
    Ray Wei 1 месяц назад Please do a side by side comparison review
  • Hennie Le Roux
    Hennie Le Roux 1 месяц назад (изменено) Supra vs Z4 vs TT RS
  • Anton Zuykov
    Anton Zuykov 1 месяц назад Santi Ferrer real supra will lose to this one tho. It is slow for that.,
  • Karma
    Karma 1 месяц назад carwow z4 will win
  • John Ennis
    John Ennis 1 месяц назад It's the same car tho
  • Jadd Wamai
    Jadd Wamai 1 месяц назад I want one
  • Noname Nameless
    Noname Nameless 1 месяц назад Drag races are pointless and tell nothing about a car s capability or quality...but yeah it sure will please the American or "bow-wow Fast and the Furious" audience who couldn t even make proper use of this car but clearly wouldn t feel ashamed to be seen in one of these...the others don t care about drag races and go for A110s, Caymans, possibly even Golf GTIs or even its BMW sibling
  • World Is Awesome
    World Is Awesome 1 месяц назад Bmw vs bmw? Yep ready to see it
  • Rehan Khan
    Rehan Khan 1 месяц назад Yes
  • Adir Mundhoss
    Adir Mundhoss 1 месяц назад Meeeee
  • Ghanshyam Mallar
    Ghanshyam Mallar 1 месяц назад carwow yes. I want to!!! Btw, the annual service of Supra, is in Toyota or BMW service centre?
  • nameme 738
    nameme 738 1 месяц назад Meeeee
  • Mohammed Merchant
    Mohammed Merchant 1 месяц назад 11:18 mat gets horny
  • Akasuki
    Akasuki 1 месяц назад Z4 faster no question. Also, please do drifting challenge with both cars.
  • Thamsanqa Bambo
    Thamsanqa Bambo 1 месяц назад Me ☺
  • kraenk12
    kraenk12 1 месяц назад There is no fair model to compare it too!
  • Eshley Ngomane
    Eshley Ngomane 1 месяц назад Duh do u even have to ask lol. also race it against the 1000hp supra from the previous video.
  • 岡本啓希
    岡本啓希 1 месяц назад Plz 🙋‍♂️
  • AssRamming FatPeople
    AssRamming FatPeople 1 месяц назад The Z4 will win, it has over 40 more horsepower. Unless you use the 4 cylinder Z4, then it’ll lose. Unless you use the 4 cylinder Supra, then I don’t know.
  • Huss B
    Huss B 1 месяц назад Yesyesyesyesyes
  • urmee chowdhury
    urmee chowdhury 1 месяц назад Me
  • Shiv Meena
    Shiv Meena 1 месяц назад I have commented that before you
    LIHTEBULB 1 месяц назад (изменено) Z4 will win, you should race it against the M140i 😂😂
  • Dabeea Manav
    Dabeea Manav 1 месяц назад Yessss please 👌🏾🔥
  • Enzo Zhang
    Enzo Zhang 1 месяц назад Ummm....Me
  • suv geo
    suv geo 1 месяц назад We want, i want specially. Please do that for me, ohhhhhh do that do that
  • Santi Ferrer
    Santi Ferrer 1 месяц назад carwow Let’s find the real Zupra
  • Awni Alsheikh
    Awni Alsheikh 1 месяц назад Z4 all day ❤
  • Nico Montinola
    Nico Montinola 1 месяц назад yeah BMW with Toyota warranty? That's a salesman's closing line!
  • Barnaby
    Barnaby 2 недели назад Slaps roof This bad boy....
  • Sohaib Dad
    Sohaib Dad 1 месяц назад I remember the last time Germany and Japan collaborated... it didnt go too well
  • Kolin Martz
    Kolin Martz 18 часов назад Benoit Bricet someone’s edgy
  • Kolin Martz
    Kolin Martz 18 часов назад RTzeexy get yourself a set of Pirelli tyres then.
  • RTzeexy
    RTzeexy Неделю назад dont forget that italy was a part of it but if I wanna be one of those guys look at other cars brands there is so much stuff being shared around
  • Matt Martinez
    Matt Martinez Неделю назад Still isn't going well here lol
  • VSY
    VSY 2 недели назад Fire and Fury..
  • Audrey Zondo
    Audrey Zondo 2 недели назад Took a while to get it but I got it.
  • Alper Arık
    Alper Arık 2 недели назад Hahahahahaa right!
  • Benoit Bricet
    Benoit Bricet 4 недели назад Machine gunning Reuters journalists ?
  • Benoit Bricet
    Benoit Bricet 4 недели назад MyLai rape and massacre ?
  • Benoit Bricet
    Benoit Bricet 4 недели назад Drone strike on a marriage procession ?
  • Benoit Bricet
    Benoit Bricet 4 недели назад Atomic bombs on two cities on an enemy that already capitulated ?
  • DJ Rodriguez
    DJ Rodriguez 4 недели назад That was clever
  • Harrence18
    Harrence18 1 месяц назад "I'll. Keep the fire extinguisher cuz all the mechanical parts are BMW." haha
  • Colin
    Colin 5 часов назад Vehiel Phantom You’re going to get rid of the engine though?
  • Top Dog
    Top Dog 2 дня назад Haha... Too mad cuz BMW is still crushing it
  • Vehiel Phantom
    Vehiel Phantom Неделю назад And ill gettin rid of bmw stuff on the new supra
  • Rune Jørgensen
    Rune Jørgensen 4 недели назад Hilarious :D
  • Blue Glitch
    Blue Glitch 1 месяц назад Engineers: How many BMW touches do you wanna us add to the new Supra? Toyota: YES
  • Pure Competizione
    Pure Competizione 11 часов назад @Jackie Chan what
  • Jackie Chan
    Jackie Chan 1 день назад YouTube viewers: How many more times am I going to have to see this awful joke? Unoriginal commenters: Yes
  • Jackie Chan
    Jackie Chan 1 день назад Worst joke on the internet at the moment.
  • Oh Yeeah
    Oh Yeeah 3 недели назад @driftinsti imagine giving a real answer to a "like farming" meme comment
  • driftinsti
    driftinsti 4 недели назад That is a huge simplification and not the correct one either. The entire B58 engine was inspected by Toyota with a fine tooth comb and any parts that were below their standards was sent back to BMW to be redesigned using their input. So in reality, its really the addition of Toyota touches on the BMW, which resulted in the most "reliable" BMW ever made....
  • RongWrittenWrong
    RongWrittenWrong 1 месяц назад A Japanese car, Built by germans, in Austria, with a Belgian number plate, reviewed in Spain, by a Brit??😂😂
  • Candra Abdurrahman
    Candra Abdurrahman 18 часов назад Hello Mr. Worldwide
  • J M
    J M 1 день назад So when are we going to discuss how this is the saddest car?
  • Ollie Childs
    Ollie Childs 1 день назад @GLR comment read by a brit
  • Cyberknight_ID
    Cyberknight_ID 2 дня назад Mr. Worldwide
  • datos82
    datos82 3 дня назад A Japanese car, Built by germans, in Austria, with a Belgian number plate, reviewed in Spain, by a Brit and will not be driven by a maltese for sure ;)
  • Day Miyazaki
    Day Miyazaki Неделю назад スバルA.S. Cinematics Who cares, you fuck.
  • Vigoss Virus
    Vigoss Virus Неделю назад @Mika30041975 Not the car,its the comment you idiot. Now stfu
  • Mika30041975
    Mika30041975 Неделю назад @Vigoss Virus Built in Austria by Germans. Why copycat.
  • Klyde Barney
    Klyde Barney Неделю назад Sounds like WW2
  • DaniLSP -Rhythm Games-
    DaniLSP -Rhythm Games- Неделю назад that's how globalism works
  • Tim Toothinator
    Tim Toothinator 2 недели назад Toyota Supra 2020 = M R W O R L D W I D E
  • made you read this #waste of time
    made you read this #waste of time 2 недели назад Adapt.Improvise.Overcome
  • Izz Din
    Izz Din 2 недели назад *cue "Mr Worldwide!" meme *
  • djdtxx
    djdtxx 2 недели назад These are confusing times
    Lucas EDUNATION 3 недели назад Globalisation ...
  • Edgardo Muñoz
    Edgardo Muñoz 3 недели назад Globalization dude 😂😂😂
  • eacorion
    eacorion 3 недели назад RongWrittenWrong EU we love you
  • Jay Ryans
    Jay Ryans 1 месяц назад @Ricardo Barbosa yes feels but isn't...
  • kidbanga10
    kidbanga10 1 месяц назад Watched by a Jamaican 😎
  • Anthony Z
    Anthony Z 1 месяц назад The Japanese and German were ally back in the 1940s
  • Soban Faiz
    Soban Faiz 1 месяц назад lol
    GANAPATHIRAJU PERCHERLA 1 месяц назад Globalisation at its best .isn't it?
  • Joshua Thomas
    Joshua Thomas 1 месяц назад Haha wow that's crazy
  • truejustice
    truejustice 1 месяц назад Very diverse and inclusive. All we needed was a super strong and smart whamen reviewer
  • Pink Guy
    Pink Guy 1 месяц назад Watched by a indian.
  • wikichris
    wikichris 1 месяц назад This just makes me want to Brexit harder.
    DI ZAZZO 1 месяц назад @GLR And a Brazilian. A person, not the bikini wax style... lol
  • Iggi Valencia
    Iggi Valencia 1 месяц назад Built by Austrians in Austria. BMW provided the engine, reworked by Toyota to their standards (parts were replaced per Toyota instructions). The engine is designated as B58c. The transmission is by ZF, not by BMW. The chassis/suspension was tuned by Toyota (they only agreed on the platform).
  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM 1 месяц назад We live in an Awesome multicultural world :D
    GAMING WITH MK 1 месяц назад nice copy paste but original comment have nearly 1000 likes
  • スバルA.S. Cinematics
    スバルA.S. Cinematics 1 месяц назад Stolen comment u cuck
  • campkira
    campkira 1 месяц назад Very wick...
  • Vigoss Virus
    Vigoss Virus 1 месяц назад Copycat
  • Danny T
    Danny T 1 месяц назад If only the world could work together like this. It would be a much better place!
  • Ricardo Barbosa
    Ricardo Barbosa 1 месяц назад You will see , this feels more toyota than bmw !
  • GLR
    GLR 1 месяц назад RongWrittenWrong viewed by an American?!
  • GLR
    GLR 1 месяц назад RongWrittenWrong go figure
  • Xrisos 13
    Xrisos 13 3 недели назад Nice..but I 'll wait for the M version!😉
  • Supa Mariio
    Supa Mariio Неделю назад 😂😂😂😂😂
  • CandyMan2789
    CandyMan2789 Неделю назад Another stupid comment
  • Angel Lawless
    Angel Lawless 2 недели назад ha!
  • Jan Dell
    Jan Dell 1 месяц назад Konnichi wa, BMW-San
  • Patrick Steinmark
    Patrick Steinmark 1 день назад The Ultimate Godzilla Machine
  • Manprit Singh
    Manprit Singh 1 месяц назад If u buy a toyota supra R u automatically a BMW driver🤔
  • RealCapo88
    RealCapo88 4 дня назад @ACE DOGBOY was just an example, Bmw gayboy
    ACE DOGBOY 4 дня назад @RealCapo88 what avout mk 1 and 2. Moron
  • A real bisexual petrol-head
    A real bisexual petrol-head 1 месяц назад RealCapo88 But Mk3 and Mk4 is outdated. People these days hate when cars gets outdated.
  • RealCapo88
    RealCapo88 1 месяц назад Not if you buy a real Supra, MK3 or MK4.
  • duzisparkz
    duzisparkz 1 месяц назад No
  • A real bisexual petrol-head
    A real bisexual petrol-head 1 месяц назад Manprit Singh If it's has a Toyota badge, then no. You're a Toyota driver
  • NatStreaK
    NatStreaK 1 месяц назад Well, it has the soul of BMW
  • Moskito159
    Moskito159 1 месяц назад Yes, the indicators are automatically deactivated.
  • Otaku_ Potato
    Otaku_ Potato 1 месяц назад Manprit Singh yea of coarse
  • イリヤスフィール・フォン・アインツベルン
    イリヤスフィール・フォン・アインツベルン 3 дня назад (изменено) BMW built this engine first, and Toyota Teared down everything to find unreliable parts. And then, BMW received TONS of advices to rebuild engine. Supra: how Toyota resolves oil leakage
  • Team Excalibur Airsoft
    Team Excalibur Airsoft 1 месяц назад Mat during sex Girl: "Do you like it baby?" Mat: "It's good, but not quite as good as BMW's idrive system"
  • Team Excalibur Airsoft
    Team Excalibur Airsoft 1 месяц назад @Charlie Vetsworth chill out charlie, it's not your choice what people call each other XD
  • Charlie Vetsworth
    Charlie Vetsworth 1 месяц назад Come on, we all know Mat is definitely above dating someone who would use the word 'baby' like some common generic slag. All people who say babe or baby to refer to their SO are trash people.
  • Rason Jason
    Rason Jason 1 месяц назад Doug's the type of guy to scream like a girl while driving a Toyota.
  • Péter Németh-Szabolcs
    Péter Németh-Szabolcs 1 месяц назад he propably doesnt have a girlfriend cuz she would not be as good as BMW's Idrive system
  • James Williams
    James Williams 1 месяц назад 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Jake Riley
    Jake Riley 1 месяц назад I wanted to comment the same.
  • Samir Nawrozada
    Samir Nawrozada 1 месяц назад @It's Ders Mane that's me, what are u talking about?
  • DummieSnake420
    DummieSnake420 1 месяц назад @It's Ders Mane what about 11:15 XD
  • Samir Nawrozada
    Samir Nawrozada 1 месяц назад Hi
  • david hany
    david hany 1 месяц назад HAH comedy
  • fadafada
    fadafada 1 месяц назад OMG 😭😭😭
    MEMES ARE MY LIFE 1 месяц назад @It's Ders Mane 😂😂😂😂😂ok that shit had me in tears
  • rustydrog
    rustydrog 1 месяц назад Matt trying to fit a large water bottle in somewhere
  • Team Excalibur Airsoft
    Team Excalibur Airsoft 1 месяц назад Friendly Neighbourhood Spidey wow haha great minds think alike
  • Friendly Neighbourhood Spidey
    Friendly Neighbourhood Spidey 1 месяц назад @Team Excalibur Airsoft lol yeah you wrote the exact same thing as me almost word for word, but its all good lol i don't mind
  • Team Excalibur Airsoft
    Team Excalibur Airsoft 1 месяц назад Friendly Neighbourhood Spidey did I? 😂 sorry mate haha
  • Friendly Neighbourhood Spidey
    Friendly Neighbourhood Spidey 1 месяц назад Lol dude you stole my comment from the Mclaren 720S video
  • Ayon Barua
    Ayon Barua 1 месяц назад @It's Ders Mane 😂😂😂
  • James Mack
    James Mack 1 месяц назад Girl?
  • Jiří Huser
    Jiří Huser 1 месяц назад lmao im dead xD
  • Sami Khamis
    Sami Khamis 1 месяц назад With his stick of truth.....
  • nico van losser
    nico van losser 1 месяц назад @It's Ders Mane Genius😂
  • Halil Aydin ORMAN
    Halil Aydin ORMAN 1 месяц назад It's Ders Mane AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA COMMENT OF THE DAY
  • Arkaitz Uranga.
    Arkaitz Uranga. 1 месяц назад hahahahhahahaha this made me laugh so hard
  • JP Gaming
    JP Gaming 1 месяц назад (изменено) 😂😂😂
  • Gonzalo Morales Velasco
    Gonzalo Morales Velasco 1 месяц назад Yeah nice joystick
  • Craz
    Craz 1 месяц назад Is this gonna be the "Doug the type of guy" comments of this channel? Nice
  • It's Ders Mane
    It's Ders Mane 1 месяц назад Also Matt during sex: 11:27
  • Craig H
    Craig H 1 месяц назад Or let’s get the stick of truth out luv 😂
  • Marcel Lukačić
    Marcel Lukačić 1 месяц назад Very underrated comment.
  • Timmy Jr
    Timmy Jr Неделю назад 5 year warranty that everyone's going to void. 😀
  • Adil Khan
    Adil Khan 1 месяц назад The question is, will have the Toyota long term reliability or a BMW's disappointing one
  • nicholas b
    nicholas b 17 часов назад @ACE DOGBOY it's because ppl in the US buy expensive cars they take long term loans on, then don't do the expensive maintenance. The consumer is the issue. Well at least most of the time, little stuff breaks all the time idk
  • Carboy Dorifuto party
    Carboy Dorifuto party 1 день назад @ACE DOGBOY well your not wrong tho(it also makes me question if anyone even trys to look at the mk4s history instead of talking about it's hp)
    ACE DOGBOY 4 дня назад Bmw r reliable tho. Everywhere outside US
    ACE DOGBOY 4 дня назад @Shady Shinichi the mk4 was a disgrace on the predecessors... and the mk4 wasnt a sports car. It was a gt car
  • DonkeyShit
    DonkeyShit 5 дней назад @Shady Shinichi stfu
  • Shady Shinichi
    Shady Shinichi Неделю назад It shouldn't be named Supra. Its a disgrace on so many levels
  • Finner Vlogs
    Finner Vlogs 3 недели назад So it's going to be a brilliant car
  • Finner Vlogs
    Finner Vlogs 3 недели назад @mark p Also you get BMW I drive which is the best infotainment system out
  • Finner Vlogs
    Finner Vlogs 3 недели назад @mark p Every component is to Toyota standard. They sent back one bolt 100 times till it was the right strength.
  • mark p
    mark p 3 недели назад It should be okay since the engine is detuned with much less horsepower to make it last longer.
  • Finner Vlogs
    Finner Vlogs 4 недели назад They had BMW send they all the parts to test if they were to there own standards
  • Adil Khan
    Adil Khan 1 месяц назад @Jesus Christ cant argure with Jesus
  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 1 месяц назад i think the parts will break fast
  • Christopher Paquin
    Christopher Paquin 13 часов назад People: « bring the Supra back » Toyota: « you got it !! » BMW: Execute orther 66
  • Zgirboc Crush
    Zgirboc Crush 4 дня назад So if most of the car is a BMW , does it mean that the signal light is not working?
  • 9600GTMAN
    9600GTMAN 3 дня назад probably toyota "chief engineers" repaired tha tone or left for the tuning companies to do it :D
  • You Tube
    You Tube 1 месяц назад Very international show 👍. Japanese car made in Austria with German parts with Belgian numberplates filmed in Spain and presented by a British presenter. Lovely.
  • Sweat Green
    Sweat Green 3 недели назад So True 👍👍👍
  • Daniel Kenechukwu
    Daniel Kenechukwu 1 месяц назад Lol
  • TheGolden Hour
    TheGolden Hour 1 месяц назад If you open up any electronic device and check where the components are made you will be surprised even if the brand is Bowers & Wilkinson, Apple, ....or look at the make-up of soccer teams, ...I am struggling a bit myself with this....well one of SLRs is a Leica and the body is the same as a Panasonic L1...the look, the firmware, colour gambit,glass/lens and warranty are different....confusing 😆
  • HiHello
    HiHello 1 месяц назад motomusiq yeah i mean maybe just get a 10 sec clip and they are done right? Like your videos haha
  • Tuco Salamanca
    Tuco Salamanca 1 месяц назад Wonderful wonderful.
  • motomusiq
    motomusiq 1 месяц назад You Tube it took him 15 minutes to get to the actual driving, ugh
  • Chucky
    Chucky 1 месяц назад [] There is no assembly plant of Toyota in Belgium.
  • Lukas Abraham
    Lukas Abraham 1 месяц назад No No, luvely
  • Banana
    Banana 1 месяц назад Add a viewer from Canada. Have a great day to everyone!
  • f
    f 1 месяц назад @asad khan nothing related to British nationalism mate, you're probably someone who lives there yourself.
  • Harry van Laer
    Harry van Laer 1 месяц назад Good observation!
  • Qammar Rajput
    Qammar Rajput 1 месяц назад Wheres the americans at 😅
  • []
    [] 1 месяц назад jordy debrouwer they probably are strait from the factory which is at Belgium, so the plates probably are from there
  • Taylor Ning
    Taylor Ning 1 месяц назад More approptiately, a German car made in Austria with a Belgian no. plate and a Japanese name.
  • G0ddEity
    G0ddEity 1 месяц назад Lol
  • andred gb
    andred gb 1 месяц назад (изменено) its subliminal message that Carwow, BMW & Toyota are anti-Brexit 😅
  • Rochdi Tidjani
    Rochdi Tidjani 1 месяц назад Globalization!
  • You Tube
    You Tube 1 месяц назад Chucky inderdaad!
  • jordy debrouwer
    jordy debrouwer 1 месяц назад @Chucky ahaaa interessant, weetje dat ik niet wist
  • Chucky
    Chucky 1 месяц назад jordy debrouwer The European HQ of Toyota is located in Brussels. (Het Europees hoofdkwartier van Toyota zit in Brussel.)
  • Diego García
    Diego García 1 месяц назад @jordy debrouwer viva!
  • jordy debrouwer
    jordy debrouwer 1 месяц назад @Diego García Viva belgicaaa
  • Zaki 203
    Zaki 203 1 месяц назад @jordy debrouwer geen idee😂
  • Diego García
    Diego García 1 месяц назад Viva españa!
  • jordy debrouwer
    jordy debrouwer 1 месяц назад Yeeaaahhh Belgium!!! 🇧🇪 But how come the Belgian plates?
  • Edition50
    Edition50 1 месяц назад Exactly...
  • asad khan
    asad khan 1 месяц назад A classic definition of British nationalism
  • .m.
    .m. 3 недели назад People: "We want the supra back" Toyota: "You got it." (Goes to BMW) "Can you build us a Supra, thanks"
  • jcup vice
    jcup vice 2 недели назад :(
  • burqueboy505
    burqueboy505 2 недели назад The greatest car ever made (Mclaren F1) is powered by a BMW V12. People need to relax
  • Alejandro Ortiz
    Alejandro Ortiz 3 недели назад (изменено) You do realize Toyota has a history of doing this right? Especially with the M series. Also do your homework. BMW sent the engines and transmissions into Toyota, Toyota tested them and tuned them so they DON"T SUCK. Meaning The BMW Engine in the Supra is Tuned for Maximum Durability. and even though its less horse power than the BMW version, the car is still faster than other cars using the same engine that is not modified... GO FIGURE. Don't confuse Toyota with American made cars...
  • Toobadboi
    Toobadboi 1 день назад That is a wee bit of a let down. I thought Toyota was going to make it a 2.7 twin turbo. Not use a BMW engine.
  • Claudio Andrei
    Claudio Andrei 1 месяц назад BMW z4 with Toyota supra skin
  • 9600GTMAN
    9600GTMAN 3 дня назад even the skni is nothing like a supra jsut they said it is...
  • Ciaran Walder
    Ciaran Walder 1 месяц назад Na Toyota supra pack it’s a bit more than just a skin
  • Ryan B
    Ryan B Неделю назад It may be a BMW, but go in for service and you get a Camry for a loaner car. 😂
  • Shuaib Stemela
    Shuaib Stemela Неделю назад Ryan B 📻🦛🌍🌚🌑🌛◽️🗯♠️🔴♠️📻c🌈☁️🌈🌍✨🌍🌍⚡️🌔🌎🌍⚡️⚡️🧯🧯🧯⚽️🏀🇭🇹🇳🇴🇳🇷🇳🇮