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98% OF PEOPLE FAIL Try Not To Laugh CLEAN [Part 8]

Premiered Mar 17, 2019 4,632,605 views

🚨🚨RED ALERT🚨🚨 My 7th and 3rd videos have been taken down D: I may reupload them later and take some clips out, I may not. Hopefully the rest of my vids don't go too. If you like this video please like, subscribe, and share the video with your friends! Check out my other videos for more laughs!

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None of the clips in this video are mine, all credit goes to the original creators. If a video is watermarked, go check out the creator!

Outro Music credit to

  • Rogue Huckster
    Rogue Huckster 3 недели назад Ok so things aren't going well for my channel right now. My 7th video, the most popular one, has been blocked worldwide because of the Roxanne ("Rocks") clip. My 3rd video has been removed by kmlkmljkl and a copyright strike has been added to my channel. I don't monetize any of my videos, I never wanted to make any money off these videos. None of the clips I use are mine, I just wanted to make people laugh. I'm not sure if I'm going to make anymore videos, I mean, the clips aren't mine. Thanks for all your support guys, these last couple months have been really fun.
  • Lollipop's Ghost
    Lollipop's Ghost 3 недели назад So, you needed support. Help is on the way. I will not mind at all if you use my greenscreens.
  • Yitz
    Yitz 2 недели назад maybe set up a patreon? your role in this community is "meme curator" which is a very important one
  • Shane Solberg
    Shane Solberg 2 недели назад :( we support u you make the best try not to laugh videos I have ever watched remember we support you
  • The GachaCat
    The GachaCat 2 недели назад Rogue Huckster Which one was the Rocks clip? Also so sad!
  • EMAN 09
    EMAN 09 2 недели назад I hope life gets better
  • fluffy dogs
    fluffy dogs 2 недели назад I laugh at donald duck lol
  • Remixian peebles
    Remixian peebles 2 недели назад Rogue Huckster, I feel you man, I feel you.
  • Princess Tatyanna
    Princess Tatyanna 2 недели назад This sucks. I just started watching you. People these days are such haters.
  • Lankylurkr
    Lankylurkr 2 недели назад It's free realesate
  • MacDoesRandomThings
    MacDoesRandomThings 2 недели назад Lucky i saw all of them before this happened
  • Victoria Wright
    Victoria Wright 2 недели назад Aww man I like your channel
  • Trickygirlygirl 109
    Trickygirlygirl 109 2 недели назад No!!!! Make more videos!!just make sure you tell everyone who you got the videos from and give them credit
  • Inawana Industries
    Inawana Industries 2 недели назад Keep it up, buddy! You're doing a good job, don't get discouraged. We love you, and you have awesome family-friendly content, which is surprisingly hard to find.
  • Cherry Pie
    Cherry Pie 2 недели назад Don worry YouTubs drunk
  • Evan's Wild-Life
    Evan's Wild-Life 2 недели назад hope thell stop copystring you make me laghe
  • leojrobison
    leojrobison 2 недели назад rip
  • Samuel Spears
    Samuel Spears 2 недели назад Rogue Huckster that's terrible, why would anyone do that to your channel. Attack a minor channel for no good reason, so pathetic. I know I'm just one voice, but you have my best of wishes and support
  • BLEEM Memes
    BLEEM Memes Неделю назад Alright, if BLEEMs comments get removed again I will be contacting youtube to get your channl removed.
    BLEEM Неделю назад alright, ive had enough of this. kindly reply with a way i can contact you or i will be getting in touch with youtube partner program and speaking out.
  • Glutz
  • Tigers Roar
    Tigers Roar Неделю назад Aww! I love your videos! Just ignore it, Don't let them stop you for showing awesome video's people cant really search!!
  • MonkeyDP
    MonkeyDP Неделю назад Yeah I call bullshit that your vids would need taking down. Good job youtube
  • JJ Cooper
    JJ Cooper Неделю назад My favourite was #7 :(
  • JJ Cooper
    JJ Cooper Неделю назад @BLEEM Memes well I just removed BLEEM's comment for unwanted reasons. Bai, channel
  • Nancy King-Hoffman
    Nancy King-Hoffman Неделю назад Try useing real humour for once if you really want to make someone else laugh 🤔💛💡
  • Student Kian Gado
    Student Kian Gado Неделю назад Whats Wrong With The Rocks Clip?
  • Crystalolite Fox
    Crystalolite Fox Неделю назад Rogue Huckster I am so sorry about that. Please carry on making these videos and don't give up. If they want to hate, let them hate, but you don't have to listen
  • Jak Starkel
    Jak Starkel Неделю назад Rogue Huckster well, ok
  • DsVibe
    DsVibe 6 дней назад what's cool is.. if you apply your style to creative commons content, you can legally make money from things you're editing down to high-quality videos and reposting... youtube it.. few vids already on the topic. you'll probably need to create another channel. and to search for creative commons content only, click something on the left, search filters.. and select creative commons.
  • Epically Gaming
    Epically Gaming 6 дней назад Rogue Huckster kk
  • Daniel Farrow
    Daniel Farrow 4 дня назад I'm very sorry for you rougue huckster
  • Blizzard36
    Blizzard36 3 дня назад Hi there! I was wondering if I could react to this TNTL video on one of my videos. Is that ok with you?
    BLEEM 3 дня назад JJ Cooper , you can not avoid the fact that this channel is stealing people’s content to gain an audience that is oblivious to the fact that he is not even crediting then. If he cares about his channel he should take the steps to allow me to contact him.
  • BuzzFeed Purple
    BuzzFeed Purple 1 месяц назад So Then I’m Part Of The 2% Of People Who Didn’t Laugh PRETTY DEPRESSING
  • Mark Brabo
    Mark Brabo 1 месяц назад Same
  • Lilli PENELLE
    Lilli PENELLE 1 месяц назад You gotta see it in another way. You re unique! x)
  • SLAB yeah
    SLAB yeah 1 месяц назад Imo it wasn't very funny but the one about the moaning loud almost got me
  • Milly Milky
    Milly Milky 1 месяц назад Yeah... I don’t get how people laugh
  • andrew manutdfan
    andrew manutdfan 1 месяц назад Same
  • AK-Drakoin-007
    AK-Drakoin-007 1 месяц назад Yeah preach my friend same!!!! But naked grandma nearly got me.
  • Alex Rychlý
    Alex Rychlý 1 месяц назад Same
  • jallukolaa
    jallukolaa 1 месяц назад Same here... All though the fake typing Guy made me say bruh
  • Angel Gabriel
    Angel Gabriel 1 месяц назад I too...
  • Peridot the Space Dorito
    Peridot the Space Dorito 1 месяц назад Same lol
  • Tilen V
    Tilen V 1 месяц назад same
  • ZaverYT Emo
    ZaverYT Emo 1 месяц назад Me too
  • Stella Topan
    Stella Topan 1 месяц назад nope this are dump vids
  • Yung Belial
    Yung Belial 1 месяц назад i think the 2% is the people who did laugh
  • Chloe The Unicorn Cat
    Chloe The Unicorn Cat 1 месяц назад I never laugh at any so i'm part of it
  • Gaming Neko Youtuber
    Gaming Neko Youtuber 1 месяц назад I didn't laugh at all..
    CYKA BLYAT 1 месяц назад Me too
  • JessiKitty
    JessiKitty 1 месяц назад same
  • Greg LoConte
    Greg LoConte 1 месяц назад BuzzFeed Purple same I’ve seen better
  • NateGaming Broadcasts
    NateGaming Broadcasts 1 месяц назад Same
  • angela lee
    angela lee 1 месяц назад I'm depressed. Then, I found out thing without wings CAN fly. For example, a lawnmower.
  • Peter Quin
    Peter Quin 1 месяц назад I’m not...
  • Isabella Gardner
    Isabella Gardner 1 месяц назад same
  • Yvii FCB
    Yvii FCB 1 месяц назад Same but I'm too tired😩
  • FaEZe CiAvaH
    FaEZe CiAvaH 1 месяц назад Me 2
  • Nightmare Howler
    Nightmare Howler 1 месяц назад @Milly Milky same
  • angela lee
    angela lee 1 месяц назад @Isabella Gardner gasps are u talking to ME?!
  • Gucci Penguin
    Gucci Penguin 1 месяц назад ME TOO. BuzzFeed Purple
  • RoanCraft
    RoanCraft 1 месяц назад Same
  • lollipop man
    lollipop man 1 месяц назад No this is so easy
  • Big BenezerKennedus
    Big BenezerKennedus 1 месяц назад Saem
  • ChN 1
    ChN 1 1 месяц назад Welcome to the not nine years old side
  • Ich und grisu
    Ich und grisu 1 месяц назад BuzzFeed Purple same i get something burning in my eye
  • Martins Gotsons
    Martins Gotsons 1 месяц назад Same
  • Daniel Camacho
    Daniel Camacho 1 месяц назад Me too
  • Molly's Corner
    Molly's Corner 1 месяц назад BuzzFeed Purple same
  • FireBlitz YT
    FireBlitz YT 1 месяц назад Same
  • TAH Tristan Abi Harvey
    TAH Tristan Abi Harvey 1 месяц назад Same here 😪
  • Lolita Cope
    Lolita Cope 1 месяц назад BuzzFeed Purple I just wrote the same comment and when I scrolled down I realized we wrote the same comment
  • Jane Carroll
    Jane Carroll 1 месяц назад omg i saear i didnt read urs but i said the EXACT SAME THING!!!!!!!!
  • Torrence McSwain
    Torrence McSwain 1 месяц назад Same same samity same
  • Gøthic
    Gøthic 1 месяц назад Same
  • Serenity Perez
    Serenity Perez 1 месяц назад Same
  • End Me
    End Me 1 месяц назад Same
  • Fox Larkin
    Fox Larkin 1 месяц назад Ikr
  • Slimeyslime 1960
    Slimeyslime 1960 1 месяц назад BuzzFeed Purple same
  • Ember Chamber
    Ember Chamber 1 месяц назад BuzzFeed Purple same
  • Mike Frutchey
    Mike Frutchey 1 месяц назад Same
  • Jordan Wells
    Jordan Wells 1 месяц назад same
  • Goldy Animations
    Goldy Animations 1 месяц назад Same
  • Robin Laker
    Robin Laker 1 месяц назад lol same
  • Rare Bass
    Rare Bass 1 месяц назад Same, this isn't that funny
  • Mari Calalang
    Mari Calalang 1 месяц назад Same
  • nek brekar
    nek brekar 1 месяц назад Me too :/
  • Ailsa Wilson
    Ailsa Wilson 1 месяц назад I think me and the other 54 people think the same thing. It’s sad how big that 2% is
  • Ailsa Wilson
    Ailsa Wilson 1 месяц назад But I think the one with the dog eating tires was great
  • Cody Cook
    Cody Cook 1 месяц назад Me to it was not even funny
  • Thunder the wolf and Lightning the cat
    Thunder the wolf and Lightning the cat 1 месяц назад Yup
  • Pɾσԃ.Ⴆɾυԋ shaPeterson
    Pɾσԃ.Ⴆɾυԋ shaPeterson 1 месяц назад same
  • George Caswell
    George Caswell 3 недели назад Same here I didn’t laugh ever
  • Amanda Williams
    Amanda Williams 2 недели назад Me
  • Dixie Riggs
    Dixie Riggs 2 недели назад Same doe
  • mmwyatt73
    mmwyatt73 2 недели назад BuzzFeed Purple We’ll all have no soul together
  • Dimond werewolf
    Dimond werewolf 2 недели назад I didn't laugh at all!!!
  • Harmoi The Halo Ink Demon
    Harmoi The Halo Ink Demon Неделю назад Meh it’s not too bad 😕
  • Mr X
    Mr X Неделю назад Im Empty inside
  • Magi Hrist
    Magi Hrist 6 дней назад Ur not alone
  • ÑáEñÅe M
    ÑáEñÅe M 1 день назад Right
  • marcus phillips
    marcus phillips 21 час назад BuzzFeed Purple same
  • the wolf den
    the wolf den 12 часов назад that 2% is me!
  • BuzzFeed Purple
    BuzzFeed Purple 11 часов назад This feels like more than 2% * HOORAY IM NOT ALONE*
  • Romana Sadia
    Romana Sadia 3 дня назад Who watched ALL of it cuz they were bored? Press this if you were... ⬇️
  • The Electrical Force
    The Electrical Force 1 день назад i clicked it twice
  • Ink The Creator
    Ink The Creator 1 месяц назад "The snowstorm can't get us here." Walks to snowstorm. "AAAA-" 0:53
  • LemonTea
    LemonTea 1 месяц назад Omg lmao
  • Beth Gamboa
    Beth Gamboa 1 месяц назад Ink The Creator *Donald gets yeeted from existence*
  • darkman 720
    darkman 720 1 месяц назад Fishstorm
  • queenofnarnia owlofthenight
    queenofnarnia owlofthenight 1 месяц назад gosh, dang it, donald
  • Niickxix
    Niickxix 1 месяц назад A classic meme
  • Fak Me 30
    Fak Me 30 1 месяц назад be right back.
  • ꧁Rampage Warrior꧂
    ꧁Rampage Warrior꧂ 1 месяц назад Ink The Creator xD
  • BlueAliGamingYT
    BlueAliGamingYT 1 месяц назад i died that was too funny
  • ocean man
    ocean man 1 месяц назад *Walks to snowstorm* 0:54
  • Waffle out of a toaster guy
    Waffle out of a toaster guy 1 месяц назад *THE LIONS SLEEPS TONIGHT
  • Ellis The Zombie Killer
    Ellis The Zombie Killer 4 недели назад This needs to be a "To be continued" meme
  • nyadere
    nyadere 4 недели назад I died at this moment xDD
  • Frisk
    Frisk 4 недели назад Hi
  • E Perez
    E Perez 3 недели назад Beth Gamboa ay I love Donald 😡
  • sharkers 21
    sharkers 21 3 недели назад i think you were missing * * Its just a joke
  • E Perez
    E Perez 3 недели назад sharkers 21 what
  • Nonniecute9 Megel
    Nonniecute9 Megel 3 недели назад I’m cracking up 😂
  • Hoo Man
    Hoo Man 2 недели назад "A-"
  • Janna the Rebel
    Janna the Rebel 2 недели назад So happy to see a kH3 moment here 😂
  • Luxord the beyblade lol
    Luxord the beyblade lol Неделю назад Ashley Naxi ikr xD
  • Lieu Pham
    Lieu Pham 2 недели назад “The snowstorm can’t get us here” walks forward “AHHH” BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA I LOVED THAT INE
  • Della the mifwua
    Della the mifwua Неделю назад BRUH ME TOO😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Bird Goes Woof
    Bird Goes Woof Неделю назад The one with goofy is funnier
  • fluffy dogs
    fluffy dogs Неделю назад Lol i love that 😂😂😂😂
  • Hea Vy
    Hea Vy Неделю назад Yep hi lohgeder too
  • candy scream
    candy scream Неделю назад 🐳
  • Relyt ssor
    Relyt ssor Неделю назад It’s more like an EH
  • Lieu Pham
    Lieu Pham Неделю назад Relyt ssor we all have our opinions!
  • Th3Kitsun3
    Th3Kitsun3 5 дней назад I always laugh at that 😂 XD
  • Giese
    Giese 4 дня назад Not even funny
  • Nathan Flores
    Nathan Flores 4 дня назад Loss on that one xD
  • Kate catberry
    Kate catberry 2 дня назад XD I laughed XD
  • Blvckwarz
    Blvckwarz 17 часов назад I’m crying 😭😂
  • Swirly Q
    Swirly Q 11 часов назад 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂omg I fucked up...
  • Brianna Greeley
    Brianna Greeley 1 месяц назад (изменено) 1989- I bet in the future we’ll have flying cars 2019- 6:13 somethin like that
  • Scp-049 The Bean
    Scp-049 The Bean 1 месяц назад Oh no not the flying lawnmowers!
  • sharkbro 1234
    sharkbro 1234 1 месяц назад Close enough
  • Karen A Torres
    Karen A Torres 1 месяц назад Brianna Greeley hi
  • Milk and Cookies
    Milk and Cookies 1 месяц назад I don’t think my mother thought that at the age of 7 but ok
  • Karen A Torres
    Karen A Torres 1 месяц назад Milk and Cookies Not to be rude but its a joke
  • lol forever
    lol forever 1 месяц назад 5:22 this is REALY funny. I only laughed at that!
  • Starim
    Starim 4 недели назад That lawnmower made laugh so hard that I play it over and over again
  • aamburgey69
    aamburgey69 2 недели назад Let’s all become weasleys with flying cars
  • Critical Commentators
    Critical Commentators Неделю назад Brianna Greeley that video is was actually made in 2013 or 2014
  • Wee Coty
    Wee Coty 2 недели назад 6:38 Is me when im jaming to anime themes 😂😂
  • TheWhiteAsian YT
    TheWhiteAsian YT 2 недели назад Wee Coty gay
  • TTChaeng
    TTChaeng 4 дня назад me listening to Twice :)
  • Crystal V.
    Crystal V. 4 дня назад Hello fellow weab
  • LucasDN05
    LucasDN05 3 дня назад Song please sorry i dont know it
  • Lisa Snader
    Lisa Snader 19 часов назад Me listening to over it
  • Jake Bennett
    Jake Bennett 18 часов назад Your not a true weeb if you can finish a ost game without jamming to a total banger.
  • SJCA Students1
    SJCA Students1 3 часа назад What is the song
  • BB Gun
    BB Gun 1 месяц назад 4:55 Internet, this is what we've been searching for..
  • Hydro 41
    Hydro 41 1 месяц назад It masterpiece
  • Diego Estrada
    Diego Estrada 1 месяц назад Yasssssss
  • deez memes
    deez memes 1 месяц назад Gansta 100
  • Victoria Dean
    Victoria Dean 2 недели назад Underrated comment
  • Kaliyah Robinson
    Kaliyah Robinson 5 дней назад "Go Put Those Corndogs Back" "YOU CANT MAKE ME DO ANYTHING! Me: If Only I Had The Power To Say That To My Mom.
  • Casual Gaming
    Casual Gaming 2 дня назад When you're 18
  • J Star
    J Star 1 день назад That's the one that made me laugh
  • Ast 123
    Ast 123 1 месяц назад (изменено) "we met people ready to say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019". " we also saw this dog with a banana "
  • Addison W
    Addison W 1 месяц назад Ast 123 ssa
  • Stop Motion Studios
    Stop Motion Studios 1 месяц назад That’s the only part of the video I laughed at
  • Dave Pole
    Dave Pole 4 недели назад Lel
  • Banana God
    Banana God 4 недели назад *DID SOMEONE SAID BANANA*?????
  • Tilen V
    Tilen V 4 недели назад @Banana God nop
  • Tilen V
    Tilen V 4 недели назад @Banana God but somone tiped banana
  • Saoro 2006
    Saoro 2006 4 недели назад Frivilious beatnik
  • Allegra Masse Sole
    Allegra Masse Sole 4 недели назад i know said it in the vidio
  • Cuber Boi
    Cuber Boi 4 недели назад Lmao
    RADONATOR COOL 4 недели назад IKR
  • Jada Burgos
    Jada Burgos 4 недели назад The dog with the banana... could've done better newscast
  • JJ Boi
    JJ Boi 4 недели назад You always need a dog with a banana in your life
  • Kimberly Torres
    Kimberly Torres 2 дня назад Donald duck: The snowstorm can't get us here... AH-
  • XD MonsterHYPE
    XD MonsterHYPE 1 месяц назад 8:45 When you win the lottery
  • Forever Fox
    Forever Fox 1 месяц назад Its sooo cute i wish it wasn't sold
  • Fish, Game, And My Hobbies
    Fish, Game, And My Hobbies 1 месяц назад Hahaha... Wish
    SMELL 4 недели назад XD MonsterHYPE Bet no one knows what that song is off. I do.
  • Megan Agnew
    Megan Agnew 4 недели назад 🤣😅😂🤣😶💙
  • Mann of Dober
    Mann of Dober Неделю назад "Scar! Brother! Help me!" "Okay." puts deformed lion boi out of his misery
  • Rexan Cruz
    Rexan Cruz 18 часов назад Mann of Dober XD
  • Icey Sue
    Icey Sue 2 недели назад 5:17 When you almost finish your bag of chips but the last peice breaks off snd stabs you in the gums. 😂🤦
  • princess of making everything yeah baby
    princess of making everything yeah baby Неделю назад I do it all the time...
  • Icey Sue
    Icey Sue Неделю назад @princess of making everything yeah baby 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Skipper Penguin
    Skipper Penguin Неделю назад AHHHHH
  • pimariya khootrakoon
    pimariya khootrakoon Неделю назад Omg that’s relatable
  • Tiauna Hazlett
    Tiauna Hazlett 1 месяц назад 8:43 This one isn't funny, it just makes me happy-- the sign on his box said "I am sold" I would be dancing too :P
  • :/
    :/ 2 недели назад :D
  • Topher Skek
    Topher Skek 2 недели назад How did you not laugh? That was the only one in the video that got me.
  • PleasePressTriangle
    PleasePressTriangle Неделю назад (изменено) "What's something you wouldn't want to see if you were a burgler breaking into a house?" "NAKED GRAMMA!!!!" 😂😂😂😂
  • Niña Angela Garcia
    Niña Angela Garcia 3 недели назад 6:11 Is it a Bird? Is it a plane? No It's SUPER LAWNMOWER
  • Juju Angelwolf
    Juju Angelwolf 3 недели назад Lol
  • D C
    D C 3 недели назад Lol
  • Erin Christensen
    Erin Christensen 3 недели назад dies
  • Taro Mueller
  • sum sum kitty kitty
    sum sum kitty kitty 3 недели назад .
  • Silver Sky
    Silver Sky 3 недели назад no its... JOHN CENAAAA
  • Tasheena Shepard
    Tasheena Shepard 3 недели назад OMG MY HERO!! 😂😂
  • My friend Is Nolan
    My friend Is Nolan 3 недели назад Niña Angela Garcia what is ot
  • Matt Giamporcaro
    Matt Giamporcaro 3 недели назад @My Friend Is Nolan click "read more" and the answer will come to you.
  • Pyrosfuel Gaming
    Pyrosfuel Gaming 2 недели назад lol 😆
  • Lauren Farrell
    Lauren Farrell 2 недели назад xD
  • Madicake bake
    Madicake bake 2 недели назад That is the ONLY time I laughed
  • aamburgey69
    aamburgey69 2 недели назад I’m on my shirt
  • no existing in tha halls
    no existing in tha halls 2 недели назад Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its G I A N T R O B O T (Who else gets the joke)
  • Mr Macaron
    Mr Macaron 4 дня назад I wasn't even trying to contain my laughter. I loved the medieval armor dude.
  • Hammad Saleem
    Hammad Saleem 1 месяц назад 4:00 how my trust issues started😂😂
  • Venus
    Venus 3 дня назад The Lion King one... The way he slipped and went up back LOLLLLZ plus the Donald Duck one.