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Regular Car Reviews: 1991 BMW E30 318i

Published on Sep 8, 2014 998,903 views

The BMW E30 is the prerequisite to "being a car guy" even more than the Mazda Miata MX5.

The M42 engine was not put into E30 sedans until 1991, although it did exist in E30 318is coupes. It was in every E36, so in a lot of ways my E30 is sort of unique.

This car is one of the few E30s to not have a sunroof. The point is most people weren't as cheap as the original owner who bought this car in 1991. In fact, This E30 only has one optional extra: a digital clock/temp gauge. That might have been standard in 1991. I'm not sure but it wasn't at the start of the E30. It is the cheapest E30 you could buy in 1991. The fact that it doesn't have a sunroof is sort of a subculture thing; I've heard them referred to as "slick tops".

This E30 is untouched in terms of performance; as slow as BMW wanted it to be. Lots of E30s are slammed or track-day focused, but mine is stock as a rock. Still great to drive.

Ask any E30 owner, maintenance is expensive and sucks. In a lot of ways, owning an E30 is like dating a super-expensive high-maintenance MILF who cheats on you and sometimes abuses you, but whom you live anyway.

  • Jasmael Bularic
    Jasmael Bularic 4 года назад (OO==[ ][ ]==OO)
  • Dean Darvin
    Dean Darvin 2 месяца назад @9mm BMW Executive: Yes officer this post right here.
  • Juljasmah
    Juljasmah 3 месяца назад Jasmael Bularic yup
  • 0fg4
    0fg4 5 месяцев назад (изменено) (O)O) Mmm... pepperoni!
  • Underdog
    Underdog 7 месяцев назад Top SunBro 👀🐽👀
  • 9mm
    9mm 8 месяцев назад Jasmael Bularic [OO==[||][||]==OO]
  • Lieutenant Dude
    Lieutenant Dude 8 месяцев назад My German car has a hitler mustache!!!
  • CaligoD
    CaligoD 9 месяцев назад Jasmael Bularic sides are too smooth, try [OO==[ ][ ]==OO]
  • J88go
    J88go 4 года назад It's like banging a prom queen only she is now 41, that's the best old drivers car explanation ever.
  • Emil w. Mørkeberg
    Emil w. Mørkeberg 6 месяцев назад LOL YES
  • Seth Thomas
    Seth Thomas Год назад Had a 73 Z/28 in 1987, she was a 35ish prom queen, that analogy hits it on the head. Kudos Mr. Regular.
  • Silvester Humaj
    Silvester Humaj Год назад J88go Hot Milfs are always in fashion
  • ian builds
    ian builds Год назад I banged the prom queen class 08 in 08 and now am dating her younger hotter sister who was wierd in high school but learned from her sisters slutty drug using mistakes... Its like being able to say yea I autocrossed an e30 in 1994 and now i daily a healthy e46... The timeless saying "best of both worlds" lol
  • Andres Rodriguez
    Andres Rodriguez 2 года назад J88go I'm banging the prom queen class of 1987
  • theelman
    theelman 4 года назад +Daniel Mirzotti you list BTCC, where there are FWD and RWD in the same class and FWD has almost exclusively won for years now.
  • mtheory85
    mtheory85 4 года назад @rocknrollfrenchfries Funny you should say that because I drive a Miata.  Honestly the only issue I've had with the snow is that the thing is too damned low, so if there's more than an inch of snow on the ground the thing turns into a snow plow, lol.
  • rocknrollfrenchfries
    rocknrollfrenchfries 4 года назад also just for fun youtube jean ragnotti if you want to see absolute mastery of front wheel drive.
  • rocknrollfrenchfries
    rocknrollfrenchfries 4 года назад yea ok civics and integra's just handle like shit and understeer all over the place with that god awful 60/40 balance. And no I'm actually saying all out performance. Front wheel drive can have an advantage in some environments. like the snow. Take a miata and an old civic hatch. both weigh about the same. The civic is on it's way no problem. The miata is floating and spinning.
  • mtheory85
    mtheory85 4 года назад @rocknrollfrenchfries So then if your FWD car is much more forward-weighted (and indeed, a Civic for example is about 60/40), you would indeed be right about the front tires having more traction.  However, you are simultaneously excluding the car from being good for performance, as it will understeer like hell even when you're not on power.  So if your point is that a low-power, FWD grocery-getter with no performance capabilities will be more forgiving in the snow than most RWD cars, you'd have a point.
  • rocknrollfrenchfries
    rocknrollfrenchfries 4 года назад Because the snow is not the same as a drag strip covered with traction goo.
  • rocknrollfrenchfries
    rocknrollfrenchfries 4 года назад Also last time i checked. Front wheel drive cars usually are nowhere near 50/50. Unless I have 2 or 3 bodies in the trunk. Which is why they go so good and are so predictable in the snow. Cuz they got all that WEIGHT UP FRONT. What weight transfer is happening when the tires just spin anyway. Not that much. Not as much as clean pavement. And so now you're better off having more actual weight over the drive wheels. Thats it. I win. Fuckoff
  • rocknrollfrenchfries
    rocknrollfrenchfries 4 года назад @awesomeologyism My sources are myself and my brain equipped with deductive reasoning and intuition superior to the average youtube fucklehead. Weight transfer doesn't happen the same in the snow because well... everything is sliding more. the whole car. So where the weight is actually located now matters more than transfer. Simple. Elementary. Common sense physics.
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад @rocknrollfrenchfries Hey, I'm the one that he's trying to lecture, but you should stil provide some sources to back yourself up
  • rocknrollfrenchfries
    rocknrollfrenchfries 4 года назад @mtheory85 You're wrong...
  • mtheory85
    mtheory85 4 года назад @awesomeologyism Wheels keeping the engine off the ground (unlikely, since most RWD cars have the engine set behind the front wheels), and also doing this thing called "steering".  If your car is balanced properly, your front wheels aren't going to be any more "weighed down" with FWD than with RWD.  Two cars, given the same weight distribution, say roughly 50/50, will have the same tendency to skid whether they are FWD or RWD.  The only difference is that with RWD you can invoke oversteer if you lay on the power.  But if you're not powering, it makes no difference.  And furthermore, since the weight transfers to the rear wheels on acceleration, RWD will have more traction in the snow.  This FWD traction in the snow thing is the biggest myth perpetuated in the car world.  It flatly isn't true.  It probably originated from the fact that RWD cars tend to have more power and are therefore less forgiving to careless driving in slick conditions.
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад Which is why I prefer FWD. In Ohio, the weather turns to shit in the blink of an eye.
  • rocknrollfrenchfries
    rocknrollfrenchfries 4 года назад It's called weight transfer kids. The only times front wheel drive could ultimately have an advantage over rear wheel drive are rare. Such environments do exist. Like perhaps trying to get somewhere fast in the snow or rain. Front wheel drive has that ease of just "use the handbrake on sharp corners then just punch it". You could maybe ultimately get somewhere faster in the snow with FWD over RWD MAYBE. But on dry pavement. On a race track. At the drag strip, RWD is clearly better. You can have whichever preference you want and there are valid reasons. But for all out performance in anything but the snow front wheel drive comes in last. And AWD tends to drag things down at higher speeds theres that too.
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад @mtheory85 Two of the wheels doing the work, being weighed down, vs. the wheels that are only keeping the engine off the ground doing nothing.
  • mtheory85
    mtheory85 4 года назад @awesomeologyism Stability? What, you mean because the car tends to understeer instead of oversteer? So you're picking between a head-on with a tree vs a side-on with a tree. Traction? Get out. You've got 2 wheels doing all the work instead of 4.
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад @Budokid  I never mentioned anything about "Going Fast" I said I liked the Stability and Traction I get from the FF layout.
  • nop2rop
    nop2rop 4 года назад @awesomeologyism but under acceleration the weight of your car shifts onto the rear wheels which is counter productive to your endeavours to "go fast"
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад @rubberwoody Amazing how everyone completely skipped over your comment, without missing a beat
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад I prefer the FF Layout to the FR, mainly because they have better traction due to the weight of the Engine Being on the Drive Wheels
  • rocknrollfrenchfries
    rocknrollfrenchfries 4 года назад @Chris Graham I understood that but most people probably wont. Lemme try to break it down more laymen like... A good 2 way lsd will resist turning. The outside wheel in a turn will do just the opposite of spin. It will actually be dragging a little bit. An lsd does not mean Active yaw control like on an EVO. Thats what this front wheel drive dude does not understand.
  • Beolex Beolex
    Beolex Beolex 4 года назад @Brendan Roy If FWD is so great then why does almost every form of motorsport use RWD configurations? To name a few, Formula 1, DTM, BTCC, LeMans, Hillclimb, Nascar, Indy 500, and Formula Drift if you consider that a true motorsport. Many of the fastest cars in the planet are RWD. The only time I see FWD in racing is in European rallies, people with stripped-out, roll-caged Civics, Astras, Puntos, Clios, MK2 Golfs, or what have you.
  • Chris Graham
    Chris Graham 4 года назад @Brendan Roy Stop right there.  The very basis of differentials is torque multiplication.  On a turn, the inside wheel spins slower than the outside wheel. Balance of toques in a dynamics states T1w1 = T2w2.  If the inside wheel is spinning twice as slow as the outside wheel, it's experiencing twice the toque.  Now that that's clear, torque translates into force at the end of the moment arm at the wheel.  Once that force is too large for the friction of the wheel it breaks loose. The outside wheel will NEVER lose traction if the inside wheel still has traction. Questions?
  • mtheory85
    mtheory85 4 года назад @Brendan Roy You must be trolling.  FWD came into being for reasons of fuel efficiency, compactness, and to free up interior space.  Note that none of these reasons are related to performance.  FWD cannot keep up with RWD performance-wise for a reason known as "basic physics".  You can tweak your suspension or drivetrain all you want, but there's no escaping the fact that when you accelerate the car's weight is shifting to the wrong wheels for traction.  If you think that you keep up with cars in which all four wheels are doing something in a car where your rear wheels exist just to keep your ass off the ground, then by all means try.  But there's a reason the performance car manufacturers choose RWD/AWD.
  • Rubber
    Rubber 4 года назад @Brendan Roy cars are just dick measuring contests 
  • Beolex Beolex
    Beolex Beolex 4 года назад 318i definitely is a driver's car. Its not all about power. Its handling, weight, motor characteristics, RWD + manual, the way it makes you feel. I don't care if you dumped 4,000 in your suspension. Waste of money. I put less than a thousand in my Volvo 240 (which is big, slow, and heavy) and it'll probably out-handle your car.
  • Mythbuster
    Mythbuster 4 года назад @Brendan Roy That means you've never driven a good RWD car before. FWD just spins it's wheels with anything over 250hp, understeers into any corner, So fast man...  There's a reason why Ferraris, Lambos, Porsches, F1 cars and pretty much all fast cars are rwd or awd. If you like your cars fast, you get awd or rwd. If you like your cars fun, you get rwd. If you like your cars to smoke their tires without getting anywhere, you get fwd.
  • Mythbuster
    Mythbuster 4 года назад @Doppelkupplung Exactly :D even the 318 is so much fun to drive :D
  • Hear That?
    Hear That? 4 года назад @Mythbuster If you need power to have fun, just take the bus because you can't drive for shit if so lol. 
  • Mythbuster
    Mythbuster 4 года назад @Brendan Roy Oh it is... I have an E36 318iS Coupe and it's definitely a drivers car, it's a rwd coupe, who cares it doesnt have any power! Even my dad, who doesn't give a shit about cars says it's so much fun to drive! 
  • J88go
    J88go 4 года назад @Brendan Roy Yeah, but you know what I mean, relatively light, rwd, manual..
  • The Kim in the North
    The Kim in the North 2 года назад This is a slav-approved car.
  • Đorđe Marinković
    Đorđe Marinković 2 недели назад @jonald puke There is like one car meet at my place and guess what,its about bmw.There is also a ""drift"" competition but really its bunch of 20yo bmw fanboys overloading the shit out of their engine There are also a few good ones tho,like an E46 with a V8 swap and a turbo
  • jonald puke
    jonald puke 2 недели назад @Đorđe Marinković i thought it was lada or moskovi This is only for if lada is not present
  • Đorđe Marinković
    Đorđe Marinković 2 недели назад The official car of slavic car meets
  • jonald puke
    jonald puke 3 месяца назад you put 3 stripes and it will beat any american sports car
  • oof kek
    oof kek 3 месяца назад limited ok :D
  • limited
    limited 3 месяца назад @oof kek Ah, yes. Well, remember that you can always ask me anything if you see me down in the comments in any other video :D
  • oof kek
    oof kek 3 месяца назад limited oh, I was asking because we don’t get them here in the us
  • limited
    limited 3 месяца назад @oof kek I see Ladas and Skodas all the time lol. Also Moskwitsches are pretty cool and I see them sometimes but they're pretty rare compared to for example Polonez's which I see too :D.
  • oof kek
    oof kek 3 месяца назад limited what about any eastern bloc cars lol
  • limited
    limited 5 месяцев назад Always when I go to slav-country I see either a Ford Sierra, BMW or a Mercedes. There's always a gopnik driving one of those.
  • Hardocore
    Hardocore 6 месяцев назад In Germany white 3 series sedans are cars the turks drive
  • TheAnalXylophone
    TheAnalXylophone Год назад I, as a slav, approve this statement, блять.
  • TheRealDeal
    TheRealDeal 3 года назад MY STEERING RACK IS SOOOOOOOOOOO TIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Golden Middle
    The Golden Middle 6 месяцев назад FUCK THOSE SEATS BRO
  • whoohaaXL
    whoohaaXL 2 года назад No meal for ol deal.
  • TheRealDeal
    TheRealDeal 2 года назад Nope dude, i wrote the real deal on purpose, i changed the picture later.
  • Harpoon
    Harpoon 2 года назад TheReal*Dale
  • Kyle Montigny
    Kyle Montigny 2 года назад TheRealDeal
  • some guy
  • Kyle Montigny
    Kyle Montigny 2 года назад STEERING RACK BROOOOOO!!!!!
  • CarambleTV
    CarambleTV 4 года назад I once drove an E30 (325) with a million miles on it. It was basically stuck on a rolling road for years and used as a test car for Mobil 1. It still ran totally sweet and had an immaculate interior as basically it had never actually been driven by a person. Mobil 1 loaned it out as a demo to show how good their oil was, not sure how that was going to be a great demo but all I heard was 'Would you like an E30 for a week?'  YES. Hilariously the E30 had a low oil light up by the rear view mirror. I assumed it was just a broken sensor but it turned out to be correct and an oil company had given me a car with no oil.
  • TJ for free
    TJ for free Год назад The sensor for the low oil triggers at half oil level. No kidding xd
    ZEDXROM 3 года назад "Miatas can be fixed with swear words" XD
  • 1997 Toyota Supra
    1997 Toyota Supra 4 недели назад Just about any chrysler product lol
  • TheBCman5
    TheBCman5 3 года назад My first motorcycle was a Ninja 250 and my first pc build was AMD....god damnit
  • kraig7777
    kraig7777 9 месяцев назад Wasn't my first motorcycle but when I turned 50 I bought a Ninja 250 (and sold my F-250). The only rifle I had when I was a kid was a 22 and my first desktop was a custom built AMD. Guess I need an E30.
  • feenomhoosh
    feenomhoosh 2 года назад it's not relevant anymore though. Yeah, my first build was also an AMD, but because in that time AMD WAS king (athlon 64). AMD was the go-to processor for any build. If you'd have to build a PC now (well, let's say pre-ryzen release) you're only logical choice is intel.
  • Folopolis
    Folopolis 2 года назад I don't think I've touched an AMD CPU before 2 days ago, and I've built a dozen or so computers, and I never drove an E30 until I was 38, I guess I'm doing it backward.
  • Bolverk-GTM
    Bolverk-GTM 2 года назад (изменено) My first PC build 3 years ago was AMD. I just got my first motorcycle last month and guess's a Ninja 250. Unlike the AMD PC that's getting slowly replaced with a new Intel PC build, I don't foresee my Ninja 250 going anywhere. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
  • Strait Raider
    Strait Raider 2 года назад First motorcycle was a Ninja 250, first PC build was AMD, and first rifle was a 10/22. The guy's spot on.
  • Matt Graham
    Matt Graham 4 года назад The intro is full of of T-Shirt ideas... I SHOULD HAVE BEEN A TOURING CAR CHAMPION!!!
  • slo7t4
    slo7t4 4 года назад This!
  • Revitalyzed
    Revitalyzed 4 года назад The first 30 seconds of the video was the best 30 seconds ever. Had to pause to video just to say that. Also, did anyone else found Mr. Regular's voice deeper? I paused the video and compared his voice to an older video, and his voice sounds much deeper. 
  • Lion Celica
    Lion Celica 4 года назад You're all wrong, he sounds like that that when he's going deeper into your mom. DEEPER.
  • PleaseSendSerotonin
    PleaseSendSerotonin 4 года назад @JoshorBrownKid It's pure lunacy. And I love every second of it.
  • GT Limited
    GT Limited 4 года назад Someone's hitting puberty, time to have the talk...
  • Kobbetop
    Kobbetop 4 года назад it's because he does voice overs while taking a dump...
  • FokkerBoombass
    FokkerBoombass 4 года назад BMW E30. The official car of Polish wannabe racers, also known as hooded tracksuit sporting bald headed fucktwats.
  • TheAnalXylophone
    TheAnalXylophone Год назад Пшёл нахуй, пидор голимый.
  • DawidCantDrift
    DawidCantDrift 4 года назад @FokkerBoombass Also known as chavs. Also its now an e36... Use to be e34 in the early 00'
  • R G
    R G 4 года назад @James Juden True, but because of the bad economical situation, cheaper diesel than gas and some cultural factors, our car culture is deeply divided between 3 age groups with very defined stereotypes: 19-30yo that drive a riced out Citroen Saxo with a fart canon or a diesel Seat Ibiza(or audi A3) spitting out more smoke than an old coal locomotive. 30yo-40yo with a entry level old gen diesel BMW/Mercedes/Audi sedan or wagon with the "M look" bumpers and some 19'' rims bro. 40yo+ retired, rich, pricks, nostalgia goggled snobs that build trailer queens just for car shows or magazine articles, and look down on the "nice car enthusiast" that is appreciating his car on the street,car-park,car show...
  • James Juden
    James Juden 4 года назад @Rui Gonçalves I think that's how it is everywhere in the world with car enthuasist, we are either extremely nice and are interested in all car culture, or are complete dicks and they think  that they have the worlds best, fastest, pristine car to have ever been built.
  • R G
    R G 4 года назад Funny, here in Portugal they are not modded in any externally visual way, but they are usually driven by aspiring dicks.
  • Ivan Dukov
    Ivan Dukov 4 года назад @pavettto same in Eastern Europe.
  • Patrick Wainwright
    Patrick Wainwright 4 года назад @pavettto Everyone was that age/stage once. It's nice to see which ones decide that cars don't make your dick big, and which ones come out with true enthusiasm for cars. 
  • James Juden
    James Juden 4 года назад @VoraciousPhantasma That's so very sad, I feel for you guys over in Finland, 
  • 2JZ swap the dog
    2JZ swap the dog 4 года назад @pavettto So you're saying E30s are to Finland as 90s Civics are to the US.
  • pavettto
    pavettto 4 года назад In Finland these cars are driven by teenagers that go to vocational school instead of highs school. Nothing wrong with that, but the shitty mods you see on those cars make you die a little inside.
  • Huss Ali
    Huss Ali 4 года назад Ahahahahaha
  • Eric Glueckert
    Eric Glueckert 4 года назад Now do an E21, the most underrated 3 Series.
  • Andrew Ruckel
    Andrew Ruckel 4 года назад That was the funniest god damn intro ever!
  • Ian Holmquist
    Ian Holmquist 5 месяцев назад Was he trying to sound like Bill Caswell?
  • More Core
    More Core 3 года назад Best by far is, "What a Yamaha Blaster is to broken collar bones" air cooled 200cc two-stroke single Blaster had a horribly tall COG, but the Banshee was king of throwing a rider. YPVS 350 motor is awesome.
  • Will Downs
    Will Downs 3 года назад $12,000 Engine rebuild SON
  • Oliver Hilton
    Oliver Hilton 3 года назад STEERING LOCKS BRAAAAAAHHHHH
  • Wasmachineman
    Wasmachineman 3 года назад +Andrew Ruckel Taint Slammers, bro!
  • Shadow Stalker
    Shadow Stalker 3 года назад TWISTEDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  • Shadow Stalker
    Shadow Stalker 3 года назад +Aaron Davis rollcage m8
  • Shadow Stalker
    Shadow Stalker 3 года назад +Aaron Davis bro in the past life I was a touring car champion
  • Shadow Stalker
    Shadow Stalker 3 года назад +Aaron Davis 12, 000 dollar engine rebuild SONNNNNNNMNMMMMMM
  • ShantyGaming
    ShantyGaming 3 года назад Track day bro vs Touring champ bro FIGHT!!
  • cwtrain
    cwtrain 4 года назад "Track day..." biting lip "...Bro." SQUEEEAL! "He said the line!!! :D"
  • Harvey Duncan
    Harvey Duncan 4 года назад The entire beginning had me thinking of Brak. haha
  • RicandThadeus Music
    RicandThadeus Music 2 года назад BRAAAAAAAKKKKKK
  • Brandon S
    Brandon S 2 года назад Holy crap yes
  • Harvey Duncan
    Harvey Duncan 2 года назад Y'all just need to Google or something. It's a thing. Been a thing since at least the 1990's with Space Ghost Coast to Coast on Cartoon Network, and then The Brak Show on Adult Swim.
  • Zachary Lagler
    Zachary Lagler 2 года назад @13i0Hazard666 god knows, I've got no clue either
  • 13i0Hazard666
    13i0Hazard666 2 года назад What is this Brak everyone is talking about?
  • Zachary Lagler
    Zachary Lagler 2 года назад +InvictvsNox same
  • InvictvsNox
    InvictvsNox 2 года назад It's your videos like these that I thumb through a year later to cheer me up on the bad times. - - - - - - - - - - - - Thank you.
  • Mr.AW11 MR2
    Mr.AW11 MR2 3 года назад +Luke Holland aw11 mr2
  • Luke Holland
    Luke Holland 3 года назад +RegularCars what pop-up headlights and then you said beach towel?
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 4 года назад @Harvey Duncan Yea, buddy!
  • splewy
    splewy 4 года назад Also climbing on the cam brought back memories of the old DOHC VTEC Hondas. The power band was like "Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, still nothing, nothing, nothing, (VTEC) Oh damn, now it's finally making some pow-REV LIMITER".
  • kraig7777
    kraig7777 9 месяцев назад Idk I used to carpool back in the 90's with a kid who just bought a brand new black 94 Civic Si hatchback, and I used to drive it when he was hungover. That thing would fly on the freeway.
  • SneakerKnockerz
    SneakerKnockerz Год назад Maestro_T acura rsx type s, probably the best honda ever made aside from the nsx and maybe the s2k. imo
  • Lancer Mafia
    Lancer Mafia Год назад Bladsmith Well you can be happy now.... NA 4cyl sports cars are dying. Honda just threw away VTEC off the Si and threw a Turbo on.......
  • Nick Rynearson
    Nick Rynearson Год назад splewy It's more like "Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, VTEC kicks in "finally", red light, pass it, wait up in a hospital bed, get sued by parent who's kids you killed, homeless, jump front of bus, death"
  • xSirDingo
    xSirDingo 3 года назад @SeverdSeouL Yes, it does provide a more economical platform that has some get up and go when needed. Fun, reliable, and highly modifiable are all relative, though. They also depend on the engine itself more than whether it has V-TEC or not.
  • SeverdSeouL
    SeverdSeouL 3 года назад @xSirDingo Actually I don't think it's the best thing ever. Do I think it's a great technology that has helped shape the automotive world though. It has also allowed people to purchase a car that can be relatively small, fun to drive, economical, reliable, and highly modifiable. Can you at least acknowledge that?
  • xSirDingo
    xSirDingo 3 года назад @SeverdSeouL Sounds to me like you are whoring yourself out because "OH MY GAAWD VEEE TEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!! JIZZES PANTS" You probably think V-TEC is the best thing ever and nothing can beat it, too. And it is spelled and pronounced as "inbred", you dimwit. -_- If you are going to attempt a horrible insult, at least spell it correctly so you don't look like a complete buffoon.
  • SeverdSeouL
    SeverdSeouL 3 года назад @Maestro_T I wouldn't call the Civic Si fast, the V6 are pretty good. What I'm saying is that you can't compare Hondas to sportier cars, which alot of morons do so they can put them down. Honda's give you the best of both worlds (fun, sporty driving, good gas mileage, and reliability) for a good price, quality and reliability.
  • Brandon Huber
    Brandon Huber 4 года назад @williwonti I've actually never heard that distinction...
  • williwonti
    williwonti 4 года назад Quick refers to acceleration and fast refers to top speed. It is known.
  • The Dope Chronoscope
    The Dope Chronoscope 4 года назад Nailed it!
  • Brandon Huber
    Brandon Huber 4 года назад @paulsonjeff Isn't that the only way to do them?
  • paulsonjeff
    paulsonjeff 4 года назад @Brandon Huber apply peel and stick hood scoop, side vents and fart can exhaust?
  • Brandon Huber
    Brandon Huber 4 года назад @splewy Fair enough, I should have noticed the usage of quick, but yes, they are quick cars, my friend owns a pretty decently modded 2011 V6 accord coupe, and it has a solid amount of pick up, they also look very nice when done well.
  • splewy
    splewy 4 года назад @Brandon Huber  Yeah that's why I typically make the distinction between "quick" and "fast". I consider "quick" to be something that is faster than an average vehicle and I consider "fast" to be something that is faster than almost all vehicles. So by that definition, V6/6MT Honda/Acuras are "quick".
  • Brandon Huber
    Brandon Huber 4 года назад @Maestro_T They're definitely not slow, they have some decent pick up for their small 4 bangers, but the class of car that they're classified in, just aren't fast. Since they don't really have as sports car anymore, with the RSX and s2k being gone, now it's just up to the Civic Si, and i find those cars very lackluster...
  • Maestro_T
    Maestro_T 4 года назад @Brandon Huber Acuras have gotten to be quite boring again but they have had their moments.  The 2004 TL was a very quick car in its segment, for example.  You're right that Honda/Acura don't build anything terribly fast but I had gotten the impression the previous poster was saying their cars are slow, which I also don't believe to be the case.  
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger 4 года назад @pavettto Get a GM B-body sedan from the early 90s that had the LT1 option, swap in a stick shift, replace the exhaust, run a nitrous system and BAM! Super Sleeper! NOBODY expects those old barges to be fast.
  • Brandon Huber
    Brandon Huber 4 года назад @splewy I guess it did depend quite a lot on what our definition of fast is...
  • splewy
    splewy 4 года назад @Brandon Huber  With the 6MT, the V6 Accords and TLs are pretty quick. They'll do 0-60 in the high 5s-low 6s range and will do the quarter mile in the low to mid 14s. Granted, that's not fast compared to most higher end/sports cars, but it is faster than the cars the vast majority of Americans drive.
  • Brandon Huber
    Brandon Huber 4 года назад @Maestro_T I don't know if I'd say those cars are fast... They're fast in their own special ways, I guess? V6 accords aren't terribly fast, they weigh quite a bit for their 270 hp, most acuras weigh too much and are very behind in the "luxury world" in comparison to their competition, the NSX really wasn't that fast but it is incredibly legendary and gorgeous. I've really never seen a newer civic Si that i'd really agree to being fast, but the RSX and S2k definitely have the potential of being fast, and when Vtec kicks in, they are pretty fun cars to drive and own.
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger 4 года назад All the lag of a turbo with none of the boost.
  • pavettto
    pavettto 4 года назад @Akatsukihi Wouldn't say 10s 0-100 agressive. 
  • Manonastick
    Manonastick 4 года назад Hondas have linear power? Please i love my honda but linear is not what i would to describe a characteristic of a Vtec engine. The fun of them is the eco friendly to drive around normally like when you want to use it as a "CAR" but you have aggressive power when you want to have some fun nothing. power delivery is nothing like a turbo but at least its cheap to run and good on fuel
  • HaleftHaut
    HaleftHaut 4 года назад Gotta agree... once tested a D16yz, man that thing was absolutely out of power compared to my little non-vtec D15
  • splewy
    splewy 4 года назад @SeverdSeouL  I'm not hating on Hondas, I've owned several and I currently own an Acura TL (aka fancy Honda Accord). I actually find the hilarious non-linearity of a lot of the older VTEC Hondas to be quite fun. Hitting that cam switchover was like pushing the "turbo boost" button on one of those arcade racing games.
  • pavettto
    pavettto 4 года назад @Maestro_T Oh yes. I'm not saying Hondas are bad. No, they are reliable basic cars. I am not hating Hondas, even though I am not their biggest fan. They are a good bang for buck at least.
  • Maestro_T
    Maestro_T 4 года назад @pavettto I'm not saying Hondas have linear power delivery.  I thought the last person was accusing me, among others, of hating on Hondas because of my first comment.  I prefer linear power but Honda engines are still very refined in terms of noise and vibration, especially given their price point.  As for the V-TEC switching on, some people really get off on that, I guess, so it's just a different approach. 
  • pavettto
    pavettto 4 года назад @Maestro_T Linear power delivery? When there's this thing called V-TEC, there's no linear power delivery at all. I enjoy German cars and European cars in general alot more than Hondas etc ricebowls. If you want a butter smooth car, get a high end German.
  • Maestro_T
    Maestro_T 4 года назад @SeverdSeouL WTF are you talking about?  The RSX type-S is fast, V6 Accords are fast, the Civic SI is fast, lots of Acuras are fast, the S2000 is fast, the NSX was legendary.  Okay, none of those cars is a Ferrari, but who cares.  My own preference is for a "linear power delivery," that's all.  I love Honda engines apart from that minor dislike.  Unlike their big competitor, Toyota, they actually have a nice sound to them when you hit the accelerator and they are butter-smooth.
  • d .w
    d .w 4 года назад vtec just kicked in yo
  • pavettto
    pavettto 4 года назад @Bladsmith Oh yes. I myself drive a Volvo and have watched all his vids ;) I really dig sleepers.
  • Kaplan
    Kaplan 4 года назад This is also pretty similar to driving a Mercedes W123 turbo diesel.  0-25 mph takes an age, but once the turbo spins up there is nothing but a Mercedes-shaped blur trailing black smoke.
  • Bladsmith
    Bladsmith 4 года назад @pavettto Look up Bamse's Turbo Underpants! That's exactly what they did. Twice.
  • pavettto
    pavettto 4 года назад @Bladsmith Also, the car should be something like old and rusty stock looking Volvo with about 400hp. Now that'd be something.
  • Bladsmith
    Bladsmith 4 года назад @Maestro_T Lag is the very reason I want a turbo! :D You can be super stealthy and quiet driving in the city, but when someone tries to mess with you... WRAAAANN-pftootootoo~
  • splewy
    splewy 4 года назад @Maestro_T Yeah true. Those old Hondas are fun though. I can't think of another car where you can make so much racket, and still be under the speed limit.
  • Maestro_T
    Maestro_T 4 года назад My parents (yes, my parents) have an RSX type-S, so our experience is rather different.  The "oh damn" part is really awesome.  But honestly, where can you do those high revs without attracting a lot of unwanted attention?  My own preference is something more linear.  Turbos are thrilling in the same way but kind of bug me the same way too.
  • Kr Dz
    Kr Dz 4 года назад You tested the wrong E30 with the wrong engine..
  • Duane Martinez
    Duane Martinez 9 месяцев назад i live in colorado springs, maybe the elevation? lmao or maybe because ive done just more than a chip haha. e-fan/fan clutch delete, bored TB,new tranny, short shifter, 4.10 limited slip diff, some 4.6 injectors and some weight loss, shit i even have two 12's in a heavy ass ported box. engine only has around 110,000 miles as well
  • Ant_1nine8two
    Ant_1nine8two 9 месяцев назад @Duane Martinez a chipped 318is wouod make 150 bhp with a tidy exhaust. There isn't a 325i I've driven that a 318is would beat in a straight fight even chipped. 170 bhp and lots more torque in a decent m20
  • Duane Martinez
    Duane Martinez 9 месяцев назад 4 years ago I guess their wasn't such thing as a chipped m42, 0-60 7.4 seconds, 0-100 10.2sec, ive beat every m20 I've raced besides a 400hp turboed vert. So what's up ? Lmao
  • Ant_1nine8two
    Ant_1nine8two 9 месяцев назад Maybe mine might light his fire 👀💪
    THOMΔX Год назад u cant find cheap e30 325i in finland.. cheapest go for like 5000$, but however 316i's there are everywhere and u can get decent one for 1000$
  • holden caulfied
    holden caulfied 2 года назад Kr, yup, he tested the wrong e30!
  • awakennomore
    awakennomore 2 года назад Mr. Regular, If you're ever in Arizona and you want to try a real REGULAR E30, I'll hand you the keys to my simple (and cheap to rebuild) 325i coupe. I am for serious.
  • Renee Reinhart
    Renee Reinhart 3 года назад @BluDog35 nope, an m20 straight 6 is as regular as it gets for an e30.
  • High On Summer
    High On Summer 3 года назад @Kr Dz Also the wrong 80's chasis he should have reviewed the e28
  • Daniel Stance
    Daniel Stance 4 года назад @vector6977 My BMW is reliable, and parts are fairly cheap. Problem? :-)
  • vector6977
    vector6977 4 года назад @Kr Dz Replacement parts are rare these days, hence expensive. Plus it IS BMW or Bring My Wallet.
  • Kr Dz
    Kr Dz 4 года назад How can the E30 be expensive to fix, (if it's not rusted out)
  • Aspie Otaku
    Aspie Otaku 4 года назад @Justa318i Had a 325i it was a piece of shit was comfy and fun to drive but expensive as hell to fix and the cost of repairs to keep it was not worth it anymore. Now I got a retired cop car better performance cheaper to maintain just as fun to drive and comfy not luxurious but comfy enough and is cheap to fix only drawback its so damn big so parking sucks.
  • Aspie Otaku
    Aspie Otaku 4 года назад @Kr Dz Only E30 worth owning is the M3.
  • Justa318i
    Justa318i 4 года назад @HaleftHaut They weren't garbage, they were quite good, my first car was a simple 318i sedan, made an awesome first car, my second car was a very well maintained 740i, awesome car but hugely expensive to maintain, and my last BMW was an e36 m3, and it was awesome to drive, but unfortunately very unreliable and expensive to repair I just wanted something that would give me a good driving experience with a bit more reliability, so I moved on to try other brands. My biggest issue wasn't with the cars I had, it was with the cars they made, I tried various mid 2000s BMWs while looking for a new car, they all felt numb, overly complicated, and just no fun. And now they've got FWD  cars, hybrids, fake engine noise playing over the speakers, it all just feels so yuppy.
  • HaleftHaut
    HaleftHaut 4 года назад @Justa318i I apologize if my previous comment looks rude... I was referring that you owned 3 BMWS and the whole experience was bad, hence my comment. I mean, if the first unit was garbage, what logic made you to get another one?
  • Justa318i
    Justa318i 4 года назад @HaleftHaut Say what, I didn't buy another BMW It seems your reading comprehension is bad before you have your coffee as well
  • HaleftHaut
    HaleftHaut 4 года назад @gurjinder singh  You just gave up on the only worth thing inside a BMW, the engine
  • HaleftHaut
    HaleftHaut 4 года назад @Justa318i  With your comment you proven yourself stupid, still buying the cars you hate. You should edit that, for the sake of your selfsteem (sorry for my english, aint got my coffe yet)
  • HaleftHaut
    HaleftHaut 4 года назад @Iron Bug  Bimmer and Civics get along easy, I owned both... dude´s prolly a fucking Audi
  • jumpmanj2012
    jumpmanj2012 4 года назад @fellowship of the goat he probably bought it from a third party lol
  • Erik
    Erik 4 года назад @gurjinder singh I dont hate nissan engines, but dont even compare it to bmw engines.
  • Justa318i
    Justa318i 4 года назад @E36 Two very old videos yes, but videos of me driving my M3 (usually pretty poorly as it was my first manual) Don't get me wrong, the car was a blast to drive, but it was constantly breaking and falling apart, and the cost of repairs/maintenance even if you do them yourself are insane.
  • Erik
    Erik 4 года назад @Justa318i 2 videos ?
  • Justa318i
    Justa318i 4 года назад @E36 Lol look at my videos, its because I drive BMW that I know it sucks. They used to be good, but they've been getting progressively worse.
  • Erik
    Erik 4 года назад @Justa318i You say that you have driven bmw all your life and you say bmw sucks lol.  Fucking troll
  • Dylan Hatfield
    Dylan Hatfield 4 года назад @timarali31 Power is important when your making under 200hp
  • Daniel Stance
    Daniel Stance 4 года назад @Kaisuke971 I prefer BMW's from between the 80's and early 2000. And I mostly just like 6 cyl and up (V8, V12).
  • Kaisuke971
    Kaisuke971 4 года назад Well it depends of the engine. I like those screaming 4 bangers that BMW made at the time.  Nowadays they sound like nothing so yes the 6 cylinders is 100 times better.  But in the eighties i think that, well they were not equal, but close. 
  • Daniel Stance
    Daniel Stance 4 года назад @Kaisuke971 Well, each to their own I guess. :) I prefer straight six engines, because of the sound mostly. It's all about preferences. But in the M3, id say the S14 is best.
  • Kaisuke971
    Kaisuke971 4 года назад @Daniel Stance IMO in the E30 the 4 cylinders engines are better than the 6 ones. They make the car more agile. My favorite non-M version is the 318is
  • Daniel Stance
    Daniel Stance 4 года назад @Kaisuke971 What is not in the E30?
  • Kaisuke971
    Kaisuke971 4 года назад @Daniel Stance Not in the E30 mate ;) 
  • wowzinger
    wowzinger 4 года назад @Mika_012397 No 6 cyl in a bmw e30? really? Explain  to me then whats in a 320i 323i 325i 325e. 
  • Noah B
    Noah B 4 года назад Awww boohoo crime me a river.
  • margolo
    margolo 4 года назад @Mika_012397 The 316 and 318 are 4 cylinders, the 320, 323 and 325 are inline sixes. Out of the production of the E30 there are about 140,000 4 cylinder E30 cars and about 600,000 six cylinders. 
  • Lazy Youmu
    Lazy Youmu 4 года назад /o/ in a nutshell.
  • RL R
    RL R 4 года назад @Justa318i "Obtuse? Are you calling me obtuse??!! You´ll see how obtuse I am: Take Justa318 to the can!" (Shawshank Prison Warden Norton speaking here...) ;-)
  • BCH37501
    BCH37501 4 года назад And they don't choose their cars, people offer them up for them to review 
  • BCH37501
    BCH37501 4 года назад @Kogey Fox That was fucking great!
  • Justa318i
    Justa318i 4 года назад @Daniel Stance ¯\(ツ)
  • Daniel Stance
    Daniel Stance 4 года назад @Justa318i meh.
  • Justa318i
    Justa318i 4 года назад @Daniel Stance Are you being purposely obtuse?
  • Daniel Stance
    Daniel Stance 4 года назад @Justa318i Eh, what? Did you get the impression that I DON'T like BMW 6cyl?
  • Justa318i
    Justa318i 4 года назад @Daniel Stance I'm just giving you a taste of your own medicine guy, that's what you sound like. I rather like BMW's 6 cylinders.
  • Daniel Stance
    Daniel Stance 4 года назад @Justa318i Most older Bimmers are N/A, except the tds cars. Who were talking about forced induction sixes and fours? And I dont know what you're blabbering about 2l turbo diesels for.
  • Daniel Stance
    Daniel Stance 4 года назад @Justa318i Ignorant Americunt, much? It's only america who can make 5+ Liter engines have almost no horsepower while everyone else can push out the same figures with under 5 liter engines. And I guess you're one of those who call all countries that's not USA for "communist country"?
  • Justa318i
    Justa318i 4 года назад @LS R Someone's mad they aren't allowed to have an engine larger than 4 liters in their communist country. Why have a strung out forced induction 6 or 4  cylinder that has poor reliability and fuel economy when a larger naturally aspirated engine has the same power with more torque, sounds better, more reliable, and just as good if not better fuel economy?
  • RL R
    RL R 4 года назад Why, are you one of the 175 kg. U.S. fatsos who needs to have a huge 7,5 liter gas guzzler, the only thing able to haul your porkly ass? This engine was very good, and was great fun to drive. Only U.S. oversized asses would say something like this.
  • Daniel Stance
    Daniel Stance 4 года назад Old BMW > New BMW When it comes to reliability, i think its pretty individual.. Some can be haunted by problems, day after day. Others can work like a charm for thousands of kms, or for years with only change of the usual wear and tear parts..
  • Justa318i
    Justa318i 4 года назад @fellowship of the goat I think most BMW is bad, certainly all modern BMW. I never claimed i thought otherwise
  • fellowship of the goat
    fellowship of the goat 4 года назад You said: "I drive an E36 M3 and BMW sucks. Fuck this unreliable piece of shit." Which can be, and was, interpreted that you think all BMW is bad because you own one and it's not good.
  • Justa318i
    Justa318i 4 года назад @fellowship of the goat I never insinuated all of BMW was unreliable.
  • fellowship of the goat
    fellowship of the goat 4 года назад @Justa318i Did I insinuate that I like all of BMW ever made?
  • Justa318i
    Justa318i 4 года назад @fellowship of the goat Muh meme arrows I've driven literally nothing but BMW my entire life, 3 cars, they are overpriced and unreliable. To make matters worse, BMW is really shit now, 5 series coupes, 6 series sedans, FWD cars, fake engine sounds running through the speakers, it's depressing and shameful. Nevermind the fact that BMW frequently scores below industry average in reliability. BUT NO THAT GUY WHO USED TO BE A HUGE BMW FANBOY IS JUST BIAS PS your argument could be made against your own position >Drive one car and it's good >So the entire brand is good
  • fellowship of the goat
    fellowship of the goat 4 года назад @Justa318i >I drive this one car and it's bad >so the entire brand is shit and unreliable
  • Justa318i
    Justa318i 4 года назад @E36 I drive an E36 M3 and BMW sucks. Fuck this unreliable piece of shit.
  • The Red Shoto
    The Red Shoto 4 года назад @TehReapyy  my friend and i have bought two, one coupe and one vert. Go out and look dont look on ebay look in the classified sections from smaller cities and towns. 
  • TehReapyy
    TehReapyy 4 года назад @MagicCat3 Exactly my point
  • PappaLitto
    PappaLitto 4 года назад @TehReapyy Don't you'll find anything other than a shell for that, sorry mate
  • TehReapyy
    TehReapyy 4 года назад @The Red Shoto please, find me a decent m3 for 5k and i will buy it and pay you $100 dollars for finding something i've been looking for for months
  • Daniel Stance
    Daniel Stance 4 года назад @areitu Well, imo its kinda wrong to compare the S14 engine to whatever the 318 use (M40??).
  • fellowship of the goat
    fellowship of the goat 4 года назад @MagicCat3 If you drive both variants you can absolutely feel the difference, mostly in the turn in (at least in my experience). And my chipped M42 pulls pretty much as hard as any of the M20s I've been in
  • Erik
    Erik 4 года назад @Kogey Fox German brick ? You`re jealous :)
  • Pyrosiege
    Pyrosiege 4 года назад "The engine's wrong. The engine's wrong! The EnGinES wRONG! THE ENGINE'S WRONG!"
  • TheMackLyons
    TheMackLyons 4 года назад Look at it this could have been an ETA.
  • PappaLitto
    PappaLitto 4 года назад @areitu The 318i does weigh a lot less than the 6 cylinder variants so I see your point
  • areitu
    areitu 4 года назад People often grimace and say Ewww" when I tell them I have a 4-banger E30, even though they don't do the same when the E30 M3 is mentioned, even though the E30 M3 also has two cams, 4 cylinders and 16 valves (and $80 thermostats). By the seat of the pants, it doesn't feel slower than an E30 325, and unlike the 325, BMW didn't put extra sound deadening in the trunk to reach 50/50 weight distribution. 
  • fellowship of the goat
    fellowship of the goat 4 года назад It's absolutely the right engine. The less weight in the nose makes such a difference when you're driving hard
  • WeekendWarrior
    WeekendWarrior 4 года назад Same shit different pile.
  • Tumbleweed Folf
    Tumbleweed Folf 4 года назад I had hoped this comment was a reference to the E36 M3 video, but you're actually serious. Dude, chill. Minus one internet for you.
  • The Red Shoto
    The Red Shoto 4 года назад @Kr Dz eh, still fun, we put brembos on it and new bilstein coilovers so in the end it stopped even better and handled even better.
  • Kr Dz
    Kr Dz 4 года назад 46hp lower or later 81hp lower, + euro cars had even harder suspensions, better brakes and some other little things...
  • The Red Shoto
    The Red Shoto 4 года назад @Daniel Stance I believe it was a detuned euro m3, it still had the better suspension and had the same motor and drivetrain, it was just like 20hp lower or something. still had a blast with the one I rebuilt with a friend. 
  • Julien757
    Julien757 4 года назад @E36 he's probably a ricer
  • PappaLitto
    PappaLitto 4 года назад @Mika_012397 So my car doesn't exist? whenever I look at it, it looses 2 cylinders?
  • Daniel Stance
    Daniel Stance 4 года назад @Mika_012397 What. Of course there is.
  • Daniel Stance
    Daniel Stance 4 года назад @The Red Shoto Yeah, but it's still an M3.. But then again, not a real M3 for you North Americans. I believe you got a tuned 328i?
  • Kr Dz
    Kr Dz 4 года назад But you want V8, because it's shorter and weights the same as straight 6
  • CrazyBuzzy1
    CrazyBuzzy1 4 года назад @Mika_012397 have in the E30 the 2 liter engine 4 cyl and 6 cyl and the 2.5L is 6 cyl,so...
  • MostlyNotGayming
    MostlyNotGayming 4 года назад 17 comments and nobody's said it?  "The engine's wrong, the ENGINE'S WRONG, THE ENGINE'S WRONG!"
  • Erik
    Erik 4 года назад @Kogey Fox I guess you drive a civic ?
  • The Red Shoto
    The Red Shoto 4 года назад @Kogey Fox you mad bro?
  • Kr Dz
    Kr Dz 4 года назад Yeah, but there is no better thing then E30 with a mad engine
  • The Red Shoto
    The Red Shoto 4 года назад @Daniel Stance yeah but you can buy a second hand E36 M3 for 5k 
  • Kaspars
    Kaspars 4 года назад @Mika_012397 there is, lol.
  • Mika_012397
    Mika_012397 4 года назад @timarali31 yeah that was because the car wasn't driveable a e30 m3 with 240 something hp is perfectly driveable so not a valid point. because POWERRRRRRR which is also something clarkson has said many times.
  • Mika_012397
    Mika_012397 4 года назад @Daniel Stance not sure what you mean by that because there is no 6 cyl e30
  • Kr Dz
    Kr Dz 4 года назад probably... the right one is s14b23 evo2 s50b32 s54b32 m60b40/4 s38b38 s62b50 s65b40 LS7 s85b50
  • Erik
    Erik 4 года назад M20b25 is the right one 
  • PappaLitto
    PappaLitto 4 года назад @DanEllisRacing35 the 325i and 325e are more common than the 318i
  • Daniel Stance
    Daniel Stance 4 года назад @timarali31 6cyl > 4cyl
  • timarali31
    timarali31 4 года назад it's not all about power? even jeremy clarkson said he would like less power in a ferrari. also mr. regular didn't mention anything about power.
  • Kaspars
    Kaspars 4 года назад @DanEllisRacing35 320, 323, 325 are regular as well :)
  • Daniel Stance
    Daniel Stance 4 года назад @DanEllisRacing35 Yet he reviewed a M3 and 330Ci.. He could atleast have found a 320i or 325i.
  • BluDog35
    BluDog35 4 года назад I don't think you understand the REGULAR in Regular Car Reviews...
  • itchysp
    itchysp 4 года назад I mean..mountain time is the best... 
  • East coast Driving
    East coast Driving Год назад Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4)
  • RadioControl360
    RadioControl360 Год назад itchysp Fuck you stole my comment before I even went into the comments section
  • Aiden Cameron
    Aiden Cameron 4 года назад GREENWICH MEAN TIME MATE
  • Mette Tomasson
    Mette Tomasson 4 года назад @Kevin Smith Central European Summer Time... ...or if you're in West Virginia, "Fuck day bro!"
  • Mette Tomasson
    Mette Tomasson 4 года назад @TheLaXandro We can't stop. TRACK DAY BRO!
  • TheLaXandro
    TheLaXandro 4 года назад Time to stop, guys!
  • itchysp
    itchysp 4 года назад @Scott Brixey Thanks :) 
  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 4 года назад @Mette Tomasson I clicked [translate] on your comment and it says CEST is INCEST.
  • Mette Tomasson
    Mette Tomasson 4 года назад CEST bro!
  • Luis Medeiros Pereira
    Luis Medeiros Pereira 4 года назад Earth Time Brah
  • Young Knives
    Young Knives 4 года назад CPT bro!
  • NoTimeToExplain
    NoTimeToExplain 4 года назад GMT bro!
  • Matthias Schmitt
    Matthias Schmitt 4 года назад fuck mountain time, CET FOR THE WIN!
  • Scott Brixey
    Scott Brixey 4 года назад Nice Z
  • Alex Green
    Alex Green 2 года назад My friend has an '89 325i sitting on her driveway. She keeps saying she's going to restore it....and I'd love to see that. Bloody awesome cars.
  • e30kitty
    e30kitty Год назад No need to repair, just let it sit and generate cash b becoming older ;) She is not stupid :D
  • J.P. Craven
    J.P. Craven 2 года назад (изменено) She should keep an eye on the timing chain. On 2.5 Liter engines the timing chains tend to break at about 80,000 kilometres.
  • jimjam4269
    jimjam4269 2 года назад I keep saying the same about my '88 325ix, but i'm too busy enjoying driving it to restore it, one day though
  • Victor Koroshilov
    Victor Koroshilov 2 года назад why didn't "$12000 DOLLAR ENGINE REBUILD SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON" catch on? honestly my favorite regular quote
  • Sleepy
    Sleepy 2 месяца назад Victor Koroshilov because we laugh, but deep down inside, a part of us genuinely crys. At least a little bit. Tears of self sacrifice and shame, but at the same time there’s a level of pride