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Instant Karma - Instant Justice | Stupid People Fails Compilation | FailGag

Published on Feb 12, 2017 1,059,740 views

Check out our new instant karma instant justice fails compilation with stupid people. Our compilations are filled with ultimate and epic fails, stupid fails, pranks gone wrong, people getting owned, bloopers, accidents, stupid girl fails, animal fails, funny moments,bully fail, instant karma, karma fails, street fight, road rage and more!
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Instant Karma - Instant Justice | Stupid People Fails Compilation

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  • FailGag
    FailGag 4 дня назад Avengers Endgame T-Shirt : (USA) (UK) Avengers Funny Thanos Yo Mama Snap Joke MUG : (USA)
  • Mr. Wizeguy
    Mr. Wizeguy 4 дня назад 1:59 I have always wondered where those black skid marks comes from.
  • devon green
    devon green 5 дней назад 6:41im ready for a 3some 😎😘 haha
  • Wan Danial
    Wan Danial 3 месяца назад 0:34 when shaggy use 0.0001% to turn human into a sled
  • GEMZ J
    GEMZ J 2 дня назад 4:10 was so satisfying 😂
  • ThĘ Sę7ęn
    ThĘ Sę7ęn 3 дня назад The door? She should’ve got it the first time. You are America.
  • Kemco
    Kemco 3 дня назад 5:55 is the best xD
  • Don Cantoni
    Don Cantoni 2 дня назад Hahahaha
  • Janice McCowan
    Janice McCowan 3 дня назад She didn't get the simple act of walking through a door right the first time!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! INSTANT KARMA WOW!
  • Cloud 1000
    Cloud 1000 Неделю назад 5:55 The look on his face the second the little girl put the crab in his lap! I swear I laughed so hard I almost died! LMAO
  • Christian
    Christian 26 минут назад (изменено) 8:43 This is like: What are you doing? I have a girlfriend 😂
  • Ethereal Sekrets
    Ethereal Sekrets 4 месяца назад (изменено) The Christmas tree lmao. The guy losing his phone is priceless as well.
  • BadLeo612
    BadLeo612 2 дня назад 2:01 I swear to god black brotha was break dancing.
  • Sigh Clone
    Sigh Clone 6 дней назад A good arguement as to why we need population control on this planet..LET THE PURGE BEGIN!
  • Art beruntung
    Art beruntung Неделю назад 2:36 hilarious
  • 1024 -
    1024 - 2 месяца назад Marley Brinx
  • Prince Chan
    Prince Chan 4 дня назад I'm just curious whether they're still in a relationship. *talking about the first clip
  • Finlao
    Finlao 1 день назад Prince Chan it’s scripted the guy was a youtuber named Anwar Jibawi
  • Prince Chan
    Prince Chan 1 день назад @Finlao ahhh
  • top10 nonstop
    top10 nonstop 6 дней назад 7:07 Her mom Really savage knowing that her daughter is being dump and will injure... Queen of our house our mom respect them
  • Sugar Peanuts
    Sugar Peanuts Неделю назад 1:24 Acts cool 6 seconds later Runs for dear life
  • John Rayker
    John Rayker 4 дня назад "customer is always right" - no better way to publicly display your dumbness, toxicity, and unjustifiably senseless arguments.
  • matt cullen
    matt cullen 1 день назад Typical overly indulged self entitled bimbo. Can you imagine the poor barstard who dates that THING
  • CrabbyO
    CrabbyO Год назад 7:00  "Wait, I'm cumming!"  That's no click bait!  XD
  • sadman 321
    sadman 321 Год назад CrabbyO lmao