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Instant Karma - Instant Justice | Stupid People Fails Compilation | FailGag

Published on Feb 12, 2017 205,485 views

Check out our new instant karma instant justice fails compilation with stupid people. Our compilations are filled with ultimate and epic fails, stupid fails, pranks gone wrong, people getting owned, bloopers, accidents, stupid girl fails, animal fails, funny moments,bully fail, instant karma, karma fails, street fight, road rage and more!
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Instant Karma - Instant Justice | Stupid People Fails Compilation

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  • Ethereal Sekrets
    Ethereal Sekrets 2 месяца назад (изменено) The Christmas tree lmao. The guy losing his phone is priceless as well.
  • Ron White
    Ron White 6 дней назад (изменено) The first one is soooo fake, come on, dude. And the one with the guy being surfed down the stairs..... thumbs down.
  • gabriel sedillo
    gabriel sedillo Неделю назад Frint wheel drive doin burnouts thats cringe asf
  • joe norris
    joe norris Неделю назад (изменено) Not clickbait 9:52
  • CrabbyO
    CrabbyO Год назад 7:00  "Wait, I'm cumming!"  That's no click bait!  XD
  • sadman 321
    sadman 321 Год назад CrabbyO lmao
  • haotao_alt
    haotao_alt 3 недели назад first one was clickbait
  • 1024 -
    1024 - Неделю назад Marley Brinx
  • Wan Danial
    Wan Danial 1 месяц назад 0:34 when shaggy use 0.0001% to turn human into a sled
  • KittyPup Gamer
    KittyPup Gamer Год назад I hate the first one
  • FailGag
    FailGag Год назад Sorry if i made you feel uncomfortable, it wasn't my intention, i deleted that part.
  • Michael Pieseeno
    Michael Pieseeno 8 месяцев назад KittyPup Gamer you do realize that was a vine you uncultured swine?
  • David Da Silva
    David Da Silva 3 месяца назад The face grind at 2.03.
  • frank brown
    frank brown Неделю назад It would appear that the word "Consequences" has been left out of the American dictionary !!!.
  • dustinb2403
    dustinb2403 2 месяца назад Get it right the first time lol
  • Benson VEVO
    Benson VEVO Год назад 9:03 im dying
  • Ace Jones
    Ace Jones Неделю назад 😂😂😂😂
  • Mr. L
    Mr. L Год назад Click bait deluxe.
  • A YouTuber
    A YouTuber 2 месяца назад Disliked for that Outro
  • CaCan cafuCanel
    CaCan cafuCanel 2 недели назад Nice
  • Little-Miss-Faye5123
    Little-Miss-Faye5123 Год назад 3:22 that's what you get for not using a real truck
  • Jj Mench
    Jj Mench 11 месяцев назад Stop! I SAID STOP’’ LOL
  • Andy Reasoner
    Andy Reasoner 7 месяцев назад These films show that probably the most fools live in the USA (mostly they are sober) and in Russia (mostly drunk)