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1967 Dodge Coronet 440 R/T: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Apr 3, 2017 411,806 views

Edit: Sorry for misspelling and mispronouncing Coronet every time. Sorry. I have no excuse. We review one of the muscle car era greats: The Dodge Coronet 440. It is more a symbol of virility than a car



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  • Anas Takiyudin
    Anas Takiyudin 2 года назад Thumbs up for Cubic inch to liter conversion
  • Mel Rose
    Mel Rose 2 месяца назад Josh Meyer A 302 is closer to 4.9.
  • faisal3398
    faisal3398 4 месяца назад LEARN AMERICAN YOU COMMIE I'm not American btw.
  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson 5 месяцев назад Thumbs up if your IQ is over 100 so you already knew off the top of your head.
  • Tom Baumann
    Tom Baumann 5 месяцев назад @GMdrivingMOPARguy Deine Mudda ;-)
  • phuc ewe
    phuc ewe 6 месяцев назад He's just BROWN nosing the Canadians, Australians and Europeans for more views.
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 7 месяцев назад @Jayski It had a 2 inch taller deck height than the "small block" so it was taller and wider
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 7 месяцев назад @Auggies1956 413 wasn't released until 59
  • Kyle H
    Kyle H 8 месяцев назад I get why now it is helpful to include the liter conversion But when I look for anything for my 300ci. I6 (for my Ford truck), I don't even include the metric size because it's meaningless to me and the old car guys who help me source parts I know it's a 4.9 liter engine, but that's useless to me
  • Joe dirt
    Joe dirt 8 месяцев назад Wagon_Waifu no we’re saying you foreign cucks who can’t use both are just pansys
  • Josh Meyer
    Josh Meyer Год назад easy 5.0 is 302 do the math, son.
  • Josh Meyer
    Josh Meyer Год назад I remember the day I figured that out in grade school 5.0, 302ford. 6.48, 396GM. 14.8, 903cummins Do the math, I did. thank you for cunfermation
  • Josh Meyer
    Josh Meyer Год назад AMERICA
  • john wi
    john wi Год назад caddy 500 was best engine.
  • 1423 171
    1423 171 Год назад 7.2
  • TheRealDirtyDan
    TheRealDirtyDan Год назад bur1t0 thats a lighter...
  • TheRealDirtyDan
    TheRealDirtyDan Год назад Scott9084 the 426
  • The Eliminator Project
    The Eliminator Project Год назад Hey, 426 likes! I will not ruin this...
  • Auggies1956
    Auggies1956 Год назад 455's cid 1960s through 1970s based on the 350 cid engine.
  • Jayski
    Jayski Год назад 3rd World Garage ... Oldsmobile never made a big block either
  • Auggies1956
    Auggies1956 2 года назад Nylon, those teeth were nylon.
  • Auggies1956
    Auggies1956 2 года назад Chrysler was a head with the 361 and 413 in 57'.
  • Azazel Acheron
    Azazel Acheron 2 года назад Too bad they got the CID figure in the Mustang wrong...
  • Jack Eby
    Jack Eby 2 года назад In 1967 many of those didn't exist. in '67, Ford and GM's biggest were both 427s, and AMC's biggest was still a 343.
  • Delta MacK
    Delta MacK 2 года назад silicon212 American* Canada uses Litre because duh
  • Scooter George
    Scooter George 2 года назад Definition of liter :  a metric unit of capacity equal to one cubic decimeter — In the US of A it's spelled liter. Don't care how they spell it in France.
  • silicon212
    silicon212 2 года назад Actually, that's a "lighter". A "liter" is the North American spelling of litre.
  • bur1t0
    bur1t0 2 года назад It's a French word, it's also an international standard (Système international d'unités), that all of your scientists use, and spell correctly.
  • Anas Takiyudin
    Anas Takiyudin 2 года назад bur1t0 There's no difference in meaning between liter and litre. Liter is the preferred spelling in American English
  • bur1t0
    bur1t0 2 года назад A "liter" is what you use to ignite a cigarette, which then makes your "litre" of fuel burn your eyebrows off.
  • Scooter George
    Scooter George 2 года назад "Thumbs up for Cubic inch to liter conversion' I thought it was kind of dumb actually.  I owned a 1967 Plymouth GTX. The Plymouth version of this cat. Was even a 1967 but mine was 4 speed. And "liters" were never mentioned.
  • Los The Ghost
    Los The Ghost 2 года назад Anas Takiyudin 440=7.2 liters
  • Howie Felch
    Howie Felch 2 года назад LOL. I had a Pontiac 455 in a 1971 Grand Ville. The teeth on the timing gears were made out of some kind of composite, and they would tend to shatter well before 100k miles. In my case, when the failure happened, they splintered into a bunch of small pieces that I was lucky to not have up my oil pump. Got it fixed and drove on. Lots of fun, but a sucky car by modern standards.
  • 3rd World Garage
    3rd World Garage 2 года назад Scott9084 Also left out: Chevy 400 small block (the original source of the 383 crankshaft) , AMC 390 and 401, Buick, Olds and Pontiac 455 engines, Ford 460, etc. In fact, the 440 was the smallest largest big block displacement from the big three (AMC had no big block, and technically neither did Pontiac so some would say they don't count).
  • silicon212
    silicon212 2 года назад The Chevy 383 was never a factory engine.
  • DonutVampyre
    DonutVampyre 2 года назад Scott9084 The Ford 427,428 and 429. Ford's 352, 406 tri power were left out too.
  • Scott9084
    Scott9084 2 года назад (изменено) Didn't we forget the Chevy and Mopar 383? How about the Chevy 396, the Ford 460? Didn't Cadillac even build a 500?
  • UCreations
    UCreations 2 года назад Liters are metric ;) 1 liter = 1 cubic decimeter = 1000 cubic centimeter. You see how easy the metric system is. Within seconds I can convert between metric units of measurements, you can't with imperial units of measurements.
  • greg raines
    greg raines 2 года назад GMdrivingMOPARguy 5.0 liter Mustangs won a lot of races. No need to feel defensive.
  • Adafo-Inhir
    Adafo-Inhir 2 года назад CI to CC one ci =16.387064 cc ^^
  • GMdrivingMOPARguy
    GMdrivingMOPARguy 2 года назад I didn't say metric I said liters. And as of 6 months ago when I got out we were using standard measurements on aircraft.
  • Wagon_Waifu
    Wagon_Waifu 2 года назад Are you saying that the U.S. Armed Forces are pussies and commies? Because Metric is all they use for measuring distance as of late.
  • GMdrivingMOPARguy
    GMdrivingMOPARguy 2 года назад Liters are for pussies and commies
  • UCreations
    UCreations 2 года назад I almost took my calculator to make the conversion (after the first mention about the 440ci displacement), but I was pleasantly surprised to see the conversions in the video.
  • Jacob Turner
    Jacob Turner 2 года назад Cubic inch/61=liter 440/61=7.2
  • Ibai
    Ibai 2 года назад 440 ci = 7,21031 liters
  • wobbly sauce
    wobbly sauce 2 года назад +
  • DonutVampyre
    DonutVampyre 2 года назад Anas Takiyudin Stfu
  • Mawashi-geri
    Mawashi-geri 2 года назад pickup at front charger at back porn studio leather inside
  • Jesus Garcia
    Jesus Garcia 2 года назад I own a '66 440 Coronet that I dream of restoring to this level. these cars are like .44 magnum revolvers. everyone loves the idea of being dirty Harry but once you fire it you quickly fine out how much of a wrist breaker it can be. But! once you master it, you feel like king shit lol great review.
  • Gustav Kuriga
    Gustav Kuriga 6 месяцев назад THANK GOD. A reasonable comment.
  • Dana Lee Gibson
    Dana Lee Gibson 2 года назад Bias ply tires, drum brakes, a 440 with 480 ft pounds of torque, and lap seat belts. I'll never have balls the size of my father's.
  • Tom Johnson
    Tom Johnson 2 месяца назад @Frigglebiscuit Friggleman! lol. & yes, toss some srs modern rubber, high durometer suspension bushings and a 5 spd manual or 6 spd auto in a car like the one f/here + some kevlar fiber brake shoes..yes, even foregoing disc brakes although rly nice ones can be added nowadays, for instance Jeep Liberty rear disc brakes are quite big and w/o too much trouble can be put on a 60's-80's rwd Mope along with say big, vented Wilwoods up front..and you'll be eating everything short of a Hellcat. most cars, despite the armchair car experts' bs..are far short of a Hellcat, regardless of the Millennium they came from.
  • Big block 472
    Big block 472 3 месяца назад Parker Weatly Lower, MUCH lower than low 14's. Try low 13's, high 12's with headers and a 4-speed.
  • Big block 472
    Big block 472 3 месяца назад Horsepower Garage 50 years later and not that much faster. Swap transmissions and tires and see who spanks who.
  • Big block 472
    Big block 472 3 месяца назад CC Ryder '88 Turbo T-bird? You're kidding, right? Another thing: These 440s were low 14 sec cars all day long with highway gears, slushbox trans and bias-ply tires. Manuals were 1/2 sec faster. Low 13's all day with radial tires, lower yet with drag radials.
  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson 5 месяцев назад @Boom King76 Very true. My favorite saying is "trees don't pull out in front of you."
  • Boom King76
    Boom King76 5 месяцев назад Dave Wilson Yes that can happen with a dirt bike. But majority of the time it doesn’t. They are fun but yes they are more dangerous than anything with a cage “go kart or side by side” or a whole body around it a car or truck. But at least being off road you do not have to contend with big heavy cars going anywhere between 60-100 mph with drivers not looking up and driving with their knees if you are lucky.
  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson 5 месяцев назад @Boom King76 I really want another bike but I feel the same way. Last year I only rode at like 10am on my days off and then sold that bike before winter came. Dirt bikes are cool but I actually think they're just as dangerous since most people push the limits on dirt vs cruising/commuting on pavement. I read a story about a guy that became paraplegic because him and his buddy were riding in a field and he rode into a small pothole in the grass, which caused him to get thrown from the bike. Plus I'd have to buy a truck just to haul it to the track so double fuck that.
  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson 5 месяцев назад @Horsepower Garage Everyone says that but they fail to make it fair by also using the new technology on the muscle cars. Install a T56 and sticky tires on a big block Chevelle and I have a feeling it might be a tad faster than it was with a mechanical clutch and bias ply tires. Even if it still got spanked by a new V6 Camaro, I'd much rather lose in a $50,000 classic than win in a plastic POS.
  • Boom King76
    Boom King76 5 месяцев назад Dave Wilson I hear ya. Also I drive semis and if they will cut me off and do dumb things as though I’m not there. I love bikes too. But today the way things are? I’d ride dirt bikes again but have no real want to ride street bikes. I see it. No one is taking their snouts out of their phones anymore.
  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson 5 месяцев назад Big fucking whoop. Ride motorcycles for a few years and then see how dangerous you think it is. I think everyone should be forced to ride bikes so natural selection can resume.
  • Boom King76
    Boom King76 5 месяцев назад Branon Fontaine Damn right! It’s like they want to complain. No air bags,no safety spot monitor,it will not hit the brakes for you oh No!!! What shall we do? How about actually pay attention and drive your car. That’s a good start!
  • Booty Slayer
    Booty Slayer 5 месяцев назад You can drop a hellephant in it so 1000hp right there
  • Branon Fontaine
    Branon Fontaine 5 месяцев назад Your comment, and every comment under it and above this one, has got to be the best examples of just pussified your generation really is...crumple zones, stability control, air bags, my god listen to yourselves!!! STOP BEIN SUCH LITTLE BITCHES, grow a pair for fucks sake.....smmfh goddamnit your generation is so embarrassing....
  • J3rEmY17
    J3rEmY17 6 месяцев назад @CC Ryder Very true, but most of those old ohv v8 with some more modern parts replacements will stomp those old numbers. Mostly because we have much better understansing of head/exhaust design and flow. You can build a 400hp naturally aspirated Ford 302 nowadays.
  • StarEquipment1
    StarEquipment1 6 месяцев назад Why do people care so much about safety stuff in their cars? It makes everything so boring. New cars are round and bulbous with all kinds of iPads glued to the dash to add to to distraction of the driver that already has a cell phone in their hand. Drive safely and pay attention and you won't need all the BS the nanny state forces into your cars.
  • Jb Carrico
    Jb Carrico 6 месяцев назад @Parker Weatly put 1-7/8 headers, rpm intake 800 double pumper, slicks and voodoo cam 12s all day.
  • Parker Weatly
    Parker Weatly 7 месяцев назад @CC Ryder with slight modern improvments like modern tires and a good electronic ignition system they will do Low 14's
  • Parker Weatly
    Parker Weatly 7 месяцев назад @Austin Lucas It has safty glass and the collapsible steering colunm.
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 7 месяцев назад @Bartonovich52 what do you drive, a train? The biggest semi truck engines make less than 2,400 ftlbs
  • Frigglebiscuit
    Frigglebiscuit 10 месяцев назад you idiots need to realize those times were on shitty skinny bias ply tires with shitty drivers. quit comparing 40+ year old stock shit with new stuff today. put modern tech aftermarket stuff in an old muscle car, and you are gonna get your feelings hurt.
  • ztm454
    ztm454 Год назад Charles Carl you know nothing about cars please don't comment
  • stephen mera
    stephen mera Год назад that"s true, you wont
  • John Wayne
    John Wayne Год назад Dana Lee Gibson imagine half the acceleration time and quadruple the stopping time and that's what it's like.
  • Horsepower Garage
    Horsepower Garage Год назад (изменено) That's the case with almost all muscle cars that the old guys talk up, they were the fastest thing back then but 50 years a later a new v6 camaro would put most of them to shame.
  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder Год назад Those cars were really not as fast as your dad thought, Lol the coronets barely breached high 14s with a big block 440 or 383 sorry dude a 88 turbo thunderbird would outrun those cars.
  • Tim Howell
    Tim Howell Год назад Real R/T's had 2 piston Bendix disc brakes on the front. I cranked it up to 145mph with the 3:23 gears on the way to school. Went under a bridge Like a bolt of lightening - that's when I backed off. Changed the gears later to 4:56's. and ran Used Indy tires that where about 8" wide. 12.35 was my best Time.
  • Austin Lucas
    Austin Lucas 2 года назад Add in that it probably also doesn't have safety glass, definitely doesn't have crumple zones and the steering column might impale you (I'm not sure when collapsible steering columns were implemented) and I haven't even listed all the other things old cars had that made them dangerous.
  • Bartonovich52
    Bartonovich52 2 года назад Meh. The vehicle I operate commands about 6000 ft lbs of torque and have much smaller bias ply tires and disc--but unboosted--brakes to reel it in from 80 mph.
  • Zack Klapman
    Zack Klapman 2 года назад Nor his cock.
  • Quinn Jones
    Quinn Jones 2 года назад God what an absolutely sexy car
  • Rainy Cans
    Rainy Cans 2 года назад dodge cornet when i buy a condom I GET THE MAGNUM JUST LIKE MY V8 USA USA USA USA
  • Davis Tuck
    Davis Tuck 5 месяцев назад BROWN university
  • mark shaw
    mark shaw 9 месяцев назад (изменено) -CORONET
  • Josh Meyer
    Josh Meyer Год назад AMERICA!!!!
  • mtb416
    mtb416 2 года назад The lack of a B pillar is enough to make this car cool as shit. I'm not too sentimental about old cars and classics, but this is one I'd drive the hell out of. It's stance and retarded displacement are just too good.
  • David J
    David J 2 года назад Love muscle cars with the dog dish hubcaps.
  • sammyd19801
    sammyd19801 2 года назад David J Absolutely my Bro !!! nut covers or dog dishes !! I wish I could mount those my 07 Charger RT
  • ng jason
    ng jason 2 года назад (изменено) BLACK and LONG
  • Danny Barnard
    Danny Barnard 5 месяцев назад Thats what she sade
  • Spencer Grilli
  • Dr. Hugo G. Hackenbush
    Dr. Hugo G. Hackenbush 9 месяцев назад "No boom-boom soul brother. Soul brother too boku.."
  • hunter heape
    hunter heape Год назад Mark G It's a midsized car for the 60's. C'mon man
  • Spool&Drool
    Spool&Drool Год назад 2 words and if you've seen full metal jacket you'd understand "Too Boku"
  • YellowBeanieBoy
    YellowBeanieBoy Год назад ng jason BLACK AND WRONG
  • Mark G
    Mark G Год назад Its not that long, its a mid-sized car.
  • harry lonsdale
  • Tyler Cothren
  • curb hugger
    curb hugger 2 года назад it's the Charger w/o the fastback.
  • Roberto Vargas
    Roberto Vargas 2 года назад If it was full of seaman, I would say its a submarine
  • harry lonsdale
    harry lonsdale 2 года назад ng jason AMERICA
  • Ibai
    Ibai 2 года назад Chuck Berry's dick?
  • OG Drifter
    OG Drifter 2 года назад ng jason that's me xD
  • Gearhead Brasileiro
    Gearhead Brasileiro 2 года назад That's what she said
  • Sxt life
    Sxt life 2 года назад ng jason I see you own a lifted Chevy
  • Xero Delacroix
    Xero Delacroix 2 года назад Buick and Oldsmobile got up to 455. Cadillac got over 500.
  • BeePee
    BeePee 2 месяца назад +Elijah Ledesma incorrect.
  • Elijah Ledesma
    Elijah Ledesma 2 месяца назад But actually yes fleet vehicles came standard with a 502. Think before you talk.
  • Nobody
    Nobody 2 месяца назад Indeed
  • BeePee
    BeePee 2 месяца назад You sound dumb, that’s a crate motor... never used in a car
  • Grayson Huff
    Grayson Huff 2 месяца назад Xero Delacroix and then there’s the 572 hemi
  • Big block 472
    Big block 472 3 месяца назад Jsp Compared to what? The cars on your page are an embarrassment 😳😆
  • BeePee
    BeePee 4 месяца назад +Led Bomb still no... the nova SS got a 454. That was the only one. The cops got the 350 or the 409, and some got the 427.
  • Elijah Ledesma
    Elijah Ledesma 4 месяца назад BeePee yeah turns out it was just the police package
  • BeePee
    BeePee 4 месяца назад Led Bomb biggest the nova got was a 454
  • Elijah Ledesma
    Elijah Ledesma 4 месяца назад Didn’t the nova have a 502?
  • Wilson Martin
    Wilson Martin 4 месяца назад Firstly, what the fuck? Calm down. Secondly, it's unequivocally a Ford motor that Lincoln adopted.
  • BeePee
    BeePee 4 месяца назад No shit you fucktard it’s a Lincoln motor, it’s not a ford 460 it’s a LINCOLN 460 and FORD later used it in their trucks.
  • Wilson Martin
    Wilson Martin 4 месяца назад (изменено) The Ford 460 in the Mk III Continental had 500 ft-lb of torque, lol.
  • D McNamara
    D McNamara 6 месяцев назад Das_Bass: I have a 74 Coupe Deville with the 472 version (Cadillac called it the "501")...ground and polished combustion chambers/ports....Edelbrock carb and high-rise Aluminum Intake. The Caddy Big Block makes most of its torque and horsepower way down low....effortless pulling around the 5,000 lbs....passes most modern high-performance vehicles going-up a steep Grade in 3rd Gear (direct-drive with stock 2.59 rear-gear)....while their vehicles Transmissions can't decide which gear to stay in to maintain or accelerate set-speed
  • BeePee
    BeePee 6 месяцев назад Yeah but it still made 300hp and if you take off the emission stuff and raise the redline to 8k it’s a race motor.
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 6 месяцев назад @BeePee the drawback to the 455SD was a low 7.9:1 compression ratio
  • BeePee
    BeePee 6 месяцев назад (изменено) HelllloooooOoo! Pontiac SuperDuty 455 anyone!!!! The most legendary motor of the 1970’s! They were built to rev to 8000rpm. Too bad they were only used in 73 and 74.
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 7 месяцев назад (изменено) @Alan Maier Olds 455 debuted for 1968, Chevy 454 and Pontiac/Buick 455's in 1970
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 7 месяцев назад @Shiny_Gliscor 462 in 66-68 Lincolns was bigger
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 7 месяцев назад Everyone mentions the 460 at Ford, but forgets the 462 Lincoln motor (66-68)
  • Pétur Kristinsson
    Pétur Kristinsson 8 месяцев назад @Jsp us marine engineers are strange folk
  • Patrick Thayer
    Patrick Thayer 9 месяцев назад @Jordan Wiley Yes it is.. GM vortec 8100 3/4 and 1 ton trucks and vans in the late 90s and early 2000s It replaced the 454
  • dxrflyboy
    dxrflyboy 10 месяцев назад Actually it was, just much later and only in trucks - the Vortec 8100.
  • Furry Trash
    Furry Trash 10 месяцев назад Xero Delacroix and then Chevy got a 572
  • Electronics For Fun
    Electronics For Fun 10 месяцев назад there is a viper that has a 512.
  • Engei
    Engei Год назад Ford had the 460
  • HGC 4E
    HGC 4E Год назад Jordan Wiley Chevy had a 496
  • that dodge guy
    that dodge guy Год назад Xero Delacroix chevy and dodge built a 572 and dodges was a hemi
  • 1423 171
    1423 171 Год назад The displacement is basically potential it's easier for that engine to make double what yours is than it is for yours to make it's current power
  • Drewsey
    Drewsey Год назад there was also chevy 454 big block
  • Drewsey
    Drewsey Год назад but at one point they only made like 190-ish hp sooooo the fact that you had a 500ci engine doesn't quite matter much if my jeep with under half the displacement makes the same power
  • Jonny BigRig T800
    Jonny BigRig T800 Год назад I'm surprised he skipped over the 454!
  • Mr. Butterworth
    Mr. Butterworth Год назад B G - That probably has something to do with the fact that the Cadillac 500 is derived from the 331 V8 of 1949. In fact every size motor that Cadillac used between 1949 all the way to the 500 are various iterations of the same block. Which is also why you don't see too many modified 500s, because that was the absolute design limit of the engine. Smaller versions of the Cadillac OHV were quite popular with racers and hot rodders back in the day, a preferred motor.
  • 1423 171
    1423 171 Год назад How do you get a 426 poly hemi is the 318 bored and stroked that big or is it a 426 wedge with poly heads because poly is a half hemi already you can't really have both
  • The Coronet Shop
    The Coronet Shop Год назад 177SCmaro i have a 66 Coronet 440 (trim model) has a 426 Poly Hemi. Started as a 318 Poly if you're interested just message me back.
  • 1423 171
    1423 171 Год назад I have a 79 trans am with a TH350 and an olds 455 (don't worry it was a olds car from the factory) but its got 2.73s or something like that so highway I'm under 2k but it still gets to 60 in about 6 seconds and does a quarter mile in about 13-14 at about 110-115
  • 1423 171
    1423 171 Год назад Coronets arent that heavy only 3200 pounds
  • 1423 171
    1423 171 Год назад I have no idea where youre getting that BBO's and bb cadis weights but a BBO is almost 100 pounds heavier than a SBC same with the Cadillac
  • 1423 171
    1423 171 Год назад 8100 vortec is the 496 that came stock in some trucks but it wasn't a muscle car thing
  • mark shaw
    mark shaw Год назад The 572 Hemi
  • Los The Ghost
    Los The Ghost Год назад Xero Delacroix Pontiac had a 455 as well.
  • The Coronet Shop
    The Coronet Shop 2 года назад @Adrian Peterson speaking of T-acs with 455's i totally want another 68 Tempest with that big knock of a block
  • jeffscomp
    jeffscomp 2 года назад I think Lincoln put a 600 in the mammoth boat town car in the late 70's
  • Adrian Peterson
    Adrian Peterson 2 года назад I guess we can just act like Pontiac didn't make a 455
  • James DeSalvo
    James DeSalvo 2 года назад Xero Delacroix caddilac got 500ci*
  • Alan Maier
    Alan Maier 2 года назад (изменено) The catch here is, I am old enough to remember those engines and those cars when new. It was just a matter of the auto makers building bigger and bigger to compete. The auto makers were having a field day building larger engines... Ford topping GM with the 460 while GM topped Chrysler with their 454/455's (not counting Cadillac) and hoped nobody would actually pay attention to the power curves - just a numbers game. It's like Cadillac having the 500 engine for the Eldorado when the Toronado did just fine with a 425. Ford actually had a 501 "just because" for the Lincoln line, but the fuel crisis stopped it from going into production. Sad fact is, the last of the large Ford engines for the Lincolns was actually a truck spec that redlined in the middle 3000's, which is why the HP rating was so incredibly weak. OH - indeed GM definitely had a motor mount issue! I had a Buick V6 in my '79 Cutlass (bought new) and the motor mount on the drivers side had to be replaced more than once. They at least built in a safety stop after the massive recall they had.
  • Alan Maier
    Alan Maier 2 года назад But back in the middle 1970's, a Chevy 350 managed to squeeze out around 150 - 160 HP on common form as installed in a typical family car. Fuel injection made a world of difference in the 1980's. Fact is, the humble 305 at 140HP actually had more output at a given RPM... it had a much lower redline and thus the numbers were skewed a bit. Lay the power curves over each other (as a large banner in the dealership actually did show) and the 305 was stronger for typical driving. This is where the Buick and Olds engines had a definite edge over a Chevy back then... but the Chevy 350 could rev much higher - it was a tradeoff.
  • silicon212
    silicon212 2 года назад You can learn a lot on the Internet. Like a Buick 430 was damaging to engine mounts and they discontinued it because of that. * Actually, it was superseded by the 455. Similar to how the 427 became the 454. If the 430 killing engine mounts was enough to discontinue it, why replace it with a torquier and more rubber separating 455? God love the internut.
  • silicon212
    silicon212 2 года назад +Captain Chicken 460s made 260hp and 360 tq? Might want to double check those numbers - those are Chevy 350 numbers. It wouldn't be a big deal to coax 510 lb. ft. out of one.
  • Novusod
    Novusod 2 года назад There was another displacement war in the early 1900s but it was mostly confined to Europe. Mercedes Benze, BMW, and FIAT all made 20+ liter engines (1100 cubic inches in American)
  • Alan Maier
    Alan Maier 2 года назад Actually I have to stand corrected first up - the Olds big engine was the 425 and Buick had the 430. All of the divisions upped their displacement to 454 for Chevy and 455 for Pontiac, Buick and Olds. As memory served, 1968 was the year when the 350, 400 and 454/455 engines were phased in. Chevy was a bit delayed and kept the 307/327 around a bit longer and were actually offering the 327 and 350 at the same time. Indeed both Olds and Buick were known for very high bottom end torque. When horsepower is calculated, this really went against the lower revving engines, and most younger people don't know that when they compare a 150HP 5.7L engine to a 150HP micro engine in a Kia. Aint gonna see a little engine move an old Olds 98 or Buick Electra!
  • Captain Chicken
    Captain Chicken 2 года назад D.I.Y ER DIE Tricks and trades that's a crate engine for dragsters, lol
  • Captain Chicken
    Captain Chicken 2 года назад Alan Maier Buick had a 430 too, but from what I heard, they stopped them in '69 because the torque snapped the motor mounts frequently
  • Captain Chicken
    Captain Chicken 2 года назад musclcarmaniac98 from what I've seen, the 90s and 80s 460s made like 260 HP and 360 FT LBS, but it may have been different in the 70s, but I doubt they make 510 FT LBS and 370 HP like the Buick 455
  • N Ferraro
    N Ferraro 2 года назад Buick and IHC blocks were nickel-alloy for sure. I think Cads were regular cast iron, but I'm not certain. They might be pretty light, though. I new a guy who jammed a 500 in a '79 camaro. I think he ran it with the original springs for a while.
  • Leonardo Bruno
    Leonardo Bruno 2 года назад Mopar 572!
  • Alan Maier
    Alan Maier 2 года назад (изменено) That was fantastic. Catch with a lot of the middle 1970's cars was axle ratio. You could have a total screamer or a total dog with the came car and engine. The idea was to put "highway gears" on cars to improve the EPA economy numbers, and if you ordered the towing package or simply selected a performance axle ratio - WOW! What GM did with Olds engines was put crazy and insane rear ends in them - like 2:24 on some models as the Olds engines had so much bottom end grunt, but after the launch it got a little sluggish. We had a '72 Delta 88 that would throw stones at the cars behind without trying.... but that run through 1st gear sure got slow once that tank was rolling. A different axle ratio would have really fixed that. Bought that car new and it was passed down from person to person!!! Didn't owe a thing when it finally rusted completely apart... yet the engine was still fine.
  • CP100
    CP100 2 года назад Chrysler got up to 440 cui. The 440 in a 1976 New Yorker moved to 0-60 in 7seconds which is actually good for it's time.
  • silicon212
    silicon212 2 года назад A uniflow two stroke 'diesel' engine that actually runs on Bunker C - a real thick waste oil that isn't quite as thick as asphalt, but still needs to be heated before the engine can use it.
  • DrewLSsix
    DrewLSsix 2 года назад Alan Maier. i worked on plenty of those caddies, mostly pains in the ass and a lot seemed to have the flat lobe issue. but on the enthusiast side I actually became interested in them through the Fiero crowd, the 4.9 short block with the top end from an Alante makes for something comparable to the ford and chevy 5 point oh's of the time but much lighter. like most of the off brand engines in the past the real drawback is the lack of parts.
  • Alan Maier
    Alan Maier 2 года назад Good call! Yes the old Hook and Tow, I guess the reduced weight was to be kind to the tow truck driver when he picked the car up. :D
  • D.I.Y ER DIE Tricks and trades
    D.I.Y ER DIE Tricks and trades 2 года назад chevy 572
  • DrewLSsix
    DrewLSsix 2 года назад Alan Maier. no, it wasnt. a 455 block was 200# minimum, the small block chevy varied from 160ish to 180ish pounds for producti9n motors, the bowtie and other performance iron blocks did get up to 200 or so pounds though. if you want light weight though the caddy HT blocks are less than 40 pounds bare!
  • ronmancvu
    ronmancvu 2 года назад Exactly how heavy do you think this car is? According to Google it's just over 3700lbs. This car doesn't have coil springs like a GM or Ford, it has torsion bars. And with a 440, it's already got the biggest ones they made. A fully-trimmed 440 weighs HALF of a Cummins. Just the head off my 5.9 weighs almost 200lbs, and the complete engine is over 1300lbs. Don't forget, it's also a unibody car, so there's no easy way to reinforce it to hold all that extra weight.
  • 177SCmaro
    177SCmaro 2 года назад (изменено) pyroblasten  So it's only cool to put big, heavy diesel engines in a (usually) light ass car like a rat rod that doesn't have a prayer in hell of using even half that torque, but it's not cool to put big, heavy diesel engines designed to push around big, heavy vehicles in a big heavy vehicle like a Coronet? I don't get that. Seems a diesel would be a better engine for a Coronet then a rat rod. And sound is subjective, so who knows about that?
  • pyroblasten
    pyroblasten 2 года назад Diesels are only cool in ratrods, other wise you're just adding weight. Besides, all diesels sound like dog shit.
  • 177SCmaro
    177SCmaro 2 года назад (изменено) crutksdub  weeeeell, it's a heavy car...and I would want it to be able to get out of it's own way...soooo, yeah, so I think I'd rather go with the Cummins, rather than a huge ass gasser six with no displacement. I'd rather not have to rev the thing to 9 grand on 20lbs of boost just to climb over the curb into my drive way. (lol, shots fired!)
  • pyroblasten
    pyroblasten 2 года назад boat anchor cough
  • crutksdub
    crutksdub 2 года назад 177SCmaro or....just 2jz swap that bitch....then you really be messing with people's heads!
  • 177SCmaro
    177SCmaro 2 года назад (изменено) V4 Garage True that. I'd love to find one of these, or maybe a old 70's monte carlo, with a blown up engine and stick a 24v Cummins in one. Then you get all the torque in the world, decent mileage and okay power, and, best of all, you get people going "what the fuck" when you fire it up in the parking lot and it sounds like a 2500 dodge ram.
  • Jsp
    Jsp 2 года назад The car can't corner, can't really accelerate, isn't aerodynamic and wastes fuel.. But it's the most damn beautiful machine i've ever seen.. The exhaust sound is perfect. It's a massive land yacht but it's comfortable and roomy. I don't know why but we all want one even if we know it's not that great.
  • Alan Maier
    Alan Maier 2 года назад Back in 1967, it was a Rocket 430 - same idea. Mega torque with just light throttle, nail it and the tires were roasting... but then struggled to make it to 60. Good old American power curves - great for burnouts and pulling boats to the lake.
  • The Coronet Shop
    The Coronet Shop 2 года назад Alan Maier hell yeah Rocket 455
  • Alan Maier
    Alan Maier 2 года назад Olds was the same way - an Olds 455 was lighter than a small block Chevy. Less quantity of higher grade iron to make the block.
  • 177SCmaro
    177SCmaro 2 года назад (изменено) DrewLSsix Of course they do, they are 500ci engines compared to ~350ci sbf! A 351W making 500HP would be about like a 500ci cadi making a little over 700HP.  With 500 inches you don't even have to try to make hp. I'm not saying it's a sure thing that cadi or Pontiac blocks fail, it's just 1. you don't see many of them taken to high power levels (over 500-600hp+) and 2. just looking at the casting the valley is quite open and the webbing is pretty thin (compared to big block chevy, ford, mopar). If people are building OEM cadi and ponti blocks to higher power levels then I think that's great. I just don't see it hardly ever at the drag strip in the years I've been doing this. They're usually all aftermarket blocks.
  • DrewLSsix
    DrewLSsix 2 года назад 177SCmaro. even a very modestly built 500 makes the kind of power that starts to split small block fords down the middle. how mich evidence do you actually have that these blocks fail?
  • 177SCmaro
    177SCmaro 2 года назад (изменено) Joshua Beckett  It's not just want a block is made out of that determines it's strength, it's how its' built. I think cadi 500 blocks are sorta like Pontiac blocks, open, thin, and prone to cracking around the mains.
  • ronmancvu
    ronmancvu 2 года назад The Vortec 8100 is most definitely a thing.
  • Joshua Beckett
    Joshua Beckett 2 года назад musclcarmaniac98 I was under the impression that all the caddy blocks were high nickel like the good Chevy blocks, and that the valve train was the weak link. Ford makes or made a 514 crate engine that is basically a stroked 460. If I remember correctly, it was originally intended to be put in Lincolns to compete with the 500 Cadillac, but the gas crisis hit and they scrapped the idea of putting it in factory cars and sold it as a marine/crate engine.
  • Wasaur
    Wasaur 2 года назад Now that is an engine swap Id like to see!
  • Jsp
    Jsp 2 года назад Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96-C boat engine was 111,063 CI (1,820 litres) per cylinder. And they came in 6 to 14 cylinder form. And they were turbo charged.. Producing up to 5,720 kW per cylinder, 34,320–80,080 kW (46,680–108,920 BHP) total. And pushing out up to 7,603,850 newton metres (5,608,310 lbf·ft) @ 102 rpm of torque.
  • 177SCmaro
    177SCmaro 2 года назад Ben Garrison Theyre also significantly weaker blocks. Even with it's generous displacement, you don't see many cadi 500's cranked way up. In all my time drag racing I think I've seen one, and I'm not sure it was a stock block.
  • Shiny_Gliscor
    Shiny_Gliscor 2 года назад cough Ford 460 cough
  • B G
    B G 2 года назад True, but weirdly those big Caddy engines are significantly lighter than comparable engines from other manufacturers. A Caddy 500 only weighs like 40lbs more than a Chevy 327.
  • Jordan Wiley
    Jordan Wiley 2 года назад (изменено) Well it doesn't count then.
  • JRC99
    JRC99 2 года назад Well, 496 is a thing. It just wasn't a factory thing.
  • Jordan Wiley
    Jordan Wiley 2 года назад 396. 496 isnt a thing.
  • ronmancvu
    ronmancvu 2 года назад Don't forget the 454 and the 496.
  • Xero Delacroix
    Xero Delacroix 2 года назад Yeah, true, but I have seen some insanely fast swaps using those old Caddy blocks.
  • Das_Bass
    Das_Bass 2 года назад Let's be fair. Those 500s in a Catty ain't for speed. It's pulling a land yacht so big it makes this dodge look like a toy.
  • Siknik64
    Siknik64 2 года назад (изменено) This is the Prius' worst nightmare. A 3-speed automatic on a car powered by an engine that does not have the word "emissions" in it's vocabulary.
  • Jarod Kelly
    Jarod Kelly 3 месяца назад @Gustav Kuriga or, here's a crazy thought, they just want to drive a car that's not a fucking piece of shit.
  • Blake Belladonna
    Blake Belladonna 4 месяца назад @Tim Howell $0.39 in 1967 is $2.91 in 2018. About what gas costs now.
  • Gustav Kuriga
    Gustav Kuriga 6 месяцев назад Someone's making up for something if they need a muscle car for their daily drive.
  • HighFlyinRyan76 Weezer
    HighFlyinRyan76 Weezer 8 месяцев назад I'd rather ride a mad donkey, then drive a prius.
  • Frigglebiscuit
    Frigglebiscuit 10 месяцев назад it also costs no dignity to drive, unlike a prius.
  • Michael Lorah
    Michael Lorah Год назад I wish I could have live in that time. It must have been quite spectacular for gear heads.
  • Tim Howell
    Tim Howell Год назад It was also 50 years ago and leaded high test Sunoco 260 was 39 cents a gallon.
  • Justin Stearns
    Justin Stearns 2 года назад Yeah but it's a muscle car so that is completely irrelevant
  • Austin Lucas
    Austin Lucas 2 года назад (изменено) It also uses around 5-9x the amount of fuel a Prius generally does. (Close to 7-10 MPG vs. 48-65 MPG.)
  • phycadelic pikachu
    phycadelic pikachu 2 года назад I shall now call kids "crotch fruit"
  • BigWheel
    BigWheel Год назад phycadelic pikachu I think he's reffering to b i g. B A L L S
  • Patchuchan
    Patchuchan 2 года назад "This car sucks and no one would own it." I'd totally take it over most new cars today.
  • Plight_of_Icarus
    Plight_of_Icarus 2 месяца назад CC Ryder Sorry man, I’ve never owned an older car that was any less reliable than a newer car, and if something went wrong with the older car I could fix it in a matter of minutes. I don’t need a full diagnostic kit, or take the intake off just to change the starter.
  • Frigglebiscuit
    Frigglebiscuit 2 месяца назад @Sile Animus bullshit. you can barely change your transmission fluid and oil on new cars. they want you to take it to the dealer, so they put fucking computer reset codes and unobtainable socket lugs. my 1970 dart? a wrench fixes everything.
  • Sile Animus
    Sile Animus 2 месяца назад @Frigglebiscuit If you can't fix a new car you wouldn't be able to fix a 440.
  • Big block 472
    Big block 472 3 месяца назад CC Ryder Who says? These were very reliable back in the day. Yearly tune-ups and coolant flush are a thing of the past, though.
  • Useless videos
    Useless videos 3 месяца назад @Gustav Kuriga they do
  • BeePee
    BeePee 6 месяцев назад I used to have a dart 440 gts. Had 455k miles on it when I blew it up.
  • Gustav Kuriga
    Gustav Kuriga 6 месяцев назад @Fred Leparski a 650i isn't an average car though. If you own one of those, you have the free money to be able to fix it, or you spent money you don't have to spare just to make a statement. A Toyota Corolla is boring, but it has at least 10 times the reliability. Also, it's mechanics that charge you a fortune. If you learn to fix it yourself, you can fix a modern car for the same amount if not less as you would this, because they DON'T MAKE THE PARTS for these anymore.
  • phuc ewe
    phuc ewe 8 месяцев назад This car is awesome. I'll take it.
  • P77777777
    P77777777 8 месяцев назад CC Ryder You have to do that with modern dodges too except the old dodges can be fixed with simple tools
  • Tyler Rivera
    Tyler Rivera 9 месяцев назад Patchuchan really?
  • Fred Leparski
    Fred Leparski 9 месяцев назад @Frigglebiscuit I had a BMW 650i fantastic car till my valve seals went out 8000 to get them fixed at the dealer and if you tried to do it yourself 2500 just for the tools not the parts just the tools do trust me I know what your talking about and not to mention it's very common for them to go out
  • Frigglebiscuit
    Frigglebiscuit 10 месяцев назад yea, and when your new car breaks down, i hope you have money for a few days at a hotel, cuz the dealer is gonna want to see it.
  • gjmaztr7
    gjmaztr7 Год назад A ex-classmate & future CEO now making $13 million per yr for a Texas Hi-Tech company used to ride in the passenger seat when were both IEEE college chapter officers. First owner was a Black Baptist minister, and 2nd owner was a 82 thin elderly sierra club lady who died of a 2nd stroke, 2 months after selling it to me for $700. But you need to add 60R245 tires or similar Fat ones in the rear, plus remove the 15" steering wheel for a 10" wheel, then add 0.500" lift camshaft, Better breathing Dual Plane intake, 915 heads Closed chamber polish/ported, Hooker Headers, and dual exhaust.
  • theinsanegamergeek
    theinsanegamergeek Год назад Yeah, so much better then a modern car that needs an entire mechanic shop to replace some cheap sensor that tanks your ability to move if it dies Lo0Oll!!
  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder Год назад Until you drove it from coast to coast, Lol and had to wrench on it half way home, Lo0ol
  • Doctor Robert
    Doctor Robert 2 года назад He literally misspelled "Coronet" to bug you all. Don't fall into his trap! XD
  • Overcast Friday
    Overcast Friday 11 месяцев назад No, he's just an idiot.
  • Jason Quinn
    Jason Quinn 2 года назад Don't forget the famous Ford "298" engine @ 4:12
  • aserta
    aserta 2 года назад He spelled it like the item.
  • Rosco P. Coltrane
    Rosco P. Coltrane 2 года назад Doctor Robert It's too late. They're like dominoes, once one falls as do the rest.
  • Benjamin Agaoglu
    Benjamin Agaoglu 2 года назад "This car sucks and no one would own it." Yeah speak for yourself man.
  • FranciscoFJM
    FranciscoFJM 4 месяца назад The level off asshurt in this comment chain is cringeworthy
  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson 5 месяцев назад I was actually starting to like this guy before I watched this video. What a narrow minded, ignorant twat. I guess he's never heard of Brembo or Hotchkis...
  • Ronnie Ellis
    Ronnie Ellis Год назад Benjamin Agaoglu .. You are a moron
  • Nick Rynearson
    Nick Rynearson 2 года назад Yeah the Falcon is like the fedora car, just owning one would just make you so unlike
  • Michael Moceri
    Michael Moceri 2 года назад Benjamin Agaoglu I love my 67 Coronet 318 auto. Inexpensive compared to the muscle cars and I enjoy it. Power disc brake conversion made it safer.
  • DLN
    DLN 2 года назад him and his uncle can try the rUSty SanDUskY
  • Nate Dick
    Nate Dick 2 года назад and this is coming from the guy who says he hopes to one day own a Dodge Caravan....
  • sammyd19801
    sammyd19801 2 года назад Benjamin Agaoglu I want it
  • Burleon
    Burleon 2 года назад Benjamin Agaoglu hes a fucking idiot ikr
  • Re Boi
    Re Boi 2 года назад "Sounds like a Borderlands weapon" I see you're a man of my culture as well.
  • Skysder
  • ricerocket_ed6
    ricerocket_ed6 2 года назад I see anime profile pic, so I'm gonna attempt this reference: Which side of the chocolate cornet do you eat first? BTW the source material JUST turned 10 years old! Woohoo!
  • Kavinsky Smith
    Kavinsky Smith 2 года назад Whoopie bazzle what does it mean?!! JACK SHIT!
  • Craig Noah
    Craig Noah 2 года назад Kick his ass Sea Bass!
  • Don Keedix
    Don Keedix 2 года назад Derek L. I got triggered
  • Gazorpa Zorp
    Gazorpa Zorp 2 года назад Dayvert 02 Salt.
  • Jess
    Jess 2 года назад Dayvert 02 Nobody cares.
  • Bielanski
    Bielanski 2 года назад "The warts" are indeed integral. Nice metaphor. :)
  • Matthew Francucci
    Matthew Francucci 2 года назад die u grammar nazi. Leave him alone... maybe he did it on purpose
  • Todd Klein
    Todd Klein 2 года назад Nothing new about misspellings and mispronunciations on this channel. As with the cars, the warts are part of the charm.
  • Daniel Liston
    Daniel Liston 2 года назад Dayvert 02 LOL! Have you ever watched any of RCR's videos?
  • Jason McCreary
    Jason McCreary 2 года назад I think your band roots infected your brain and made you name the car after the horn
  • Shawn Morse
    Shawn Morse 2 года назад The misspelling and pronunciations make me sad. I would take a Coronet over a Falcon in a heartbeat.
  • Jess
    Jess 2 года назад RegularCars We still love you
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 2 года назад Derek L. Well, shit. :(
  • Gargenville
    Gargenville 2 года назад Dodge Cornetto
  • Halid Bal
    Halid Bal 2 года назад He also said 289 V8 but wrote 298 in the video.
  • spacebears
    spacebears 2 года назад (изменено) Unless they have a new video editor, they must of done it on purpose for some reason they pronounce it as "Coronet" in the video. I only know this car's name from Forza 4 muscle car DLC.
  • FM
    FM 2 года назад Don't diss the doge fam. Doge lives on in our hearts. Wow.
  • Betty Cocker
    Betty Cocker 2 года назад Val 'Fuzzy' Plushroom lmfao
  • Val 'Fuzzy' Plushroom
    Val 'Fuzzy' Plushroom 2 года назад Me so cornet. Me love Mr. Regular long time.
  • Yurek
    Yurek 2 года назад He also mis-spelled 'Dodge' as 'Doge' in the description. Either that, or he's making some kind of reference to the old dead internet meme.
  • ledzeppelin27
    ledzeppelin27 2 года назад this car sucks and no one would want to own it... amazing, that wasn't how you felt about your Falcon
  • Joe dirt
    Joe dirt 8 месяцев назад craby man nah is daily this bad boy
  • Frigglebiscuit
    Frigglebiscuit 10 месяцев назад supra lighter? which version? even the 4th gen is only like 400 lbs lighter. a 3rd gen? LOL NO.
  • Lone Soul
    Lone Soul Год назад Bc back when this car came out that was the truth.
  • The Specialist
    The Specialist Год назад Penta well it really depends how much money you have to throw around
  • Ronnie Ellis
    Ronnie Ellis Год назад You are an imbacile
  • Austin Powers
    Austin Powers Год назад I think he was just trying to say that it wasn't practical at all
  • Dorris The daily Dodge Dart
    Dorris The daily Dodge Dart Год назад ledzeppelin27 mopar or no car 💪
  • Marco Panzanni
    Marco Panzanni Год назад Trunk's good, u could put at least 3 stiffs into it.
  • 1423 171
    1423 171 Год назад FallaciousScotsman They did both WS6, turbo trans am, Oldsmobile jetfire, Studebaker hawk and avanti both are supercharged don't forget the corvette irs in 1963 and 4 wheel discs in 65 or somewhere around there and you do realize the engineering that went into a hemi don't you also all of the big 3 were doing experiments with overhead cams but thing is 1 it was shown to be a disadvantage due to excessive weight for the power gains similar to the reason the "Hemi" wasn't more popular sure the top end is amazing but it costs a lot more too Look up the ford SOHC or the Pontiac SOHC pontiac was actually putting them in its firebirds and tempests these cars were marvels of engineering at the time also Corvettes had fuel injection in the 50's it was just the top of the line and so complex compared to the current that not many mechanics could fix it. you just seem to lack any knowledge of the time or of the amount of engineering required to do what they did
  • 1423 171
    1423 171 Год назад This is more practical than a supra or a gt86 it can seat 6 if it has the dual benches and it would be much more fun especially if you did a few tasteful modifications
  • Lieutenant Dude
    Lieutenant Dude Год назад ledzeppelin27 I think partly mr regular just dislikes the mentality that led to such idiotic displacement heights. I love the styling, but the engineering behind these cars was dumb. Make it bigger, don't improve the present tech, just make it bigger. Dohc? What's that? Forced induction...derrrrrr? Make the carburetor bigger. That's as tech savvy as the muscle cars got. Brakes? Suspension? Nah who needs that dumb shit? It's cars from dumb, testosterone fueled impulsiveness.
  • Burleon
    Burleon 2 года назад ledzeppelin27 ya know hating on American cars is like hating on everything if it wasn't for them you wouldn't have the piece of Japanese shit u got tday
  • Nick Rynearson
    Nick Rynearson 2 года назад craby man Have you seen the JDM crowd
  • goddimmus
    goddimmus 2 года назад Are you directing this at someone? Im just wondering if there is a target for this anger.
  • Vincent Baelde-Millar
    Vincent Baelde-Millar 2 года назад And when it comes to context it extends further than the technical aspects of a car, it can be when it was released, how it was marketed and who bought it. These are the things that interest Mr. R.
  • ootdega
    ootdega 2 года назад (изменено) The Super 88 didn't have a gigantic big block V8 making way too much horsepower to be practical for anything and makes LOL miles to the gallon. Car culture really has no fucking idea what context is, does it? Everything is black and white, differences and details are meaningless, opinions are facts, unless they differ from yours, then they're fanboys. Ignore everything else in the video, just lock onto that ONE FUCKING SENTENCE and scream about it with your hands over your ears.
  • hypocycloidiaspora
    hypocycloidiaspora 2 года назад 84Bronco351 Mr R is a Toyota fanboy, and likes 90's Japanese cars in general. Roman is a Ford fanboy, and infected Regular, hence the 1960 Falcon.
  • Fried 153
    Fried 153 2 года назад tires lol.
  • Fried 153
    Fried 153 2 года назад ive daily'd an lt1 straight piped buick roadmaster for 3 years with 285 tits on it. i would gladly daily thiscoronet. less computers on my car the better.
  • goddimmus
    goddimmus 2 года назад (изменено) I was really disappointed to hear that as well. He kept on and on about the fucking Falcon in the ride along. I mean...Im a Pontiac guy but Goddamn the Coronet is wonderful looking. He also didnt talk shit about the Super 88 that he drove. They only made like 190 about 160 in the car? My fucking Cavalier gets 140 HP, and it didnt have power brakes or power the fuck man?
  • 04dram04
    04dram04 2 года назад Nope. He is just a hipster at its purest. Hates anything, if most other people like it.
  • Vincent Baelde-Millar
    Vincent Baelde-Millar 2 года назад Yeah I don't really buy it. That's a very broad statement to make and there's no way it's true of all american and european cars.
  • keeganwebber
    keeganwebber 2 года назад ah but you see, early European cars DO have build quality on their side. take a ford pinto and rev it to 6 grand for 30 seconds. I dare you. the advantage American cars have is that its super cheap to make huge power because they were so limited from the factory. slow burning torque monsters.
  • Vincent Baelde-Millar
    Vincent Baelde-Millar 2 года назад But the BUILD QUALITY REFINEMENT GERMAN ENGINEERING It's great when people like things for because of completely unverifiable qualities.
  • keeganwebber
    keeganwebber 2 года назад buy a 70s datsun. 40 dollar clutch kit, 9 dollar wheel cylinders, 20 dollar master cylinders lmao
  • Jimmy870
    Jimmy870 2 года назад Ever see the maintenance costs of a Euro car? Not practical at all. Japanese cars can be more practical, but the gas mileage for how small their engines are is dissappointing.
  • ootdega
    ootdega 2 года назад (изменено) +Kip Amore I guess everyone has a different perspective. 50 years is a long time. I also deleted the other comment because OP here said something dumb that I felt was more worth responding to, but thanks for being civil. Obviously a rarity in these comments.
  • ootdega
    ootdega 2 года назад (изменено) "There's a video of my 72 Skylark winning a burnout contest on my channel. how hard does that hit you mr fucking logical." What the flying fuck does that have to do with anything? Did you actually read the comments? Do you KNOW what context even is? I was not even talking about you.
  • Kip Amore
    Kip Amore 2 года назад ootdega snark aside, to my way of thinking there is nothing that modern car has that this doesn't. Aside from any hop ups he's made, a stock coronet starts every time, idles fine, handles fine, even stops acceptably even with drums. I drove cars like this all through high school well into my 30s, and aside from intermitent wipers it's fine. It's a car. It was a car then, roads havent changed.
  • Vincent Baelde-Millar
    Vincent Baelde-Millar 2 года назад @Just a Random Dude And yet he has a custom falcon, not a custom skyline.
  • Just a Random Dude
    Just a Random Dude 2 года назад That's because Mr Regular is a WEEABOO
  • TheRoadDriverly
    TheRoadDriverly 2 года назад I mean hey it was free when I got it. Unfortunately I wasn't prepared for that kind of financial burden, a family member died suddenly and then I had a giant money pit. Had a swapped in 350 instead of the factory turd that made noise and nothing else. That thing was fast as shit, though. I think I eventually got it running well enough compared to when I got it but it was still pulling like 8 city 12 highway. The 30 city/45 highway my Civic pulls is seems almost too good to be true in comparison.
  • Kip Amore
    Kip Amore 2 года назад TheRoadDriverly The "hopped up" is what killed your mileage. But bone stock that car propably got 14 city and 20 highway. That's about the same as a modern F150 or Tacoma or any SUV. That Coronet, bone stock, probably gets 13/18.
  • Sean Hart
    Sean Hart 2 года назад ledzeppelin27 It sucks by modern standards sure, but you could daily drive this if you really wanted to. Tons of passenger room, more than enough torque to get up hills, auto gearbox makes city driving a breeze, not much driver assistance so you have to pay attention when driving it, and finally the trunk. You don't fully realize how fuck huge the trunks were in these old cars unless you see it in person. I'm not joking when I say you could fit two dead bodies and a week's worth of groceries in the trunk of this beast.
  • TheRoadDriverly
    TheRoadDriverly 2 года назад My first car was a hopped up 85 El Camino (this was 2012). Loved that piece of junk. 330 at the crank, incredibly comfortable, sounded like sex (there's a vid on my channel actually) Unfortunately 6mpg city and monthly breakdowns isn't exactly an appealing aspect when you have to pay for food, medical expenses, rent, etc. Plus, a car like my Elco simply couldn't keep up with the Texas heat anymore.
  • Kip Amore
    Kip Amore 2 года назад Oh you young whippersnappers. You have no idea what you are talking about. That car is perfectly livable as a daily - millions of people dailied them in the day, after all. I'd be delighted to daily that right now, carbs and all. The mileage is the same as a modern SUV (look it up, bitches...same). What you don't know is just how comfortable and quiet a car WITHOUT a sway bar and WITHOUT radials is. You can drink coffee without a lid in a car like this. Yeah it won't carve up a canyon, but I don't WANT to carve up a canyon - I just want to squirt light to light. You youngins also don't know how comfortable it is to hang your arm on the window, and have low back seats. Or how comfortable a real bench seat is. Or how magical a pillarless coupe is. Because of the wing windows, air conditioning isn't needed unless you live in Nevada. You also don't know how nice it is not to have that fucking seatbelt cutting into your neck. Or the joy of sitting 3 wide in front, 3 wide in back.
  • ledzeppelin27
    ledzeppelin27 2 года назад good argument, but horribly worded if that was his intended statement. how hard is it to say "he wouldn't have built it if he didn't like it" also, Mr. R said that he prefers imports in one of his ask Mr. Regular videos
  • ledzeppelin27
    ledzeppelin27 2 года назад Vincent Baelde-Millar I'm going to explain this slowly because apparently I have to. the dude said I wouldn't spend time and money building a 50 year old car. I proved otherwise with a video on my channel. being a burnout video is irrelevant, but it's the only video I have of my car. make sense now? do you need me to spell anything else out for you or some context clues.
  • ootdega
    ootdega 2 года назад (изменено) It's a 67 American car. It's floaty. Everything was. That has nothing to do with the handling or steering. You can have a floaty squishy rolly land boat and still outcorner a Civic if you do it right. Especially because Civic owners like to ruin their car's handling via Ebay. Everyone needs to grow up and stop being so asshurt over things. Jesus fucking Christ.
  • Poly Bun
    Poly Bun 2 года назад Yeah, note that this car won't overheat like the falcon.
  • Vincent Baelde-Millar
    Vincent Baelde-Millar 2 года назад What relevance does a burnout contest even have? And you sir need some schooling on context
  • ledzeppelin27
    ledzeppelin27 2 года назад ootdega "you certainly wouldn't spend several months and thousands of dollars building a car that's 50 years old" There's a video of my 72 Skylark winning a burnout contest on my channel. how hard does that hit you mr fucking logical.
  • 01trsmar
    01trsmar 2 года назад Coronet was not floaty,these are tight awesome handling cars...This one is in need of work..steering box I would guess and the front end sits too high,need to adjust the torsion bars..5 minutes you can raise/lower the front of the car..It sits too high,front fender needs to be on top of the tire then it handles like its on rails...even Big Chryslers handle awesome these years,not floaty,steering is precise !
  • Vincent Baelde-Millar
    Vincent Baelde-Millar 2 года назад A japanese euro fanboy? You mean he doesn't like american cars? Anyway, I'm not even sure where you're getting this from, he's usually just objective.
  • Zan Stuart
    Zan Stuart 2 года назад craby man Just because a car is Japanese or Euro doesn't mean it's practical. Euro and Japanese brands also make impractical toys, just as American brands make practical cars.
  • EminentLine
    EminentLine 2 года назад The Falcon is also a smaller car. Easier to drive. Less floaty, and a little more practical. This is almost a drag car, let's be real.
  • Sedan57Chevy
    Sedan57Chevy 2 года назад Take a Japanese car from 1967 and it'll ride and handle and be just as practical. You trade fuel economy and some semblance of handling for straight line speed and a lot of usable space for passengers or cargo. People compare Japanese and Euro cars from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s to American Cars of the 50s and 60s. It's 2017 and every single 50 year old car 'sucks'. That's why people have preserved cars like this Cornet for half a century.
  • ootdega
    ootdega 2 года назад (изменено) You certainly wouldn't spend several months and thousands of dollars building one that's 50 years old. It also has a 5 liter small block. Not a 7.2 liter big block. It also has 4 doors. Don't let that whole "logic" thing hit you too hard though.
  • JRC99
    JRC99 2 года назад Yes, because you can't POSSIBLY like another type of car more than the one you own.
  • M1 K
    M1 K 2 года назад drives a carburated 5l V8. seems to be a huge japanese/euro fanboy. okay.
  • Penta
    Penta 2 года назад craby man Cars don't always have to be practical. They have to be fun and enjoyable to drive.
  • craby man
    craby man 2 года назад (изменено) well say what you want about Japanese/Euro cars, at least they are practical.......this is not, this is a toy for grownups and nothing more.
  • JRC99
    JRC99 2 года назад Maybe it's just me, but he seems to be a huge Japanese/Euro fanboy.
  • Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus
    Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus 2 года назад I don't think anyone in the world gets into a '67 Coronet with a 440 and expects it to handle anything like a newer car or have any kind of road feel. Drum brakes, pencil-thin swaybars and torsion bar suspension aren't of this era. That said, these cars are a blast to drive, you just enjoy them for what they are, and not what they can't be.
  • Poland Garage
    Poland Garage 2 года назад Is Cornet, basically like the Impala but from dodge?
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 7 месяцев назад @Poly Bun it was shared with the VW Rabbit/Golf
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 7 месяцев назад @Poly Bun a bit bigger than midsize, Chevelles and LeMans were using a 115" wheelbase at the time
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 7 месяцев назад @Poly Bun 62-64, the Polara became a C Body in 65
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 7 месяцев назад @nlpnt yep, Mopar did not have a domestic subcompact until 1978, when the Volkswagen Golf (Rabbit in US market) was shared with the Dodge Omni and Plymouth Horizon
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 7 месяцев назад @osp80 Dodge had a C-Body from 62-64, the 880, it was a rebadged Chrysler Newport
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 7 месяцев назад No, it's their Pontiac LeMans, with the Coronet R/T being their GTO
  • Slayer
    Slayer 9 месяцев назад Hey idiots!!! It's "C-O-R-O-N-E-T" not "C-O-R-N-E-T".
  • Josh Meyer
    Josh Meyer Год назад impala 6.48, or 396
  • Austin Powers
    Austin Powers Год назад Impala is more like a C-body. Like a New Yorker or a fury
  • RickinFLA07
    RickinFLA07 Год назад Monaco and polara were C body’s not B
  • 71 Plymouth.
    71 Plymouth. Год назад Adam Ye Agreed.
  • RickinFLA07
    RickinFLA07 Год назад No it was targeted at the chevelle/ GTO/ 442 cars, the polara was more the Impala size.
  • Mark G
    Mark G 2 года назад No, it was more like Chevelle sized.
  • JamesCoyote
    JamesCoyote 2 года назад after '66 the Caprice was the top trim
  • Poly Bun
    Poly Bun 2 года назад sell the bel air, get a real car.
  • Poly Bun
    Poly Bun 2 года назад The roof height is the same as a B-body so they do look a bit odd. Headroom being more important than styling on an economy car. In particular the valiant looked odd. The Barracuda looked ok though.
  • Poly Bun
    Poly Bun 2 года назад incorrect, the Omni was all chrysler.
  • 504RoadTrips
    504RoadTrips 2 года назад He corrected it in the title, but it's forever burned into the video.
  • commando8088
    commando8088 2 года назад Lmfao, don't knock one of the most iconic cars, besides, my 53 year old Impala still performs well and looks damn good.
  • Brandon Petroski
    Brandon Petroski 2 года назад Poland Garage Coronet. Regular spelled it wrong haha
  • Gummi Bro
    Gummi Bro 2 года назад 504RoadTrips I have a 70 bel air and I love the headroom, in my moms gran cherokee, do me to be able to see correctly whendriving it my head has to basucally touch the ceiling
  • 504RoadTrips
    504RoadTrips 2 года назад Poly Bun the A bodies always seemed to have a disproportionately high roofline. I never was sure if it was an illusion.
  • Poly Bun
    Poly Bun 2 года назад 118" wheelbase, 18ft overall length. Box standard american midsize for the era. (same as the polara, although other less informed persons are going to lie and say otherwise.)
  • Poly Bun
    Poly Bun 2 года назад What year are we talking about here, because the polara was a b-body for several years. 64-67 to be exact.
  • 504RoadTrips
    504RoadTrips 2 года назад Poly Bun the Dodge Polara was a C-Body twin of the real full size Chrysler Newport beginning in 1965.
  • nlpnt
    nlpnt 2 года назад Chrysler relied on captive imports for their actual small cars for a generation longer than GM and Ford, so it seems like they were more willing to use "small" as a relative term in the '70s.
  • 504RoadTrips
    504RoadTrips 2 года назад Their idea of small and mid-sized were a bit askew. In 1975, the first B-Body with the Chrysler name was the Cordoba, and it was advertised as the first small Chrysler. Compared to the A-Body Dodge Dart of the same year, they were huge. But I guess they were comparing them to the big C-Body land yachts, and they were indeed dwarfed by them.
  • nlpnt
    nlpnt 2 года назад Early '60s - the first midsize Coronets were built around the 1962 "too-small" Dodge and Plymouth architecture as an exercise in rebranding.
  • Poly Bun
    Poly Bun 2 года назад The polara was a B body, would have been the same size as the coronet in the mid 60's. Dodge didn't have a full size for the late 60's.
  • Poly Bun
    Poly Bun 2 года назад Nah, this was a mid size, so more like a chevelle. Dodge didn't have a full size in 65. If you wanted a full size car you went to chrysler and got A newyorker, Or got an imperial, or got a plymouth VIP.
  • osp80
    osp80 2 года назад dodge/plymouth had a shit load of mid sized cars. their "full size" cars debuted in '62 as a b-body that includes the car here. their actual mid size styling didn't go over well with many buyer so they released the real full sized c-body in 1965. the smaller "mid sized full size" mopars were great for racing though. you had the full sized dart, savoy, belvedere, coronet, 330, polara, fury, and satellite just between 62 to 65.
  • 01trsmar
    01trsmar 2 года назад No...Dodge had the Monaco and Polara that was their fullsize..Competed against Caprice / Impala.. Coronet was the midsize,competed against the Chevelle ,GTO,442 and Ford's Fairlane
  • 504RoadTrips
    504RoadTrips 2 года назад osp80 Until the Caprice, which was the highest trim level.
  • Kansas Sam Brokeback
    Kansas Sam Brokeback 2 года назад AHHHH HAHAHAHHAA!!!!!
  • osp80
    osp80 2 года назад the full sized chevy trim range was biscayne, bel air, impala, impala being top of the line.
  • JT Brooks
    JT Brooks 2 года назад But unlike the Impala it had balls and did not turn into a dough ball piece of shit.
  • Michael R
    Michael R 2 года назад Poland Garage I would consider the Coronet to be more of a direct competitor to the Chevelle/Malibu line if we're talking Chevrolet here. It's size and weight would put it in the 'mid-size' class of the time. Impala was always 'full-size'.
  • Adam Ye
    Adam Ye 2 года назад I thought my 1968 Fury was big, until I saw a guy trying to park a lifted ram 3500 dually megacab in my college's parking lot
  • Jordan Wiley
    Jordan Wiley 2 года назад You wanna talk about huge? I had a 1970 Ford Thunderbird. Four door. Suicide doors. THAT was a big bitch. Did great burnouts though. Really had some get up n go too, surprising for a 4500lb car.
  • kain hall
    kain hall 2 года назад ive got a 1968 2 door impala hard top...its fucking huge. the cornet is more mid size......the impala is an angry looking boat....
  • Poland Garage
    Poland Garage 2 года назад Sedan57Chevy oh okay, I've never really got a chance to see a cornet in real life so I couldn't really imagine the size of it
  • Adam Ye
    Adam Ye 2 года назад Agree. An Impala from Dodge would be the 3rd gen Polara
  • Sedan57Chevy
    Sedan57Chevy 2 года назад It was the mid-size in the mid 60s, more comparable to the Chevelle or Ford Fairlane.