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Funny Babies Moments - Cute Babies and Daddies Moments Compilation 2016

Published on Jun 10, 2016 271,707 views

Funny Babies Moments - Cute Babies and Daddies Moments Compilation 2016
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  • C Bronson
    C Bronson 2 года назад I believe women love videos like these, it's great.
  • cathy judge
    cathy judge 2 года назад That table came with 4 babies !!!
  • Sarbari Sarkar
    Sarbari Sarkar 2 года назад I could go on watching these adorable videos the whole day.......makes me smile no matter what
  • sailorcaramel
    sailorcaramel 2 года назад that baby table is awesome! is it home-made or can you buy it somewhere?
  • Christina Corbett
    Christina Corbett 2 года назад What a great set of videos. My son's father died when he was 13.but the short time they had together at 35 my son still remembers the good times and the bad ones took a long time to fade from memories but they do, if you have lost someone remember as long as you remember them they will always be with you. god bless you all.
  • shreee Dyke
    shreee Dyke Год назад "My son's father" ??????????
  • You got smelly Toes
    You got smelly Toes Год назад Billy Shaw her husband/boy frined
  • Mad Mike
    Mad Mike 8 месяцев назад did you adopt him?
  • maddies audio
    maddies audio Год назад omg the baby on the phone got me. 😂😂😂👍👍✋✋
  • Polina Z Ralte
    Polina Z Ralte 2 года назад Aww so cute^^ The baby that talks on the phone like he/she actually understandXD
  • フローラリュック
    フローラリュック 2 года назад I'd love to have my own children someday! T.T
  • Fatso Not
    Fatso Not 2 года назад Trouble Maker I volunteer to help
  • MAI PM
    MAI PM 2 года назад How do you feel while watching this video ? I feel very warm heart, smiles through the video . How cute :)
  • ProfoundClarity
    ProfoundClarity Год назад Makes me smile but also sad that all my youngest is almost 2 so I wont get anymore of those cute baby moments.
  • Amry Furtado
    Amry Furtado Год назад I feel warm and humble too.
  • JG Tun
    JG Tun Год назад MAI PM, I feel like I want to have a baby because they're so cute and lovely to be around them. Oh so precious. Thank you for sharing it.
  • Susie Welchman
    Susie Welchman 2 года назад So sweet! Dads are so important in the lives of children .
  • Jonathan Sk
    Jonathan Sk 2 года назад Oh god, they are so cute and adorable. how can people dislike these? unbelievable.
  • Lavanya k
    Lavanya k 2 года назад the 4 babies at 2:33😂😂😂
  • Sparkles8 :
    Sparkles8 : 2 года назад Oh my gosh! Those are such precious moments! 😍😍😍😍
  • Lucky Batth
    Lucky Batth 2 года назад Awwww😙😙 overloaded cuteness:)
  • Aiza Aimal Durrani
    Aiza Aimal Durrani Год назад dear God!! baby at 2:51 is super cute live her omgod!!! 💗💝💖💋💋💋😍😘😍😘
  • Manju Swargiary
    Manju Swargiary 2 года назад After a busy scedule when I watch these videos it makes me smile. Such adorable and happy moments.
  • khadija hdioui
    khadija hdioui 2 года назад thanks for this video it makes me smile
  • Steve Austin 3:16
    Steve Austin 3:16 2 года назад i wouldn't do that!!! 3:25
  • Ana Munitić
    Ana Munitić 2 года назад Aw so nice :)
  • Mehwash Ansar
    Mehwash Ansar 2 года назад babies are so cute even i want to have one