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Antoine Dodson ‘Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife’ Interview (Original)

Published on Apr 11, 2012 70,150,107 views

Antione Dodson ‘Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife’ original interview is considered to be one of the best news interviews ever.

  • CrazyLaughAction
    CrazyLaughAction Год назад Watch the best news bloopers this week:
  • Master Ryan
    Master Ryan Год назад I watched this video 9 days straight!
  • Henry Kratchfield
    Henry Kratchfield Год назад reporter says "miami b!tch" instead of 'miami beach' in epic hurricane irma news fail
  • اخبار المغرب akhbar maroc
    اخبار المغرب akhbar maroc Год назад CrazyLaughAction ok good
  • MashPotatos /Geometry Dash Gamer\
    MashPotatos /Geometry Dash Gamer\ 11 месяцев назад CrazyLaughAction e
  • WeTube
    WeTube 11 месяцев назад One Love
  • Christine
    Christine 10 месяцев назад Master Ryan I know right😄😁
  • Mikey Hayes
    Mikey Hayes 8 месяцев назад CrazyLaughAction F***
  • Joshua Oaks
    Joshua Oaks 8 месяцев назад CrazyLaughAction oaksJoshuaoaksyour😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😉😉😉😉😊😊😊😉😉😉😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
  • Joshua Oaks
    Joshua Oaks 8 месяцев назад Oaksjoshuaoaks
  • Joshua Oaks
    Joshua Oaks 8 месяцев назад CrazyLaughAction OaksJoshuayour😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Justin Meeks
    Justin Meeks 8 месяцев назад CrazyLaughAction lmfao 😂
  • Aden Barton
    Aden Barton 4 месяца назад P!8, ,7 pp8ppppp88pppp 44
  • Oliveira Richardson
    Oliveira Richardson 3 месяца назад wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=Z1KTiUCfQY8 3:) ;)
  • Adam Rycroft
    Adam Rycroft 2 месяца назад It's a dead link, wtf? RUDE!
  • Missy Victoria
    Missy Victoria 2 недели назад @Master Ryan And how did your mentality hold up under all that torture? Okay. Never mind. You admitted you watched it 9 days straight. You a bona-fied nutty-nut goof-ball.
  • Master Ryan
    Master Ryan 2 недели назад @Missy Victoria THIS WAS LAST YEAR I FORGOT THIS EXISTED
  • Nick Valentine
    Nick Valentine 2 месяца назад It’s 2019 and this is still one of the greatest videos ever
  • Leah
    Leah 2 месяца назад Nick Valentine what do you mean it’s 2038. Your still in 2019?! That’s crazy
  • Lilly Albanese
    Lilly Albanese 2 месяца назад Yasss nick
  • burymedeep 2093
    burymedeep 2093 2 месяца назад Ive just seeing it now first time
  • Sarai Morgan
    Sarai Morgan 2 месяца назад Nick Valentine for real 😂💀
  • Teresa Chapman
    Teresa Chapman 1 месяц назад I know. AND I feel horrible for them and the situation they endured. His response to it tho.... Priceless.
  • Unknown Device
    Unknown Device 1 месяц назад Lmao
  • LLC X
    LLC X 1 месяц назад It's frigging sheer gold.
  • An Tran
    An Tran 1 месяц назад Ikr
  • israh m
  • Forest Nymph Confessions
    Forest Nymph Confessions 1 месяц назад Rape disgusts me but this guy ALWAYS cheers me up. ❤❤😂 I'll probably be watching on into 2025. 😁
  • Jimboramba
    Jimboramba 1 месяц назад As far as news segments go it's pretty funny. If you want to see another funny one, look up wiener poopie.
  • Laykan M
    Laykan M 2 недели назад I know holy shit haha
  • Seeeabaasss #I likeTransformers
    Seeeabaasss #I likeTransformers 2 недели назад The*
  • Vivian Aguillon
    Vivian Aguillon 2 недели назад YESS IM NOT THE ONLY ONE IN 2019!!
  • DaisyWonderfulWorld
    DaisyWonderfulWorld Неделю назад 🤣😂
  • Laken Hudgens
    Laken Hudgens Неделю назад AMEN 🙏
  • Neelah Holloman
    Neelah Holloman Неделю назад Nick Valentine I know right!!!
  • im not fucking gay
    im not fucking gay 6 дней назад Ik
  • Kisha McDonald
    Kisha McDonald 5 дней назад And the best memes and gifs
  • tinaloveseddie
    tinaloveseddie 6 месяцев назад I died when he said “ hide your husband.”😂😂💀
  • Howling Burd19
    Howling Burd19 4 месяца назад tinaloveseddie I lost it at “so you can run, and tell that... homeboy!” xD
  • shay jj
    shay jj 4 месяца назад Same here's that's the best part 💀😂 never heard that line before !
  • King Señor Ali
    King Señor Ali 3 месяца назад Fr tho who is he talking to in that line? Husband wife kids…that’s basically the whole family who’s gonna hide them
  • There’s silence and Gamora
    There’s silence and Gamora 3 месяца назад tinaloveseddie lmfao
  • meat scepter
    meat scepter 2 месяца назад right. in case the rapist is gay lol
  • Lilibeth Vlogs
    Lilibeth Vlogs 2 месяца назад tinaloveseddie 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • SubZero
    SubZero 2 месяца назад 666 likes 😲😲😲
  • Mika Love
    Mika Love 2 месяца назад tinaloveseddie lol
  • Evan Bourgeois
    Evan Bourgeois 2 месяца назад meat scepter a rapist could be a girl
  • paűļ þhęwįģūý
    paűļ þhęwįģūý 1 месяц назад They're raping errrrbody
  • Rolanda Loathe
    Rolanda Loathe 1 месяц назад They are raping everybody.
  • Lukas G
    Lukas G 1 месяц назад Think it was hide your hoes
    PEKA PEKA 1 месяц назад @King Señor Ali lol hahahaha
  • MsChmpnprzr
    MsChmpnprzr 1 месяц назад King Señor Ali💀💀💀💀
  • Princess MJB
    Princess MJB 3 недели назад @meat scepter lol
  • ChristBurner
    ChristBurner 2 недели назад dude, you had to hide your husband. didnt you hear him? they were raping EVERYBODY
  • Tober
    Tober 6 месяцев назад That dude probably got his feelings hurt when he saw this video. Terrible rapist. Antoine roasted him lol. Antoine and his sister seemed more annoyed about it than rattled 😂
  • Pink Gal
    Pink Gal 5 месяцев назад Tober lol
  • Golgothian
    Golgothian 4 месяца назад yeah Kelly sounded more pissed off than scared "i was attacked by SOME IDIOT from out here in the projects" arent the words of someone who is gonna live their life in fear
  • Huffle Puff
    Huffle Puff 4 месяца назад It sounded like they knew who it was and had issues with said idiot in the past.
  • tomismop
    tomismop 2 месяца назад That's living in the projects. It's more like, goddamnit not this bullshit again
    *BLACC* *PEPPPR* 2 месяца назад Realest people ever
  • A A
    A A 2 месяца назад That's because black people are emotionally strong. They brush stuff off easily. It's one of their strengths. @Golgothian
  • Melody Reynalds
    Melody Reynalds 1 месяц назад Pretty sure he was actually on some talk show after this went viral. Can’t remember which one.
  • Freebee Williams
    Freebee Williams 3 недели назад Tober OMG!!!😂😂😂😂
  • John Perry
    John Perry 3 недели назад That's because the sister alone was able to hold him off long enough, imagine what the brother would've done. Knocked his ass to Saturn if he could.
  • napperforlife
    napperforlife 2 недели назад Lol no they don’t. They just act like they do. That’s why they’re so fucked up
  • Harriet tummy
    Harriet tummy 2 недели назад @napperforlife lol I got my ass outta that dumb shit
  • Suraj's Opinion Is Bettern't
    Suraj's Opinion Is Bettern't Неделю назад @A A nah they just don't have emotions.
  • A A
    A A Неделю назад They definitely have emotions. I think they enjoy living. Blacks and Hispanics have the lowest rate of suicide in the U.S., even though they are financially poorest.  @Suraj's Opinion Is Bettern't
  • Suraj's Opinion Is Bettern't
    Suraj's Opinion Is Bettern't Неделю назад @A A no. Animals have a very low suicide rate. So no surprises there.
  • A A
    A A Неделю назад Are you comparing black people to animals? @Suraj's Opinion Is Bettern't
  • Suraj's Opinion Is Bettern't
    Suraj's Opinion Is Bettern't Неделю назад @A A yeh.
  • McLicious
    McLicious Неделю назад I know it's like "Another rapist tried to climb in again."
  • Macaron
    Macaron 6 месяцев назад My mom picked the wifi name. "HideYoKidsHideYoWifi"
  • daughterofolaf
    daughterofolaf 4 месяца назад Macaron THAT is funny. 🤣
  • tombo tombo
    tombo tombo 3 месяца назад Love it🤣
  • Howling Burd19
    Howling Burd19 3 месяца назад That’s genius lol
  • R
    R 3 месяца назад Damn.😂
  • Linda Williams
    Linda Williams 2 месяца назад Best name ever
  • expatiate1
    expatiate1 2 месяца назад I saw that on reaction time
  • Amorie Smith
    Amorie Smith 2 месяца назад Macaron thx I’m coming over your house to use the Wifi
  • lil Clock
    lil Clock 2 месяца назад Sure she did
  • Kawaii Coconut
    Kawaii Coconut 2 месяца назад Someone I know uses that same WiFi name
  • lil Clock
    lil Clock 2 месяца назад @Kawaii Coconut Uh huh, sure they do.
  • Eileen Peña
    Eileen Peña 2 месяца назад 😂
  • TwilightsSecrets
    TwilightsSecrets 1 месяц назад Does your mom live in Arizona, because I've seen that WiFi name before.
  • Annie Bananee
    Annie Bananee 1 месяц назад 😂😂🤣🤣
  • Ellen Coleman
    Ellen Coleman 1 месяц назад 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
  • Alexandra Williams
    Alexandra Williams 1 месяц назад It's been my wifi name for like 4 years
  • Ellen Coleman
    Ellen Coleman 1 месяц назад @Alexandra Williams immmmmm screaming!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • KAI U
    KAI U 3 недели назад That totally happened
  • ChristBurner
    ChristBurner 2 недели назад i remember the first time i saw that in a list of available networks. i fucking pissed myself. best network name ever
  • Evelyn Cruz
    Evelyn Cruz 2 недели назад ChristBurner me too
  • We Stan Anj In This House
    We Stan Anj In This House 2 недели назад oml i remember when my neighbor did that djdjdkd
  • Joshua Xiong
    Joshua Xiong Неделю назад But can see the WiFi.
  • blacksheba
    blacksheba 3 дня назад That's my neighbor's wifi too.😂
  • love lahme
    love lahme 5 месяцев назад It already sounded like a song before they remixed it.
  • Yaniah Collins
    Yaniah Collins 2 месяца назад love lahme factssss
  • Callum Nicol
    Callum Nicol 1 месяц назад IKR
    xZANZIBARZx 3 недели назад They remixed this 6 years ago
  • taylor paige
    taylor paige 2 месяца назад anybody from 2019?
  • inher tummy
    inher tummy 2 месяца назад 2020
  • Sandra Brott
    Sandra Brott 1 месяц назад yeah I am
  • Small Cilantro
    Small Cilantro 1 месяц назад Taylor's Beauty no
  • taylor paige
    taylor paige 1 месяц назад Small Cilantro love that
  • S. Shay Kinard
    S. Shay Kinard 1 месяц назад Smmfh...I hit the floor every time
  • M Medi
    M Medi 1 месяц назад Here cause the Huly Fyre film mentioned him
  • Callum Nicol
    Callum Nicol 1 месяц назад I’m from 2069 it’s pretty good. I’m just fucking my robot wife
  • joey tribiani
    joey tribiani 3 недели назад Nah I'm from 3019, it's great here
  • the Greatest American Negro
    the Greatest American Negro 3 недели назад I'm from 1974. Just turned 45. Thank you.
  • Bitwise Magick
    Bitwise Magick 3 недели назад man, they should give the camera guy a f'in Oscar
  • presley wagner
    presley wagner Неделю назад Bruh mee
  • Ashman 1104
    Ashman 1104 1 день назад Yeet
  • Rachel Smith
    Rachel Smith 5 месяцев назад I love how he says, "we're looking for you" and "we're gonna find you".
  • BGKO1992
    BGKO1992 3 недели назад Its a hood thing. They solve their own problems.
  • The Senate
    The Senate 2 недели назад BGKO1992, they on their Scooby-Doo shit lmao
  • Shaun ONeil
    Shaun ONeil 2 недели назад The real question is why is he wielding a fluorescent light bulb?
  • Rukhsana Zaidi
    Rukhsana Zaidi 6 месяцев назад (изменено) Ok but when you think about it, this incident must’ve been reallyyy freakin scary especially for that poor girl.
  • David King
    David King 3 месяца назад You are absolutely right ! It’s unfortunate living in some communities you learn to adapt to trauma because it’s a frequent occurrence. smh.
  • Jadelyn's Life
    Jadelyn's Life 3 месяца назад don’t ruin this funny video
  • Jiggypuff maldoso
    Jiggypuff maldoso 3 месяца назад Jadelyn's Life this is not ruinning it, is telling the truth
  • Mene Tekel
    Mene Tekel 1 месяц назад Did anyone find out if they caught the rapist?
  • יהוה עבדי
    יהוה עבדי 1 месяц назад @Mene Tekel I was living in the area when this happened and I never heard another thing past this video on the situation.
  • Geoffe Koedel
    Geoffe Koedel 2 недели назад She doesn't seem to scared, strangely. She talks about it like a cashier talks about a rude-ass customer or some shit. Well, who can be scared with a bro like that?
  • Karen Jordan
    Karen Jordan 2 недели назад It’s also be scary for the perp to be confronted with an angry Antoine Dodson
  • MostSavageManAlive
    MostSavageManAlive 3 года назад For whatever reason this guy reminds me of that donkey from Shrek lol
  • playboi kirby
    playboi kirby 3 года назад wow good observation
  • Tono Supryanto
    Tono Supryanto 3 года назад and Mater from Cars
  • Ivanna Alberti
    Ivanna Alberti 3 года назад +jerry aprian its the teef! lol
  • 매사에진지함
    매사에진지함 3 года назад lololol
  • Madison Guth
    Madison Guth 3 года назад Same😂
  • jaspermatty
    jaspermatty 3 года назад +Jordy van Ekelen he kind of looks like Chris Rock
  • Abi Al Irsyad
    Abi Al Irsyad 3 года назад Ha ha ha.. Youve got your point..
  • Aidan C
    Aidan C 2 года назад SAME HERE lols
  • Blah Blue
    Blah Blue 2 года назад +Jordy van Ekelen hahaha are exactly right.
  • Kaycee
    Kaycee 2 года назад his voice and they way he talks lol
  • haley parish
    haley parish 2 года назад Exactly
  • Keirra Mitchell
    Keirra Mitchell 2 года назад lol y'all so racist.
  • VoDKa DK Stands For Donkey Kong
    VoDKa DK Stands For Donkey Kong 2 года назад Omfg
  • 12345soccerguy
    12345soccerguy 2 года назад black voice
  • caveman Versace
    caveman Versace 2 года назад He's the camp version!
  • Daisy Rodriguez
    Daisy Rodriguez 2 года назад ikr
  • Daisy Rodriguez
    Daisy Rodriguez 2 года назад ikr
  • HeyHeyHailie
    HeyHeyHailie 2 года назад Oh my god this is so true
  • mezalong
    mezalong Год назад well the reason is you saw earlier comments saying this and you jacked them.
  • MostSavageManAlive
    MostSavageManAlive Год назад +mezalong OMG! What I did was I opened a new tab in cognito mode and the first comment I saw was indeed about a guy who made that comment 2 years before me. I swear, my right hand to god, that I never read that or stole that comment! Wow that is such a coincidence haha!
  • s3odXX1
    s3odXX1 Год назад racist cunt
  • Glo BoyDT
    Glo BoyDT Год назад Jordy van Ekelen hey most recent there a new recent in this comments section
  • Anjola Odupe
    Anjola Odupe Год назад Listen, I'm black, and I tell you, that comment isn't racist- it's just pure humour.
  • Kusaribe Daun
    Kusaribe Daun Год назад Jordy van Ekelen 911 like
  • Angelisa Berwa
    Angelisa Berwa Год назад Yessss omg
  • Awe5omedude66
    Awe5omedude66 Год назад Jordy van Ekelen u watch shrek that's sad
  • Agility
    Agility Год назад Tazer Mazer every one who was born in the year 2000 watched it it was not a meme before fuckwad
  • Dream Big
    Dream Big Год назад Jordy van Ekelen hehehehehe😂😂😂😂😂
  • lemonade
    lemonade Год назад 😂😂😂😂YESSSSSSSSS🤣🤣🤣
  • Andrew Key
    Andrew Key Год назад like#1188 yep
    KIWI BERRY Год назад Jordy van Ekelen haha
  • Disabler
    Disabler Год назад Dead giveaway
  • Pine Apple
    Pine Apple Год назад U fucking idiot copying other people
  • Hannah
    Hannah Год назад Jordy van Ekelen oh my fucking god I'm shooketh
  • readylikelimpspaghetti
    readylikelimpspaghetti 7 месяцев назад OMG YESSS
  • dash captures of Vermont
    dash captures of Vermont 3 месяца назад Yo, literally was just a out to post that; he really does tho, that's the funniest shit.
  • Deanna Morales
    Deanna Morales 1 месяц назад 😂😂😂😂😂
  • DoodleBugsStudios !
    DoodleBugsStudios ! 2 недели назад Also mushy from mulan
  • meee meee
    meee meee 2 недели назад Fuck omg, now that you said it, he kinda does
  • Friendzys forever
    Friendzys forever 2 недели назад Agree
  • trose tah
    trose tah 2 недели назад LMAO!!!!😆😆😆😆😆
  • HopeHasNoPlaceHere AbandonAllYeWhoEnter
    HopeHasNoPlaceHere AbandonAllYeWhoEnter Неделю назад That's a nice boulder!!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
  • Nathan Explosion
    Nathan Explosion Неделю назад You mean "Donkey"😂
  • Nick Giarratano
    Nick Giarratano 3 дня назад MostSavageManAlive I’m HOLLERING 😂
  • B- Y
    B- Y 6 месяцев назад (изменено) Well obviously we have we have a rapist in Linkin Park!
  • Fluffy Padla
    Fluffy Padla 5 месяцев назад But in the end, it doesn't even matter...
  • Urooj Sulaiman
    Urooj Sulaiman 4 месяца назад i thought I was the only one who heard that
  • LeBron Irving
    LeBron Irving 2 месяца назад Thought he said lincoln park
  • Al Network
    Al Network 2 месяца назад LeBron Irving It’s a joke
  • Josh
    Josh 1 месяц назад @Fluffy Padla he got DNA due to the "papercut" one of them had...
  • The Comment Master
    The Comment Master 1 месяц назад @LeBron Irving r/wooosh
  • lynn 199012345
    lynn 199012345 4 месяца назад I love it!! I seen an update on this dude and because it went viral he got paid and is out of the ghetto!! He is so humble and helps the people where he came from!! So a happy ending to a terrifying experience.
  • Hafiza
    Hafiza 2 недели назад Wrath Of heaven here’s the video of his update
  • S_ xoo
    S_ xoo 2 месяца назад Lmfao here in 2019?!
  • J.C. StormMemberOfTheX-men
    J.C. StormMemberOfTheX-men 2 месяца назад S_ xoo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
  • Casey Melvin
    Casey Melvin 2 месяца назад This guy 😂
  • Forest Nymph Confessions
    Forest Nymph Confessions 1 месяц назад Yep! 😁✌
  • Mr Tony 19
    Mr Tony 19 6 месяцев назад Who watchin this in 2018?
  • Pyg-Pync Neanderthal
    Pyg-Pync Neanderthal 4 месяца назад Me lol
  • Halie Gilbert
    Halie Gilbert 4 месяца назад Mr Tony 19 YAS cus this became a bop of a song lol
  • BLU Engi
    BLU Engi 3 месяца назад Mr Tony 19 Yeah
  • SwéétBløødz
    SwéétBløødz 3 месяца назад Me
  • Catherine Smith
    Catherine Smith 3 месяца назад KMSL me
  • B711-HD
    B711-HD 3 месяца назад Me ik the guy in person
  • Burga Tory
    Burga Tory 3 месяца назад It's just nice to reminisce.
  • gizmo dee
    gizmo dee 3 месяца назад Hide your cat
  • A3x30 __
    A3x30 __ 2 месяца назад 2019!!
  • Stephen Knight
    Stephen Knight 2 месяца назад please shut the fuck up with these comments... we understand you need the likes, and you need to comments, and attention
  • Luis Espino
    Luis Espino 2 месяца назад Mr Tony 19 2019
  • Sister Aidan
    Sister Aidan 2 месяца назад 2019
  • God Shapiro
    God Shapiro 2 месяца назад Mr Tony 19 2019
  • Portia Dalton
    Portia Dalton 2 месяца назад naw i watching this 2019
  • Liam Miller
    Liam Miller 2 месяца назад 2022. 1st
  • it'spinktea
    it'spinktea 2 месяца назад 2019👌
  • joey tribiani
    joey tribiani 3 недели назад I'm in 1918, I actually watched this before it happened
  • dr. i don't know
    dr. i don't know 3 недели назад 2019
  • The Flash
    The Flash 2 месяца назад He sounds like Mushu from Mulan 😂
  • Worshipper *
    Worshipper * 1 месяц назад He really does!!!!😱😂👏🏾👏🏾
  • Antoine Butler
    Antoine Butler 1 месяц назад 🤣🤣🤣
  • Aesthetic Chill Child
    Aesthetic Chill Child 1 месяц назад Doesnt Eddie Murphy do that voice over for mushu?
  • Nana Dragun
    Nana Dragun 1 месяц назад You know what's really weird : a white Steve Harvey !!
  • Sandra Wilson
    Sandra Wilson 1 месяц назад 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🐉
  • Anakin SkyWalker
    Anakin SkyWalker 5 месяцев назад “...and hide yo husbands...” hahahahahaha
  • you tube
    you tube 3 недели назад They rapin everyone out there!
  • joanelle
    joanelle 6 месяцев назад (изменено) i kinda feel bad for them because this was a serious thing cuz the dude tried to rape that woman but ppl are making memes about it.
  • Toni Martin
    Toni Martin 5 месяцев назад They the family profited off the situation as well.
  • Barb Warrior
    Barb Warrior 5 месяцев назад 😂😂 I know
  • Marlon Clarke
    Marlon Clarke 4 месяца назад Don't feel bad. This is the projects. I'd bet a shiny nickel that person is probably dead by now. Street justice is not a laughing matter
  • Joey borges
    Joey borges 4 месяца назад iconic.joanelle Well if u watch his story it made him a millionaire.he made songs that sold well...
  • Abdi Abdiwahid
    Abdi Abdiwahid 3 месяца назад (изменено) You think it's funny as well and you're criticizing people
  • Spartacus Ani
    Spartacus Ani 3 недели назад Ppl weren't laughing at the situation, they were laughing at out how he was talking 😒.....
  • I’M AL3X
    I’M AL3X 2 недели назад It’s not the family it’s the guy cuz he’s threatening him in the funniest way possible
  • Zane Terry
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