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The 2019 Bentley Continental GT Is a $250,000 Ultra-Luxury Coupe

Published on Dec 17, 2018 1,915,938 views



The 2019 Bentley Continental GT is fully redesigned compared to the outgoing model. Today I'm reviewing the 2019 Continental GT to show you why the new Bentley Continental GT is a big improvement over its predecessor -- and I'm going to show off some of the Continental GT's luxury quirks and features.

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  • Para Heat
    Para Heat 4 месяца назад Doug has reviewed like 3 or 4 Bentleys and he is still impressed by the trunk button for the fourth time...
  • Sibtain
    Sibtain 4 месяца назад It's not necessarily that he's impressed by it (although he still may be), but the fact that he will get new viewers on this, and every video on his channel must be easy to watch for new viewers. If he starts to reference old videos and say 'Oh, I've done this before, so I don't need to show it', it wouldn't fare well for his channel.
  • Castle Bravo
    Castle Bravo 4 месяца назад (изменено) To be fair he has to make each video as a stand-alone. He can't overlook features he's previously seen or thought were cool - or eventually he will be at a point where his videos are just him staring at a car in silence for 15 minutes.
  • Oleksandr M
    Oleksandr M 4 месяца назад Not everybody watching this will be Doug's subscribers. Some may be looking specifically this car.
  • Paul G
    Paul G 4 месяца назад ANNOYING How many times can he be impressed by a cars crest festooned everywhere. Door umbrellas? etc. etc.
  • tusher ewu
    tusher ewu 4 месяца назад Because he is not biased. Although he and bentley both are from England.😉
  • jam 68
    jam 68 4 месяца назад That's autism for you.
  • MisterRuggles
    MisterRuggles 4 месяца назад @Sibtain what r u, his flack?
  • Aaron Fraustro
    Aaron Fraustro 4 месяца назад I like how watching this channel has made blase about the Bentley's trunk button. It's just the B. Nothing special.
  • Sibtain
    Sibtain 2 месяца назад (изменено) @MisterRuggles No, I'm not his flack. I'm simply explaining something to someone on a comment section, as I have common sense.
  • Ed Valvonis
    Ed Valvonis 1 месяц назад Same goes with cupholders
  • Gewdvibes
    Gewdvibes Неделю назад Para Heat I mean would you not be impressed????
  • Ed Valvonis
    Ed Valvonis Неделю назад I would be more impressed to fuck in ass rather get impressed by the same thing in each car
  • Maciej Kornatowski
    Maciej Kornatowski 5 дней назад What's more annoying is the "trunk button is a badge" is quite common across VW lineup... I mean, my old Golf from over a decade ago had it...
  • TheBluRayCritic
    TheBluRayCritic 1 месяц назад Doug is the the type of guy who calls in sick for his dinner reservation.
  • Sweets Sweeter
    Sweets Sweeter 4 недели назад TheBluRayCritic ... Doug is the type to ask a waitress for a tip
  • NeverLetOff
    NeverLetOff 3 месяца назад ... I am that guy who wants his passenger seat position to match the drivers seat
  • SuperSuperAllons
    SuperSuperAllons 3 месяца назад Hahaha, it's the only way to set them
  • txbraveheart
    txbraveheart 3 месяца назад Me too..........I have the convertible and want the seats to be in the same position when the hood is down. LOL
  • Goodluck Okonko
    Goodluck Okonko 3 месяца назад How else would you have it? ... we're not animals!!
  • alex n
    alex n 1 месяц назад I have that feature in my A5
  • Peter Scalise
    Peter Scalise 1 месяц назад It helps suppress my OCD when both front seats are even
  • Dimension Exo
    Dimension Exo 1 месяц назад ~NeverLetOff ~ Ikr - It looks weird when they are not aligned 😏.
  • Vince Johns
    Vince Johns 4 недели назад NeverLetOff: Me too. But mine automatically rolls right back for easy exit and entrance. Passenger gets in and they’re almost in the back seat, feet floating, while my seat has shot forward and I can’t even see their head. Ahhh, to line up or not. But when? When Parked or moving? That is my dilemma! 😂
  • Jack Sadaka
    Jack Sadaka Неделю назад Me too!
  • Ed Valvonis
    Ed Valvonis 1 месяц назад Doug is a type of a guy who pulls at McDonald's drive through in Bentley and orders happy meal
  • Bebe Reyes
    Bebe Reyes 2 недели назад And gives the cashier two happy meal coupons, instead of the allowed one coupon...
  • Ed Valvonis
    Ed Valvonis 2 недели назад And Doug score
  • 4wrestling
    4wrestling 1 месяц назад Don't understand how it's deemed gorgeous and only gets 7/10 in styling
  • vitas75
    vitas75 3 недели назад Same for features, handling and practicality. He prolly was too scared to be biased.
  • Krane
    Krane 3 недели назад Yep, Doug needs to work on matching his ratings to his adjectives better.
  • S
    S 6 дней назад Honestly its uglier than the last Bentley. I hate those oval tail lights.
  • GintaPPE1000
    GintaPPE1000 6 дней назад Because he wanted the DougScore to be 69.
  • Andrii Povkh
    Andrii Povkh 4 месяца назад Aligning passenger sit to driver sit makes my OCD rest in peace.
  • semaisking
    semaisking 4 месяца назад I agree. All cars should have this feature.
  • Eli Chadwick
    Eli Chadwick 4 месяца назад Thank you
  • Александр Кисленко
    Александр Кисленко 4 месяца назад If only you could align all the air vents as well...
  • AliceTechTipsYTP
    AliceTechTipsYTP 4 месяца назад hmm does it really affect comfort much though?
  • Timeless Warrior
    Timeless Warrior 4 месяца назад Too bad the unaligned 3 dials silver on the dashboard will make your OCD come right back 😝
  • Nicolas P
    Nicolas P 4 месяца назад Thank you, I thought I was the only one dreaming about this feature.
  • AliceTechTipsYTP
    AliceTechTipsYTP 4 месяца назад @Timeless Warrior unaligned 3 dials? doesn't seem like a big deal to me
  • theorfander
    theorfander 4 месяца назад Love this feature. Nothing worse then having to reach over to adjust the passenger seat.
  • John Eigenseher
    John Eigenseher 4 месяца назад YES x 1000!!!! I cant believe Doug doesn't find this useful. I would use that function weekly.
  • semaisking
    semaisking 4 месяца назад @John Eigenseher More like daily, a lot of homies ride with me, so my OCD senses are always tinglin.
  • -TJ-
    -TJ- 4 месяца назад Thank you, someone understands.
  • harvey 603
    harvey 603 3 недели назад Should be standard in all vehicles. Especially my brz
    YOUSSEI 2 недели назад Yeah i just don't feel comfortable when the passenger seat is not aligned with the driver seat... it's really good feature
  • Char Les
    Char Les 2 недели назад Sit? Do u mean seat?
    YOUSSEI 2 недели назад @Char Les yeah grammar problems lol
  • DASHCAM Malaysia
    DASHCAM Malaysia 2 недели назад Was about to comment that need that for ppl with OCD it’s perfect
  • The Muscle Biker
    The Muscle Biker 3 месяца назад Damn I dunno why I like that 4 window feature so much😂
  • Obedient Octopus
    Obedient Octopus 3 месяца назад The Muscle Biker hi
  • mpazs
    mpazs 3 месяца назад Because you always wanted electric windows, but you drive a bike?
  • campkira
    campkira 2 месяца назад Alot Europeans coupe do that.
  • Krane
    Krane 3 недели назад Its a truly useful feature. Who wouldn't?
    YOUSSEI 2 недели назад Yeah it's really good
  • Sean Daigle
    Sean Daigle Неделю назад Cause your gay lol!!🤣😭
  • Maltina Maltina
    Maltina Maltina 4 дня назад @Sean Daigle YouTube commentators are reliably the worst on the internet - you are an excellent example of a semi-literate YouTube scumbag.
  • aayan goverski
    aayan goverski 1 месяц назад I can’t wait to get this thing in 2025 where it will be 50,000 dollars. Finally I will be able to afford an expensive car
  • Donald Trump is Ghetto Trash
    Donald Trump is Ghetto Trash 1 месяц назад I agree
  • cordinate81
    cordinate81 3 недели назад I think 45 hahahahahaha
  • Googlewhyistherenoavailablefkingname ahhhasdad90001
    Googlewhyistherenoavailablefkingname ahhhasdad90001 3 недели назад Actually most car get expensive in 10 years look up Enzo, aventador, ccx etc...
  • Liam Moriarty
    Liam Moriarty 3 недели назад @Googlewhyistherenoavailablefkingname ahhhasdad90001 those are limited production exotics. Luxury cars tank in price. Look up any mercedes maybach, any previous bentley or RR, any BMW, or audi. Anything that isn't a limited run or influential car. This isn't any of those. Even look at the 2005 bentley continental gt. $50k now. Certainly didn't go up. I look forward to getting one of these 75% off in 10-15 years.
  • Victor Valentin
    Victor Valentin 2 недели назад Here in Brazil i Will be able to afford Thais car Just in 2050 where it Will be 25,000 dollar(100 Mill reais ;(
  • Marko Kennedy
    Marko Kennedy Неделю назад @Googlewhyistherenoavailablefkingname ahhhasdad90001 not every car is a classic that will gain value. Cars are a terrible investment unless you know exactly what you're doing
  • Bill Gross
    Bill Gross 6 дней назад I could get 1. But I'm not about to pay $4.00 or more per gal. For Fuel at 13-17 MPG. Just to much money for Fuel. Been thinking of getting 1. Or a 13-17 ..But not with fuel going up.
  • Mr P
    Mr P 1 день назад aayan goverski u actually can get a much 2015 for about 87-90 now......
  • Justin
    Justin 3 месяца назад 19:05 ... well we hope you don't win the lottery, Doug
  • Thelolzyone
    Thelolzyone 2 месяца назад 4:16 Doug you missed the fact that the steering wheel slides up to make it easier to get out of the driver's seat. Maybe that isn't a unique quirk but my girlfriend's Berlingo 2003 sure doesn't have it.
  • Harambe
    Harambe 4 месяца назад Doug the type of guy to turn on the parental control when his parents are using the computer.
  • M. S.
    M. S. 4 месяца назад Harambe Hilarious😝
  • C Swimm
    C Swimm 4 месяца назад Lmao
  • M&N Distribution
    M&N Distribution 4 месяца назад Harambe hiding his animal porn
  • Paul FUN
    Paul FUN 4 месяца назад I can't get over that fake button... the most prominent position and they put a fake button there in a car worth a quarter million. That's the dumbest quirk I have ever seen.
  • Ferenc Matyas
    Ferenc Matyas 3 месяца назад I think that button gonna be to operate the top in the cabriolet model
  • XTI9
    XTI9 3 месяца назад They shoulda just made it a button that lights up...but doesn't do anything. Or make it assignable.
  • imtechguy
    imtechguy 3 месяца назад Paul FUN on the convertible it’s the spoiler button
  • Brian Davies
    Brian Davies 3 месяца назад They should have printed "Do Not Press This Button" on it.
  • ABOlsen69X
    ABOlsen69X 2 месяца назад It's a Bentley It's not for people with any kind of actual class.
  • Sense 2017
    Sense 2017 2 месяца назад @ABOlsen69X What is for people with class? a Mustang?
  • campkira
    campkira 2 месяца назад Should just don't put it in. Mhst be for convertible model planed.
  • Ken Lee
    Ken Lee 2 месяца назад @Sense 2017 probably a fiero!!!.
  • Matt H
    Matt H 1 месяц назад I guess we all choose our hills to die on. I personally cant imagine getting bent out of shape about something so trivial when everything else is so close to perfect...IMHO.
  • A D
    A D 1 месяц назад Sense 2017 A nice S-Class for half the price.
  • Fred Brann
    Fred Brann 4 недели назад What most dont know is that it sends you into hyperspace when in gridlock traffic.
  • Joshua Moore
    Joshua Moore 3 недели назад @ABOlsen69X well you're retarded
  • justsomeguy
    justsomeguy 3 недели назад @ABOlsen69X No that's Lamborghini.
  • ABOlsen69X
    ABOlsen69X 3 недели назад @Sense 2017 No. Mercedes, Rolls, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche or Range Rovers. Bentleys and Lamborghinis are for drug dealers, rappers, pimps, footballers and new-money riff-raff.
  • Sense 2017
    Sense 2017 3 недели назад @ABOlsen69X Still have not got a glue as to your preference and the rest of your in-bred, couldn't make more money than daddy gave you. friends drive
  • Sense 2017
    Sense 2017 3 недели назад (изменено) @A D Footballers drive S class, so does drug dealers, have you not seen Empire? Try again. Also you should think on this the Queen and most of the royal family in Britain drive Range Rovers. I don't remember seeing any of them in a S class. So who are you talking about that are less new money than them? Remember their money is older than America.
  • ABOlsen69X
    ABOlsen69X 3 недели назад @Sense 2017 What does any of that actually mean? You write like an angry 9 year old. As for what my father has given me? He has not given me money. He gave a good home and made sure I got a proper education. I'm a 38 year old adult, and my business, and what else I have I have worked damn hard for. What my family owns, and what I might inherit, means very little if one does not work hard. Do you think a well-to-do family that has had success over time, will take kindly to some lazy slacker? You're quite wrong. People with success are often people whom has some kind of vision for their children should amount to. As for your comment. Judging by your spelling, you might want to give that education thing another try. And lastly, don't sound like such a philistine. Just because you don't have what others have, does it not mean you have to be jealous. Show some character.
  • A D
    A D 3 недели назад Sense 2017 Empire is a show and a garbage one at that. I don’t care what a classless subsection of society drives. They’re mostly irrelevant. You sound like a guy who has something to prove. You a bit insecure about something?
  • Sense 2017
    Sense 2017 3 недели назад (изменено) @ABOlsen69X You want to look at what you have said instead of checking my spelling which is good enough for me to have made a successful living. It is you who said that people who have worked hard like footballers and new money are riff raff without any class. You're good at throwing out insults but not so good when your class is shown for what they are, I would suggest that the jealousy is yours, It's not me telling people that cars like Bentley should not be bought. You can't behave like a child clubbing all people from a working class background into one group and then pretend that you have an adult prospective of the world. You are a fool. Class is not set by whom you are born to, it is set by how you live. So the middle class and the aristocracy no longer have the say that they once did. Finally when did a snob like you ever have character? On education, have a look at your over use of the ?, "As for what my father has given me?" is that really a question? We all make mistakes. Yours Sincerely Angry 9 year old Commodities Analysis
  • Sense 2017
    Sense 2017 3 недели назад @A D Insecure about what? Think about what you are saying. I point out that you are wrong to say that the S class is driven only by old money, but is driven by people across the socio-economic spectrum and your retort is that I am insecure. You're not ready.
  • A D
    A D 3 недели назад Sense 2017 Where did I even say that? You’re kind of a psycho.
  • Sense 2017
    Sense 2017 3 недели назад (изменено) @A D Let the psycho take you through it. 1. Man said Bentley is driven by those without class. 2 I ask what is driven by those with class. 3 You reply S class. 4 I say that all classes drive the S class from football players to drug dealers (didn't think I would have to include all of the groups) . 5 You call me a psycho. Do you think you're in over your head right now? And still I have no idea what the privileged drive. Do you?
  • A D
    A D 3 недели назад Sense 2017 Go back to your other comment lmao, you got all of that from me saying that the S-class is for people with class that are also good with money. You’re actually nuts, my dude. What a spastic.
  • Sense 2017
    Sense 2017 3 недели назад (изменено) @A D So let me see if I have this right. I am a psycho, spastic and probably insecure. Purely because I believe that just maybe someone with a 230,000 pound car (Bentley) might have class and be good with money. Which is contrary to your view that they are not.if they don't drive a s class. By now you should know that your immature insults don't have the effect your hoping for. But it does show your ability to handle mature debate, none. I suggest that you start from @ABOlsen69X first comment, to which I replied. In which he said that riff raff without class buy cars like the Bentley. So rather than throwing out insults you might understand that the debate is about snobbery by those who I seriously doubt have anything to be snobbish about. You can call me psycho-neurotic next time people might think you are past puerility.
  • A D
    A D 3 недели назад Sense 2017 I didn’t say that everyone who drives a Bentley is classless. I said that people with class and good money skills would probably buy a Mercedes S-Class instead of a Bentley. That’s perfectly reasonable considering the S-Class outsells the Continental. Why would the Benz be a better choice? The Continental is too flashy and will probably depreciate faster than a Benz. It’s probably less reliable as well. And no, you’re crazy for pulling all of this out of a simple comment, not for having your own opinion.