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Loading player... - A380 Landing KSFO San Francisco SUBTITLES English | without commentary |

Published on Jul 10, 2013 15,795,446 views

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(Subtitles available EN, FR, DE)

Lufthansa Airbus A380 landing in San Francisco KSFO -
Original version with English Subtitles.
Partly taken from the DVD | BD " A380 SAN FRANCISCO - The final flights of JR Jürgen Raps"
more at official website:
How is JR doing today - seven years after retirement?
Cockpit Landeszenen auf San Francisco SFO KSFO Int'l - Runway 28R - Originalton - Bestandteil der DVD | BD " A380 SAN FRANCISCO - The final flights of JR Jürgen Raps" more...
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  • SMaze17
    SMaze17 Год назад The different camera angles both internal and external are outstanding. Well done.
  • Stuart Armstrong
    Stuart Armstrong 6 дней назад First time ever seeing this. Brilliantly put together with cameras set up on land and tower. PIP for outside and pilots faces. Yeh, well done.
  • Chris Baisden
    Chris Baisden 3 часа назад This captain doesn't seem so nice. Always correcting the FO.
  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 1 месяц назад Everytime I see this kind of video, I cannot wrap my mind on how amazing that single act is in the hall of times, and we do it everyday, everywhere, like business as usual.. humans are amazing, everything it took to get to THAT moment of kissing the runway
  • Monti Superstar
    Monti Superstar 5 месяцев назад Was für ein OBERGEILES Video .... sehr , sehr GUT gemacht und super PROFESSIONAL .Besser geht nicht .
  • corisco tupi
    corisco tupi 5 лет назад This is a way above average video. The various cuts from cockpit to passenger window to external  to tower  and back to cockpit as the flight unfolds make for a very interesting video. Many thanks for posting.
  • Ross McD
    Ross McD 4 года назад Wish they had more quality stuff like this!
  • John Lee Bass
    John Lee Bass 1 месяц назад Such a beautiful bird! Never gets old watching these. Well done!
  • Rui Wang
    Rui Wang 4 месяца назад This is indeed well-filmed. The coordinations between several cameras from the cockpit, cabin, land, and tower are great. Thanks for sharing this video.
  • marsupilami80f
    marsupilami80f 6 месяцев назад Très belle vidéo sur le cockpit et une magnifique vue sur San Francisco. Bravo et Merci !!
  • Spion Silver
    Spion Silver 1 месяц назад some of THE best civil aviation footage right there so damn professional legendary "JR
  • BizVid Communications
    BizVid Communications 3 года назад This is the best video of its kind that I have ever seen. Fantastic job!
  • charlie hill
    charlie hill 2 года назад I agree. Well done and enjoyable.
  • nunyobiz
    nunyobiz 2 года назад My exact thoughts also.
  • StevieSpain D
    StevieSpain D 2 года назад Me too. Fantastic vid
  • Magirus370
    Magirus370 2 года назад Yeah. And maybe the best pilot.
  • Honza Zikuška
    Honza Zikuška 2 года назад Winki and ddy
  • Mohammad Ismail
    Mohammad Ismail 2 года назад Aqeel ulgharvi
  • Tamim Feroz
    Tamim Feroz Год назад BizVid Communications
  • Nicola Corigliano
    Nicola Corigliano Год назад BizVid Communications padre plo
  • Nicola Corigliano
    Nicola Corigliano Год назад charlie hill
  • joe schmo
    joe schmo Год назад Agreed...Loved all the camera angles, even the controller in the tower. Well done!
  • Ash MacKenzie.
    Ash MacKenzie. Год назад I agree. Thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Ernesto Balili
    Ernesto Balili Год назад (изменено) Me too. It could have been a costly project though as there were cameras from different locations from up in the air all the way down to the grounds and controllers etc and their voices are properly linked from each other, overall it was job well done.
  • Александр Пронов
    Александр Пронов Год назад Do you mean that every successful landing of A380 needs "fantastic job"? Fantastic skills from pilots? really? :(
  • Andres Miranda
    Andres Miranda Год назад BizVid Comment de única tiovivo
  • 시급삼천이다
    시급삼천이다 Год назад fantastic
  • Peter Karig
    Peter Karig Год назад Actually he came down a little hard and the plane bounced. Not really a perfect landing at all!
  • Ferdinand Schwegmann
    Ferdinand Schwegmann Год назад garten
  • Dudybella
    Dudybella Год назад Biz
  • Khiem Hoang
    Khiem Hoang Год назад BizVid Communications i
    HELLLO GOOD DAY Год назад No francansisco job
  • welshpete12
    welshpete12 Год назад yes , a very skilful job , well done !
  • Jörg Böhme
    Jörg Böhme Год назад Well , made in germany 👨🏼‍✈️👍🏻
  • Jay Trock
    Jay Trock 11 месяцев назад I like the 777 tumbling better,
  • Guadalupe Arrizon
    Guadalupe Arrizon 10 месяцев назад BizVid Communications 1.635
  • Capricious Capricorn
    Capricious Capricorn 5 месяцев назад 10:10 Wagner Tannhäuser - as the plane was being washed. Magnificent, perfect sound track.
  • James Ryzlot
    James Ryzlot 6 месяцев назад GREAT production values, coverage, (even the tower) editing- good work JR
  • Boy Charles
    Boy Charles 1 месяц назад That was a lot of cameras
  • David Gerber
    David Gerber 3 месяца назад Nothing against any other pilots, but for me the sound of a German accent in the cockpit is reassuring!
  • kaveh bo
    kaveh bo 3 месяца назад hehe! indeed, Totally about mechanical just let them speak German!
  • Meenu Walia
    Meenu Walia 2 недели назад hello gyes you are doing fabulous job ,i am so impresed from you
  • James Longar
    James Longar 2 месяца назад This is amazing, i enjoyed the conversation too btn the pilot and controllers
  • Lou Shamblee
    Lou Shamblee 2 месяца назад Samara Warrior eagle in the sky pilot eye.🛬🛬🛬
  • We don’t know Our name
    We don’t know Our name 1 месяц назад Most beautifully done 😘 I love the A380 bus
  • TheLondonForever00
    TheLondonForever00 2 года назад What a great video. Outstanding German professionalism.