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What's the Deepest Hole We Can Possibly Dig?

Published on Jul 7, 2017 31,756,284 views

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What is the deepest hole that humanity has ever dug? If you're curious about the answer, then this is the video for you!

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  • ACRAIGDOG565 scarce
    ACRAIGDOG565 scarce 1 месяц назад never dig straight down! you might run into lava
  • Online Bully
    Online Bully 1 месяц назад False, I've done it before
  • diane ponsford
    diane ponsford 1 месяц назад Its minecraft because its minecraft dirt
  • 박영배
    박영배 1 месяц назад Bless your soul.
  • Online Bully
    Online Bully 1 месяц назад @박영배 i can dig deeper than china all the way back to my location,
  • Ellie’s_ SlimesAndGames
    Ellie’s_ SlimesAndGames 1 месяц назад ACRAIGDOG565 scarce everyone is talking Minecraft-listicly.
  • Jupiter
    Jupiter 1 месяц назад Online bully he said might ;D
  • Raman Tiwari
    Raman Tiwari 1 месяц назад Minecraft logic 😂😂😂
  • Charlea Colls
    Charlea Colls 1 месяц назад Bless ur soul, lava extinct or is it
  • Online Bully
    Online Bully 1 месяц назад @박영배 soul blessing received. now give me your snack change
  • Fortnite Noob
    Fortnite Noob 1 месяц назад That’s Minecraft
  • doyoungct
    doyoungct 1 месяц назад ACRAIGDOG565 scarce y’all be playing minecraft too much
  • Rastel GT 3.0
    Rastel GT 3.0 1 месяц назад U mean Never dig deeper U will be burned on earths core
  • Sema & Lama's gaming Chanell
    Sema & Lama's gaming Chanell 1 месяц назад You mean never dig straight down in minecraft or you'l fal into lava? In real life you'l drown theyr water in the end when u dig
  • Rastel GT 3.0
    Rastel GT 3.0 1 месяц назад @Sema & Lama's gaming Chanell no If u dig deeper at the end. U would die, due to the heat of earth's core In minecraft, bedrocks cant kill u, if u fall on a void, u would die Bedrocks can be destroyed in creative mode
  • gaming pro
    gaming pro 1 месяц назад Minecraft
  • Maria Lu
    Maria Lu 1 месяц назад True. The crust of the earth is really hot so it’s kinda like falling in lava (I know that the joke is minecraft but idk)
  • Animae Go!
    Animae Go! 1 месяц назад MINECRAFT
  • xXMia_Gaming_YTXx
    xXMia_Gaming_YTXx 1 месяц назад BOI
  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato 1 месяц назад I get it lol
  • NuclearMaster 463
    NuclearMaster 463 3 недели назад ACRAIGDOG565 scarce that’s a Minecraft rule
  • Tifa Yotefani
    Tifa Yotefani 2 недели назад (изменено) MINECRAFT ONLY!!! REAL LIFE IS ALLOWED TO DIG STRAIGHT DOWN!
  • wijzewolf2 nl
    wijzewolf2 nl 2 недели назад Fucking minecraft
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    Dorian James 2 недели назад r/woosh
  • gacha viewer!
    gacha viewer! 2 недели назад 😂😂😂😂 CLASSIC
  • nano
    nano 2 недели назад or hit bedrock
  • Butter Slimez
    Butter Slimez 2 недели назад ACRAIGDOG565 scarce true😂😂
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    Tuai Suai 2 недели назад 666 likes. 😈
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    ScareZ Неделю назад Thas right
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    Mr. Fish Неделю назад Or lots of mobs
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    TheNameless Channel Неделю назад Only a mad lad can do this
  • taylor dinty
    taylor dinty Неделю назад MINECRAFT!! Is atill here
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    Itzyoboiazh 1607 Неделю назад You got that from Minecraft
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    Marf & barfs Channel 6 дней назад Sais the guy with a fortnite profilepic
  • Alex Titarenko
    Alex Titarenko 6 дней назад u said stright wrong
  • Marf & barfs Channel
    Marf & barfs Channel 6 дней назад @Alex Titarenko no you did
  • Burned Noodle
    Burned Noodle 5 дней назад It’s not lava, It’s magma
  • logan
    logan 4 дня назад 🖕🏻
  • WorstNess
    WorstNess 4 дня назад Minecraf
  • Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi
    Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi 3 дня назад ACRAIGDOG565 scarce no you will meet the earths core
  • WorstNess
    WorstNess 3 дня назад @Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi r/wooosh
  • DaUHardcoreCraft
    DaUHardcoreCraft 2 дня назад At how many meters do i hit bedrock?
  • potato Queen
    potato Queen 9 часов назад (изменено) YAAAAAAS
  • BennisHenri06
    BennisHenri06 1 месяц назад Can we just take a second and talk about the Minecraft background?
  • Appletastic Gacha Edits
    Appletastic Gacha Edits 1 месяц назад I KNOW I WAS DYING
  • Activision
    Activision 1 месяц назад Yes, it’s legendary
  • Please youtube Unban my account :c
    Please youtube Unban my account :c 1 месяц назад BennisHenri06 no fuck off let’s all take a second to realize how shit fortnite is
  • Abby Jackson
    Abby Jackson 1 месяц назад No that is real dirt and grass you idiots!!
  • watwit 16
    watwit 16 1 месяц назад its minecraft dirt minecraft still alive i love minecraft
  • SeN Zak Tanswell
    SeN Zak Tanswell 1 месяц назад @watwit 16 I agree with your second part not gonna lie
  • Evie 12
    Evie 12 1 месяц назад How about an hour
  • Owester Parker
    Owester Parker 1 месяц назад I know
  • PewDiePew
    PewDiePew 3 недели назад That’s fake everyone knows there is stone after a few dirt blocks (;
  • gacha viewer!
    gacha viewer! 3 недели назад Ikr😂😂😂😂
  • gacha viewer!
    gacha viewer! 3 недели назад Also @Abby Jackson your the only idiot around hear
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    It's A Wild V Неделю назад Yes
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    gacha viewer! Неделю назад @Please youtube Unban my account :c ikr
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    Slav Неделю назад ikr
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    Ashley Petersen Неделю назад That’s weird
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    gacha viewer! 5 дней назад (изменено) @Ashley Petersen wats wierd
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    brother yes. 4 дня назад @gacha viewer! I like how you're calling people idiots, even though you can't even spell you're.
  • gacha viewer!
    gacha viewer! 4 дня назад @brother yes. ahem this is you tube not grammar lesson😒
  • gacha viewer!
    gacha viewer! 4 дня назад And I know how to spell it I just dont wanna
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    brother yes. 4 дня назад @gacha viewer! I know. Pretty ironic.
  • gacha viewer!
    gacha viewer! 4 дня назад @brother yes. okay...
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    Cole Blazevich 2 дня назад BennisHenri06 lololololololololololol
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    Philip P 1 день назад It is not a spelling error. It is punctuation error, stupid!
  • gacha viewer!
    gacha viewer! 1 день назад @Philip P I meant punctuation have u not made a mistake before
  • Hugo Entson
    Hugo Entson 1 месяц назад The Soviet Union tried to dig trough bedrock
  • Dawn Brueton
    Dawn Brueton 1 месяц назад Hugo Entson lol
  • gacha viewer!
    gacha viewer! 3 недели назад Dont they know they have to be in creative mode😂😂😂😂😂 Only some people will get THIS
  • Ian G
    Ian G 2 недели назад @gacha viewer! I Get It
  • Lee Christie
    Lee Christie 2 недели назад @gacha viewer! slightly racist but funny😂
  • gacha viewer!
    gacha viewer! 2 недели назад @Lee Christie how😕😐
  • Shadowless Ben
    Shadowless Ben Неделю назад @Lee Christie it's not racist at all
  • Gabriel Cuneta
    Gabriel Cuneta Неделю назад But it failed..
  • Gabriel Cuneta
    Gabriel Cuneta Неделю назад But it failed..!
  • TheNameless Channel
    TheNameless Channel 2 месяца назад Change your gamemode to creative And lets see....
  • gaming xp
    gaming xp 2 месяца назад That'll be only 4 blocks in the flat world
  • Kent Vigilante
    Kent Vigilante 2 месяца назад @gaming xp If only you could dig down to the earths core in Minecraft or build blocks up to the moon.
  • Appletastic Gacha Edits
    Appletastic Gacha Edits 1 месяц назад lol me
  • Burrito Master
    Burrito Master 1 месяц назад @gaming xp 🤣😂
  • The Eesti Imperium
    The Eesti Imperium 1 месяц назад Ah crap, hit bedrock in 30 seconds.
  • SweVyy VA
    SweVyy VA 3 недели назад Kent Vigilante You Can Custom Your World In Minecraft, You Can Make The Ground Deeper Than You Think...
  • Nobody
    Nobody 3 недели назад @gaming xp but the earth is flat
  • djclark 50
    djclark 50 2 недели назад Specter mod hahahahaha
  • Johny Heaven
    Johny Heaven Неделю назад TheNameless Channel LOL
  • Kim King
    Kim King Неделю назад TheNameless Channel I go in creative mode only because it is so anoying when mobs hit you when you are trying to make a sword
  • Ryde Mk
    Ryde Mk Неделю назад No one has figured out how too yet :(
  • Kyazar Shadala
    Kyazar Shadala Год назад the title is about the future the video is about the past
  • ArjanHier
    ArjanHier Год назад true
  • booty sweat420
    booty sweat420 Год назад rekt
  • Apache Pridew
    Apache Pridew Год назад wow
  • Kyazar Shadala
    Kyazar Shadala Год назад can anyone say more than one word?
  • RustyWasp
    RustyWasp Год назад nope
  • Retfird
    Retfird Год назад if humanities #1 priority was to try to dig as deep as we could. I was interested to see what technique's we could use, and how far that would get us!
  • Old man Wunder
    Old man Wunder Год назад Triforce Cuber and we are watching in the present
  • Eli Gigabytes
    Eli Gigabytes Год назад Retfird if the heat is the main issue, why not dig through the ocean floor and have the water naturally cool the drill?
  • rb26dett
    rb26dett Год назад damn ni🅱️🅱️a u woke
  • tabi violet
    tabi violet Год назад Eli Gigabytes evaporation boo boo. Do you know how hot it gets in the center of the earth???
  • Sajid Alam
    Sajid Alam Год назад Eli Gigabytes im assuming the pressure at that depth might be to high for drills to function properly
  • David Engle
    David Engle Год назад The Marianas Trench is the deepest point on the planet at 36,070 ft below sea level. The pressure at that point is 15,750 psi (pounds per square inch), water would boil at 493 degrees C (919 degrees F). The more you know ;)
  • Retfird
    Retfird Год назад (изменено) What about alternatives to drilling? Drilling is probably most efficient, but if that is not a concern? For example, and forgive my ignorance, but what about using lasers vaporize the ground, or explosives?
  • The All Memeing Eye
    The All Memeing Eye Год назад Retfird what about drilling as deep a hole as possible, then firing a KEM strike down the hole?
  • roldrix03
    roldrix03 Год назад water pressure
  • Grant the Dragon
    Grant the Dragon Год назад He did kind of answer that question though. He mentioned that drills no longer worked at those depths because of the heat, so technically this is how low we can possibly dig with modern technology.
    YOGESH KUMAR Год назад Triforce Cuber yeah right
  • Wynn playz
    Wynn playz Неделю назад (изменено) you know whats lower than that my grades
  • Abdallah Alkadhim
    Abdallah Alkadhim 1 день назад Hahahaha that was soooo funny
  • QuietCoffee ALT
    QuietCoffee ALT 1 месяц назад Just play minecraft, problem solved
  • Troy Carlson
    Troy Carlson Неделю назад lol
  • taylor dinty
    taylor dinty Неделю назад You aint wrong fella
  • Lana Vidović
    Lana Vidović 3 дня назад Evrybody of my friends quescioned me what do you play , i say ONLY MINECRAFT
  • Troy Carlson
    Troy Carlson 3 дня назад @Lana Vidović hey I like your comment and I play mincraft too
    SRX_CUBIKS 1 месяц назад I can deeper with my wooden pickaxe.
  • Mute [Tan0]
    Mute [Tan0] 2 месяца назад Thanks for not telling us how far we CAN dig, you only told us how far we HAVE dug
  • Alexander Como
    Alexander Como 1 месяц назад Same answer
  • Muhammad Shehreyar Khan
    Muhammad Shehreyar Khan 1 месяц назад I think he has as the limitation is high temperature.
  • Tim
    Tim 1 месяц назад @Alexander Como No, not necessarily.
  • Blutwind
    Blutwind 1 месяц назад @Muhammad Shehreyar Khan that was fore the borehole and temperature was a problem back then in 1994 so 25 years ago the new deepest hole is for extracting resources so there is no need to drill deeper so the question still stands unanswered
  • Dizzle without an R
    Dizzle without an R 1 месяц назад Keep reporting this video for being misleading.
  • Ali Badman
    Ali Badman 1 месяц назад You copied the comment by Life Stories
  • Acer Corless
    Acer Corless 1 месяц назад Mute [Tan0] 70.000
  • SweVyy VA
    SweVyy VA 3 недели назад Check Out Bright Side,s Video, It's Right Here Beside This Video In The Recommendation Section (:
  • Eight6ix
    Eight6ix 3 недели назад Mute [Tan0] im sure we have dug as far down as possible.
  • yogas feels bad man
    yogas feels bad man 2 недели назад So u wanna start to dig as deep as u can ?
  • aisha_ khan
    aisha_ khan Неделю назад just google lmao y'all don't need to get mad everybody on YouTube has clickbaited
  • T. L. Cutuli
    T. L. Cutuli 6 дней назад We dont KNOW because WE havnt DUG that DEEP yet MR SMARTY PANTS
  • Ztak12
    Ztak12 Год назад You can dig until you hit bedrock duh
  • Apollo_EU
    Apollo_EU Год назад Ztak12 go in creative mode
  • HectorGaming2003
    HectorGaming2003 Год назад Rush SR Survival too, as long as you know what's down (if you're risking to dig straight down) or make a staircase down
  • King's React Gaming
    King's React Gaming Год назад Ztak12 go back to Minecraft
  • Nigerian Slo
    Nigerian Slo Год назад Mcgugger Nuggets he's joking you fucking idiots
  • Fred Voss
    Fred Voss Год назад Killer Taco210 was
  • mallory_claire 4
    mallory_claire 4 Год назад Ztak12 lol
  • Bloop Blop
    Bloop Blop Год назад Midnight Lavander He's joking. If you couldn't understand that you're probably the one who is the seven year old
  • SoyPlays
    SoyPlays Год назад yes u can al u hav too do is spawn herrobrian in the game and he wil meyen it fur u
  • MarqTrill
    MarqTrill Год назад Ztak12 right? And it shows minecraft textures
  • Daz Dee
    Daz Dee Год назад Yabbadabbadoooo
  • sophia
    sophia Год назад Ztak12 smh
  • Daniel daniel
    Daniel daniel Год назад he's joking too you dumb fuck
  • Caleb Edmundson
    Caleb Edmundson Год назад not much of a reason to go below level 12 tho
  • Tom gr145
    Tom gr145 Год назад Ztak12 minecraft logic
  • Год назад in russia we don't dig the bedrock the bedrock digs us.
  • NooBie _NighHtmArSe
    NooBie _NighHtmArSe Год назад Ztak12 ikr
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    Cash Schroeder Год назад Ztak12 OBviosly
  • Charles T
    Charles T Год назад Killer Taco210 lol use the word imbecilic to cover YOUR retardation
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    Francisco Malate Год назад CreeperGaming2003 Minecraft & More minecraft is so shiet, it's not even funny
  • deadkiller 43644
    deadkiller 43644 Год назад Ztak12 haha
  • dkm gaming
    dkm gaming Год назад bedrock is made of just alot of large rock and you can break it duh
  • L speedyboi
    L speedyboi Год назад Ztak12 this made me laugh out loud
  • Captain Nostromo
    Captain Nostromo Год назад Екатерина Ильина you are at the wrong Place hooker
  • Phillip Wong
    Phillip Wong Год назад exactly like number 1000
  • jackmustache
    jackmustache Год назад Ztak12 so true you can't pass it even if you have a diamond pick with efficiency 3 and a haste 2 beacon
  • Seannn
    Seannn Год назад Ztak12 you minecraft kid we play or lox now
  • Eduardo Bravo Gomez
    Eduardo Bravo Gomez Год назад Ztak12 I
  • DaUHardcoreCraft
    DaUHardcoreCraft 2 дня назад Creative mode
  • Brandon Coronado
    Brandon Coronado 2 месяца назад I bet my dog can dig deeper
  • eios 4
    eios 4 1 месяц назад ok, bet!
  • plague123
    plague123 2 недели назад @eios 4 I am digging deepe- OOOUUUHHH!!!
  • Chris Delzell
    Chris Delzell 2 месяца назад (изменено) How fast could you run to escape a bear? Well I walk 2 mph to get a haircut, 3mph on the way to lunch, 5 mph when hiking, and 8 mph when doing my morning jog. Okay... and the bear? Hey have you heard about Skillshare?!
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    Stitchowi 2 месяца назад Chris Delzell what
  • Heru- deshet
    Heru- deshet 2 месяца назад Faster than you.
  • Ross Bourne
    Ross Bourne 2 месяца назад @Stitchowi He's just done exactly what the guy in the video did. Asked a question then just talked about something vaguely connected, without answering the actual question.
  • Fat Pie
    Fat Pie 2 месяца назад Lmao
  • מאתה מסתכל
    מאתה מסתכל 2 месяца назад He said drilling equipment stopped functioning at 12Km deep.
  • Dmitry Kirsanov
    Dmitry Kirsanov 2 месяца назад @מאתה מסתכל Soviet, in 70s. He didn't answer the question in the topic as he obviously has no clue about the subject.
  • Sly
    Sly 1 месяц назад That's hilarious
  • redelainem
    redelainem 1 месяц назад i walk 3 mph 4mph to lunch and 12mph on a jog o yeah..
  • Dawn Brueton
    Dawn Brueton 1 месяц назад Chris Delzell you mean skill-BEAR? Ha
  • TUCKER 822
    TUCKER 822 1 месяц назад All these years I have thought I was gonna end up in China
  • BennisHenri06
    BennisHenri06 1 месяц назад Danny Abarca Jr. Same
  • WesleyVLOGS 3
    WesleyVLOGS 3 2 недели назад Not me.. I was russia
  • Beth Gamboa
    Beth Gamboa 5 дней назад TUCKER 822 same
  • Gordon Ramsey
    Gordon Ramsey 3 дня назад Lol
  • EnerJetix
    EnerJetix 2 дня назад 3:10 it’s spelled Burj Khalifa Just a harmless correction
  • Morgan Swagger
    Morgan Swagger 1 месяц назад Reality in the end theres a bedrock that un breakable
  • Blossom ate
    Blossom ate 2 месяца назад Wait a minute.... looks at background Is that a minecraft dirt block?
  • O Antedeguemon
    O Antedeguemon 2 месяца назад For sure it is
  • Jon Nathan
    Jon Nathan 2 месяца назад Do you really had to point that out?
  • Jayden V Ward
    Jayden V Ward 2 месяца назад Jeanie Palicka no roblox :()
  • Magnetio Lemon
    Magnetio Lemon 2 месяца назад Ofcourse it fucking is genius, The hell did you think it was
  • Mr. Noob
    Mr. Noob 2 месяца назад Holyy shit
  • Tim
    Tim 1 месяц назад @Magnetio Lemon cunt.
  • LO Muteeb
    LO Muteeb 1 месяц назад Magnetio Lemon it was a rhetorical question what would you expect he knows
  • Please youtube Unban my account :c
    Please youtube Unban my account :c 1 месяц назад Blossom ate have you been watching to much anime? No shit.
  • OP Gamer
    OP Gamer 1 месяц назад Nah dip, Sherlock (Btw I know it’s a joke chill)
  • The Eesti Imperium
    The Eesti Imperium 1 месяц назад No, there’s grass at the top, I think.
    LINDSAY CLOROX 1 месяц назад No its not. What do u think
  • Pounce Boi
    Pounce Boi 1 месяц назад When your metal detector was one foot away from gold
  • Come On YUVI
    Come On YUVI 2 месяца назад Correct Answer is 64 blocks down But if creating Modified world then it depends upon you
  • Samovar maker
    Samovar maker Год назад man.. this was... deep
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    Basically A Human Год назад really punny
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    BIrandom mendes;styles,cabello Год назад okay thats the kind of pun me an d my fruend will make during lunch time
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    $oufultra Год назад We need to burn this comment...
    PUG SNIPER Tv Год назад ya
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    【Ẹ z ‘ e K ι α 】 1 месяц назад Sir Steve III dug 64 blocks down and hit bedrock, and he discovered diamonds. A R E Y O U A L L H A P P Y ? !