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Hyundai Smart Engineering – Palisade (Global Model Shown)

Published on May 13, 2019 308,622 views

Model specifications may vary depending on sales region and country.

Hyundai Palisade’s smart engineering points

1. Electronic Gearshift (00:18)
2. Cup Holders for Everyone (01:24)
3. USB Charging Ports for Everyone (02:44)
4. Blind-spot View Monitor (04:08)
5. Air Conditioning (05:03)
6. Diffusion Roof Air Vent (06:08)
7. Accessible 3rd Row (07:19)
8. 3 Supportive Features for Rear Seats (08:55)
9. Full Flat Seat & Cargo Space (10:47)
10. Terrain Mode (11:54)
11. Rear Occupant Alert (13:25)
12. Safe Exit Assist (14:46)

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  • sachin kulkarni
    sachin kulkarni 1 месяц назад Just brilliant from Hyundai.... they have created a masterpiece.....
  • TheShownuff1800
    TheShownuff1800 1 месяц назад Hyundai is murdering the competition!
  • RgQban G.
    RgQban G. 4 недели назад Kia and Hyundai are the same company own by two brothers
  • Q Ward
    Q Ward 1 месяц назад @RcBoomer Garage Hyundai owns part of Kia
  • RcBoomer Garage
    RcBoomer Garage 1 месяц назад So is Kia with there new one call Telluride and that is sweet!
    AUTO & CAMPING 1 месяц назад Hyundai is coming and strongly competing for the top.
  • pryncess-abledbyGod
    pryncess-abledbyGod 1 месяц назад Wasn't a fan of Hyundai,but am truly impressed!🏁👑🔶🚍👀🌠🏇🏿♨
  • Akshay Khot
    Akshay Khot 1 месяц назад After having all the excellent features here, I don't think now anyone will go behind Mercedes or BMW. Nice work Hyundai.
  • Akshay Khot
    Akshay Khot 2 недели назад @Martin Evans Hyundai is not cheap brand neither are others. I think you must visit the ncap or do some background check on quality and luxury of the cars with respect to price. I may be dumb not scholar.. but i am smart not fool, who will go for looks and then have to live with it.. i hope you understood what i meant by that
  • Martin Evans
    Martin Evans 3 недели назад Terry Olay you have no facts to this statement , so stupid , people like superior things like Audi and Apple and BMW cause they are better , you will not get the luxury comfort build quality of let’s say a superior Audi to a cheap Hyundai
  • Martin Evans
    Martin Evans 3 недели назад Your so dumb , no cheap brand can beat the luxury and build quality or technologies of and Audi or bmw , plus the design is terrible
  • Let’s Go Tripping
    Let’s Go Tripping 1 месяц назад Terry Olay because they believe those brands and expect to deliver.
  • Akshay Khot
    Akshay Khot 1 месяц назад @Terry Olay Hehe.. Yes 😊
  • Terry Olay
    Terry Olay 1 месяц назад @Akshay Khot I agree people are getting smarter, but it's a slow process and there are still too many people who go by brand names rather than true value.
  • Akshay Khot
    Akshay Khot 1 месяц назад @Terry Olay Yes you are right. But thats history now. Because people are moving from iphone to Samsung, Mi and many more similarly people will move from merc to hyundai or some other company if they are providing more comfortable and reliable features.. People are becoming smart now rather than investing their money on name they will invest it on features..
  • Terry Olay
    Terry Olay 1 месяц назад People buy Mercedes or BMW, not really because they are superior cars but because they are Mercedes and BMW, just like people buy the iPhone not because it's superior but because it's iPhone.
  • K K
    K K 1 месяц назад Hyundai design language is so clean.😍😍😘😘
  • stan cinu
    stan cinu 1 месяц назад Awesome Engineering ans safety features
  • swisstrader
    swisstrader 3 недели назад Never heard so much detail on cup holders. Should do an entire video on Cup holders for this car😂
  • Karl alejandro Resurreccion
    Karl alejandro Resurreccion 1 месяц назад The Palisade looks so macho and elegant.
  • Waleed Afzal
    Waleed Afzal 1 месяц назад It's definitely gonna outweigh the Highly priced SUVs of major giants.. the design is sleek and remarkable.. it's beautiful and well designed for passengers comfort.. it's awesome 😍
  • Karl alejandro Resurreccion
    Karl alejandro Resurreccion 1 месяц назад Hyundai, we need more videos like this for the other vehicles.
  • komkap dulom
    komkap dulom 1 месяц назад I want to buy this Hyundai palisade ..
  • Jonathan Bacuño
    Jonathan Bacuño 3 недели назад (изменено) Wow, great job hyundai. 👍 #safetyfeatures
  • Steve King
    Steve King 4 недели назад Looking forward to seeing this SUV when hits show rooms. After watching this video, I could not help wonder why passengers on airplanes don’t have cup holders at their seats? Maybe Hyundai engineers should solve this
  • Rajat Mahajan
    Rajat Mahajan 1 день назад everything is perfect.... but in india we have large families..... top end model should also have 3 person sitting will make the palesade best selling vehicle over endeavour or fortuner ❤️ love from india....
  • Avijit Bhamra
    Avijit Bhamra 2 недели назад Id still have my Sq7 over this
  • Z Space
    Z Space 1 месяц назад Far out hyundai came a long way damn
  • SID
    SID 3 дня назад Nothing exciting about combustion engines in 2019
  • Kattad Babbu Maan Fan
    Kattad Babbu Maan Fan 2 недели назад Hyundai just want to ask how? How you managed to pack all these features (many of them i never think of) in a vehicle? Brilliant vehicle excellent design, feature loaded and made by hyundai 😍👌🏻👌🏻💯💯
  • jaimin rathwa
    jaimin rathwa 1 месяц назад Best engineering by Hyundai.....I love HYUNDAI
  • Frazix FZX
    Frazix FZX Неделю назад The Air flow was amazing!