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Funny Video Magic - funny magician video - funny magician fails

Published on Mar 20, 2015 235,758 views

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  • Ariel Labelle
    Ariel Labelle Год назад How the hell do people not understand that he's doing it on PURPOSE. It's meant to be comical, not serious, geez.
  • Ryan Clark1
    Ryan Clark1 Год назад Because people are thick these days.
  • Magic _p_s
    Magic _p_s Год назад But it isentgod Comedian
  • skitbob femkant
    skitbob femkant 3 года назад does everyone know that the magican is a Swedish magican caller carl Einar Häckner?
  • Diego lourenço gurgel
    Diego lourenço gurgel Год назад yep
  • Frankie D
    Frankie D Год назад skitbob femkant Thank you man, I was looking for the name of this magician!
  • yashu nirmalkar
    yashu nirmalkar 11 месяцев назад Very nice
  • Dinesh Adhikari
    Dinesh Adhikari Год назад Nananananananaaaaaaaaa
  • The logical guy
    The logical guy 2 года назад His magic and performance is actually outstanding..i wonder how can you say it's a failure ...I would say he's d most humourous magician i have ever seen
  • akhmad fakhrudin
    akhmad fakhrudin Год назад it's cool no fail..he makes every one happy
  • RandomKitty
    RandomKitty 3 года назад I can't really call this a fail if it was entertaining to me and the audience. Comedy is his goal or else his 'fails' would make him react more seriously. This is his actual act and it's rather good.
  • umar shakhbaz
    umar shakhbaz 2 года назад best magic ever
  • Danjoker
    Danjoker 2 года назад When young David Lee Roth took too many drugs
  • Christopher Witrin
    Christopher Witrin Год назад Absolute 100%! And so philosophical!
  • Bite My Krank
    Bite My Krank Год назад (изменено) Exceptional work. It's much harder to do it wrongly rightly, than it is to do it rightly firstly. It is VERY hard to make looking bad look this good.
  • Viking Spartan
    Viking Spartan 2 года назад legend says that Carl-einar (this guy) was very popular with women in the 90s. allegedly he has slept with moore than 4000 women to this day.
  • Gabriel Junior
    Gabriel Junior 2 года назад got me from the first, I cried laughing:D
  • Andryusha
    Andryusha 2 года назад I liked changing c0l0r fl0wer trick :DD
  • Andryusha
    Andryusha 2 года назад h0w mani times?? :D
  • Torgo Torgenson
    Torgo Torgenson Год назад life got hard for david lee roth when he was fired from van halen
  • Byron Palma
    Byron Palma 2 года назад lol
  • David Dellman
    David Dellman 2 года назад fantastic .. made me laugh out loud ... made my day ... a video I will come back to again and again ... thank you
  • Dan Harrison King
    Dan Harrison King 2 года назад reminds me of eddie izzard
  • Vincent Sebastian Thio
    Vincent Sebastian Thio 3 года назад nananananananananana
  • hungfao
    hungfao Год назад Parts of this were hilarious!
  • Holmesy87
    Holmesy87 2 года назад Teller, the early years xD