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Published on Aug 29, 2017 88,648 views

Welcome to Mas Supreme! Today we've got a hilarious and funny montage for you, chock full of fails, mistakes and funny moments - don't try this at home or else you'll FAIL! Check back soon for other various montages!

Mas Supreme has the best of fails from kids, animals, comedy, and sometimes even gaming montages. Subscribe now to make sure you see them all!

  • Russ Robles
    Russ Robles Год назад Haha, girls are so funny because they think they're all feminine and cool until, whammo, right on their butts. So funny!!!! Good stuff, MS. Stay Gold!!
  • Tyler Passannante
    Tyler Passannante Год назад 2:35 Well, she told Grace to get in the water! Some how I don't think she meant it literally though. LMFAO!🤣
  • Gr8WhiTe1990
    Gr8WhiTe1990 4 месяца назад Lol that soccer goal from her face was pretty awesome.
  • Jas Pez
    Jas Pez 11 месяцев назад Not nearly enough blood, broken bones, or crying
  • Mas Supreme
    Mas Supreme 11 месяцев назад You and I both know I wouldn't be able to purchase all of your dispensers if I were to be demonetized by showing blood, broken bones or crying. ;D
  • Lps kačenka 11
    Lps kačenka 11 Год назад ❤❤❤
  • n8 fenech
    n8 fenech Год назад 6:48 to 7:70 what happend when she covered her eye i don't know what happend im sorry if im speeling wrong it cuz im 6 years old some of the woreds are hard for me to speel
  • Mas Supreme
    Mas Supreme Год назад She sprayed her perfume into her eye LOL
  • Susan Stocks
    Susan Stocks Год назад n8 fenech fucking idiot