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10 Tiny Electric Cars for One or Two Passengers (Future City Transport)

Published on Apr 14, 2018 158,745 views

People are always fascinated with miniaturized versions of things and cars are not an exception. Remember all of those smarts, minis and tiny fiats? Well, they are giants in comparison to the electric autos that we are going to show you today! After all, EVs are all about efficiency and zero emissions, so if you are driving alone to work, why would you want to carry around all of that extra weight of an SUV? Are you intrigued about how small these things can get and wondering whether you will be able to fit in? Well, lets take a look!

For more information about these electric cars follow the links below:
Sondors Electric Car
LSEV from XEV and Polymaker:
Ampere Motor The One:
Arcimoto SRK:
E-go Life:
Electra Meccanica Solo:
Infiniti Prototype 9:
Vanderhall Motor Edison2:

  • jonass9
    jonass9 8 месяцев назад the Uniti is described as a 3 wheeler but has 4 wheels
  • Automotive Territory: Daily News
    Automotive Territory: Daily News 8 месяцев назад Yes, you are right. My bad. How did you like the episode, disregarding this Unity mix-up?
  • Patrick Chubey
    Patrick Chubey 1 месяц назад Funky and interesting toy cars but the only one I'm hot for is the totally impractical Infinity retro race car. At least it's got 4 wheels like a real car and looks like a hell of a lot of fun on a mountain road. I don't understand the obsession with 3 wheel ecars. Don't these people realize that you can't ' miss ' the bumps with 3 wheels like you can with 4 wheels, you either get a bump on one of the side wheels or the one in the middle. Refer to Jay Leno's Garage when he took the Morgan 3 wheeler out for a jaunt. You could see the ass end of that thing bouncing up and down as Jay drove it down the highway, it's hardly what I'd call a stable configuration. Come on, ecar makers, be a sport and give your vehicles the kind of stability that only 4 wheels can bring.
  • Automotive Territory: Daily News
    Automotive Territory: Daily News 1 месяц назад Hi, I am with you here.. looking forward to seeing more compact 4-wheel cars with electric powertrains hit the market
  • 1234
    1234 4 месяца назад I'm personally REALLY interested in the Sondors and the Solo.
  • Automotive Territory: Daily News
    Automotive Territory: Daily News 4 месяца назад Good choice! Glad you found your favorites in this lineup)
  • Ben Haynes
    Ben Haynes 8 месяцев назад If Sondors can produce that vehicle as specified, it will not have the production capacity to satisfy demand. Truly an amazing package, move over Honda Sports EV my new dream car has arrived!
  • Phil Sr
    Phil Sr 3 месяца назад This is what Canada needs today. Not twenty years from now. Today. Enough playing around with Dirty Energy. Stop the harmful emmissions. The millions of drilling sites contaminating ground water to horrible extents.
  • manoman0
    manoman0 2 месяца назад Buy electric car. Don't tell what "we need". Stop using FB if you do, stop using the internet. But I know, you just virtue signal but you don't want to change. You want OTHERS to change the way you think they need to live. You, sir, are NOT change.
  • RoonMian
    RoonMian Неделю назад Regarding number 4, the Ampere The One... My dudes, do you even know how fast you think 75mph is gonna be in this tiny barchetta with your ass 3 inches above the road? Purely in subjective impression it'll be faster than a supercar. 75mph is more than enough.
  • Automotive Territory: Daily News
    Automotive Territory: Daily News Неделю назад Hi, there. Thanks for your comment. The video is quite old, and since then I have become convinced that driving dynamics is all about acceleration. Since the Ampere One is so lightweight and all-electric, it could be quite fun to drive. And perception matters too, I agree
  • Raul Villalobos
    Raul Villalobos 4 месяца назад I'm really glad to hear Alvin singing disco.
  • Ronald Garrison
    Ronald Garrison 1 месяц назад Thanks for creating this little compendium. Of this bunch, the only one I could see myself driving would be the microlino. At least it's worth a closer look. But the first question probably would have to be whether I could even fit into the thing. If not, nothing else really matters.
  • Automotive Territory: Daily News
    Automotive Territory: Daily News 1 месяц назад Lol, those car are definitely tiny. Thanks for watching!
  • RV Horizons
    RV Horizons Год назад My opinion, even though all these cars may have a place on the road looks like only two or three of them are practical for everyday use. The one that I would choose for everyday use will be the arcimoto good range easy to get into and to get out of.
  • Automotive Territory: Daily News
    Automotive Territory: Daily News Год назад Thanx for your feedback and reasonable comments
  • Diony De Jesus
    Diony De Jesus 3 месяца назад (изменено) Why some of this companies insist in just one seater 💺? Rethinking again at least two seaters, you know we like to talk and have some company and some luggage compartments too.
  • Automotive Territory: Daily News
    Automotive Territory: Daily News 3 месяца назад Hi there. I think most of these were created as city cars for everyday sort distance driving, so the emphasis is on compactness. However, I do agree that 2-seaters would probably sell better
  • Vaughan Ellis
    Vaughan Ellis 8 месяцев назад Microlino too expensive, Sondors EV better like a grown up T-Rex, LSEV even better thought through design good price point, Ampere Motor The One a fair weather toy, Arcimoto SRK Another fair weather toy, E-GO Life better thought through design price point too high, Electra Meccanica Solo better thought through design price point too high, Infiniti Prototype 9 another toy , Uniti good design price point too high too tech, Vanderhall another toy too high a price.
  • E-Curb
    E-Curb 2 месяца назад You certainly are a cheap person. Did you account for the "fuel" costs?
  • 1968CudaGuy
    1968CudaGuy 8 месяцев назад As an around town and a commuter vehicle is where these vehicles will shine. Wish I had one right now for my running around today. I wouldn't take any of them on the highway because there seem to be more idiot drivers that don't pay attention to their surroundings.
  • Automotive Territory: Daily News
    Automotive Territory: Daily News 8 месяцев назад True. Before the.majority of cars on the roads have been downsized it is better to stay away from huge pickups on highways . What model is the most promising in your opinion?
  • 1968CudaGuy
    1968CudaGuy 8 месяцев назад (изменено) My favorite of them all is the Sondors EV for my needs. Practical, good range for my needs, very handsome vehicle in my opinion. I have a $100 reserved production spot for an Arcimoto ev and own 200 shares of FUV stock in my portfolio. FUV is on the Nasdaq exchange. The Infinity PEV if it were a two seater I'd be interested. The Edison2 ev is pretty too but suffers from a high price tag and very limited storage. With all this talk of three wheelers I dusted off my set of plans for a three wheeler blast from the past called the Tri Magnum.. VW front end motorcycle back end and composite body.
  • vremster
    vremster 6 месяцев назад Six ads for a 12 minute video??? I like to support channels I watch, but this is too much.
  • Zen Zen
    Zen Zen 8 месяцев назад A lot of the Microlino video clips were in fact of the 2-stroke 1950s BMW Isetta bubble-car !
  • Yang Hun-진양훈 배문고 25기 Jin-Pong Impossible
    Yang Hun-진양훈 배문고 25기 Jin-Pong Impossible 6 месяцев назад I'd like to have it all with 4 electric jet engine for flying!
  • covercalls88
    covercalls88 7 месяцев назад (изменено) I like the Sondors, it is of a decent size, carries three people. Speaking of driving this trike in Calif. it will require the driver to have a motorcycle license, which I already have.
  • shadowdance4666
    shadowdance4666 7 месяцев назад I enjoy these more when you narrate rather then having to read off of my phone. I liked the 3D printed LSEV for 7.5. I’d pay a bit more for 4WD. Does it have Lithium ion batteries?
  • Automotive Territory: Daily News
    Automotive Territory: Daily News 7 месяцев назад Hi there. I changed the format recently and went to the full narration of the videos. There is no info about LSEV battery technology. most likely it has lead acid batteries, due to such low price.
  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb 6 месяцев назад So much for the Elio, a car that will never be built.
  • Automotive Territory: Daily News
    Automotive Territory: Daily News 5 месяцев назад Hi there. Was Elio featured in this video? I can't remember conducting a research about it
  • beernpizzalover
    beernpizzalover 2 месяца назад Tom Thumb I sat in one of their prototypes a few years ago - but I’m sure glad I didn’t put any money down!
  • Michael Barker
    Michael Barker 1 месяц назад On #6 you said that the light weight enabled it to hit a certain mph. Weight is a factor in acceleration, but not top speed. Top speed is determined by drag and power.
  • Franki Hauser
    Franki Hauser 6 месяцев назад I like the idea of small, electric cars for the daily grind. I would still want a regular road car to deal with "bigger" trips.
  • Automotive Territory: Daily News
    Automotive Territory: Daily News 6 месяцев назад Hi Franki. Thanks for your support. At this point of battery technology development, this is a perfect combination
  • Brad Quinn
    Brad Quinn 6 месяцев назад Most people do not take more than 3-4 long trips per year. If you crunch the numbers you are better off renting something for those "bigger" trips than owning.
  • Franki Hauser
    Franki Hauser 6 месяцев назад @Brad Quinn I think you may be right. But I have family, 3-4 hours drive away, that I visit regularly. And I also would not want a tiny little car for grocery shopping. I have 6 people in my family. I shop at Sam's. Tiny cars don't give me enough room. But I definitely see your point.