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2019 Compact SUV Challenge —

Published on Mar 27, 2019 541,947 views

With a killer combination of affordability, utility and fuel economy, the juggernaut compact SUV class is partially responsible for marginalizing the classic family sedan. Perhaps the most recognized small SUVs in this class are the eternally feuding Honda CR-V and redesigned-for-2019 Toyota RAV4, which we tested in a multiday comparison along with five other 2019 models: the updated Hyundai Tucson, updated Jeep Cherokee, Nissan Rogue, redesigned Subaru Forester and defending champion of this test, the Volkswagen Tiguan. None of these are bad SUVs — even last place wasn't far behind most competitors, especially in the subjective categories we judge. Every SUV except for one topped the rest of the field in at least one category. Rather than look at just the winner, we recommend that you find the SUV that's excellent in a way that's important to you.

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  • Ender Sam
    Ender Sam 2 дня назад the results in case you're wondering: 7th. nissan rogue 6th. jeep cherokee 5th. toyota rav4 4th. honda crv 3rd. hyundai tucson 2nd. subaru forester 1st. volkswagen tiguan
  • Akhil Bolla
    Akhil Bolla 2 месяца назад Where is Mazda CX-5
  • twixter1000able
    twixter1000able 1 день назад Akhil Bolla in scrap yard all rusted
  • Youre Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
    Youre Gonna Need a Bigger Boat 3 дня назад Mazda sucks.
  • Eric Archuleta
    Eric Archuleta Неделю назад @Xavier Mathews I know a lot of people who own the cx 5 and they all have transmission issues!!! but it is a looker and a nice ride but after 70,000 miles beware!!!
  • James Raymond
    James Raymond Неделю назад @Peter Upton I see that's how a lot of videos are. They get views so I imagine people see them as an authority. I loathe how some of them whine about trivial shit such as what a window button looks like, or amber vs. red turn signals.
  • James Raymond
    James Raymond Неделю назад @hazenpaul10 CX-5 is RAV4/CRV competition. CX-3 is CHR/HRV
  • Craig Henley
    Craig Henley 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Luis González take a look at cx5 vs lexus
  • evoman44
    evoman44 1 месяц назад @hazenpaul10 The Mazda CX-9 would be considered a full blown SUV complete with 3 row seating. The CX-5 is still the same size proportions as the rest of these CUV's
  • Luis González
    Luis González 1 месяц назад Xavier Mathews CX-5 is not a premium vehicle.
  • trippplefive
    trippplefive 1 месяц назад Mazda 's too shitty to compete
  • Craig Henley
    Craig Henley 1 месяц назад @Xavier Mathews illuminarty confirmed mazda wins
  • Seen
    Seen 1 месяц назад and the 3008 !
  • T_ ALEX
    T_ ALEX 1 месяц назад (изменено) @shin888 Escape looks like a C-MAX in SUV form not a KIA
  • 1rcproductions
    1rcproductions 1 месяц назад @hazenpaul10 Wrong. The CX-3 is a sub-compact.
  • ozzless
    ozzless 1 месяц назад @Xavier Mathews lol Mazda cx-5 and premium in one sentence :)
  • Peter Upton
    Peter Upton 1 месяц назад How boring. Just three old blokes sitting around a table talking crap. A format rethink needed.
  • rcb361
    rcb361 2 месяца назад @hazenpaul10 No it's not idiot, it's the same basic size as the RAV and CR-V the CX-9 is a full size SUV. Get your facts straight before you post dip-s***
  • April Hernandez
    April Hernandez 2 месяца назад I love my Premiere Equinox 💖👄
  • Maybe it’s Just me
    Maybe it’s Just me 2 месяца назад (изменено) Mazda CX-5 Ford Escape Chevy Equinox Kia Sportage Mitsubishi (Outlander or Eclipse Cross) ...would’ve been nice to see more vehicles in the class compared, but overall nice review👍🏾
  • Master Jim 2020
    Master Jim 2020 2 месяца назад You know what else is missing? Both the Ford Escape and the Chevy Equinox/GMC Terrain.
  • steve arr
    steve arr 2 месяца назад Bullshit test - missing the CX5
  • Brad Lawson
    Brad Lawson 2 месяца назад @Jello Shot what year did you drive? Was it the turbo?
  • Luke Rinderknecht
    Luke Rinderknecht 2 месяца назад @shin888 from the front yeah. From the side profile it looks just like a first gen CX-5
  • shin888
    shin888 2 месяца назад @Herbie Husker escape is busy copying kia's styling
  • Pavel D1
    Pavel D1 2 месяца назад @Xavier Mathews ???
  • Herbie Husker
    Herbie Husker 2 месяца назад And where is the Equinox? And the Escape?
  • Luca Rossi
    Luca Rossi 2 месяца назад Xavier Mathews makes no sense. Tiguan is the same.
  • gameorally
    gameorally 2 месяца назад @hazenpaul10 no the cx-9 is a full blown suv
  • Ruslan R.
    Ruslan R. 2 месяца назад @shin888 and where is Ford?
  • Jello Shot
    Jello Shot 2 месяца назад Drive the CX-5 and you will know why it wasn't included. For me the engine sounded like it was under significant load when it wasn't. The aluminium block finish is nice but the screen is tiny. Try reversing using that screen. Did I mention no android auto. Leather feels cheap and there was rattle in the interior. To cap it off its got white fog lights. White. Let that sink in for a minute.
  • IP
    IP 2 месяца назад here is the garbage you are looking for
  • jacobyo 99
    jacobyo 99 2 месяца назад hazenpaul10 that’s the furthest thing from the truth. The CX-3 is a tiny subcompact
  • Julius Lake
    Julius Lake 2 месяца назад @hazenpaul10 no, the cx-5 is a compact suv and competes directly with all of the vehicles in this video, you are completely wrong
  • hazenpaul10
    hazenpaul10 2 месяца назад Cx5 is a full blown suv, cx3 is more comparable
  • jacobyo 99
    jacobyo 99 2 месяца назад @Xavier Mathews Mazda pretends to be premium but they are definitely not a premium brand. Take a look at Volkswagen sales in the 2000s, then you will see what happens when mainstream brands try to move upmarket
  • Norm T
    Norm T 2 месяца назад If the best that Japanese ha to offer can't top this list with brand new redesigns, how do you Mazda is going to do any better?
  • TheWinLlen
    TheWinLlen 2 месяца назад Not in league considering its price
  • shin888
    shin888 2 месяца назад @Xavier Mathews No its not, same price point.
  • Daniel Webb
    Daniel Webb 2 месяца назад No such thing
  • Xavier Mathews
    Xavier Mathews 2 месяца назад Non of these are premium or luxury SUVs. The CX while not a luxury SUV is a premium vehicle.
  • Tim Cade
    Tim Cade 3 недели назад What about the oft reported problems of oil dilution using the turbocharged version of the Honda CR-V that Honda has recently admitted to there being an issue?
  • Charles allen jr
    Charles allen jr 2 месяца назад Jeep could have used their "other compact" CUV, the Jeep Compass. Everyone forgets that Jeep has two compact CUV's.
  • 6mtzhp
    6mtzhp 2 месяца назад (изменено) Regarding dinging Subaru for not "having a more holistic design (e.g. everything buried in screen menus)" - having buttons for critical controls OUTSIDE the touch screen is one of the better things Subaru is doing. Screens fail. Like Toyota, they don't trust them yet with basic climate control, volume control, autonomous safety control, etc. Most of these cars, if the main screen goes down, you don't just lose your radio - you can't manipulate fundamental systems. You can't dislike the way the Honda buried everything, even volume controls, in their 'holistic' center screen, then chide Subaru, Toyota etc for not repeating that mistake. I can turn my seat heater on without taking my eyes off the road, and that should never change. You can duplicate such controls in the screen through CAN bus messaging if you must and lose absolutely nothing in either respect.
  • Ender Sam
    Ender Sam 2 дня назад This is why i will NEVER buy a Honda. Sh*tting on my 2 favorite car companies like that, plus, wtf would you put things like the climate control, volume, and other stuff doesn't make sense. Its not only stupid, but it could be lethal, as it requires you to take your eyes off of the road just to adjust the airflow or change the volume. If a car company puts these functions in their cars, then put actual buttons outside the wheel, so, like you said, if the screen dies, you can still adjust the volume/climate controls.
  • Unregistered
    Unregistered 2 недели назад (изменено) While you are correct with mentioning that the physical controls allow you to remember where each button is, I also think that manufacturers like VW are still making high quality screens and infotainment system, that is unlikely to break or get damaged. You did provide a good argument though.
  • José Abraham Portugal Marín
    José Abraham Portugal Marín 2 месяца назад (изменено) Mazda ignored? And a VW beating all the Japanese SUV? Those guys are lost... 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • Umbra says
    Umbra says 2 недели назад @Unregistered Get your shitty BMW to last as long as a Mazda.
  • ELPJM09
    ELPJM09 2 недели назад cockyjeremy German cars are junk. I’m surprised people in America been buy them. They are Nazi founded.
  • Unregistered
    Unregistered 2 недели назад Obviously the VW will win! While the Japanese ranted about their "hight tech", or "technological advancements" (which they never actually had, and just screamed bullshit for marketing), the Germans pumped out and perfected their actual technological systems and driver aid systems. Now the Japanese are just a fucking pocket dog vs a hound. But brain dead people still think that "JaPaNeSe AuToMoTiVe InDuStRiE iS sO aDvAnCeD!!!"
  • Umbra says
    Umbra says 3 недели назад @cockyjeremy Consider using public transport more often.
  • Joshua Rutter
    Joshua Rutter 3 недели назад Oscar Barberena resale isn’t a huge deal if you keep it over 3 years. By then the depreciation really slows down
  • SShlub Tsisplojus
    SShlub Tsisplojus 3 недели назад (изменено) José Abraham Portugal Marín , I don’t really like the WV products because when they break down, it cost lot more than the Toyota and Honda. I had a wv Fox long time ago the the fuel line was rusted and leaking gas and the dealer told me that they have to order and cost a quite fortune because the fuel line is one long piece. So, after that I trade in and never bought WV products again, I also have a relative had a Audi A6 the engine just break for no reason.
  • Luis González
    Luis González 1 месяц назад cockyjeremy wow dude, what a solid, valid statement.
  • Worrywart
    Worrywart 1 месяц назад @Eddie D As they see it - and two out of three need specs, so maybe they don't see so well.
  • Gerhard Jinks
    Gerhard Jinks 1 месяц назад @Le Chat Botté Tiquan is built on MQB platform and there is plenty of room to access components. See Savagegeese review. He didn't like it for other reasons.
  • Oscar Barberena
    Oscar Barberena 1 месяц назад I'm in the market and I think I'm going Mazda CX-5. I love the Tiguan but the resale value is dreadful
  • shashit kotian
    shashit kotian 1 месяц назад Wow i have entered parallel universe....... vw no 1 and no mazda cx5 ... rev up your toyotas at 4th position ... the best stoner interview ever
  • Le Chat Botté
    Le Chat Botté 1 месяц назад @cockyjeremy in which world are german cars far nicer??!!! ok german cars are good for those who loves them even tho they are trash may be in germany or in europe because not everyone needs super complicated cars that even for the simple maintenance you have to empty your pockets so stfu moron
  • cockyjeremy
    cockyjeremy 1 месяц назад Japanese cars are cheap junk. German cars are far nicer.
  • Le Chat Botté
    Le Chat Botté 1 месяц назад @Rodney Lennox One of the best
  • The Johnson
    The Johnson 1 месяц назад All 3 of these guys have actually tested all these cars.... Have you???
  • MrStevecro
    MrStevecro 1 месяц назад nope. They are putting what they've judged to be correct right out there for everyone to consider or disregard. You , on the other hand, jump in with a bias and no test results.
  • Rodney Lennox
    Rodney Lennox 1 месяц назад Mazda is the best
  • Eddie D
    Eddie D 2 месяца назад They not they are just speaking the truth.
  • Max
    Max 2 месяца назад How about Ford escape, Chevy Equinox, Mazda CX-5? They didn't pay enough?
  • manny
    manny 2 месяца назад @mr bob Good for Desert Driving!
  • 2 месяца назад Hi Max, thanks for your comment! Our goal is to provide the most help to the most consumers and for our results to have a shelf life. We do this by favoring the best sellers, most recently updated models and past benchmarks, but we also need to keep the number of vehicles in the test manageable. We did invite Mazda but they declined to participate. We hope to have the opportunity in future comparisons.
  • Herbie Husker
    Herbie Husker 2 месяца назад @mr bob the Escape is made in Kentucky, Equinox is made in Canada, and Mexico, the Cx5 is made in Japan, so you are wrong.
  • alex martens
    alex martens 2 месяца назад You understand that the people reviewing ask the if the manufactures say no, the reviewers can't do anything about it.
  • mr bob
    mr bob 2 месяца назад Ford, Chevy and Mazda are made in
  • Matt L
    Matt L 2 месяца назад I just bought a new Mazda CX-5 GTR after driving almost every vehicle in this comparison. My wife and I were set to buy a Rav4, but after test driving a $38,000+ MSRP (marketing is smoking some good stuff on this one) Limited version, we couldn't believe how loud the engine was, how poorly it shifted, the road noise, and how jarring the ride was. Also, faux leather and no power passenger seat for $38K? We were squirming in the seats after about 10 minutes when we drove the Tuscon as they were very firm and uncomfortable (leather seats in the Limited trim). We won't even consider the Nissan because of the high failure rate of the Jatco CVT. Honda has a very sluggish CVT and boring styling. And so on and so forth. The Mazda is the most comfortable, quietest, and has the most power (in turbo form). I can't believe it's not in this comparison.
  • Matt L
    Matt L 2 недели назад @drummedout Okay, thanks for Googling that for me. I appreciate your opinion. Have a great life.