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The Best Sports Vines December 2018 (Part 5)

Premiered Dec 29, 2018 1,219,174 views

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I Hope You Enjoyed This Sport Vines 2018 Compilation !
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  • John Hey
    John Hey 2 месяца назад 4:06 when ur pizza rolls are ready
  • NicoTheKelpo Nico
    NicoTheKelpo Nico 2 месяца назад Oh dam no shit Sherlock that’s actually me when mom makes me chicken wings and pizza rolls 😂👌🤦‍♂️
  • assassin WOLF
    assassin WOLF 2 месяца назад So true 100% me
  • Liam Herschberger
    Liam Herschberger 1 месяц назад No. 0:57
  • Roblox Gameplay's!
    Roblox Gameplay's! 1 день назад umm that dude ran on water but its ice if was water it would be moving when ur running on it
  • james shirley
    james shirley 5 дней назад 9:32 OH MY GOD you, you good gangster?
  • freeztys :D
    freeztys :D 2 месяца назад 10:09 when you should study so everything else is better
  • Heiroo
    Heiroo 1 месяц назад 6:12 um did her neck brake ? 😑😑😑
  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 1 месяц назад Brooo your a oh yeah yeah can’t be spelling break wrong
  • IsabelMalmberg
    IsabelMalmberg 1 месяц назад Break*
  • IsabelMalmberg
    IsabelMalmberg 1 месяц назад And no it was the heat that broke 😑
  • Xavion Bond
    Xavion Bond 1 месяц назад Dude I pressed on the time and it went to it I was rolling on the ground weak 😂
  • lovely fish
    lovely fish 2 месяца назад 2:26 clip I NEED this for scientific purposes
  • FrozenSoul
    FrozenSoul 2 недели назад 3:20 who had to do him like that... HEHE
  • Somchay Yang
    Somchay Yang 1 месяц назад Pineapple line is how ppl invented party cake lol
  • Charlie McCallum
    Charlie McCallum 3 часа назад “Oh shinkies”
  • дай коробочку плииз
    дай коробочку плииз 2 месяца назад Алёши,кто из рашки
  • Tima Play
    Tima Play 2 месяца назад дай коробочку плииз Я
  • Madeline Ha
    Madeline Ha Неделю назад 6:12 how did she fall in every single direction?? lolol
  • Lil Pain
    Lil Pain 1 месяц назад There is only 5 percent of SPORT vines
  • Rorion Jordan
    Rorion Jordan 2 месяца назад Car man 😂😂
  • Ultra Highlights
    Ultra Highlights 2 месяца назад Oh yeah keep em coming. These vines are straight heat. I am digging this channel yo
  • Gabriela Nowak
    Gabriela Nowak 1 месяц назад I love your channel so much and im kuba # a boxer
  • Jayden Gillett
    Jayden Gillett 2 месяца назад His super hero name is. The flying fuckwit
  • YoBoy Nick
    YoBoy Nick Неделю назад 3:26 is the best part😂😂😂
  • Isor Gurung
    Isor Gurung 1 месяц назад 2:28 got me dead :D
  • Irrelevant Person
    Irrelevant Person 2 месяца назад DAMN THIS FIRE! ITS SOME HOT SHIT! OMG BEST I EVA SEEN!
  • Dude Dude
    Dude Dude 1 месяц назад Since when was pineapple picking a sport