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1991 Ford Festiva: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Aug 8, 2016 594,468 views

We review one of the smelled Fords, which isn't really a Ford. The good thing is, if it weren't for this car, the Fiesta wouldn't exist today.

  • Otto Clave
    Otto Clave 2 года назад The official car of "Here's your pizza".
  • Meta World Peace
    Meta World Peace 6 дней назад Thomas Moss dominos is a joke. 3.2/10 and thats being fucking generous
  • Meta World Peace
    Meta World Peace 6 дней назад Otto Clave fuck your comment
  • TKR Entertainment
    TKR Entertainment 2 недели назад And obese people.
  • Toyota_CorollaYt
    Toyota_CorollaYt 1 месяц назад Otto Clave More Like Smart Fortwo Or Kia Rio
  • Eric Beltrami
    Eric Beltrami 2 месяца назад Swap Mazda protege 1.8ltr bp. It'll give any civic a run for its money.
  • Mr M
    Mr M 3 месяца назад i totally delivered pizza in mine ! LOL! loved that thing!
  • Thomas Moss
    Thomas Moss 4 месяца назад @cloridan Beauchamps I don't know if it's just where I live but none of the drivers at the dominos I work at drive any of these
  • Floyd Looney
    Floyd Looney 4 месяца назад the Yugo actually came with an optional pizza warming box
  • saidnojuanever_
    saidnojuanever_ 5 месяцев назад I deliver in a red 1990 Civic ef hatch
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 7 месяцев назад @PleaseSendSerotonin I delivered pizza (as a second job) with my old 2014 Mustang GT 6 Speed, the pizza job covered the car note each month
  • THAT Guy
    THAT Guy 7 месяцев назад Otto Clave this and the chevette.
  • Dave Baker
    Dave Baker 8 месяцев назад I delivered pizzas in one of these and my coworkers made fun of me but they spent all of their money on gas
  • Major Spam
    Major Spam Год назад That would be the first Twingo.
  • All Things Cars
    All Things Cars Год назад cloridan Beauchamps lol not quite so. Chevy sparks throw rods when driving normal. Wouldn't make it to deliver the pizza 😂
  • PleaseSendSerotonin
    PleaseSendSerotonin Год назад Man I'd love to deliver in this. Gas would be so damn cheap.
  • cloridan Beauchamps
    cloridan Beauchamps Год назад Nope, that would be a Chevy spark/sonic/Colt
  • George Hill
    George Hill 2 года назад I had one for a short while. Remember the first Batman movie? The one with Michael Keaton? Yeah, I was an oily teenager at the time, took the hottest girl in school out to see Batman on opening night. Thought I was pretty cool. About 20 minutes into the movie, and just as I was about to make my "move" to put my arm around the girl... Dude comes up to me with a flashlight. "Sir, did you own a yellow Ford Festiva?" "Did?" "It's on fire." By the time I got outside - it was burnt to the ground. Electrical fire under the hood.
  • Collin Weis
    Collin Weis 2 недели назад F
  • Drex Ferguson
    Drex Ferguson 4 недели назад Christine
  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 1 месяц назад Greatest story ever
  • ojars zvaigzne
    ojars zvaigzne 2 месяца назад @Lodogg 3323 What, no mercy fuck?
  • Gabriel Messam
    Gabriel Messam 3 месяца назад Burning with envy
  • Glock Rocks
    Glock Rocks 5 месяцев назад Why would the movie theater employee know what car you drove?
  • Lodogg 3323
    Lodogg 3323 6 месяцев назад Holy shit I’m laughing so hard at your story. I’m sorry... but that’s funny as fuck. I hope she gave you a pity handy. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
  • Ascender2306
    Ascender2306 7 месяцев назад But did you bang her?
  • X E N O N
    X E N O N 7 месяцев назад What a mood
  • TheTurtleneck64
    TheTurtleneck64 9 месяцев назад Well? What happened then? You smash?
  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 9 месяцев назад (изменено) @Payam yazdi sounds like someone's talking from experience
  • Payam yazdi
    Payam yazdi 9 месяцев назад it could had been worse you could end up falling in love get married and then get divorce Ten years later with 3 kids and pay alimony and child support for the next 15 years
  • [ Insert Name Here ]
    [ Insert Name Here ] 10 месяцев назад F
  • RJFT 1973
    RJFT 1973 Год назад Got jealous. Burned to get your attention.
  • Abel Alvarez
    Abel Alvarez Год назад Respect for the festiva for getting you and your date there,legendary.
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger Год назад It sacrificed itself to get you your date.
  • Jjames763
    Jjames763 2 года назад "It feels like an empty refrigerator box sitting on a skateboard." Hold my beer.
  • The Wraith
    The Wraith 2 месяца назад @Twister051 you dont live in vegas do you??? Cause i think ive seen a festiva collector here.
  • Maree Simpson
    Maree Simpson 6 месяцев назад I agree
  • Spacebar311
    Spacebar311 9 месяцев назад Holy shoot this is too accurate
  • Al Fabeech
    Al Fabeech Год назад twister051...I have a number of them. Have you ever replaced a rotor? Ever have a problem with a wiring harness?
  • TH3C001
    TH3C001 Год назад Yeah! Quit hoarding the Festivas! It's bad enough that several of the cars I see on this channel seemingly don't even exist in Texas! I want one now!
  • All Things Cars
    All Things Cars Год назад you own 4? i'm jealous
  • Twister051
    Twister051 Год назад I always tell people it's like a tuna can on wheels. Bought my first one on Valentine's day in 1989. Now I own 4 of them.
  • Christopher Certa
    Christopher Certa 2 года назад (изменено) I had a '93 Festiva. I loved it. Got about 42mpg,. I got t-boned at about 5mph, which totaled the vehicle. Afterward my dad said, "I can use the wheels on my wheelbarrow!"
  • StanTheMan
    StanTheMan Год назад I had a 91 Festiva. That gas mileage was the only saving grace for the car.
  • Jay Man
    Jay Man Год назад I have a 2012 Civic. Getting 38mph on the freeway.
  • Underscorer
    Underscorer Год назад They did say the build quality was non-existent.
  • All Things Cars
    All Things Cars Год назад Are you serious?
    DEUCE AND GUNS 2 года назад As someone who owns both a Ford Fiesta, an F-250 Long bed, and a military Deuce and a half I often say I'll put my own Fiesta in the back of my pickup truck.
  • Gary Stinten
    Gary Stinten 4 месяца назад fiesta isn't a Festiva.
  • Han Yolo
  • Eric x
    Eric x 7 месяцев назад And put your 250 in the back of the deuce
  • LeiserGeist
    LeiserGeist 8 месяцев назад (изменено) @mharris1270 If you're still interested, he (op) actually has a playlist of good videos which probably answer most things you're wondering
  • TheTomco11
    TheTomco11 8 месяцев назад Have you ever said you'll put the fiesta in the pickup in the deuce and a half though?
  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 8 месяцев назад lol
  • mharris1270
    mharris1270 9 месяцев назад How is that deuce and a half working out for you? I saw trucks based on that platform advertised used but still serviceable for sale from some military supply in Pennsylvania (IIRC) in about 2006-2008 for about $15K but had concerns on how I would get parts for it. They looked like one hell of a sturdy truck and an acquaintance of mine that had a predecessor to it from the late 50's was still driving and hauling farm equipment, a livestock trailer, etc. with it in the early 90's (fortunately that one had a Chrysler engine so at least those parts were easy enough for him to get and he was an adept mechanic so he could do the work himself). I had thought one of the deuce and a half trucks would work for hauling firewood and towing a heavy trailer locally but the possible lack of replacement parts availability made me not bother with one.
  • SophiaPetrillosBuddy
    SophiaPetrillosBuddy Год назад I thought you said Ford Assfire. That would be a strange but memorable name for a vehicle.
  • Marney Olson
    Marney Olson 1 месяц назад Well, there’s also the Ford Probe.
  • Lodogg 3323
    Lodogg 3323 6 месяцев назад Sounded like ass pyre to me.
  • Francis Litan
    Francis Litan 7 месяцев назад SophiaPetrillosBuddy Ford Aspire as Ford Festiva in Australia
  • Mike Reseigh
    Mike Reseigh Год назад SophiaPetrillosBuddy that's what we called them anyway
  • mike judge
    mike judge Год назад Assfire oh you mean the pinto lol
  • cloridan Beauchamps
    cloridan Beauchamps Год назад SophiaPetrillosBuddy he did say assfire, but meant aspire
  • Inlanzer Gaming
    Inlanzer Gaming 2 года назад I can put that in the back of my Honda Civic.
    ASSAULT BEANS 2 месяца назад David M prove it
  • David M
    David M 3 месяца назад No you can't.
  • Fuel Injection Sucks
    Fuel Injection Sucks 2 года назад I desire this car.
  • DoobieDrew
    DoobieDrew 5 месяцев назад Fuel Injection Sucks I’d love it
  • Maree Simpson
    Maree Simpson 6 месяцев назад (изменено) PLS don't
  • meseyc
    meseyc 6 месяцев назад I've got one love it
  • Mike Reseigh
    Mike Reseigh Год назад Fuel Injection Sucks you can get one.
  • Jaxson Brady-Hobart
    Jaxson Brady-Hobart 2 года назад I've got one now, daily driving it going on two months now. love the thing. plan on swapping a b6 in and probably slap a ko3 on it before it's all said and done.
  • sudmuck
    sudmuck 2 года назад I wanna race your tracktor
  • Erik Baca
    Erik Baca 2 года назад Drop a BPT with mega squirtttttt!
  • Vincent Colussi
    Vincent Colussi 2 года назад +sidsyz85 Carb fed would let that happen! awesome build haha
  • sidsyz85
    sidsyz85 2 года назад i just sold my 89 carb fed b3 steve with a 14b turbo on it :'( no tune needed when its blowthrough.. just jetting and timing lol.
  • SBdunks3
    SBdunks3 2 года назад I want to make it into the ultimate sleeper and beat lambos
  • Vincent Colussi
    Vincent Colussi 2 года назад I would love one as well. Too bad HP tuners wouldn't work because OBD1 things... would loveeee to turbo one of these. Inb4 LNF turbo swap, or supercharged LSJ. omnomnom.
  • 808
    808 Год назад I saw a bonestock festiva in my local shop&shop parking lot. What a unicorn...
  • Caiden KH
    Caiden KH 5 месяцев назад But, it's mostly very rural. Upstate is very good for the scenery.
  • Caiden KH
    Caiden KH 5 месяцев назад @Mike G He's been, what? Also, Upstate is, in my opinion, quite beautiful, but some of the towns, are quite rough. Probably, due to businesses, like ALCO, and others, going out of buisness in the 50's.
  • Mike G
    Mike G 5 месяцев назад @Caiden KH Never been there. My friend is from upstate, I wonder if he's been...
  • Caiden KH
    Caiden KH 5 месяцев назад Here, I meant.
  • Caiden KH
    Caiden KH 5 месяцев назад @Mike G Or, maybe Price Chopper, or at least, hear in Upstate NY.
  • oof kek
    oof kek 11 месяцев назад ToonLink682 w a w a
  • Mike G
    Mike G Год назад If you meant to say "Stop & Shop" then you must be from the Northeast. I don't know anything more Northeastern than Stop & Shop, except for maybe ShopRite.
  • Betty Cocker
    Betty Cocker Год назад Shop&shop? Wonder what you do there...
  • Furry Trash
    Furry Trash Год назад my brother used to own one that was pretty rough, but nothing was really done to it
  • Hybris51129
    Hybris51129 2 года назад I want to cram a 7.3L Powerstroke in one of these.
  • soco13466
    soco13466 1 месяц назад You put that in, rev it up, throw it in gear... and the whole engine will twist thru that light box. You could put it all on a frame, but why? It's a Festiva!
  • Pice Whitefang
    Pice Whitefang 3 месяца назад What have you brought to this cursed land
  • jo bo
    jo bo 6 месяцев назад Guy put a 351 stroker in the back of one
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 7 месяцев назад The torque would twist the car into a pretzel (not joking)
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger Год назад That engine is bigger than the car.
  • Mike Reseigh
    Mike Reseigh Год назад Hybris51129 good luck
  • Kevin 4real
    Kevin 4real Год назад Lmao
  • EKHawtboi
    EKHawtboi Год назад The car's overall displacement is 7.3l
  • William Bartholomew
    William Bartholomew Год назад Look up a SHO GUN, you'll like it even more!
  • Microsoft Sam
    Microsoft Sam Год назад A Mazda made by Kia, that's branded as a Ford...?
  • Francis Litan
    Francis Litan 7 месяцев назад Adang Taruna JM 1995 - 2017 Saipa Saba in Iran
  • Adang Taruna JM
    Adang Taruna JM Год назад Kia Pride = Mazda 121 = Ford Festiva Kia Sephia = Mazda 323 = Ford Laser = Mercury Tracer Mazda 626 = Ford Telstar They're basically the same car sold under different brand and name.
  • Rick S
    Rick S Год назад That's essentially what the Festiva was, and they did a really good job of it.
  • All Things Cars
    All Things Cars Год назад you got it right lol
  • Jay Morrison
    Jay Morrison Год назад Welcome to the Early 90s! Dodge Stealth, Eagle Talon, you name it. So many kinda of cool (wicked cool now) cars got rebadged as domestics.
  • cina hashemi
    cina hashemi 2 года назад it is still produced in iran (2017) and it is sold around 5.5k$ new they're just face lifted and more shity
  • SyrupCartel
    SyrupCartel 15 часов назад Kind of like Iran itself
  • UltimateEel
    UltimateEel 1 месяц назад @InfiniteMushroom Well you can look at down-town Rome or Tokyo and say "there is plenty of room" but it would be a misrepresentation. Most people in Teheran (one of the most populated areas in the world) live in super-cramped spaces and streets.
  • InfiniteMushroom
    InfiniteMushroom 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Ultimate Eel LMAO!!! I may be a Cro-Magnon (American) but, if I were REALLY 'MURICAN, I would have suggested that Iran's automakers turn out copies of Ford F-350 "dually" trucks or the 1970's Trans Am! All I've seen of Tehran are pix that one can get from Google images "Tehran downtown" for example. Plenty of room for big 'Murican cars! That said, it should cost about the same to copy a good looking car (like a Triumph Spitfire or TR6) as to make a rolling blob-fish .
  • UltimateEel
    UltimateEel 1 месяц назад @InfiniteMushroom This is something only an American could or would say. They don't build Cutlasses because they don't need them; they build Festivas and other shitboxes because they need cheap, economic and small vehicles in their conditions. Have you seen what Teheran looks like?
  • InfiniteMushroom
    InfiniteMushroom 1 месяц назад @Ali Ahmadi Damn disgrace that Iran has a golden opportunity to shine as an alternative auto maker and they're not doing it. You'd think that somebody high up in SAIPA or Iran Khodro would say, "We ought to reproduce the Triumph Spitfire or TR6 but, put in our own powertrains and make the car better than the original." They would sell every one they made and have a waiting list.
  • Ali Ahmadi
    Ali Ahmadi 1 месяц назад @InfiniteMushroom it stems back to money. Technically, iran isn't copying the ford festiva design. It was produced as the kia pride until a few years ago and now the country has bought the licensing rights from kia and have thus renamed it. The reason for Iran not producing attractive cars is that there's a brutal monopoly going on and people can't do anything about it. They profit most from selling rebadged 25 year old kias and as long as people are forced to buy them they'll continue making it.
  • InfiniteMushroom
    InfiniteMushroom 1 месяц назад @Ali Ahmadi It is good that Iran protects its domestic automakers. However, I asked why Iran doesn't make ATTRACTIVE CARS and even COPY THEM? Iran would export huge numbers of cars if they made a good attempt at copying handsome cars that used to be made. A lot of car buyers are disgusted at what they're forced to choose from.
  • Ali Ahmadi
    Ali Ahmadi 1 месяц назад @InfiniteMushroom because it's all about profit. There's a 300% tax against foreign cars in iran and so festivas sell like hot cakes.
  • iii mmm
    iii mmm 4 месяца назад (изменено) Oh man, this car is all over the place in Syria Most taxis are Saipa
  • InfiniteMushroom
    InfiniteMushroom 7 месяцев назад The SAIPA. the Official Car of National Shame. Why doesn't Iran try to copy a REAL CAR? For example, the 1970 Monte Carlo? Or a 1973 Buick Riviera? Hell, why doesn't Iran try to copy a 1987 Olds Cutlass? Instead, like India, they like to put out ugly little rolling buttplugs on wheels.
  • Francis Litan
    Francis Litan 7 месяцев назад twotailedavenger Both Ford Festiva and Saipa Saba are both Korean origin but Japanese Ford Festiva is Japanese origin made by Mazda. Made for USA, Japan, Canada, Venezuela by Ford, and Made for Iran by Saipa
  • Francis Litan
    Francis Litan 7 месяцев назад Datttsnake Saipa Saba
  • Francis Litan
    Francis Litan 7 месяцев назад twotailedavenger Not American but Korean.
  • Datttsnake
    Datttsnake 11 месяцев назад cina hashemi What is it called?
  • Al Fabeech
    Al Fabeech Год назад cina...amazing. even a little pickup
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger Год назад Oh look, another classic piece of American engineering stolen by Iran.
  • mikeyuncensored
    mikeyuncensored Год назад the SAIPA
  • TheFire259
    TheFire259 Год назад What did they change the name to?
  • Hellektronika De Medika
    Hellektronika De Medika 2 года назад This video made me get one, its the most fun little car ever!
  • Robert
    Robert 2 месяца назад Take two, they're small.
  • MeGetU ZACH
    MeGetU ZACH 10 месяцев назад I have an opportunity to get a Festiva or Tercel... For some reason I'm really drawn to the Festiva, but everyone says Toyotas are a better way to go... What should I do?
  • Kyle Williams
    Kyle Williams Год назад ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE. OF. US.
  • Eviljimchicken
    Eviljimchicken Год назад It's going to be so cool to see this car at festiva madness!
  • Will Samet
    Will Samet 2 года назад Awesome! Join us on the forums, we would love to have you!
  • K ris
    K ris 9 месяцев назад “The Festiva was a...” “Shitbox”... that’s the word you’re searching for
  • Various Engineering
    Various Engineering 3 месяца назад But its a honest mess of a car
    KING_EDGE 6 месяцев назад Stfu thats a great car
  • CamaroAmx
    CamaroAmx 8 месяцев назад K ris deathtrap would work just as well.
  • zach miller
    zach miller 2 года назад i used to work with a guy who loved his festiva so much he still talked about it in any car related conversation even a decade after he sold it. i gotta find one
  • All Things Cars
    All Things Cars Год назад they're so fun to drive and great on fuel economy. 40-50 mpg
  • Arvex
    Arvex 2 года назад 1700 pounds? I think that's lighter than my 95 Impreza coupe. And it doesn't even have an engine or transmission in it!
  • Will Smith
    Will Smith 2 года назад This car looks like the american version of "do you even vape bro", and "lets go to taco bell".
  • Eric Rose
    Eric Rose 2 года назад Jake Slovinski's dad LOL
  • Engei
    Engei 3 недели назад THIS IS THE CAR THAT THE KIDS LIKE
  • Mashmarriner69
    Mashmarriner69 2 года назад I love seeing crappy modded JDM like cars. Makes me happy inside. I dunno why. I guess they make me laugh.
  • Luke Fallon
    Luke Fallon 2 года назад 5:50 Doesn't this guy have an English major?
  • Jamesify
    Jamesify Год назад Luke Fallon it's a Pennsylvania thing